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198 - Conveyors: power-driven

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198341010 Condition responsive control of conveyor or station apparatus 35
198345100 Means engaging conveyor or load on a conveyor to align load for working 22
198340000 Having signalling or load identifying means 11
198346200 Means to transfer a load back and forth between the mainline conveyor and the work station 10
198346100 Means to convey a palleted load back and forth between an initial location and the work station 7
198346300 Conveyor(s) lowers the load to at least one of a plurality of fixed work stations 3
20120181146REVOLUTION TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING AND ASSEMBLY LINES - In a revolution transport system for manufacturing and assembly lines with work stations arranged along the transport system, workpiece carriers are movably supported on a track formed by horizontally spaced outer and inner carrier and support rails extending around the transport system wherein each workpiece carrier includes a carriage movably supported on the outer rail and upper and lower rollers in engagement with upwardly facing and downwardly fairing surfaces of the intermediate or inner rail to prevent tilting of the workpiece carrier by forces acting on an outwardly projecting workpiece support arm of the workpiece carrier.07-19-2012
20090065329WORKPIECE HOLDER - A workpiece holder (03-12-2009
20100200361ELEVATOR MECHANICAL TIMING CONNECTION FREE AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FOR IMMERSION PROCESSING VEHICLE BODYWORKS - An elevator mechanical timing connection free automatic system for immersion processing vehicle bodyworks comprises a plurality of modular processing basins (08-12-2010
198343100 Load supporting conveyor portion is retarded or stopped with load at station without being disconnected from remainder of continuously moving conveyor 3
20100230236Stop Device - A stop device for a workpiece carrier arranged on a conveyor system, the stop device comprising a stopping element that can be moved into and out of a path of movement of the workpiece carrier. The stop device also comprises a damping element for damping the stopping process of the workpiece carrier. A displacement device connected to the damping element is used to stop the workpiece carrier in a pre-determined end position.09-16-2010
20100314215Method For Transporting Workpiece Carriers On An Assembly Line, Workpiece Carrier And Assembly Unit - The transport of work carriers on an assembly line is performed by the use of novel linear motors in which the primary part has both solenoids and permanent magnets and in which the secondary part has no permanent magnets of its own. By the provision of a magnetically soft plate, a work carrier has uniformly spaced clearances with respect to the secondary part and can be moved by the suitably arranged primary part. On an assembly line, it can be provided that the primary parts supplement the unction of an existing transporting bet. It may also be provided that a transporting belt is completely replaced by such primary parts.12-16-2010
20100101916DEVICE FOR PROCESSING FLAT PRODUCTS AND METHOD FOR OPERATING SAID DEVICE - The invention relates to a device for processing flat products (04-29-2010
20090159398ASSEMBLY DEVICE - An assembly device (06-25-2009
20130087429TREATMENT MACHINE FOR CONTAINERS - A treatment machine for containers includes a drive unit and a manipulation unit connected to the drive unit. The drive unit comprises a hollow bore, the hollow bore being configured to accommodate an accommodated structure, which is either a machine-specific subassembly or a line.04-11-2013
20120217128METHOD OF OPERATING A FLOW LINE, AN ASSEMBLY TRAILER, A TOW BAR, A HEAVY MACHINE INSTALLED ON AN ASSEMBLY TRAILER AND A FLOW LINE - A technique of operating a flow line is provided. The flow line includes two or more assembly stations for the assembly of a heavy machine. The technique involves installing a prepared assembly trailer in the flow line before or at a first assembly station. The prepared assembly trailer is connected to at least one flow line tow bar. If the prepared assembly trailer is installed before the first assembly station, then the assembly trailer is moved to the first assembly station. If not, all the flow line assembly trailers are moved to the next assembly station. The steps of moving the flow line assembly trailers are performed timewise stepwise.08-30-2012
20100025187Chain bed conveyor for cylindrical modules - In one embodiment, a system for removing a plastic wrap from a cylindrical module includes a conveyor transporting the cylindrical module toward a disperser with the cylindrical axis of the module parallel to the direction of conveyor movement. In another embodiment, the disperser is a travelling head disperser thereby providing relative movement between the modules and the disperser. The direction of the wrap around the module is determined and the cover is removed during rotation of the module, either by unwrapping the plastic or by slitting the plastic and then rotating the module. The equipment used to handle a cylindrical module is moved out of the path of movement of a conventional rectangular module so an installation can handle both rectangular and wrapped cylindrical modules.02-04-2010
