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Plural clutch-assemblage

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192 - Clutches and power-stop control

192030000 - CLUTCHES

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192480601 Having fluid pressure operator 48
192480200 Including electrically actuated clutch assemblage 15
192480800 Associated with three or more shafts 12
192480300 Diverse clutch-assemblages 7
192480920 Including unirotationally engaging clutch-elements 5
20130075215CONSTANT-FORCE DEVICE AND MICROMETER - A constant-force device includes a first ratchet wheel mounted rotatably on a shaft and having first sawtoothed projections, a second ratchet wheel mounted on the shaft so as not to rotate relative to the shaft but to move along the shaft and having second sawtoothed projections opposed to the first sawtoothed projections, an intermediate ratchet wheel mounted on the shaft so as not only to rotate relative to the shaft but also to move along the shaft between the first ratchet wheel and the second ratchet wheel and having a pair of intermediate sawtoothed projections meshing with the first and second sawtoothed projections respectively, a biasing member configured to bias the second ratchet wheel towards the first ratchet wheel, and a lock mechanism configured to set the first and intermediate ratchet wheels in a connected or unconnected state.03-28-2013
20110192693SINGLE ACTUATOR SELF-ADJUSTING DRY DUAL CLUTCH - A self-adjusting twin or dual dry clutch assembly for a dual clutch transmission includes a single actuator. The clutch assembly includes one center and two outer clutch drive plates or discs which independently engage a pair of interleaved driven clutch plates or discs which are coupled to and drive a respective pair of transmission countershafts or layshafts. The single actuator translates an internal clutch carrier which acts upon the outer clutch plates through respective pluralities of linear one way clutches. Self-adjustment of the dual clutch assembly is achieved by additional linear one way clutches acting through pairs of spring biased control rods.08-11-2011
20090188766FASTENER DRIVING TOOL - A spring-type fastener driving tool includes a plunger having a blade that drives in fasteners, a spring that urges the plunger downwards and is capable of being compressed upwards, a spring compression mechanism unit that includes a drum that causes the plunger to move in a compression direction of the spring based on rotational force of a motor, a reduction mechanism unit, and a one-way clutch than prohibits reverse rotation of the motor. Reverse rotation of the drum due to the urging force of the spring is prevented by providing the one-way clutch between an input side rotating shaft of the reduction mechanism unit and a rotation output shaft of the motor.07-30-2009
20080236979Power transmission apparatus - A power transmission apparatus comprising a pulley 10-02-2008
20130134006Friction Disk Mechanism for Bi-Directional Overrunning Clutch - A bi-directional overrunning clutch includes a housing and first and second hubs substantially coaxially aligned within the housing. A roll cage positions a plurality of rollers in an annular space between each of the hubs and an inner cam surface of the housing. The rollers are adapted to wedgingly engage between the hub and the inner cam for transmitting torque therebetween. End caps are attached to the housing adjacent to the hubs. A friction disk mechanism located on each side of the roll cage includes a roll cage plate attached to the roll cage, an inner hub friction member attached to the hub, a slip disk, and a spring compressed between the slip disk and the inner hub friction member biasing the inner hub friction member into frictional contact with the roll cage plate.05-30-2013
192480700 With means to actuate or deactuate clutch-assemblages sequentially 2
20090159391Overrunning Coupling Assembly - An overrunning coupling assembly includes a control element mounted for controlled shifting movement between coupling faces of annular coupling members relative to a first set of pockets in the first member. The control element is operable for controlling position of only reverse struts in the first set of pockets without controlling the position of forward struts in a second set of pockets in the coupling face of the second member. The control element allows at least one of the reverse struts to engage at least one of a set of locking formations on the coupling face of the second coupling member in a first position of the control element. The control element maintains the reverse struts in their pockets in a second position of the control element.06-25-2009
20100140036COMPACT DRY DUAL CLUTCH MODULE - The present invention provides a dry, dual clutch module having reduced axial length. The clutch module includes a larger diameter, single plate outer clutch which drives a first transmission input shaft or drive quill and a smaller diameter, double plate inner clutch which drives a second transmission input shaft or drive quill. The smaller diameter clutch is nested within the larger diameter clutch and thus they essentially reside within the same axial space.06-10-2010
192049000 Parallel vehicle wheels 1
