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20090194367HUNTING STAND ACCESSORY DEVICE - An accessory shelf device mountable on the safety rail assembly of a hunting and observation stand. The accessory shelf device is expandable along its length to adjust to differently sized safety rail assemblies. The accessory shelf device may include a pivotal mount for attachment to the safety rail assembly allowing the device to be selectively rotated out of the area within the safety rail assembly. The accessory shelf device of the present invention may also include an adjustable gun rest assembly. The accessory shelf device of the present invention is also scalable so that two accessory shelf devices can be quickly and easily combined into a side-by-side configuration for use with larger hunting and observation stands that feature two or more seats.08-06-2009
20130075195EMERGENCY ACCESS APPARATUS AND METHOD - Emergency access apparatus including a ladder and at least one multi-functional emergency access module mounted on the ladder, the at least one multi-functional emergency access module including window glass shattering functionality and window frame engagement functionality.03-28-2013
20130037351LOCKING JOINT FOR COLLAPSIBLE LADDERS AND OTHER STRUCTURES - A rigid structure such as a ladder is disclosed having rotating hinges that allow the ladder to fold up and/or be disassembled and assembled. The hinge or hinges can be provided between ladder sections with one ladder section having a male hinge element, and another having a female hinge element. A cam element provided with the female hinge element can be moved between an unlocked position in which the ladder sections can rotate with respect to each other, and a locked position in which the structure is rigid.02-14-2013
20100012429Ladder Level - A ladder level clamps to an extension ladder to place the ladder level in a horizontal plane and on a 15-degree angle to a vertical structure. The tool includes clamping handles and is secured to the ladder by spring pressure clamping with position stops. The tool also comprises a vial holder that serves as a position indicator. To indicate position, the vial holder includes two bubble vials. The clamping handles connected to the vial holder allowing for clamping and unclamping of the device.01-21-2010
20100108442MOBILE EAVE HOOK SYSTEM AND METHOD - An anchoring device, system and method. The anchoring device, system and method can include one or more rolling hook devices designed to couple or be secured to a projection such as those associated with rooftops. The rolling hook devices can include an arched member and any number of wheels to facilitate positioning. The rolling hook device may further be coupled to one or more tethers that allow it to serve as an anchor or work in conjunction with any number of other devices that function together as an anchoring system.05-06-2010
20120217093Stepladder, system and method - A stepladder system having an object having a lug slot. The system has a stepladder. The stepladder has a ladder top having a plane having a periphery and a lug extending from the periphery which engages with the lug slot in an object so the object is held securely to the ladder top. A method of holding securely an object to a stepladder.08-30-2012
20090095568LADDER ACCESSORY - A ladder accessory has a marrying pocket, a handle adapted to hold a paint vessel, and magnetic tool retainment.04-16-2009
20110011676Vertical ventilation step - A firefighting roof ladder accessory that is designed to be supported by one rail and at least two rungs of a roof ladder. The accessory comprises a beam having two ends, at one end of said beam is secured a ladder rail box having disposed therein at least two bi-hooks for hooking onto said rungs, and secured to the other end of said beam a foot support, said accessory being designed to be used on a roof ladder having hooks to secure the ladder on the roof during fire fighting activities.01-20-2011
20110031066TOWER CLIMBING AND SERVICING DEVICE - A servicing system for a tower member including a first end portion that extends to a second end portion through an intermediate portion having an outer surface includes a climbing system operatively coupleable to the tower member. The climbing system includes at least one climbing module that is selectively operated to shift the climbing system along the tower member from the first end portion toward the second end portion. The servicing system also includes an operating system operatively coupled to the climbing system. The operating system includes at last one lifting motor and a maintenance member. The at least one lifting motor selectively shifts the operating system relative to the climbing system.02-10-2011
20110297482Ladder Step Attachment Device - A ladder step attachment made of a single, unitary piece of extruded aluminum having no moving parts. The attachment has a horizontal standing surface improved with a gripping surface, the standing surface having two notches for engaging the rails of a ladder and extending partially between the ladder rails. A lip connected to the standing surface presents a resilient member to abut the back side of the rung. A substantially tube-shaped support has a tube wall. One part of the tube wall shares a portion of the standing surface and another part of the tube wall engages the ladder's rails. A bend at the top of the rail engaging tube wall separates that portion of the tube wall from a substantially vertical portion of tube wall above the bend to facilitate removal.12-08-2011
20110284325Ladder Assembly Having The Function of a Carrier - A ladder assembly includes a ladder, two wheel carriers mounted on the ladder movably and rotatably, two wheels each rotatably mounted on a respective one of the wheel carriers, two fastening members each extended through a respective one of the wheel carriers and each secured on the ladder to attach the respective wheel carrier to the ladder, and a support rack pivotally mounted on the ladder. Thus, when the support rack and the wheels are expanded outward from the ladder, the ladder assembly can function as a carrier, and when the support rack and the wheels are folded onto the ladder, the ladder assembly can function as a ladder so that the ladder assembly both functions as a ladder and a carrier, thereby enhancing the versatility of the ladder assembly.11-24-2011
20120012424Universal Fan Support Bracket and Fan Assemblies for Elevated Work Platforms - An adjustable fan support frame for positioning an electric fan on a step ladder, scissor lift or other elevated working platform. The fan support frame may be configured for four-point attachments to be ladder or other elevated working platform. The fan may be attached to the frame by a pair of attachment arms with pivot joints, which may include an adjustable friction member to permit the fan to be rotated about the attachment arms and then fixed in a given orientation. The pivot arms may be similarly attached to the frame with pivot joints which may also be configured with friction members for controllable positioning of the arms with respect to the support frame. The frame may be supported by diagonal brace members coupled to the frame by a pivot joint and attached to the ladder or other elevated working platform via an attachment surface.01-19-2012
20090250294Mount and Attachment System - A system for mounting one of various demountable attachments on a ladder may comprise a mount having at least one post for receiving an attachment and a plurality of attachments, each having a receiver for the post of the mount.10-08-2009
20100051385Ladder Caddy - A device for attachment to a conventional type of ladder for holding tools and other diverse items in a position for convenient access by a workman on the ladder is described in two embodiments. In both embodiments the device includes a rigid, linearly elongated member carrying a pair of projections having free ends in opposing, spaced relation, the distance between the free ends being selectively adjustable by relative movement of the projections along an axis parallel to a spaced from the axis of the elongated member. In a first described embodiment, the elongated member is formed by a pair of tubular, telescopingly engaged members with one of the projections fixedly mounted to opposite ones ofthe pair of members. In the preferred embodiment, the elongated member is a one-piece rod with one of the projections fixedly connected thereto and the other projection mounted to a bracket which is slidable along the rod. The projections are positioned with the free ends spaced by a distance greater than the width of the ladder and the device is held with the projections outwardly adjacent openings in the ladder side rails at opposite ends of a selected one of the hollow rungs where the device is to be mounted. The projections are then relatively moved to decrease the distance between the free ends to cause the latter to extend through the openings in the side rails and into opposite ends of the selected rung, thereby releasably mounting the device to the ladder. The diverse items may then be supported by hooks mounted to the elongated member.03-04-2010
