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198 - Conveyors: power-driven

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198602000 Forming a single conveying path 60
198586000 With relatively adjustable sections 21
198571000 With condition responsive control of a section 13
198575000 With means controlling the interrelated operation of plural sections 9
198577000 With means for altering the speed (e.g., accelerating, decelerating, stopping, reversing, etc.) of a section 8
198601000 Forming plural conveying paths feeding to single conveying path or vice versa 6
198579000 With means operating successive sections at different speeds 5
20120067700Bread conveying apparatus - A bread conveying apparatus comprises: a first discharge conveyer for conveying bread, the first discharge conveyer disposed along a conveying path on which the bread is conveyed; and a second discharge conveyer for conveying the bread, the first discharge conveyer disposed along the conveying path and having a common region that partially overlaps with a region on the conveying path where the first discharge conveyer runs, wherein the first discharge conveyer has a first flight for urging the bread, and the second discharge conveyer has a second flight for urging the bread, and wherein a conveying speed at which the bread is conveyed by the second discharge conveyer is different from a conveying speed at which the bread is conveyed by the first discharge conveyer.03-22-2012
20120138427Feeder Assembly for Raw Dough Blanks, Especially Dough Strands Pre-formed for Making Pretzels, and Method of Feeding such Blanks - Feeder assembly for raw dough blanks (06-07-2012
20110114448METHODS FOR SINGULATING ABUTTING ARTICLES - Methods for singulating laterally abutting conveyed articles in a conveyor (05-19-2011
20100326796METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR TRANSFERRING DISCRETE ARTICLES BETWEEN CARRIERS - An apparatus for transferring an article from a first carrier moving at a first speed to a second carrier moving at a second speed is provided. The apparatus comprises a support member comprising a track comprising an arcuate portion, and a carrier member configured to be moved relative to the track. The carrier member comprises a surface configured to receive the article from the first carrier in a receiving zone and deposit the article onto the second carrier in an application zone, an aperture in the surface, and a passage in fluid communication with the aperture. The apparatus further comprises a vacuum manifold in fluid communication with the passage. The carrier member is configured to be moved relative to the vacuum manifold. The apparatus also comprises a linear motor operably engaged with the carrier member and configured to move the carrier member relative to the track.12-30-2010
20120318641METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING ARTICLES OF DIFFERENT SIZES - Method and apparatus for transferring articles from a first carrier moving at a first speed to a carrier moving at a second speed. The apparatus may include a first transfer surface driven by a first motor and second transfer surface driven by a second motor. The first and second transfer surfaces receive and transfer different portions of an article at different speeds such that a desired amount of spacing can be provided between discrete articles in a process independent of the size of the article.12-20-2012
198597000 Including power-driven means for laterally shifting a conveyor-engaged load 5
20090255784Modular Conveyor Transfer Systems and Methods - Modular transfer band assemblies and systems are provided. The modular transfer band assemblies may include a frame, pulleys supported by the frame, and a belt provided around the pulleys. The belt is configured to be driven to transfer an article off of a main conveyor line having rollers for conveying the article. The removable belt module is configured to be engaged and disengaged from the main conveyor line without the use of tools as a single, self-contained unit. Modular transfer band assembly systems may include the modular transfer band assembly and a support structure, wherein the modular transfer band assembly is removably attached to the support structure.10-15-2009
20130092510APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOADING FOOD ARTICLES - A loading head for use with food articles has a main conveyor adapted to convey a plurality of food articles, an indexing conveyor positioned beneath the main conveyor, and a transfer member positioned between the main conveyor and the indexing conveyor. The transfer member is adapted to transfer each food article from the main conveyor to the indexing conveyor. A buffering mechanism is adapted to move the transfer member between a first position and a variable second position. A pusher mechanism is associated with the indexing conveyor to raise and lower gates from an open position permitting food article transfer to a closed position prohibiting food article transfer. The pusher mechanism includes a cam operably associated with the gates to open and close the gates.04-18-2013
20120138428SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRIMMING WOOD BLOCKS - There is disclosed a system, apparatus and method for preparing wood blocks. The embodiments disclosed may comprise paddle designs, trimming unit designs and methods, scanner unit designs and methods, for use in the trimming of wood blocks. The blocks may be used for finger jointing.06-07-2012
