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187 - Elevator, industrial lift truck, or stationary lift for vehicle

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187276000 Includes control for power source of drive-means 129
187251000 Includes linking support cable (e.g., rope, chain) in drive-means 117
187272000 Includes fluid supporting ram in drive-means 6
187269000 Includes scissored supporting levers in drive-means 5
20110139549BELT-DRIVEN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM - A belt-driven transportation system including a first set of pulleys rotatably attached to a first member and a second set of pulleys rotatably attached to a second member. The first and second members have relative movement to each other. The system further includes a unitary belt that is guided through a path defined by the first and second sets of pulleys. A plurality of flange members maintain a proper positioning of the belt on the pulleys.06-16-2011
20090200117SLIDER SCISSOR LIFT FOR A VEHICLE OPERATOR CONSOLE - An improved slider scissor lift results in forward or backward movement of a raised work platform. The forward or backward movement is achieved by positioning upper pins and sliders oppositely from lower pins and sliders. This oppositely pinned configuration results in an operation whereby the base of the scissor lift is moved toward the rear of the base platform and the work platform is drawn toward the rear of the scissor lift.08-13-2009
20090260925UNDERGROUND ENCLOSURE SYSTEM FOR STORING COMPONENTS, CABLES, AND THE LIKE - A pressurized underground enclosure includes a battery venting system having a battery within a battery box in a sealed enclosure. A first pipe is fluidly connected to the battery box and an ambient atmosphere and includes a vacuum generator for reducing a pressure in the battery box. A second pipe is fluidly connected to the battery box and the ambient atmosphere and includes a one-way valve permitting airflow to the battery box and precluding airflow from the battery box to the ambient atmosphere. The enclosure includes a scissors lift including scissor linkage units having arms pivotally connected at terminal ends and at central positions. The scissor linkage units are moveable from a retracted to an extended position by pneumatic cylinders. The internal pressurization of the enclosure is selectively released and locking mechanisms are retracted before a rack of the scissors lift is extended through an opening of the enclosure.10-22-2009
20110139548BELT-DRIVEN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM - A belt-driven transportation system including a first set of pulleys rotatably attached to a first member and a second set of pulleys rotatably attached to a second member. The first and second members have relative movement to each other. The system further includes a unitary belt that is guided through a path defined by the first and second sets of pulleys with the path substantially lying in a stationary plane, and a plurality of retention rollers. A retention roller is disposed adjacent each pulley, with the belt extending about the pulley and between the pulley and the retention roller. The positioning of the belt substantially on the path is maintained by the plurality of retention rollers, and the first and second members are moved relative to each other with changes in the length of the path.06-16-2011
20110240409SCISSOR LIFT ASSEMBLY - A scissors-type lift assembly including a base and a platform, the lift assembly having extended and contracted states, with the platform at a relatively greater distance from the base in the extended state than in the contracted state. The lift assembly includes a pair of scissor arms each having opposed first and second ends, and pivotably connected to each other about a central axis located between their respective first and second ends, the first end of each scissor arm coupled to the base, the second end of each the scissor arm coupled to the platform. The lift assembly also has a drive screw mechanism including a shaft, a drive motor rotatably coupled to the shaft, a block threadedly engaged with the shaft and having longitudinal movement relative to the shaft, and a collar relative to which the shaft is rotatable and longitudinally fixed relative to the shaft. The lift assembly includes first and second pairs of crossed links, each link having opposed first and second ends between which extends an edge that faces away from the central axis and defines a recess in the link. The collar and block are each spaced from the central axis and indirectly coupled to both of the pair of scissor arms through a pair of links.10-06-2011
187270000 Includes gear on support mating with stationary rack or chain 4
20090159372Safety Arrangement for a Lift Car in a Lift - The invention concerns an arrangement for securing a lift car (06-25-2009
20090266648Modular Elevator With a Self-Propelled Cabin on a Mast - We have described a modular lift with a motorised cabin on a mast with a simpler, more comfortable and faster assembly with safer use than conventional mechanisms of the same type. The modular lift is made up of a carrying element or mast into which the rack has been incorporated and is formed by multiple successive modules screwed at the adjoining ends which allow it to be built to the required height, with the modules anchored via bracings. The moving parts are made up of the cabin constructed based on a parallelepiped mast that incorporates the rolling and guiding parts of the lift, the traction groups, the parachute brake, the suspension and the button control panel. Upper and lower guiding rollers are placed on the inclined sides at the rear with respect to the back wall of the cabin and attack pinions in relation to engagement with the rack.10-29-2009
