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180 - Motor vehicles

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180274000 Responsive to engagement of portion of perimeter of vehicle with external object 64
180272000 Responsive to absence or inattention of operator, or negatively reactive to attempt to operate vehicle by person not qualified mentally or physically to do so 36
180282000 Responsive to sensing of acceleration, deceleration, or tilt of vehicle 22
180287000 By preventing unauthorized or unintended access or use 12
180281000 Comprising either movable closure member or fastening device therefor responsive to forward or rearward movement, or variations therein, of vehicle 5
20120234621Window Systems for Vehicles - A motor car (09-20-2012
20100263957Vehicle Hood Apparatus - A vehicle hood apparatus includes a hood member, an actuating mechanism, a vehicle collision detecting sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and a control unit. The actuating mechanism couples said hood member to the vehicle and is operable to position said hood member between a first position where said hood member is not shielding at least a portion of a windshield of the vehicle, and a second position where said hood member is shielding at least a portion of the windshield of the vehicle. The vehicle collision detecting sensor is operable to output a collision signal corresponding to a detected collision with the vehicle. The vehicle spend sensor is operable to output a speed signal corresponding to the speed at which the vehicle is moving. The control unit operates said actuating mechanism to move said hood member from said first position to said second position upon receiving said collision signal indicating a collision with the vehicle, and receiving said speed signal corresponding to a vehicle speed above a threshold speed.10-21-2010
20110290577SAFETY DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING THE OPENING OF AN AUTOMOBILE DOOR - The invention relates to a safety device for controlling the opening of an automobile door (12-01-2011
20100175945Emergency escape components with a glow-in-the-dark coating - A vehicle emergency egress in which one or more components are provided with a luminescent coating, such as a phosphorescent coating. Exemplary vehicle emergency egress structures include a kick-out window, an emergency escape hatch, and a vehicle door, of which at least part of the emergency release structure, such as levers and handles, would be coated with a luminescent coating. Additionally, the perimeter of the emergency egress portal could be coated, to highlight the location of the emergency exit as well as its size.07-15-2010
20130146382IMPACT SENSITIVE LATCH ACTUATION LINK FOR VEHICLE DOOR - An apparatus may include a latch mechanism, an actuator, and an actuation link. The latch mechanism may be movable to allow and restrict movement of a vehicle door relative to a vehicle frame. The actuator may be configured to be movable by a user to cause corresponding movement of the latch mechanism. The actuation link may interconnect the latch mechanism and the actuator. The actuation link may include a portion that is laterally compliant to absorb a lateral force and axially rigid to transmit motion of the actuator to the latch mechanism.06-13-2013
180286000 Comprising vehicle system or component responsive either to position of movable closure member or to status of fastening device therefor 2
20100252352SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISABLING A VEHICLE - A system for disabling a vehicle carrying a storage tank includes a coupler component supported by the vehicle for receiving a connection from a delivery line. A cap is attachable to an end of the coupler component for preventing connection of the delivery line when the cap is attached. A proximity sensor is disposed outside of the coupler component and senses whether the cap is attached without making contact with the cap. A switch is in electrically connected to the sensor and disables at least one drive element of the vehicle, e.g., the transmission, when the cap is not attached to the coupler component.10-07-2010
20090032325Motor vehicle with a cargo compartment lid - A motor vehicle with a cargo compartment lid, such as a hinged trunk lid or tailgate, which can be moved between an open position and a closed position around a pivot axis includes, at least one lid position sensor is integrated into the cargo compartment lid in such a way that the arrangement or position of the cargo compartment lid in space can be detected.02-05-2009
180290000 Responsive to weight of cargo load transported by vehicle 1
20090139790Payload control system based on force and speed - In one aspect, the present disclosure is directed to a payload control system for a machine having traction devices. The payload control system may have a force sensor configured to measure a force transmitted through the traction devices. The payload control system may also have a speed sensor configured to measure a speed of the machine. The payload control system may further have a controller in communication with the force sensor and the speed sensor. The controller may be configured to modify a weight limit of the machine based on the measured force and the measured speed.06-04-2009