20090188752Ladder caddy and stabilizer - A ladder accessory or caddy that is connectible or removably mountable to the upper ends or rails of a ladder is adapted to position the ladder relative to a work structure and the ground and comprises an elongated rectangular shaped housing member and a resilient cushion member connected to the housing member. The housing has top and bottom walls, a pair of sidewalls, a forward and rearward end walls, and an interior wall. The walls cooperate to form a socket having an opening on the bottom, for receiving and closely fitting about the upper end portion of the ladder. The forward or cushioned end of the caddy is curvilinear and forms a “bull nose” for greater work surface contact area for stabilization. Also means for securing the caddy in position such as a biased latch may be provided to fix the caddy to the ladder while in use.07-30-2009
20090272602SUPPORT DEVICE - A support device for use with at least one of a stepladder, an extension ladder, and scaffolding, includes a base member manufactured from a first predetermined material and having a first predetermined shape and a first predetermined size. A height adjustable rod member is operably connected at a first end thereof to such base member. A brace member has a first end and a second end, such first end of such brace member being perpendicularly engaged with such elongated rod member. A securing mechanism is operably disposed on such second end of such brace member for securing such brace member to such at least one of such stepladder, such extension ladder, and such scaffolding,. At least one support member is releasably engageable with such second end of such rod member for supporting a predetermined object thereon.11-05-2009
20090294214FOLDING STEP STOOL - A step stool having a step and a handle pivotably connected to the step. The step has a top surface and a wall extending therefrom, the top surface and the wall defining a cavity. A pair of slots is formed through the step, each slot extending from a first end formed through the top surface to a second end formed through the wall. The handle is generally U-shaped and has a pair of arms, a middle section connected between the pair of arms, a first leg extending from an end of one of the pair of arms, and a second leg extending from an end of the other of the pair of arms. Each arm extends through one of the pair of slots formed in the step.12-03-2009
20110168493STEP LADDER ATTACHMENT - An apparatus, that can be manufactured by injection mold technology, easily attachable to and detachable from the top cap of a step ladder and for use mainly by carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and painters for holding tools, paintbrushes, paint cans and the like. The apparatus works with “old style” (simple wooden top, or similar) step ladders by sliding and/or hooking onto the step ladder's top cap via a folding “lip & tooth” and with “new style” (WERNER® top, or similar) step ladders by mating at least one “tooth” protruding from the folding “lip & tooth” with a corresponding slit(s) found on the top cap's edge.07-14-2011
20110203873Ladder tray - A tray for supporting tools, paint cans, painting supplies and the like is pivotally held in a selected position by an elongated frame removably attached to a ladder rail with at least a pair of hooks fitting over at least two rungs of the ladder enabling quick installation and removal from a straight ladder or extension ladder. The ladder tray includes a folding shelf, a shelf support, a rail embracing frame and hinge means connecting the shelf and support to the frame. The ladder tray frame is attached to the ladder by hooks engaging the rungs, whereby the elongated frame includes means for holding extending from its sides forming an elongated slot or groove cooperatively engaging a selected side rail of the ladder providing lateral support therefor. The ladder tray components are composed of plastic, structural foam material, aluminum, fiberglass, graphite material, wood, laminated or corrugated paper, or combinations thereof, or any other appropriately strong and light material. When mounted, the ladder tray extends out from one side of the ladder and does not prevent a user from climbing up or down the ladder. It may be folded down alongside the rail of the ladder to a space saving transport or storage position or may be folded and removed form the ladder to store. Due to the ladder tray's light weight and foldability, the ladder may easily be moved, carried, or even stored with the ladder tray in place. A variety of apertures in various sizes and shapes are adapted for holding tools and a plurality of depressions or raised areas forming grooves or ridges in the surface of the shelf provide safe movement resisting areas for temporary placement of cans, bottles, jugs, tools and the like on shelf areas.08-25-2011
20090166128LADDER CAP LIGHT - A ladder attachment configured to attach to a lateral member of the ladder at the upper portion. The ladder attachment has an illuminating portion providing light which can be utilized to identify the location of a ladder in, for example, an emergency situation.07-02-2009
20130213739Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Products Having Increased Weatherability, System and Method - Climbing products containing rails decorated using veil products colored, patterned, painted or in combination with marking methods such as company names and logos and resin formulation designed to withstand exposure to UV radiation with minimal change in appearance which create specific appearances for applications, enhance weathering performance, and facilitate processing efficiency. A combination of a filler free resin and coated veil systems to create a synergistic weather resistance surface with self contained color, pattern, picture, logo or combination of said same for climbing products. A system for producing components. Various methods, system, a ladder rail.08-22-2013
20120168251Self-climbing hoist, deck and scaffold platform system - The invention is a hoisting and placement system that also serves as a mobile land based complete crane system that is useful on a building under construction. The crane system can be installed on any floor that has been completed. As the height of the building of the building rises with upper floors that have been completed, the completed crane system can follow the upward work progress by virtue of its own construction. This construction includes a vertical tower mast system that can be attached to completed floors. The crane system can climb up or down on this tower mast system by using various mechanisms to engage one of the masts which form the tower mast system. The tower mast system can support various lengths loading platforms that can move into or out of a building floor.07-05-2012
20080202852Stowable boat ladder - A stowable ladder for a boat deck, including a base plate securable to the underside of a boat, a rotary plate secured for pivoting about an axis relative to the base plate (with the axis being generally vertical when the base plate is secured to a boat underside), a bracket on the underside of the rotary plate, and a swim ladder secured to the bracket. The ladder is movable relative to the bracket between a stowed position generally parallel to the rotary plate and a usable position depending downwardly therefrom in a generally vertical position. A latch secures the rotary plate relative to the base plate whereby the ladder in the stowed position extends generally transverse to the keel of the boat when secured thereto, and pivots between about 60° to 120° relative to the base plate when moving between the stowed position and the usable position.08-28-2008
