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Writing digitizer pad

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178 - Telegraphy

178002000 - SYSTEMS

178180010 - Position coordinate determination for writing (e.g., writing digitizer pad, stylus, or circuitry)

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178180060 Capacitive 96
178180050 Resistive 17
178180090 Optical 15
178180070 Inductive 8
178180040 Acoustical (e.g., vibration, ultrasonic, etc.) 5
20100116563Systems and Methods for Tracking Impacts - Surface impacts are located and characterized based on an acoustic signal produced by the impact despite the presence of signal dispersion. Acoustic signals from the surface may be compared to acoustic signals detected external to the surface in order to eliminate spurious impact sensing due to external sounds. Low-frequency acoustic signals may be sensed and identified as explicit hard “bangs” which are of limited utility for pointing and tracking applications.05-13-2010
20090084612MULTI-USER INPUT SYSTEMS AND PROCESSING TECHNIQUES FOR SERVING MULTIPLE USERS - Techniques for providing a common input for multiple users are disclosed. Two separate input detection systems can be provided. One input detection system detects the identity of user while the other detects the location of input for processing. The information provided by the two detection systems is effectively reconciled to determine whether a particular user identified by the first system has provided input in a particular location indicated by the second system. Information can be reconciled, for example, at least partially based on the timing information provided by the two systems (e.g., whether the times indicated by the two systems are within an acceptable range). The first input detection can be provided as a Radio Frequency (RF) system that detects a change in RF energy received by a RF receiver provided in the proximity of a user when the user touches a touchscreen. The second input detection can include an APR (Acoustic Pulse Recognition) or capacitive touchscreen (or multi-touch screen). It will also be appreciated that both input system can be integrated into a single device which can be presented, for example, as multi-user touchscreen. The multi-user touch screen can provide a common input surface to serve numerous applications. For example, a virtual roulette table with a touchscreen surface can be provided for multiple players. The players can interact with the game by touching the touch screen surface provided as a common playing area (e.g., players can place bets by touching various positions of the touchscreen).04-02-2009
20090166098Non-visual control of multi-touch device - This relates to electronic devices that include a multi-touch user interface component. More specifically, this relates to portable media devices that enable a user to listen to music, facilitate telephone conversations, send and receive electronic messages, and utilize a multi-touch input panel in an eyes-free manner. A user may use a multi-touch user input component to navigate a menu system absent a functioning display screen, virtual buttons or any other visual cues or prompts. Audio cues, portions of prerecorded songs, and any other type of audio information may help the user to mentally map and quickly navigate the device's menu system.07-02-2009
20100276215TOUCH SENSING DEVICE - A touchsensing device for localizing mechanical impacts on a tactile plate, with at least one acoustic transducer mounted on the tactile plate by means of an acoustic isolator, such that the acoustic transducer and the tactile plate are in direct contact with each other and the acoustic transducer is acoustically shielded by the acoustic isolator. Thus, acoustic waves can be detected with little distortions and the reliability of the touch sensing device can be improved. Also, a touch sensing device having a tactile plate and a sensor module having at least one acoustic transducer and a fastener to fix the sensor module to the tactile plate, wherein the fastener is a sticky tape, in particular a double sided sticky tape.11-04-2010
20100270089 COMPACT TACTILE INPUT AND OUTPUT APPARATUS - An apparatus for transmitting information in the form of a tactile sense is provided. Particularly, a tactile-sense input/output motor and a tactile-sense input/output apparatus using the tactile-sense input/output motor are provided. A tactile-sense input/output housing having a plurality of tactile-sense input/output motors, each of which performs a linear motion according to an ultrasonic electrical signal to transmit a tactile sense to a contact surface and senses a pressure of the contact surface to output a tactile-sense input signal is used for portable apparatuses, wrist wearable devices, rings, or other various apparatuses so as to transmit information through a tactile sense.10-28-2010
178180110 With illumination 1
20080230283TOUCH PAD AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - A touch pad with a simple structure to enable an electronic device to be manufactured more slimly and with low manufacturing costs. The touch pad includes a cover having a plurality of function icons a cover frame to support the cover, the cover frame including a plurality of light guide hollows, and a board, which is engaged with the cover frame and includes touch sensors and luminous elements to illuminate the function icons mounted thereon, the touch sensors and luminous elements being respectively mounted at positions on the board corresponding to the plurality of function icons.09-25-2008
20090194343OPERATION APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE EQUIPPED THEREWITH - An operation apparatus that enables selection of a required menu item from a plurality of menu items without several pushes of operation keys, and an electronic device that is equipped with the operation apparatus. When a fingertip is moved while protrusion portions of an operation apparatus are being touched with the fingertip, this is detected by an electrostatic capacitance-type sensor, and a selection frame for selecting a menu item is moved horizontally/vertically. Then, when the selection frame reaches a required menu item, the menu item is selected. Thus, it is possible to select a required menu item from a plurality of menu items just by moving a finger while touching the protrusion portion, without several pushes of operation keys.08-06-2009
20090194342Sensing Structure - A sensing structure is provided. The sensing structure includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a sensing unit, and a flexible printed circuit (FPC). The sensing unit is disposed on the first substrate and adapted to generate a signal when the sensing unit is touched. The FPC has a first end and a second end. The first end includes a first connecting portion and a second connecting portion. The first connecting portion is disposed on the first substrate and electrically connected to the sensing unit, and the second connecting portion connects to the second substrate.08-06-2009
20090120695Touch Device and Method of Determining Touch Mode Thereof - A touch device and a method of determining touch mode thereof are disclosed. The touch device comprises a control module, a resistive touch panel, and a measuring unit. The resistive touch panel comprises a first conductive layer and a second conductive layer, wherein the first conductive layer couples with a resistor. The method comprises the steps of: when the first conductive layer contacts the second conductive layer, measuring a voltage across the resistor to obtain a measured voltage; activating a touch pen operation mode if the measured voltage is smaller than a default value; and activating a finger operation mode if the measured voltage is larger than the default value.05-14-2009
20090152022SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND TOUCH SENSOR DEVICE - Provided are a semiconductor device and a touch sensor device. The semiconductor device includes a die including a sense signal generator for sensing a touch signal to generate a sense signal; a conductive die-attach pad attached to the die to generate the touch signal; and a package for packaging the die and the die-attach pad, wherein the die-attach pad generates the touch signal depending on whether a touch object comes into contact with the package. The touch sensor device includes a plurality of semiconductor devices connected in a daisy-chain communication mode, wherein each of the semiconductor devices includes a die including a sense signal generator for sensing a touch signal to generate a sense signal; a conductive die-attach pad attached to the die to generate the touch signal; and a package for packaging the die and the die-attach pad, wherein the die-attach pad generates the touch signal depending on whether a touch object is brought into contact with the package. The semiconductor device enables the size and position of a touch pad to be known in advance during the fabrication of a die so that a sensitivity adjusting process can be simplified. Also, since the touch pad is included in a touch sensor, a system can be simply configured at low cost. Furthermore, the touch sensor device requires no additional sensitivity adjusting process and enables a plurality of touch sensor systems to be constructed at low cost by simply connecting a small number of electrical signals.06-18-2009
20100108408Haptic device with controlled traction forces - A haptic device includes a substrate that is subjected to lateral motion such as lateral oscillation with one or more degrees of freedom together with modulation of a friction reducing oscillation in a manner that can create a shear force on the user's finger or on an object on the device.05-06-2010
