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184 - Lubrication

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184600120 Gearing 45
184600210 With lubricant treatment means 28
184600110 Gas turbine 25
184700400 With measuring or metering value system 25
184600500 Crank-type machines 19
184600400 With safety or indicating means 17
184600260 With mist or fog means 8
184600300 With machine starting means 7
184600100 With means to control machine operation 7
184600140 Machine tools 6
184600160 Rotary compressor 5
20090095572Oil Valve Assembly of Linear Compressor - The present invention discloses an oil supply valve assembly of a linear compressor including a shell, the oil being stored at the lower portion of the shell, a cylinder disposed in the shell, a piston disposed in the cylinder, a main body frame to which the cylinder is fixed, and a linear motor connected to the piston, for driving the piston, comprising: a passage formed in the main body frame, for supplying the oil to a gap between the cylinder and the piston; an oil valve being coupled to the main body frame to communicate with the passage, and including an oil suction valve and an oil discharge valve; and an oil cover coupled to overlap with the oil valve and communicate with the passage of the main body frame. By this configuration, the manufacturing process of the oil supply valve assembly is simplified and mis-assembly of the components is prevented by reducing the number of the components.04-16-2009
20090101442HERMETIC COMPRESSOR - The hermetic compressor has grooves provided at an upper side and a lower side of outer circumference of a piston. Of outer shape of the grooves, the outer shape of the grooves communicating with a space in the hermetic container at least when the piston is in a bottom dead center is a shape not forming parallel line to an axial center of the piston when the grooves are developed in a plane.04-23-2009
20100059317AUTOMOTIVE TURBOCHARGER WITH INTEGRAL LUBRICATING OIL FILTER - A turbocharger includes a housing, a rotating assembly mounted within the housing, a lubrication passage for admitting lubricating oil into the turbocharger, and a lube oil filter, mounted within a portion of the lubrication passage so that oil entering the turbocharger will pass through the lube oil filter, removing any contaminants arising from the engine's lubrication system.03-11-2010
20090000872Compressor - This invention provides a compressor that can efficiently return lubricating oil through an oil storage chamber to a lubrication target site without residence of the lubricating oil within the discharge chamber and can prevent deterioration in lubrication performance. The compressor comprises a housing having a discharge chamber for lubricating oil-containing hydraulic fluid and a discharge port communicating with the discharge chamber, a rotational shaft extended into the housing, a compression unit for the suction, compression and discharge of the hydraulic fluid through the drive of the rotational shaft, and a lubricating oil separator comprising a separation chamber and an oil storage chamber. The separation chamber is provided between the discharge chamber and the discharge port in the housing. The oil storage chamber is located below the separation chamber. Lubricating oil separated from the hydraulic fluid in the separation chamber is introduced through an oil hole is stored in the oil storage chamber. The compressor further comprises a communication section for directly communicating the discharge chamber and the oil storage chamber without through the separation chamber.01-01-2009
20090000873Winterized turbocompressor unit and method for winterizing the turbocompressor unit - A winterized turbocompressor unit has a turbocompressor and an oil supply installation for supplying the turbocompressor with a lubricating oil, the lubricating oil being a low-temperature oil and the turbocompressor and the oil supply installation being set up to be operated with the low-temperature oil.01-01-2009
184600280 Pump or pump systems mounting means 3
20120181114LUBRICANT DISTRIBUTOR AND LUBRICATING SYSTEM - The invention pertains to a lubricant distributor for distributing lubricant to several lubricating points, with a cavity, in which a piston is arranged in a sealed and movable fashion. Several lubricant outlets, which are sealed relative to the cavity by the piston, lead into the cavity. The distributor has a lubricant inlet, from which at least one inlet channel leads into the cavity. A drive unit is provided for moving the piston in the cavity in a defined fashion. At least one channel is formed in the piston and makes it possible to produce a fluidic connection between the at least one inlet channel and one of the lubricant outlets depending on the position of the piston within the cavity. The invention furthermore pertains to a lubricating system that includes such a lubricant distributor and a lubricant pump that is connected to the lubricant inlet via a line.07-19-2012
