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174067000 With closure for face plate opening 34
20100155099Snap-on wall plate assembly - The wall cover plate assembly includes a base and a cover for connecting to an electrical box and an electrical wiring device. The base is connected to the electrical box and/or the electrical wiring device by suitable fasteners. The base includes a first coupling member positioned along opposite side edges and second coupling members positioned at each corner of the base plate. A cover includes a first coupling member for engaging the first coupling member on the base plate and connectors for engaging the second coupling members on the base plate. The connectors of the cover are angled with respect to a plane of the cover to engage a connecting member of the second coupling members. The connectors provide a biasing force to engage the second coupling members of the base which increase when the cover plate is pulled outwardly from the base.06-24-2010
20100155100Paintable Wall Plate Covering and Method - Disclosed embodiments relate to a wall plate, such as for light switches and electrical outlets, that may be painted to coordinate with the color of a room's walls, trim, or décor. The wall plate comprises a transparent cover plate and an optional backing. A reverse side of the transparent cover plate has a prepared surface that is intentionally adapted to be painted by being textured, deglossed, roughened, etched, treated, sand-blasted, or the like. In use, the optional backing can cover and protect the painted surface. The transparent cover plate can be made of molded thermoplastic resin and the backing can be a plate or sheet of suitable material. Both will typically contain openings to provide access to switches, outlets, plugs, jacks, mounting posts, etc., as well as any holes requires by fasteners such as screws.06-24-2010
20100051312MODULAR ELECTRICAL WALL COVER SYSTEM - A modular electrical cover plate assembly has an outer frame having two side walls, a top wall and a bottom wall. At least one cover plate is mounted within the frame. Locking structure is provided for locking the frame to the cover plate.03-04-2010
20100101818HYBRID ELECTRICAL COVER PLATE - An electrical plate is disclosed that is configured to mate a rectangular electrical box and a circular electrical box, wherein the electrical plate has a profile that covers both the rectangular electrical box and the circular electrical box. The electrical plate includes holes pattered to mate with the holes in both the rectangular electrical box and the circular electrical box to receive screws that attach the electrical plate to either electrical box.04-29-2010
20090159308COVER ASSEMBLY FOR AN IN-FLOOR BOX - A cover assembly for a floor-mounted enclosure or in-floor box includes a lid that remains flush with the floor and covers the in-floor box while permitting egress of electrical cables connected to receptacles housed in the box.06-25-2009
20120181055High Volume Cover - The High Volume Cover is a cover designed to replace the use of flat covers over metal electrical junction boxes and/or metal electrical junction box extensions. The high volume capacity of the cover eliminates the need to stack electrical junction box extensions until the required volume is reached and placing a flat cover over the opening. The increased depth of the High Volume Cover also allows the wires to remain straight instead of coiling the wires and stuffing them into the confined space provided by shallow electrical junction boxes. This will reduce conductor fatigue as the High Volume Cover reduces the need to move the conductors. Insulation nicks will be reduced and heat buildup inside the electrical junction box will be reduced.07-19-2012
20100006316Protective cover plate - A cover for protecting an electric wiring device from liquid paint or dust snaps onto the electric wiring device after the cover plate has been removed. The protective cover has a planar body with protrusions configured for receiving an on/off switch, or a socket therein.01-14-2010
20090294148WALL PLATE WITH A MULTIPLE FLEXIBLE MEMBER COVERED OPENING - The present disclosure is a wall plate with a multiple flexible member covered opening. A wall plate with a multiple flexible member covered opening may allow for multiple types of wires to run through the same wall box and wall plate. Wall plate may be designed to directly attach to a standard single gang wall box for an easy installation. Wall plate may include multiple flexible members that may allow cables to enter and exit through the flexible members while covering an opening defined by a frame of the wall plate to provide a finished appearance.12-03-2009
20090078444Oversized Electrical Wall Plate - A wall plate for securing an electrical outlet to a wall or other planar surface having channels that pass through recessed bores on an exterior surface and conduits for guiding the application of inserts for securing the electrical outlet to the wall or other planar surface.03-26-2009
20090056970POWER MAT - A power mat provides power to a variety of locations throughout a room, without obstructing traffic through the room. The power mat covers at least a portion of the floor of the room, and comprises a plurality of outlets, at least one cable connecting the plurality of outlets and an inlet plug for providing power to the mat from the external outlet.03-05-2009
