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169 - Fire extinguishers

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169016000 Distributing systems 56
169014000 Plural source, mixing in transit 24
169009000 Gas-pressure discharge 16
169013000 Pump supply 12
169011000 Gas 7
169006000 Chemical pressure generating 2
20130140044FLUID INJECTION DEVICE, AND MECHANICAL SYSTEM EQUIPPED WITH SUCH A DEVICE - A device for injecting a fluid into a mechanical system that may undergo heating, comprising at least one body containing a thermally triggered charge generating combustion gas, ignition of the charge being able to be triggered under the action of an ignition command and/or under the effect of a heat contribution, from a heating area of the body toward the charge, a reservoir containing the fluid, means for fastening the device to the mechanical system, the fastening means adapted to put the reservoir in fluid communication with the mechanical system, and means for delivering pressurized fluid outside the reservoir through the action, directly or through intermediate means, of the combustion gases. Within the device, the fastening means comprise at least one injection sleeve provided with an outer thread coated with an anti-loosening adhesive film. The invention also relates to a mechanical system equipped with at least one such device.06-06-2013
20120217026AEROSOL FIRE SUPPRESSION APPARATUS WITH HIGH TEMPERATURE ABLATION RESISTANT INSULATING LAYER AND PREPARATION METHOD THEREOF - The present invention provides an aerosol fire suppression apparatus with a high temperature ablation resistant thermal insulating layer and preparation method thereof, wherein the aerosol fire suppression apparatus comprises enclosure, thermal insulating layer, aerosol generating chemical agent, cooling material, and initiator. The thermal insulating layer is made of silicone rubber material, comprising silicone rubber substrate, cross-linking agent, fire retarding agent, high temperature resistant material, coupling agent and catalyst. The preparation method of the aerosol fire suppression apparatus comprises: casting aerosol generating chemical agent and silicone rubber into an integral piece in a mold, and cross-linking and solidifying at room temperature, to form a thermal insulating layer; loading the initiator in the chemical agent, filling a cooling material over the initiator, and covering the cooling material with a screen; loading the thermal insulating layer that contains the aerosol generating chemical agent, initiator, and cooling material into the enclosure of the apparatus, and sealing the thermal insulating layer with a cover. Compared to existing apparatuses in the prior art, the apparatus in the present invention has the following advantages: the silicone rubber casting process is simple and suitable for mass production; the silicone rubber thermal insulating layer delivers good heat insulation effect; the packed aerosol generating agent can burn stably without flying flame or explosive burning phenomenon.08-30-2012
20100071914Apparatus and Method for Installing a Foam Proportioning System in Existing Fire Fighting Equipment - A method and apparatus for installing a foam proportioning system into existing fire fighting equipment is provided. The method can include installing a foam proportioning library into a first application of a processor of the existing fire fighting equipment and installing a foam proportioning support into a second application of a display of the existing fire fighting equipment. The method can also include connecting a foam proportioner to the processor, receiving user inputs with the display, and processing the user inputs with the second application and the foam proportioning support. The method can further include transmitting the user inputs to the processor and operating the foam proportioner in response to the user inputs with the first application and the foam proportioning library.03-25-2010
20120175137Fire extinguishing agents, methods for preventing and/or extinguishing combustion, fire extinguishing systems, and production processes - Compositions comprising07-12-2012
20100044058NON-COLLAPSIBLE FOAM EXTENSION HOSE - A firefighting device adapted to discharge a fluid to put out a fire may include a hose connected to a source of the fluid, including: a collapsible section connected to the source of the fluid; and a non-collapsible section connected to the collapsible section adapted to discharge the fluid. The non-collapsible section may be connected to a valve to turn off and turn on the fluid, and the valve may be a break apart nozzle. The fluid may be a foam agent, and the source may be a fire engine truck. The length of the non-collapsible section maybe substantially between 2 feet and 10 feet.02-25-2010
20090301735REMOTE CONTROLLED NOZZLE CHANGER - A fire fighting fluid delivery device includes a device body with an inlet, a discharge outlet, and a fluid passageway extending between the inlet and the discharge outlet. A movable member is mounted at the body and movable between at least two positions relative to the outlet. The movable member includes at least two spaced apart transverse openings, with each of the transverse openings for selectively aligning with the discharge outlet when the movable member is moved between the at least two positions.12-10-2009
20080283255Liquid Nitrogen Enabler Apparatus - A Liquid Nitrogen Enabler Apparatus is disclosed herein, wherein the apparatus may be configured to protect the earth, people and property. The apparatus is configured to distribute liquid nitrogen that converts to nitrogen gas to achieve its desired effects. Nitrogen gas carries the temperature, the inertness, and the tendency to cloud, gather amongst itself with the exclusion of other gases. Combining the thermal qualities with the inertness of the nitrogen gas, fires and other such crises are handled. There are various advantages associated with treating fires and other such crises with liquid nitrogen such as that when the liquid nitrogen converts into a gaseous form and is applied to a fire draft, rather than directly to the fire itself. The fire draft will pull the gaseous nitrogen into the fire, thus ending the burn.11-20-2008