20110005863PROTECTIVE ARTICLE AND A LADDER HAVING A PROTECTIVE ARTICLE - A protective article and a ladder having a protective article with a body and an adjustable securing feature to attach the protective article to the ladder to cushion against impact by a user is disclosed.01-13-2011
20100147624SAFETY LINE ANCHOR - An anchor for securing a safety line to a container having an opening defined by an upstanding rim comprises a bar which is longer than the opening is wide. A pair of hooks are connected to the anchor bar by hook mounts. The hooks open downward toward ends of the anchor bar such that the rim of the access opening may be secured between each hook and an associated end of the anchor bar. A mounting tab is connected to an end of each hook below a hook bend. A safety line connector may be connected to either tab through a hole formed therein. The mounting tabs project outward to permit connection of a safety line thereto even when the access opening is covered. A third mounting tab, to which a safety line connector may be connected, is pivotally secured around the anchor bar.06-17-2010
20090084629Intermediate Bracket - An intermediate bracket for a fall arrest system mounted on a structure comprises a securing member (04-02-2009
20090084628LADDER WITH INCORPORATED SOUND SYSTEM - A ladder including a sound system comprising a at least one pair of generally parallel legs, a plurality of steps extending between said pair of legs, and a sound system mounted between said pair of legs near the top thereof, the sound system including a media player, and at least one speaker operably connected thereto.04-02-2009
20090101437LADDER TRANSPORT SYSTEM - A ladder transport system is disclosed. The ladder transport system comprises a mounting bracket, an axle coupled to the mounting bracket, at least one wheel attached to the axle; and a fender attached to the mounting bracket and disposed in a way that the wheel is protected from being stepped on by a user.04-23-2009
20090229918LADDERS, LADDER COMPONENTS AND RELATED METHODS - Ladders, ladder components and related methods are provided. In some embodiments, adjustable stepladders are provided which include locking mechanisms that enable height adjustment of the ladder through application of a force towards the rails of the ladder. In other embodiments, spreader mechanisms are provided with cross bracing located and configured to provide additional stability to the ladder while also incorporating a handle that enables efficient collapsing of the ladder while reducing the potential of pinching ones hands or fingers. In another embodiment, a device is provided for selective coupling with the ladder that includes a support or safety rail and an adjustable tray. The device may be coupled with the ladder in a number of different positions including a stowed position. In another embodiment, a hinge assembly is provided having a magnetic component configured to be magnetically coupled with and temporarily store an object on the ladder.09-17-2009
20100163341VEHICLE-MOUNTED PERSONNEL ACCESS PLATFORM ASSEMBLY WITH BALLISTIC PROTECTION - A vehicle-mounted personnel access platform assembly with ballistic protection is designed for mounting on a tactical vehicle. The platform assembly includes at least one mounting brace, and at least one access platform carried by the mounting brace. The access platform defines a raised horizontal surface for supporting personnel at an elevated location adjacent a body of the tactical vehicle. A ballistic wall adjacent the access platform is adapted for residing a spaced distance from the body of the tactical vehicle to protect personnel staged on the access platform.07-01-2010
20120103726Tool Tray For A STEP LADDER - The tray or tray assembly of this invention allows hobbyists and professionals working on a step ladder to have easy and stable access to their tools and equipment. The tray is attached directly or by way of a support backing to struts on the ladder such that it projects outwards from the front or back to which it is attached. The tray or tray assembly can be built with a bracket that opposed diverging channels that engage diverging struts on the ladder so as to support the tray and its contents. As a result, the tray is vertically positioned within the footprint of the ladder, providing a convenient, stable, and safe arrangement by which the user may attend to the task at hand.05-03-2012
20090078504Method and stepladder with a tray - A stepladder includes a front section having a right front rail and a left front rail in parallel and spaced relation with the right front rail, and front steps attached to the right and left front rails. The ladder includes a rear section having a right rear rail and a left rear rail in parallel and spaced relation with the right rear rail, and a rear horizontal attached to the right rear rail and the left rear rail. The ladder includes a top to which the front and rear sections are connected. The ladder includes a tray pivotally attached to the right and left rear rails having a closed position essentially in parallel with the right and left rear rails and an opened position essentially in parallel with ground, the tray pivoting up from the closed position to the open position. A method for using a stepladder. The method includes the steps of positioning a front section and a rear section of the stepladder attached to a top of the stepladder. There is the step of pivoting up a tray pivotally attached to a right rear rail and a left rear rail of a rear section of the stepladder from a closed position essentially in parallel with the right and left rear rails to an opened position essentially in parallel with ground.03-26-2009
20100224445STEPLADDERS AND RELATED METHODS - Stepladders and related methods of using and manufacturing stepladders are provided. In one embodiment, a stepladder is provided that comprises a top cap, a first assembly and a second assembly. The first assembly has a pair of spaced apart rails pivotally coupled with the top cap. The second assembly includes at least one rail pivotally coupled with the top cap. The first assembly and second assembly are configured to be displaced relative one another such that the stepladder is selectively positionable between a first, deployed state and a second, collapsed state. The first assembly, the second assembly and the top cap are cooperatively configured such that the at least one rail of the second assembly is at least partially nested within an envelope defined by the pair of spaced apart rails of the first assembly with the step ladder is in a collapsed state.09-09-2010
20100213008Fixation-Arrangement - An arrangement for a fixation, which is applied to a ladder is provided. The ladder includes at least one hollow rung. A bolt is located longitudinally and inside the hollow rung. The bolt includes at its first side an eye, which is used as attachment-point for attachment-purposes, while the eye is located outside the hollow rung on a first side of the ladder. The bolt includes at its second side an interlock, which can be engaged at a second side of the ladder firmly but detachably, so a movable attachment-point is originated at the ladder by the hollow-rung, by the inserted bolt and by the eye and the interlock, which are connected with the bolt.08-26-2010
20100236865Ladder Access Control Kit And Ladder Assembly Including Access Control Apparatus - A ladder access control kit and a ladder assembly including access control apparatus are provided. The kit includes a planar barrier and a first member having a first support structure to movably support the barrier and a first attachment mechanism to secure the first support structure at a first side of the ladder. The barrier is movable within a plane of the barrier between an access position to allow access to the ladder and a blocking position to prevent access to the ladder. The kit also includes a second member including a second support structure and a second attachment mechanism to secure the second support structure at a second side of the ladder spaced apart from the first side of the ladder. The kit further includes a locking device to fasten the barrier to the second support structure in a locked condition of the device and in the blocking position of the barrier to prevent unauthorized access to the ladder.09-23-2010