20100006349SENSOR DEVICE AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - Provided are a sensor device and a method of operating the same. The sensor device includes a plurality of semiconductor devices connected in series. When a semiconductor device does not sense a state of contact with an object and receives first sensing data from a preceding semiconductor device, the semiconductor device outputs the first sensing data to a succeeding semiconductor device. When the semiconductor device senses the state of contact with the object and receives the first sensing data from the preceding semiconductor device, the semiconductor device generates second sensing data and outputs the first and second sensing data to the succeeding semiconductor device. When the semiconductor device senses the state of contact with the object and does not receive the first sensing data from the preceding semiconductor device, the semiconductor device generates the second sensing data and outputs the second sensing data to the succeeding semiconductor device. The method includes the steps of: generating, by at least one semiconductor device for generating a sense signal, identification (ID) information, storing and outputting the ID information to the succeeding semiconductor device after a supply voltage is initially applied to the semiconductor device; outputting first sensing data to the succeeding semiconductor device when a state of contact with an object is not sensed and the first sensing data is received from a preceding semiconductor device; generating second sensing data when the state of contact with the object is sensed, and outputting the first sensing data and the second sensing data when the first sensing data is received from the preceding semiconductor device; and outputting the second sensing data when the first sensing data is not received from the preceding semiconductor device.01-14-2010
20090314550Touchpad designed in a planar configuration that can be molded to conform to a non-planar object - A capacitance sensitive touchpad that is formed as a plurality of electrodes disposed on a flat substrate, wherein spaces are created between electrodes, wherein the spaces between the electrodes can then be cut from the substrate, and wherein the remaining edges of the substrate can then be brought closer together to thereby form a three dimensional shape and yet still provide desired touchpad functionality.12-24-2009
20090114456PRESS ON POWER-UP DETECTION FOR A TOUCH-SENSOR DEVICE - A method and apparatus to determine during a power-up of an electronic system whether a conductive object is present at a sensing device at the power-up.05-07-2009
20090301795Electronic device and controlling method thereof - Provided is an electronic device and a controlling method thereof. The electronic device includes: a first touch unit, a second touch unit, a processing circuit, and a central control unit. The method includes the following steps: (A) in response to user's first action, the first touch unit generates a first signal; (B) in response to user's second action, the second touch unit generates a second signal; (C) in response to the first signal and the second signal, the processing circuit generates a control instruction; and (D) in response to the control instruction, the central control unit implements an application.12-10-2009
20090095541INPUT DEVICE - Provided is an input device. The input device includes: n first input lines; m groups of n second input lines connected to the n first input lines in different manners, wherein m is larger than n; an input unit having m groups of n touch units correspondingly connected to the m groups of n second input lines; and an input signal determination part for decoding signals from the n first input lines to generate input signals. Therefore, the input device can generate a large number of input signals through a small number of input lines using an electrical touch sensor having a single pressure pad for detecting a contact. In addition, partially using a pressure sensor instead of the touch sensor, it is possible to generate a larger number of input signals.04-16-2009
20090095540Method for palm touch identification in multi-touch digitizing systems - A method for classifying input to a multi-touch sensitive digitizer that is obtained from a body part as inputs invalid for user interaction and inputs valid for user interaction comprises: identifying a plurality of discrete regions of input to a digitizer sensor; determining spatial relation between at least two of the regions; and classifying one of the at least two regions as either valid input region or invalid input region based on the spatial relation determined between the at least two regions.04-16-2009
20090266623REMOTE SENSING CONTROLLER - A remote sensing controller having a detection area, wherein the remote sensing controller comprises: a plurality of electromagnetic wave generators, a sensor, a determining module and a controlling module. The plurality of electromagnetic wave generators are to generate an electromagnetic wave respectively, wherein at least one reflected electromagnetic wave is further generated according to the reflection of the plurality of electromagnetic waves from an object within the detection area, wherein the number of the reflected electromagnetic wave is related to a displacing condition of the object. The sensor is to sense the reflected electromagnetic wave to generate a sensing result. The determining module is to determine the displacing condition of the object according to the sensing result. And the controlling module is to generate a command corresponding to the displacing condition according to a relation table and further control at least one external electronic device according to the command.10-29-2009
20110011650SENSOR ASSEMBLY AND DISPLAY INCLUDING A SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A sensor assembly includes a coordinate input surface and, under a region thereof, a first and second switch assembly. Each assembly includes at least a first and second conductive element. When a force smaller than a first threshold is exerted on the surface, the first and second element of both assemblies are not in contact with each other. When a force larger than the first threshold and smaller than a second threshold is exerted, the first and second elements of the first assembly are in contact with each other, while the elements of the second assembly are not. When a force larger than the second threshold is exerted on the region, the elements of both assemblies are in contact with each other. A display including a sensor assembly is also disclosed.01-20-2011
20090236151Touch Panel Device - An exemplary touch panel device includes a substrate, an insulating layer form on a surface of the substrate, a plurality of first electrode groups and a plurality of second electrode groups. Each first electrode group includes a plurality of first electrodes and a plurality of first connecting wires each electrically connecting two adjacent first electrodes. Each second electrode group includes a plurality of second electrodes and a plurality of bridge connecting wires each electrically connecting two adjacent second electrodes. The first electrode groups and the second electrodes of the second electrode groups are alternately formed on a surface of the insulating layer away from the substrate. The bridge connecting wires are formed on the surface of the substrate contacting with the insulating layer.09-24-2009
20090288889PROXIMITY SENSOR DEVICE AND METHOD WITH SWIPETHROUGH DATA ENTRY - A touch sensor device and method is provided that facilitates improved device usability. Specifically, the touch screen device and method provide user interface functionality while reducing the possibility of inadvertent activation of certain functions. The touch screen device comprises a proximity sensor adapted to detect object presence in a sensing region, a display screen overlapping the sensing region, and a processing system. The touch screen device is adapted to provide user interface functionality by facilitating the display of user interface elements and the selection and activation of corresponding functions. For certain functions, the touch screen device and method uses the presence of a second object to confirm selection of a function before that function will be performed. So configured, the touch device screen is able to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent activation for certain functions on the device.11-26-2009
20090101416TOUCH PAD AND METHOD FOR REGULATING SENSITIVITY OF THE TOUCH PAD - A touch pad includes a touch sensor, a touch detection unit, an atmospheric pressure detection unit, and an atmospheric pressure compensation unit. The touch sensor detects a touch input from users, and generates analog signals. The touch detection unit amplifies the analog signals by a controllable gain to generate amplified analog signals, converts the amplified analog signals to digital signals, and sends the digital signals to the processor to determine a touch location. The atmospheric pressure detection unit measures ambient atmospheric pressure, and generates an atmospheric pressure level. The atmospheric pressure compensation unit generates a gain regulation signal corresponding to the atmospheric pressure level to control the touch detection unit to regulate the controllable gain. A related method for regulating sensitivity of the touch pad is also provided.04-23-2009
