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Includes linking support cable (e.g., rope, chain) in drive-means

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187 - Elevator, industrial lift truck, or stationary lift for vehicle


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187254000 And rotatably driven drum pulling thereon 90
187252000 And reciprocatingly shifted pulley wheel pulling thereon 2
20090057067Hydraulic elevating platform assembly - An elevating platform assembly is provided. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment a platform is present and is moveable along a travel distance of a mast. A cylinder is provided and is capable of being actuated. The cylinder is used to move the platform along the travel distance.03-05-2009
20090114482Hydraulic Elevator Without Machine Room - A hydraulic elevator for an elevator shaft having guide rails for an elevator cab is disclosed. The hydraulic elevator has no machine room and includes an assembly disposed between the guide rails and comprising a tank, a pump mounted in the tank, a motor mounted in the tank for driving the pump, and a control valve unit mounted on the tank and in working relationship with the pump. One of the pump and the motor is disposed above the other of the pump and the motor. The hydraulic elevator further includes a hydraulic drive mounted on the tank, the hydraulic drive being configured to move the elevator cab by a cable; and an emergency operating and monitoring device disposed outside of the elevator shaft and connectable to the control valve unit by a measuring line.05-07-2009
20100096220STACKABLE FRAME DUMBWAITER - A dumbwaiter used in building structures that have a structural vertical shaft where lower and upper with one or more middle frame assemblies are mounted against an interior wall defining a continuous track inside said through opening. A motor with controls is housed within the lower frame assembly and includes a driving sprocket. The upper frame assembly includes a driven sprocket and a chain trained over them is moved. A trolley or carrier slidably runs over track and rails continuously disposed within the frame assemblies and engage to the chain for vertical movement between two extreme positions. The motor is controlled with remotely positioned inputs either through wire or wirelessly. Safety sensors interrupt the output signal to the motor if certain events occur.04-22-2010
20130048432ELEVATOR - Elevator, which includes at least an elevator car and a device for moving the elevator car, preferably along guide rails, and a counterweight, and one or more ropes, which rope connects the elevator car and the counterweight and is separate from the supporting function and passes around a diverting pulley mounted on the bottom end of the elevator hoistway. The rope comprises a power transmission part or a plurality of power transmission parts, for transmitting power in the longitudinal direction of the rope, which power transmission part is essentially fully of non-metallic material.02-28-2013
20130048431ELEVATOR WITH COMPENSATING DEVICE - A compensating means is guided between an elevator cage and a counterweight on the counterweight side by a guide device and monitored by a monitoring device.02-28-2013
20100000823ASSEMBLY FOR ROPING AN ELEVATOR - An assembly for controlling a vertically extending member includes a device (01-07-2010
20130062146Elevator System Belt Having Connecting Devices Attached Thereto - An assembly comprising (a) a belt, which includes a plurality of wire cords extending lengthwise of the belt with spaces therebetween, and includes a coating of the cords extending into the spaces between the cords, said belt being configured for use in an elevator system as a suspension belt for a car and a counterweight, or being configured for use in an elevator system as a drive belt for a car or for a counterweight, or being configured for use in an elevator system as a combined suspension and drive belt for a car and a counterweight; (b) a first connecting device including a first number of cord contacting elements providing electrical connections contacting element-to-cord; and (c) a second connecting device, including a second number of cord contacting elements providing electrical connections contacting element-to-cord, and including at least two conductive elements, each being electrically connected to a respective one of the cord contacting elements, the conductive elements being provided for making electrical connections to a belt monitoring unit which monitors the proper condition of the cords on the basis of electrical signals passed through the cords; (d) wherein at least one of the first and second connecting devices includes at least one bridge type cord contacting element, which extends into the gap between two cords and provides electrical connection to both cords, thereby electrically connecting the two cords.03-14-2013
20080277206Elevator Load Bearing Member Having a Conversion Coating on Tension Member - A load bearing member (11-13-2008
20130118838METHOD AND ELEVATOR ARRANGEMENT - A method of manufacturing an elevator includes installing a movable supporting platform and an elevator car in the elevator hoistway; taking the elevator car into use to serve passengers and/or to transport goods; removing the elevator car from use; changing the service range of the elevator car to reach higher up in the elevator hoistway by lifting the supporting platform higher up in the elevator hoistway; and taking the elevator car back into use. The elevator is reeved to include construction-time hoisting roping, which includes one or more ropes, the longitudinal power transmission capacity of which is based at least essentially on non-metallic fibers in the longitudinal direction of the rope. In the method, guide rails to be fixed with guide rail brackets can additionally be installed by the aid of an installation device. An elevator arrangement can be used to perform the method.05-16-2013
