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20100126815TRAVEL LUGGAGE TRANSPORTABLE EASILY ON STAIRS - A handling baggage, constituted from a trolley or a suitcase, equipped of a couple of sliding shoes in elastic material, able to slide on stairs, facilitating the crossing.05-27-2010
20090188764WHEELED LUGGAGE AND BASE-AND-FRAME ASSEMBLY THEREFOR - The base-and-frame assembly for the wheeled luggage includes: a platform having a carriage surface for detachably carrying a separable bag thereon; and an extendable rod connected to the support tube in a self-standing manner and having a grip connected at an upper end, and being stopped by a stopper at an extended position. The platform is provided with a latitudinal reinforcement rib integrally formed below a planar carriage plate with its top face serving as the carriage surface. In a horizontal plane including such surface, the latitudinal reinforcement rib extends in a lateral direction orthogonal to the grip, protruding on a bottom face of the carriage plate. A reinforcement protrusion is integrally formed with the latitudinal reinforcement rib, protruding downwardly at an area below the support tube.07-30-2009
20130075213SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COLLAPSIBLE LUGGAGE - In exemplary embodiments of the present invention, systems and methods for providing collapsible luggage are presented. Such exemplary collapsible luggage can have two states: (i) a fully extended state in which said luggage is used by a user to hold, for example, clothing and objects, and (ii) a compressed or folded state in which the luggage has a minimum volume and can be easily and conveniently stored, especially where space is a premium. Various novel technologies are used to obtain maximal compression in the compressed state, provide rigidity and structural support in the fully extended state, and to allow for convenient transformation between the two states. One of such technologies is a self-locking hinge mechanism requiring no direct contact from a user, which also provides audible feedback to the user.03-28-2013
20130075214NOVEL FOLDING LUGGAGE AND DUFFLES AND HINGES THEREFOR - Collapsible luggage uses self-locking hinges to allow horizontal support structures to collapse by folding said supporting panels onto, or nearly onto, each other. The hinges can include a first arm provided with a cylinder containing a spring and a ball, and a second arm, each arm rotatably connected to an axis; and a curved flange, coaxial with the axis and fixed with respect to the second arm, having notches at selected positions along its arcuate surface corresponding to preset stops. The flange can be placed so as to abut the ball at the end of the cylinder. Double versions of such self-locking hinges can be provided, which can be used in various collapsible surfaces in luggage and various other containers and bags.03-28-2013
20110192690ARRESTING ASSEMBLY FOR A SUITCASE - An arresting assembly for a suitcase comprises: an arresting device; and a driving device, the driving device comprising: a press and pull assembly comprising a housing and a press subassembly; a transmission and buckle assembly comprising a connection casing, a buckle element and a spring both mounted in the connection casing, with the spring being between the buckle element and an inner wall of the connection casing, and the buckle element being connected with the arresting device; and a pulling rope comprising a rope core and an elastic sleeve, the rope core being longer than the elastic sleeve in length, both ends of the rope core being respectively connected to an inner wall of the housing and the buckle element, both ends of the elastic sleeve being respectively connected to the press subassembly and the connection casing. The arresting assembly is simple in structure and easy for arresting.08-11-2011
20130037364COMBINATION ROLLING CART AND SUITCASE - The present invention is a combination rolling cart and suitcase that includes a base suitcase, an external support frame, a plurality of steel stabilizers, a plurality of permanent adjustable straps and plurality of attachment points where the attachment points receive and removably couple the permanent adjustable straps to secure one or more suitcases across a top portion of the combination rolling cart and suitcase. The combination rolling cart and suitcase also includes a pair of telescoping handles, a telescoping stem, a releasable handle lock, a plurality of omnidirectional casters and a lid releasably fastened to the base suitcase.02-14-2013
20100163359WHEELED LUGGAGE CASE - An improved wheeled luggage case having a pair of freely rotating large wheels that have a diameter substantially greater than the height of the center of gravity of the wheeled luggage case itself (when in an upright, at rest position). The weight of the wheeled luggage case is largely transferred to the large wheel pair when being towed, reducing the load burden on a user and making it easier to pull the wheeled luggage case over long distances, for example, between airport terminals.07-01-2010
20100044174SUITCASE WITH EXTENSIBLE STEERING WHEELS - A suitcase is provided with a pair of wheels (02-25-2010
20100101908TRAVELING BAG - Provided is a traveling bag that can be folded to a small volume so as to be stored in a small space for reducing transportation and storage costs. The traveling bag has front and rear sides, and four peripheral sides connecting the front and rear sides. The traveling bag includes: first and second zippers each configured to connect three edges of each of two mutually facing peripheral sides of the four peripheral sides to one of the front and rear sides and edges of the other two peripheral sides, wherein when the first and second zippers are opened, the two mutually facing peripheral sides are foldable along the other edge thereof. Therefore, the traveling bag can be folded to a small volume so as to be stored in a small space. Furthermore, the traveling bag can be kept in a predetermined shape for storing and carrying items more safely.04-29-2010
20100108452MOBILE OFFICE SYSTEM - A mobile office system configured to retain files and other business necessities in a readily accessible manner. In particular, the mobile office system may be formed from a mobile office bag body defining a main compartment formed from a plurality of outer sidewalls and a bottom wall that is generally orthogonal to the outer sidewalls. The mobile office system may include a support structure included within the mobile office bag body that maintains the sidewalls in a generally erect position in which the main compartment maintains an opening opposite to the bottom wall. A plurality of wheels may extend outwardly from the mobile office bag body such that the plurality of wheels are capable of supporting the mobile office body and enabling the mobile office bag body to be movable by tilting the mobile office bag body such that the mobile office bag body is supported by the plurality of wheels.05-06-2010
20130048457Flexible and Transparent Articles of Luggage - Disclosed is an article of luggage having a structure that comprises flexible and transparent sidewalls supported by a rigid frame that creates the base shape of the device. In a first embodiment, the luggage article comprises a rollerboard luggage article having roller wheels, a rectangular frame, upstanding sidewalls and an open upper having a removable cover. The sidewalls and cover are transparent and further comprise securable pockets and luggage handles. In a second embodiment, a handheld luggage article is disclosed having a base rectangular frame, handle straps, transparent sidewalls and a transparent cover flap. Finally, a pet carrying embodiment is disclosed in a similar fashion as the handheld embodiment, where further retractable flaps are provided that cover vented panels along each of the luggage article's transparent sidewalls. The disclosed embodiments provide a set of transparent and flexible luggage carriers that facilitate visual inspection and personalization.02-28-2013
20090114493LUGGAGE HAVING AN ANGULARLY RETRACTABLE HANDLE - Luggage having an angularly retractable handle includes: a main body; a mounting plate, positioned at a front wall of the main body; a pivot, positioned at the mounting wall; an angularly retractable handle, connected to the mounting plate by the pivot, wherein the angularly retractable handle rotates with respect to the front wall of the main body via the pivot; a plurality of first wheel carriers, fixed on the bottom of the main body; a plurality of second wheel carriers, positioned on the bottom of the main body in a rotatable way; and at least four wheels, respectively assembled on the first wheel carriers and second wheel carriers.05-07-2009
20090301833SIDE HANDLE LUGGAGE - An article of luggage is described and includes a container with wheels attached thereto. A handle is also provided. In contrast to conventional handles which extend from the center of the back surface of a piece of luggage, and parallel thereto, the described handle extends from the side of the luggage, and is oriented substantially perpendicular to the back surface. This allows, for example, the user to wheel the container behind him/her, while gripping the handle at the user's side, rather than requiring that the user either have the luggage not follow directly behind the user, or place his/her hand behind him to keep the luggage positioned behind the user. The handle may be stored along side or base of the luggage. The handle can include a grip that pivots to allow a user to selectively change the angle of the grip relative to the luggage.12-10-2009
20120217110Carry-on Wheeled Luggage for Photographic Equipment - The invention provides a carry-on wheeled luggage (08-30-2012