20090188726TOUCH PANEL - A touch panel includes two transparent conductive films and at least one refractive index matching layer. The two transparent conductive films are disposed opposite to each other. The refractive index matching layer is disposed between the two transparent conductive films or disposed on one side of the transparent conductive film.07-30-2009
20100252335Capacitive Touchscreen or Touchpad for Finger and Active Stylus - There is provided an electronic device having a mutual capacitance touchscreen or touchpad having combined finger navigation and active stylus navigation and character entry capabilities. According to one such embodiment, first and second pluralities of sense and drive electrodes are disposed in or on at least one substrate, and form an array configured to permit a first location corresponding to a finger or a second location corresponding to an active stylus to be detected thereby. The drive electrodes in the array are configured to operate as drive electrodes when the touchscreen or touchpad operates in a first finger touch mode, and to operate as additional sense electrodes when the touchscreen or touchpad operates in a second active stylus mode.10-07-2010
20080264700PORTABLE COMPUTER - A portable computer includes a main body casing comprising an upper plate and a supporting portion disposed below the upper plate, and a touch-pad seated on the supporting portion and to sense coordinates touched on a plate surface to generate a position data of a pointer, the supporting portion comprising a lateral wall bent from the upper plate, and a seating portion bent from the lateral wall and formed with an opening in one area thereof.10-30-2008
20090260898METHOD FOR OPERATING TOUCH INPUT DEVICE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL USING THE SAME - A method for operating a touch input device and a portable terminal using the touch input device may prevent a malfunction of the touch input device due to an abrupt change of external temperature. The method for operating a touch input device measures a temperature, calculates a temperature difference value between temperatures measured at a current time point and a previous time point, and compensates a recognition threshold value used for detecting a touch event with a predefined compensation value based on the temperature difference value.10-22-2009
20090120694Associating Auxilliary Data With Digital Ink - A method of associating auxiliary data with a digital ink stream comprises capturing a sequence of samples representing a digital ink stream and modifying the sample information, or inserting a plurality of new samples into the sample sequence, the modified or new samples representing auxiliary data. New samples are inserted in between existing samples and are essentially imperceptible to a person viewing the digital ink image, while an authorised recipient can extract the auxiliary data.05-14-2009
20100044121SENSORS, ALGORITHMS AND APPLICATIONS FOR A HIGH DIMENSIONAL TOUCHPAD - A high dimensional touchpad (HDTP) controls a variety of computer windows systems and applications by detecting a user's finger movement in the left-right, forward-backward, roll, pitch, yaw, and downward pressure directions. Measurements obtained from the touchpad of at least two attributes of finger movement at two different time intervals are used to provide a first and a second finger position attribute used to control an application on an electronic device. The finger roll angle is determined by detecting the edge and the peak region of a finger contact area. Also, a visual color displayed in an application operating on an electronic device is controlled by a measured-angle value of a finger in contact with a touchpad.02-25-2010
20090211818INPUT DEVICE - Disclosed is an input device capable of decreasing the number of layers of a detecting portion to reduce manufacturing costs and easily deforming layers provided above a pressure sensitive detecting portion. A capacitance-type detecting portion that detects the contact position of a finger on the basis of a variation in capacitance is provided on a pressure sensitive detecting portion that includes a lower detection layer formed on a lower base sheet and an upper detection layer formed on an upper base sheet. A voltage is applied to the pressure sensitive detecting portion and the capacitance-type detecting portion such that the application times of the voltages do not overlap each other. Therefore, it is possible to prevent interference between the detection operations of the two detecting portions.08-27-2009
20080236905Touch panel - A touch panel including a fixation side substrate and an operation side substrate disposed in opposition and adhered to each other, having a fixation side conductive film and an operation side conductive film respectively formed on opposing faces of the fixation side substrate and the operation side substrate, and being capable of detecting any contact point on the fixation side conductive film and the operation side conductive film as a 2-dimensional coordinate, wherein a bending section is formed between one end and the other end thereof, and wherein two input operation regions are defined and formed on both sides of the bending section.10-02-2008
20090090567GESTURE DETERMINATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A gesture determination apparatus, determines, every time a point coordinate is input in time sequence from an input unit, whether an input locus, which is formed from point coordinates input before the point coordinate is input and the point coordinate input from the input unit, satisfies a feature of a locus of a gesture stored in a storage unit, to output an identification information of the gesture when the input locus satisfies the feature of the locus of the gesture, determines, every time the point coordinate is input, whether point coordinates input during predetermined time before the point coordinate is input and the point coordinate input from the input unit are in a standstill state within a predetermined distance, and determines a repeat of the gesture when the standstill state is determined after the one of the gestures is determined, to output the identification information of the gesture.04-09-2009
20090277695Method of Forming Touch Sensing Circuit Pattern - A method of forming a touch sensing circuit pattern includes steps of: forming a first axial conductive line on a transparent substrate; forming an insulation barrier on the first axial conductive line; forming two separated first axial electrodes, two separated second axial electrodees and the second axial conductive line on the transparent substrate. The first axial electrodes are arranged on two sides of the insulation barrier along a first direction. The second axial electrodes are arranged on two opposite sides of the axial conductive line along a second direction. The second axial conductive line is across on the insulation barrier and connects to the second axial electrodes. The method of the invention can simplify the manufacturing process.11-12-2009
20090277694Interactive Input System And Bezel Therefor - An interactive input system comprises a bezel at least partially surrounding a region of interest. The bezel has a plurality of bands thereon with at least some adjacent bands having different optical properties. At least one imaging device looks into the region of interest and sees the at least one bezel so that acquired images comprise regions corresponding to the bands. Processing structure processes pixels of a plurality of the regions to detect the existence of a pointer in the region of interest11-12-2009
20080283309Input Device Using Touch Manner - Provided is an input device using a touch manner. A micro computer and a key control unit perform communications in a serial method to obtain operation stability by reducing the number of data connecting ports between the micro computer and the key control unit. Furthermore, when more than two sets of key matrixes are provided, a plurality of key control unit may be connected to one micro computer to solve interferences between the key patterns. Moreover, operational reliability of the input device using the touch manner is improved by adequately using resources of the key control unit and at the same time reducing processing load of the micro computer.11-20-2008
20090283338DATA FILTERING METHOD AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A data filtering method includes the following steps. First, m pieces of data are identified at first to m11-19-2009
20090166097Device for improving the accuracy of the touch point on a touch panel and a method thereof - A device for improving the detection accuracy of a touch point on a touch panel and a method thereof are disclosed. The device includes a plurality of first and second X external conducting wires and a plurality of first and second Y external conducting wires that are electrically coupled with the first X side and the second X side of the touch panel and the first Y side and the second Y side of the touch panel to alternatively and respectively receive a first detection signal and a second detection signal from a first detection signal source and a second detection signal source. By using the relation of the currents generated form the first detection signal and the second detection signal, a x coordinate and a y coordinate of the location of the touch point is obtained.07-02-2009
20100276214Tablet of battery-free wireless pointing device - A tablet of a battery-free wireless pointing device has a battery-free wireless pointing device and a tablet. The wireless pointing device includes a power supply circuit and a sensing circuit. The tablet includes a signal processing unit, a first antenna loop, and a second antenna loop. The sensing circuit receives electric energy generated by the power supply and generates a sensing signal. The second antenna loop receives the sensing signal. The signal processing circuit generates a frequency signal and determines a current coordinate position of the pointing device according to the sensing signal.11-04-2010
