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With fluid power assist

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180 - Motor vehicles

180400000 - STEERING GEAR

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180421000 With condition modulated steering 52
180441000 Device to control pressure (e.g., valve) 18
180442000 Hydraulic circuit 12
180418000 Between articulated wheeled vehicle sections 4
20110067944STRAIGHT MOTION ASSISTING DEVICE FOR A WORK MACHINE - A straight motion assisting device for a work machine is adapted for receiving an input indicative of a steering angle from a position of a moveable member and adapted for applying a restoring force for affecting the work machine towards a straight motion when the steering angle input indicates that the work machine deviates from the straight motion. The device includes a hydraulic system adapted to be effected by the displacement of the moveable member and adapted to apply the restoring force.03-24-2011
20120138380Hydraulic Steering System For Forklift Trucks - A hydraulic steering actuator system for a forklift with front and rear sections includes a hydraulic steering motor. The forklift front section includes a mast mounting a pair of fork blades and a pair of wheels. The forklift rear section mounts a pair of drive wheels. The forklift front and rear sections are connected by an articulated connection with a vertical rotational axis. The steering actuator motor driveshaft extends generally along the vertical rotational axis. First and second actuator mounting brackets are connected to the forklift front and rear sections respectively. One of the mounting brackets includes upper and lower locking assemblies locking the hydraulic steering motor driveshaft whereby torque applied to the steering motor is transmitted to the articulated connection for turning the forklift front section relative to the forklift rear section. The range of motion is preferably 180°-205° for accommodating sideloading operations from relatively high storage shelves, e.g. in narrow-aisle warehouses.06-07-2012
20120118661STEERING SYSTEM OF INDUSTRIAL MACHINE AND METHOD OF CHANGING BODY-ARTICULATING ANGLE - A steering system, in a state where a first steering means is not operated, a third signal pressure output means outputs a third signal pressure in response to a second signal pressure fed to the third signal pressure output means, and feeding and discharging control means operates based in the third signal pressure, while in a state where the first steering means is operated, the third signal pressure output means stops outputting of the third signal pressure regardless of whether or not the second signal pressure is fed to the third signal pressure output means, and the feeding and discharging control means operates based on the first signal pressure.05-17-2012
180432000 With plural working members 4
20080251310Vehicle Steering System - A vehicle steering system for motor vehicles has a steering handle operable by the driver and connected to steerable vehicle wheels in terms of effect to determine a direction of driving. The vehicle steering system includes a hydraulic working cylinder having two directions of effect, as well as a hydraulic pressure source, which applies hydraulic pressure to a valve assembly. The valve assembly controls the magnitude of the hydraulic pressure conveyed to the working cylinder and determines the direction of effect of the working cylinder. The valve assembly has two separated valves, the first valve determining the direction of effect of the working cylinder, while the second valve controls the working pressure for the hydraulic working cylinder.10-16-2008
20100155172HYDRAULIC POWER STEERING APPARATUS - A hydraulic power steering apparatus for a vehicle is disclosed. The hydraulic power steering apparatus for a vehicle forms a working fluid film between a piston reciprocating within a cylinder tube and a piston ring in order to provide an accurate auxiliary steering force by preventing leakage of a working fluid between right and left cylinders during the operation of a steering wheel by the driver.06-24-2010
20120312624POWER STEERING GEAR ASSEMBLY - A power steering gear assembly 12-13-2012
180428000 With rack and pinion gearing intermediate steering shaft and power assist 3
20110139536HYDROSTATIC DRIVE FOR A STEERING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a rack-and-pinion power steering system for motor vehicles, with a steering housing, in which a gear rack (06-16-2011
20080217094Bearing for a rack and pinion steering apparatus - A rack and pinion steering system includes a pinion having an upper shaft section, a gear section, and a lower shaft section, wherein the gear section is located between the upper shaft section and the lower shaft section. A rack is included that has a gear section for coupling with the gear section of the pinion. A housing encloses at least portions of the pinion and the rack. A bearing is rotatably received within the housing and has an inner surface for supporting the lower shaft section of the pinion. The inner surface of the bearing has a Gothic-arch shaped cross-section for reducing rattle sensitivity to alternating sinusoidal loads between the bearing and the pinion.09-11-2008