20090159392INDEPENDENT VARIABLE DRIVE ASSEMBLIES FOR WHEELS ON A SNOWBLOWER AND RELATED METHODS - Drive assemblies and related methods are provided particularly suited for a snowblower. The drive assemblies include a transmission wheel disposed about a shaft and rotatably movable for rotating at least one wheel. The transmission wheel has a contact surface. The drive assemblies also include a drive pulley having a drive surface. The drive pulley is rotatable and configured for causing the transmission wheel to rotate when the drive surface and the contact surface of the transmission wheel are in contact. At least one brake clutch is disposed about an end of the shaft to provide independent control to the at least one wheel.06-25-2009
20090321208SECONDARY DRIVE AXLE DISCONNECT FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - An active drive disconnect system for a drivetrain of a motor vehicle controlling selective engagement of a first clutch and a second clutch while the vehicle is in motion without the need for synchronization. In the active drive disconnect the first clutch assembly is arranged for selective engagement of a secondary driveline with a primary driveline, and the second clutch is arranged for selectively connecting an axle half-shaft with a differential.12-31-2009
20130206531CLUTCH DEVICE - A clutch device includes a first clutch, a second clutch, a diaphragm spring and an intermediate spring. The diaphragm spring transmits a pressing force to the first clutch and the second clutch. The intermediate spring applies a coupling maintaining force to the first clutch and the second clutch so that minimally power transmitted states of the first clutch and the second clutch are maintained while a pressing force is not being applied to the first clutch and the second clutch.08-15-2013
20120217114TRANSMISSION WITH A COMMON ACTUATOR FOR TWO CLUTCHES - A clutch assembly for a transmission, including: first and second clutches; and an actuation assembly including an actuator for engaging the first and second clutches. The first clutch is arranged to be connected to a planet carrier for a planetary gear set for the transmission so that the planet carrier and a first portion of the first clutch rotate in unison. The first clutch is arranged to be connected to an output shaft for the transmission so that a second portion of the first clutch and the output shaft rotate in unison. The second clutch is arranged to be connected to a ring gear for the planetary gear set so that the ring gear and a portion of the second clutch rotate in unison.08-30-2012
20130056321DRIVING FORCE TRANSMISSION APPARATUS - A driving force transmission apparatus includes: a first cam mechanism that converts rotational force from a housing into first cam thrust force used as clutch force of a main clutch when the first cam mechanism is actuated through clutch action of a pilot clutch; and a second cam mechanism that is actuated prior to conversion of the rotational force into the first cam thrust force by the first cam mechanism, and that generates second cam thrust force for reducing an interval between clutch plates of the main clutch. The second cam mechanism includes an input cam member that rotates upon receiving rotational force used as actuating force of the input cam member from a cam actuating driving source, and an output cam member that generates the second cam thrust force between the output cam member and the input cam member and outputs the second cam thrust force.03-07-2013
20130056322CLUTCH ARRANGEMENT, MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVE TRAIN AND CLUTCH ACTIVATION METHOD - A clutch arrangement for connecting two components, which can rotate relative to one another, of a motor vehicle drive train, in particular for connecting two shafts of a transmission or a shaft to an idler gear rotatably mounted on the shaft. The clutch arrangement has a clutch and an actuator arrangement. The clutch is opened in a first actuator position of an actuator section of the actuator arrangement. The clutch arrangement has a locking device for locking the actuator section in a locked position to keep the clutch closed. The locking device has a slotted-link guide with a first guide section and a second guide section for the actuator section, wherein the locked position can be reached from the first actuator position via the first guide section, and wherein the first actuator position can be reached from the locked position via the second guide section.03-07-2013
20090000897Hydraulic control for a dual clutch transmission - A dual clutch transmission comprising a first clutch (01-01-2009
20110278125Multiple Output Transmission Systems - A transmission system for driving one or two of a plurality of drivable devices by a single drive motor including an input shaft (11-17-2011
20110278126SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONVERTING A GASOLINE-FUELED VEHICLE TO A DUAL-MODE POWERED VEHICLE - A system and method for powering of a vehicle is disclosed. In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a powering assembly may include an axle, a wheel coupled to the axle, and at least one secondary coil winding affixed to the wheel. The wheel may be configured to rotate about the axle in a plane substantially perpendicular to an axis of the axle. The at least one secondary coil may be configured such that when the wheel is proximate to an embedded conductor embedded in a roadway and carrying a first electrical current, a magnetic field induced by the first electrical current induces a second electrical current in the at least one secondary coil winding.11-17-2011