20080210474Motor vehicle having a touch screen - A motor vehicle includes a touch screen, which is disposed in the passenger compartment of the motor vehicle, for outputting a position signal. The position signal is dependent on the touch screen being touched. An actuator is provided for deflecting the touch screen. A control configuration evaluates the position signal for the purpose of recognizing a handwriting and for controlling the actuator in order to generate a haptic feedback for an operator of the touch screen.09-04-2008
20100139990Selective Input Signal Rejection and Modification - Embodiments are related to user input devices that accept complex user input including a combination of touch and push (or pick) input. Embodiments of the invention provide for selective ignoring or rejection of input received from such devices in order to avoid interpreting unintentional user actions as commands. Furthermore, some input signals can be modified. The selective rejection or modification can be performed by the user interface device itself or by a computing device that includes or is attached to the user interface device. The selective rejection or modification may be performed by a module that processes input signals, performs the necessary rejections and modifications and sends revised input signals to higher level modules.06-10-2010
20110214924Apparatus and Method for Electrostatic Discharge Protection - Embodiments of the invention provide a substrate and a method for constructing a substrate with electrostatic discharge protection. The substrate includes an edge surface with at least one plated castellation capable of conducting electrostatic discharge. The at least one plated castellation is connected to a circuit trace on at least one of the bottom surface and the top surface of the substrate. The method includes punching holes along at least a portion of a perimeter of each of a plurality of substrates in a substrate array, plating the holes with a conductive material, and cutting each of the plurality of substrates along cut lines that bisect at least some of the holes.09-08-2011
20090025987System and method for diagnostics of a grid based digitizer - A method for testing a digitizer to determine an operative property of the digitizer, wherein the digitizer includes a sensor grid, comprises providing an input signal on a first portion of the sensor grid, detecting at least one output signal in a second portion of the sensor grid responsive to the input signal in the first portion, and determining at least one operative property of the sensor based on the at least one output signal, wherein at least the transmitting, detecting and determining is performed autonomously by the digitizer.01-29-2009
20090183930TOUCH PAD OPERABLE WITH MULTI-OBJECTS AND METHOD OF OPERATING SAME - The present invention provides a touch pad operable with multi-objects and a method of operating such a touch pad. The touch pad includes a touch structure for sensing touch points of a first and a second object and a controller for generating corresponding touching signals and related position coordinates. Moreover, the controller calculates at least two movement amount indexes according to coordinate differences between these position coordinates, thereby generating a movement amount control signal to control behaviors of a software object.07-23-2009
20090183931TOUCH PANEL DEVICE - A touch panel unit includes a plurality of electrodes arranged in directions of an X axis and a Y axis. A screening electrode switching control circuit handles each of electrodes arranged in the direction of the X axis as a detecting electrode and handles electrodes arranged in the direction of the Y axis as screening electrodes when an arithmetic unit detects the location of an approach or a touch to or with the touch panel unit in the direction of the X axis, whereas the screening electrode switching control circuit handles the electrodes arranged in the direction of the X axis as the screening electrodes and handles each of the electrodes arranged in the direction of the Y axis as the detecting electrode when the arithmetic unit detects the location of the approach or the touch to or with the touch panel unit in the direction of the Y axis.07-23-2009
20090139780POSITION DETECTING APPARATUS AND POSITION POINTER - In a position detecting apparatus, electric power of a position pointer is turned on only when the position pointer is put within a particular range from a tablet to minimize consumption of a battery disposed in the position pointer. When the position pointer is brought close to the tablet, a control signal transmitted from the tablet is detected by a resonant circuit of the position pointer, and MOSFETs serving as a power switch are turned on by the detected signal. In response, electric power is supplied from a battery via the MOSFETs to circuit elements of the position pointer, and thus an operation of the position pointer starts.06-04-2009
20090139779Apparatus for inputting commands to a data processing installation - The invention relates to an apparatus for inputting commands and the like to a data processing installation, in particular a minicomputer, having a sensor area, wherein the commands which can be input can be selected by touching the sensor area on different linear touching movements.06-04-2009
20090139778User Input Using Proximity Sensing - A device is described which enables users to interact with software running on the device through gestures made in an area adjacent to the device. In an embodiment, a portable computing device has proximity sensors arranged on an area of its surface which is not a display, such as on the sides of the device. These proximity sensors define an area of interaction adjacent to the device. User gestures in this area of interaction are detected by creating sensing images from data received from each of the sensors and then analyzing sequences of these images to detect gestures. The detected gestures may be mapped to particular inputs to a software program running on the device and therefore a user can control the operation of the program through gestures.06-04-2009
20090321148TOUCH PANEL DEVICE AND CIRCUITRY THEREOF - A touch panel circuitry, which is coupled to a controller, comprises a plurality of electrode strips and a plurality of conductive traces. The electrode strip configured to provide touch signals has two strip ends. The conductive trace is configured for electrically coupling the two strip ends of the corresponding electrode strip so as to form a closed loop circuit. Each conductive trace is also connected to the controller to transmit signals generated by the corresponding electrode strip.12-31-2009
20090321147TOUCH PANEL WITH PATTERNED LAYER - The present invention discloses a touch panel with a patterned layer, the touch panel comprising: a patterned layer, a conductive film, spacers and a conductive glass. The patterned layer is capable of being directly attached onto the combined conductive layers and icons can be formed thereon. To further simplify the manufacturing process, the conductive film and the conductive glass are smaller than the patterned layer and can be as small as the active area of the patterned layer. The sizes of the conductive film and the conductive glass can be different. Moreover, at least a filler is provided and an adhesive is further provided between the combined conductive layers and the filler so that the mechanical strength of the whole structure is enhanced and there will be no warping or bending on the patterned layer.12-31-2009
20110226536FLEXIBLE SLIDE-TOUCH CONTROLLING DEVICE AND THE RELATED POSITION DETERMINATION METHOD - A flexible slide-touch controlling device is disclosed. The device includes first and second flexible substrates, and a spacer is interposed therebetween to form a gap between the first and second flexible substrates. A first electrode layer covers an inner surface of the first flexible substrate in the gap. A plurality of second electrode layers and a plurality of third electrode layers are respectively disposed on inner and outer surfaces of the second flexible substrate and correspond to each other. Each third electrode layer is electrically connected to a corresponding second electrode layer. A sensing material layer is disposed on the outer surface of the second flexible substrate and covers the plurality of third electrode layers to form a series of sensing segments. A position determination method for the flexible slide-touch controlling device is also disclosed.09-22-2011
20090211819TOUCH PANEL - A touch panel includes a first and a second transparent substrates, a first and a second signal lines, a first polymeric conductive film, and a first and a second non-polymeric conductive films. The first signal line is formed on the first transparent substrate, the first polymeric conductive film is formed on the first transparent substrate, and the first non-polymeric conductive film is formed on the first polymeric conductive film. The second signal line is provided on the second transparent substrate, and the second non-polymeric conductive film is provided on the second transparent substrate.08-27-2009