20130175139CONVEYOR SYSTEM - A conveyor system for conveying a product comprises a first conveyor adjacent to a second conveyor via a junction, the conveying direction of the first conveyor near the junction is different from the conveying direction of the second conveyor near the junction. The first conveyor has a first conveying surface and the second conveyor has a second conveying surface for supporting the product thereon. The first conveyor describes at least a spiral path near the junction wherein a central axis extends at least substantially in vertical direction. A moving assembly is configured to move the product from the first conveyor to the second conveyor. The moving assembly comprises a push-out guide which makes a stroke for each product that passes, or comprises a guide configured such that products are guided automatically along the guide only upon the movement of the conveying surface of the first conveyor.07-11-2013
20110308918SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UNLOADING TRAYS - A system and method are provided for unloading trays loaded with articles using a first supply conveyor on which trays to be unloaded are delivered. The trays include a frame with a peripheral raised edge and a base having at least one aperture and a transport plate for the articles, the transport trays being positioned on the base of the frame. A lowering device is provided for lowering the frame of the tray, substantially without vertical movement of the transport plate.12-22-2011
198574000 Conveyor carried by load-engaging conveyor 3
20130056330SORTING MACHINE WITH ELECTRICAL ALTERNATORS IN SUPPORTING WHEELS - A sorting machine comprising propulsion devices installed on ground and at least a train of interconnected carriages provided with supporting wheels including electrical alternators to supply electrical power onboard. The alternators are housed within the wheels which comprise a fixed inner ring bearing stator windings made integral with a fork supporting the wheel and a rotative outer ring hosting permanent magnets and spinning around a shaft in front of the windings. The generator wheels, when driven by the sorting machine motion, supply small contributions of electrical power which are added up into the electrical distribution bus, a cable that is common to all the interconnected carriages of the sorting machine. Small contributions add up to several kw of power amount available and the carriage servos are able to take advantage of the available power to activate the belt units in order to load parcels and sort to destinations.03-07-2013
20100213031SORTING SYSTEM FOR SORTING BULK GOODS - A sorting system for sorting bulk goods is disclosed. A plurality of sorter elements are guided in a contactless manner along a horizontal track of a stationary guideway. The sorter elements being driven in a contactless manner in the direction of transport. One bulk good is transported on each sorter element, either on one at a time or resting on several sorter elements, from a loading point to an unloading point, where it is loaded and/or unloaded transversally to the direction of transport. The sorter elements carry the load in a suspended manner.08-26-2010
20130020179Coil Shift Transfer Car - A system is disclosed for transferring a cylindrical coil suspended on a first stem projecting horizontally from a first base to a remotely positioned and axially aligned second stem projecting horizontally from a second base. The system comprises a track extending between the first and second stems, a carriage movable along the track, and a conveyor on the carriage, with a receiving end and a delivery end. The carriage is movable along the track to a first location at which the receiving end of the conveyor underlies the coil suspended from the first stem. The conveyor is vertically adjustable from a lowered position spaced beneath the coil to an elevated position at which the coil is lifted from the first stem and supported on the receiving end of said conveyor, with the conveyor then being operable to shift the coil to a position supported on the conveyor delivery end. The carriage is then shiftable to a second location at which the coil is axially inserted on the horizontally positioned second stem, with an end of the coil in contact with the second base. The conveyor is then lowered to deposit the coil on the second stem, thereby allowing the carriage to again move along the track to begin another coil transferring cycle.01-24-2013
198582000 With supply chamber for system 2
20120199445Continuous Constant-Rate Feeding System - A continuous constant-rate feeding system includes at least one storage unit, a scratching unit and a water-cooled screw feeding unit. The storage unit includes a tank and an agitator. The tank stores material and includes upper and lower chambers. The agitator is rotationally located in the upper chamber for agitating the material. The scratching unit includes upper and lower scratchers and a material divider. The upper scratcher is located in the upper chamber and can spin to convey the material from the upper chamber into the lower chamber. The lower scratcher is located in the lower chamber and can spin to convey the material from the lower chamber into the water-cooled screw feeding unit. The material divider locates between the upper and lower chambers and spin automatically or manually to fall the material from the upper chamber into the lower chamber through a specific aperture alternately.08-09-2012