20090236116Covers for Power Distribution Line Insulators - A cover is provided for acute angled insulator pair arrangement, such as a V-switch. The insulator pair arrangement includes a first insulator and a second insulator, the insulators extending relative to each other at an acute angle from first ends thereof. The cover includes a first cover member and a second cover member. The second cover member is configured to mate with the first cover member to define an enclosure that encloses the first ends of the insulators and a region therebetween. The enclosure extends to a position proximate an end skirt of each of the insulators closest to the first ends thereof without extending over the end skirts.09-24-2009
20090014197Paintable Wall Plate Covering Assembly and Method - Disclosed embodiments relate to a wall plate assembly, such as for light switches and electrical outlets, that may be painted to coordinate with the color of a room's walls, trim, or décor. The wall plate assembly comprises a transparent outer or cover plate and a concealed backing plate. A reverse side of the transparent outer plate can be painted and the backing plate attached to cover and protect the painted surface. Both the outer plate and the backing plate can be made of molded thermoplastic resin and will typically contain openings to provide access to switches, outlets, plugs, jacks, mounting posts, etc., as well as any holes requires by fasteners such as screws.01-15-2009
20130118771Electrical Outlet Cover - An electrical outlet cover for mounting to an electrical outlet having a pair of electrical sockets, comprising: a faceplate having a pair of electrical socket covers adapted to be aligned with the pair of electrical sockets, each electrical socket cover having electrical socket cover slotted holes and an electrical socket cover ground hole for receiving prongs of an electrical plug therethrough and insertion into each of the electrical sockets; the faceplate having a rear having a frame adapted to fit about the pair of electrical sockets and align the electrical socket cover slotted holes and the electrical socket cover ground hole with electrical socket slotted holes and electrical socket ground holes of the electrical outlet, respectively; the rear of the faceplate further comprising a mounting block between the pair of electrical sockets of the electrical outlet, having a hole therethrough for fastening the electrical outlet cover to the electrical outlet.05-16-2013
20090101386Size unconstrained faceplate display for use with infrastructure device - The present invention is directed to a system and method which allows a display to have a dimension significantly greater than the actual dimension of the matching utility box or traditional utility box device faceplate. Thus, by making the size of the faceplate independent from the size of the matching utility box or traditional utility box faceplate, larger displays are possible which allows for larger size lettering and pictures and also allows for increased electronics within the display itself. In one embodiment, faceplate displays having double, triple or even quad-gang size can be positioned over a single-gang utility box thereby increasing the space for electronics as well as increasing the amount of (or size of) displayable material.04-23-2009
20090314509ELECTRICAL OUTLET COVER PLATE - The present disclosure describes a plate assembly for an electrical outlet. In some embodiments, the plate assembly includes a strapping plate that is attachable to the electrical outlet, and a cover plate sub-assembly that is selectively attachable to the strapping plate. In some embodiments, the cover plate sub-assembly includes a body portion that lies in a first plane, and a first retention member that is fixed to the body portion, and that lies in a second plane parallel to the first plane. The first retention member selectively engages the strapping plate to releasably secure the cover plate sub-assembly thereto. Embodiments of an electrical outlet assembly that implement the plate assembly are also described.12-24-2009
20100122828 slide-on groove and flange faceplate- tieplate cover for an electrical outlet. - An assembly to hide the visual distraction of the electrical outlet consists of a faceplate box with an internal groove to the rear and an open bottom, allowing for sliding over a tieplate tied to a mounted electrical box. This tieplate bears a mating flange to the top and sides that is offset from rear of the tieplate to allow for sliding on of the faceplate. This faceplate can be manipulated whether or not flat-headed cords are plugged in. The faceplate is then free to bear a variety of finishes, including in-mould decorating, conventional plating, mirror finish, texture, and three-dimensional ornament.05-20-2010
20080245546Paint Shield - A paint shield for covering an electrical device has a generally planar plate with an attachment element connected thereto. The attachment element releasably engages one or more of a standard wall switch, a decor type switch or a socket. At least one overspray wall on the rear face of the plate is spaced from the perimeter of the plate and extends from the plate to provide protection from paint or other surface treatments. The overspray wall may also serve as an attachment element. Blisters at or near the edges of the plate define receptacle for receiving a mounting screw head.10-09-2008
20090095500Tamper resistant locking cap for utility poles and method - A locking cap for a utility pole is provided to safeguard the metal wiring therein. The locking cap prevents access to the metal wiring through the access opening in the utility pole. The locking cap has a base that detachably mounts with one or more fasteners to a utility pole into and over the access opening and a locking shield that slidably engages with the base in a position overlying the one or more fasteners.04-16-2009