20090057062ARRANGEMENT OF AN ELECTRICALLY OPERATED OIL PUMP OF AN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - An arrangement of an electrically operated oil pump (03-05-2009
20120037456Oil pan and lubricating device - An oil pan is provided with an oil pan separator that partitions a first chamber that communicates with a moving part inside a cylinder block and a second chamber outside the first chamber. A communicating hole is provided to a bottom panel of the oil pan separator. The communicating hole is shielded from a strainer.02-16-2012
184600200 With machine tilt compensating means 3
20090101441OIL SUCTION SYSTEM - In an oil suction system for drawing up oil stored in an oil reservoir through a strainer, the oil reservoir is constructed such that, when the liquid surface of the oil is inclined due to movement of the stored oil, the level of the liquid surface close to the suction port varies in accordance with a plurality of directions of inclination of the liquid surface, and the level of the liquid surface close to the suction port is lower in a particular direction as one of the directions of inclination of the liquid surface than those in the other directions of inclination, and an inflow resistance portion is provided at a lowered liquid-level side of the suction port on which the liquid level is lowered when the oil surface is inclined in the particular direction, for increasing the resistance to flow of the oil from the lowered liquid-level side toward the suction port, to be larger than the resistance to flow of the oil from a raised liquid-level side of the suction port on which the liquid level is raised due to inclination in the particular direction, toward the suction port.04-23-2009
20090250296Lubrication and scavenge system - A lubrication and scavenge system for a gas turbine, capable continued operation in nose-down or nose-up orientations, has a number of oil drainage passages to return oil to one or more collection chambers adjacent a rolling element bearing. A rotary impellor in the chamber forces the oil into a scavenge off-take passageway in the chamber wall leading to a scavenge pump. However, in some orientations windage effects in the chamber can return the oil to the drainage passage rather than permitting the impellor to centrifuge it into the off-take passageway. As a result oil starvation may occur. To avoid this and improve scavenging a shield is located between the drainage path and the off-take passageway adjacent to a face of the impellor. The shield may comprise an additional member, but preferably is formed integrally with a bearing race so as to ease assembly.10-08-2009
20090107769OIL LUBRICATING STRUCTURE - An oil lubricating structure includes a main body case having a housing chamber in which an element requiring a supply of oil is housed, an oil reservoir which is provided below the main body case and has an oil chamber in which oil collects, an oil supply portion which has an inlet port through which oil is drawn in from the oil chamber and which supplies oil collected in the oil chamber to the element requiring a supply of oil through the inlet port, and a duct member provided in the oil chamber. An oil return hole is provided which is formed in a bottom surface of the main body case toward the front of the oil reservoir and through which oil returns to the oil reservoir from the main body case. One end portion of the duct member is connected to the oil return hole and the other end portion of the duct member is positioned farther to the rear than the inlet port.04-30-2009
184110100 Splash 2
20090101444GAS TURBINE OIL SCAVENGING SYSTEM - A method for scavenging oil in a gas turbine engine comprises using a driving fluid flow to drive a flow of a fluid collected in an oil system of the engine to pass through an ejector and then the driven flow of the fluid is directed to be discharged into an oil tank.04-23-2009
20090314580METHOD FOR REGULATING THE LEVEL OF A SECTION OF AN OIL TRAY COMPRISING AT LEAST TWO SECTIONS - A method of regulating the oil level in a section of an oil sump of a splash-lubricated transmission that has at least first and second oil sump sections that are separated by a baffle plate (12-24-2009
184700200 For chassis lubrication 2
20100270108SPINDLE GREASING METHOD AND APPARATUS - An assembly includes a spindle and a middle spacer with a sleeve section surrounding a length portion of the spindle; upper and lower bearings; and a housing including a cavity receiving the spindle with the upper and lower bearings supporting the spindle in the cavity. A grease passageway includes a first portion formed by axial and radial holes in a top end of the spindle, a second portion of longitudinal passages formed between the middle spacer and the spindle, and a third portion formed by radial dispersion channels formed between a collar on the middle spacer and the lower bearing.10-28-2010
