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192 - Clutches and power-stop control

192030000 - CLUTCHES

192082000 - Operators

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192840900 Operator for axially engaging elements 29
192840300 Including permanent magnet 15
192840600 Rotary electric motor is clutch actuator 12
192840700 Mechanical force increasing means 6
192840800 Operator for transversely engaging elements 3
20090272615PERMANENT MAGNET WRAP SPRING CLUTCH - A permanent magnet activated wrap spring clutch (11-05-2009
20130008758DRIVEN ACCESSORY WITH LOW-POWER CLUTCH FOR ACTIVATING OR DE-ACTIVATING SAME - A driven accessory having a clutch that permits selective operation of an accessory portion. The clutch employs rotational inertia to control driving engagement of a wrap spring to an interior clutch surface on a drive member and/or driving disengagement of the wrap spring from the interior clutch surface.01-10-2013
20100155191DRIVE DEVICE - A drive device is provided with a housing 06-24-2010
192840200 Plural coils 2
20100133059Dual Electromagnetic Clutch Assembly - A dual clutch assembly is operable to drivingly couple a first shaft with one or both of second and third shafts. The clutch assembly has a coil housing having a first electromagnetic coil and a second electromagnetic coil. The first shaft is rotatably mounted to the coil housing. The first shaft is fixed for rotation with a first rotor cooperating with the first electromagnetic coil and a second rotor cooperating with the second electromagnetic coil. A first armature plate is elastically coupled to the second shaft to selectively couple and uncouple the first shaft with the second shaft upon energizing and de-energizing the first electromagnetic coil. A second armature plate is elastically coupled to a third shaft to selectively couple and uncouple the first shaft with the third shaft upon energizing and de-energizing the second electromagnetic coil.06-03-2010
20120152687ELECTROMECHANICAL ASSEMBLY TO CONTROL THE OPERATING MODE OF A COUPLING APPARATUS - An electromechanical assembly to control the operating mode of a coupling apparatus is provided. The assembly includes a first subassembly including a stator having at least one electromagnetically inductive coil to create a magnetic flux when the at least one coil is energized. At least one bi-directionally movable rod has a free end adapted for connection to a strut of the coupling apparatus for selective, small displacement strut movement. An actuator is operatively connected to the at least one rod for selective bi-directional shifting movement along a rotational axis between a first position of the actuator which corresponds to a first mode of the coupling apparatus and a second position of the actuator which corresponds to a second mode of the coupling apparatus. A magnetic control force is applied to the actuator when the at least one coil is energized to cause the actuator to move between positions.06-21-2012
20110198186Electrically actuated clutch operator and method of use - The present invention is an electrically actuated clutch operator for the clutch of a rotational motor. The invention can be used to operate a variety of clutch types for both AC and DC motors. The present invention comprises a mounting plate, a generally T-shaped adapter arm that attaches to the operating shaft of the clutch, two electrical linear actuators, two corresponding eight-terminal relays and a programmable relay that controls activation of the actuators. To engage the clutch, one actuator's ram thrusts into the adapter arm, moving the operating shaft to an activated position. To disengage the clutch the other actuator's ram thrusts into a different section of the adapter arm, moving the operating shaft to an inactivate position. The preferred embodiment is designed for an over-center, in-and-out power take-off clutch.08-18-2011
20100133058Clutch Actuation Device for a Manual Transmission of a Vehicle and Corresponding Control Method - A clutch actuation device, particularly for a manual transmission of a vehicle, in particular a commercial vehicle, includes a clutch actuation setting device that can be placed in various settings, based on which a corresponding actuation of the clutch takes place. The clutch actuation setting device is suitable for generating electrical signals as a function of the setting, based on which the clutch is correspondingly actuated. A method controls/regulates such a clutch actuation device, particularly for a manual transmission of a vehicle.06-03-2010
20090014271POWER TRANSMITTING DEVICE - A power transmitting device includes a front housing member, an inner shaft, and a main clutch that selectively permits and shuts off transmission of torque between the front housing member and the inner shaft. The power transmitting device is rotatably supported by a bearing arranged outside the front housing member. An intermediate member having a thermal expansion coefficient lower than the thermal expansion coefficient of the front housing member is arranged between the front housing member and the bearing.01-15-2009
20110005887ELECTROMAGNETIC FRICTION CLUTCH - The invention discloses an electromagnetic friction clutch for driving a fan impeller in the engine compartment of a vehicle, for example, the clutch comprising a disk rotor consisting of a plane flat part, a further clutch element which is supported so that it is freely rotatable and which can be driven by the rotor through controllable friction contact, and elements for transmitting a rotational movement according to the principle of an eddy current drive. An eddy current ring is fitted to the outer edge area of the disk rotor, thereby allowing a compact and cost-effectively simple construction of the clutch.01-13-2011