20130068588MULTI-GENERATIONAL CARRIER PLATFORM - A multi-generational carrier platform is configured to carry substrate carriers of different sizes depending on processing needs. Multiple carrier adaptors are provided on one side of a support plate, and substrate carriers can be distributed among the carrier adaptors to mount a maximum number of substrates under the constraint of non-overlap of the substrates and the substrate carriers. The multi-generational carrier platform can be configured to provide rotation to each substrate carrier mounted thereupon, and is compatible with chemical mechanical planarization processes that require rotation of substrates against an abrasive surface. The multi-generational carrier platform facilitates maximum utilization of a processing area provided by a tool configured to process substrates of different sizes.03-21-2013
20100089719MACHINING CENTER HAVING AN ASSOCIATED PALLET STORE AND PALLET HANDLING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a machining center having an associated pallet store and pallet handling system, wherein the machining system is separated from the pallet store by means of a travel path on which the pallet handling device can be moved for the transfer of the pallets, with the travel route being able to be bridged via a part serving as a platform to enable access to the machining center.04-15-2010
20110139578Adjustable Conveyor Chute - A conveyor assembly has a supply source from which a plurality of rolling objects is delivered to a conveyor belt, wherein the conveyor assembly is also configured such that the horizontal velocity of the rolling objects delivered to the conveyor belt is substantially the same as the horizontal velocity of the conveyor belt. Such configuration advantageously reduces, or even eliminates undesired movement of the objects on the conveyor belt and thus significantly improves quantification of the objects on the conveyor belt.06-16-2011
20090145722METHOD OF ASSEMBLING PUSHBUTTONS BY POSITIONING THE BODIES IN THE CONVEYING PATH - A method of assembling pushbuttons for a liquid dispensing system, in which each pushbutton comprises an actuation body and at least one other component assembled with said body in a given position, said method making provision for using bodies on which a positioning cavity is formed, and continuously supplying a station for assembling the bodies and the other components by means of a path for conveying said bodies, said path having a complementary profile intended to cooperate with the cavities in order to carry out the positioning of said bodies in said conveying path, so as to carry out the assembly of the other components on the bodies thus positioned during their conveying to the assembly station. The invention also concerns an installation for implementing this method, and a pushbutton assembled by implementing said method.06-11-2009
20110259709CONVEYOR SYSTEM FOR BOTTLES OR SIMILAR CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a conveyor system for the onward conveyance of bottles or similar containers (10-27-2011
20110203902SHEET FEEDING/SEPARATION APPARATUS AND RECORDING APPARATUS - A feeding/separation apparatus includes a feeding mechanism configured to feed a recording medium stacked on a sheet feeding unit, and a separation mechanism having a feeding member driven in a sheet feeding direction and a separation member driven in a direction opposite to the sheet feeding direction, a drawing member driven in the sheet feeding direction is disposed downstream of a nip portion formed by the separation member, and wherein the distance between the nip portion by the drawing member and the nip portion by the separation member in the sheet feeding direction is x/2 or less, where x denotes a minimum length of the recording medium.08-25-2011
20080302633Apparatus and method for coating and inspecting objects - An apparatus and method for inspecting objects for an inspection criteria thereon includes a conveyor to receive a plurality of objects, a removal assembly located along the conveyor for removing the objects, and an inspection system located along the conveyor prior to the removal assembly for inspecting the objects against a predetermined inspection criteria to determine to reject or pass the inspected objects and to actuate the removal assembly to remove the inspected objects from the conveyor that are passed and to leave the inspected objects that are rejected on the conveyor to subsequently exit the conveyor.12-11-2008
20130118863Container Filling Device - A device for filling containers, comprising: an upper main element, a lower main element and lateral elements connecting the upper main element and the lower main element;05-16-2013
20110266116Collating apparatus - The invention relates to a collating apparatus (11-03-2011
20090321218Vehicle Assembling Line System - A vehicle assembling line system 12-31-2009
20110139577SURFACE ROUGHNESS FOR IMPROVED VACUUM PRESSURE FOR EFFICIENT MEDIA HOLD-DOWN PERFORMANCE - Provided are vacuum transport systems, methods of making them and methods of transporting one or more objects. In accordance with various embodiments, there is a vacuum transport system including a vacuum plenum and one or more transport members configured to rotate around the vacuum plenum and wherein at least one of the one or more transport members can include a substrate, the substrate including a plurality of holes extending from a first side proximate to the vacuum plenum to a second side proximate to an object, wherein a surface of the second side comprises a textured surface having an average roughness Ra of about 2 μm to about 100 μm.06-16-2011