20110233002LUBRICATION SYSTEM WITH INTEGRATED ELECTRONICS - A lubrication system for a utility vehicle with a lubricating unit having a lubricant reservoir, a pump, and a distributor attached thereto to which supply lines to a plurality of lubrication points can be attached, and comprising a control module having at least two lubrication programs stored therein, wherein the pump initiates an ejection of grease in a cycle predetermined by the respective lubrication program. The object of the invention is to improve upon a lubrication system such that a change between lubrication programs and optionally the execution of an intermediate lubrication using an automatic lubrication system is possible during driving operations independent of the presence of a higher level on-board electronics system. The object is accomplished in that the lubricating unit is connected directly to an input and display device disposed in the vehicle or at other accessible places on the vehicle, the input and display device used to switch between lubrication programs and to initiate an intermediate lubrication.09-29-2011
184600270 With guard 1
20090120721ANTI-LEAKAGE DEVICE FOR AN OILY BEARING - An anti-leakage device for an oily bearing includes a base, a wearing piece, a fastener, a bearing, a spindle and a fan wheel. The base provides an axial barrel. The wearing piece, the fastener, the bearing and the spindle are received in the axial barrel. An oil removing disk is attached to an inner side of the fan wheel and provides a conical shell with a conical hole being enclosed with the conical shell such that the oil removing disk is capable of collecting lubrication oil with centrifugal force and the lubrication oil collected by the oil removing disk passes through the conical hole to allow the lubrication oil flowing outward the oil removing disk being forced to move back to the axial barrel.05-14-2009
184600170 Cylinders parallel to shaft 1
20110147126HYDRAULIC MACHINE WITH OIL DAMS - A hydraulic machine includes a support structure and a rotating group rotatably mounted relative to the support structure. The rotating group includes a shaft and a cylinder barrel with a plurality of circumferentially spaced cylinder bores. Reciprocal pistons extend from the shaft with each one of the pistons extending into an associated one of the cylinder bores. A joining assembly joins the shaft and the cylinder barrel so that the shaft and the cylinder barrel rotate together. The hydraulic machine further includes at least one oil dam associated with the rotating group and adapted to trap hydraulic fluid used for lubricating portions of the joining assembly.06-23-2011
184600130 Dry sump 1
20090173580Container for engine lubricating oil - A removable oil storage tank for lubricating an engine. The oil storage tank includes a body having a reservoir, an oil inlet and an oil outlet. A pick up tube in connected to the oil outlet. Connectors are coupled to the oil inlet and oil outlet. Oil lines are coupled to the connectors to couple to oil inlet of the tank to the outlet of the engine and the oil outlet of the tank to the inlet of the engine.07-09-2009
20090014244INTEGRATED ROTARY VALVE - A system in some embodiments includes a machine block comprising features configured to support moving machine components within a lubricating fluid, wherein the machine block includes an integral valve block configured to route the lubricating fluid through a first filter without a second filter and configured to route the lubricating fluid through the second filter without the first filter. Further embodiments include a method that includes switching circulation of a lubricant between a first filter and a second filter in response to an angular position of a valve disposed in a valve block integral to a machine block having moving components lubricated by the lubricant01-15-2009
20090014243BREATHER-SAMPLING-FILLER ASSEMBLY FOR LIQUID RESERVOIRS/SYSTEMS - A breather-sampling-filler assembly (01-15-2009
20080308352CONNECTION ARRANGEMENT FOR AN OIL PUMP OF A TRANSMISSION - A connection arrangement for a connection to an intake side of an oil pump in a housing (12-18-2008
20080302606Oil replacement system - An oil replacement system for a vehicle can include oil quality sensor that directly determines the quality of the oil in the vehicle and sends an oil quality signal to a control system. Such an oil quality sensor can make a direct measurement of the quality of the oil in an engine oil system, thus permitting the oil replacement system to accurately determine the quality of oil in an engine oil system and whether the oil needs to be replaced.12-11-2008
20090321188DRIVING APPARATUS AND RECORDING/REPRODUCING APPARATUS - A driving apparatus (12-31-2009