20090057083Pillbug - The Pillbug″ is a transport and cooler container utility that carries cargo in an upright manner. There are three version shapes: a sphere, a sausage and drum, all operating on the same principle. All three versions will be referred to as “spheres.” The end-user can open them like a suitcase. The outer shell rolls along the ground while the inner shell rests inside the outer shell. There are ball bearings between the inner and outer shells. Two axles, at both axes, connect the inner and outer shells. The inner shell has a weighted bottom that causes it to stay upright as it is rolling. A seal at the equator makes it watertight. An external horseshoe-shaped harness connects both axis of the Pillbug sphere. A telescoping handle connects to the harness apex so the user can pull it.03-05-2009
20090057082Push suitcase - A suitcase specifically designed to be pushed consisting of front wheels attached to an inverted end of the suitcase and also at least one support wheel attached to a retractable wheel system that extends at an angle pointing away from the user and front wheels in order to achieve optimum stability and control in movement and steering as the suitcase is pushed by the user. An adjustable handlebar also contributes to the stability and ease in pushing the present invention.03-05-2009
20090242344LUGGAGE CONSTRUCTION - An article of luggage, such as a trolley suitcase, comprises a shape defining framework. The article of luggage may comprise a shape defining framework and a towing handle telescopically incorporated into the shape defining framework. The shape defining framework may be formed from a plurality of elongate members interconnected at their end regions by connection pieces. At least one wheel can be positioned on the shape defining framework such that when the article of luggage is moved from a standing position to a towing position, the wheel(s) enables the article of luggage to roll along the ground in the direction it is being towed.10-01-2009
20090008204COMBINED GOLF EQUIPMENT CASE - The present invention relates to a case product, and in particular, a combined golf equipment case that is easy to be conveyed and packaged. The combined golf equipment case comprises a cover and a base, which are connected by at least one detachable/combinable pivoting device provided on one side of the cover and the opposing side of the base. When the cover and the base are combined with the pivoting device, the cover can be lifted up from the base. When the cover and the base are separated by detaching the pivoting device, the cover, after detached and reversed, can be stacked on the inside of the base. At least one drawbolt lock for locking the cover and the base is provided on the other sides of the cover and the base that are opposite to the sides where the pivoting device is provided, so as to avoid unwittingly opening the cover and the base.01-08-2009
20130161143SKID PLATE FOR HANDLE - A skid plate for protecting a telescoping handle is described. The skid plate can include a cover body with a back section, a first sidewall section and a second sidewall section, and the cover body can define concave cavity to enclose therein portions of a telescoping base of the telescoping handle. The cover body can also include a plurality of spaced apart engagement members extending from the inner side of the cover body for engaging with the telescoping base. The plurality of engagement members can include attachment members and spacing members.06-27-2013
20110000754Luggage With Tow Handle - A luggage bag (01-06-2011
20100224457U-BEAM SUPPORT MECHANISM FOR LUGGAGE - The present invention relates generally to a support mechanism for luggage, and more specifically to a support mechanism for luggage having U-shaped recesses within which telescoping handle tubes are positioned.09-09-2010
20080308370Push-pull wheeled luggage with swingable rear wheels and at least one fixed front wheel - A wheeled luggage is configured to be pushed or pulled using a handle attached to the wheeled luggage. This “push-pull” wheeled luggage has a main luggage body with one or more swingable rear wheels at a rear edge of a lower portion of the main luggage body and one or more fixed front wheels in front of the one or more swingable rear wheels. Each front wheel has an elongated neck attached to a front lower portion of the main luggage body, which creates a backward tilt due to a higher ground clearance in the front lower portion. Each swingable rear wheel is configured to receive a directional force to steer the push-pull wheeled luggage. The backward tilt created by the elongated neck attached to the front lower portion of the main luggage body enables a user to push the push-pull wheeled luggage ergonomically by applying a forward-downward force to the handle.12-18-2008
20110284334Suitcase Having A Shock Absorbing Function - A suitcase includes a case body having a housing and a protective cover covering the housing of the case body. The protective cover has a plurality of air cushions abutting the housing. Thus, the protective cover entirely covers the housing to protect the housing so as to prevent the housing from being scratched, worn or broken due to hit or collision by a foreign object. In addition, the air cushions are located between the protective cover and the housing so that when the protective cover is subjected to an external force, the air cushions of the protective cover provide an elastic buffering effect to the housing of the case body so as to protect the housing of the case body.11-24-2011
20100263977SUPPORT APPARATUS FOR WHEELED LUGGAGE - A support apparatus for wheeled luggage, comprising a luggage case and a frame member, wherein the frame member further comprises a first frame having two main legs and multiple wheels, and a second frame having multiple pivot fasteners and multiple wheels. When pulling the second frame, the second frame and the first frame will be unfolded to form in a shape of cross, so that the structure of the luggage case and the frame member will transform into a platform type, the users do not need to bend down their back or squat down to sort out the articles in the luggage case; furthermore, since the wheels are pivoted to the bottom ends of the first frame and second frame, so that the stability of the wheels is secured.10-21-2010
20080308372Work Bag or Travel Suitcase with an Incorporated Extendable Pull Handle and with Wheels - A work bag or travel suitcase with an incorporated extendable pull handle and with wheels includes a framework, having a practically parallelepiped shape and with an outer covering, in a lower portion of whose frame a supporting and containment element for a pull handle is constrained at one side having a greater length and lesser width, which is situated at the end of rod elements which can be extracted from the supporting and containment element, a pair of wheels being arranged in an opposite position with respect to the pull handle and with both the supporting and containment element and the extractable rod elements have a flattened telescopic form and are made of a light and particularly resistant material, also to shear and flexural stress. A particular pulling device which can be applied to a work bag or travel suitcase is also envisaged.12-18-2008
20090166140RETRACTABLE WHEEL SYSTEM FOR TOWABLE BAGGAGE - A towable baggage item is provided. The towable baggage item includes a body defining a storage compartment, the storage compartment configured to receive and carry objects. The towable baggage item also includes a retractable towing member coupled to the body. Furthermore, the towable baggage item also includes a retractable wheel assembly responsive to a position of the retractable towing member, wherein the retractable wheel assembly comprises at least one wheel and an actuator operatively coupled to each the wheel, wherein the actuator is movable along a first linear axis to extend and retract the wheel along a second linear axis different from the first linear axis.07-02-2009
20090314596BAG ON CASTERS - A bag is wheeled in an upright orientation on casters 12-24-2009
20100276242Wheeled suitcase having dual extractable handle assemblies - A wheeled suitcase has dual extractable handle assemblies. The first extractable handle assembly is positioned immediately adjacent to the rear side of wheeled suitcase for pulling and wheeling the wheeled suitcase in inclined position. The second extractable handle assembly is positioned immediately adjacent to the bottom side of wheeled suitcase for loading an add-on traveling case.11-04-2010
20120024650LUGGAGE CASE - A luggage case includes a main body, a pair of first protective units disposed on two upper corners of a rear face of the main body and a pair of second protective units disposed on two lower corners of the rear face of the main body. Each first protective unit includes three connected plates and has a first chamfer face corresponding to an upper edge and one of two side edges of the rear face of the body. Each second protective unit includes three connected plates and has a second chamfer face corresponding to a lower edge and one of the two side edges of the rear face of the body. The upper edge, the lower edge and the two side edges of the rear face of the main body has a first curved face corresponding to the first chamfer face and the second chamfer face. The luggage case of the present invention can prevent hit and wear and be assembled simply.02-02-2012
20090120752Collapsible Expanding Luggage - A collapsible piece of luggage is disclosed. The piece of luggage may have wheels and an extendable and retractable handle. The sidewall, bottom and cover of the luggage have sufficient rigidity to hold their own shape and may be folded into a storage configuration in which the piece of luggage is smaller in width and depth. Additionally, the luggage includes an expansion feature that allows the luggage cover to expand outward pyramidally so as to increase the storage volume of the luggage.05-14-2009
20100078280SPORTS EQUIPMENT BAG - A sports equipment bag having two compartments, each compartment comprising a rear panel, a front panel, top and bottom panels, side panels, and pockets, a connector pivotally connecting the two compartments, to accommodate moving the compartments to and from each other between a transport configuration, in which the rear panels are disposed against one another and a hang-up configuration, in which the compartments extend from each other with rear panels substantially coplanar, at least two fasteners, to releasably secure the compartments in either the transport configuration or a stand-up configuration, in which the rear panels are disposed in angled relation and at an angle less than 180° to one another, at least one loop for hanging the bag in the hang-up configuration, a shoulder strap for carrying the bag in the transport configuration, wherein each of the compartments comprises a frame.04-01-2010