20090211771Regulated Valve Assembly for Fire Extinguishing Systems - A valve assembly has a valve body having an inlet section for a pressurized fluid and an outlet. A piston is movable within the valve body between an open position and a closed position blocking fluid communication. The piston has an end section, a sealing section and a middle section located between the end section and the sealing section. A cavity receives the piston within the valve body. The cavity has a superior chamber, an intermediate chamber, and an inferior chamber. A spring within the superior chamber exerts a spring force onto the piston to urge the piston towards the open position. An actuator device provides upon actuation for a first flow of fluid outside the cavity from the inlet section to the superior chamber. The first flow causes a pressure within the superior chamber to increase until it is about the same as the pressure within the container so that the spring force moves the piston to the open position. In the open position a main flow of fluid flows from the inlet section via the intermediate chamber to the outlet.08-27-2009
20110186310SPRAY HEAD - The present invention provides a sprinkler head for mounting on a pipe of a fire protection system, in particular for dispensing an extinguishing agent, the head comprising: a body having a transfer channel passing therethrough; and an endpiece comprising a base having an outlet channel passing therethrough, and a shutter closing said outlet channel, the endpiece in a “closed” position closing the transfer channel and being suitable for disengaging said transfer channel under the effect of an opening force of less than 1500 N.08-04-2011
20120031629FIRE PROTECTION SPRINKLER SYSTEM WITH OXYGEN CORROSION SENSITIVE COUPON ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MONITORING CORROSION IN A FIRE PROTECTION SPRINKLER SYSTEM - A fire protection sprinkler system and method of monitoring corrosion in a fire protection sprinkler system that includes a pipe network and at least one sprinkler connected with said pipe network. A corrosion monitor assembly is provided in the pipe network that includes at least one metal coupon and an oxygen depletion area defined on a surface portion of the coupon. A mounting member positions the corrosion monitor assembly to be at least partially covered with water when the sprinkler system is in an operative state.02-09-2012
20100000743MULTIPURPOSE FLUID DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A multipurpose fluid distribution system including a network of fluid distribution heads associated with a landscape. Also included is a water supply feeding the network of fluid distribution heads. The fluid distribution heads may be typical irrigation or sprinkler heads or specialized heads useful for reaching portions of the outside of a structure or landscape which are not typically irrigated such as the roofs of buildings. Also included in the multipurpose fluid distribution system is a series of distribution valves operatively disposed between the water supply and the network of fluid distribution heads. The system can be controlled with a control unit associated with the distribution valves which is configured to automatically open select distribution valves or open select distribution valves according to manual input. The control unit is configured to open certain valves under predetermined conditions or upon a select schedule for the routine irrigation of the landscape with water from the water supply. In addition, the control unit is configured to open select distribution valves for the nonroutine application of water to the landscape in the event a humidity sensor or fire sensor associated with the control unit detects an approaching wildland fire.01-07-2010
20120061106BRACKET - A fire sprinkler fitting support bracket (03-15-2012
20120160525VIDEO-BASED FIRE DETECTION AND SUPPRESSION WITH CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL - A closed-loop system employs video analytic outputs in a feedback loop to control the operation of a video-based fire detection system. In particular, video data captured by a video detector is analyzed by a video analytic system to generate outputs identifying regions indicative of fire. These outputs are employed as feedback in a closed-loop control system to orient the camera such that field of the view of the camera is modified to improve the ability of the video analytic system to verify or confirm the presence of fire within a region identified as indicative of fire. In addition, video analytic system may generate outputs identifying the delivery location of a fire suppressant. These outputs are employed as feedback in a closed-loop control system to orient the delivery of suppressant to extinguish the fire.06-28-2012
20130112438SPRAY NOZZLE UNIT - The invention relates to a spray nozzle unit, in particular for spraying explosion risk areas in subsurface mining, and for use in ultra high speed fire suppression system at response times below 50 milliseconds, having a nozzle body. The nozzle body has a nozzle opening for ejecting spray liquid, allowing low water consumption, designed robustly, and allowing operation without compressed air. A closing means is disposed in the nozzle body for closing the nozzle opening in the non-pressurized state of the spray nozzle unit.05-09-2013
20130146313HIGH RATE DISCHARGE (HRD) VALVE INCORPORATING A ROTATING LEVER RELEASE MECHANISM - A high speed valve has a valve body having a flow passage therethrough, and a poppet disposed within the valve body. The poppet is movable between a first position in which the poppet blocks the flow passage and a second position, and the poppet has a piston connected to a stem at a proximal end of the stem. The valve also has a rotating lever release mechanism adjacent a distal end of the stem.06-13-2013
20120000677FIRE PREVENTION EQUIPMENT - A wide protection range can be ensured by extending the flying distance of fire-extinguishing agent particles electrified and sprayed from a head. A water-based fire-extinguishing agent is pressurized and supplied to an electrification spray head 01-05-2012

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