20100140022ELEVATOR BELT, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SUCH AN ELEVATOR BELT, AND ELEVATOR SYSTEM HAVING SUCH A BELT - An elevator belt comprising a belt body made of a first material, a reinforcement arrangement having at least one reinforcement provided on the belt body, and a tube arrangement made of a second material having at least one tube, the at least one reinforcement of the reinforcement arrangement being provided in a tube of the tube arrangement.06-10-2010
20090166131Elevating Workshop Pit Platform - A pit platform (07-02-2009
20100236869ELEVATOR LOAD BEARING MEMBER - A load bearing member (09-23-2010
20100276231LIFTING APPARATUS - The invention relates to a lifting apparatus of a type which can be used to allow movement of goods to and from and between first and second goods storage areas. The apparatus is located in a space between openings into both of said storage areas and includes a platform which can be raised in the vertical plane so as to allow differences in height between floors of the respective goods storage areas to be taken into account such that for example goods can be moved onto the platform of the lifting apparatus from a first floor height on a first goods storage area to a floor of a second goods storage area at a different height. The lifting apparatus can be used to move goods to and from a floor of a goods storage area which is at the similar height to a support surface on which the other of the goods storage areas is located, with the other of the goods storage areas typically being a vehicle trailer.11-04-2010
20120138391ELEVATOR INSTALLATION WITH A SOUND PICK-UP - An elevator installation includes a cage, a counterweight which balances the cage and a supporting and/or drive means at which the cage and the counterweight are suspended. The elevator installation has a sound pick-up designed for detecting solid-borne sound generated at the counterweight.06-07-2012
20100038182ELEVATOR APPARATUS WITH NO MACHINE ROOM - The invention relates to an elevator apparatus with no machine room, including a drive unit (02-18-2010
20110240408METHOD OF MAKING AN ELEVATOR BELT - An exemplary method of making a load bearing elevator traction belt includes applying individual coatings of a jacket material to each of a plurality of tension members such that each tension member is individually coated separately from the other tension members. A portion of the individual coatings are joined together to secure the tension members into a desired alignment and to form a single jacket that establishes a geometry of the belt.10-06-2011
20090218174Pop-up lift pedestal for a television - The lift pedestal is used to raise and lower a television or video monitor between a retracted storage position and an extended viewing position. The lift pedestal can be used as a stand alone support device or incorporated into cabinetry or a furniture enclosure. The lift pedestal includes a stationary back plate and an extensible support plate to which the television or video monitor is mounted. A pair of cabinetry drawer slides allow vertical translational movement of the support plate relative to the back plate between the retracted storage position and the extended viewing position. The drawer slides are mounted between angled sides of the back plate and support plate. The lift pedestal is actuated by a gas prop mounted to a third drawer slide. A cable and pulley operate in conjunction with the gas prop to increase the effective travel of the gas prop piston.09-03-2009
20110100759CORD AND POLYMER JACKET ASSEMBLY HAVING A FLAME RETARDANT IN THE POLYMER JACKET MATERIAL - An exemplary assembly includes at least one elongated tension member. A jacket covers at least some of the tension member. The jacket comprises a polymer material. The assembly includes a flame retardant selected from a group consisting of a halogen-free melamine based intumescent or a filled polymer having a nanoscale filler chemically bonded to a matrix phase.05-05-2011
20110247902SUPPORT ELEMENT SYSTEM FOR ELEVATORS - A support element system, particularly for elevators, has at least one support element having two load-bearing tensile carriers which are arranged horizontally adjacent to one another and which are enclosed in a common elastomeric casing separating the two tensile carriers. The tensile carriers respectively have an opposite direction of wrap. The system has a drive pulley for transmission of a drive force to the at least one support element, wherein the drive pulley has a contoured traction surface with two support surfaces, which are provided for transmission of the drive force and which co-operate with the support element.10-13-2011
20100018809Elevator arrangement, method and safety structure - An elevator arrangement, comprising at least one elevator shaft, a working platform, elevator car or equivalent arranged to move in the elevator shaft, a power source for moving the said working platform or equivalent e.g. by means of ropes, chains, belts or equivalent, characterized in that the vertical range of movement of the said working platform or equivalent in the elevator shaft has been temporarily delimited in such manner that its movement can only take place in a section of the elevator shaft, by means of a structure (01-28-2010