20100078279Wheeled luggage and reclining chair - Luggage selectively provides a reclining chair for the traveler. The luggage has a wheeling configuration and has a backward-tilted, stationary configuration including a sitting configuration. The luggage includes a case including a top wall, a bottom wall and a back wall defining a backplane, and an extendable and retractable top handle. A front support and a pair of wheels support the case in the stationary position wherein the backplane is tilted backward from the vertical. A brace assembly is movable between a storage position wherein the brace assembly is in the backplane and a sitting position extending backward from the backplane and downward to contact the ground for preventing the luggage in the stationary position from toppling backward when a person or object is sitting on the top wall and leaning against the handle in the extended position.04-01-2010
20110168508ANTI-VIBRATION SUITCASE WHEEL AND SUITCASE USING THE SAME - An anti-vibration suitcase wheel which has a wheel body, a shaft as well as a wheel seat. A buffer assembly lessens the shock of any impact to the wheel body where the buffer assembly is connected between the wheel body and the wheel seat. The wheel body is hinged to the shaft and the shaft is inserted into and matched with a limit slot extending along a direction of buffering.07-14-2011
20090277737SWIVELABLE TRUNK WHEEL ASSEMBLY - The present invention discloses a swivelable trunk wheel assembly, which comprises: a wheel frame, a guide hole, a hollow pivotal shaft, a push rod, a press block, a sleeve pipe, two wheels and two rivets. The sleeve pipe adopts a metallic pipe having a better rigidity, and the inner surface of the sleeve pipe is a smooth surface. Further, the rivets and the sleeve pipe are arranged in the same axis. Thus, the wheels can rotate smoothly without stagnancy. Therefore, the swivelable trunk wheel assembly of the present invention has a better wear resistance and a longer service life. Besides, the present invention uses the push rod to drive the press block to rub the friction portion, and the friction can provide a braking effect on the wheels.11-12-2009
20110168507Steerable Carriage Apparatus - A steerable carriage apparatus for manually transporting a payload across a surface, the apparatus including a frame having a first end portion and a second end portion, further included is a plurality of arms each having a pivotal attachment to the first end portion. Wherein each pivotal attachment having a pivotal axis that is at an obtuse angle in relation to the surface, further each pivotal attachment is operational to allow a pivotal movement about each pivotal axis of each arm in relation to the first end portion. Also included in the apparatus is a plurality of first rotating elements that are each rotationally attached to each of the arms, each of the plurality of first rotating elements forming a contact on the surface, wherein each obtuse angle is adjacent to each contact on the surface, also each of the first rotating elements is operational to be steerable.07-14-2011
20080245633Cart Type Bag - Disclosed is a cart type bag whose volume can be minimized when the cart type bag is carried or stored. The cart type bag is made of material that can be shrunk or restored depending on the volume of stored items, and comprises: a bottom side volume adjustment member that is arranged in the inner bottom side of the bag and comprises a pair of opposite base plates, which are foldable or unfoldable; a rest that is arranged in the outer bottom side of the bag and is fixed to one of the pair of base plates; a bag movement member that comprises a mount that is arranged in the outer bottom side of the bag and is fixed to the other of the pair of base plates and in which a mounting space is defined in the outer bottom side of the bag, and wheels that are respectively fixed to both lower edges of the mount; and a balancing means that balances the pair of base plates of the bottom side volume adjustment member such that the pair of base plates are not folded after the pair of base plates is unfolded.10-09-2008
20110266107METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE TRANSPORT OF BOTTLED LIQUIDS - A luggage carrier for transporting a plurality of beverage bottles, including a substantially rectangular-shaped housing including a bottom panel, a top panel, a front panel, a back panel, a right panel and a left panel that define an interior hollow compartment having an interior length, width and height. The luggage carrier further includes a pre-formed bottle shipping container having an exterior length, width and height substantially equal to the interior length, width and height of the interior hollow compartment. The pre-formed bottle shipping container is positioned within the interior hollow compartment. The pre-formed bottle shipping container contains a plurality of cavities each configured and dimensioned to accept a beverage bottle. A method of transporting a plurality of beverage bottles is also disclosed.11-03-2011
20080251341Carry-On Wheeled Luggage for Photographic Equipment - The invention provides a carry-on wheeled luggage (10-16-2008
20080236972Luggage - A wheeled luggage case having a luggage receptacle (10-02-2008
20090166141FLAT PACKING SUITCASE SYSTEM - An improved design for a rolling suitcase having a retractable handle assembly is disclosed. The design includes a multi-piece molded shell having opposing side and end walls and a bottom wall, which together form a packing area. The telescoping tubes of the handle are located outside the packing area to maximize the packing area, and also to provide a flat bottom surface to minimize wrinkling of packed articles. The wheel skids are moved to the outer corners of the suitcase to minimize intrusion into the packing area. The tubes are made from fiber reinforced polymer for enhanced strength, and are concealed from view by a covering envelope. The handle assembly and wheel skids attach to the shell in a manner that enhances the structural strength and rigidity of the suitcase. Wear points on the handle assembly are provided with removable wear members made from abrasion-resistant material.07-02-2009
20080277220AUTOMATICALLY RETRACTABLE ADJUSTABLE FOOT FOR LUGGAGE CASE WITH WHEELS - An article of upright rolling luggage with wheels is provided having one or more adjustable feet for stabilizing the luggage case in the upright position. The luggage case includes one or more wheels rotatably mounted to a portion of the luggage case substantially at a rear edge of a bottom wall of the luggage case. One or more bases extend from the bottom wall and have at least one portion spaced apart from the wheel. One or more feet are movably mounted to the base where the foot is movable from a first position substantially adjacent to the bottom wall to a second position extending away from the bottom wall. A locking mechanism is provided which allows the foot to be held in the first position and manually rotated and automatically looked into the second position. Upon depressing a release mechanism, the foot is unlocked and automatically rotated from the second position into the first position.11-13-2008
20080308371Luggage bag with removable storage units - A luggage bag comprising a luggage bag housing and separate storage units affixed thereto, wherein the separate storage units are extendable and removable from the luggage bag housing. The luggage bag housing resembles a wheeled luggage bag, duffle bag or tote bag. The separate storage units are of definite shape and collapsible.12-18-2008
20080277221Case having casters - A case for storage or transport includes a top side, a bottom side, a front side, a rear side, a right side, and a left side, an outermost portion of the bottom side defining a plane. The case further includes at least one wheel including a portion protruding outwardly from one of the front side and the rear side, wherein no portion of the wheel protrudes past the plane defined by the outermost portion of the bottom side.11-13-2008
20090114494Collapsible Expanding Luggage - A collapsible piece of luggage is disclosed. The piece of luggage may have wheels and an extendable and retractable handle. The sidewall, bottom and cover of the luggage have sufficient rigidity to hold their own shape and may be folded into a storage configuration in which the piece of luggage is smaller in width and depth. Additionally, the luggage includes an expansion feature that allows the luggage cover to expand outward pyramidally so as to increase the storage volume of the luggage.05-07-2009
20130213753LUGGAGE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM - Provided is a luggage piece that can be coupled to a second luggage piece to be transported together as a joined unit, and a luggage system including such luggage pieces. The luggage piece includes a housing for storing items to be transported therein, and a retractable handle provided to the housing. A plurality of rollers coupled to the housing allow the luggage piece to be rolled, and include at least two in-line rollers having a generally-fixed rolling direction. The second luggage piece includes two or more adjustable rollers having a variable rolling direction. A plurality of tethers couple the luggage piece and the second luggage piece together to form a joined unit that can be steered through adjustment of the rolling direction of the adjustable rollers.08-22-2013