20090277743STALL DETECTION SYSTEM FOR MOWER BLADE CLUTCH ENGAGEMENT - A stall detection system for mower blade clutch engagement determines if there is a stall condition by sensing one or more operating conditions such as engine deceleration or blade spindle rotation. If a stall condition is detected, a microcontroller shuts off actuating current to the electric clutch coil and automatically disengages or discontinues engagement of the clutch. The microcontroller may also provide a signal to inform the operator of the stall condition, and prevent repeated activation of the clutch until the stall condition is corrected.11-12-2009
20110198187Coupler for Viscometer Bob Shaft - A coupler for attaching a lower segment of a viscometer bob shaft to an upper segment of a viscometer bob shaft includes an upper assembly connected to the upper segment, a lower assembly connected to the lower segment, a magnetic coupler, and a rotation connection.08-18-2011
20080236981SMART FAN CLUTCH - Systems, methods and devices for the control of fans are presented. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to a fan clutch control unit for a vehicle fan. The fan clutch control unit executes a control loop section and a strategy section to provide control functionality. The fan clutch control unit may be provided as a pre-packaged control board or integrated into a fan clutch.10-02-2008
20090260944Electromagnetic actuating device with driving and holding tapped coil - The present invention discloses that the driving coil of lower impedance having a driving tap and a common connection being electrically actuated to obtain larger actuating force is further operatively controlled by the switching device to be switched to have relatively higher impedance thus allowing smaller current to pass thereby holding electrification or excitation while required operating characteristics of the electromagnetic actuating device can still be satisfied.10-22-2009
20110056791CLUTCH AND HYBRID DRIVE WITH CLUTCH - The invention relates to a clutch (03-10-2011
20080283352Electromagnetic actuator - Electromagnetic actuators, components of electromagnetic actuators, clutches that use electromagnetic actuators, and methods associated therewith for improved electromagnetic actuator operation and manufacturing methods. Embodiments of an electromagnetic actuator of the present disclosure includes a configuration of a housing and a flux washer relative a shaft helps to reduce the travel path for magnetic flux generated by an electrical coil contained therein. This more direct flux path, in turn, provides for a shorter loop for the magnetic flux, which helps to generate a greater relative magnetic force (e.g., a stronger clutch actuation force) as compared to other configurations.11-20-2008
20110024255ELECTRICAL INTERRUPT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USE IN A HYBRID SYSTEM - An electrical interlock system for including a power takeoff device operable in a first state to transfer mechanical energy from an associated combustible engine to an associated electric motor and/or generator and operative in a second state to prevent the transfer of mechanical energy from the associated combustible engine to the associated electric motor and/or generator. A relay having a first switch and an energizable portion, is coupled to the power takeoff device, the electric motor and an associated power source, such that when the energizable portion is receiving electrical power from the associated power source, the power takeoff device is in the first state and when the energizable portion is not receiving electrical power from the associated power source, the power takeoff device is in the second state.02-03-2011
20090032357ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH - An electromagnetic clutch comprises a rotor rotatable with respect to the center of rotation, an armature facing the rotor with a clearance, a device for generating a magnetic attracting force between the rotor and the armature, a rotating member transmitting a driving force from the armature, and a plate spring for mounting the armature on the rotating member. The plate spring extends in a direction opposite to the center of rotation and has a first end separated from the center of rotation. The first end or a portion in the vicinity of the first end contacts an armature surface facing the rotor, and the plate spring is fixed to the rotating member at a portion other than the portion contacting the armature surface. The armature is supported such that the armature is urged to be separated in a direction opposite to the rotor by an elasticity of the plate spring.02-05-2009
20100065398ELECTROMAGNETICALLY OPERATED CLUTCH AND METHOD OF OPERATING AN ELECTROMAGNETICALLY OPERATED CLUTCH - An electromagnetically operated clutch, in particular a friction clutch, for switching on and off units, such as a water pump, in a vehicle, having a predefined electrical system voltage, the clutch including an electromagnet with at least one coil, a rotor, an armature plate, which is attracted to the rotor by the forces of the electromagnet in order to engage the clutch, and control means. The control means, which, in respect of a continuous operating state, are designed for an operating voltage level, which is less than the available electrical system voltage of the vehicle, the control means being suited to switching the electromagnet with a voltage level for engagement of the friction clutch that is greater than operating voltage level and, by timing the supply voltage, to reducing it to the design operating voltage level for an operating phase when the clutch is continuously engaged.03-18-2010