20110290610MULTIPLE CLUTCH DEVICE - A multiple clutch device which includes a drive unit, a downstream transmission connected to a drive shaft of the drive unit and accommodated in a clutch bell that does not co-rotate with the drive shaft, two wet multi-plate clutches, which include a plate support at the input and output end and plates alternating axially, and an actuation mechanism. A housing of the actuation mechanism is supported on the clutch bell, and the plate support at the input end of at least one of the multi-plate clutches is connected to the housing by a supporting metal sheet or a supporting pot and a footstep bearing such that a flow of an actuation force generated by the actuation mechanism is redirected to the housing of the actuation mechanism via the supporting metal sheet or the supporting pot and the footstep bearing, creating a closed force flow within the device.12-01-2011
20090145715Actuation subsystem of variable compression ratio control system for internal combustion engine - The VCR actuation system includes a drive means, a connecting means, and an actuator means. The drive means includes generally identical first and second clutch assemblies. The clutch assembly includes a clutch driver plate assembly mounted on the power shaft of an engine, and a clutch driven plate assembly rotatably and longitudinally slidably mounted in a groove on the power shaft. The clutch driven plate assembly includes a pulley tire longitudinally slidably mounted on its outer wall and a spring that holds the clutch driven plate assembly away from the paired clutch driver plate assembly and pushes the clutch driven plate assembly against the other clutch driven plate assembly when the drive means are not activated. The connecting means includes a pair of pulleys mounted on a drive gear shaft that rotatably connects the power shaft and the actuator means.06-11-2009
20100116612PRODUCTION METHOD FOR DISC SPRING AND CLUTCH APPARATUS PROVIDED WITH CONED DISC SPRING - A clutch apparatus is equipped with two clutch structures having a clutch drum therein. A driven plate and a piston are provided in the clutch drum of each clutch structure, and a primary coned disc spring and a secondary coned disc spring, which are ring-shaped, are provided between the driven plate and the piston. A flat portion 05-13-2010
20100078282Automatic transmission - An automatic transmission includes first and second clutches disposed adjacent, wherein each of the first and second clutches includes a friction plate; a clutch drum in spline engagement with the friction plate; a piston that with the clutch drum forms a hydraulic oil chamber therebetween; a return spring that biases the piston toward the hydraulic oil chamber side; and a cancel plate that is disposed on a side opposite the hydraulic oil chamber of the piston to form a cancel oil chamber that cancels outs a centrifugal hydraulic pressure that acts on the hydraulic oil chamber, and that receives a reaction force of the return spring.04-01-2010
20090188765CLUTCH DEVICE - In a clutch device wherein a plurality of clutch plates are relatively non-rotatably engaged with a clutch outer, a plurality of clutch disks disposed alternately with the clutch plates are relatively non-rotatably engaged with a clutch inner, and an end plate disposed so that the clutch plates and the clutch disks are disposed between itself and a piston slidably fitted in the clutch outer is relatively non-rotatably and axially movably supported on the clutch outer in the manner of being restricted in movement toward one end side in the axial direction, to prevent the clutch inner from coming out of position at the time of assembling the clutch device into position, thereby to enhance workability in the assembling operation, and to prevent the clutch inner from generating a collision sound by colliding against other member than the component members of the clutch device when the clutch is disengaged.07-30-2009
20090283380Torque transmission device - A torque transmission device for the application in the drive train of a vehicle, between a driven shaft of a drive unit and a transmission, with at least two transmission input shafts. The torque transmission device includes at least two friction clutches which respectively feature a clutch disc, which can be coupled respectively with one of the transmission input shafts, and an intermediate pressure plate disposed between the friction lining of the twin clutch discs. The friction lining of both clutch discs may be clamped respectively between the intermediate pressure plate and one pressure plate, in which the respective pressure plates are disposed on the side of the friction lining that faces away relative to the intermediate pressure plate, still the two pressure plates with the intermediate pressure plate are at least rotationally coupled and are axially displaceable by actuation elements relative to the latter, in which at least the two friction clutches form a preassembled clutch assembly. The preassembled clutch assembly can be preassembled on the transmission side and s at least non-rotatably connectable with a drive element mounted on the driven shaft of the drive unit during the assembly of the drive unit and transmission, wherein the intermediate pressure plate is supported by a bearing on at least one of the transmission input shafts in at least one axial direction, in which the intermediate pressure plate features a radial displacement possibility relative to the rotation axis of the transmission input shafts.11-19-2009