20110056768Clydesdale saw horse - The present invention provides a metal, height-adjustable, folding sawhorse, easily assembled in moments, strong enough for heavy loads, and, when no longer needed, easily collapsed into a compact, flat package for storage or transport. Manufactured by the Fabricated Metal Products industry, the Clydesdale Saw Horse is fabricated of a lightweight steel allow or a fairly heavy gauge aluminum alloy.03-10-2011
20110056767Ladder Tool Box The "LTB" - The ladder tool box is a plastic toolbox designed to attach to the top rung of an “A” frame type ladder. It has three drop down drawers for tool and misc. screw storage. The ladder tool box rests on the top rung of any “A” frame type ladder and secures to the sides of the ladder frame. The ladder tool box is designed to stop the use of the warning rung on the ladder as well as to utilize the space for tool and misc. screw storage.03-10-2011
20110056766Ladder tool bag the "LTB" - The “LTB” is designed to attach to an “A” frame ladder. The concept consists of stopping the use of the “A” frame ladder warning rung and to utilize the warning rung space to store tools.03-10-2011
20100288584ROTATING PLATFORM FOR OBSERVATION, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND/OR HUNTING - A highly stable rotating platform with a base, a roller deck assembly on top of the base, and a shooting deck coupled to the roller deck via leg assemblies. The leg assemblies contain two vertical members with an angled cross member between the vertical members providing strength and stability. Bi-directional, unrestricted rotation of the roller deck assembly and shooting deck (in an unlimited number of degrees—e.g. multiple rotations) is accomplished by wheels in the roller deck which rotate around, and to the outside of, a safety guide attached to the base. The wheels may protrude through the top of the roller deck permitting the operator to precisely, easily, and smoothly rotate the roller deck and shooting deck by only moving his/her foot on the protruding wheel thereby not substantially changing their position relative to the shooting deck. The wheels may also be cambered and/or crowned to add lateral stiffness.11-18-2010
20100300807Half step - ‘The Half Step’ provides new working heights for ladders approximately half way between the existing rungs of a ladder and will hopefully improve the lives, backs, necks and shoulders of anyone who has ever had to or ever will have to work from a ladder at an awkward position because the rungs of existing ladders are so far apart.12-02-2010
20130140111Safety ladder warning device - The present invention relates to the user warning device embedded in a step ladder that is suited for craftsmen or workmen or for the ladders used in homes to change a bulb or climbing in the attic and the same technology could be adopted in the extension ladders as well. However, it is not about how safe the ladder is, but it is about embedded “Safety Feature” within the “Safety Ladder” and how it warns the user and prevents the accidents that occur, due to human factor in using these “So Called Safety Ladders”. The warnings are both audio and visual.06-06-2013
20110079466MOBILITY DEVICES AND METHODS - A mobility device including multiple levels at different heights, beginning with a first level at substantially 4 to 6 inches from a floor surface, and with every subsequent level substantially 4 to 6 inches above the last level, and including a surface on the levels for a user to pull themselves onto, one level at a time, until the user is at a height by which they may either sit on a chair or regain their footing.04-07-2011
20110079467Side of ladder accessory - This accessory is adapted for connecting to the side rails of ladders, step ladders and scaffolding. The embodiment of these connecting brackets are designed to hold a tool box at the side of the ladder by engaging the leg of the ladder in two brackets that are tightened by an all thread bolt together. These two brackets also have another bracket that rides on them, all are uniquely interlocked together. This last bracket is named a hanger bracket, having two pins protruding from it, the top one is a hanger pin, the other, angle pin as it adjusts the tool box to the angle of the ladder, the tool box is hung over the head of the hanger pin and into a hole in the tool box and adjusted with the angle pin. The tool box holds a gallon of paint, space for tools, a side tool bar, a roller pan holder. All can be used at one time on a ladder or scaffold. These brackets can be placed at any point on a ladder, step ladder, or scaffold, as there are special brackets that fit inside the ladder brackets that make this adjustment. This also makes them another unique part of this accessory.04-07-2011
20090218166SCAFFOLD AUXILIARY SHELF - An auxiliary shelf attachment for mobile scaffolds having a platform member and at least two vertically extending posts with multiple axially spaced apertures includes a substantially planar shelf member having a proximal edge, two side edges, and a distal edge adjacent which two legs are hingedly secured. Also included are attachment rods or hooks disposed adjacent corners of each of the two side edges and the proximal edge for removable attachment of the planar shelf member to two of the elongated posts.09-03-2009
20110100753TROLLEY OF OVERHEAD CRANE - The invention relates to a trolley (05-05-2011
20110247896"TSL" Tool Storage Ladder - The tool storage ladder is an “A frame type ladder designed without a warning rung and in place of the common ladder warning rung is a tool storage compartment. The tool storage ladder is designed to stop the use of the warning rung on an “A” frame type ladder and completely stop ladder warning rung accidents on an “A frame type ladder. The compartment can be made from metal, fiberglass, wood or plastic composite. The ladder can also be made from metal, fiberglass, wood or plastic composite.10-13-2011
20100089699SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR SUPPORTIVE SCAFFOLDING - A scaffold system includes at least two essentially vertical support assemblies having an upper end and a lower end, wherein each essentially vertical support assembly includes at least two vertical support members connected by at least one horizontal member. A platform is attached proximate to the upper ends of the at least two essentially vertical support assemblies, wherein the vertical support assemblies are positioned to be proximate to a structure. One or more gap fillers are movably attached adjacent to the platform along at least a portion of the platform length and are configured to extend at least a portion of the platform towards the structure. One or more movable gates are attached to the essentially vertical support assemblies of one or more movable scaffolds, wherein the movable scaffolds are configured to be positioned on opposite sides of the structure to enable access to a top of the structure, and the movable gates may be connected to each other over the top of the structure.04-15-2010
20120199418TREE STAND SOUND DAMPENER - A tree stand comprises a metal post, a lower platform pivotably coupled to the metal post for pivoting between a platform extended position and a platform folded position, an upper seat pivotably coupled to the post for pivoting between a seat extended position and a seat folded position, and a rubber or polymeric interface having a thickness of at least ⅛ of an inch and contacting the post and at least one of lower platform when lower platform is in the platform folded position, and the upper seat when the upper seat is in the seat folded position.08-09-2012
20110042166Ladder safety device - A portable safety device locks onto a step of a ladder to provide cushioning for the legs and to prevent the user from tipping the ladder sideways. The device comprises a center component connected to two U-shaped leg braces, a closeable handle, and a retractable clamp. The retractable clamp is extended when the closeable handle is opened and retracted when the closeable handle is closed. In the retracted position, the clamp securely grasps the front and rear edges of a selected step on the ladder to effectively attach the device to the ladder in an operable position. The two leg braces partially surround the user's lower legs, between the ankle and the knee, and include a cushion material for added comfort when the user's legs lean against the braces. The leg braces attach to the center component by locking into a horizontal track which allows the braces to be separated or brought together to adjust for the user's natural stance and leg separation. The leg braces help to stabilize the user when standing on the ladder and discourage the user from leaning dangerously too far to either side of the ladder, thereby preventing the ladder from tipping and possibly injuring the user.02-24-2011