20090183961Collapsible Bag Mounting Structure and Collapsible Bag Associated Therewith - A collapsible bag includes a flexible bag with a first side panel having a bottom edge and a bottom panel connected to the bottom edge to define a juncture between the first side panel and the bottom panel. A bracket is connected to the flexible bag adjacent the juncture and includes a transport wheel assembly. Additionally, a telescoping handle is connected to the bracket and the first side panel and extends from the juncture. A support assembly is movably connected at a proximate end to the bracket and connected at a distal end to the bottom panel such that the bottom panel is selectively movable between an operable orientation defined when the bottom panel is disposed transverse to the telescoping handle and the first side panel and a storage orientation defined when the bottom panel is disposed parallel to the telescoping handle and the first side panel.07-23-2009
20090139814LUGGAGE SYSTEM - A modular luggage system, including a core bag module and an additional bag module. The core module includes a housing, at least one internal compartment and a docking frame positioned on the surface of the housing. The additional bag module has its internal compartment and a rim located on the surface of the additional bag module. The rim of the additional bag module is engageable with the docking frame of the core bag module so as to removably secure the additional bag module on the core bag module.06-04-2009
20090139813ROLLING LUGGAGE SYSTEM - A luggage system is shown and described. The system comprises a first piece of rolling luggage having a first laterally extendable handle assembly; a second piece of rolling luggage having a second laterally extendable handle assembly; and a connection device. The connection device comprises a first-interface mated with the first handle assembly; a second-interface releasably mated with the second handle assembly; and a connector connecting the first-interface to the second-interface.06-04-2009
20120285781Luggage with Crushable, Resilient Portions and Methods for Manufacturing It - Luggage with crushable, resilient portions and methods for making it are disclosed. In one embodiment, the cover of a piece of luggage is formed of a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and has sufficient deformability so that it may be crushed and inverted into itself for storage and then resiliently returned to essentially the same shape. The luggage is preferably made by a process of vacuum forming a heated TPU sheet over a mold.11-15-2012
20090242343Wheel assembly of luggage - The present invention relates a wheel assembly of a luggage, which has two wheels side by side and the control assembly. The control assembly has a switch device for manipulation to brake the wheels. The control assembly has a fixed position to be manipulative by user easily. The wheels have small widths that makes the luggage may run on a carpet without having to draw the luggage with great strength.10-01-2009
20100163358TRAVELING CASE - A traveling case has a container and a foot stand assembly. The container has a top, a bottom, a rear, a handle, multiple wheels and a foot stand recess. The handle is mounted on the top of the container. The wheels are pivotally mounted on the bottom of the container. The foot stand recess is mounted on the rear of the container. The foot stand assembly is mounted on the rear of the container and has a foot stand and a telescopic strut. Therefore, when the traveling case is loaded, a carrier is not required to stabilize the traveling case in order to avoid the traveling case toppling. Therefore, the traveling case is convenient.07-01-2010
20100193312 FOLDABLE AND/OR DISPOSABLE LUGGAGE - The present invention provides a luggage, which is mainly foldable and/or disposable. In preferable terms, the present invention provides said foldable and/or disposable luggage made of corrugated board having wheels adapted detachably to the luggage, which makes the luggage easy to handle, store and stackable. Said foldable and/or disposable luggage comprises two main panels, namely top main panel and a bottom main panel, and a plurality of side panels of the luggage formed by folding at least one scored die-cut flat blank, an extended panel, and a ply having wheels aligning with the holes of the said panel.08-05-2010
20100236886APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SELF-STABILIZING ROLLABLE LUGGAGE ASSEMBLY - An apparatus and method for forming a self-stabilized luggage assembly is disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes coupling a first piece of luggage in contact with a second piece of luggage using an adjustable stabilizer configured to couple a handle on the first piece of luggage to a handle on the second piece of luggage while wheels on the bottom of the first and second pieces of luggage remain on the ground when the first and second pieces of luggage are tilted, upright, moving, and stationary. Other embodiments are described and claimed.09-23-2010
20090255771Retracting luggage work station - The retracting luggage work station is a rolling suitcase with a retractable shelf that extends out from the top of the suitcase and provides support for a portable laptop computer or food or beverage items while waiting at an airport or other transportation terminal. The shelf also can function as a seat. Vertical telescoping support members are attached to the front of the shelf, and the back of the shelf engages a slot on the interior of the extendable handles of the suitcase permitting the shelf to be height adjustable. An integral carrying strap is attached to the top of the suitcase for aid in stowing the luggage work station in an overhead compartment or under an airplane seat.10-15-2009
20110114430Suitcase with pull rod unit - A suitcase includes a case body, a support frame and a pull rod unit, wherein two rollers are connected to an underside of a rear side of the case body and the support frame reinforces the structural strength of the case body. The pull rod unit is connected to the rear side of the case body and extends through a rear plate of the case body and enters an interior of the case body. A lower end of the pull rod unit is connected to the support frame, thereby increasing the storage space.05-19-2011
20090255772FULLY RECESSED TRANSLATION BIASED CANTILEVER LEG LUGGAGE DEVICE - A luggage device having fully recessed legs that may be selectively engaged to translate and pivot about an axis to facilitate controlled movement from a fully recessed storage position to an operative position for conveniently transporting large heavy objects within the luggage. The fully recessed translation biased cantilever leg luggage device includes a dextral leg recess for receiving a dextral leg, and a sinistral leg recess for receiving a sinistral leg. Each leg recess has an engagement region, a storage region, and a pivot. Additionally, the engagement region includes a leg engagement region storage location, a leg engagement region operative location, and a leg engagement region transition region; through which a portion of the leg pivots about the axis and transitions from the fully recessed storage position to an operative position.10-15-2009
20080230338Travel case formable into a wardrobe when opened - A travel case formable into a wardrobe when opened includes a case body, and a pull rod. The case body has a set of rollers attached to a bottom end of the case body, a cover connected pivotally to the case body, and a hanger holder provided on the cover. The cover is movable between covering and opening positions. The pull rod is connected to the case body. The cover can be pivoted to the pull rod in the opening position. A retainer is provided for retaining the cover on the pull rod when the cover is pivoted to the pull rod.09-25-2008
20110031082WHEELED LUGGAGE DEVICE WITH BRAKE - The luggage device has an extendible handle threaded in at least a tubular sleeve. An elastic element is housed in the tubular sleeve, supporting from below a connecting rod. A bottom end of the connecting rod is configured with a brake pad. A blind hole is configured on the extendible handle where a spring and a steel ball are housed to interact with a through hole of the tubular sleeve. When the extendible handle is pushed downward, the blind hole is aligned with the through hole of the tubular sleeve and the steel ball is pushed by the spring into the through hole, thereby detachably locking the extendible handle. In the mean time, the connecting rod is driven downward and the brake pad is pressed against the wheel to prevent it from rolling.02-10-2011
20110079479ENHANCED STRUCTURE FOR BASE WITH ROLLER AND BELT OF HARDSHELL ZIPPER CASE - An enhanced structure for the base with roller and belt of hardshell zipper case is provided, including a hardshell zipper case main body, a plurality of hidden roller units, a retractable belt unit, and an auxiliary wheel set. The hidden roller units and the retractable belt unit are placed inside the roller housing trench and the belt housing trench located at the bottom of the hardshell zipper case main body. When the hidden roller units are not in use, the roller units are entirely hidden inside the roller housing trench so that the roller unit will not be damaged due to careless handling. To move the hardshell zipper case, the outer rim of the roller units are exposed outside of the surface of the roller housing trench so that the roller units can roll along when moved. The belt of retractable belt unit can be easily pulled out from one end of the bottom of the hardshell zipper case. After surrounding the hardshell zipper case main body with the belt, the belt can be fastened to the other end of the retractable belt unit. In this manner, the belt can be easily pulled out for fastening the case when necessary, and can be retracted when not in use.04-07-2011
20090218187Tilted Push-Pull Wheeled Luggage with a Removable Front Swingable Wheel with an Elongated Neck for the Removable Front Swingable Wheel - A wheeled luggage is configured to be pushed or pulled using a handle attached to the wheeled luggage. The wheeled luggage has a main luggage body with a plurality of fixed wheels and one or more swingable wheels in front of the plurality of fixed wheels. In one or more embodiments of the invention, one or more swingable wheels in front of the plurality of fixed wheels are easily removable and re-attachable by a user. Furthermore, each swingable wheel has an elongated neck attached or attachable on-demand to a lower front portion of the main luggage body, which creates a higher ground clearance (i.e. backward tilt) in the lower front portion of the wheeled luggage relative to a lower rear portion of the wheeled luggage. This backward tilt enables a user to push the wheeled luggage ergonomically by applying a “pushing” force to the handle.09-03-2009
