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174 - Electricity: conductors and insulators


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174084000 With joints 175
174074000 With end structure 146
174071000 Branched 137
174730100 With joint or end structure conductive stress distributing means 16
174070000 Conduits or strips 11
174070000 Bus bars 6
20130025933Insulating Spacer with Built-In Optical Fiber - Insulating spacer 01-31-2013
20120199390Three-conductor cable - A three-conductor cable includes three cables disposed in a triangular form in a cross sectional view thereof, and a first refrigerant path at a cable center portion surrounded by the three cables along a longitudinal direction of the three cables for flowing a refrigerant for cooling the three cables therethrough. The first refrigerant path is formed along a part of each of the three cables in a cross sectional view thereof.08-09-2012
20110180320Bracket for attaching an electrical cable to a vehicle - The invention provides a bracket 1 for attaching an electrical cable 6 to a vehicle, the bracket comprising a vehicle attachment portion 11, 31 for attaching the bracket to a vehicle attachment surface of the vehicle, and a cable securing portion 13, 33 for securing the cable to the bracket 1, the cable securing portion 13, 33 comprising a cable abutment portion 4, 8 against the front surface of which the cable 6 can be secured by a cable-tie 7 forming a closed loop around the cable 6 and cable abutment portion 4, 8, and a non-planar rear surface which at least partially defines the path of the closed loop of the cable-tie 7 behind the cable abutment portion 4, 8, the path passing a first region on one side of the non-planar rear surface and a second region on the opposite side of the non-planar rear surface, wherein, in use, the non-planar rear surface directly supports the cable-tie 7 at a third region along the path of the closed loop, the third region being positioned, along the path, between the first and second regions. The invention also provides an aircraft fuel tank comprising a plurality of such brackets 1 and an electrical cable 6, secured to each of the brackets with a cable-tie 7.07-28-2011
20120160560ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT, TOUCH PANEL, INFORMATION INPUT DEVICE, DISPLAY DEVICE, SOLAR CELL, AND STAMPER FOR PRODUCING ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT - An electrically conductive optical element is provided with a substrate having a surface, structures which are convex portions or concave portions in the shape of a cone and which are arranged in large numbers on the surface of the substrate with a minute pitch less than or equal to the wavelength of the visible light, and a transparent, electrically conductive layer disposed on the structures. The aspect ratio of the structure is 0.2 or more, and 1.3 or less, the transparent, electrically conductive layer has a surface following the structures, the average layer thickness D06-28-2012
20100059273ELECTROOPTICAL DISPLAY WITH ELECTRICAL CROSSOVER - Electrooptical displays require conductors on both sides of the liquid crystal thin film. The two conductors face opposite sides of the display. The cost of electrically connecting to these displays can be decreased by having the conductors of the display all face the same side of the display. This invention includes a technique to allow both conductors to face the same side of the display.03-11-2010
20130037320Hybrid Stripline RF Coaxial Cable - A hybrid stripline RF transmission cable has a generally flat inner conductor surrounded by a dielectric layer that is surrounded by an outer conductor. Additional conductors may be applied within the dielectric layer and/or within a jacket surrounding the outer conductor. The additional conductors may be, for example, power, data and/or optical conductors.02-14-2013
20120181081TRANSMISSION WIRE CAPABLE OF MOUNTING SPARE TUBE FUSE - A transmission wire capable of mounting a spare tube fuse includes a wire and a tube fuse casing disposed on the wire. The tube fuse casing has a chamber to accommodate the spare tube fuse. The present invention provides the tube fuse casing disposed on the wire to store a spare tube fuse. The structure of the present invention is simple, and the spare tube fuse doesn't occupy the space of the plug. It is convenient to use the present invention. Compared to the conventional power plug which is direct connected with a spare tube fuse, the present invention simplifies the configuration of the power plug and reduces the difficulty in assembling the power plug. This is beneficial for mass production.07-19-2012
20130048372HDMI-MUXED DEBUG CABLE METHODS AND APPARATUSES - The HDMI debug cable methods and apparatuses are directed toward a means for pulling up a hot plug detect line to a power line. The debug cable methods and apparatuses also include means for providing an extended display identification data (EDID) code indicating a debug cable or debug host device. The debug cable methods and apparatuses also include means for transmitting and receiving debug commands and data.02-28-2013
20130048373UMBILICAL - An umbilical for use in the offshore production of hydrocarbons, and in particular a power umbilical for use in deep water applications, is described comprising a plurality of longitudinal strength members, wherein at least one longitudinal strength member comprises rope comprising high strength organic fibres having a tensile modulus >100 GPa. In this way, the or each longitudinal strength member being such a rope achieves the synergistic benefit of favourable mechanical properties in the axial direction, with weight reduction and other favourable mechanical properties, especially during tensioning or the like of the umbilical, more especially during manufacture, installation and/or repair. With weight reduction, longer umbilicals for deeper water can be made and used.02-28-2013
20130056265ELECTRIC CABLE (EMBODIMENTS) - The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used to transmit audio, video and digital signals and to connect acoustic systems to distribution amplifiers. The electric cable contains two current-carrying wires; a signal wire and a neutral wire. The wires are separated from each other by dielectric layers and screens of conductive material which cover the entire length of a current-carrying wire. In another embodiment of the electric cable, each screen is connected to a current-carrying wire via a resistor. In yet another embodiment of the cable, the resistor is shunted by a capacitor. The invention makes it possible to enhance the quality of electric signal transmission by neutralizing capacitance between the wires and also suppresses parasitic electrical oscillating processes and expands the bandwidth of the cable.03-07-2013
20120217058Variable-Length Lightning Strike Down-Conductor - A variable-length lightning strike down-conductor is provided that allows for optimized ground path length, where excess down-conductor (grounding) cable is tightly coiled (e.g., as a mono-spiral coil) on a cable reel. Specifically, a primary down-conductor cable from an adjustable-length air terminal is clamped between the air terminal and the cable reel at any intermediate length, and the clamp is shunted to the ground plane (e.g., earth ground) through a second low-impedance down-conductor cable, as opposed to the high-impedance coiled down-conductor cable, thus increasing down-conductor effectiveness by reducing the impedance seen by a lightning strike to reach the ground plane.08-30-2012