20110192628BREAKER TRAY FOR A PANELBOARD COVER - A cover for use with a panelboard enclosure. The cover includes a cover element for mounting onto a panelboard enclosure. The cover element includes an insert for insertion into a cover opening. A plate section is attached to the insert along peripheral edges of the plate section by a thin wall section to form a cover suitable for use with a main lug panelboard configuration. The thin wall section is sized relative to the plate section to enable separation of the plate section from the insert by a user to then form a cover suitable for use with a main breaker panelboard configuration.08-11-2011
20080236859PROTECTIVE DEVICE PLATE FOR AN ELECTRICAL BOX - A protective cover for an electrical device mounting structure that includes a generally rectangular plate defined by a perimetrical edge and having a front side, a back side, a right side, a left side, a top and a bottom. The protective cover can also include one or more tabs extending from the back side for engaging the edge of the electrical device mounting structure and one or more openings in the plate for receiving a fastener for affixing the protective cover to the electrical device mounting structure.10-02-2008
20120285719COVER STRUCTURE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A method of manufacturing a cover structure is provided. A first insulating layer is provided. The first insulating layer has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other. A second insulating layer is provided. The second insulating layer has a third surface and a fourth surface opposite to each other and an opening passing through the third surface and the fourth surface. A thickness of the second insulating layer is greater than a thickness of the first insulating layer. The first insulating layer and the second insulating layer are laminated to each other, so that the third surface of the second insulating layer connects to the second surface of the first insulating layer. A cavity is defined by the opening of the second insulating layer and the first insulating layer. A metal layer is formed on the cavity.11-15-2012
20080289845WALL BOX MOUNTING APPARATUS - An apparatus and method for mounting a device in a wall box is provided. The apparatus includes a base plate formed by a front portion and a plurality of side portions extending to the rear to define a substantially open rear portion, and a latching mechanism coupled to the base plate. The front portion is connected to the device. The base plate is configured to be at least partially inserted into the wall box. The latching mechanism includes a frictional engagement member configured to frictionally engage with the wall box upon insertion into the wall box.11-27-2008
20080308291Safety filler plug for recessed electrical contacts - A safety filler plug for recessed electrical contacts is provided. The plug includes a pair of spaced apart generally rectangular arm members including a first stationary arm member and a second tab arm member. The first arm member and the second arm member each have an insertion end, an extension end and a middle portion between the insertion end and said extension end. A generally rectangular horizontal barrier member extends between and bridges the middle portions of arm members. The barrier member has an interior surface and exterior surface. A cross bar support member extends between and has cross bar end portions connected to the insertion ends of the arms. A generally triangular brace member having a first side portion connected to the first arm member and a second side portion connected to said exterior surface of said barrier member is also provided.12-18-2008
20080289844DECORATIVE RECEPTACLE AND SWITCH COVERS - A decorative electrical socket cover is provided to be placed over an electrical socket of an electrical outlet assembly. The outlet assembly is located on a wall or other surface that is finished in a predetermined color, and a user desires that the color of the socket cover match the color of the wall or other surface. The decorative socket cover comprises a socket cup body having flat outwardly and inwardly facing surfaces and a rim portion extending around the perimeter of the socket cup body at substantially a right angle to the plane of the inwardly facing flat surface. A plurality of apertures are located in the socket cup body which apertures correspond in size and location to a corresponding plurality of slots in the socket. The rim portion of the cup body includes an inner surface having a gripping surface, wherein the gripping surface of the rim portion is adapted to engage an outer perimeter of the socket and removably attach the socket cup body to the socket. In an additional embodiment, a sleeve having a chamber and a tacky glue material is adapted to fit over and be held to the finger manipulable portion of a wall switch, whereby the sleeve's outer surface is a predetermined color as selected by the user.11-27-2008
20100206603LATCHING FLOOR BOX COVER - An electrical box cover includes a frame securable to an electrical box. The frame defines an opening to permit access to the electrical box. A lid is pivotally mounted to the frame and movable between an open and closed position. A lid biasing device is disposed between the lid and the frame, the lid biasing device urging the lid away from the closed position. A latch is disposed on the frame and movable between a latched and unlatched position. The latch, when in the latched position, engages the lid and retaining the lid in the closed position. When the latch is in the unlatched position, the lid biasing device lifts at least a portion of the lid at least partially above the frame.08-19-2010