20090078486SAFETY INTERLOCK SYSTEM FOR HAND OPERATED ACCELERATOR CONTROL DEVICES - A safety interlock system for hand operated vehicle accelerator control systems is disclosed which permits a hand operated accelerator control system to be immobilized so that it cannot be activated unintentionally or accidentally by an individual operator who is not familiar with a vehicle so equipped. The safety interlock system may be selectively activated by the vehicle operator manually directly by mechanical means or remotely by means of a switch-controlled hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical activator. An indicator system is provided which indicates the status of the safety interlock system to the vehicle operator.03-26-2009
20090152040APPARATUS TO IMMOBILIZE AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE MOTOR VEHICLE - A readily transportable and rapidly deployable vehicle immobilization device is provided. The exhaust of an internal combustion engine is obstructed, resulting in choking off and stopping of the engine. In an aspect, a plug is provided having an extension fixed to the plug for human grasping, and facilitating insertion into an end of a vehicle exhaust pipe. In an aspect the plug expands upon being heated and is adhesive to the exhaust pipe for at least partially sealing the exhaust pipe. In another aspect, a length of adhesive material is attached to the front of a pursuing vehicle and engages an end of an exhaust pipe of a fleeing vehicle.06-18-2009
20110180343OCCUPANT CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM - An occupant classification system for a vehicle comprises a radio-frequency (RF) transmitter unit, which includes a transmission RF antenna and an RF generator operatively connected to the transmission RF antenna. The RF generator and the transmission RF antenna are configured for generating radio waves at a certain fixed RF frequency in the Very High Frequency (VHF) range or the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range. During operation of the RF transmitter unit, the generated radio waves propagate from the transmission RF antenna. The occupant classification system further comprises an RF detector for detecting, at the fixed RF frequency, an influence of an occupant on the radio waves propagating from the transmission RF antenna.07-28-2011
20100140008BRAKE PEDAL DEVICE WITH FUNCTION OF REDUCING COLLISION INJURY - A brake pedal device of reducing a collision injury in a vehicle, may include a brake pedal including a hitching slot at an end portion thereof, a brake switch bracket, a first portion of which is pivotally coupled to the brake pedal by a hinge shaft, a pedal mounting bracket mounted to a vehicle body, wherein a second portion of the brake switch bracket is pivotally coupled to the pedal mounting bracket by a stopper shaft, wherein the stopper shaft of the pedal mounting bracket and the hitching slot of the brake pedal are selectively coupled to hinder rotation of the brake pedal toward a driver with respect to the hinge shaft when a collision force equal to or greater than a predetermined load is applied to the vehicle, and coupling members coupling the pedal mounting bracket and the brake switch bracket and being decoupled when the collision force is applied to the vehicle.06-10-2010
20080277183System and method for security enhanced rideshare - A method and system for a comprehensive security-enhanced rideshare system is provided. The rideshare program includes localization, mapping and ride matching for participants. Participation incentives and revenue methods provide for the financial viability of the rideshare system. Participant security is monitored in near real-time using location-determining communication devices used by the participants in the system. The rideshare system monitors a number of security-indicating criteria and takes action when an anomalous condition is recognized.11-13-2008
20090242308Pedestrian protection system - A pedestrian protection system is mounted in the front portion of a vehicle, and includes a controller, a forward movement holding mechanism controlled in actuation by the controller, and a contact body that a pedestrian can contact. The controller, when having predicted a collision of a pedestrian with the vehicle based on a signal from a collision predicting sensor, actuates the forward movement holding mechanism to cause a forward movement of the contact body, and based on a signal from a turn sensor when the forward movement holding mechanism carries out an upward rotation or a downward rotation at the time of contact of the forwardly moved contact body with a pedestrian, controls actuation of the restraint body so as to correspond to a pedestrian moving to a front upper side of the vehicle and a pedestrian moving to a front lower side of the vehicle, respectively.10-01-2009
20080230297Intelligent driving safety monitoring system and method integrating multiple direction information - An intelligent driving safety monitoring system capable of integrating multiple direction information is adapted to be installed in a vehicle. The system includes a first image capturing device, a second image capturing device, a data processing device, and an indicating device. The first image capturing device is used to capture a face image of a driver of the vehicle. The second image capturing device is used to capture a front lane image. The data processing device, after doing computations based on the face image of the driver and the front lane image, maps a sight direction of the driver and a mid-line of lane into a global coordinate space and integrates the same into multiple direction information. The indicating device outputs the multiple direction information to the driver for suggesting whether driving status of the driver is safe.09-25-2008