20100181165LASER BLANKING FROM COIL STRIP PROFILE CONVEYOR SYSTEM - A laser blanking system for cutting material stock includes a first series of conveyor lanes that include a plurality of support conveyors which are situated in parallel, generally spaced apart relationships. A second series of conveyor lanes is situated downstream from the first series. The second series includes a plurality of support conveyors situated in parallel, generally spaced apart relationships with respect to each other. The laser blanking system further includes a multiple-axis gantry system. The multiple-axis gantry includes a moveable transverse-axis component is supported by and moveable along a longitudinal-axis component that is situated adjacent to a longitudinal edge of the first and second series. A moveable laser head is supported by the transverse-axis component. A controller operatively controls movements of each one conveyor of the first and second lanes, the transverse-axis component, and the laser head as stock material is indexed downstream and supported by the system.07-22-2010
20100263986BOX CARRIER - The invention relates to a box carrier having a contact surface for transporting flat cutouts, or sleeves, and folding boxes produced from the same. According to the invention at least one suction opening, which can be connected to a vacuum source, is disposed in the contact surface.10-21-2010
20100252396APPARATUS FOR WORKING ON METAL CONTAINERS - An apparatus (10-07-2010
20100219041Mailpiece conveyance system - A compliant conveyance system for processing mailpieces along a feed path, e.g., printing on a first surface of a mailpiece, while being registered against a contact surface of a registration plate. The conveyance system comprises at least one conveyor belt opposing the contact surface of the registration plate, a continuous, uninterrupted, compliant deck disposed beneath and supporting an underside surface of the conveyor belt, and a spring biasing device operative to bias the compliant deck and the conveyor belt toward the contact surface of the registration plate. The conveyor belt includes a drive surface for engaging a second surface of each of the mailpieces for conveyance along the feed path. As each of the mailpieces pass the registration plate, the compliant deck and spring biasing device urge the second surface of each mailpiece into engagement with the contact surface during processing.09-02-2010
20110127139WAFER CONVEYING AND DETECTING SYSTEM AND WAFER DETECTING METHOD USED IN WAFER CONVEYING AND DETECTING SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a wafer conveying and detecting system and wafer detecting method used in the wafer conveying and detecting system. The wafer conveying and detecting system comprises a first conveying unit, a second conveying unit, a detection unit and a transmission mechanism. The first conveying unit transfers wafers to the second conveying unit, and the detection unit is moved by the transmission mechanism relative to the second conveying unit to detect the wafers at the second conveying unit when the second conveying is stopped temporarily.06-02-2011
20100187068Apparatus and method for providing electrical contact for planar material in straight through installations - The invention relates to the electrical contacting of planar goods 07-29-2010
20110240438Arrangement for working workpieces - In an arrangement for working workpieces, in particular for assembling conductor plates, which arrangement includes at least two workstations which are disposed one after another along a transport path via which the workpieces are normally moved through the arrangement, at least one bypass element is arranged parallel to the normal transport path for allowing the workpieces to bypass at least one of the workstations.10-06-2011
20120067693Bread conveying apparatus and bread packaging system - A bread conveying apparatus comprising: a pair of rolling members spaced apart from each other along a loaf bread conveying path; an endless revolving member wound around said pair of rolling members and laid along said conveying path; a first flight mounted to said endless revolving member to urge said loaf bread along said conveying path and carry said loaf bread to a predetermined position; and a second flight mounted to said endless revolving member upstream of said first flight along said conveying path to urge said loaf bread so as to align said loaf bread with said predetermined position.03-22-2012
20100258404TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR MOVING A PLURALITY OF CONTAINERS THROUGH A PLURALITY OF WORK STATIONS - An apparatus for transporting a plurality of containers through a plurality of work stations including at least two conveyor assemblies, each conveyor assembly being adapted to sequentially convey at least one group of containers therealong in a row from one work station to another. The apparatus further includes a plurality of holder assemblies for holding the containers, some of the holder assemblies being associated with one of the conveyor assemblies and some of the holder assemblies being associated with the other conveyor assembly. The holder assemblies are located on the respective conveyor assemblies such that the plurality of containers are positioned adjacent to each other as they move through the plurality of work stations. A computer control system is programmable to control the coordinated operation of the conveyor assemblies so as to move such conveyor assemblies at different cycles of movement as the containers move through the work stations.10-14-2010