20080257634Hydraulic Power Steering System - The invention relates to a hydraulic power steering system (10-23-2008
180440000 With linkage intermediate working member and wheel steering arm 2
20110000735STEERING LINKAGE - The invention relates to a steering linkage for a vehicle, in which the steering linkage (01-06-2011
20100270099STEERING SYSTEM FOR A UTILITY VEHICLE - The invention relates to a steering system for a utility vehicle, wherein the steering movement is transmitted to the utility vehicle wheels via a steering linkage provided on a steering unit (10-28-2010
180431000 Steering linkage includes interengaging gear means 2
20100193280Pressure force device - The invention relates to a pressure force device for a gear train (08-05-2010
20120285765CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE STEERING APPARATUS - A steering apparatus for providing a variable speed output from a mechanical power source and a hydraulic power source is disclosed. The steering apparatus includes a rotatable housing, a hydraulic motor mounted within the rotatable housing. The hydraulic motor includes a rotor and a casing. The steering apparatus further includes a first output shaft connected to the rotor and a second output shaft connected to the casing. The first output shaft is configured to be selectively engaged and disengaged with the rotatable housing. The second output shaft is configured to be selectively engaged and disengaged with the rotatable housing.11-15-2012
180434000 Working member movement traverses vehicle path 2
20130192920STEERING APPARATUS OF FOR A TRACTOR - The present invention relates to a steering apparatus for turning front wheels of a tractor. More particularly, the present invention provides a steering apparatus for tractors which includes a steering cylinder provided with left and right cylinder rods which are extended and retracted to the left and the right by steering force transmitted by hydraulic pressure when the driver manipulates the steering wheel, wherein swing links are respectively hinged to ends of the left and right cylinder rods, thus forming a first four-bar link structure, and second four-bar link structures are respectively formed on left and right ends of the first four-bar link structure so that the front wheels can be turned, whereby an angle range within which the front wheels can be turned can be increased.08-01-2013
20100224434Steering Assist For A Rear Caster Wheel On A Work Machine - A steering arrangement for a work machine includes a frame, at least one caster wheel assembly carried by the frame, at least one turn assist cylinder, and a turn assist arrangement. Each turn assist cylinder is coupled between the frame and a corresponding caster wheel assembly. The turn assist arrangement includes a steering assembly, a steering assist valve and a transfer gear. The steering assembly includes an output gear which is positionable dependent upon an operator commanded degree of turn. The output gear has exterior teeth. The steering assist valve is configured to selectively operate at least one turn assist cylinder and thereby bias a corresponding caster wheel assembly during an operator commanded turn. The steering assist valve includes an input gear with exterior teeth. The transfer gear includes a first set of peripheral teeth enmeshed with the output gear and a second set of peripheral teeth enmeshed with the input gear. The transfer gear pivots about a common pivot point. The first set of peripheral teeth and the second set of peripheral teeth are each at a common radius from the common pivot point on opposite sides of the transfer gear.09-09-2010
180425000 Including flexible power transmitting means 2
20090294202NOISE REDUCTION DEVICE OF MOTOR DRIVEN POWER STEERING SYSTEM - A noise reduction device of a motor driven power steering system may include a worm gear shaft, one end of which is connected with a tilt bearing that is coupled to a housing and rotatably supports the worm gear shaft, a driving shaft connected to a motor, a power transmission member integrally fitted with the driving shaft of the motor, a coupling connected to one end of the driving shaft of the motor and integrally coupling the driving shaft of the motor to the worm gear shaft to be rotatable therebetween, wherein the coupling includes a coupling body, and an elastic cushion member formed on one or both lateral surfaces of the coupling to buffer vibration and/or noise.12-03-2009
20090288905FLEXIBLE COUPLING OF MOTOR-DRIVEN POWER STEERING - A coupling assembly for a motor-driven power steering system may include a coupling case connected to a motor shaft, a worm shaft including a flange formed at one end portion of the worm shaft; a coupling member disposed between the coupling case and the flange, wherein the coupling member is fitted in the coupling case and is rotatably coupled to the motor shaft formed in the coupling case so that the coupling member integrally rotates with the coupling case, and an elastic protrusion that integrally protrude from lateral side of the coupling member.11-26-2009
180429000 Having rotary working member 2