20090288926TORQUE TRANSMISSION DEVICE - A torque transmission device in the drive train of a motor vehicle for transmitting torque, which has a clutch, particularly a dual-clutch, and a support tube that extends in the axial direction towards a housing, essentially a gear mechanism housing, and is radially arranged within at least one actuator bearing, in particular two actuator bearings, as well as a bearing device for the clutch. Part of the clutch cover facing the housing is supported by the bearing device for the clutch.11-26-2009
20100101912CLUTCH ARRANGEMENT, IN PARTICULAR WET-RUNNING DUAL CLUTCH ARRANGEMENT - The invention relates to a clutch arrangement (04-29-2010
20080277228Sealing system and wet-running dual-clutch system with a sealing system - A sealing system with at least one sealing device for a pressurizing-agent-operable actuating device, for sealing off a pressure chamber assigned to the latter from the surroundings. The individual sealing element being placed in a groove formed by the actuating device and a thin sheet metal element connected to the actuating device, where at least two contact surfaces that describe the groove are formed on the actuating device for the sealing element.11-13-2008
20090032354TORQUE TRANSFER DEVICE WITH TORQUE LIMITING MECHANISM - An overrunning torque transmitting device that employs a plurality of cone clutches and an overload mechanism for limiting the torque transmitted through the device in a predetermined rotational direction. A method for transmitting torque is also provided.02-05-2009
20110005882DOUBLE CLUTCH TRANSMISSION AND DOUBLE CLUTCH TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY METHOD - In order to be able to build a double clutch transmission more narrow, the invention proposes a double clutch transmission to be mounted in a drive train with a drive unit, wherein the double clutch transmission comprises a clutch part and a transmission part with two sub-transmission units, wherein the clutch part has one input hub for an operative connection with the drive unit and two output hubs, which are, respectively, operatively connected with the input shaft of a sub-transmission unit, wherein the two sub-transmission unit input shafts are arranged coaxially to each other, wherein on the output side the input hub is operatively connected with a damping mechanism, which—on its side—is operatively connected on the output side with two clutches, and the output hubs are operatively connected, respectively, at the drive end with one of the clutches and wherein both the clutches and also the damping mechanism are arranged in a clutch chamber filled with oil, which is sealed floatingly to a clutch cover, by which the output hub, which is operatively connected with the axially inside-mounted sub-transmission input shaft, is axially supported by the axially inside-mounted sub-transmission unit input shaft.01-13-2011
20120193183SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY ACTUATED TORSION LOCK - A torsion lock may include a clutch, a spring, and a shape memory alloy (SMA) member. The spring may cause the application of pressure on the clutch for engagement thereof. The SMA member may linearly contract when heated in a manner to relieve the pressure on the clutch for disengagement thereof.08-02-2012
20100219034CONTROL ASSEMBLY - A control assembly (09-02-2010
20130126291PARALLEL DUAL CLUTCH UNIT - The present invention relates to a parallel dual clutch unit (05-23-2013
20100147643TWIN CLUTCH DEVICE - A twin clutch device wherein a second clutch is arranged coaxially and radially inside of a first clutch outer which forms an annular plate portion. One clutch inners of both clutches is arranged between a clutch member which constitutes a portion of the outer of the first and second clutches and an annular plate portion. Lifter pins have axes arranged parallel to a rotary axis of first and second clutches and axially movably penetrate both clutch inners to bring one ends thereof into contact with pressure plates. First and second drive control members are capable of applying control forces to disconnect the first and second clutches against spring forces of first and second clutch springs. A second clutch outer is rotated together with the first clutch outer and is arranged coaxially with the first clutch. A pair of clutch outers are connected in a relatively non-rotatable manner with each other.06-17-2010
20110127135Idle-Able Auxiliary Drive System - A power transfer unit for a motive device comprises an outer housing, an inner housing, and a torque transferring clutch. A piston housing is located between the outer housing and the torque transferring clutch. A piston is located in the piston housing. The piston is configured to provide actuation forces to the torque transferring clutch. And, when the torque transferring clutch receives the actuation forces, the torque transferring clutch causes the inner housing to rotate.06-02-2011