20120199417Remote Controlled Overhead Ladder System - A remote controlled overhead ladder system including a ladder structure having at least a first section and a second section. The ladder structure can be mounted to a support structure located above an opening of the overhead surface, and can include a remote controlled lifting cable connected to the first and second sections such that upon receipt of a remote control signal, the lifting cable pivots the second section toward a front surface of the first section until the second section is oriented adjacent to the front surface of the first section, at which time the lifting cable pivots the first section and the adjacent second section as a group toward the overhead surface until the ladder sections are contained above the overhead surface.08-09-2012
20110114418LADDER STABILIZATION DEVICE - A convenient ladder stabilization device for holding a ladder in place on a support surface. The device may attach to a lower rung of a ladder and extend and contact the support surface behind the ladder. The device of the present invention acts to secure and stabilize the bottom of the ladder to prevent the base of the ladder from sliding, skidding, or otherwise moving while a user is on the ladder. The present invention further provides for a lightweight and easy to use device that may be removably attached to any conventional ladder. The ladder stabilization device does not require any material alteration to the ladder and thus will not void the warranty of a conventional ladder when used in combination. The present invention improves user safety and reduces the need for having a second individual support the base of the ladder.05-19-2011
20100025153ACCESSORY HOLDING DEVICE FOR LADDER ASSEMBLY - An accessory holding device for a ladder assembly includes a body member and at least one mounting member. The body member includes a primary compartment and a plurality of secondary compartments integrally configured with the primary compartment such that the primary compartment is disposed between a first compartment and a second compartment of the plurality of secondary compartments. The primary compartment and the plurality of secondary compartments of the body member are capable of receiving accessories therein. Further, the at least one mounting member adjustably coupled to one of the primary compartments and the plurality of secondary compartments of the body member. The at least one mounting member is capable of removably mounting the body member to the ladder assembly for holding the accessories.02-04-2010
20100025152SCAFFOLDING PLATFORM WITH MATERIALS LEDGE - Scaffolding for use along a wall of a building includes at least one mast and a platform supported in an elevated position on the mast. The platform has a deck and a walk board below the front edge of the deck for supporting workmen along the wall of the building. In addition, the platform has a materials ledge that is located above the deck immediately behind the front edge of the deck, so that workmen on the walk board may easily retrieve materials and tools that are on the ledge.02-04-2010
20100018801APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR LADDER STEP PREVENTION DEVICE - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed to prevent a user from using the top step of a ladder. The apparatus comprises a substantially solid front face on which a first side flap and second side flap are disposed. The first and second side flaps are disposed at an angle to the front face in order to create a spring force when inserted in a “C” shaped cross section of a ladder. The apparatus is held to a ladder through the spring force and by securing the side flaps and front face to the ladder legs.01-28-2010
20100219018PLATFORM LIFT - A platform lift for use with a vehicle includes a platform assembly having a plurality of support legs, and a lift mechanism having a support portion moveable between at least a first position and a second position. The platform assembly may be configured to be supported by the support portion when the support portion is in the first position, and further configured to be supported by the support legs substantially independent from the lift mechanism and the vehicle when the support portion is in the second position.09-02-2010
20090283361MULTI-TOOL LADDER TOP - A ladder top has a top panel, a groove formed in the top panel, a first drill hole formed in the top panel adjacent the groove, a second drill hole formed in the top panel, a magnet box formed in the top panel adjacent the groove, and a magnet positioned in the magnet box. The groove extends from the first side of the top panel to the second side of the top panel. The groove has a flat portion and an angular portion. The flat portion has a first portion and a second portion. The angular portion is positioned between the first portion and the second portion of the flat portion. The angular portion has a generally V-shape. The first drill hole and the second drill hole are polygonal in shape.11-19-2009
20110024233MAINTENANCE PLATFORM FOR WIND TURBINES - There is provided a suspendable maintenance platform for accessing a blade of a wind turbine. The platform includes arms for holding a maintenance unit, a frame onto which each arm is movably attached in a joint enabling planar movement, and means for supporting the frame in relation to the wind turbine tower. The maintenance unit is slidably attached to the arms that are configured for positioning the platform in relation to the blade, and wherein the frame is configured to be in close proximity to the turbine tower.02-03-2011
20090120719AERODYNAMIC LADDER COVER AND TOOL BAG - An aerodynamic ladder cover has been devised to provide an aerodynamic shape to the leading edges of a ladder while in transport. The cover includes a rigid curved forward-facing nosepiece. The nosepiece is substantially semi-cylindrical and its rigidity maintains a smooth-contoured convex surface facing the wind. In one embodiment of the invention, the rigid nosepiece is provided as an insert within layers of a soft cover overlying material. In this embodiment of the invention, the ladder cover is attached to the ladder by straps which extend from a back end of the cover. The construction of the ladder cover and straps permits the cover to be conveniently used as a contractor's tool bag.05-14-2009
20110315479Article Storage Facility - A vertically movable work platform is suspended and supported by a plurality of suspension wires fed out from one or more of winding rotating bodies which is rotated such that the vertically movable work platform is vertically moved by the rotation of the one or more of winding rotating bodies. A support for receiving and supporting the lowering vertically movable work platform at a work height, and a stopper for preventing the rotation of the winding rotating body in a direction which tends to lower the vertically movable work platform when the vertically movable work platform reaches the work height are provided.12-29-2011
20110315478Rolling Toe Assist - A ladder, system, and methods are disclosed. The ladder is used on a steep-pitched roof and has a first section with rungs, a second section connected to the first section, a third section connected to the second section, and a paw pivotally connected to the third section. The third section has a length less than or equal to a length of the second section, and the third section also has a length less than a distance between a first rung of the rungs and an end of the first section. The ladder can be used in a system that utilizes the ladder and a roof anchor apparatus, where the roof-anchor apparatus has two portions and two shoes interconnected to the portions. A method includes positioning the ladder and then positioning the roof anchor apparatus, on and over a steep-pitched roof, respectively.12-29-2011