20110226558Vehicle access system with powered lift - A lift assembly installable on a vehicle. The lift assembly includes a support structure securable to the vehicle, a pair of parallel vertically extending geared tracks and a vertically moveable drive assembly. The drive assembly includes (a) a mounting structure; (b) a selectively reversible motor; (c) a pair of gears; and (d) a moveable first tread. The gears are engaged with the tracks and rotatably supported on the mounting structure. The gears are also drivingly coupled with the motor wherein operation of the motor selectively raises and lowers the mounting structure relative to the support structure. The moveable first tread is secured to the mounting structure and is adapted to support an operator whereby raising and lowering the mounting structure raises and lowers an operator positioned on the first tread. In some embodiments, the lift assembly includes water-resistant foot-operable switches to control the raising and lowering of the mounting structure.09-22-2011
20110308893ELEVATOR WITH ROLLER-PINION DRIVE - An elevator has a car movable within a hoistway, a rack extending along the hoistway, the rack having a toothed profile with wave troughs and wave crests and a drive mounted in proximity to the rack so that the drive interacts with the rack to move the car. The drive includes a roller pinion unit fixedly mounted on a shaft and having a predetermined number of roller pinions arranged in a circle around the shaft and extending parallel to the shaft. The roller pinion unit interacts with the toothed profile of the rack. The drive also includes a motor unit configured to rotate the shaft. Optionally, the drive includes a brake unit configured to act on the shaft.12-22-2011
187267000 Includes threaded rider mating with support screw in drive-means 2
20120217096Stair-avoiding device - With an aging population, stair safety is a growing concern. Many inventions have been suggested to aid older people in handling stairs. Most of them offer sitting arrangements that are moved by rather complex motor-driven devices attached to one side of the stairs. These devices are complicated and expensive. A new device is suggested that consists of a vertical pole turned by a reversible motor, thereby moving the platform up or down. The platform carries standing person(s) one by one, or two or three in a group, or one sitting in wheelchair from one floor to the next above or down below. This device is inexpensive, can be used with stairs interrupted by landings or with spiral staircase, and does not require the changing or redistribution of the designed building spaces.08-30-2012
20110155509Double Screw Elevator - A double screw elevator consists of two screws whose helical threads extend in opposite helical directions, and each of the screws is provided with a nut, so that a suspension unit and a carrying unit on the nuts can be driven to move close to or away from each other, thus achieving the function of lifting or lowering the elevator car. The double screw elevator is simply structured, easy to assemble, and the length of a single screw of the elevator is shortened, making it easier to manufacture the screw. Furthermore, the screw driving elevator reduces the occurrence of accident whiling improving the rate of utilization.06-30-2011
20090194370PERMANENT MAGNET ELEVATOR DISK BRAKE - A brake assembly (08-06-2009
20080277205Substantially linear vertical lift system - A substantially vertical lift system is disclosed herein. The substantially vertical lift system is comprised of a platform, base, and a lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism is designed to displace the platform in a substantially linear manner, and if desired, in a position parallel to the base. Multiple lifting mechanisms may be used, and displaced either in a side-by-side or stacked orientation. The configuration of the lifting mechanism is implementation dependent.11-13-2008
20090032340Method and Apparatus to Minimize Re-Leveling in High Rise High Speed Elevators - One embodiment disclosed comprises a roller guide device comprising at least one roller and a respective braking apparatus for the roller. The braking apparatus in this embodiment comprises a disc brake. In this same embodiment, the disc brake performs a braking operation by pressing a pair of pads on both sides of a roller. The disc brake may be supported by the base of the roller guide device, and comprise a single-piston mechanism that affects movement of the pair of pads.02-05-2009
20100147631Skid steer loader and mounting method - A mounting method for a skid steer loader is disclosed including coupling a first end portion of a component directly to a first wall of a skid steer loader frame. The method also includes coupling a second end portion of the component to an opposite wall of the skid steer loader frame by a mounting system that allows for dimensional differences between the component and the skid steer loader frame.06-17-2010