20120199439CONTAINER-HANDLING MACHINE - There is described container-handling machine comprising a carousel rotatable about an axis and supporting a plurality of holding elements adapted to cooperate with respective containers; and a slip-ring comprising a first rotor rotatable integral with carousel about said axis, and a first stator exchanging, in use, at least one between power and control signals with first rotor and fixed with respect to carousel; container-handling machine further comprises an encoder housed within a cavity defined between first stator and first rotor, adapted to detect at least the angular position of carousel with respect to axis, and comprising a second rotor rotatable integrally with first rotor and a second stator connected to first stator.08-09-2012
20110259708MEDIUM PROCESS APPARATUS AND FINANCIAL DEVICE - Provided is a medium process apparatus. The medium process apparatus comprises a support device configured to support a medium that is being transferred, and a plurality of detecting units configured to detect a state of the medium. The plurality of detecting units are arranged at regular intervals, and each of the plurality of detecting units comprises a detecting lever and a detecting sensor configured to output a signal according to a movement of the detecting lever. If the medium is divided into uniform regions arranged in a direction perpendicular to a transfer direction of the medium, the detecting units detect states of corresponding regions of the medium.10-27-2011
20100300831SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFYING, CONVEYING AND ADDRESSING BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL SPECIMENS - There is described an automated laboratory system for handling test tubes containing biological material specimens supported by conveying devices (12-02-2010
20100018836MACHINING FACILITY USING SUB-PALLET - Provided is a flexible machining facility using a sub-pallet, which can quickly satisfy the increasing or decreasing of units or other required specifications. It The machining facility includes a machine tool (01-28-2010
20120037474APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ABSORBENT ARTICLE - An apparatus for manufacturing an absorbent article includes a processing device that, processes semi-finished products, and an inspecting device that inspects whether an actual processing position by the processing device is within an allowable range of the process target position on the semi-finished product. The inspecting device includes, a sensor section located in the transport direction and outputting a detection signal while the actual processing position of the semi-finished product is being detected, a reference signal outputting section outputting a reference signal having a waveform in which one wavelength is equivalent to a unit transport amount corresponding to a single semi-finished product, the reference signal having a first waveform portion at a phase corresponding to the allowable range in the wavelength, and a determining section determining whether the actual processing position is within the allowable range by comparing the detection signal with the reference signal.02-16-2012
20090173597CONVEYOR-TYPE DISHWASHER WITH A SLIP-FREE SHORT STROKE - The invention relates to a method for transporting a transportation rack (07-09-2009
20120000745BIOLOGICAL GRAFT TRANSFERRING INSTRUMENT AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING BIOLOGICAL GRAFT - A biological graft transferring instrument for transferring a biological graft includes a main body, a displacement member capable of being displaced relative to the main body, and a belt-shaped member which is wound around the forward end and base end of the displacement member and is joined to the main body. The biological graft is placed on the belt-shaped member at the forward end of the displacement member.01-05-2012
20120043181 METHOD FOR WEIGHING CONTAINERS WHICH ARE SUPPLIED ALONG A CONVEYING LINE AND A DEVICE FOR ACTUATING THE METHOD - The invention relates to a device and a method for weighing containers (02-23-2012
20120006648SUBSTRATE TREATMENT SYSTEM - A substrate treatment system for treating substrates in a continuous process includes a system chamber delimited by chamber walls, having an entry lock and an exit lock, and also at least one substrate treatment device and a transportation device inside the system chamber. The transportation device has an arrangement of transportation rollers arranged one behind the other in the transportation direction, for vertical or horizontal transportation of substrates. The rotor of the drive device is arranged under the pressure conditions prevailing in the system chamber and the stator of the drive device is arranged outside the pressure conditions prevailing in the system chamber.01-12-2012