20090095525Distributive Conductor - A distributive conductor electromagnetically shields and protects an insulated wire 04-16-2009
20120234596ELASTIC HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRIC PHASES FOR HYPER DEPTH POWER UMBILICAL'S - A power umbilical cable includes one or more axial elongate phases for conducting electrical current, and one or more axial elongate structural components adapted to undergo stress to withstand axial and bending strain applied to the power umbilical cable in operation. The umbilical cable has an outer protection layer, each of the phases having a conductive core made of a plurality of metal wires. Each current conducting core includes at a central portion therein, and surrounded by the plurality of conductive metal wires, a flexible element to enable the wires to move in a radial direction to reduce their strain when the umbilical cable is subject in operation to stress causing the one or more elongate structural components to be axially strained.09-20-2012
20120234595ELECTRONIC-COMPONENT LEAD TERMINAL AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - An electronic-component lead terminal includes a lead terminal one end of which is connectable to an electronic component and the other end of which is connectable to an electrode, and a solder-wicking prevention area formed on a surface of the lead terminal so as to intersect a solder-wicking direction oriented from the other end toward the one end, the solder-wicking prevention area including a plurality of portions projecting to a downstream side in the solder-wicking direction.09-20-2012
20110278062ELECTRICAL CABLE WITH OUTER JACKET BONDED FROM CONDUCTOR TO OUTER JACKET - Embodiments disclosed herein relate to a cable for use with a downhole pump. The cable includes a cable core having at least one metallic conductor and at least one polymer layer bonded to the at least one metallic conductor, the cable further includes and at least one strength member layer bonded to the cable core. The at least one strength member layer may include a plurality of polymer-bonded strength members. Further, the cable may be continuously bonded from the at least one metallic conductor to the at least one strength member layer.11-17-2011
20110278061SYSTEM TO ENABLE GLOVED HANDS TO INTERACT WITH ELECTRONIC TOUCHSCREEN DEVICES - An apparatus comprises a distal conductor that can include a first generally planar substrate, an adhesive layer bonded to a first side of the first generally planar substrate, and a electrically conductive contact that is attached to the first generally planar substrate on a second side of the first generally planar substrate; a connector that is electrically coupled to the contact; and a proximal conductor including a second generally planar substrate that is electrically coupled to the connector. Methods of using the apparatus are also provided.11-17-2011
20110297440Cable Assembly With Protector, and Accompanying Method - An improved cable assembly includes at least a first elongated signal-carrying cable and a protector that comprises an elongated covering apparatus that is connected with the signal-carrying cable. The covering apparatus comprises a resilient portion having a number of corrugations. The signal-carrying cable is received within the covering apparatus, and the resilient portion is moved from a free state to a collapsed state. The signal-carrying cable and the covering apparatus are received at least partially in an uncured quantity of potting compound, and the compound is then permitted to cure.12-08-2011
20110272192Durable fine wire electrical conductor suitable for extreme environment applications - Durable fine wire electrical conductors are robust, durable, small in profile, and light weight, yet capable of operating under extreme environmental conditions. Formed of a glass, silica, sapphire or crystalline quartz fiber core with a metal coating and one or more polymer layers, a unipolar electrical conductor can have an outer diameter as small as about 300 microns or even smaller. The metal buffer coating may be deposited directly on the glass/silica fiber, or upon an intermediate layer between the glass/silica fiber and metal, consisting of carbon and/or polymer. The resulting metallized glass/silica fibers are extremely durable, can be bent through small radii and will not fatigue even from millions of iterations of flexing. Bipolar electrical conductors can include several insulated metallized glass/silica fibers residing side by side, or can be coaxial with two or more insulated metal conductive paths. An outer protective sheath of a flexible polymer material can be included.11-10-2011
20110290555CABLE HARNESS - A cable harness has a cable main body including a wire group made of a plurality of electric wires and a braid sleeve collectively covering an outer periphery of the wire group, and connecting terminals connected to both ends of the cable main body. The braid sleeve is formed by braiding wires for braiding. Each of the wires for braiding has a high tension member having an indentation recovery coefficient of 90% or more and a metal strip wound around a surface of the high tension member. The wire has an indentation recovery coefficient of 80% or more.12-01-2011
20110162882Electrical component comprising a hotmelt element - The invention relates to an electrical component comprising at least one cable element, at least one solder joint, at least one hotmelt element and at least one substrate element. The cable element is connected with the substrate element by the solder joint. To improve the data transmission rate, the at least one solder joint is not embedded in the hotmelt element. Preferably, the solder joint is not covered the hotmelt material of the hotmelt element.07-07-2011
20090101405Electrical-Wire Support Apparatus - An electrical-wire support structure (04-23-2009
20110266049DATA CABLE STRUCTURE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A data cable structure includes an interface unit for connecting to electronic devices, a cable unit connected to the interface unit, and a radiation reducing unit mounted on the cable unit. The radiation reducing unit is a winding surrounding a part of the cable unit and cooperating with the cable unit to form a choke structure to prevent electromagnetic radiation generated by the electronic devices from being emitted from the cable unit.11-03-2011
20110005828METHOD AND TERMINAL DEVICE FOR IMPLEMENTING AUDIO CONNECTOR INTERFACE CONVERSION - A method for implementing audio connector interface conversion is provided in an embodiment of the present invention. The method includes installing a 4-pin jack of an audio connector inside a terminal device, and connecting the power end, signal end, and grounding end of an infrared interface on the terminal service control unit and the serial signal transmitting end, serial signal receiving end, power end, and grounding end on the terminal service control unit directly or through a logical circuit unit to the four connecting ends on the jack of the audio connector. In the technical scheme provided in an embodiment of the present invention, control and switching can be performed on the basis of the working mode, so that the electronic terminal device with an audio interface can use its audio interface to provide an infrared signal interface and a serial communication port.01-13-2011
20090188715INSULATOR DISK FOR SUPPORTING A LINEAR CONDUCTOR, AND AN ELECTRICAL ASSEMBLY INCLUDING SUCH A DISK - An electrical insulator disk has central recesses and peripheral recesses to enable the disk to be mounted floatingly relative to flanges between which the disk is held and to a linear conductor that extends through the disk.07-30-2009