20120043161Scaffold Storage Plank - The present invention comprises a scaffolding system with scaffolding frames and at least one scaffold storage plank. The scaffold storage plank comprises of a body that contains a storage reservoir capable of holding tools or equipment. The scaffold storage plank further comprises a folding sectional cover to the storage reservoir and allows assess to the storage reservoir when the cover is in its open position. When the cover is in its closed position the scaffold storage plank functions as a means of support. The scaffold storage plank may be locked to the scaffolding structure in the closed position so that tools and equipment stored within the scaffolding system are secure.02-23-2012
20120043160Scaffold Storage Plank - The present invention comprises a scaffolding system with scaffolding frames and at least one scaffold storage plank. The scaffold storage plank comprises of a body that contains a storage reservoir capable of holding tools or equipment. The scaffold storage plank further comprises a cover to the storage reservoir and allows assess to the storage reservoir when the cover is in its open position. When the cover is in its closed position, the scaffold storage plank functions as a means of support. The scaffold storage plank may be locked to the scaffolding structure in the closed position so that tools and equipment stored within the scaffolding system are secure.02-23-2012
20090152047TOOL SUPPORT FOR LADDER - A tool holder for a ladder for supporting heavy or irregularly shaped tools. The tool holder includes a clamping member adapted to be removably coupled to the rail of a ladder and also includes a tool receiver securely attached to the clamping member in opposition to the ladder rail. An aperture is created between the tool receiver and the clamping member for engagement with a gripping flange adapted to be secured to a tool.06-18-2009
20120111667Collapsible Saw Horses - A saw horse combination includes two saw horses. Each saw horse has a beam, first and second brackets disposed respectively at the ends of the beam, and legs pivotably attached to the brackets for supporting the beam. A locking mechanism is also provided for connecting the first and second horses. The locking mechanism includes a first latch movably connected to a bracket of the first saw horse, and a second latch movably connected to a bracket of the second saw horse. These latches are movable between a first position where the latches do not engage and a second position where the latches engage.05-10-2012
20120006620Electrician's ladder and method - A stepladder having a front side, a rear side and a top. The stepladder can include a conduit holder attached to the front side for holding conduit. The stepladder can include a first wire spool holder attached to the front side and a second wire spool holder attached to the rear side though which a conduit having a wire spool extends. The stepladder can include a hacksaw hook attached to the front side. A method for cutting a conduit. A method for using a hacksaw. A method for obtaining wire.01-12-2012
20120205196Spa Stair Apparatus and Methods with Convertible Steps - A spa or hot tub stair assembly or apparatus having at least one step which is convertible by repositioning to provide different shaped sides. The different shaped sides can be used to better fit the outer shape of the associated spa. The individual step or steps are removable and have connection features which detachably connect with connection features upon one or more pieces forming a base. The base may be provided in the form of a pair of upright supports upon which one or more steps are supported. The assembly may advantageously be provided with one or more storage drawers or other bins which are preferably slidable for easy access.08-16-2012
20120152654UAV-DELIVERED DEPLOYABLE DESCENT DEVICE - An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) may be used to deliver a descent system to an elevated location at which people await rescue, such as people trapped in an upper story of a burning building. The UAV may deliver the descent system, attach it to the building, and deploy the descent system. After deployment, the descent system may be tensioned to prevent sway and facilitate descent. Standoffs may be installed or integrated into the descent system to provide for adequate handholds for descending individuals. Various equipment and methods used in such systems are described herein.06-21-2012
20110088974Entertainment table - This invention is directed to providing an entertainment table from a readily accessible ladder, preferably an extension ladder, available in most households. In particular, the ladder is supported by a pair of saw-horse type supports at opposite ends of the ladder and various sized and shaped open-ended containers with extensions at their respective open ends are supported from and between pairs of spaced rungs of the ladder. The ladder may also be provided with an elongated planar support with one or more various sized and shaped openings therein and which planar support is supported by and along the rungs of the ladder or by and along the rails of the ladder. Also, the ladder may be provided with a plurality of support plates aligned side by side and supported by the opposing rails of the ladder with some of said support plates having a shaped opening therein. Various sized and shaped open-ended containers with peripherally extending lips are placed within the various sized and shaped openings of the elongated planar support or the aligned side-by-side support plates.04-21-2011
20120312635Ladder Guard - A ladder guard secured between the rungs and stringers of the ladder to prevent use of the rungs as footholds or handholds and deter ascension of the ladder, especially by children. The ladder guard is constructed from compressible material of a desired resiliency allows an adult to deform the invention for insertion or removal between two adjacent stringers.12-13-2012
20120125714Play Structure Safety Device - Many family homes, school and municipal parks have play structures for children. Typically these playground play structures have ladders. In the case of family homes in particular, toddlers typically enjoy climbing the ladders but then are stuck at the top and in danger of falling off the ladder. In order to prevent toddlers from climbing the ladder of the play structures when unattended by an adult, and ultimately preventing injury, an invention that prevents the ladder from being climbed by a toddler is presented here.05-24-2012
20090211843LADDER PAD ASSEMBLY AND SYSTEM - Implementations of the present disclosure provide a ladder pad assembly for use with a ladder having at least one rail and at least one pair of rungs are provided. In some implementations, the ladder pad assembly includes a body having a volume of padding material provided therein, and a fastening arrangement that is attached to body. The body is configured to wrap around the rail to be at least partially disposed between rungs of the at least one pair of rungs, and the fastening arrangement is arranged to releasably secure the body to the rail.08-27-2009
20120228058Step Guard - A step guard device that enables a user to prevent a small or unsupervised child from ascending a ladder such as the type commonly used with swing sets, tree house, and the like by preventing the small child from accessing one or more rungs or steps of the ladder. The step guard device is preferably comprised of a barricade and an attachment device for removably attaching said device to the ladder. The device can also be positioned along the ladder so as to permit bigger children and/or adults to safely traverse the device and use the ladder to enjoy the structure to which it is attached.09-13-2012
20120228059PORTABLE LADDER WITH A STAND OFF DEVICE - A portable ladder has two stiles interconnected by rungs. The ladder is provided with a stand off device, including two stand off arm assemblies, each being telescopically inserted into a receiving space. Each stand off arm assembly has a base part and a stand off arm interconnected by a hinge that allows the stand off arm to be pivoted between a position in alignment with the base part and an angled stand off position. The stand off arm assemblies are each configured such that—in extended position—the hinge is located outside the receiving space with the base part being located within said receiving space, and also such that—in retracted position—the base part, the hinge, as well as at least a portion of the stand off arm are located within the receiving space.09-13-2012