20100175965PALLET MONITORING SYSTEM AND MONITORING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a pallet monitoring system for monitoring pallets sequentially conveyed to stations provided along a conveyor path, the system includes: a monitor, connected to the stations. The monitor includes: a defect information collector configured to collect defect information on a defect occurring in the stations; an information storage module configured to store therein the defect information and identification information of the pallets; and a pallet identifier configured to identify the pallets causing a defective product based on the defect information and the identification information stored in the information storage module.07-15-2010
20120061204BUFFER STORE - The invention relates to a buffer store (03-15-2012
20120152692SENSING APPARATUS AND FINANCIAL DEVICE - Provided is a financial device, which comprises a transferring device, a light emitting sensor, and a light receiving sensor. The transferring device comprises a first guider and a second guider, which are spaced apart from each other to form a transfer path of a medium, and a frame on which the first and second guiders are installed. The light emitting sensor and the light receiving sensor sense the medium transferred along the transfer path of the medium. The light emitting sensor and the light receiving sensor do not overlap the transfer path of the medium in a direction vertical from the transfer path of the medium.06-21-2012
20120205217Ship quay with an integrated storage silo - A quay structure (08-16-2012
20110088995Method and apparatus for dividing and/or separating a laundry batch, in particular a laundry cake or the like - A method and apparatus in which laundry cakes (04-21-2011
20100288601Positioning a cylindrical module between adjacent modules - In one embodiment, a system for removing a plastic wrap from a cylindrical module includes a conveyor transporting the cylindrical module toward a disperser with the cylindrical axis of the module parallel to the direction of conveyor movement. In another embodiment, the disperser is a travelling head disperser thereby providing relative movement between the modules and the disperser. The direction of the wrap around the module is determined and the cover is removed during rotation of the module, either by unwrapping the plastic or by slitting the plastic and then rotating the module. The equipment used to handle a cylindrical module is moved out of the path of movement of a conventional rectangular module so an installation can handle both rectangular and wrapped cylindrical modules.11-18-2010
20110005893METHOD AND DEVICE FOR OPENING PRINTED PRODUCTS - In a method and a device for opening printed products (01-13-2011
20120325618TRANSPORT DEVICE FOR TRANSPORTING A PRODUCT, AND SORTING DEVICE AND METHOD THEREFOR - A transport device for transporting products and a sorting device provided therewith are disclosed. A transporting method making use of these systems is also disclosed. The transport device according to the exemplary embodiment comprises, a frame engaging means connected to the frame for operatively connecting the transport device to a drive system; and rotatable carrier means connected to the frame for operatively connecting the transport device to a drive system; and a rotatable carrier means connected to the frame for carrying a product, wherein the carrier means is rotatable about a shaft substantially perpendicular to the direction of transport of the product.12-27-2012
20120325619WORK TREATING APPARATUS - A work treating apparatus includes an injection unit for injecting pressurized steam jets evenly to a work without dropping a temperature of pressurized steam jets. The apparatus includes a conveyor for conveying the work in a machine direction and an injection unit for injecting superheated and pressurized steam jets to the work. The injection unit has a lower surface including a plurality of injection orifices in a cross direction. The conveyor is flexible and includes a first mesh belt facing to an upper surface side of the work and a second mesh belt facing to a lower surface side of the work. The first and second mesh belts sandwich the work therebetweeen to convey the work in the machine direction. The lower surface comes in slidable contact with the first mesh belt to curve at least the first mesh belt of the first and second mesh belts downward.12-27-2012
20120325620LAMINATED PRODUCT TREATING APPARATUS - Laminated product treating apparatus improved to prevent falling off core material from the laminated product in the course of treating the laminated product containing the core material with steam. First and second mesh belts respectively have a plurality of first and second openings and first and second closed regions each defined between each pair of the adjacent openings. In the course of being fed and transported, the first mesh belt and the second mesh belt are relatively positioned so that the first openings are more or less out of alignment with the second openings, i.e., the second closed region overlap the first openings and thereby the second closed region partially closes the first openings.12-27-2012
20120090954DEVICE FOR HANDLING OBJECTS - The invention relates to a device (04-19-2012
20130008761BREAKAGE PREVENTION MECHANISM FOR CONVEYING DEVICE AND CONVEYING DEVICE USING BREAKAGE PREVENTION MECHANISM - A breakage prevention mechanism includes a pair of arms which is synchronized and moves approximately parallel, and a crossbar bridged between the top end of the arms. Both end of the crossbar and the arm are connected pivotably around two axis. Both end of the crossbar are configured to be slidable against the arm in X axis direction. A plunger is placed between both end of the crossbar and arm, which protects the crossbar by restraining the pivoting and the sliding of both in the normal condition and releasing the restraint when the unintended force is given.01-10-2013