20090242271Lightweight electric conductor assembly - The invention provides a lightweight electric conductor capable of storing waste heat induced by intermittent high currents. The conductor comprises a high electric conductivity (HEC) element and a phase change material (PCM) arranged in a thermal contact therewith. In one preferred embodiment, the HEC element is formed as a tubular member having longitudinal cavity substantially filled with PCM. In another embodiment of the subject invention, the HEC element may be formed as a long rod, bar, or a wire having PCM applied to, and in thermal communications with its exterior surface. Waste heat generated by passage of intermittent high electric through the HEC element generates waste heat that is conducted into the PCM and temporarily stored therein as latent heat. The invention allows reducing the cross-section of electrically conducting parts of electric conductors used for intermittent high currents. As a result, the conductor weight is reduced. The innovative lightweight conductor may be used in hybrid electric vehicles and certain electric weapons systems.10-01-2009
20100147583Cable - In order to improve a cable, comprising an inner cable body, in which electrical conductor strands run in the longitudinal direction of the cable, a cable sheath, enclosing the inner cable body and lying between an outer surface of the cable and the inner cable body, and at least one information carrier unit, disposed within the outer surface of the cable, to increase the range of communication between the information carrier unit and the read/write device, it is proposed to provide the information carrier unit having an antenna unit, which can be coupled with a read/write device by parasitic electromagnetic fields between the antenna unit and at least two of the electrical conductor strands of the inner cable body.06-17-2010
20120103683WIRING STRUCTURE, CABLE, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING WIRING STRUCTURE - The present invention provides a wiring structure that easily achieves a wiring part having a three-dimensional shape with high connection reliability and high signal quality. A wiring structure (05-03-2012
20100258348INTERCONNECT AND SYSTEM INCLUDING SAME - An interconnect. The interconnect includes a thermal isolation structure and a layer of conductive material which covers the thermal isolation structure. The thermal isolation structure has a first end, a second end, and a sidewall.10-14-2010
20100218990Ground Strap for Motor Vehicles - The invention relates to a ground cable for motor vehicles, the ground cable being located between a vehicle body 09-02-2010
20110108321Evidence Tracking - A system uses a large loop antenna, connected with a transceiver operating below 1 MHz. The loop antenna is deployed from a spool to surround a crime scene, and may carry indicia communicating that it is a crime scene boundary. The system interrogates devices, including evidence bags and badged personnel, as they enter and leave the scene. The system can optionally log the time of salient events. A second loop antenna can log evidence bags as they enter a vehicle. The devices can be silenced by the transceiver and thus collisions can be reduced and avoided among responses from devices. The system performs “area reads” that would not be possible if higher RF frequencies were employed.05-12-2011
20110056746ELECTRIC FIELD MODIFICATION ABOUT A CONDUCTIVE STRUCTURE - An apparatus includes a conductive structure and an insulated conductor disposed proximate an exterior portion of the conductive structure to modify an electric field about the conductive structure. The insulated conductor has an insulator with a dielectric strength greater than 75 kilovolts (kV)/inch disposed about a conductor.03-10-2011
20080271920System for Supplying Electrical Energy to Assimilation Lamps in a Glasshouse, Glasshouse Lighting Power Current Cable for Use in a Glasshouse - The invention relates to a glasshouse lighting power current cable for supplying electrical energy to assimilation lamps in a glasshouse. The glasshouse lighting power current cable according to the invention has at least three electrically insulated through conductors embedded in the cable for the transmission of three-phase current, the cable being provided with a plurality of connecting points distributed along its length, at which connecting points the conductors are exposed. The connecting points can each be provided with a connector, which connector can be connected to each of the conductors, the connecting points in each case being situated at a fixed, predetermined distance from each other.11-06-2008
20080230268Flexible Wiring Cable - A flexible wiring cable includes a first wiring assembly connected to a load, a second wiring assembly connected to the first wiring assembly and extending toward an external signal source, and a circuit element mounted on the first wiring assembly to drive the load. The second wiring assembly is connected to the first wiring assembly at a position between the mounted circuit element and a connection point with the load. Thus, the heat of the circuit element is also transferred to the second wiring assembly, so that the effect of the heat on the load is reduced.09-25-2008
20110024186LEAD APPARATUS - A lead including one or more electrodes (e.g., electrodes, such as those having circuitry associated therewith).02-03-2011
20110127083Cable Protection Device For An Industrial Robot And Industrial Robot With Such A Cable Protection Device - The invention relates to a conducting line protection device for an industrial robot having at least one power line, having a basic ring section, a hollow cylinder section whose diameter is matched to an inside diameter of a pipe component of the industrial robot that rotates relative to the conducting line protection device, an inner edge rounding section whose rounding radius is matched to a diameter of the power line, and a radial bearing section for rotatable support of the conducting line protection device relative to the pipe component of the industrial robot. The invention also relates to an industrial robot having such a conducting line protection device.06-02-2011
20110083898TANGLE RESISTANT FLEXIBLE ELONGATED DEVICE - A device is provided that includes a flexible elongated member and a spiral member. The spiral member is engaged with at least a portion of the flexible elongated member. The spiral member asserts a biasing force on the flexible elongated member to prevent the flexible elongated member from becoming tangled.04-14-2011
20090218133Cable Having Externally Joinable Outer Portion - In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, a device includes a cable having a periphery and an extrusion surrounding the periphery. The extrusion includes a main body portion, a male protrusion and a female indentation. The main body portion has an outer periphery. The male protrusion is disposed at the outer periphery. The female indentation is additionally disposed at the outer periphery. The device enables easy organization by connection of a plurality of cables, prevents entanglement of the plurality of cables, and enables easy removal of at least one cable from the plurality of cables without disrupting the organization of the remainder of the plurality cables.09-03-2009