20120145517Conveyor Assembly - A conveyor assembly includes a main conveyor and a swing auger assembly pivotally coupled to an inlet end of the main conveyor for loading particulate material into the main conveyor. The swing auger assembly includes two first and second augers which are slidable relative to one another to vary a length of the swing auger assembly between a loading hopper at an inlet end of the swing auger assembly and the main conveyor connected at an outlet end of the swing auger. The swing auger assembly is suspended from an overhead support member extending upwardly from the inlet end of the main conveyor such that the swing auger assembly is pivotal through an intermediate position overtop of the main conveyor between first and second laterally offset positions on opposing sides of the main conveyor.06-14-2012
198576000 With means operating successive sections in timed relation 2
20130075230SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LOADING AND/OR UNLOADING TRAYS - A system for loading and/or unloading trays includes a first conveyor configured to convey the trays in a direction of transport. A lowering device is configured to lower the trays from the first conveyor onto a strip conveyor. A lift-out device is configured to lift the trays from the strip conveyor onto a second conveyor. The strip conveyor includes strips disposed perpendicularly to an upper surface of the strip conveyor and the trays include slots configured to receive the strips such that the strips perpendicularly emerge into corresponding slots while a respective one of the trays is being lowered onto the strip conveyor by the lowering device and perpendicularly emerge from the corresponding slots while the respective one of the trays is being lifted from the strip conveyor by the lift-out device.03-28-2013
20120160635WORKPIECE CONVEYING EQUIPMENT - Workpiece conveying equipment provided with a workpiece conveying traveling body composed of a workpiece support carriage and an auxiliary carriage adjacent to at least one of the front and the rear in a traveling direction of the workpiece support carriage, a first conveying path where the workpiece support carriage and the auxiliary carriage travel integrally, a second conveying path where only the workpiece support carriage travels perpendicularly and horizontally with respect to the traveling direction of the first conveying path, and a carriage diverging means provided at a branching point from the first conveying path to the second conveying path so as to separate the workpiece support carriage from the auxiliary carriage and to diverge the workpiece support carriage into the second conveying path perpendicularly and horizontally.06-28-2012
198581000 With means allowing a section to fold upon itself 2
20080283364EXTENDABLE CONVEYOR SYSTEM - An extendable belt conveyor system designed to be installed under a self-propelled windrower between the front and the rear wheels suitable for multiple windrowing operations. The self-propelled windrower with the extendable belt conveyor system deliver a swath at a variable distance from the windrower, either on left or on the right, as the machine moves through the field. The conveyor can be directed on the left or on the right at variable distances with no need to manually change a part. The extendable belt conveyor system has at least two conveyors disposed one above the others and are connected with a trolley between each conveyor. The extendable belt conveyor system is driven by a single driving means and by a single reversible motor.11-20-2008
20130092509AGRICULTURAL SYSTEM FOR CONVEYING PRODUCT TO A HOLDING CONTAINER - An agricultural system for conveying product to a holding container is provided. One agricultural system includes a hopper configured to receive product and a conveyor configured to move the product from the hopper to a holding container. The hopper is configured to fold under the conveyor into a storage position that directs an opening in the hopper toward a soil surface.04-18-2013
198583000 With means connecting sections for quick assembly of disassembly 2
20100133069CONVEYOR BELT MODULE - The present invention relates to a transport belt module with a body on which at least a deflecting roller and another deflecting element are rotatably mounted, around which a conveyor belt is guided, as well as drive means for driving at least the deflecting roller that is arranged in the body, whereby the module further comprises mechanical and electrical connection elements for connecting the module to a conveyor system or a production line, and also comprises at least a sensor, that is arranged under the conveyor belt so that the objects which are to be transported on the conveyor belt can be detected with the help of the sensor.06-03-2010