20130168202FOUNTAIN-PEN AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY LINE - A fountain-pen automatic assembly line system includes a worktable, two sprockets, and an endless loop driving chain connecting the two sprockets. The sprockets are mounted at two ends of the worktable respectively. A plurality of jigs is provided on the driving chain, wherein the jigs are configured to hold fountain pen barrels. A transporting rail supporting the driving chain is provided between the two sprockets, and the transporting rail is fixed on the worktable. An ink-reservoir mounting station and an ink-reservoir pressing station are provided on the worktable successively. The ink-reservoir mounting station is provided with an automatic ink-reservoir mounting machine, and the ink-reservoir pressing station is provided with an automatic ink-reservoir pressing machine. The ink-reservoir mounting process and the ink-reservoir pressing process are linked via the driving chain, so that the assembly time is shortened and the assembly efficiency is improved.07-04-2013
20130168203ELECTRONIC DEVICE TRANSFER APPARATUS, ELECTRONIC DEVICE HANDLING APPARATUS, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE TESTING APPARATUS - There is provided an electronic device transfer apparatus which has an excellent capacity of transferring DUTs between trays.07-04-2013
20130112527MOTOR VEHICLE ASSEMBLY LINE - An assembly line, wherein at least one operating branch of fixed length accommodates a number of platforms aligned with one another and with a given travelling direction; each platform being designed to receive a respective vehicle body, feed it in the travelling direction, and subject it to a succession of n assembly operations along the operating branch; each platform being designed for connection to at least one longitudinal extension to assume a total length, which depends on the length of the body carried, and ranges between a minimum length equal to the length of the platform with no extension, and a maximum length; and the length of the operating branch being equal to n times the maximum length.05-09-2013
20130098736TRANSPORT DEVICE FOR SLABS, COMPRISING AT LEAST TWO LINEAR CONVEYING SECTIONS WHICH CAN PIVOT INDEPENDENTLY OF EACH OTHER - A transport device for slabs, which device is arranged between at least two casting machines and at least one rolling mill. The transport device has at least two linear and stationary conveyor sections on which a slab can be conveyed in a conveying direction. The transport device further has at least two linear conveyor sections which are arranged to be pivotable in order to convey a slab at an angle to the conveying direction. In order to improve guidance of the slabs and provide a flexible transport of the slabs from the casting machines to the rolling mill, the at least two linear, pivotable conveyor sections are arranged to be pivotable independently of one another.04-25-2013
20130126298Container Filling Device - A device for filling containers, in particular bottles or beakers with food products, comprising: an upper main element, a lower main element which are the main elements of the device; lateral elements connecting the main elements; a plurality of support elements continuously arranged at one another without a continuous drive device and provided with receivers for the containers and moved through the device and along the elements and along operating stations; running rails on which the support elements rest while being moved through the main elements; a drive which moves the support elements at least along the operating stations; and at least one lateral element configured as an elevator through which the support elements alternate between the main elements when moving through the device, wherein the elevator includes a exclusively vertically movable lifting device for moving the support elements from one main element into another main element.05-23-2013
20130180823ENVELOPE DIMENSIONING SYSTEM - Envelope dimensioning system for dimensioning envelope in motion comprising a control unit (07-18-2013
20130199891DYNAMIC LOAD LOCK WITH CELLULAR STRUCTURE FOR DISCRETE SUBSTRATES - A dynamic load lock chamber that includes a plurality of actuators positioned along its length to achieve a desired pressure gradient from an atmospheric pressure side to a processing pressure side of the chamber is provided. The chamber includes a transport belt continuously running through the chamber to transport substrates from the atmospheric pressure side to the processing pressure side of the chamber, if situated on an inlet side of a production line, and from the processing pressure side to the atmospheric pressure side of the chamber, if positioned on an outlet side of the production line. Separation mechanisms may be attached to the belt to separate discrete regions within the chamber into a plurality of discrete volumes. Substrates may be disposed between the separation mechanisms, such that separation between adjacent pressure regions within the chamber is maintained as the substrates are transported through the chamber.08-08-2013