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Having only two wheels

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180 - Motor vehicles


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180219000 Arranged in tandem 234
20100071984VEHICLE - A transverse two-wheeled vehicle has an increased turning limit value. A turning limit estimation system obtains a turning limit value and a center-of-gravity position adjustment system improves the obtained turning limit value. The turning limit estimation system obtains values for turning limit and turning stability by estimating a center-of-gravity position and a lateral acceleration. In the center-of-gravity position adjustment system, the turning limit value is increased by causing the estimated center-of-gravity position to move toward a centripetal direction. The mechanism for moving the center of gravity to is one or more of i) a vehicle body tilt mechanism, ii) a weight movement mechanism, and iii) a seat parallel movement mechanism. Accordingly, particularly a vehicle with two wheels narrowly spaced and a high center of gravity, can make a faster and smaller turn, and driving performance, stability, and security of the turning operation are improved.03-25-2010
20130032423TWO-WHEELED SELF-BALANCING MOTORIZED PERSONAL VEHICLE WITH TILTING WHEELS - vehicle with two independently rotatable wheels arranged opposite from each other and bridged by a linking structure, having a driving motor for each wheel, and having electronic fore-and-aft self-balancing capabilities. The two wheels are capable of tilting side-to-side in unison to execute turns. The vehicle can carry a rider, who may stand on foot supports either between or outside of the wheels and operate the vehicle by leaning forward, backward, or sideways to direct travel in the direction of leaning. Further means are provided for producing advantages in stability and portability.02-07-2013
20130032422Two-wheeled self-balancing motorized personal vehicle with tilting wheels - A vehicle with two independently rotatable wheels arranged opposite from each other and bridged by a linking structure, having a driving motor for each wheel, and having electronic fore-and-aft self-balancing capabilities. The two wheels are capable of tilting side-to-side in unison to execute turns. The vehicle is operated by the rider leaning forward, backward, or sideways to direct travel in the direction of leaning. Further means are provided for producing advantages in stability and portability.02-07-2013
20130062134TERRAIN TRAVERSING DEVICE HAVING A WHEEL WITH MICROHOOKS - A terrain traversing device includes an annular rotor element with a plurality of co-planar microspine hooks arranged on the periphery of the annular rotor element. Each microspine hook has an independently flexible suspension configuration that permits the microspine hook to initially engage an irregularity in a terrain surface at a preset initial engagement angle and subsequently engage the irregularity with a continuously varying engagement angle when the annular rotor element is rotated for urging the terrain traversing device to traverse a terrain surface.03-14-2013
20090032323COAXIAL TWO-WHEEL VEHICLE - A coaxial two-wheel vehicle with which a rider stably travels without the upper body being swayed left and right in a riding state of the center of gravity being positioned high is provided.02-05-2009
20100025138CENTRIFUGAL ADVANCE MECHANISM - A centrifugal advance mechanism has drive and driven members connected with one another to rotate about a common axis as they move toward and away from each other along the common axis. A resilient element biases the members toward each other. A ramp on one of the members has an inner end portion and an outer end portion. The inner end portion is closer to the common axis than the outer end portion, the ramp rising as it moves from the inner end portion toward the outer end portion. A bail contacts the ramp and the other member. The resilient element biases the ball down the ramp, the ball traveling radially outward and up the ramp as the members rotate at increasing angular velocity thereby causing the members to separate from each other against the bias of the resilient element and to rotate with respect to each other.02-04-2010
20090288900Inverted pendulum mobile vehicle - Provided is an inverted pendulum mobile vehicle such as a single-passenger coaxial two-wheel vehicle which is capable of turning with a small turning radius without causing discomfort to a rider or a vehicle occupant or causing a cargo or the like on the vehicle from shifting or falling off from the vehicle. The vehicle comprises a wheel supporting frame (11-26-2009