20100252349NOZZLE ACTUATED SYSTEM FOR DISABLING A VEHICLE - A system for disabling a vehicle carrying a substance in a storage tank includes a holster defining a cavity for receiving a nozzle in fluidic connection to the storage tank when not in use. The holster includes a main body and a bracket. The bracket is affixable to the vehicle and engagable with the main body at a plurality of positions along the main body. The system further includes a sensor for sensing whether the nozzle is received in the holster. The sensor is also in communication with at least one drive element of the vehicle to disable the at least one drive element when the nozzle is not received within the holster.10-07-2010
20080308338Pedestrian protection air bag system - There is provided a pedestrian protection air bag system M12-18-2008
20110031055Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam - An arrangement in passenger vehicles, that diverts the impact energy in impacts away from the passengers to the remaining mass of the vehicle thereby protecting the passengers, and in the same arrangement provides utilitarian access to the vehicle, such utilitarian access making it possible to both install multi-element contoured surround seats for passengers and the driver, and also safety devices and arrangements for head-on collision protection that protect the passenger. An indo-skeletal structural arrangement proposed for the vehicle, provides further benefits by targeting the strength of the vehicle to protect passengers while minimizing other massive elements in the vehicle.02-10-2011
20110168475CONTROL DEVICE FOR PASSENGER PROTECTION MEANS FOR A VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING A CONTROL DEVICE FOR PASSENGER PROTECTION MEANS FOR A VEHICLE - A control device for passenger protection arrangement for a vehicle includes at least one circuit board for accommodating electric components, which circuit board is disposed between a plastic lid and a plastic floor. At most three connecting arrangements are provided, which connect the plastic lid, the plastic floor, and the at least one circuit board to each other, as well as providing a force-locking connection with the vehicle body.07-14-2011
20090218157Radar Deployed Fender Air Bag - An air bag deployment system incorporated within a vehicles bumpers that may be deployed prior to impact of a static or dynamic object as determined by radar based proximity and velocity sensors.09-03-2009
20110000733ENHANCING TIRE PERFORMANCE UTILIZING RELEASABLE ELEMENTS - An adaptive tire employable by a vehicle traveling upon a surface, including a releasable element operable to selectively modify a performance characteristic of the tire, such as traction, and methods of enhancing the performance of a tire by selective introduction of a substance.01-06-2011
20090127015ANGULARLY DISPOSED PLANAR PEDAL SYSTEM FOR MOTOR VEHICLES - The present invention relates generally to systems and methods designed to reduce the dangers presented by certain unintentional and intentional actions by drivers of motor vehicles, and more specifically to eliminating the panic-based, unintentional acceleration of motor vehicles by drivers in emergency situations as well as the intentional abuse of motor vehicle power by drivers.05-21-2009
20100320021Vehicle fire prevention and detection system - This invention provides fire prevention and detection for heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial and military vehicles by ensuring the engine is automatically and immediately shut down upon the occurrence of a catastrophic event that may lead to a fire. The shutdown is achieved through the isolation of the vehicle batteries and alternator and the disconnecting of those devices from all electrical circuits. Anomalies that cause the shutdown and disconnect include battery and vehicle load currents that are outside a preset range, excessive temperatures, detection of smoke in the drive compartment or sleeper, or detection of a frontal impact accident or vehicle rollover. Once disconnected, the battery contactor must be manually reset in order to restore electrical power to the vehicle.12-23-2010
20090308679Driver fatigue status detector device - Two linear array of switches (on/off non pressed/pressed) what can provide a quantified multilevel electric signals (on/off) to a computer for a real time analyze of driver status and dozen advertise.12-17-2009
20080217089Fuel Supply System Component Protective Construction - A fuel supply system component protective construction includes a high-pressure fuel pump (09-11-2008
20100025142GEAR DAMPER - A vehicle may have a device that is movably connected to the vehicle and a gear damper used to control the motion of the device. If the vehicle is subjected to crash acceleration, the viscosity of the damper fluid increases to prevent the motion of the device.02-04-2010
20100025141Electro-Pneumatic Brake Control Device - An electro-pneumatic brake control device is provided for controlling a parking brake of a vehicle having a service brake and a parking brake, the service brake having a brake pedal and pneumatically actuatable brake cylinders operatively connected to the brake pedal for actuating wheel brakes. At least one brake cylinder is a spring brake cylinder with a spring store part for actuating the parking brake. In the event of a failure of the electrical energy supply, the spring store part of the spring brake cylinder is permanently vented by actuating the brake pedal in order to activate the parking brake.02-04-2010