20100032205HIGH PERFORMANCE CABLE SPLICE - A cable repair system having a splicing member. The splicing member includes at least two conductor pairs and an insulation member disposed intermediate to the at least two conductor pairs. The insulation member is configured to shield the conductor pairs from electrical interference from adjacent conductor pairs. The conductor pairs and insulation member are configured to permit splicing of two more cable segments. A method for splicing a data cable and a repaired cable are also disclosed.02-11-2010
20110067919DEVICE-CABLE ASSEMBLY INTEGRALLY MOLDED WITH RESIN - A device-cable assembly integrally molded with a resin according to the present invention comprises: the electric/electronic device; the cable including: a cable sheath which is the outermost layer of the cable, the cable sheath being made of a mixture of a fluorocarbon-based polymer and a polyolefin-based copolymer, and fine silica particles that are deposited on the surface of the cable sheath by CCVD (combustion chemical vapor deposition); and the molded resin which integrally covers the electric/electronic device and the cable together, the molded resin being made of a polyamide-based resin.03-24-2011
20110247877Cable and Installation Kit for Electrical Installation with Circuit Integrity in Case of Fire - A cable providing circuit integrity in case of fire is configured as a flat cable with plural high power current strands extending parallel adjacent to one another in a plane. Fire resistant insulating material is arranged between the high power current strands. An insulating jacket envelopes the high power current strands and the fire resistant insulating material.10-13-2011
20100243316COMPOSITE CABLE - The present invention relates to methods for manufacturing a composite cable, cables resulting from the manufacturing process and use of a composite cable in a well. According to the invention there are several elements to enhance a composite cable, where among a preheating process of conductors before joining them with a matrix, aligning the fibers in the matrix in parallel with each other and the conductors, adding exothermic starting agent to the liquid resin, forming the matrix.09-30-2010
20090183915ONBOARD INTERIOR LIGHTING SYSTEM - An onboard interior lighting system includes: a functional section main body 07-23-2009
20090107719Pushable Cable - A cable assembly may be provided. The cable assembly may comprise a conductor core and a binding element. The binding elements may be configured helically around the conductor core. In addition, the binding element may be configured to, when the cable assembly is pushed through a conduit having at least one sweep, eliminate buckling of the cable assembly. Moreover, the binding element may be configured to cause a first pushing force on the cable assembly having a magnitude less than a second pushing force on the cable assembly corresponding to pushing the cable assembly through the conduit without the binding element on the conductor core.04-30-2009
20110162883CABLE ORGANIZATION ASSEMBLIES - Cable organization assemblies and methods of making said assemblies are provided herein. Preferred assemblies are directed to releasably coupling two or more audio wires to prevent entanglement. Headphones having two audio cables configured to zip together to prevent entanglement and subsequently zip apart are provided herein.07-07-2011
20110162881Well Seal for Electrical Wiring - In various embodiments, a well casing seal that comprises an inner sleeve containing cured material bonded to exposed electrical conductor; an outer sleeve established substantially around said inner sleeve; at least one sealer established between an outer surface of the inner sleeve and an inner surface of the outer sleeve, wherein the outer sleeve has a threaded outer surface configured to engage threads of the inner surface of a threaded power conductor hole of a wellhead mandrel. Related methods, relative to installation and manufacture are also disclosed.07-07-2011
20100319989CABLE HARNESS - A cable harness has a wire group made of plural electric wires, connector terminals provided at both ends of the wire group, a braid sleeve provided around an outer periphery of the wire group, and ground connecting parts provided at both ends of the braid sleeve that are configured to be electrically connected to a ground part in an equipment. The braid sleeve includes a metallized high tension fiber.12-23-2010
20100200291COMPLETION SYSTEM HAVING A SAND CONTROL ASSEMBLY, AN INDUCTIVE COUPLER, AND A SENSOR PROXIMATE TO THE SAND CONTROL ASSEMBLY - A completion system for use in a well includes a first completion section and a second section. The first completion section has a sand control assembly to prevent passage of particulates, a first inductive coupler portion, and a sensor positioned proximate to the sand control assembly that is electrically coupled to the first inductive coupler portion. The second section is deployable after installation of the first completion section. It includes a second inductive coupler portion to communicate with the first inductive coupler portion, to enable communication between the first completion section's sensor and another component coupled to the second section.08-12-2010
20110132658Using surface wave propagation to communicate an information-bearing signal through a barrier - The RF signal generated by a ZigBee radio on the outside of a building structure is conveyed to the interior of the building by guiding it along an electric cable bundle that passes through the building's wall to supply domestic electric power to the interior of the structure. The RF signal is launched by a unique coupler comprising a pair of insulated foil conductors.06-09-2011
20100181109TRANSMISSION CABLE FOR USE IN RADIO-FREQUENCY MAGNETIC OR ELECTRICAL FIELDS - A transmission cable for use in an elongate medical device (07-22-2010
20100116547CABLE CONNECTOR - A combined cable connector and cable untangler is disclosed. The combined cable connector and untangler comprises a single elongated body with at least one through hole extending along the whole body length. The cable connector is adapted to be used with a portable electronic device. The cable connector enables the cable to be adapted in length and prevents it from being entangled.05-13-2010
20110259638TEXTILE-BASED ELECTRODES INCORPORATING GRADUATED PATTERNS - Textile-based electrodes incorporating graduated patterns include a fabric portion having non-conductive yarns and an electrically conductive region having electrically conductive yarn filaments. The electrodes can further include float yarns and can be configured in a textured or ribbed construction. When incorporated into a garment, the electrodes can be used to monitor biophysical characteristics, such as the garment wearer's heart rate.10-27-2011
20120037418MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT FOR MOUNTING SYSTEMS AND AIRCRAFT OR SPACECRAFT - The present invention provides a mounting arrangement for mounting at least one electrical line on a structure, in particular of an aircraft or spacecraft, said mounting arrangement comprising: at least one module which comprises at least one terminal for connecting the electrical line; and a substantially U-shaped holder which comprises a central portion for mounting the electrical line for strain relief thereof and two side portions which are connected to the respective ends of the central portion and carry the central portion with spacing from the at least one module; the central portion of the holder having a changeable length.02-16-2012