20090288853ADAPTER FOR MOUNTING A FACEPLATE OF A FIRST STYLE TO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET CAVITY OF A SECOND STYLE - Apparatus for coupling a signal between a wiring and a device. Junction box mounting is popular in North America, whereas cavity mounting is popular in Europe and the Middle East. The apparatus includes an adapter and provides universal mounting for specialized faceplates which are designed and intended for junction box mounting. The adapter features clamps for gripping the inner surface of a wall cavity or sleeve and a plate for mounting an faceplate designed for junction box mounting. The plate has mounting points with a nominal center-to-center distance of 3¼ inches, corresponding to the requirements of junction box mounting.11-26-2009
20090211777PLUG IN DEVICE DIMENSIONING SYSTEM AND METHOD - In general, the present disclosure provides a method of designing, and system for implementing, a plug-in-type device capable of coupling to a first plug of an outlet receptacle, and configured to allow utilization of a second plug, or inhibit the use of the second plug of the receptacle. For example, a device in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention comprises a plug portion capable of electrically coupling to one of at least two receptacles of a power outlet, a body portion comprising a vertical and a horizontal dimension, capable of coupling to the plug portion, and having the body portion dimensioned to allow or disallow utilization of a second of the at least two receptacles.08-27-2009
20100181091WEATHERPROOF WHILE-IN-USE ELECTRICAL BOX COVER WITH INSERTABLE HINGE PIN - The present invention provides a weatherproof while-in-use electrical box cover. The box cover includes a base having a back wall including an opening therein for accessing an electrical outlet and permetrical base side walls extending thereabout defining an open front face. The box cover further includes a hood having a front wall for covering the open front face of the base and permetrical hood side walls extending therefrom. The hood is matable with the base and including a cooperative mating assembly on respective side walls for defining a pivot location for pivotally attaching the hood to the base. A hinge pin is insertably connected to the cooperative mating assemblies for hingedly attaching the hood to the base and the hinge pin is configured to non-releaseably engage with the cooperative mating assembly.07-22-2010
20100186986MULTI-PIECE COVERPLATE ASSEMBLY AND MODULAR DEVICE ASSEMBLY - A multi-piece coverplate assembly provides a multi-piece coverplate and modular device assembly which is removably fastened to the multi-piece coverplate.07-29-2010
20100258332INTERCHANGEABLE LIGHT SWITCH COVER SYSTEM - A system for interchangeable covers for light switches, power outlets, and other forms of electrical outlets or plugs. The present invention comprises a cover that fits over a standard light switch plate or similar electrical switch or outlet plate. The cover is removably attached to the light switch plate by means of one or more magnets, Velcro strips, adhesive strips, double-side tape, or similar attachment devices. A plurality of covers may be easily and quickly placed on and removed from the plate (or a plurality of plates), to suit the desires of the user. The covers can be of any design, including variations in color, shape, outline, and the like. The cover may be of any suitable configuration to match existing light fixtures, including single switch, double switch, switch plus dimmer slide, switch plus power outlet, and so on. Covers may be provided for power outlet plates, telephone jack plates, cable plug plates, combinations thereof, or similar plates used in households and businesses.10-14-2010
20100252296TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE COVER/GUIDE FOR ELECTRICAL/COMMUNICATIONS BOXES - A cover/guide for an electrical/communications box is typically vacuum-formed from a transparent polymeric material and needs no tools for installation or removal. The temporary cover is designed to interference fit within a universal electrical/communications box and can be used to protect wiring and other devices from dust, paint, stucco, etc during construction. The cover/guide also provides an easy method for location under hung drywall. If not made from a transparent material, the cover/guide may define a transparent viewing area for inspection and/or identification of the box's interior components.10-07-2010
20090071681MODULAR ELECTRICAL ASSEMBLY - A weatherproof, modular, outdoor electrical assembly for electrical devices includes a base, an adapter plate configured to fit into the opening of the base, and a cover. The electrical assembly further includes one or more adapter inserts that are attached to the adapter plate to convert the adapter plate to accommodate at least one electrical device. The assembly also includes a removable bolt to form a hinge on a vertical or horizontal side between the base and the cover. The assembly further includes a removable drain plate and flexible members to prevent water from entering the assembly.03-19-2009
20090071682Temporary protective junction box cover - A temporary protective cover for junction boxes with or without installed switches and/or outlets and for conduit bodies, empty or containing wires or cables of various sizes and uses. The protective cover having a front and rear surface; having a trapezoidal cavity sized to receive installed switches and/or outlets in junction box; the protective cover having two elongated tabs that extend on either side of installed switch or plug inside junction box, for securing the protective cover to junction boxes and conduit bodies; having rectangular or circular cavity opening that is sized to fit openings of junction boxes or conduit bodies, in such a manner that the cover remains fixed relative to the junction box or conduit body.03-19-2009