20090229892SWITCHABLE SENSOR CONFIGURATIONS - An input device with switchable sensor configurations. In one embodiment, the input device can switch between a sensor configuration in which each of its sensor elements is enabled to sense input and a sensor configuration in which only a subset of its sensor elements are enabled to sense input. In another embodiment, the input device can switch between a sensor configuration in which each of its sensor elements is enabled to sense input and a sensor configuration in which one or more groupings of its sensor elements are enabled to collectively sense input. In a further embodiment, the input device can operate in a detection mode that switches between sensor configurations to determine a position of an input.09-17-2009
20090260899PRODUCT HAVING ABSOLUTE POSITIONING CODE PATTERN ON A SURFACE THEREOF AND METHOD FOR GENERATING ABSOLUTE POSITIONING CODE PATTERN - Disclosed is a product having an absolute positioning pattern on its surface and a method for forming the absolute pattern. The product includes first cells displaying coded binary data or displaying coded data expressed in terms of at least three digits; second cells displaying data coded in a manner different from the first cells or having no data; and a unit cell pattern formed by a group of at least a predetermined number of the first and second cells. The combination of data corresponding to the first cells within the unit cell pattern indicates an absolute coordinate of the corresponding unit cell pattern, and the unit cell pattern is differentiated from other adjacent unit cell patterns by the second cells within the unit cell pattern. The disclosed product and method require a smaller amount of operation to calculate the coordinate value compared with the prior art, but can display a broader position.10-22-2009
20090250267METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING MULTI-POINT HAPTIC FEEDBACK TEXTURE SYSTEMS - A method and apparatus for generating haptic surface texture with a deformable surface layer are disclosed. The haptic device includes a flexible surface layer, a haptic substrate, and a deforming mechanism. The flexible surface layer is made of elastic materials and is capable of reconfiguring its surface characteristics. The haptic substrate, in one embodiment, provides a first pattern in response to a first activating signal. Alternatively, the haptic substrate is capable of providing a second pattern in accordance with a second activating signal. The deforming mechanism is configured to change the flexible surface from a first surface characteristic to a second surface characteristic in accordance with the first pattern.10-08-2009
20100147601POWERLESS ELECTRONIC NOTEPAD AND POWERLESS WIRELESS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a powerless electronic notepad and a powerless wireless transmission system using the same, and more particularly, to a powerless electronic notepad that stores data recorded on an electronic notepad using piezoelectric elements and transmits the stored data using a passive RFID tag without the use of a power source, and a powerless wireless transmission system using the same.06-17-2010
20100147600TOUCH PAD DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING A POSITION OF AN INPUT OBJECT ON THE DEVICE USING CAPACITIVE COUPLING - A touch pad device and method for determining a position of an input object on the device uses multiple sensing electrodes to produce signals induced by mutual capacitive coupling that are dependent on which conductors of the device are being electrically contacted by the input object. These signals are then processed to determine the position of the input object on the touch pad device.06-17-2010
20100263943Method and Device for Resistive Multi-point Touch - A resistive multi-point touch device and method is disclosed. A plurality of wires intersect each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. The intersecting wires are separated from each other by a plurality of insulating particles. First, suppressed intersecting regions are sensed, and then contact points on the suppressed intersecting regions are sensed based on the suppressed intersecting regions. Sensing of the suppressed intersecting regions is performed by first sensing suppressed wires, and then determining possibly suppressed intersecting regions based on the suppressed wires, and sensing suppressed intersecting regions based on these possibly suppressed intersecting regions.10-21-2010
20100200310GROUP SCANNING CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR A CAPACITIVE TOUCH SENSOR - For object detection, a two-step group scan to the traces of a capacitive touch sensor is performed, thereby dramatically shortening the overall scanning time and reducing noise effect. After all the traces are scanned by the pre-scan step to find out the trace of a touch point, the trace of the touch point and traces adjacent thereto are scanned by the re-scan step for more accurate positioning of the touch point.08-12-2010
20100200309TWO-DIMENSIONAL POSITION SENSOR - A sensor for determining a position of an object in two dimensions is provided. The sensor comprises a substrate with a sensitive area defined by a pattern of electrodes arranged thereon. The pattern of electrodes comprises four drive electrodes arranged in a two-by-two array and coupled to respective drive channels, and a sense electrode coupled to a sense channel. The sense electrode is arranged so as to extend around the four drive electrodes (i.e. to wholly or partially surround the drive electrodes, for example, so as to extend adjacent to at least three sides of the drive electrodes). The sensor may further comprise a drive unit for applying drive signals to the respective drive electrodes, and a sense unit for measuring sense signals representing a degree of coupling of the drive signals applied to the respective drive electrodes to the sense electrode. Furthermore the sensor may comprise a processing unit for processing the sense signals to determine a position of an object adjacent the sensor. The functionality of the drive channels, the sense channels, and the processing unit may be provided by a suitably programmed microcontroller.08-12-2010
20100258359PORTABLE ELECTRONIC WRITING PAD - The present invention provides a writing pad device, comprising (a) a writing pad device base having a front writing surface; a plurality of writing pad device wireless signal receivers; a plurality of wireless writing pad device transmitters; a power source; and (b) a writing implement device, comprising a writing implement body having a top end portion central body portion a bottom end; a conventional writing tip capable of transferring physical material to a surface, wherein the conventional writing tip is positioned at the most terminal portion of the bottom end of the writing implement; a wireless writing tip transmitter capable of transmitting a wireless signal, positioned at the bottom end of the writing implement device, closely positioned to the conventional writing tip; a writing implement transmitter power source; and at least one activation switch, capable of controlling power to the transmitter.10-14-2010
20090078476Method for identifying changes in signal frequencies emitted by a stylus interacting with a digitizer sensor - A method for dynamically updating at least one pre-defined value of a parameter used to identify at least one operational mode of an object for user interaction with a digitizer sensor during interaction with the digitizer sensor comprises detecting signal outputs from a plurality of sensing elements of a digitizer sensor during user interaction with the digitizer sensor; characterizing a pattern formed by the signal outputs from the plurality of sensing elements; identifying a pre-defined event associated with an operational mode of the object based on the pattern; determining a value of the parameter from the signal outputs in response to identification of the pre-defined event; and updating the pre-defined value used to identify the operational mode based on the value of the parameter determined from the identified event.03-26-2009
20090078475Coding and Decoding Methods and Apparatuses - A combined position and information code, which could be applied on a base, comprises a position code, which comprises a plurality of coding marks and which codes a plurality of positions. Each position in the position code is coded by a predetermined number of coding marks. Groups of coding marks are defined in the position code. The number of coding marks in each group is larger than the predetermined number of coding marks. At least some of the coding marks in each group are used for coding an information item. When decoding the combined code, part areas of the combined code are imaged. A position is decoded from each imaged part area, whereas the information item has to be decoded from at least two part areas.03-26-2009
20100212974TOUCH POSITION DETECTING METHOD, TOUCH POSITION DETECTING DEVICE, AND FLAT PANEL DISPLAY - A method and a device for detecting a touch position and a flat panel display using the method and the device are disclosed. The touch position detecting method includes generating touch data from a touch sensor array; computing the touch data input in each of adjacent frames to generate difference data and then performing at least one binary operation and a filtering operation on the difference data to correct the difference data; determining an effective area and then calculating a first central coordinate and a second central coordinate; computing a reference vector between the first central coordinate and the second central coordinate, a position vector between a position coordinate and the second central coordinate, and an angle between the reference vector and the position vector; and determining the position coordinate on the touch boundary portion at the angle having a minimum value as a touch coordinate.08-26-2010