20100065397FIELD COIL ASSEMBLY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUCH FOR A COMPRESSOR - The present invention relates to a field coil assembly of an electromagnetic clutch for a compressor, more particularly, a field coil assembly of an electromagnetic clutch for a compressor, in which a terminal electrically connected with a field coil portion, and an electric wire are assembled to each other by means of upper and lower holders, and then finally engaged with together by means of an insert molding, thereby simplifying a manufacturing process to reduce manufacturing expense, removing a need for a separate member for protecting an electric wire, and easily adjusting the length of the electric wire.03-18-2010
20120152686Engagement Control Assembly for a Bi-Directional Overrunning Clutch - A bi-directional overrunning clutch differential for controlling torque transmission between a pinion input shaft and at least one output hub. The clutch having a clutch housing and the roll cage mounted within the housing. An engagement control assembly is provided for controlling the relative position of the roll cage with respect to a cam surface on the clutch housing. The engagement control assembly includes an electronically controlled actuation device, such as a coil or solenoid, which when activated causes the roll cage to rotate into a second position relative to the clutch housing to engage the rolls with the cam surface and an outer surface of the hub. A spring is engaged with the clutch housing and has an end engaged with the roll cage for biasing the roll cage into a neutral position when the roll cage is in its second position.06-21-2012
20120125731TRANSMISSION ARRANGEMENT FOR A VEHICLE - A transmission configuration for a vehicle with at least a wet clutch (05-24-2012
20110048888ELECTROMAGNETIC COUPLING DEVICE - An electromagnetic coupling device includes a field core, a surge voltage absorbing member, and a storage member. The field core is provided inside an exciting coil. The surge voltage absorbing member is connected to the exciting coil. The storage member is made of an insulating material and includes a recess portion to store the surge voltage absorbing member. A through hole is formed in an outer wall of the field core. The storage member is inserted into the through hole with an opening of the recess portion facing the exciting coil. The surge voltage absorbing member is inserted in the recess portion so as to be positioned outside the field core by the exciting coil.03-03-2011
20130015033ROTATIONAL COUPLING DEVICE WITH FLUX LEAKAGE PATH INSULATORAANM Pardee; James A.AACI JanesvilleAAST WIAACO USAAGP Pardee; James A. Janesville WI USAANM Humy; MichaelAACI RockfordAAST ILAACO USAAGP Humy; Michael Rockford IL US - A rotational coupling device is provided that minimizes flux leakage from a magnetic circuit that engages the device. The device includes a rotor and an armature defining opposed engagement surfaces. The rotor, the armature and a field shell disposed on one side of the rotor and housing an electrical conductor comprise members of a magnetic circuit that, upon energization of the conductor, draws the armature into engagement with the rotor. A torque transmission member is coupled to the armature and supported by a bearing. In one embodiment a sleeve is disposed radially inwardly of the bearing. To prevent flux leakage through the torque transmission member, the sleeve has a magnetic permeability that is lower than a magnetic permeability of the members of the magnetic circuit. In another embodiment, a support cup of the torque transmission member has a radially outwardly turned flange to distance the cup from the rotor.01-17-2013
20130118854TRANSMISSION HYDRAULIC CONTROL SYSTEM HAVING AN AUTOMATIC ENGINE STOP-START ACCUMULATOR - A hydraulic control system is provided for controlling the actuation of a plurality of torque transmitting mechanisms. The hydraulic control system includes an accumulator having parallel feed paths to the plurality of torque transmitting mechanisms.05-16-2013
20120018274METHOD OF OPERATING A DRIVE TRAIN OF A MOTOR VEHICLE AND CORRESPONDING DRIVE TRAIN - The present invention relates to a method of operating a drive train of a motor vehicle having a motor which can be selectively coupled to the drive train by means of a clutch actuable by an actuator. The clutch has a first clutch part associated with a drive shaft of the motor and a second clutch part associated with the drive train. An engagement of the clutch includes the steps: 01-26-2012
20130199885COUPLING ASSEMBLY - A coupling arrangement for a drive train of a motor vehicle includes at least one clutch arranged on a rotating shaft in order to couple the rotating shaft selectively with a drive element of the drive train, and at least one activation device to activate the clutch. The activation device is adapted to bring an engagement segment selectively into engagement with a threaded segment rotating with the shaft in order to cause a relative movement of the engagement segment and the threaded segment along the axis of the rotating shaft and thus activate the clutch in the axial direction.08-08-2013

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