20120267195LADDER CARRYING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MODIFYING A LADDER - An apparatus for carrying a ladder includes a base, a handle connected to the base, and fingers spaced from one another on the base and generally extending away from the handle. Each of the fingers has a hooked end. A compressible biasing member on the base at least partially extends toward the hooked ends to bias a ladder rail against the hooked ends when the fingers are placed around the ladder rail. The compressible biasing member may be a spring, a flexible tab, a foam pad, or other compressible member. A method of modifying a ladder is also provided.10-25-2012
20120325583Ladder Top with Tool Lasso Slot - The present invention pertains to a ladder top for a stepladder. The top comprises a plane having a front and a rear. The plane has a bin with a curved front side adjacent the front of the plane for holding small electrical parts. The plane has at least one screwdriver hole for holding the screwdriver. The plane has a hammer/drill holster slot. The plane has a pliers slot. The plane has a wire strippers slot and a channel locks slots. A method for using a ladder top for a stepladder.12-27-2012
20110209945Scaffold and method - A scaffold includes a first end frame assembly. The scaffold includes a second end frame assembly. The scaffold includes a first side brace assembly supported by the first end frame assembly and the second end frame assembly. The scaffold includes a second side brace assembly supported by the first end frame assembly and the second end frame assembly. Each end frame assembly has a first rail with holes and a caster assembly and a second rail with holes and a caster assembly, and a horizontal that is attached to each rail. Each side brace assembly has a locking pin in proximity to each end which engages with a hole in a respective rail, and an associated guard disposed about each pin. Each locking pin has a handle which has a length that extends below the associated guard on an interior side of the guard. A method for a scaffold.09-01-2011
20120298450Retractible child vanity step - A method and apparatus that consists of a Retractable Child Vanity Step. The object of this invention is designed to fit inside of a bathroom vanity lower floor compartment. A child or a short person can easily pull the Retractable Child Vanity Step, step on it to allow his or her to reach the sink faucets, soap or any other articles on the surface of the sink. When finished and stepped down on the floor, the Retractable Child Vanity Step can be pushed back into the vanity out of the way. The design allows for a very easy installation into the vanity.11-29-2012
20120325582FIRE SERVICE ELEVATOR - A fire service elevator includes an elevator cage with a cage roof, a first side wall and a second side wall. The elevator cage is at least partly supported and driven by at least one support. The elevator cage is looped under by at least one support so that the at least one support runs along the two opposite side walls. The fire service elevator is designed so that the elevator cage in an operating state reaches speeds of more than 1 meter per second. The elevator cage includes at least one protective element which is arranged substantially above a side wall so that extinguishing water falling onto the cage roof in the case of fire is substantially prevented from wetting the at least one support means.12-27-2012
20120325581WORK PLATFORM - The invention concerns a work platform for use in connection with work on a wing blade for a wind energy plant, where the work platform is typically used for working on a wing blade which is brought to a substantially vertical position, and where the work platform is hoisted up and down from a position above the workplace, typically from a region close to the root end of the wing or from the rotor hub. The work platform is provided with space for a person and is preferably adapted for positioning along a leading or trailing edge of a wing blade, and is further including at least two projecting arms for contact against the surface of the wing, where the projecting arms are provided with protective means between the arm and the wing surface. By such a work platform, the most comfortable working conditions can be achieved, as the work platform itself is particularly adapted for use in connection with wings for wind energy plants, and particularly because the projecting arms bear on the surfaces of the wing, whereby the movements of the work platform are secured in relation to the movements of the wing.12-27-2012
20100155177Portable workstation for a ladder - A portable workstation for a ladder includes: a base section having a work area; a supporting surface adapted to rest upon an outer surface of the legs; a retaining section adapted to extend between and past the legs; a lateral cavity in a lower surface of the retaining section, adapted to engage with the rung; and a lateral aperture in the retaining section, adapted to receive a rod underneath the legs of the ladder that extends beyond the legs of the ladder so as to press up against an inner surface of the legs. When the rod is inserted into the aperture, the workstation rests upon the legs and rung, and the rod presses up against the legs to retain the workstation.06-24-2010
20100170749POOL LADDER SAFETY SYSTEM - A safety system for a swimming pool ladder is described for use in above-ground swimming pools. The safety system can comprise a frame covered with fabric or other enclosure permanently or temporarily affixed to the ladder and/or the sidewall of an above-ground swimming pool. The fabric can comprise a plurality of vent holes to prevent excessive side loads caused by water currents. The safety system can be detachably coupled to the ladder using a tab and slot configuration. The safety system can prevent objects from entering and becoming trapped between the pool sidewall and the pool ladder.07-08-2010
20100084221Sawhorse accessory - The sawhorse accessory includes a an elongate attachment for removable installation atop a sawhorse rail. Each attachment includes a plurality of transverse V-shaped notches therein, with the notches each having a ninety degree included angle. Two sawhorses, each having one of the accessories attached thereto, are placed parallel to one another, with the notched accessories providing for the secure placement of elongate workpieces (corner molding, etc.) thereacross. Each of the workpieces has a right angle edge that fits securely within the notches of the sawhorse accessories. The sawhorse accessories hold the workpieces securely for sanding, painting, varnishing, staining, and the like, precluding turning of the workpieces due to pressure from a paintbrush or other tool during the work. The workpiece supports may be attached to the sawhorses by clamps, elastic bungee cords, or by bolting to the sawhorse rail.04-08-2010
20130175119COLLAPSIBLE LADDER - A collapsible ladder (07-11-2013
20130112501Three section extension ladder and method - An extension ladder including a base section having two side rails with rungs spanning horizontally between them. The extension ladder including an intermediate fly section having two side rails with rungs spanning horizontally between them. The intermediate fly section slidably attached to the base section. The extension ladder including a top fly section having two side rails with rungs spanning horizontally between them, the top fly section sliding attached to the intermediate fly section with the intermediate fly section disposed between the base and the top fly section. The extension ladder including a handle having a first strap portion attached to the base section having a first buckle portion, and a second strap portion attached to the top fly section having a second buckle portion that engages with the first buckle portion when the base section, intermediate fly section and top fly section are in a folded state. A method of moving an extension ladder.05-09-2013
20130112502Ladder Caddy - A ladder caddy, including a planar panel having an upper surface, a lower surface and a height, at least one first aperture defined in the planar panel and extending through the height of the planar panel, and at least one lip extending from the lower surface of the planar panel, the at least one lip circumscribing a first recess.05-09-2013