20110127060FACEPLATE WITH HIGH BINDING CAPABILITY - A faceplate with high binding capability comprises a flexible outer layer, a metal plate, and a connection element. The internal surface of the flexible outer layer is correspondingly adhered to the external surface of the metal plate via an adhesive layer. The metal plate is provided with at least a positioning hole throughout the metal plate. The external opening's width of the positioning hole is wider than the internal opening's width thereof. Thereby, after being shaped, the connection element can be firmly connected to the internal surface of the metal plate. The connection element has at least a connection part, so that the faceplate can be firmly connected to a 3C (computer, communication, and consumer-electronics) product.06-02-2011
20110024154SLIDE MECHANISM - A system including a plate; at least one guide coupled to the plate; and a slide coupled to the at least one guide. The slide includes a first arm constrained by the at least one guide; and a second arm coupled to the first arm. The slide can be moved along the at least one guide.02-03-2011
20090065233PROTECTIVE COVER ARRANGEMENT FOR AN ELECTRICAL UNIT - A protective cover arrangement (03-12-2009
20110209891POWER SUPPLY SOCKET PANEL - A power supply socket panel comprises a panel enclosure, at least one movable connector, a panel supporter and at least one elastic foot. The panel supporter is mounted to the movable connector, and together they are secured to a power supply socket or switch. The panel enclosure is secured to the panel supporter through the movable connector and the elastic foot is mounted between the panel supporter and the movable connector. During disassembly, the connection component is pressed with hard tools such as a small screwdriver so that the elastic foot is in a compressed state, allowing the panel enclosure to separate from the connection component. In this way, the panel enclosure can be removed. This panel is characterized by a simple structure and convenient assembly/disassembly.09-01-2011
20110083873Network Cabinet Fitting System - A fitting system for sealing an opening in a top cap of a network cabinet includes a grommet and at least one of a fitting assembly and a cover. The grommet is secured to the opening in the top cap of the network cabinet. The fitting assembly and the cover are secured to the grommet and may include at least one finger lift. A sleeve or a tube may be secured to the fitting assembly.04-14-2011
20100065297Cover Plate With Integral Shelf - A cover plate for covering a wall box mounted wiring device such as an electrical receptacle. The cover plate includes an attachment member for covering the wall box opening, at least one opening for at least one wiring device, and a shelf attached to the attachment member. The shelf may also have a non-slip surface or be pitched in such a way that an electronic device such as a cell phone will not fall off. The shelf may also have a lip or raised edge to retain the electronic device. In use, an electronic device will rest on the shelf while charging. The charger plug will be conveniently inserted into the electrical receptacle that is directly below the shelf, with the electronic device resting neatly on the integral shelf. The cover plate reduces clutter related to charging electronic devices in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. The cover plate may also be used to hold other items such as keys, wallets, watches, clocks, remote controls, and the like.03-18-2010
20110073347Electrical cover - Disclosed is a cover for an electrical interface. The electrical interface may be a rocker type switch located within a hole in a wall. The cover is sized to cover the hole in the wall and has an aperture therethrough sized to surround the rocker type switch. The cover further comprises a rocker plate sized to overlay the rocker type switch pivotally located within the aperture wherein the rocker plate bears against the rocker type switch so as to transmit motion of the rocker plate to the rocker type switch. The electrical interface may be an electrical receptacle wherein the cover has front and rear surfaces and a hollowed region in the rear surface sized to receive the electrical receptacle therein. The cover further comprises a plurality of apertures located through the cover plate sized and located to correspond to the connector openings.03-31-2011
20110061885SNAP-ON ONE-PIECE SCREWLESS COVER PLATE FOR ELECTRICAL FIXTURES - A snap-on, one-piece screwless cover plate for electrical fixtures is disclosed. The cover plate assembly includes a snap-on, one piece, screwless cover plate for an electrical receptacle box that is capable of being installed directly to an electrical device that is installed in the receptacle box. In various embodiments, the securing mechanism for the cover plate can be in the form of protrusions, prongs, or other structural members, each integrally formed with the cover plate. The protrusions, prongs, or other structural members integrally formed with the cover plate provide a means of attachment to any electrical device that is mounted into the receptacle box, including, but without limitation, an electrical outlet, light switch, oven plug, cable or phone connection, stereo, etc. and without alteration to the electrical device.03-17-2011