20110180342MOTOR SUITCASE - The motor suitcase is a combination of a motorcycle and luggage suitcase. It is composed of a suitcase that is adequately dimensioned and ergonomically designed to safely carry the stored content as well as the driver. Adequate wheels with break mechanism are installed on the bottom side and a steering mechanism with commands to control the engine and breaks, connected to the front wheel, is installed on the upper side. It is driven by an electric engine or an internal combustion engine.07-28-2011
20080245594Traveling apparatus - A coaxial two-wheeled vehicle includes a plurality of wheels disposed in parallel, a vehicle body, at least one of a step plate and a seat, an operating member, and a mechanism. The vehicle body supports plurality of wheels rotatably. The step plate is coupled to the vehicle body to carry a driver in an upright attitude. The seat is coupled to the vehicle body to seat the driver. The operating member is coupled to the vehicle body and operated by the driver for inputting driver's operation including an accelerating operation and a decelerating operation. The mechanism is configured to move at least one of the step plate and the seat in a front-rear direction of the vehicle body in accordance with an operation of the operating member.10-09-2008
20090078485SINGLE-AXLE VEHICLE WITH A PLATFORM AND/OR A SEAT FOR A DRIVER - An electrically driven single-axle vehicle with a platform for a driver, driven about a common wheel axis to improve its handling and its range of uses. The vehicle includes at least one attachment, the attachment being connected to the single-axle vehicle pivotably about at least one first attachment axis.03-26-2009
20100219011MOVABLE APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a movable apparatus includes a carriage, coaxial paired wheels configured to support the carriage, a wheel actuator configured to rotationally drive the paired wheels, a loading section provided above the carriage, a swinging section includes a first swinging mechanism configured to swing the loading section around a first shaft extending in a direction crossing an axle of the wheels and a second swinging mechanism configured to swing the loading section around a second shaft provided parallel to the axle, acceleration sensing device configured to measure accelerations, and a swing angle control device configured to control the swing angle of each of the first swinging mechanism and the second swinging mechanism, to swing the loading section in a direction in which a component force of the acceleration applied to the loading section in a horizontal direction and a component force of gravity are balanced.09-02-2010
20100243357Mobile Robot - The present invention relates to a mobile robot having jump function. An exemplary mobile robot according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a robot body, a pair of wheels, a driving motor, a leaf spring, and a leaf spring control unit. The pair of wheels are rotatably connected to the robot body. The driving motor drives the pair of wheels so as to move the robot body. The leaf spring has a fixed end fixedly connected to the robot body and a free end disposed to face the fixed end in a state of being apart from the robot body. The leaf spring control unit applies force for bending the leaf spring such that the free end of the leaf spring is pulled toward the robot body and then removes the force applied to the leaf spring such that the leaf spring returns to an original state.09-30-2010
20110056759MOVING BASE FOR ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER - A moving base for robotic vacuum cleaner includes a base; a motor mounted in a motor chamber on the base to alternatively drive a drive shaft thereof to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise: a primary wheel fixed to and rotating along with the drive shaft of the motor; a clutch assembly connected to the primary wheel; an axle connected at an end to the clutch assembly, so as to be driven by tile primary wheel to rotate when the drive shaft of the motor rotates clockwise, or to disengage from the driving by the primary wheel when the drive shaft of the motor rotates counterclockwise: and a secondary wheel connected to another end of the axle to rotate along with the axle. Since only one motor is needed to control a moving direction thereof, the robotic vacuum cleaner can have effectively reduced manufacturing cost and overall volume.03-10-2011