20110209946STEP STOOL - A step tool has front and rear leg tubes, a bottom and top footplate, a connection device for connecting the footplate and the leg tubes, a lock catch device of the top footplate. The front leg tubes are joined to the rear leg tubes rotatably. The foreside of the top footplate joins to the front leg tubes rotatably. A rail is fixed on the rear leg tubes. The lock catch is disposed on the top footplate and is detachedly connected to the rail. The lock catch device includes two connecting ears, a rotation axis, a lock catch and a torsion spring.09-01-2011
20130146394Electrician's Ladder Top and Method - The present invention pertains to a ladder top for a stepladder. The top comprises a plane having a front and a rear. The plane has a bin with a curved front side adjacent the front of the plane for holding small electrical parts. The plane has at least one screwdriver hole for holding the screwdriver. The plane has a hammer/drill holster slot. The plane has a pliers slot. The plane has a wire strippers slot and a channel locks slots. A method for using a ladder top for a stepladder.06-13-2013
20120273304COMBINED PORTABLE STEP STOOL AND WORKPIECE SUPPORT DEVICE - A combined step stool and workpiece support device (11-01-2012
20120273303Apparatus and Method for Boarding Animals onto a Boat - A boat boarding apparatus for boarding animals onto a boat and methods of using the apparatus. The apparatus has a set of boat boarding steps, a first mounting assembly attached to said boarding steps for connecting said boarding steps to said boat ladder and a second mounting assembly for connecting said boarding steps to said boat ladder. The mounting assemblies provide resistance forces for securing the ladder, with the resistance forces being opposing forces to one another.11-01-2012
20110232996Special Ladder Hook Device - A ladder hook device developed and designed to provide a unique combination that is specifically self leveling. The device may be used with an extension or step ladder for a temporary means to provide a ladder hook device which can be easily and quickly put in place onto a ladder for use in securing buckets of paint and other materials, then quickly removed at the finish of the work. It is comprised of a hooking means with features made of a durable, flat and flexible material and having a front and a rear surface and a means to connect and secure the device to a ladder for use with a bucket or the like.09-29-2011
20110272212SCAFFOLDING STAGE SUPPORT EXTENSION - A support extension for a scaffolding system to provide additional work area for storage of tools, brackets, trim, lumber, siding or other building materials and particularly to a set of staging insertions configured to match transom support tubing and extend laterally through a transom support and be secured to a staging member.11-10-2011
20110272211PAINT ROLLER TRAY MOUNTING DEVICE - A paint roller tray mounting device includes a platform that has a width sized to fit between first and second side rung supports of a ladder, a length sufficient to support a paint roller tray. The platform has a recess in an upper surface sized and shaped to provide a gripping surface for a ladder rung. At least two securing hooks have a hooking end and an attaching end. The hooks are symmetrically attached at the attaching end adjacent opposite edges of the platform. The hooks extend from at least a lower surface of the platform to a surrounding upper edge of the paint roller tray. The hooks have a tightening device for urging the tray and the platform together. The platform is located beneath the ladder rung or a top shelf of a step ladder. The paint roller tray is located above either the rung or the top shelf.11-10-2011
20130180802LADDER SAFETY DEVICE, SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF ARRESTING FALLS FROM LADDERS - A ladder safety device, systems and methods of arresting falls from ladders are provided. The ladder safety device includes a safety guide that extends along the length of an extension ladder. The length of the guide along the length of the ladder extends and contracts in unison with the extension and retraction of the extension ladder, and a tension is maintained on the guide to maintain a load during use of the ladder for climbing.07-18-2013
20120018252ELEVATOR ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD - Method in the use of a construction-time elevator, in which method the supporting platform that supports the elevator car of the elevator is lifted higher in the elevator hoistway with a hoisting device supported on a support structure. In the method the supporting platform is suspended from the support structure via at least one hoisting device and rope comprised in the hoisting device and the supporting platform is lifted upwards in the elevator hoistway with a lifting ratio of 1:x, where x is greater than 1.01-26-2012
20130192924DEVICE FOR HOLDING ITEMS/TOOLS ON LADDER - A support is mounted to a hollow end of at least one rung of an associated ladder. The support includes a body having a platform surface and a mounting member extending upwardly from the body. The mounting member is dimensioned for receipt in the hollow end of the rung. This arrangement provides a low center of gravity for the platform surface. The body includes openings, arms, shoulders, etc. for receiving various items such as paint brushes, scrapers, tools, cans, etc. A recess is received around a perimeter portion of the leg to enhance stability of the support when mounted to the ladder. The support is preferably molded from a plastic or other electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive material.08-01-2013
20130199875TREESTAND BOW HOLDER AND RELATED METHOD OF USE - A treestand including a support platform that defines a bow holder hole within which a cam post is located. The bow holder hole accommodates a cam and/or a limb of a compound archery bow inserted therein. The cam post projects at least partially through the cam while a limb of the compound archery bow rests on a forward edge of the bow holder and/or a forward edge of the support platform to generally support the compound archery bow in an upright position, ready for use by an archer. A related method of use also is provided.08-08-2013
20120061180COMPACT CLIMBING TREE STAND WITH TELESCOPING FOOTBED AND A PLURALITY OF UTILIZATION MODES - A climbing tree stand for enabling a user to climb a tree or other substantially vertical object to be climbed adaptable for use in a plurality of different utilization modes including a tree stand mode, a backpack mode, and a chair mode, the tree stand including a seat platform assembly having a pair of tree engaging members associated therewith movable between a first storage position and a second operative position for selectively engaging the object to be climbed, a footbed assembly having a pair of tree engaging members associated therewith movable between a first storage position and a second operative position for likewise selectively engaging the object to be climbed, and a pair of cable members, each cable member being respectively adjustably attachable to the seat platform assembly and the footbed assembly. The footbed assembly is further adjustable to change the overall length thereof and is adaptable for attachably receiving the seat platform assembly in a plurality of different orientations to achieve the backpack mode and the chair mode.03-15-2012
20120085591Tree stand - A tree stand that includes a seating section and a standing section. Each section includes a first frame, a second frame, a first engaging member, a second engaging member that is responsive to a pneumatic piston, a pivoting gate member, and a support platform. The support platform in the seating section of the tree stand is a seat. The support platform in the standing section is a standing platform. A tree stand is positioned onto a tree by opening the pivoting gate member so that the tree trunk can be received into the first frame and thereby engage the first engaging member and the “V” shaped tooth side of the second engaging member. As the user ascends or descends the tree, the second engaging member is adjusted to compensate for changes in tree diameter by removing and replacing a tethered retaining pin.04-12-2012

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