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184 - Lubrication

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184000000 Force feed 51
184106000 Drip pans 13
184150100 Belt, cable, chain or conveyor 9
184105300 Nipple or fitting 5
20100155180Quick Lubricant Nipple Mechanism with a Check Device - A quick lubricant nipple mechanism with a check device comprises a lubricant nipple which is connected to an extension pipe device having a pipe, an outlet connection, a check valve and an inlet connection. The pipe has one end connected to the outlet connection and the other end connected to one end of the check valve which has the other end connected to the inlet connection. The outlet connection of the extension pipe device is connected to the lubricant nipple, so that the lubricant injection can be carried out quickly and easily and the lubricant gun is easy to align. Hence, with such a device, the lubricant injection can be done by only one person.06-24-2010
20080230319Device for Securing and Lubricating Bushings - Disclosed is a device for securing and lubricating a bushing. The device comprises: a first member having a first body portion, a first engaging portion extending outwardly from the first body portion, and at least one channel drilled through a lateral outer surface of the first engaging portion and extending along a complete length of the body portion; and a second member having a second body portion and a second engaging portion disposed internally and along a longitudinal axis of the second body portion. The first engaging portion mounts a bushing covering at least a portion of an opening of the channel on the lateral outer surface and engages with the second engaging portion, thereby sandwiching the bushing between the first member and the second member. Pressurizing a lubricant through the channel transmits the lubricant to an inner surface of the bushing through the opening of the channel on the first engaging portion.09-25-2008
20100147629FITTING COVER - A lubricant fitting cover for a zerk having a substantially planar body with a first side and a second side, the first side is capable of being removeably secured to the head of a grease fitting, the second side includes an indicator for providing information about the type of lubricant to be injected through the grease fitting.06-17-2010
20130206513LINKAGE PIN ASSEMBLY - A linkage pin assembly is disclosed. The linkage pin assembly includes a grease fitting, a linkage pin, and a coupling. The grease fitting includes an outer shell. The outer shell encloses an internal cavity. The outer shell includes a thread blank having at a second end of the outer shell. The thread blank includes hardened lead threads. The hardened lead threads are induction hardened to at least RKW C 53. The linkage pin has an untapped hole. The coupling is between the grease fitting and the linkage pin. The coupling is formed when the hardened lead threads of the grease fitting create corresponding threads in the untapped hole of the linkage pin when the grease fitting is inserted into the linkage pin.08-15-2013
20130206512GREASE FITTING - A grease fitting is disclosed. The grease fitting has an outer shell. The outer shell encloses an internal cavity. The outer shell includes a ball check, a hexagonal portion, and a thread blank. The ball check is located at a first end of the outer shell. The ball check is configured to receive grease. The thread blank is located at a second end of the outer shell. The thread blank includes hardened lead threads configured to form threads in an untapped hole. In an embodiment, the grease fitting may include a thread guide extending from the thread blank.08-15-2013
184880100 Oil cup closure 3
20100219021WHEEL BEARING HUB WITH OIL PRESSURE CUP - A hub having an outer ring, an inner ring, a roller, a cage, a filling hole for filling oil, and an oil pressure cap, the filling hole for filling oil being disposed at a sidewall of the outer ring and connected with the oil pressure cap. The hub with an oil pressure cap can be filled with oil periodically and thereby it has good lubrication effect and long service life.09-02-2010
20120217095CAP FOR A GREASE NIPPLE - The present invention relates to a protective cap (08-30-2012
20110315486RUBBER COMPOSITION - Disclosed is a rubber composition containing 100 parts by weight of a rubber blend comprising 99-85 by weight % of chloroprene rubber and 1-15 by weight % of chlorinated polyethylene rubber, (A) 10 to 30 parts by weight of a polyether ester-based plasticizer having a molecular weight of 450 to 650, or (B) 10 to 30 parts by weight of both of a polyether ester-based plasticizer having a molecular weight of 450 to 900 and an ester-based plasticizer having a molecular weight 350 to 500, and 3 to 10 parts by weight of two or more aromatic amine-based antioxidants. The rubber composition can simultaneously satisfy requirements for use as, for example, an automobile grease cup material, that is, heat resistance, ozone resistance, cold resistance, and adhesion to metal or resin.12-29-2011
184100000 Slide-bearing lubricators 2
20090200115Lubrication of Sail Edge Channels - The device lubricates a sail edge channel, such as a luff channel in a luff channel extrusion fitted to a forestay of a sloop. The device comprises a slide arranged for insertion into and for sliding along the channel and a reservoir for containing a lubricant. A web connects the slide to the reservoir and extends from the slide out of the sail edge channel so that the slide can slide in the channel with the reservoir outside the sail edge channel. A passageway extends from the reservoir and through the web to at least two outlets from the slide arranged at different angular positions around the slide. The lubricant can be expelled from the reservoir into the passageway so that the lubricant is expelled from the outlets into the sail edge channel.08-13-2009