20100038198Configurable Utility Transport Carrier - A travel carrier has a first region having a rigid floor and walls extending to a height defining a volume of a size to accommodate at least a pair of boots, a closable opening into the first region for depositing and removing items to be carried, a second, elongate region extending upward from the first region of a length and cross-sectional area at least sufficient for holding one or more elongate items, a closable opening into the second region for depositing and removing items to be carried, and two or more wheels along one edge of the floor of the first region and supports along an opposite edge of the floor of the first region, such that the travel carrier, resting on the wheels and supports, is stably supported in an upright aspect with the elongate second region extending upward and positioned within the footprint of the floor of the first region, and wherein the carrier may be tipped onto the wheels to be pulled along a floor by a person holding the second region.02-18-2010
20110247911TEAM EQUIPMENT BAG - An equipment bag for storing and carrying athletic equipment, including a body forming an upper half and a lower half, the upper half and the lower half operatively and flexibly connected one a first side, a securing mechanism for securing a second, third and fourth side of the upper half and the lower half, wheels for rolling the equipment bag and a handle for gripping the equipment bag operatively attached to the body, outer storage for storing equipment operatively attached to an outer surface of the body, inner storage for storing equipment within the body, a bat rack for hanging bats operatively attached to the body, and a fence securing mechanism for securing the equipment bag to a fence. A method of carrying equipment by loading equipment into the equipment bag, securing and transporting the equipment bag, and opening the equipment bag and securing it to a fence.10-13-2011
20120241270LUGGAGE BAG INCORPORATING SCALE - A bag, comprises a bottom support member and a pair of wheels secured to the bottom support member. A scale disposed on the bottom support member has an electrical output. A compartment is configured and dimensioned to hold the contents of the bag. The scale is disposed between the bottom support member and the compartment. The compartment is movably mounted with respect to the bottom support member. This causes items contained within the compartment tend to apply their weight to the scale. A readout is electrically coupled to the electrical output of the scale.09-27-2012
20110247910Luggage with Deployable Undercarriage - A luggage with a deployable, wheeled undercarriage and movable handles. The undercarriage has telescoping support members that can be deployed or opened to carry additional baggage and closed when not required. Wheels on the support members allow the luggage to be moved along the floor without having to tilt the luggage. This increases the stability and the amount of baggage that can be added. The handles in the deployed configuration extend behind the luggage to facilitate pushing the luggage. Deployment of the undercarriage can be manual or automatic with actuation of a deployment member, such as the handle itself.10-13-2011
20110209960Multi-Function Work Surface for Roll-Along Suitcases - A work surface for roll-along suitcases that enables the suitcase to convert into a seat or table. The work surface can be permanently attached or removably attachable to the suitcase. The permanently attached work surface is stored in a compartment or recess with the retractable handle of the roll-along suitcase and is pivotally connected to the retractable handle. When the retractable handle is extended, the work surface pivots down away from the top of the handle to rest on the top of the suitcase. The removably attachable work surface is temporarily secured to the handle of the roll-along suitcase preferably with a tongue section that accommodates a variety of sizes of retractable handles. The removably attachable work surface rests on the top of the suitcase. Side sections of the work surface unfold to form a bigger seat or work surface.09-01-2011
20110209959MOBILE BASE FOR LUGGAGE CASE - A mobile base for a luggage case includes a base and two supports. The base includes two aligned sleeves. Each of the sleeves has an inner threaded hole at a central portion thereof. The two supports are movably connected to the sleeves. Each of the supports has a cylinder and an outer threaded section. The outer threaded section is adapted to engage with the inner threaded hole. Thereby, the mobile base of the present invention is suitable for various luggage cases, providing an easy and convenient adjustment.09-01-2011
20090071783TOWABLE WHEELED BACKPACK - A towable, wheeled-backpack includes a towing handle attached to a curved, single-pole, telescoping towing member which retracts into the backpack when not in use. The curvature of the towing member provides support for a backing sheet that is attached to the towing member, and the backing sheet is contoured so that the backpack can be comfortably supported on a wearer's back. A rigid base with wheels is pivotally attached to a bottom end of the towing member. The pivot attachment allows the base and wheels to move independently of the towing member as the bag is worn or as the bag is rolled along the ground.03-19-2009
20100320048TENNIS BAG WITH REMOVABLE SPORTS BAG - The invention relates to a bag that comprises two large compartments. The suitcase can be pulled by means of casters. The pouch can be removed, and all elements can be separated from each other.12-23-2010
20110132708Flexible luggage organizer - A device for organizing around the collapsible handle of wheeled luggage, baggage or containers the most personal, important, or frequently used items during travel is disclosed, which includes a bag that attaches to the collapsible handle of luggage and uses the handle as a skeleton frame to create a securing structure for those items without inhibiting the operation of the collapsible handle. The bag is fully accessible and convenient by its close proximity to the users hand when the handle is in its extended position. In either position, the device offers an increased opportunity for branding, personalization and identification for the end user. When the device is removed from the handle it can be stowed in a convenient configuration, such as a tri-fold, for storage or hung within convenient reach to the user to allow continued access to the items being stored.06-09-2011
20110083933Travel Bag Having Collapsible End Wall - A travel bag is provided that includes a back wall and a foldable end wall, to facilitate compact storage when not in use. The bag includes a support assembly having two support arms, extending between the end wall and the back wall. The support arms are disposed proximate to sidewalls of the bag body. In this manner, the support arms provide rigid support to maintain the end wall in an expanded position and provide support to the sidewalls. The support assembly maintained in place by a clip disposed on an interior side of the back wall. A user can quickly collapse the end wall by removing the support assembly from the clip.04-14-2011
20100147642STACKABLE, TOWABLE LUGGAGE - An interlocking case system includes a base case having a luggage receptacle and an overlying lid that together form a luggage compartment. One or more swivel wheels are located in proximity to one end of the base case and at least one non-swivel wheel is located at the other end. An upper case is configured to interlock with, and be supported by, the base case when the base case is supported by the first and second swivel wheels and the at least one non-swivel wheel. The case system may be towed using a flexible towing strap coupled to the base case.06-17-2010
20110186398Hard-Sided Expandable Suitcase - A hard-sided suitcase may include two polycarbonate composite or other hard shells, and a polycarbonate composite or other expansion portion positioned between the two shells at approximately a midpoint of a depth of the suitcase. A carrying handle may be attached to the polycarbonate composite expansion portion. An opening zipper may connect at least one of the polycarbonate composite shells to the polycarbonate composite expansion portion and provide access to one or more storage compartments. An expansion zipper may connect the polycarbonate composite expansion portion and the other of the polycarbonate composite shells. The expansion zipper may have a flexible gusset. A reinforcement frame may be connected to the polycarbonate composite expansion portion such that the polycarbonate composite expansion portion can bear the weight of the hard-sided suitcase when lifted by the carrying handle. The reinforcement frame may be a honeycomb plastic frame and enclosed by a fabric material.08-04-2011
20110259693COMPACTABLE LUGGAGE SYSTEM - A compactable luggage system includes a portable container having an internal storage compartment structured and arranged to store at least one travel item, an one outer-volume reducer structured and arranged to reduce an outer volume of the portable container. The portable container includes a pressure-tight barrier structured and arranged to bar equalization of fluid pressures across the pressure-tight barrier surrounding the internal storage compartment, and a re-sealable access structured and arranged to provide re-sealable access to the one internal storage compartment through said pressure-tight barrier. The portable container includes a pressure-dependent volume adjuster structured and arranged to adjust the outer volume of the one portable container in response to the fluid pressure differential across the pressure-tight barrier. This and other features are described.10-27-2011