20080230322Small Power Elevator - A small power elevator system is installed in an elevator shaft of a building. The system includes a passenger or freight elevator car having an electronic scale installed in a bottom thereof to measure the weight of passengers or freight loaded therein; a counterweight connected to the elevator car and adapted to be moved in a direction opposite that of the elevator car by mass members added or removed according to the weight of the elevator car; a mass member feeder for feeding the mass members to the counterweight; and a control unit for controlling the mass members to be fed from the mass member feeder to the counterweight or discharged from the counterweight to the mass member feeder according to the weight of the elevator car. The system can reduce power consumption to thereby reduce electric charges such as basic rates and usage rates.09-25-2008
20110259675VARIABLE-CAPACITY SELF-ADJUSTING PNEUMATIC LOAD ELEVATOR - A pneumatic system with multiple air reservoirs is connected to the bellows of a load elevator. A plurality of valves enables the optional pneumatic connection of different combinations of reservoirs so as to change the range of operation of the elevator to meet the self-adjusting weight requirements of a particular job at hand. In the preferred embodiment, the air actuator is pneumatically connected to a main air reservoir, which in turn can optionally be coupled in series with one or two additional reservoirs of different capacities. As a result of this configuration of its pneumatic system, the elevator can be switched between and operated at three different load levels, at the convenience of the operator, without changing the amount of air in the system.10-27-2011
20100181149ELEVATOR SYSTEM WITH GUIDE AXIS ALIGNED WITH TRACTION MEMBER - An elevator car assembly includes a car frame, a car connected to the car frame and having a first guide axis between a first side and a second side of the car frame, a plurality of traction members, a first plurality of sheaves rotatably connected to the car frame between the first side and the second side for respectively receiving the plurality of traction members, and a first guide attached to either the car frame or the car below the first plurality of sheaves for movably engaging a first rail. The first guide is aligned with the first guide axis and is configured to be aligned with the first rail. One of the plurality of traction members and the first guide are vertically aligned at the first guide axis.07-22-2010
20090178888Gondola With On-board Safety and Drive Mechanism - The present invention relates to a lifting device secured in height along a wall comprising a gondola, characterised in that the safety and drive means are on-board on the gondola and cause the gondola to slide along the two rails by means of a pair of secure jaws, the actions of which are coordinated so as to advance along each rail with an alternating clearance.07-16-2009
20100288586ELEVATOR MACHINE MOTOR AND DRIVE AND COOLING THEREOF - Heat in a drive system including a motor and a drive is removed using heat pipes in heat exchanging contact with the motor and the drive. The heat conducting element have at least one portion for receiving heat from the motor or the drive, and another portion to transfer heat to a heat exchange device that is spaced from the motor and drive. The heat conducting element may be a heat pipe or a heat spreader element.11-18-2010
20120267199BEARING CARTRIDGE AND ELEVATOR MACHINE ASSEMBLY - An exemplary bearing cartridge assembly includes an inner sleeve. An outer housing is supported for rotation relative to the inner sleeve. A bearing member within the outer housing and received about the inner sleeve facilitates rotation of the outer housing relative to the inner sleeve. The bearing member has an axial dimension (e.g., a width) that is smaller than an axial inner dimension of the outer housing. The bearing member is positioned relative to the inner sleeve and the outer housing to provide a first lubricant space between one side wall of the outer housing and the bearing member and a second lubricant space between an opposite side wall of the outer housing and the bearing member. There is at least one through passage between the first and second lubricant spaces to allow lubricant to move between them.10-25-2012
20110240407ELEVATOR SYSTEM INCLUDING CONTROL ELECTRONICS SUPPORTED ON AN ELEVATOR MACHINE SUPPORT - An exemplary mounting arrangement for components of an elevator system comprises a machine support that is configured to support a load associated with an elevator machine. A support for control electronics that operate the elevator machine is connected to the machine support.10-06-2011
20130015020ELECTRIC MOTOR, HOISTING MACHINE AND ELEVATOR SYSTEM - An electric motor, a hoisting machine and also an elevator system are disclosed. The electric motor includes a stator, which stator includes slots, into which slots a concentrated winding is fitted. The electric motor also includes a rotating rotor, which rotor includes permanent magnets placed consecutively in a ring in the direction of the rotational movement. The ratio (L01-17-2013
20130206515MOVABLE BODY DERAILMENT DETECTION SYSTEM - An elevator installation has a guide rail of a predetermined length and a movable body configured to move along the guide rail up and down a hoistway. A proximity sensor is mounted on the movable body to be in a predetermined proximity of the guide rail. The proximity sensor is configured to detect whether or not the proximity sensor is at the predetermined distance to the guide rail. A controller coupled to the proximity sensor acts upon an indication that the proximity sensor is not at the predetermined distance to the guide rail to switch the elevator installation to a secure state.08-15-2013