20100155179Lubricant filling assembly for transmission - A lubricant filling assembly adaptive to various transmissions used in manufacturing processes for such as semiconductor equipments, LCD equipments and other automatic equipments. In practical use, the lubricant filling assembly is attached to surface of a transmission for providing a lubricant so as to enhance working efficiency of the transmission by reducing component friction and operational noise.06-24-2010
184104100 Lubricant heating and/or cooling device 2
20130126274AEROSOL LUBRICATING DEVICE, LUBRICATING ARRANGEMENT AND LUBRICATING METHOD - There is provided a lubricating device for a device to be lubricated having at least two friction members, wherein the lubricating device includes producing an oxygen-free aerosol of a liquid lubricant in a carrier fluid, and supplying the aerosol to the device to be lubricated. A method is also provided.05-23-2013
20130126273DEVICE WITH LUBRICANT PROTECTION ARRANGEMENT AND LUBRICATING METHOD - A device provides lubricant protection and includes at least two friction members, at least one lubricant reservoir for a lubricant arranged in the device, and at least one lubricant protection arrangement having flow means for enabling a lubricant protection gas to flow through the lubricant in the lubricant reservoir and the device. A method is also provided.05-23-2013
184021000 Elevator-guide lubricators 1
20090050412External Axle Cooling System - A work vehicle includes a frame and an axle assembly coupled to the frame, including a first axle shaft substantially disposed in an axle housing. A first wheel couples to the first axle shaft of the axle assembly. An axle lubricating fluid is disposed within the axle housing. A cooling circuit fluidly coupled to the axle assembly circulates cooling fluid therethrough. A hydraulic motor fluidly coupled to a fluid circuit includes a device disposed in parallel with the fluid circuit to discontinue operation of the motor in response to a predetermined pressure of at least one of the first and second circuit being exceeded.02-26-2009
184103100 Constant level 1
20120175191CONSTANT LEVEL OILER LEVEL ADJUSTMENT TOOL - Methods and apparatus relates to a tool with a laser to assist with adjustment of a constant level oiler associated with rotating equipment. The tool projects light from the laser onto a housing of the rotating equipment to identify position of a level adjuster of the oiler relative to an oil level marker on the housing of the rotating equipment. The tool includes a portion that is inserted into part of the oiler during use of the tool and is coupled to the laser, which may be moveable from the portion inserted and may have extension from the portion inserted counterbalanced by a weight also coupled to the portion inserted.07-12-2012
184024000 Piston-rod lubricators 1
20100038179Lubrication structure for gas spring - A lubricating oil received in a portion of a lower end side in a cylinder body is reliably supplied to a rod member and a sealing member to reliably lubricate a sliding part between the sealing member and the rod member by use of a pressure change of compressed gas in a gas spring with the rod member disposed in a posture of protruding it upward from a rod-side end wall of the cylinder body. In the lubricating structure of a gas spring, a pair of check valves preventing a back flow of a lubricating oil from the lubricating oil outlet side to the lubricating oil inlet side are provided in series in a lubricating oil passage connecting the lubricating oil inlet and the lubricating oil outlet, and the lubricating oil is introduced from the lubricating oil inlet into the lubricating oil passage and lubricating oil is discharged from the lubricating oil outlet by use of a pressure change of the compressed gas to supply it to the rod member.02-18-2010
184102000 Swab 1
20100326772Lubrication Disc Assembly - A lubrication disc assembly for lubricating a rod includes a body that circumferentially surrounds the rod and defines a reservoir for storing a lubricant therein. An applicator is disposed within the body directly adjacent the reservoir and contacts the rod. The applicator transfers lubricant from the reservoir to the rod in response to axial movement between the lubrication disc assembly and the rod.12-30-2010
184105100 Refilling device 1
20090255760GREASE GUN ATTACHMENT APPARATUS - An invention is provided for a grease gun attachment apparatus for attaching a grease gun to a metal surface. The apparatus includes a housing having a plurality of side panels, and a magnet housing that forms a portion of the housing. The magnet housing is capable of holding a magnet, which is disposed within the magnet housing. In addition, at least one fastener is connected to the housing. The fastener allows the housing to be attached to a grease gun body of a grease gun, and can be connected to the housing via the plurality of side panels.10-15-2009
20130032435Lubrication And Exhaust System For A Powered Surgical Instrument - A lubrication cartridge includes a cartridge body. A cartridge coupling is located on the cartridge body and defines a first passage and a second passage. A lubricant reservoir is housed in the cartridge body and comprises a pressurized fluid inlet coupled to the first passage and a lubricant outlet coupled to the second passage. A metering insert is located between the lubricant outlet and the second passage and comprises a density that controls lubricant flow between the lubricant reservoir and the second passage.02-07-2013