20110079480SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ATTACHING A DUAL CLUTCH TO A FLYWHEEL - An apparatus for transferring torque from a crankshaft to a dual input transmission includes: a flywheel connected at one end to the crankshaft and at the opposite end to a torque transmitting device or dual clutch. The flywheel has a first coupling member that is configured to engage a second coupling member attached to a center plate of the dual clutch. The first coupling member is fixedly secured to the second coupling member by a fastening means. A dual clutch actuation device generates the axial compression force required to compress a first and second set of frictional elements of a dual clutch.04-07-2011
20080230342Torque transmission device - A torque transmitting device in a drive train of a motor vehicle to transmit torque between an internal combustion engine having a drive shaft and a transmission having coaxial input shafts. The transmission input shafts are each non-rotatably connected with a respective clutch disc having friction linings. An intermediate pressure plate is positioned between the friction linings of the clutch discs and is non-rotatably connected to the engine drive shaft. The friction linings of the clutch discs are between the intermediate pressure plate and respective axially movable clutch pressure plates that are actuated by an actuation device. To provide support for the double clutch unit the intermediate pressure plate is radially mounted on one of the two transmission input shafts.09-25-2008
20110259698HYBRID MODULE FOR A DRIVE TRAIN OF A VEHICLE - A hybrid module for a drive train of a vehicle, including a first disconnect clutch (10-27-2011
20100282560DOUBLE CLUTCH COMPRISING A TORSIONAL VIBRATION DAMPER - A double clutch transmission having a wet-running double clutch, a dual mass flywheel and a centrifugal force pendulum. The dual mass flywheel is arranged in a dry chamber between a drive and the double clutch and the centrifugal force pendulum is arranged in a wet chamber of the double clutch.11-11-2010
20110114435DUAL CLUTCH - A dual clutch which has two friction clutches, a central pressure-exerting plate and two pressure plates which are axially movable relative to the pressure-exerting plate with the interposition of the friction linings of two clutch disks, which each mesh with one gearbox input shaft, of actuating devices. The dual clutch is held at the drive-input side and is supported at the gearbox side by an actuating system, which is rotatably held on the clutch housing, for actuating the pressure plates.05-19-2011
20110186399LEVER APPLIED DRY CLUTCH - A dual clutch assembly includes a housing, an actuation member rotationally coupled with the housing, a first member coaxial with the housing, and a second member coaxial with the first member. A first clutch includes a first plate connected with the actuation member and a second plate connected for common rotation with the first member. A second clutch includes a first plate connected with the housing and a second plate connected for common rotation with the second member. At least one first lever is pivotally coupled to the housing. The first lever is pivotable to contact the actuation member thereby translating the actuation member and the first plate towards the second plate in order to engage the first clutch. The second lever is pivotable to contact the first plate of the second clutch and translate the first plate towards the second plate in order to engage the second clutch.08-04-2011
20100243395MULTIPLE CLUTCH DEVICE - A multiple clutch device, particularly a double clutch device, that has a reduced axial installation space and/or inexpensive production. The multiple clutch device has at least two friction clutch arrangements, torque-transferring friction element carriers, each of which is rotationally fixedly connected to a frictional element of the frictional clutch arrangements, and at least one roller bearing. The roller bearing is designed to support at least one of the frictional element carriers. The supported frictional element carrier is designed as a race of the roller bearing.09-30-2010
20120043176DOUBLE CLUTCH COMPRISING A TORSIONAL VIBRATION DAMPER - A double clutch transmission comprising a wet dual clutch, a dual mass flywheel and a centrifugal force pendulum and an electric motor which is connected to the primary side of the dual mass flywheel.02-23-2012
20110155529DOUBLE CLUTCH - A torque transmitting device in a drive train of a vehicle, which has an assembly on the engine side and an assembly on the transmission side. A geometrically defined installation position of the torque transmitting device between the assemblies can be set by inserting a compensating element, such as an adjustment disk. A thickness of the compensating element depends on the air gap of the torque transmitting device to be set.06-30-2011
20120152684CLUTCH DEVICE - A clutch device for arrangement in a drive train of a motor vehicle between a drive unit and a transmission is provided. The clutch device may include a multiple-disk clutch arrangement for selective torque transfer between the drive unit and the transmission. The multiple-disk clutch arrangement may be actuable via a force transfer element supported on a disk carrier of the multiple-disk clutch arrangement.06-21-2012