20100025174Retractable suspension - A wheeled transport device that includes a body, a handle coupled to the body, a suspension system coupled to the body, and at least one wheel rotatably secured to the suspension system. The suspension system is retracted toward the body when the handle is moved from an extended position to a retracted position.02-04-2010
20100018821Hand laggage carrying device - The invention relates to devices for carrying in a tilt position a hand luggage in a container provided with wheels and handle (suitcases, bags etc.). The present invention comprises a container, main and additional wheels mounted on axles, a means for fastening the axles to the container, and at least one handle having at least one handhold and configured for altering, relative to the horizontal, a container tilt angle value and for altering, relative to the container, a position of the force application in the direction opposite to the direction of altering the container tilt angle relative to the main wheels. At least one handle is configured for fixing said position.01-28-2010
20100059323Luggage system for simultaneous transporting of attached luggage pieces - A luggage system is provided for simultaneous transportation of attached suitcases. Two side-by-side suitcases are secured together by providing a male connector on a side of a first suitcase and a female connector on the side of a second suitcase which faces the side of the first suitcase. The male connector and female connector inter-engage to secure the two suitcases and prevent them from displacement or disengagement during transportation.03-11-2010
20090101461Wheeled Luggage with Extendable Supportive Tongue - Wheeled luggage including an extendable tongue permits use as a hand-truck to transport an additional piece of luggage supported on the extended tongue. The wheeled luggage may be similar to conventional wheeled luggage, but further includes a tongue movable between an inactive and active positions. In the inactive position, the tongue is positioned within a footprint of a bottom of the luggage. In the active position, the tongue extends beyond an outer edge of a bottom of the body to provide supportive structure on which the additional luggage may be placed. The structure of the extendable tongue may have various suitable configurations. A mechanism may be provided for moving the tongue between the inactive and active positions while the user and luggage are in an upright position. An optional strap and/or strap retraction mechanism may be provided to securing the additional luggage.04-23-2009
20120097495Versatile Bag Having Removable Art Panels - A versatile bag including: a bag, one or more removable and optionally reversible art panels, and one or more devices for attaching the one or more removable and optionally reversible art panels to the outside of the bag is provided. A method of decorating the bag is also provided.04-26-2012
20110067967Method and Apparatus for Locking a Rollable Suitcase - Described herein is a suitcase having a locking mechanism disposed on the handle of the suitcase according to embodiments. The suitcase has a plurality of wheels disposed on a distal end. A casing is at least partially disposed on a first side of the suitcase. At least one extendable arm is slideably coupled to the casing and the arm is configured to move between a retracted position and an extended position. A handle is coupled to the at least one arm and a button is disposed on the handle. When the button is depressed, the handle can be moved from the retracted position to an extended position. A locking mechanism is also disposed on the handle which prohibits the button from being depressed when the locking mechanism is in a locked state.03-24-2011
20110017564DETACHABLE LUGGAGE FOR BABY STROLLERS - Described herein is detachable luggage for an infant stroller, wherein the detachable luggage is safely and securely fastened to the infant stroller so that it does not affect the balance of the stroller, while having the convenience of being detached from the stroller.01-27-2011
20120205211 Footer - The Footer is the first of its' kind in luggage. The Footer is a two-wheeler shoe luggage carrier that transports your shoes securely. It has three dimensional sets, Large: 29′ L×21⅓′ W×4′ D, Medium: 25′ L×21⅓′ W×4′ D and Small Carry-On: 20′ L×15⅓′ W×4′ D. Large carries eight pairs of shoes, Medium: six pairs of shoes and Small/Carry-On: four pairs of shoes. The outer shell is made of a polycarbonate composite with ABS (acrylontitdle-butadiene styrene). The inner top lid zipper mesh pocket is four inches deep for extra items. This pocket is horizontal and spans the width of each sized luggage piece: large, 29″ L, medium 25″ L, and small/carry-on 20″ L.08-16-2012
20110155528CARRY-ON CASE FOR CONFORMING TO THE CURVED SHAPE OF AN OVERHEAD CARRY-ON LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT - A carry-on case comprising a packing compartment defined by a lower textile panel and a zipper track that extends along a bottom edge of the packing compartment. Packing compartment is accessible from the top of the case via a three sided zipper track extending along the top edge, right, and left sides of the packing compartment to permit all-sided access therein.06-30-2011
20110155527Rideable luggage - Rideable luggage that can be used as either a rolling suitcase or as a baggage scooter for carrying a rider, or additional baggage. The rideable luggage has a suitcase and a platform that can be selectively deployed for holding additional baggage or a person. The deployable platform has at least one scooter wheel at an outboard end and a pair of suitcase wheels at its inboard end. A center steer wheel is connected to an extendable handle to provide steering control. When the platform is deployed, the suitcase wheels retract so that only the steer wheel and scooter wheel are in contact with the floor. When the platform is retracted, the suitcase wheels extend and are in contact with the floor along with the steer wheel.06-30-2011
20110155526Suitcase having protective shield - A suitcase includes a luggage case having a housing and a cover member, and a protective shield attached onto the luggage case for covering and shielding the luggage case and for preventing the luggage case from being scraped and damaged by the other objects, the protective shield includes a casing member attached onto the cover member or the housing with a fastener or a frame, such as a slide fastener for covering and shielding the cover member or the housing, the casing member includes a channel for engaging with a retractable handle and for allowing the handle to be extended out of the casing member, and a fastener for selectively opening and closing the channel of the casing member.06-30-2011
20120012430COLLAPSIBLE WHEEL STRUCTURE FOR A LUGGAGE BOX - A collapsible wheel structure for a luggage box includes a wheel base and a foldable rod. The wheel base is pivotally connected with a wheel. One end of the wheel base is pivotally connected to the foldable rod. The foldable rod is pivotally connected to the wheel base for connecting with the wheel base firmly. When the wheel base and the foldable rod are unlocked, the foldable rod is in a folded status. The collapsible wheel structure is adapted to couple with the bottom of the luggage box. When the foldable rod is in a folded status, the size of the luggage will be reduced.01-19-2012
20120006640LUGGAGE HAVING BOTTOM FRAME MEMBER - Generally, embodiments discussed herein may include an article of softside luggage including flexible portions formed from flexible material and a rigid or semi-rigid reinforcing member. One embodiment may take the form of a wheeled duffel including a base wall, a top wall opposite the base wall, a plurality of sidewalls extending upwardly from the base wall to the top wall, a top end wall, and a bottom end wall opposite the top end wall. The wheeled duffel may further include a reinforcing member forming the top and bottom end walls and extending along the base wall from the top end wall to the bottom end wall. The reinforcing member may have an hourglass shape.01-12-2012
20120012431PERSONAL SEATED RESTING SUPPORT - The present invention relates to an item of luggage (01-19-2012
20120055750FOLDING SPORT LUGGAGE - A folding sport luggage including a main luggage case and wheels equipped at the bottom of the case. The main luggage case includes a front portion and a rear portion. The rear portion of the main luggage case has a frame composed of side, back, and bottom panels and coated with a coating. The front portion of the main luggage case has a soft bag case extending from the frame of the main luggage case. The bottom panel can be folded and includes a folding front portion supporting the bottom of the soft bag case and a rear portion supporting the bosom of the frame of the main luggage case. With no items inside, the front portion of the luggage can be folded inwards to greatly reduce the space occupied by the sport luggage. Thus it is convenient to place and transport, with low cost.03-08-2012
20080217130Self-contained luggage carrier system - A self-contained luggage carrier system uses a primary piece of luggage or suitcase with transporting wheels and a retractable handle. There is an opening at the bottom of the primary luggage which is configured to house a planar luggage support member. The opening can be formed internally of the luggage or by a separate luggage support housing connected to the bottom of the piece of luggage. The luggage support member comprises two components. One component is configured to be positioned within the opening and the second component is retractably insertable into the first component. When the first component is located within the opening, it is retained in position by tension spring members. The second component is then extended out from the first component in cantilevered fashion and additional pieces of luggage can be placed on the support member and easily transported with the primary piece of luggage. When the support member is no longer needed to carry additional items, the second component is retracted back into the first component, and the entire support member is removed from the opening and placed in a pocketed compartment conveniently located on the back of the primary.09-11-2008