20120000703HIGH-SPEED CONNECTOR INSERTS AND CABLES - High speed connector inserts and cables having improved heat conduction, high strength, and may be manufactured in a reliable manner. One example may provide a connector insert having several paths by which heat may be removed from circuitry in the cable insert. In one example, heat may be removed from one or more circuits by forming a thermal path between a circuit and a shield of the connector insert. Another path may include one or more pads on a side of an integrated circuit board that are soldered directly to the shield. A braiding surrounding a cable may be soldered or otherwise thermally connected to the shield. Another example may provide a cable having a braiding that includes one or more types of fibers, such as aramid fibers. Another example may provide for increased manufacturability by using a wire comb and a solder bar.01-05-2012
20120305308WIRE HARNESS - A wire harness having good heat-release performance as well as having simple structure and configuration and can be manufactured at low cost is provided. Also, the wire harness which can fulfill electromagnetic shield function is provided. A wire harness 12-06-2012
20120168225WIRING STRUCTURE OF ELECTRIC WIRE - A wiring structure of electric wire is provided in which the efficiency of wiring electric wires can be improved and the wiring space can be saved. The wiring structure of electric wire includes an electric wire having a U-shaped excessive part provided in its middle part along the relatively-moving direction of two structures, and a longitudinally-appended spring member provided longitudinally along the electric wire. Fixing positions P07-05-2012
20120222898FLEXIBLE ELECTRICAL LINE - A flexible electrical line has at least one sensor element with two leads in a core, the leads made from insulated electrical conductors which are surrounded by a common outer casing of insulation material. The core is three phase leads of a conductor and insulation which are stranded together for energy transmission. The conductors of the leads are copper wires which surround a tension-proof central element in two layers with oppositely directed threading direction. The insulation of the leads is a cross-linked elastomer material applied by extrusion with a dielectricity number of at least 6.0 at room temperature. The unit, composed of leads and filler strands of the sensor element, is surrounded by a casing of an electrically conductive polymer material, and the core of the line is surrounded by a common inner casing produced by extrusion over which is arranged the outer casing.09-06-2012
20120325550CONNECTION STRUCTURE AND CONNECTION METHOD - When a GND electrode of a main board is connected to a GND electrode of a daughter board by a flat cable, an end portion of one side of a first GND line is connected to the GND electrode of the main board and an end portion of the other side of the first GND line is connected to the GND electrode of the daughter board. An end portion of one side of a second GND line is insulated from a circuit of the main board and an end portion of the other side of the second GND line is connected to the GND electrode of the daughter board.12-27-2012
20120267164FLAT ENERGY CABLE - A flat energy cable includes at least one push-pull strength member; a connecting system connected to the outer surface of a cable sheath; and a plurality of magnets connected to the connecting system.10-25-2012
20120267165SUBSEA PIPELINE DIRECT ELECTRIC HEATING CABLE WITH A PROTECTION SYSTEM - A piggyback cable (10) has a copper conductor (2) with a triple extruded insulation system including a conductor screen (13), an insulation layer (14), and an insulation screen (15), an inner sheath (16) surrounding this insulation system, and an outer sheath (18), the space between the inner (16) and outer (18) sheaths being filled with protective elements. The protective elements have thermoplastic (21) elements arranged together to form at least one layer helically wound around the said cable (10).10-25-2012
20110048799Microstructure and Process for its Assembly - In a process for assembling a microstructure (03-03-2011
20120080225CABLE FOR ELECTRICAL AND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION - Circuits, methods, and apparatus that provide cables capable of high-speed transmission while remaining compatible with legacy signals. Other examples may have shielding that may be easily manipulated during manufacturing, they may have good tensile strength, and they may be less likely to be damaged by twisting and bending that may occur during use.04-05-2012
20100224406INSULATED ELECTRIC WIRE - There is provided a insulated electric wire with an electric conductor on which at least a lubricating layer is formed, in which a lubricant is added to the lubricating layer so that granular bodies, with sizes of 5 nm to 3 μm, which are formed by coagulation of the lubricant disperse on a surface of the lubricating layer.09-09-2010
20100224405System and method for using magnets for protecting towed marine seismic equipment from shark bite - A system comprises marine seismic equipment adapted for towing through a body of water and at least one magnet attached to the marine seismic equipment. A method comprises towing marine seismic equipment having at least one magnet attached thereto.09-09-2010
20120090890RAPIDLY SELF-DRYING RECTIFYING FLAME ROD - An assembly for a rapidly-drying rectifying flame rod, having an insulator sleeve. The assembly may further incorporate a mechanical coupling attaching the flame rod to an end part which in turn may be hermetically coupled to an insulator. The insulator may be hermetically coupled to a conduit which may be hermetically coupled to an elongated tube. A conductor may go through the tube, conduit, insulator and end part. The flame rod may be connected to the conductor via the mechanical coupling and end part. A sheath having sealing and electrical insulating properties may be formed over at least a portion of the components. Hermetic couplings may be made with ordinary blazing or welding. The couplings may instead be made with high temperature brazing or welding which can withstand temperatures equal to or greater than 1500° F. At these temperatures, the sleeve on the flame rod and the sheath may be eliminated.04-19-2012
20120285740CABLE ASSEMBLY - A cable assembly includes a cable having a cable jacket. A cable stacker couples the cable to a neighboring cable assembly. The cable stacker has a mounting channel. The cable is received in the mounting channel. The cable stacker has a coupler configured to be coupled to the neighboring cable assembly to hold the cable in position with respect to the neighboring cable assembly.11-15-2012
20130008711WIRE HARNESS AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A wire harness and a method for making the wire harness is provided which is capable of enhancing its occupancy in a pipe member and being wired receding from the ground as much as possible. The pipe member 01-10-2013
20120241213Anti-interference antenna of a wireless tire pressure receiver - An anti-interference antenna of a wireless tire pressure receiver has an insulating cable having a main casing and a sub-casing connected side by side with the main casing. The main casing has a power cable longitudinally mounted through the main casing. The sub-casing has an antenna longitudinally mounted through the sub-casing. As the antenna is individually sleeved by the insulating sub-casing, the antenna and the power cables are isolated to prevent from interfering with each other. Besides, the insulating cable further has at least one air channel longitudinally formed through the corresponding cable and mounted with a metal layer on an inner wall of the air channel, around the power cable, around each of power wires in the power cable, or around the power cable and the air channel, and filled with an EMI-shielding matter to further isolate the antenna and the power cables.09-27-2012