20110048760Outlet or Switch Panel - A panel for mounting to a power outlet or switch comprises a panel holder configured to secure to the power outlet or switch. A slide lock is configured to clip onto the panel holder in a sliding way. A panel case is configured to clip to the slide lock. The panel case is secured to the panel holder through the slide lock.03-03-2011
20110147037INTERCHANGEABLE DECORATIVE BEZEL FOR WIRING DEVICE - A wiring device capable of changing an aesthetic feature via a removable frame. The wiring device includes a front facing perimeter base having at least one opening. The wiring device also includes a removable bezel having a front face and a back face, the back face of the removable bezel surrounding at least a portion of the front facing perimeter base. The back face of the removable bezel includes a shielding wall for shielding ambient light from a sensor positioned on the front face perimeter base.06-23-2011
20080202790Cover Plate And Group Of Parts For Wall Mounting An Electrical Apparatus - Cover plate (08-28-2008
20080202789Compliant cap - A compliant cap for inserting into an aperture of an electrical connector. The cap includes two halves connected by a living hinge. The two radial members in the two halves each extend perpendicular to the living hinge with the second radial member being longer than the first. One of the halves includes a plurality of chamfers, and the other half includes an outer rim surrounding the chamfers such that when the cap is compressed, the rim envelops the chamfers decreasing the area of the cap. In a second embodiment, chamfers include extensions adjacent to the outer rim for wrapping around or extending over the rim and further enhancing the secure fit of the two halves.08-28-2008
20110017486Universal wall plate thermometer - A universal light switch cover assembly with swivel thermometer is disclosed.01-27-2011
20110186326MULTI-DIRECTIONAL MOUNTING FACEPLATE - A multi-directional mounting faceplate for managing a plurality of cables is provided. The mounting faceplate includes a faceplate body and a nose cover, wherein the faceplate body has an opening disposed about the center of the faceplate body. The cross-sectional shape of the nose cover is similar to the shape of the opening. The nose cover has two side plates and a linking plate which is connected between the two side plates, such that the nose cover can be rotatably connected to the faceplate body to change the open direction of the mounting faceplate.08-04-2011
20110132634OUTLET COVER WITH INTEGRAL SUPPORT STRUCTURE - An outlet cover may comprise a plate member adapted to cover and be secured to a power outlet, the plate portion including at least one fastener aperture and at least one outlet aperture; and at least one supporting structure extending from the plate portion, the supporting structure selected from the group consisting of a shelf portion, a hook, and a recess configured to receive an electronic device. If the supporting structure is a shelf member, the shelf member may extend approximately ninety degrees from the plate member, may be monolithic with the plate member, and/or may include a non-slip surface. The shelf portion further may comprise an extension member, which increases the distance between the shelf and the plate member.06-09-2011
20090173513DEVICE COVER AND CUTTING GUIDE AND METHOD FOR USE - An electrical device outlet cover for use in covering an opening in an outlet box or an opening in an outlet box drywall ring. It includes a front plate having a cut line formed through a first, telescopable portion of the front plate, the cut line allowing the first, telescopable portion of the front plate to be telescoped outwardly from a second, stationary portion of the front plate. Also provided is a cutting guide with a wall that extends generally perpendicularly upwardly from the front plate and follows a path that generally corresponds to a shape of an outlet box or a drywall ring to which the device outlet cover is to be attached. The invention also provides a method for protecting an electrical device in an electrical device outlet during installation of sheet material and providing for accruing cutting of an opening in the sheet material.07-09-2009
20120031640Universal cover plate assembly - A cover plate assembly and an electrical box are provided for mounting one or more electrical wiring devices. The cover plate assembly can be modified to provide a single gang, double gang or triple gang assembly for mounting the wiring devices. The cover plate assembly includes a collar forming a mud ring having at least one removable portion which can be removed to form an open side of the collar. An adapter is attached to the cover plate assembly at the open side of the collar to enlarge the dimensions of the collar to receiving a plurality of electrical wiring devices.02-09-2012
20110114357PROTECTIVE COVER ARRANGEMENT FOR AN ELECTRICAL UNIT - A protective cover arrangement (05-19-2011
20120145430Frame For Graphic Images - When a wall mounted telephone is removed from its mounting plate, the telephone wall plate and jack remains and this is unsightly. The frame of the present invention allows the telephone plate to remain, but be obscured. The frame assembly includes a removable, transparent cover that releasably attaches to a base member and a photograph, a drawing, other graphic decorative material or written indicia is sandwiched therebetween.06-14-2012