20120152677LUGGAGE CASE WITH A POWER DEVICE - The present invention relates to the field of luggage case products, more concretely, relates to a luggage case with a power device. This luggage case with a power device includes case body, fixing frames, pull rods and wheels, the pull rods are fixed in the rear part of the case body by the fixing frames, and the wheels are fixed at the bottom of the case body, which is characterized in that, at least one of the wheels has a current generator, the current generator connects with the battery, and the battery outputs to electrical equipment. The present invention generates power naturally during the moving, without additional acting or a long-time sunshine, its use is more convenient, and its application is more extensive, can store the generated power in the battery in reserve, it can not only charge the electronic devices at any time, but also has stable current output and little damage to electronic products.06-21-2012
20120118692CASE, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STORING AND/OR FOR TRANSPORTING ARTICLES - A case, a system and a method store and/or to transport articles, such as, for example, office-related articles and personal articles. A first compartment forms a first volume that may be protected by walls of the case. Further, a second compartment forms a second volume. The second compartment extends into the first volume of the first compartment. The second compartment receives and/or stores the articles towards the interior of the first compartment. The second compartment is opened to form a tray for accessing one or more of the articles without opening the first compartment.05-17-2012
20120160626Suitcase with hard base and soft cover - A suitcase or luggage piece having a rigid lower compartment that retains the intended shape and a soft flexible lid or top that is releasably attached to the lower compartment. In an alternate embodiment there is an expansion piece mounted between the lower rigid compartment and the lid. The expansion piece can be either rigid or soft and is stored in the lower compartment until needed.06-28-2012
20120138403LIGHT-WEIGHTED LUGGAGE - A light-weighted luggage includes a flexible fabric outer bag having a front panel, a back panel, a top panel, a bottom panel, two opposing side panels, a first reinforced carrying handle located on the top panel and a second reinforced carrying handle located on one side panel, a hard plastic bottom frame plate attached to the inner surface of the bottom panel of the outer bag, a hard plastic back frame plate attached to the inner surface of the back panel of the outer bag and connected to the bottom frame plate and having a plurality of openings, wheel assemblies provided at the bottom side of the bottom panel of the outer bag, and a handle assembly joined to the back panel of the outer bag. Thus, the light-weighted luggage has the characteristics of simple structural design, high structural strength, light weight and low manufacturing cost.06-07-2012
20090127046Carry-on luggage case - Luggage cases that are sized and shaped to be carried on to the passenger compartment of a commercial airplane are called carry-on luggage cases. Cases small enough to fit below the passenger seat 05-21-2009
20120255824MOBILE LUGGAGE SYSTEM - The present invention provides a mobile luggage system having a frame with at least on mobility facilitating member and at least one container defining a primary compartment. The container has a plurality of walls configured to completely enclose the primary compartment in a first configuration. In a second configuration, the primary compartment is accessible through an access opening that is selectively openable. The container is configured for selectively securing onto and releasing from the frame without penetrating access by the frame into the primary compartment.10-11-2012
20120255823CARBON FIBER-REINFORCED INTELLIGENT WHEELED BACKPACK AND HUMAN TRANSPORTATION SEAT WITH ADJUSTABLE FOOT REST - A system and a method of a carbon fiber-reinforced intelligent wheeled backpack and human transportation seat with adjustable foot rest is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of simultaneous human being and luggage transportation through an airport may include coupling an upper part of a handle assembly to a hollow lower part through a connector wherein the upper part of the handle assembly may be permitted to be pulled in and out of the hollow lower part of the handle assembly. A backpack body comprising a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) material may be coupled to the hollow lower part of the handle assembly wherein the backpack body may include spinable wheels, an adjustable seat, and adjustable footrests for simultaneous human and luggage transportation.10-11-2012
20120261223ROLLER BALL LUGGAGE SYSTEM - A roller travel luggage system includes a standard carry-on case or travel bag fitted with a large roller ball at the bottom end. The roller ball is captured in a socket ring on the bottom end that allows the roller ball to turn in any direction. The roller ball and socket ring are positioned at the center of the leading edge and two legs for upright standing are placed on the outside corners of the trailing edge of the bottom end. These legs are sized such that the roller travel luggage can stand up upright on its own without assistance. Alternatively, these legs can be fitted with small roller bearings on their ends such that the roller travel luggage can be easily scooted around short distances while standing upright.10-18-2012
20120228074Travel Master - An apparatus to stack a first stackable luggage to a second stackable luggage, the second stackable luggage having a male connector device and the first stackable luggage having a female connector device. The second stackable luggage may be substantially a mirror of the first stackable luggage. The first stackable luggage may include a front 360° rotatable and spinnable wheel, and the first stackable luggage may include a rotatable back wheel. The first stackable luggage may include a releasable and biased strap, and the first stackable luggage may include a first wheel depression for the front wheel in the top surface of the first stackable luggage. The first stackable luggage may include a second wheel depression for the back wheel in the top surface of the first stackable luggage, and the male connector device magnetically may connect to the female connector device.09-13-2012
20110120828LUGGAGE CASE WITH LARGE FOLDING WHEELS - A wheeled luggage case may include first and second shells connected together at their perimeter edges to define a generally parallelepiped packing volume. A wheel device may be attached to each of the first and second shells. Each of these wheel devices may include a hub rotatably attached to a respective shell. A tire may be attached to the hub for rolling on the supporting surface when the tire portion and hub are rotated about this axis of rotation. The tire portion may include a series of tire segments. At least some of the segments may be attached to the hub portion by a hinge. The hinge may include a hinging axis of rotation at a substantially right angle to the axis of rotation of the hub itself.05-26-2011
20110120827Foldable paper wheeled luggage - A wheeled luggage includes a folding main body formed of heavy paper pulp based board and comprising a folding a top panel and a folding handle panel, the handle panel being opposite the top panel and including at least one opening; and a wheel assembly disposed at a bottom edge of the main body. The wheel assembly is made of heavy paper pulp based board. The number of the at least one opening is two. The handle panel further comprises an elastic strap.05-26-2011
20120267208Universal wheeled bag system - A wheeled bag system having a bag with a handle at one end and a wheel system at the other, with either a concealed or exterior-knob lock moving wheels between exposed and hidden positions by either folding the wheels in and up, or retracting the wheels into a cavity in the wheel system.10-25-2012
20100230223ROTATABLE FOOT-WHEEL USED FOR LUGGAGE TRUNK - Disclosed is a rotatable foot-wheel used for a luggage trunk, that is provided to a user with a simple & convenient mounting and detaching means, such that in detaching a foot-wheel from a luggage trunk, upon securing a lower half portion element, all the user has to do is to move the step-shaped housing of an upper half portion element outward, so that balls on a ball portion are separated from the step-shaped housing, then rotating the foot-wheel to make it separate, thus achieving the purpose of detaching a rotatable foot-wheel, such that a user may replace worn-out elements by himself. When installing a new element or reinstalling a repaired element, similarly, upon securing a lower half portion element, moving step-shaped housing of an upper half portion element outward, so that balls on the ball portion rejoin with the step-shaped housing, hereby achieving the objective of fixing and re-installing foot-wheels.09-16-2010
20120090934LUGGAGE - An article of luggage comprises a suitcase with a substantially cuboid fabric structure supported by a frame. A set of wheels and an upward and rearward projecting handle are mounted on the frame. The suitcase is stable in an upright position. A user may incline the handle of the suitcase rearward from the upright position to wheel the suitcase. Thus, the suitcase need not be orientated far from the vertical when being wheeled by a user. The handle may be fixed but is preferably telescopic. The frame has a plurality of elongate members connected to form a frame base and a frame top spaced apart by diagonal length members connected between the front of the base and the rear of the top. The handle is mounted to the diagonal length members and the wheels are mounted to the frame base.04-19-2012