20130092432IN-SITU MOISTURE SENSOR AND/OR SENSING CABLE FOR THE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT OF GRAIN AND OTHER DRY FLOWABLE MATERIALS - The present invention relates to an apparatus and method that permits a user to detect and report conditions within a column (or “quantity” which allows for vertical or non-vertical application of sensor cables) of dry, flowable, bulk materials within a storage facility.04-18-2013
20130118798POWER SUPPLY WIRE FOR HIGH-FREQUENCY CURRENT - There is provided a power supply wire for high-frequency current comprises: a corrugated tube made of metal; a combined electric wire disposed inside the corrugated tube and including a plurality of unit electric wires and a sheath material, each of the unit electric wires being formed by bundling together a plurality of conductive wires individually coated with insulating films, and the sheath material covering the plurality of unit electric wires; and a gap formed between the corrugated tube and the combined electric wire.05-16-2013
20130140081COMPOSITE SLEEVE FOR A CONDUCTOR AND METHOD - A composite sleeve for a conductor including a conductor having an outer surface, a first sleeve positioned about the outer surface of the conductor, and a second sleeve positioned about the first sleeve. One of the first and second sleeves is formed from a compressed amide synthetic fiber. The first and second sleeves cooperate to provide protection for the conductor from external elements.06-06-2013
20080196940Textile material comprising a circuit module and an antenna - The invention relates to a textile material comprising a circuit module (08-21-2008
20100307820ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT DEVICE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND METALLIC MOLD - A manufacturing method includes wiring an electrical cable in a metallic mold, pouring molten resin into the metallic mold and solidifying the molten resin in the metallic mold to produce a wiring body module. The electrical cable is embedded in the solidified resin. The method further includes mounting an electrical component on the wiring body module.12-09-2010
20100307819WIRE HARNESS ASSEMBLY WITH ROD MEMBER - A wire harness assembly includes an electric wire including: a fixed-side connecting portion to be fixed to a fixed structure; a movable-side connecting portion to be fixed to a movable structure which is movable with respect to the fixed structure; and an extension portion extended and flexed from the fixed-side connecting portion to the movable-side connecting portion in a substantially U-shape or arc shape, and having an extra length for allowing the movement of the movable structure. The wire harness assembly also includes an elastic rod member which is provided along the extension portion of the electric wire.12-09-2010
20120273267Alien Crosstalk Suppression with Enhanced Patch Cord - Systems and methods for decreasing alien crosstalk use enhanced patch cords for introducing additional attenuation. The enhanced patch cords are preferably shielded to reduce alien crosstalk down their lengths and also attenuate signals passing therethrough to a greater extent than standard communication patch cords. The interaction of two enhanced patch cords results in two suppression steps for alien crosstalk and only one suppression step for intended signal passing through a communication cable.11-01-2012
20130153291CONDUCTIVE PATH STRUCTURE AND WIRE HARNESS - A conductive path structure includes a conductor that includes a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion which are connected to each other through a cut-off facilitating portion, a first covering member that covers the first conductive portion and the cut-off facilitating portion, and a second covering member that covers the second conductive portion and the cut-off facilitating portion. The second covering member covers the cut-off facilitating portion through the first covering member. The second covering member slidably covers the first covering member.06-20-2013
20130153292CONDUCTIVE PATH STRUCTURE AND WIRE HARNESS - A conductive path structure includes a conductor that includes a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion which are connected to each other through a cut-off facilitating portion, and an insulation member that covers the cut-off facilitating portion directly or indirectly. When the cut-off facilitating portion is cut off so as to separate the first conductive portion and the second conductive portion to each other due to an impact applied to the cut-off facilitating portion, the insulation member is configured so as to cover the separated first conductive portion and the separated second conductive portion.06-20-2013
20110232963CONNECTION STRUCTURE FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER GENERATION MODULE - To provide a connection structure for a photovoltaic power generation module which is excellent in long-term heat resistance and which is excellent in low-temperature impact resistance even if the structure is reduced in wall thickness and size. There is provided a connection structure (09-29-2011
20100314165LINE SET MADE OF PLASTIC MATERIAL - A line set having a plastic body made of plastic material for contacting a sensor and to a method for manufacturing a line set of this type. The plastic body includes at least one flexible, elastic area like a film hinge. At least one cable is embedded plane-parallel in the plastic body over its length.12-16-2010
20110284285CABLE FIXING MEMBER AND CABLE FIXING STRUCTURE - There is provided a cable fixing member, comprising: an intermediate member crimped and tightened to a cable; a pair of bracket members for clamping and grasping one or a plurality of cables with the intermediate member tightened thereto, through the intermediate member; and one or a plurality of grooves formed on facing surfaces of the pair of bracket members by which the cable is clamped, for clamping the cable through the intermediate member, wherein an inner surface shape of the groove is formed to mesh with an outer surface shape of the intermediate member which is crimped and tightened to the cable.11-24-2011
20110308854PLANAR ELECTRODE SYSTEM - Planar electrode system and method of manufacturing same, comprising at least one foil-type, electrically conductive planar electrode, a connection for connecting it to an external operating apparatus/control apparatus, and also at least one substrate layer, protective layer and/or insulation layer arranged on the surface of the planar electrode, which system comprises a foil-type planar electrode construction fitted into a continuous foil construction and comprising a least one foil-type electrode (12-22-2011
20110308853Harness Retaining Means and Harness Wiring Structure - There is disclosed a harness retaining device for retaining a harness and causing the harness together with a connection element for an electric/electronic circuit to be supported with respect to a portion of a frame of a vehicle seat. The harness retaining device includes a support arm having first and second end portions, the first end portion of the support arm being configured so as to be engagingly connectable with the connection element, an anchor-like clip provided on the first end portion of the support arm, and a locking member provided on the second end portion of the support arm for fastening the harness. When the first end portion of the support arm is connected to the connection element and the anchor-like clip is fitted through the portion of the seat frame of the vehicle seat, the connection element and the harness are supported with respect to the portion of the frame of the vehicle seat through the support arm.12-22-2011