20110067940OMNIDIRECTIONAL VEHICLE - An inverted pendulum type omnidirectional vehicle includes: a pair of wheels; a drive mechanism; a control apparatus; an auxiliary wheel; and a vehicle body. Each of the wheels includes: a rotation member capable of rotating about the wheel axis; a plurality of free rollers which are disposed all around an outer circumference of the rotation member, and each of which is brought into contact with a road surface at a lowest position of the rotation member and is rotatable about a rotation axis diagonal with respect to the wheel axis. The free rollers on both sides in contact with the road surface at ground contact portions each have the rotation axis extending in parallel with the road surface, and are arranged in an orientation in which a distance between the rotation axes of the free rollers is shorter toward a side of the auxiliary wheel.03-24-2011
20100025139VEHICLE BODY STRUCTURE AND COAXIAL TWO-WHEEL VEHICLE - Provided is a vehicle body which constitutes a coaxial two-wheel vehicle including two wheels coaxially arranged. The vehicle body includes: a parallel linkage that includes horizontal links and vertical links and is rotatable in a left-and-right direction of the coaxial two-wheel vehicle; and step plates respectively provided to upper end portions of the vertical links. A load of a passenger riding on the left and right step plates acts on the parallel linkage at a position inside or outside of a line which passes through a ground contact point of one of the wheels respectively mounted to the vertical links and which is in parallel with the vertical links.02-04-2010
20120043149LAUNCHABLE REMOTE-CONTROL ATTACK DEVICE - Provided is a launchable remote-control attack device that enables an operator to remotely grasp the status of a target place and to remotely control weapons it has been equipped with to perform an attack using explosives or gas when necessary. The remote-control attack device includes a cylindrical body with a camera, drivers which are made up of two tires that are disposed on opposite sides of the body and can be driven individually, and battery units for supplying power and which are disposed in central openings of the tires of the drivers. The attack device further includes a plurality of storage units and a wireless control unit.02-23-2012
20120006609DRIVE MECHANISM FOR AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLE - A drive mechanism for an AGV that includes a drive unit for propelling the AGV and a steering unit for steering the AGV. The drive unit has a drive motor, drive transmission, and a drive wheel. The steering unit has a steering motor. Both motors are fixedly mounted on the AGV and remain stationary relative to each other while the drive motor rotates the drive wheel and the steering motor steers the drive wheel. The drive transmission couples the drive motor to the drive wheel and can be at least partially mounted within a gear housing that is rotatably mounted via a bearing so that the drive motor can be operated to move the AGV via power transferred to the drive wheel via the drive transmission, and the steering motor can be operated to steer the drive wheel by rotation of the gear housing and drive wheel via the bearing.01-12-2012
20100032224ROBOT AND MOVING MECHANISM THEREFOR - A robot includes a main body and a moving mechanism for moving the main body. The moving mechanism includes a chassis, a pair of wheels, and a supporting unit. The chassis is at a bottom of the main body for assembling the moving mechanism with the main body. The pair of wheels are rotatably and coaxially mounted to the chassis. The supporting unit is pivotally mounted to the chassis. The supporting unit and two wheels are arranged on vertexes of a triangle, and a vertical line passing through the center of gravity of the main body passes through the triangle.02-11-2010
20110303475HANDS-FREE ELECTRIC SCOOTER - The present invention relates to a hands-free electric scooter including: a bottom housing; a steering housing disposed on the bottom housing; a steering shaft having a pressurizing plate mounted along the lower periphery thereof, a horizontal protrusion formed on one side of the pressurizing plate, a manipulating rod mounted on the underside of the horizontal protrusion, and a stopper mounted along the intermediate periphery thereof; a steering jig having an insertion hole formed at one side thereof, a micro switch mounted at the rear side of the insertion hole and having a grounding stick disposed at one side thereof, and an installation hole formed at the front side of the insertion hole; and a potential meter adapted to control direction changes of the hands-free electric scooter.12-15-2011
20110308873THROW TYPE COMPACT RECONNAISSANCE ROBOT - Provided is a throw-type compact reconnaissance robot, which is used for military purposes or counter-terrorism and is capable of ensuring a long operational time as well as drop safety by efficient spatial layout of a battery. The throw-type compact reconnaissance robot includes a cylindrical body (12-22-2011

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