20100116581ROTARY VALVE FOR VEHICLE POWER STEERING GEAR - The present invention relates to a rotary valve for vehicle power steering gear, comprising a worm shaft, a lower sealing ring, a locking nut, a lower outer ring, an upper outer ring, an intermediate sealing ring, an upper sealing ring, an input shaft, a valve housing, steel balls, and an adjusting nut; wherein an outer ring bearing is disposed between the lower sealing ring and the intermediate sealing ring, or between the intermediate sealing ring and the upper sealing ring. The operational pressure of the power steering gear can be increased, thus allowing a higher pressure of the steering system to be selected in the configuration of the whole vehicle, so that a power steering gear with a relatively small volume can be selected, thereby making the configuration of the whole vehicle easier, and more compact.05-13-2010
20120080256STEERING VALVE HAVING A PLANETARY GEAR TRAIN - A power steering assembly (04-05-2012
180424000 With swinging axle 1
20080264712STEERING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR A TRACTOR - A tractor includes a motor, transmission, drive shaft and rear differential for driving the rear axles mounted on a main tubular frame of a variable configuration. Forwardly extendable telescoping tubular frame members are actuated by respective rams to selectively increase the wheel base between the front and rear wheels. The front and rear telescoping tubes supporting each of the wheels are selectively extendable to significantly increase the wheel width of the tractor; the axles for the rear wheels are commensurately extendable. A toolbar dependingly supported from the main frame in front of the cab permits the operator to view the operation of attached implements while driving. The toolbar may include a row guide causing the toolbar to move laterally as necessary to follow a row and the toolbar is connected to the steering mechanism to control the direction of travel of the tractor. The front wheels are pivotally mounted on the corresponding telescoping tubes to provide sufficient clearance to permit near 180° pivotal movement. The steering mechanism is capable of pivoting each front wheel through an angle of about 180° and establishes an appropriate geometric relationship between the front wheels to permit the tractor to turn about any center of rotation intersected by the common axis of rotation of the rear axle, including pivoting about either rear wheel, while maintaining the axis of rotation of each front wheel in intercepting relationship with the center of rotation. Moreover, the turn radius at the end of a row is minimal and can be further reduced by temporarily reducing the length of the frame. Various implements, including a toolbar, can be readily attached directly to the tubular frame at any location intermediate the front and rear axles, as necessary.10-30-2008
20090194360Multi-Wheel Vehicle - A vehicle comprises a steering operation device, a pair of running-driving wheels, which differentially drive when the steering operation device is manipulated, a pair of steerable running wheels interlocking with the steering operation device, and a steering mechanism interposed between the steering operation device and the pair of running-driving wheels. The steering mechanism includes a pair of drive gears interlocking with the steering operation device and a pair of follower gears interlocking with the respective steerable running wheels. The drive gears mesh with the respective follower gears so as to control lateral turning of the respective steerable running wheels. A gear radius of the drive gear may be greater than that of the follower gear meshing with it. A gear ratio between the mutually meshing drive and follower gears may be variable. The lateral turning centers of both the steerable running wheels may coincide with each other, and further coincide with a lateral turning center of the vehicle body caused by differential rotation of the running-driving wheels.08-06-2009
20090242316VEHICLE HAVING AUXILIARY STEERING SYSTEM - A mobile material placer with an auxiliary steering system having a direct hydraulic drive mechanism. The mobile material placer includes a body, a material hopper coupled to the body and configured to receive and store material, a feeder conveyor coupled to the body, and a placer conveyor pivotally coupled to the body. The auxiliary steering system includes a direct hydraulic drive mechanism coupled to the steering column and which causes the steering column to rotate bidirectionally in response to fluid flow from a hydraulic pump.10-01-2009
20120217083STEERING CONTROL SYSTEM HAVING SPEED-BASED CENTERING - A steering control system for a machine having a traction device is disclosed. The steering control system may have a steering actuator, and a steering sensor configured to generate a first signal indicative of an actual steering angle of the machine. The steering control system may also have an operator input device, an input sensor configured to generate a second signal indicative of desired steering of the machine, and a feedback actuator operatively connected to the operator input device. The steering control system may further have a travel speed sensor configured to generate a third signal indicative of a travel speed of the machine, and a controller configured to activate the steering actuator to move the traction device an amount based on the first and second signals and to activate the feedback actuator to urge the operator input device toward the neutral position based on the third signal.08-30-2012