20120024598Cable Routing Structure for Vehicle - A cable routing structure for vehicle can reliably prevent a cable from being broken or damaged, and can reduce manufacturing cost. A cable is routed along a lower surface of a floor panel and connects a power generating motor installed in a vehicle front portion and a battery installed in a vehicle rear portion. A rigid tubular member having rigidity, is disposed along a vehicle front and rear direction in a floor tunnel. A flexible tubular member having flexibility is interposed between the rigid tubular member and the power generating motor. The cable is inserted through the rigid tubular member and the flexible tubular member. A front end portion of the rigid tubular member is disposed in the floor tunnel at a portion on a vehicle rear side relative to a front edge of the floor tunnel. When receiving pressure from a vehicle front side, the flexible tubular member is forcibly bent so as to be entered into in the floor tunnel.02-02-2012
20130199839MRI COMPATIBLE CABLE - An MRI compatible cable construct is provided. The cable is adapted to be used with a medical device in direct electrical contact with a patient. Each cable or cable set includes a plurality of filter components. The filter component comprises at least two filter components. One filter component may be a resonant filter at a distal end that resolves the issue of insufficient attenuation by effectively blocking the RF induced current on the cable from exiting the cable at the distal. The second filter component may comprise one or more non-resonant filter(s) or inductors positioned along the length of the cable that resolve(s) the issue of excessive heating of the resonant LC filter by significantly attenuating the current induced on the cable before it reaches the resonant LC filter.08-08-2013
20120085578ELECTRICAL CONDUCTION MECHANISM - An electrical conduction mechanism is provided to prevent dust or from adhering to the inside of an electrical-con duction portion main body, so that electrical conduction efficiency cannot be reduced. The electrical conduction mechanism comprises an electrical-conduction portion main body in the center of which a first through-hole to be inserted through by a shaft is formed and in which a second through-hole communicating with the first through-hole is formed in a direction perpendicular to a direction in which the first through-hole is formed. The electrical-conduction element is disposed in the second through-hole. The electrical-conduction element is configured to include an electrical-conduction chip abutting on the shaft, and a coil spring biasing the electrical-conduction chip toward the shaft, so that current is supplied to the shaft through the electrical-conduction chip to conduct electricity to the bit.04-12-2012
20120085577Cable fixing member - A cable fixing member formed of one belt-like metal plate bent to fix three cables to a structure includes two flanges formed at both ends of the metal plate, two C-shaped holding portions formed to be bent into C-shapes in cross section on both sides respectively of a reference portion of the metal plate to hold two of the three cables in the C-shaped holding portions respectively, and two semicircular arc portions formed to be bent into semicircular arc shapes in cross section between the C-shaped holding portions and the flanges on both the sides respectively of the reference portion of the metal plate so that the two semicircular arc portions face each other to hold one of the three cables therebetween. The three cables are held so that the three cables are arranged to form a triangular shape in transverse cross sectional view.04-12-2012
20130043071THERMAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT COMPONENT AND SYSTEM INCORPORATING THE SAME - An apparatus is provided that includes a heat pipe and a heat sink that includes a foam (e.g., a metal foam, a carbon foam, and/or a graphite foam) and is configured to exchange thermal energy with the heat pipe. For example, the heat pipe can include a thermal energy receiving portion and a thermal energy rejecting portion. The heat sink can be configured to receive thermal energy from a busbar and the thermal energy receiving portion can be configured to receive thermal energy from said heat sink. Alternatively, the thermal energy receiving portion can be configured to receive thermal energy from a busbar, and the heat sink can be configured to receive thermal energy from the thermal energy rejecting portion.02-21-2013
20100089641LOW INDUCTANCE BUSBAR - A busbar assembly for an inverter module has a power module, a capacitor module with at least one capacitor, and a battery all interconnected by a busbar. The busbar includes a base busbar portion that is electrically coupled to the battery and a branch busbar portion that extends from the base busbar to the power module and that electrically connects to the capacitor module at points located between the base node and the power module.04-15-2010
20080302566Power Module for an Electrical Busway - A power module for an electrical busway is provided. The power module has a holder with an aperture provided therein and a number of posts provided thereon. A plug-in adapter is received within the aperture of the holder. The plug-in adapter has a number of electrical contacts that are structured to engage the electrical busway. A number of connection mechanisms are coupled to at least one of the number of posts. The connection mechanisms are structured to engage a base plate. A cover plate is provided with the holder and the connection mechanisms coupled thereto. The base plate and the cover plate define a power channel with the plug-in adapter and the connection mechanisms located within the power channel. A power module in combination with an electrical busway coupled to a base plate that is structured to be directly attached to a mounting surface is also provided.12-11-2008
20080302567CONNECTION MECHANISM FOR COUPLING A POWER MODULE TO AN ELECTRICAL BUSWAY - A connection mechanism for coupling a power module to an electrical busway is provided. The connection mechanism has a cam mechanism having a number of pivotable members. Each of the pivotable members has a generally horizontal extending shoulder portion that is coupled to a generally downwardly extending arm portion. A lower portion of the arm portion has a generally outwardly extending barb portion. The barb portion is structured to engage a barb of a base plate. A connection mechanism in combination with a power module for an electrical busway coupled to a base plate is also provided.12-11-2008
20120186872TERMINAL BLOCK AND TERMINAL BLOCK MANUFACTURING METHOD - A terminal block has conductors extending from devices placed one over another placed on nuts (07-26-2012
20110226528Switch Device And A Switchgear Provided Therewith - A switch device including a bus bar, and a switch knife, wherein the knife is arranged so as to pivot around an axis perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the bus bar. The bus bar presents a projection which is an integrated part of the bus bar, and the knife is pivotable to a first position, in which it directly contacts said projection, and to a second position in which it is removed from contact with said projection.09-22-2011