20120285780FAST DETACHABLE SIDE WHEEL DEVICE - A fast detachable side wheel device, comprising: a first wheel cover, a second wheel cover, a wheel body, and a movable component. Firstly, wheel body is fixed in first receiving groove of second wheel cover as a replaceable component. Through positioning of a dovetail groove of first wheel cover and a dovetail tenon of second wheel cover, thus vibration, collision, or detachment of wheel body due to outside force can be avoided. Then, the movable component is used to control the positioning or detaching states between first wheel cover and second wheel cover, thus achieving fast and labor saving assembly and detachment of side wheels.11-15-2012
20130008753LUGGAGE CASE - A luggage case includes a box-shaped frame formed of integrally molded polymeric material, and a retractable handle unit. The box-shaped frame includes a bottom portion having a plurality of openings and a surrounding wall portion upward extended from the bottom portion, and all edges of the box-shaped frame between the bottom portion and the surrounding wall portion are rounded edges. At least one of the rounded edges is provided with a recessed rib portion having two insertion holes provided thereon. The retractable handle unit includes two retractable bars that are inserted into the two insertion holes with two upper ends located outside the box-shaped frame to connect to a transverse grip portion, and two lower ends extended into a holding block located inside and connected to the box-shaped frame. Being supported by the box-shaped frame and the retractable handle unit, the luggage case has reduced weight but good structural strength.01-10-2013
20130015030Travel Cover with a Swivel HandleAANM Klevana; LeightonAACI RichmondAAST VAAACO USAAGP Klevana; Leighton Richmond VA USAANM Miyashita; EdAACI Glen AllenAAST VAAACO USAAGP Miyashita; Ed Glen Allen VA US - Luggage, duffel bags, travel bags and travel covers including travel covers for sporting goods such as, but not limited to, golf bags, skis, snowboards, baseball equipment, soccer equipment, and tennis equipment, and travel covers for tradeshow or conference displays or graphics, product samples, tents (collectively, “travel covers”), for example, are commonly used for conveniently transporting and protecting large objects during travel by walking, car, train and/or airplane. The travel covers may have a handle that my rotate or swivel to adjust to an ergonomic position for pulling or pushing the travel cover.01-17-2013
20100170761SELF-STABILIZED ROLLABLE LUGGAGE ASSEMBLY AND CORRESPONDING ASSEMBLY METHOD - A luggage assembly includes a first piece of luggage and a second piece of luggage. An attachment member is affixed to the second piece of luggage. The attachment member couples the second piece of luggage to the first piece of luggage so that the first and second pieces of luggage are self-stabilized while upright and inclined, and while in motion and while stationary.07-08-2010
20130020160EXPANDABLE MULTI-COMPARTMENT LUGGAGE - An expandable multi-compartment luggage having a second luggage bag hingeably attached to the first luggage bag. The second luggage bag having an upper portion and a collapsible lower portion. The collapsible lower portion being moveable between a collapsed position to an expanded position defining a lower interior compartment. The luggage also including a dividing wall disposed between the upper and lower portions of the second luggage bag, and which is movable from a closed position dividing the upper interior compartment of the second luggage bag and the lower interior compartment of the second luggage bag and an open position with the upper interior compartment of the second luggage bag being in communication with the lower interior compartment of the second luggage bag.01-24-2013
20080230339STAIR WHEELER - A suitcase having a telescoping pull handle and a set of spaced apart wheels, between the back panel and bottom wall of the suitcase housing, permits easy movement over a planar surface. A staggered wheel mechanism is pivotally mounted on the back panel of the suitcase for improved mobility of the suitcase over a flight of stairs.09-25-2008
20080223679Transport trolley - A luggage trolley comprises a dragging bracket, a retractable drawbar, and at least a wheel set on the bottom of the dragging bracket. On the dragging bracket there is a wheel-moving assembly that can be opened to the forward dragging direction and form a supporting point. The luggage trolley can be very smooth and stable when dragged because it can form a stable structure having three supporting points including the two wheels and a newly-added wheel of the moving wheel-assembly. The newly-added wheel is the pivot which bears the most weight of the luggage when the luggage inclines. It becomes the bearing support and greatly improves the mobility of the trolley when dragged and the stability of the trolley when standing.09-18-2008
20130175129System for Attaching Bags - Systems to attach together bags having various types of rolling members are described. In a system for attaching at least two bags, each having at least two spinner wheels, a front face, a back face and a bottom face, the improvement comprising at least one attachment member located on each of the at least two bags for attaching said bags when engaged such that the at least two bags are capable of rolling together. A bag embodying the features of the improvement is described. Different attachment members are described for the system and bag, including magnets, hook-and-loop fasteners, clips, buckles, straps, adhesive tape, hooks and buttons. Different configurations for the attached bags are described, including “front-to-front”, “back-to-front” and “side-by-side” configurations. Bags having rolling members other than spinner wheels are described, including ball transfer units and ball bearings.07-11-2013
20130175130MULTI-PURPOSE WHEELED LUGGAGE - A wheeled luggage includes a suitcase body with a container part which confines an interior space with a top opening. Atop cover is connected to a rear panel of the container part for covering and uncovering the top opening. A front panel of the container part is formed with a front opening, and includes a front cover for covering and uncovering the front opening. A bag is disposed removably in the interior space and has an upper edge portion which is foldable outwardly on an upper edge of the container part when the top cover uncovers the top opening.07-11-2013
20130092490HARD LUGGAGE CASE - A hard luggage case includes a cover portion and a body portion hinged to one side of the cover portion. The body portion is made of a rigid material for maintaining the luggage case in a fixed shape and providing sufficient supporting strength for carrying things, and includes a base section and an extension section telescopically fitted in the base section. An axially extendable structure is connected at two axially opposite ends to between the base section and the extension section, and is configured as a tubular member formed of a flexible material. A first fastening structure is correspondingly connected to along two facing ends of the base section and the extension section of the body portion; and a second fastening structure is correspondingly connected to along two facing ends of the cover portion and the extension section of the body portion.04-18-2013
20100307879Business case with removable handle and wheel assembly - A luggage case system comprises a case, a wheel and handle assembly, and at least one clip. The case has a top, bottom, front, back and sides. The wheel and handle assembly comprises a partial housing including a bottom, a back, and sides, an extendable handle secured to said back. The partial housing conforms in shape to that of said case, such that said bottom of said case may be placed on the bottom of the partial housing, and said back and sides of said case will engage the back and sides of said partial housing. The at least one clip is configured to engage the case and the wheel and handle assembly to releasably secure the case to the wheel and handle assembly, whereby with said handle extended said case may be pulled by said handle.12-09-2010
20120273315SPORT BAG - The present document describes a bag comprising a first compartment; a second compartment, the second compartment being removably attachable to the first compartment and having a semi-rigidly held shape for supporting the first compartment on the second compartment; wherein the first compartment and the second compartment each comprise an access to the interior of the first compartment and the second compartment.11-01-2012
20120273314WHEELED LUGGAGE ASSEMBLY - A luggage assembly useful for safe, secure and easy transport of carry-on items, offering electronically-dependent business travelers a convenient and business-friendly means of traveling. The luggage system comprises a main housing having one or more compartments, a customizable extendable handle, wheel assembly, power and/or power storage device, a folding tray, and means for remote tracking of the luggage assembly. The luggage assembly may additionally include a wheel assembly having one or more pairs of wheels thus allowing the main housing to be wheeled over a surface. The wheeled luggage assembly may further include an integrated wireless communication device.11-01-2012
20130186723Universal wheeled bag system - A wheeled bag system having a bag with a handle at one end and a wheel system at the other, with either a concealed or exterior-knob lock moving wheels between exposed and hidden positions by either folding the wheels in and up, or retracting the wheels into a cavity in the wheel system.07-25-2013
20120085609Strap System and Method for Securing a Child Safety Seat to Wheeled Luggage - One or more adjustable-length straps are used to secure a child safety seat to wheeled luggage, to facilitate transporting a child, the child's safety seat, and luggage, all at the same time. Depending on the features available on the child safety seat, different types of straps may be utilized in different ways.04-12-2012

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