20100155153DIGITIZER, STYLUS AND METHOD OF SYNCHRONIZATION THEREWITH - A method for operating a digitizer with an autonomous asynchronous stylus includes sampling outputs from a digitizer, detecting from the outputs at least one pulsed signal transmitted from an autonomous asynchronous stylus at a defined rate, determining a location of the stylus interaction with respect to the digitizer, and tracking stylus interaction with the digitizer over subsequent pulsed signals transmitted from the stylus.06-24-2010
20080314653PRODUCT HAVING ENCODED AUTHENTICATION WRITING AREAS - A product is provided which has a plurality of coded tags and at least one authentication writing area defined by at least some of the coded tags for receiving handwritten authentication information from a sensing device operated by a user. Each coded tag encodes coordinates for a point on a tag map and an orientation feature. The orientation features enable the sensing device to determine a planar orientation of each tag relative to a yaw of the sensing device.12-25-2008
20090000830WRITABLE ELECTRONIC BOOK - A writable electronic book, including a binder body, a plurality of electronic paper modules, each representing a single sheet of paper detachably coupled to the binder body, to display content, and a write panel that is included in at least one of the electronic paper modules and that overlaps at least part of a display area of the at least one of the electronic paper modules, to receive manipulation information and write information of a user via a digital pen. The write information inputted through the write panel is added to the content and is stored.01-01-2009
20090242281TOUCH SENSING DEVICE AND TOUCH SENSING APPARATUS - The invention discloses a touch sensing device, which includes a containing space, a first substrate layer, a second substrate layer, a driver, and a sensor. The first substrate layer and the second substrate layer define the containing space for containing a fluid. The driver can provide charges to a first conducting layer of the first substrate layer, a second conducting layer of the second substrate layer, and the fluid. The sensor can sense the electric characteristics of the fluid. When a point unit approaches the touch sensing device and influences the charges, the appearance of the fluid could be changed and then the electric characteristics could also be changed.10-01-2009
20080289886Position Detection - Apparatus for detecting the position of the mechanical interaction is disclosed. A first fabric conducting layer (11-27-2008
20080289887SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REDUCING VIBRATIONAL EFFECTS ON A FORCE-BASED TOUCH PANEL - A system and method for reducing vibrational effects on a force-based touch panel is disclosed. The system comprises at least one force sensor operable with the force-based touch panel to measure a force applied to the touch panel to provide at least one force sensor signal. An accelerometer operable with the force-based touch panel is used to sense a vibrational acceleration of the force-based touch panel to form an acceleration signal. The vibrational acceleration adds a vibration induced signal to the at least one force sensor signal. An adaptive vibration filter is used to adaptively filter the vibration induced signal from the at least one force sensor signal by adjusting filter characteristics of the adaptive vibration filter to remove substantially all of the vibration induced signal from the at least one force sensor signal.11-27-2008
20080277170Device for electronically capturing a handwritten user input - A device configured to electronically capture a handwritten user input includes an input field asymmetrically disposed on a housing in order to provide a sufficient surface for resting a right-hand on the housing when a right-handed person makes an input on the input field. The device is rotatable by 180° and the input field is re-configurable, so that a left-handed person can comfortably make an input on the input field with the left-hand resting in a natural posture on the same hand-resting surface of the housing.11-13-2008
20100300770Touch Pad Arrangement - A touch pad arrangement having a touch pad which has a sensitive operating surface and which can be moved in a direction of movement by a guide mechanism in a guided manner without tipping between a raised resting position and a lowered position. A lever mechanism is arranged on at least two side areas of the touch pad lying opposite each other. The lever mechanism includes two levers which extend approximately toward each other along their own axes, and which are pivotably mounted in the center of their length about a fixed joint with an axis which extends transversally to the direction of movement of the touch pad. The levers can be acted upon in the direction of movement of the touch pad on the lever ends facing away from each other, by the touch pad or a touch pad support supporting the touch pad, and are connected to each other on their facing ends via a flexible connection.12-02-2010
20090050376METHOD OF DETECTING A TOUCH POSITION AND TOUCH PANEL FOR PERFORMING THE SAME - A method of detecting a touch position and a touch panel for performing the method are disclosed. In the above-mentioned method, a plurality of scan signals is sequentially supplied to a plurality of first sensor lines arranged in a first direction. Then, at least one of the scan signals is analyzed based on touch events, which is transferred from the first sensor lines to a plurality of second sensor lines arranged in a second direction substantially across to the first direction, and then at least one of touch positions is detected. Therefore, a plurality of scan signals is sequentially applied to the first sensor lines in the first direction, so that a plurality of touch events is simultaneously detected so that a plurality of touch positions may be detected.02-26-2009
20100025123METHOD OF GENERATING KEY CODE IN COORDINATE RECOGNITION DEVICE AND VIDEO DEVICE CONTROLLER USING THE SAME - A video device controller and method for generating a key code enable key code generation by a single instance of manipulation of the controller by a user, obviating repetitive keypad manipulation and thereby facilitating controller operation. The video device controller includes a touch pad (02-04-2010
20110079450Small Device - According to one embodiment, a small device includes a first touchpad, a second touchpad, a board and a housing. The first touchpad has a first input surface on a surface of the first touchpad. The second touchpad has a second input surface on a surface of the second touchpad. The second input surface allows a rubbing operation continuing from the first input surface of the first touchpad. The board has a first detector configured to detect push-down input from the first touchpad and second detector configured to detect input by the rubbing operation. The first detector is provided at a position where the first detection section is opposed to the first touchpad. The second detector is provided at a position where the second detection section is opposed to the second touchpad. The housing positions the second touchpad and the board and covers the board.04-07-2011
20110079449Generating perceptible touch stimulus - Apparatus including: a body portion having a surface comprising a first surface electrode and a second surface electrode, spaced from the first surface electrode, and a controller configured to apply a time varying potential difference between the first surface electrode and the second surface electrode and configured to control at least the time variation in the potential difference.04-07-2011
20090127004Apparatus and method providing transformation for human touch force measurements - An apparatus includes a force sensor configured to be activated by a user and a control unit connected to an output of the force sensor. The control unit is configurable to operate in response to receipt of an m-bit value representing a measurement from the force sensor to transform the m-bit value to an n-bit transformed value, where n05-21-2009
20110209928REMOTE CONTROL - A remote control capable of indicating which electronic device controlled by the remote control is in use is provided. A remote control includes a microprocessor, a touch panel with a plurality of contact areas, and a state indication unit. Each of the contact areas is labeled with one color and each of the contact areas is configured to control one electronic device; the state indication unit is configured to indicate which of the electronic devices is in the on state; the microprocessor controls whether to turn on one electronic device based on the contact operation on each of the contact areas, and directs the state indication unit to display the color of the determined contact areas in relation to the electronic devices.09-01-2011
20100038151Method for automatic switching between a cursor controller and a keyboard of depressible touch panels - A method for automatic switching between a cursor controller and a keyboard of depressible touch panels includes at least the following procedures: 1. setting operation modes for a touch panel in a cursor controller state and a keyboard state that are switchable alternately; 2. detecting sliding (movement) of a user's finger on the touch panel in the keyboard state and switching to the cursor controller state when the detected sliding reaches a set value; 3. detecting all depressing signals in the keyboard state and entering designated characters of depressing locations and maintaining the keyboard state; 4. detecting the touch panel depressed by the user's finger in a set condition in the cursor controller state and switching to the keyboard state; 5. detecting the sliding of the user's finger in the cursor controller state and moving the cursor in a corresponding manner on a screen and maintaining the cursor controller state. By means of the procedures set forth above user's requirements can be judged automatically, and instant switching of the touch panel between the keyboard state and cursor controller state can be accomplished to enable users to perform various types of input operations and function execution.02-18-2010