20090095563Hydraulic power steering system with charging valve and air cushion in the tank - A hydraulic power steering system which includes a tank and a power steering pump which takes in a pressure medium from an intake area which is decoupled from the prevailing atmospheric pressure on the side of the tank wall and delivers it under pressure to the power steering system. A valve device builds up a pre-pressure in the intake area and prevents a negative pressure and a positive pressure from building up on the interior of the oil tank.04-16-2009
20100089686MAGNETIC APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE MAGNETIC APPARATUS - The present invention provides for a magnetic apparatus and a method of manufacturing the magnetic apparatus including a magnet having an outer surface and an inner surface opposing each other with the inner surface having a first portion and a second portion integrally connected to and facing each other and utilizing a fluid and a fixture body defining a hole along a fixture axis and a deflector disposed within the hole. The method includes the steps of installing the magnet on the fixture body and securing the magnet to the fixture body. The method further includes the steps of flowing the fluid through the magnet transverse to the fixture axis to form at least one aperture and intersecting the fluid with the deflector to redirect the fluid generally along the fixture axis.04-15-2010
20080257633Hydro-Mechanically Coupled Electric Power Steering System - A power steering system provides improved steering feel whenever negligible power assist is required is required such as during on-center operation or at very high vehicular speeds. The power steering system includes fluid lines used for directly coupling a motor driven pump to a power cylinder. The fluid lines are coupled to a system reservoir or to one another whenever a primary control signal indicative of steering wheel torque has a value below a selected threshold value thereby substantially decoupling the power cylinder from the pump.10-23-2008
20120067664PUMP APPARATUS, POWER STEERING APPARATUS AND ASSEMBLY METHOD OF HOUSING - A pump apparatus includes: a first housing member which includes a first drive shaft insertion hole; a second housing member which includes a second drive shaft insertion hole; a pump drive shaft; a first abutment portion and a second abutment portion formed in the second housing member; the first and second drive shaft insertion holes being previously co-processed in a state in which the first and second housing member are relatively positioned by abutments between the first and second positioning protruding portions and the first and second abutment portions, and a joining member joining the first and second housing members in a state in which the first and second housing members are relatively positioned by the abutments of the first and second positioning protruding portions and the first and second abutment portions so as to re-create a relative position between the first and second housing members at the co-processing.03-22-2012
20110127103POWER STEERING PUMP DRIVE - The invention relates to a power steering pump drive 06-02-2011
20090294201FLUID RESERVOIR - A power assist system for a motor vehicle subsystem having a component support structure is described. The power assist system comprises a fluid reservoir, a pump having an inlet for receiving a fluid from the reservoir and a pump securing structure including at least one aperture. The system additionally includes at least one fastener. The reservoir fluid outlet is directly coupled to the pump inlet and the at least one fastener secures the reservoir mounting structure by passing directly through the pump mounting structure and attaching to the motor vehicle component support structure.12-03-2009
20090173565METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENHANCING VEHICLE PERFORMANCE - A method and system for improving steering performance of a vehicle is disclosed. The method and system resides in increasing the flow size of the hydraulic oil flow path from a pump (07-09-2009
20080230301Steering System for Motor Vehicles - A steering system for a motor vehicle is disclosed, including a steering member which is connected to a pinion, the pinion being in engagement with a steering rack, which is connected to a master piston, slave pistons connected to the vehicle wheels, and volumes, which are arranged between slave pistons and master piston and are filled with hydraulic fluid for transmitting steering forces. According to the invention, there is provision in the steering system for a first volume to be connected to a second volume via a hydraulic line, hydraulic fluid being transferable between the volumes for influencing a steering ratio. This system is for use in motor vehicles, in particular passenger cars.09-25-2008

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