20120125730METHOD OF SYNCHRONIZING IN SPLIT TORQUE CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE DUAL CLUTCH TRANSMISSION - A method including activating a first clutch assembly to connect a first rotatable member to a rotating final output member until a shift trigger point is reached to provide a rotational speed to the first rotatable member from the final output member. The first clutch assembly is then deactivated. The second clutch assembly that connected a synchronized second rotatable member with the final output member is then deactivated. A third synchronizer engaged with the first rotatable member, and the first clutch assembly is activated to connect the first rotatable member to the final output member.05-24-2012
20120247903WET CLUTCH MODULE WITH INTEGRATED HEAT EXCHANGER - An arrangement of a dual clutch transmission that incorporates a positive pressure lubrication cooler heat exchanger that is integrated into a cover of a wet clutch module of the transmission is provided. Additionally, a method of assembling a wet dual clutch transmission assembly is provided.10-04-2012
20120255826CLUTCH DEVICE - A clutch device includes an input rotor, a rotation support mechanism, a first pressure plate, a second pressure plate, a first clutch disc assembly and a second clutch disc assembly. The input rotor includes a first disc portion and a second disc portion disposed away from the first disc portion at a predetermined space. The rotation support mechanism supports the input rotor for allowing the input rotor to be rotated with respect to a first input shaft and a second input shaft.10-11-2012
20090020386AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION INCLUDING CLUTCH DEVICES - An automatic transmission including a first clutch selectively connecting a first rotary member and a second rotary member disposed coaxially with the first rotary member, a second clutch selectively connecting the first rotary member and a third rotary member disposed coaxially with the first rotary member, a first drum in which a first piston of the first clutch is axially slidably received, a second drum disposed coaxially with the first drum, to accommodate the first drum, and in which a second piston of the second clutch is axially slidably received, an abutting portion abutting contact of the first and second drums with each other in an axial direction of the first and second drums, and a fitting portion at which the first drum is fitted in the second drum and that inhibits relative rotation of the first and second drums about a common axis of the first and second drums.01-22-2009
20090000896Integrated starter generator and input clutch assembly for hybrid electric vehicle - An apparatus for transmitting power to a transmission input includes first and second sources of rotary power, first and second transmission input shafts, a clutch hub driveably connected to the first and second power sources, and first and second clutches secured to the clutch hub, for alternately closing and opening a drive connection between the first and second transmission input shafts and the clutch hub.01-01-2009
20130020167DUAL CLUTCH - A dual clutch having a first clutch which has a first pressure plate that is movable axially relative to a first counterplate for coupling a first clutch disk that is connected to a first output shaft, a second clutch, which has a second pressure plate that is axially movable relative to a second counterplate for coupling a second clutch disk that is connected to a second output shaft, a torsional vibration damper situated in the direction of flux force between the input shaft and the first counterplate wherein the torsional vibration damper includes a dual mass flywheel with a bow spring running in the circumferential direction to transmit torque, where the flux of force is introducible radially on the outside from the input shaft to the first counterplate into the dual mass flywheel, and is dispersible radially on the inside to the bow spring.01-24-2013
20120241277CLUTCH HAVING A PRE-CLUTCH AND A MAIN CLUTCH - A clutch including a pre-clutch and a main clutch, where the pre-clutch can be brought into an engaged or disengaged state by a clamping means, where the pre-clutch is connected via an effective connection to the main clutch, such that in the disengaged position and engaged position are transmitted to the main clutch, where the pre-clutch is arranged between the main clutch and a connection area for an actuating element of the clamping means, that the clamping means is effectively connected to an outer area by means of a clutch hub of the pre-clutch, that the clamping means is effectively connected in a middle area to a disc of the counter-disc of the pre-clutch, and that the clamping means has a contact area for the actuating element in an inner area.09-27-2012
20080236978DUAL CLUTCH WITH COOLING DISTRIBUTION RESERVOIR CHAMBERS - A clutch apparatus includes a clutch pack having a plurality of friction disks. The clutch pack will selectively transfer torque from a torque supplying member to a first torque receiving member. The apparatus also includes a first cooling fluid inlet. At least a portion of the fluid is supplied through the first cooling inlet to a first friction surface. The apparatus further includes a second cooling inlet. The fluid is supplied through the second cooling inlet to a second friction surface. The first cooling fluid inlet will selectively supply a greater volumetric flow of the fluid than the volumetric flow of the second cooling inlet.10-02-2008