20090126968Screwless wall-plate - The present invention provides for a screwless wall-plate assembly which includes a base plate component, at least two barbed fastener components, and a face plate component irremovably attached to the base plate component. The base plate component has a central opening for receiving at least one electrical component and at least two openings to receive the fastener components. The fastener component is fitted through the base plate and is sized to mate with the openings in a standard yoke or mounting strap electrical device. The face plate component has at least one opening configured to accommodate a gang device body and is permanently affixed to the front of the base plate. Once the screwless wall-plate is fully assembled, the fasteners provide secure yet removable means of affixing the screwless wall-plate to a standard yoke or strap mounting electrical device, thereby completing enclosure of the wired device inside the electrical box.05-21-2009
20110155413ELECTRICAL OUTLET COVER PLATE - The present disclosure describes a plate assembly for an electrical outlet. In some embodiments, the plate assembly includes a strapping plate that is attachable to the electrical outlet, and a cover plate sub-assembly that is selectively attachable to the strapping plate. In some embodiments, the cover plate sub-assembly includes a body portion that lies in a first plane, and a first retention member that is fixed to the body portion, and that lies in a second plane parallel to the first plane. The first retention member selectively engages the strapping plate to releasably secure the cover plate sub-assembly thereto. Embodiments of an electrical outlet assembly that implement the plate assembly are also described.06-30-2011
20120061118REPLACEABLE KEYPAD BEZEL - A keypad bezel for attaching to a housing of a handheld computer comprises a main body including plurality of screw holes and tabs for connecting the main body to the computer housing and a plurality of leverage points in the main body useful for removing the keypad bezel from the housing. To remove the keypad bezel, the screws are removed from the screw holes and a removal tool is positioned so that it mates with recesses the keypad bezel and force is applied to the removal tool in a direction way from the housing. The force removes the tabs out of corresponding slots in the housing allowing the bezel to be removed.03-15-2012
20120152587Wall Plate and Method of Use Thereof - A wall plate for mounting and supporting an electrical controller (e.g. a switch), an electronic controller (e.g. an electronic thermostat), or a similar wall-mounted electrical equipment, to an electrical outlet box is disclosed. The wall plate is configured to be secured to the outlet box via fasteners. The wall plate comprises a generally central opening through the electrical wires located in the outlet box can be accessed. The wall plate also comprises at least one outwardly extending lug configured to be received in a corresponding recess in the controller, and an outwardly extending supporting base configured to support and secure the controller to the wall plate. The wall plate allows the controller to be mounted to it instead of being mounted to the outlet box, thereby easing the installation of electrical and/or electronic controller.06-21-2012
20120125653WALL PLATE DEVICES AND SYSTEMS - A wall plate configured to at least partially cover and/or connect to a standardized electrical box and/or components stored therein. In one implementation, the wall plate may include a substantially planar body having a front and a back. In particular, the body may be configured to at least partially cover an electrical box and/or component. In addition, the wall plate may include at least one pin extending from the back of the body in a direction substantially perpendicular to the plane of the body. The at least one pin may be positioned on the body to correspond with the location of a connector on a standardized electrical box or component.05-24-2012
20120312577COVER AND HINGE ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRICAL DEVICE - A cover assembly includes a base, a cover and a hinge coupling the cover to the hinge. The hinge includes a body coupled to a rear face of the base and extends outwardly from a side edge of the base. The hinge has a leg oriented to contact an edge of the cover when the cover is pivoted to the open position. The edge frictionally engages the leg of the hinge to hold the cover in an open position and limit rotation of the cover.12-13-2012
20100032182Method and apparatus for finished installation of electrical outlet box without use of external cover plate - A method for installing an electrical component, such as an outlet or switch for example, so that only the operative portion of the component is visible when installation is finished. The component is mounted in a junction box, with the wires connected to the leads therein, and the operative end portion of the component is surrounded by a flange of a plate assembly. The plate assembly may be mounted at the front surface of the wall and then covered over with a fill material, such as drywall compound, which is sanded down and blended into the surrounding surface. Alternatively, the plate may be mounted to the back of the wall surface material, such as paneling, tile, masonry and so on, with the projection of the electrical component being adjustable so that the operative end of the component lies flush with the front surface of the wall. The electrical component may be detachably mounted in a receptacle in the plate assembly, from which it can be removed for replacement/repair. The invention also provides a plate assembly for use with the electrical components, and a series of electrical components that are interchangeably mountable in the plate assembly.02-11-2010
20120073853ACCESS COVER FOR A HANDWELL AND THE LIKE AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - An access cover for a hand well or hand hole comprises a top member having an upper surface, a lower surface and a perimeter, the lower surface being configured to inhibit radial outward migration of wires positioned in the hand well, wherein the top member is constructed from an electrical insulating material. A method of using the access cover is provided.03-29-2012