20130075155WIRE PROTECTOR WITH PORTION FOR FIXING ELONGATED OBJECT - It is an object to integrate, at low cost, a configuration to maintain a predetermined positional relationship between a wire and an elongated member into a wire protector for protecting the wires. A wire protector with a portion for fixing an elongated object includes a wire protector main unit and a portion for fixing an elongated object. The wire protector main unit is provided with a shape that is capable of accommodating a wire such that the wire is covered, by hot-pressing a non-woven fabric. The portion for fixing an elongated object that is provided with a shape that is capable of holding an elongated object, by hot-pressing a non-woven fabric, and is integrated into one piece with the wire protector main unit.03-28-2013
20100122844Electrical Cable With A Tube For An Optical Cable - An electrical cable with three insulated conductors, a tube for an optical cable, a strip of elastic material embedding the tube, and a jacket. When the cable is handled, e.g. suspended between poles or dredged into the ground, the tube can be deformed by external forces. This makes it impossible to blow or float the optical cable into the tube. The tube is protected by the strip, and especially by the strip having a flat interval in proximity to the tube. External forces will mainly deform the strip at the ends of the interval and less of the forces will hit the tube. The deformation sets up an interior pressure in the strip that acts in sideward direction on the tube and contributes to keep it round and non deformed.05-20-2010
20080271919BUNDLED COMPOSITE CABLE WITH NO OUTER OVER-JACKET - A composite cable is formed by wrapping plural separately jacketed cables in a helical fashion by an outer containment element, such as a jacket formed as a strip of material. Air gaps may exist between wound strands of the outer jacket to expose the inner cables. Two or more strip-like outer jackets may be helically wound about the plural cables in opposing directions wherein one outer jacket overlaps the other outer jacket. Alternatively, the two outer jackets may overlap and underlap each other and form a basket weave pattern. The outer jacket material may be stored on a spool and unwound to helically wrap the bundled cables.11-06-2008
20090314543FLEXIBLE MAGNETIZATION ENERGY TRANSFER RIBBONS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THEM - A flexible energy-transfer ribbon that includes a magnetised tape (12-24-2009
20120145453POWER CABLE WITH MICRODUCT - The present invention provides a power cable that comprises a cable core that has at least one power conductor. The cable core defines a longitudinal axis of the cable. A jacket surrounds the cable core and the jacket has an outer surface. A longitudinal duct is coupled to the outer surface of the jacket and extends substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cable core. The longitudinal duct is hollow to receive at least one optical fiber.06-14-2012
20100096183TAPE - A tape that can be used to detect cracks in a structure to which it is attached is disclosed herein. The tape includes a plurality of structural fibers. The tape also includes an electrically-insulating binder at least partially encapsulating the plurality of structural fibers. The tape also includes quantities of electrically conductive particles, each quantity of electrically conductive particles connected with one of the plurality of structural fibers.04-22-2010
20120168224Adjustable Support Insulator for a High-Voltage Long-Distance Transmission Line - The invention relates to a long-distance line for high voltage, having an outer jacket pipe extending in a longitudinal direction, having an inner conductor led in the interior of the jacket pipe in parallel to the longitudinal direction, and having a number of mounting insulators, by means of which the inner conductor is held on the jacket pipe at a distance therefrom transverse to the longitudinal direction, and a correspondingly embodied mounting insulator. The mounting insulators serve for adjusting the distance between the inner conductor and the jacket pipe. The long-distance transmission line is particularly air insulated in design. The mounting insulators allow simple assembly and installation of the inner conductor.07-05-2012
20130008710WIRING HARNESS - There is provided a wiring harness able to increase flexibility of a production process, to improve workability, and to save weight.01-10-2013
20130014988WIRE HARNESSAANM Sato; OsamuAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Sato; Osamu Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Murata; AtsushiAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Murata; Atsushi Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Kamiya; MakotoAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Kamiya; Makoto Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Tanigawa; SatoshiAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Tanigawa; Satoshi Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Igarashi; ShinichiAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Igarashi; Shinichi Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Takihara; NobumasaAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Takihara; Nobumasa Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Shirafuji; YukihiroAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Shirafuji; Yukihiro Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Yamagiwa; MasamichiAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Yamagiwa; Masamichi Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Takata; YutakaAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Takata; Yutaka Yokkaichi-shi JPAANM Ueno; HirotoAACI Yokkaichi-shiAACO JPAAGP Ueno; Hiroto Yokkaichi-shi JP - A wire harness has an exterior component (01-17-2013
20120241212WIRING HOLDING STRUCTURE - Provided is a wiring holding structure, wherein wiring for electrically connecting a vehicle body to the vehicle sliding door is held in the vehicle body. The wiring holding structure comprises a step member provided adjacent to the vehicle sliding door and a holding portion for holding the wiring. The step member is molded of plastic material. The holding portion is for holding the wiring. The holding portion comprises a first holding portion integrally molded onto the step member; and a second holding member that is fixed to face the first holding section. The second holding member holds the wiring together with the first holding portion. The number of components necessary for the wiring holding structure can thereby be reduced, and the size of the wiring holding structure is made more compact.09-27-2012
20130180776WIRE HARNESS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - There are provided a wire harness and a manufacturing method thereof which can reduce number of components and which does not require an electric wire to be formed longer than necessary. A wire harness includes an electric wire and a tubular corrugated tube made of synthetic resin and arranged to receive the electric wire to protect the electric wire. The corrugated tube is bent at an appropriate section when wired on an automobile. The corrugated tube includes recessed grooves and protrusions arranged alternately along a longitudinal direction. The adjacent protrusions of the appropriate section on the inward side are attached to each other by welding. The appropriate section is bent in a non-restorable fashion in a direction in which the appropriate section is bent when wired in the automobile.07-18-2013

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