20100133046ELEVATOR SYSTEM, SUSPENSION ELEMENT FOR AN ELEVATOR SYSTEM, AND DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING A SUSPENSION ELEMENT - An elevator system with a car or platform to transport passengers and/or goods as well as with a counterweight, which are arranged as traversable or movable along a travel path, and which are coupled and/or with a drive by a suspension element interrelating their motion. The suspension element is guided and/or driven by a traction sheave and/or a drive shaft and/or a deflecting pulley. The suspension element is sheathed and/or belt-type, with a first layer made of a first plasticizable and/or elastomeric material, containing a first exterior surface, and with at least one tension member—rope-type, tissue-type, or comprising a multitude of partial elements—that is embedded in the first layer of the suspension element. A manufacturing procedure for one of the suspension elements is provided.06-03-2010
20110088981METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING A SUPPORT BELT FOR AN ELEVATOR INSTALLATION - A process for producing a support belt for an elevator system includes steps of: placing at least one cable-shaped tension support in position; embedding the tension support in a first belt layer made from a first plasticizable material to produce a partial belt having a first outer surface and a surface which forms a connecting plane, wherein parts of the tension support project out of the connecting plane and at least parts of the projecting portion of the tension support are covered by the first plasticizable material; and integrally forming a second belt layer made from a second plasticizable material on the connecting surface of the partial belt and the projecting portions of the tension support so as to produce a support belt having the first outer surface on the side of the first belt layer and a second outer surface on the side of the second belt layer.04-21-2011
20120325590ELEVATOR - Elevator, which comprises at least an elevator car and means for moving the elevator car, preferably along guide rails, and an overspeed governor arrangement, which comprises an overspeed governor rope, which moves according to the movement of the elevator car, and which overspeed governor rope is connected to a brake arrangement that is in connection with the elevator car such that with the overspeed governor rope force can be transmitted to the brake arrangement for shifting the brake comprised in the brake arrangement into a braking position. The rope comprises a power transmission part or a plurality of power transmission parts, for transmitting force in the longitudinal direction of the rope, which power transmission part is essentially fully of non-metallic material.12-27-2012
20110266096ELEVATOR FOR WIND ENERGY SYSTEMS - The present disclosure relates to a detachable elevator cabin adapted to be used in a wind energy system, the detachable elevator cabin being adapted to interact with an installed system of an elevator system of a wind energy system and being adapted to be lifted within the tower of the wind energy system, with the installed system being permanently installed in the wind energy system. Further, a wind energy system is provided that includes an installed part of an elevator system, the installed part being permanently installed at the wind energy system and being adapted to temporarily interact with a detachable elevator cabin in order to lifted the detachable elevator cabin. Further, a system of a detachable part and an installed part of a wind energy system and a method of reaching the nacelle during for maintenance is provided.11-03-2011
20120090924CONTACTING DEVICE - A contacting device for electrically contacting tensile carriers of a suspension in an elevator system includes a housing having a recess in which an exposed segment of the suspension can be received so that the housing at least partially encloses the exposed segment of the suspension. Raised areas and recesses are alternatingly disposed on an inner side of the housing, wherein a raised area and a recess face each other in a state of use. At least one contact element is disposed in a recess of the housing, wherein the at least one raised area can be pressed against a tensile carrier of the suspension, such that the tensile carrier is brought into electrical contact with the contact element.04-19-2012
20110220438LOAD SUPPORTING BELT - A supporting belt for a transport device, such as an elevator system, includes at least one stranded wire made of an electrically conducting material for absorbing the forces absorbed by the supporting belt and an electrically insulating jacket that encloses the wire. In order to determine the state of the wire, the wire can be contacted by a contact element securely and reliably and in an exact manner. To achieve this, the jacket is at least partially removed in the area of an opening of the supporting belt and the wire is at least partially exposed in the area of the opening. The wire thus does not include a jacket substantially perpendicularly to a longitudinal axis formed by a center point of a cross-section of the wire. The wire can be contacted by a contact element without the jacket being pierced.09-15-2011

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