20090020307Methods and apparatuses for a magnetic decorator wall cover plate with the option to record decorating choices - The invention provides methods and apparatuses for affixing a decorative cover over an existing switch plate by the use of magnets on the decorative that are positioned to attach to the screws used to hold the existing wall plate to the electrical fixture. The invention also discloses how to record decorating information, such as paint selection, on the decorative wall cover in order to removable store this information in the space where the decorations are installed.01-22-2009
20090159307MAGNETIC LIGHT SWITCH COVER PLATE - A light switch cover plate with small but powerful neodymium (NIB) magnets, or other forms or types of strong magnets, located on the back or just beneath the surface of the cover. The magnets may be located 1 to 2 inches below the openings for the light switch, although other locations are possible. A user may easily and conveniently place common items such as keys, pocketknives, sunglasses, and the like, on the cover plate merely by touching them to the lower portion in the vicinity of the magnets.06-25-2009
20100132972PLATE FOR ELECTRIC APPARATUS - A cover plate (06-03-2010
20080223600TWO-GANG ADJUSTABLE MUD RING - This invention pertains to an adjustable cover for an electrical outlet box. The cover is configured having a generally planar mounting plate with a collar surrounding an opening through this mounting plate. An extension sleeve moves within this opening and adjacent the collar. At least one fastener is located adjacent the opening and is movable between a locked position and an unlocked position. The fastener operates a locking device that engages a wedge against the extension sleeve when the fastener is in the locked position and disengages a wedge against the extension sleeve when the fastener is in the unlocked position.09-18-2008
20130112456ELECTRICAL OUTLET COVER - An electrical outlet cover that is safe, accessible/removable and aesthetically pleasing in design can be used to cover outlets in older homes that may not be up to today's electrical codes, thus improving the safety of the home. The electrical outlet cover can also prevent children or pets from accessing any part of the wall outlet. The electrical cover can be designed to cover an entire electrical outlet, or can be designed to cover an unused half of a wall outlet. The electrical cover can be painted or designed similar to the wall to readily blend in with its surroundings.05-09-2013
20110303433GFI AND SWITCH PLATE UTILITY HANGER FOR KEYS, BLOW DRYER AND CURLING IRONS - A balanced coverplate for an electrical or communication junction box including an upper portion and a substantially aligned lower portion for storage of items on holding means such as hooks, pegs or magnets. The upper portion of the coverplate may conveniently supplant a standard wall outlet/receptacle cover plate or switch cover plate. The lower portion is primarily intended for storage of items and extends from the lower edge of the upper portion. A main portion plate of the lower portion is intended to guard the wall from contact with the items being stored. The upper and lower portions are substantially aligned with the fasteners captured by the junction box, so torque about each fastener is substantially minimized, thus ensuring the longevity of the fasteners and their respective apertures of the junction box while protecting the wall surface below the outlet and/or switch.12-15-2011
20130192867WEATHERPROOF OUTLET COVER ASSEMBLY - An outlet cover assembly includes a base member configured to be mounted to a surface and a cover member pivotally connected to the base member via a pair of tabs with openings configured to engage a complementary pair of pins on the base member. The cover member and base member are configured to facilitate attachment of the cover member to the base member without substantial deformation of the pair of tabs when an angle formed between a major axis of the cover member and a major axis of the base member is greater than about 90 degrees. The cover member is secured to the base member when the angle formed between the cover member and base member is less than 90 degrees.08-01-2013
20130192868Faceplate Assemblies For Securing Connectivity - The present invention is directed to a faceplate assembly. The faceplate assembly includes a backing plate and a plurality of cover plates that mount to the backing plate. The baking plate has an opening that receives at least six modules. Each cover plate includes a center opening corresponding to the modules received in the backing plate.08-01-2013
20130206446Cord Organizer System - A cord organizer system having a back plate, securable to a wall or adaptable to a track on an office desk having a centrally disposed opening for placement around a wall mounted electrical outlet, and a cover panel, releasably securable to the back plate for concealment of electrical cords. The back plate further includes at least one channel for organized positioning of electrical cords. The cover panel is constructed of a paintable material to allow for the cord organizer system to blend with a wall color and includes vents to allow for the dissipation of heat within the system occurring with the use of electrical cords. A closed top cover with a plurality of opening can be provided to allow for the pass through of electrical cords.08-15-2013

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