20100213032CONVEYOR SYSTEM - A conveyor system having any number of conveyor system modules, each system module including a support structure, a band and a band drive mechanism for driving the band around a path of each respective system module. In one aspect of the invention a mounting bracket forms a part of the conveyor system and has mounting details for mounting the bracket onto a conveyor system support element. In a second aspect of the invention a conveyor drive mechanism bracket mounts a drive mechanism in the conveyor system. Locking details are also designed to tighten a band of the conveyor system. In a third aspect of the invention a coupling bracket for a first conveyor system module has mechanical coupling details.08-26-2010
198580000 Recycling load in a closed path 1
20110253507CAROUSEL CONVEYOR AND METHOD - Apparatus and method for recirculating articles on a belt conveyor. An article-recirculation path is formed in a pair of parallel conveyor belts running continuously in opposite directions. Article-supporting rollers in each belt rotate to transfer articles from one belt to the other in a transfer region at each end of the conveyor to form an endless recirculation path.10-20-2011
198600000 Including rest for transient load 1
20110132725CONVEYOR TRANSFER SYSTEM WITH FLOATING TRANSFER PLATFORM - A conveyor transfer system and a transfer platform for transferring articles from an upstream conveyor to a downstream conveyor across a gap. The transfer platform fits in the gap between two conveyors arranged end to end. At least one of the conveyors includes a conveyor belt that reverses direction around a reversing element at the gap. The transfer platform floats in the gap supported by the conveyor belt or its reversing element without a direct connection to the conveyor frame.06-09-2011
198599000 Including non-driven means for moving load relative to conveyor 1
20100108467APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOVING A VEHICLE FROM DUAL BELT CONVEYOR TO DUAL BELT CONVEYOR - A system and method for transferring a vehicle from a first dual belt conveyor to a second dual belt conveyor utilizes transitions between the belts of the first and second conveyors which are offset along a direction of travel. The offset transitions result in only one wheel of the vehicle at a time crossing a transition. The transitions utilize fixed rollers positioned on either side of a plurality of recirculation rollers. The fixed rollers minimize the gap between the ends of the belts and the transitions while permitting the belts, particularly with cleats, to pass by the fixed rollers.05-06-2010
20090057100Cross belt sorter and method for transporting and sorting piece goods - Disclosed is a method and a cross belt sorter for transporting and sorting piece goods, having a plurality of carriages either coupled on a continuous conveyor track to form a train or moved individually, where piece goods are transported in a resting position and loaded and/or unloaded at fixed loading and/or unloading locations, a cross belt which circulates continuously around a plurality of deflection rollers and is driven transversely with respect to the direction of transportation of the carriages, wherein the cross belt drives the carriages, where a deflection roller of the cross belt corresponding to a drive whose drive force is derived from the longitudinal movement of the cross belt sorter, and a shiftable transmission arranged between the drive of the cross belt and the deflection roller, where a drive shaft of the transmission is continuously engaged with the drive and the transmission connecting the deflection roller to the drive is engageable and disengageable.03-05-2009
20130043106PAPER SHEET CONVEYING DEVICE AND AUTOMATIC CASH TRANSACTION DEVICE - There is provided a paper sheet conveying device of the present invention has: at least three or more conveying paths that are for conveying paper sheets and at each of which at least a partial segment is formed in an arc shape; and at least one or more switching portions for switching the conveying path that conveys the paper sheets, wherein the plural conveying paths are disposed such that two connection positions of each of the arc-shaped segments are connected to the connection position of the arc-shaped segment of a respectively different one of the conveying paths such that outer sides of arcs face one another, and the switching portion switches the conveying path that conveys the paper sheets, at a place of connection of the plural conveying paths.02-21-2013
20120097501MATRIX SORTER SYSTEM - A matrix conveying system for intended use in sorting articles and related methods of conveying and sorting articles are disclosed. In one embodiment, the matrix system comprises a plurality of first endless belt or chain conveyors extending in a first direction and a plurality of second conveyors extending in a second direction, each intersecting the plurality of first conveyors. The system may be used to sort articles delivered from one or more storage locations for distribution, or may instead be used to sort articles for delivery to one or more storage locations. In another embodiment, the system comprises a plurality of conveyors arranged in three different layers.04-26-2012