20120031703MINIMAL LUBRICATION DEVICE WITH FINE REGULATION OF THE OIL FLOW - A minimal lubrication device including a lubricant fluid storage reservoir, unit for raising the pressure of the lubricant fluid fed to at least one modular element, the modular element includes a lubricant fluid conduit intercepted by a flow regulator, and a compressed air conduit. The lubricant conduit and the compressed air conduit are associated with an air/lubricant mixer element. The flow regulator includes a valving element at least partly housed within a sized hole and movable therein via a control stem. The stem has at least one portion of conical profile having a length equal to at least 3 times the diameter of the sized hole.02-09-2012
20090032336Main Shaft-Lubricating Structure for a Direct Drive Torque Motor - A main shaft-lubricating structure for a direct drive torque motor comprises a body, a direct drive torque motor, a main shaft, a bearing assembly, an adjustment nut and a brake assembly. The main shaft cooperates with the adjustment nut to fix the torque motor, the bearing assembly and the body. The bearing assembly utilizes the main bearing and the brake assembly to be supported between the body and the main shaft. The brake assembly and the body are defined with a first lubrication oil piping and a second lubrication oil piping, respectively. The first lubrication oil piping is communicated with the main bearing, and the second lubrication oil piping is communicated between the brake assembly and the main shaft. Thereby, with the abovementioned simplified structure, the main shaft can be lubricated, and the maintenance cost can be reduced.02-05-2009
20100065374CONTINUOUS SUPPLY FLUID RESERVOIR - An assembly for holding a fluid includes an auxiliary reservoir inside a main reservoir. The auxiliary reservoir includes an auxiliary reservoir shell with a fill passage at or near its bottom. The auxiliary reservoir shell also has a vent passage at or near its top. The fill passage and the vent passage fluidically connect the auxiliary reservoir to the main reservoir. A fluid inlet is located inside the main reservoir and outside of the auxiliary reservoir. A fluid outlet located inside the auxiliary reservoir between the fill passage and the vent passage.03-18-2010
20110100757LUBRICATION SCAVENGE SYSTEM - A lubrication scavenge system is disclosed herein. The lubrication scavenge system includes a sump housing substantially encircling a structure disposed for rotation about an axis. The sump housing has an inwardly-facing surface extending at least partially about the axis in a spiral path. The spiral path increases in radial distance from the axis in the direction of rotation of the structure, in a plane perpendicular to the axis. The spiral path extends 360°.05-05-2011
20090008189Lubrication system - A lubrication system utilizes an increase in ambient air pressure to dispense oil through a tubing. The tubing inner diameter and length, along with coils formed in the tubing, are selected to prevent blockage of the tubing and to dispense gradually over an extended period of time small amounts of oil.01-08-2009
20120145482SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION - A system for automatically delivering lubricant to at least one bearing (06-14-2012
20130168187VARIABLE SPEED STEPPER MOTOR DRIVING A LUBRICATION PUMP SYSTEM - Apparatus and method for supplying lubricant to a plurality of lubrication sites. Embodiments include a pump with venting and non-venting piston return, a pump with stirrer and direct feed mechanism, a pump with CAN system and self-diagnostics, a pump with heated housing and reservoir and a pump with stepper motor and overdrive control. Profiles drive the stepper motor at various speeds.07-04-2013
20130168188STEPPER MOTOR DRIVING A LUBRICATION PUMP PROVIDING UNINTERRUPTED LUBRICANT FLOW - Apparatus and method for supplying lubricant to a plurality of lubrication points via divider valves. A pump driven by a stepper motor to supplies lubricant at a varying rate which provides lubricant substantially uninterrupted at the lubrication point(s), and/or provides lubricant at a continuous non-constant flow rate which provides lubricant without interruption at the lubrication point(s), and/or provides lubricant at a constant flow rate which provides lubricant without interruption at the lubrication point(s).07-04-2013
20130118835PROGRESSIVE DISTRIBUTOR BASE BODY FOR CONVEYING LUBRICANT THERETHROUGH - A progressive distributor base body for distributing lubricant includes a first lubricant inlet channel, at least one second lubricant inlet channel, at least first and second cylinders each configured to slidably support a piston element, and a bore fluidly connecting at least one of the first and second lubricant inlet channels with a channel that is fluidly connected to the first and second cylinders. The progressive distributor base body is formed as one-piece without any seams and a longitudinal direction of the second lubricant inlet channel is parallel to a longitudinal direction of the bore.05-16-2013

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