20080223682CLUTCH ASSEMBLY WITH A LEG SPRING - A clutch device comprising a first clutch element, a second clutch element that is disposed in a coaxial manner in relation to the first clutch element, a first engagement means, a second engagement means provided for engaging with the first engagement means in a positively interlocking manner for transmitting a torque between the first clutch element and the second clutch element, and a spring means biasing the first engagement means and the second engagement means in a circumferential direction against each other. The spring means comprises a leg spring with a ring part and two legs, wherein the ring part is disposed in a substantially coaxial relation to the first and second clutch parts and the legs extend in a radially outward direction.09-18-2008
20100307883SEALING DEVICE FOR A DUAL CLUTCH TRANSMISSION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A device for sealing a double clutch transmission of a motor vehicle, with a transmission housing, in which are arranged a clutch chamber with clutch oil and a double clutch, a transmission chamber with transmission oil and a double clutch transmission wheel set and two co-axial drive shafts disposed, one inside the other. One drive shaft is an interior central shaft which extends inside the transmission chamber from the end of the second hollow drive shaft. The two drive shafts each have a sealing element to seal the clutch chamber from the transmission chamber. A mounting component is situated inside and fixed to the transmission housing to support two adjacent sealing elements. A first sealing element forms a seal radially on the hollow drive shaft and a second sealing element forms a seal radially on the central drive shaft to provide a reliable seal and offer a simple ventilation and leakage detection.12-09-2010
20130153355HYDRAULIC CLUTCH ASSEMBLY - A wet clutch assembly has an inner housing configured for rotation with an input torque member to the clutch assembly. The inner housing has a series of splines to support a portion of the plates in a clutch pack. Each spline defines a single aperture in fluid communication with at least one plate of the clutch pack, and apertures on adjacent splines are offset to distribute cooling fluid nearly equally between friction surfaces. Uniform flow distribution ensures efficient use of cooling fluid and prevents overheating of plates receiving lesser fluid flow.06-20-2013
20110272233CLUTCH UNIT - A clutch unit, which has at least one wet clutch that is arranged in a housing, which is driven by a drive unit. The clutch is effectively connected to an input part. To simultaneously associate a torsional vibration damper, e.g. a centrifugal pendulum, with the input part, a support disk of the torsional vibration damper is connected to the input part so that no or only minor vibrations are generated, allowing the frequency of the torsional vibration damper to be sufficiently adjusted. For this purpose, at least one plate support is connected to a single support disk which is fixedly mounted on the clutch hub and is thus made rigid. Preferably, the plate support further reduces vibration tolerance.11-10-2011
20130180818COUPLING APPARATUS WITH TWO COUPLINGS - A coupling apparatus for transmitting torque from a drive shaft to an output shaft includes two couplings with a respective primary part and secondary part. The primary and secondary parts are twistable to a certain extent relative to one another against the force of springs. Several carriers for carrying spring plates and support plates are arranged in a distributed manner over the circumference of the coupling. There is a locating pin between two screws for positioning a carrier, the locating pin being axially parallel to the screws. One coupling is in a drive connection with the drive shaft, and the other coupling is in a drive connection with the output shaft. Every carrier which can be inserted into a respective recess in the primary part or secondary part of the respective coupling forms a premounted spring unit together with the spring plates carried by the carrier.07-18-2013
20130186725VACUUM CLEANER AGITATOR CLUTCH - A vacuum cleaner brushroll clutch having a motor, clutch assembly input rotated by the motor, brushroll, clutch assembly output to rotate the brushroll, drive clutch, and starter clutch. The drive clutch is connected to the clutch assembly output and moveable between a first position in which it does not directly contact the clutch assembly input and a second position in which it directly contacts the clutch assembly input to transmit a first torque directly from the clutch assembly input to the clutch assembly output. The starter clutch is connected to the drive clutch and moveable between a first position in which it does not engage the clutch assembly input and a second position in which it engages the clutch assembly input to transmit a second torque from the clutch assembly input to the drive clutch to move the drive clutch into the second drive clutch position.07-25-2013

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