20110247884TOUCH PANEL - Disclosed herein is a touch panel 10-13-2011
20110073382REMOTE CONTROLLER - According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a remote controller including: a first touch pad having a first input face to be outwardly exposed; a second touch pad having a second input face to be outwardly exposed, the second input face being aligned with the first input face so that a sliding operation is continuously performed across the first input face and the second input face; and a first switch configured to be switched in accordance with a pressing operation applied onto the first touch pad.03-31-2011
20110247883TOUCH PAD - A touch pad including a printed circuit board, a plurality of column-conductor groups and a plurality of row-column groups. The printed circuit board is formed with an upper surface and a lower surface. The column-conductor groups include a plurality of first column-conductors and a plurality of second column-conductors. The row-conductor groups include a plurality of first row-conductors and a plurality of second row-conductors. The first column-conductors and the first row-conductors are provided on the upper surface. The second column-conductors and the second row-conductors are respectively provided on one and the other of the upper surface and the lower surface, and electrically connected to each other through column-vias and row-vias. Whereby the structure, the existing material and process can be still be used, and the problem of crossed wires can be avoided, also the yield of products can be increased with less waste of materials.10-13-2011
20090242282Apparatus and Method for Providing Interface Depending on Action Force, and Recording Medium Thereof - The present invention relates to an apparatus for providing a user interface depending on an action force, the apparatus comprising: a touch input unit for allowing a user to input a position or operation command thereto using a pointing object, being applied with the action force of the pointing object, and recognizing the applied position information; a tactile sensor placed on a bottom surface of the touch input unit, for detecting the action force and generating a predetermined signal; a control unit for determining an expression value of a transfer medium in response to the signal generated from the tactile sensor; and an expression unit for expressing the strength of the action force by outputting the transfer medium based on the expression value of the control unit.10-01-2009
20090000829COMPUTER INTERFACE FOR NAVIGATING GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE BY TOUCH - A system for enabling a user to navigate a graphical user interface by touching pads on a touch surface. The arrangement of the pads on the touch surface is static, but the functions associated with each pad dynamically change in correspondence with functions in the graphical user interface. The functions are automatically and dynamically extracted from the software that creates the window display. Certain pads are regularly used for certain user options found in windows.01-01-2009
20110042152TOUCH SENSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A touch sensing apparatus utilizes the characteristics of orthogonal vectors is disclosed. A random spread spectrum (RSS) signal or a periodic wave is used to modulate a driving signal so as to driving a row of a sensing array, and the RSS signal or periodic wave is also use to extract touch information of a node from a sensing signal measured from a column of the sensing array. The node is an intersection of the driven row and the measured column. When different RSS signals and/or periodic waves are used to drive multiple rows simultaneously, multipoint touching information can be obtained from the same sensing signal at the same time by respectively using the RSS signals and/or periodic waves to extract touching information of multiple points which are the intersections of the driven rows and the measured column.02-24-2011
20090127005SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTION WITH A DIGITIZER SENSOR - A method for detection on a digitizer sensor, the method comprises simultaneously transmitting orthogonal signals having the same frequency on at least two conductors of a digitizer sensor; sampling a signal on at least one other conductor crossing the at least two conductors, wherein the signal is responsive to capacitive coupling at cross-junctions formed between the at least two conductors and at least one other conductor; decomposing the sampled signal into orthogonal components; and analyzing the orthogonal components to detect user interaction at each cross junction.05-21-2009
20090127003System and Method for Determining Touch Positions Based on Position-Dependent Electrical Charges - Systems and methods determine the position of a touch on a surface of a device, such as a touch-sensitive device, by using position-dependent electrical charges. In such a method, the position of a touching implement is determined on the sensing surface of a device. The method includes generating signals on the surface of the device to create a position-dependent electrical charge on the touching implement; and measuring the position-dependent electrical charge to indicate a coordinate on the sensing surface for establishing the position of the touching implement.05-21-2009
20110155477TOUCH SENSING CIRCUITS AND METHODS - A touch sensing circuit is provided. Signal generators output a pulse signal according to a control signal. Touch detection circuits are arranged as an array, generating a sensing signal according a touch event and the pulse signal. The touch detection circuits in the same row are coupled to the same signal generator. The sensing circuits are respectively coupled to the touch detection circuits in the same column, generating an output signal according to the sensing signal. The controller receives the output signal, outputs the control signal to control one of the signal generators outputting the pulse signal, and detects the touch detection circuit corresponding to the touch event according to the output control signal and the output signal.06-30-2011
20100025122Image-Sensing Module and Image-Sensing System - An image-sensing module includes an image-sensing chip and a processing unit. The image-sensing chip has a first image-sensing area and a second image-sensing area. The processing unit is electrically connected to the first image-sensing area and the second image-sensing area. In addition, the image-sensing system including the image-sensing module and a panel is also provided. The panel has a plane and a region located on the plane. The image-sensing module is disposed near the region. The image-sensing chip is disposed on the plane. The sensing range of the first image-sensing area covers the region. The sensing range of the second image-sensing area covers the region.02-04-2010
20090173552SYSTEM, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR AN INTEGRATED DIGITAL WORKFLOW FOR PROCESSING A PAPER FORM - A method, system and computer program for creating a digital workflow associated with the completion of a paper form is provided. An electronic clipboard includes a panel for receiving a paper form, a computer including a clipboard computer application, and an input device that completes the paper form with handwritten input data and also created digital signals corresponding to the handwritten input data. The computer application interprets the digital signal data so as to define digital input data, which corresponds to the handwritten input data. The electronic clipboard also includes verification/correction facility that enables the display of the digital input data and verification and correction thereof using a series of input devices provided on the electronic clipboard. The electronic clipboard is linked to a remote computer. The remote computer includes a forms creation and management application for the creation of the electronic forms, and definition of rules for processing digital input data includes in the various fields of the electronic forms. In a server implementation of the invention, the remote computer is an application server that provides access to a plurality of software utilities for processing the digital input data included in the electronic forms. The application server enables processes such as financial transactions associated with electronic forms, transmission of selected digital input data to other computer systems, and field level encryption. Another aspect of the invention is a point of sale device that include the electronic clipboard.07-09-2009
20090084611TOUCH SENSOR LAYOUT DESIGN - The present invention relates to a touch sensing device. In one embodiment, the touch sensing device includes a plurality of sensor units arranged in the form of an M×N matrix having M rows and N columns. Each sensor unit has a first touch sensor, S04-02-2009