20110011680LUBRICANT APPLICATOR FOR GOLDEN FINGER INTERFACE - A lubricant applicator includes a base, a plurality of elastic members, and a plate member. The base includes a hollow space for receiving lubricant. The elastic support member is mounted within the hollow space of the base. The plate member is received in the hollow space and supported by the elastic support member. The plate member comprises a first slot and a plurality of through openings formed in an upper surface thereof. The first slot is shaped to accommodate a golden finger interface.01-20-2011
20100193296HYBRID WORKING MACHINE - As lubricating construction for a spline coupling portion for connecting a rotating shaft of a generator-motor and a rotating shaft of a hydraulic pump both actuated by an engine, a lubricating oil chamber communicating with the spline coupling portion is formed within a motor casing of the generator-motor, while in a pump casing of the hydraulic pump there is formed an oil passing hole providing communication between the lubricating oil chamber and an oil chamber in the hydraulic pump on an outer periphery side of the rotating shaft of the hydraulic pump, thereby forming an oil passage for allowing working oil present within the hydraulic pump to circulate through a route including the spline coupling portion.08-05-2010
20110079469LUBRICATION SYSTEM FOR PIPE BURSTING - A pipe pulling lubrication apparatus includes a pipe anchor having an anchor body. The anchor body includes a first coupling feature near an anchor body proximal portion and a distal pipe coupling feature near an anchor body distal portion. The distal pipe coupling feature is configured to couple and position a replacement pipe exterior surface near an anchor body exterior surface. The lubrication apparatus further includes a lubrication system including a lubricant conduit extending within the anchor body from the distal pipe coupling feature toward an anchor body intermediate portion between the first coupling feature and the distal pipe coupling feature. The lubrication system includes a lubricant distributor having one or more lubricant passages extending from the lubricant conduit toward the anchor body exterior surface, the lubricant distributor is configured to deliver a lubricant to the replacement pipe exterior surface.04-07-2011
20100038177Wireline grease injection apparatus having removable grease injection tubes - Replaceable grease injection tubes permit removal and replacement of such tubes without requiring wireline and associated tools to be removed from a well, or wireline tools to be removed from wireline and thereafter spliced or re-threaded on such wireline. Replaceable grease injection tubes include opposing semi-cylindrical members that can be joined together to form a central bore for receiving wireline and facilitating a pressure seal using injected grease or other fluid having desired pressure sealing characteristics.02-18-2010
20110061974Lubricating Apparatus For Follower Bearing - A leaf spring (S) and a lubricating member (L) are combined together and then mounted. The lubricating member (L) has a pair of protrusions (03-17-2011
20090308691PLUNGER LUBRICATOR HOUSING - A plunger lubricator housing includes an elongated tubular body formed from a single piece of material. The body has a first end, a second end, an outer surface and an inner surface that defines a plunger receiving interior bore. Radial ports provide fluid communication between the interior bore and the outer surface. Each of the radial ports has a coupling that is recessed into the body.12-17-2009
20120061185BUSHING LUBRICATOR AND SYSTEM - A bushing lubricator includes an elongate body having a lubricant passage extending from an inlet opening to an outlet port. The elongate body includes a connection portion at the inlet opening for engaging with a lubricant tray of a lubricating system, a main body portion in a central region, and a bushing lubricator portion of a width to accommodate a bushing with an interior surface of the bushing surrounding the bushing lubricator portion. The outlet port on a periphery of the bushing lubricator portion discharges lubricant onto the interior surface of a bushing.03-15-2012
20120006623Functional fluids comprising alkyl toluene sulfonates - Provided are formulations, methods of making, and methods of using a functional fluid of the present invention to achieve and maintain optimal frictional characteristics in machines housing that fluid, wherein the functional fluid comprises, among others, a friction-modifying amount of an alkyl toluene sulfonate salt or a mixture of alkyl toluene sulfonate salts.01-12-2012
20130192930SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LUBRICATING GEARS IN A WIND TURBINE - A system and method for lubricating gears in a wind turbine blade pitch drive are provided, wherein the pitch drive comprises a drive pinion gear with gear teeth that engage a pitch bearing gear coupled to a respective wind turbine blade. A grease distributor is configured to mount onto and rotate with the pinion gear, and is configured to deliver grease from an external grease supply to at least one valley defined between adjacent teeth of the pinion gear in a contact area of the pinion gear with the bearing gear without the distributor contacting inter-engaging teeth of the bearing gear.08-01-2013

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