20090277752APPARATUS FOR RAISING AND LOWERING - A method and apparatus for moving objects, such as pallets, between an upper horizontal conveyor and a lower horizontal conveyor. A lift raises the pallet from a lower conveyor, and a clamp disposed above the lift with inwardly and outwardly pivotable arms, having inwardly facing fingers at the ends of the arms, clamps the pallet and raises it up to be substantially coincident with the upper conveyor's pallet-supporting surface. A pusher displaces the pallet from the fingers to the upper conveyor. The apparatus can also be operated in reverse to lower pallets from an upper conveyor to a lower conveyor if a fastener, such as electromagnets, is mounted to the end of the pusher.11-12-2009
20080283363Apparatus and Method for Feeding Pouches and Spouts for Processing - The invention relates to a system for feeding pouches and spouts to an apparatus for processing same. A system in accordance with an embodiment of the invention can feed pouches and spouts to a rotary machine simultaneously. More specifically, the system can provide a transferring assembly for grasping a single spout and pouch simultaneously from a spout supply and a pouch supply, respectively, then relinquishing the spout and pouch simultaneously to the rotary machine.11-20-2008
20110083943Conveyor Cargo Handling System and Method of Use - A conveyor cargo handling system for the synchronized, computerized loading and unloading of cargo containers from a vessel is comprised of at least two conveyor lines. Individually powered conveyor units, idler conveyor units, translate powered conveyor modules (“TPCM”), and rotate powered conveyor modules (“RPCM”), are remotely computer coordinated to operate in concert to safely and efficiently control traffic flow on the container terminal. The system eliminates much of the ground transportation conventionally utilized to move cargo containers to their storage destination.04-14-2011
20120199444CARRYING BELT CONVEYOR AND CONVEYOR ARRANGEMENT HAVING A CARRYING BELT CONVEYOR OF THIS TYPE - A carrying belt conveyor for conveying material which includes a rail system having at least one floor-based carrying rail. There is at least one transport car which may be moved in a transport direction on the carrying rail and which includes a travel mechanism having a travel unit which leads in the transport direction and a travel unit which follows in the transport direction, the travel units are connected by a frame structure and are each guided by the carrying rail. The transport car also includes a carrying device for material to be conveyed. The frame structure of the travel mechanism forms the carrying device and is in turn constructed as a conveyor device by means of which material to be conveyed is moved relative to the travel mechanism of the transport car at an angle to the transport direction.08-09-2012
20120298483DRIVE APPARATUS - The invention relates to a drive apparatus having a coaxial shaft arrangement which includes a plurality of drive shafts which are arranged coaxially to one another at least regionally and whose respective axes of rotation lie on a common rotational drive axis; and an electric drive motor which includes a rotor arrangement which includes a plurality of rotors arranged coaxially to one another at least regionally and/or behind one another, with the axis of rotation of each rotor lying on the common rotational drive axis and forming one of the drive shafts or being connected to one of the drive shafts, wherein the drive motor is controllable such that the rotors can be driven independently of one another.11-29-2012
20110139581CONVEYING BODY AND CONVEYING DEVICE - In a conveyor (06-16-2011
20100170769MOVING MACHINE - Provided is a moving machine including: a moving belt forming a first endless track by connecting both ends of a tube having a second endless track; a first drive module coupled to both inner sides of the first endless track to rotate the first endless track and the second endless track; a frame coupled to the first drive module to provide a predetermined tension to the first endless track; and a controller for controlling the first drive module.07-08-2010
20110272248APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING FOOD PRODUCTS TO A LOADING HEAD - An apparatus and method of transporting food products to a loading station having a cooling conveyor that selectively drops food product into a distributor. The distributor separates product into at least two lanes and drops product onto a conveyor. A balancing and diverting conveyor monitors and counts product in each lane and diverts product selectively based upon the sensed product. An orienter transfers product from a loading conveyor to a buffer conveyor. The buffer conveyor transfers product to a main conveyor which transfers product to a loading head.11-10-2011
20130206548MINING METHODS AND SYSTEMS USING MOBILE CONVEYORS - A conveyor system for an open pit mine may include one or more conveyor lines. The conveyor lines are used to transport material from one location in the mine to another location. The material transported may be a waste material, such as overburden material, or coal. The conveyor lines may move from a first end of the pit to a distal second end. When the conveyor lines reach the second end, they may reverse direction and return towards the first end. During this reversal in direction of travel, equipment may be selectively swapped between the conveyor lines. The conveyor lines may include at least one mobile bridge conveyor. Each mobile bridge conveyor may support one or more conveyors that transport the material.08-15-2013