20110100743MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle has an actuator device for raising a bonnet in an accident to minimize injury to a pedestrian. The actuator device has at least two actuators for raising the bonnet. A control unit activates actuators with a time delay. Alternatively, the actuators differ in power. The time delay between activating the actuators or the differing power of the actuators reduces vibration while raising the bonnet, thereby ensuring proper raising of the bonnet and enhancing protection to the pedestrian.05-05-2011
20110088960SHOCK ABSORBING STRUCTURE FOR VEHICLE - A shock absorbing member is supported on a shock absorbing member support bracket fixed onto a floor tunnel sandwiched between left and right front seats. Therefore, it is possible to allow the front seats to interfere with the shock absorbing member so that the member can absorb collision energy at a time of a side collision of a vehicle. Because a lower portion of a front wall connected to an inverted-U-shaped inner face of the shock absorbing member is connected to an upper portion of a front wall of the shock absorbing member support bracket, the front wall of the shock absorbing member support bracket receives a load of the side collision in a shearing direction. Accordingly, it is possible to increase strength of the front wall of the shock absorbing member support bracket against the side collision, prevent the shock absorbing member from falling down sideways, and enhance the shock absorbing effect.04-21-2011
20120267183EXTERNAL AIRBAG - An airbag module for use in a vehicle. The airbag module an airbag cushion configured to deploy externally to the vehicle and an inflator configured to inflate the at least three inflatable chambers of the airbag cushion. The airbag cushion is configured to span between first and second ends and having at least three inflatable chambers. The airbag cushion is configured to be anchored at both ends and deploys into a position wherein at least one inflatable chamber is entirely separated from the vehicle by a gap formed by the deployed airbag cushion projecting away from the vehicle, and wherein the deployed airbag is configured to hinge between the first and second end so that the gap is bounded by the at least three inflatable chambers.10-25-2012
20120090910BREAK AWAY STARTER TERMINAL - An electrical arrangement for a motor vehicle includes a starter cable electrically connected with a vehicle battery, a terminal head conductor electrically connected with the starter cable, a terminal base conductor electrically connected with a starter motor, and an electrically nonconductive terminal enclosure defining a cavity in which the terminal head conductor and the terminal base conductor are positioned. The vehicle battery is electrically connected with the starter motor when the terminal head conductor contacts the terminal base conductor in the cavity. The terminal enclosure includes a weakened section offset from the terminal head conductor such that breaking of the terminal enclosure at the weakened section to form a free edge of the terminal enclosure and disconnection of the terminal head conductor from the terminal base conductor results in the terminal head conductor remaining in the cavity and spaced from the free edge.04-19-2012
20080236928Safety System for Vehicle Occupants - A safety system for vehicle occupants includes at least one sensor, at least one actuator, and at least one control unit having output stages for controlling the at least one actuator. The safety system includes an arrangement for the activation of actuators not activated during an accident.10-02-2008
20110259661SENSOR HOUSING - A sensor housing which may be used to house a pinch sensor may include: a first portion having a sensor attaching surface and a first connecting member; a second portion that at least partially covers the sensor attaching surface and that has a second connecting member; and, an installation surface that can be used to install the sensor housing onto a vehicle. The second portion may be adjustable with respect to the first portion between: (1) a first condition where the second portion at least partially uncovers the sensor attaching surface and where a sensor can be attached to the sensor attaching surface; and, (2) a second condition where the second portion at least partially covers the sensor and where the second connecting member can be connected to the first connecting member.10-27-2011
20130199864VEHICLE WITH TRACTION BATTERY CAPABLE OF ABSORBING CRASH ENERGY - The invention relates to a vehicle having, at least in part, an electric drive which includes a traction battery (08-08-2013
20130146381Safety System with Window Breaker for a Vehicle, Vehicle Provided Therewith and Method Therefor - The invention relates to a safety system for a vehicle, a vehicle provided therewith and a method for breaking a window. The safety system comprises: a window breaker comprising: a drive system; and a pin driven by the drive system for breaking a window; activating means operatively connected to the drive system for control thereof, wherein the activating means comprise a water sensor for controlling the drive system therewith.06-13-2013