20110000720Flexible Tablet - A flexible tablet is disclosed, and particular disclosed a flexible tablet having both of a hard housing structure and a soft housing structure. The flexible tablet fix a control board in the hard housing structure for preventing the control board form bending and break resulting from external force. In the flexible tablet, the soft housing structure is applied instead of the hard housing of a conventional tablet to fix a sensing board therein. Therefore, the soft housing structure and the sensing board are integrated to form a flexible writing member of the flexible tablet. As a consequence of foregoing structure, the tablet is flexible and convenient to be stored and carried, and the cost of the tablet is reduced.01-06-2011
20090020342Touch Panel And Interactive Input System Incorporating The Same - A touch panel comprises a substrate having a forward major surface and formed of a plurality of assembled substrate segments. Cover material overlies the forward major surface to reduce the visibility of seams between adjacent substrate segments.01-22-2009
20090205878TOUCHPAD FOR PROVIDING TOUCH STICK FUNCTIONALITY IN A GAME CONTROLLER FOR PROVIDING RELATIVE AND ABSOLUTE POSITION INPUT - A touchpad used in place of a touch stick in a video game controller, wherein the touchpad provides either absolute or relative position information to a processor, wherein the touchpad can be switched between absolute and relative position mode, and wherein the relative mode of operation cannot be performed by a touch stick, thereby adding new functionality to a video game controller.08-20-2009
20110155478THERMOELECTRIC TOUCH SENSOR - A thermoelectric touch sensor includes a first electrode, a thin film layer provided on the first electrode and including a thermoelectric material, a second electrode provided on the thin film layer, a sensing unit which senses at least one of a current flowing between the first electrode and the second electrode and a voltage applied between the first electrode and the second electrode.06-30-2011
20100116562Haptic Effect Generation With An Eccentric Rotating Mass Actuator - A haptically-enabled system includes a touch sensitive surface and an eccentric rotating mass (“ERM”) actuator coupled to the touch sensitive surface. The ERM actuator includes a motor, a housing and a constrained mass. The system further includes a drive circuit that creates a haptic effect on the touch sensitive surface by coupling an alternating current signal to the ERM actuator.05-13-2010
20090133941Panel-type input device - A panel-type input device including a pair of electrode plates, each electrode plate including a substrate and a conductive coat provided on a surface of the substrate; and a plurality of dot spacers formed in a dispersed arrangement on a surface of the conductive coat of at least one of the electrode plates. The electrode plates are assembled with each other in a relative arrangement such that respective conductive coats are opposed to and spaced from each other while permitting a conductive contact therebetween. The conductive coat of at least one of the electrode plates is formed by using a conducting polymer. The dot spacers are formed in such a manner that a value A=H/D, representing a relationship between an overall height Hμm of each dot spacer measured from the surface of the conductive coat, on which the dot spacers are formed, and a substantial disposition interval Dmm of the dot spacers on the surface, is in a range of 1.505-28-2009
20100288568PRESSURE SENSITIVE TOUCH-SURFACE CONTROL DEVICE - The invention relates to a touch-surface control device (11-18-2010
20100012396Operating Tool with Conductor Pieces - An inexpensively-produced operating tool to which information about the direction of the operating tool or various kinds of identification information can be provided, and in which a switch can be provided. An operating tool (01-21-2010
20100300771INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus is provided which includes an operation tool detection unit for detecting at least a contact operation by an operation tool on the information processing apparatus, a state detection unit for detecting a static/non-static state or an orientation of the information processing apparatus, and a mode control unit for controlling a mode for detecting an operation by the operation tool on the information processing apparatus according to the detected static/non-static state or orientation of the information processing apparatus. This enables the mode for detecting the operation by the operation tool on the information processing apparatus to be controlled according to the static/non-static state or orientation of the information processing apparatus, so that the detection mode can be appropriately controlled according to an operating state of a user.12-02-2010
20100236843DATA INPUT DEVICE - A data input device may include a touch input interface having a touch sensing mechanism, and a plurality of regions of material that is arranged to change its shape, size or rheology on application of an applied voltage. The data input device may activate a region of the plurality of regions of material touched by a user by applying a voltage in the region to change the shape, size, or rheology of material in the region on detection of a user touch in the region by the touch sensing mechanism to provide a tactile indication of the region touched by the user.09-23-2010
20110036648Notebook Mountable Hand Writing Memory System - A notebook mountable hand writing memory system is disclosed, and particular disclosed a notebook mountable tablet. In the notebook mountable hand writing memory system, a top protective layer, a sensing board and a bottom protective layer is assembled to form the writing member of the notebook mountable hand writing memory system for reducing the weight and the thickness of the notebook mountable hand writing memory system. Therefore, the notebook mountable hand writing memory system has the characteristics of low fabricating cost, low weight, and thinner thickness. Furthermore, a plurality of through holes are provided on the writing member for integrating the notebook mountable hand writing memory system with a conventional notebook. Therefore, the information written on the paper of the conventional notebook can be digitized and stored by the notebook mountable hand writing memory system.02-17-2011
20100230179DIGITAL AUDIO DATA REPRODUCING APPARATUS - A digital audio data reproducing apparatus includes a main section and an operator section, which may be implemented as a remote controller detachable from the main section. The operator section includes a sensor configured to detect a touch and movement of an instructing member (e.g., a DJ player's finger) and to output corresponding operation data. The operator section further includes a first wireless communication block configured to transmit the operation data. The main section includes a second wireless communication block configured to receive the operation data, and a storage block configured to store a plurality of audio (e.g., music) data files. The main section further includes a reproduction processing block configured to simultaneously reproduce at least two of the plurality of audio data files, which are read from the storage block and processed according to the operation data received via the second wireless communication block.09-16-2010
20120318585Touch Panel and Method for Manufacturing the Same - Disclosed herein are a touch panel and a method for manufacturing the same. The touch panel includes: a transparent substrate formed of silicon; and sensing electrodes each formed in a metal mesh pattern on one surface or both surfaces of the transparent substrate.12-20-2012
20120090902TOUCH PAD - A touch pad includes a bottom substrate formed of plastic material; a second conduction layer adhered to the bottom substrate; a plurality of spaced pressing structures formed on the second conduction layer and each comprising a sensing layer adhered to the second conduction layer, a contact layer formed of flexible resistive or piezoelectric material and adhered to the sensing layer, and a connection layer adhered to the contact layer; a first conduction layer adhered to the pressing structures; and a top substrate formed of plastic material and adhered to the first conduction layer.04-19-2012
20080236904METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COLLABORATIVE CAPTURE AND REPLAY OF DIGITAL MEDIA FILES USING MULTIMODAL DOCUMENTS - A system and method for enabling capture and replay of digital media files using multimodal documents including a context manager for managing multimodal documents with a virtual media content management system coupled to the context manager. The virtual media content management system contains digital content which is adapted to be managed by the virtual media content management system. An input system is coupled to the context manager and includes a stylus operable to select digital content to be processed. The context manager is operable to issue multimodal document management instructions to the virtual media content management system to process digital content selected by the stylus based on input information from the input system.10-02-2008
20080223629COORDINATE INPUT APPARATUS - A coordinate input apparatus with a pair of conductive films which are arranged opposite to each other for identifying a coordinate by a contact therebetween, wherein at least one of the conductive films contains clay minerals.09-18-2008
20080196945Preventing unintentional activation of a sensor element of a sensing device - An apparatus and method for preventing unintentional activations of one or more sensor elements caused by a conductive object using all the sensor elements, using an additional sensor element, or using recessed sensor elements.08-21-2008
20110232975TOUCH PANEL - Disclosed is a touch panel 09-29-2011

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