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169 - Fire extinguishers

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169056000 Condition responsive control 46
169070000 With specific extinguishant applying means, or means for providing access to fire 22
169062000 For vehicles 21
169065000 For cooking installation 11
169066000 For storage tank 5
20130140046PLURAL-LAYER, PLURAL-ACTION PROTECTIVE COATING FOR LIQUID FUEL CONTAINER - A plural-layer protective coating placeable adjacent the outside surface of a liquid fuel container. The coating, differentially in two, different embodiments, includes (a) a self-sealing, anti-fuel-leakage, elastomeric-response layer having an inside face disposable directly in contact with such a container's outside surface, and having an outside face spaced from its inside face, (b) an intumescence-response layer, absent in one principal embodiment, and present in the other, having an inside face, when present, disposed adjacent the outside face in the elastomeric-response layer, formed of an intumescence putty material, and having an outside face, and (c) a packetized, burst-reactive, flame-suppression layer including plural, side-by-side-adjacent, independently burst-reactive packets, each containing, burst-releasably, a powdered flame-suppression agent, these packets collectively defining an inner side for the flame-suppression layer which is disposed, depending upon coating embodiment, either adjacent the outside face in the elastomeric-response layer, or adjacent the intumescence response layer's outside face.06-06-2013
20100025054Passive Fire Protection System - A blanket (02-04-2010
20110120736FIRE SAFETY APPARATUS FOR HIGH-PRESSURE GAS STORAGE SYSTEM - The present invention provides a fire safety apparatus for a high-pressure gas storage system which can suitably ensure the fire safety of the high-pressure tank. Preferably, a flame transfer member having superior flammability is provided outside the high-pressure tank having a tank valve on a first end thereof. The flame transfer member extends a second end of the high-pressure tank to the tank valve, so that when a fire occurs, the flame transfer member rapidly burns creating flames and transfers heat from the origin of the fire to a PRD (pressure relief device) provided on the tank valve.05-26-2011
20110048747FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM WITH PRESSURE REGULATION - A fire suppression system includes a container for supplying a fire suppression agent into a compartment to be protected. The container communicates with a flow line leading to the compartment. A control controls the fire suppression system, and a valve on the flow line delivers a variable pressure to the flow line from the container. Further, a system is disclosed and claimed wherein a single gas supply communicates through a manifold to each of a plurality of compartments. In addition, a system is disclosed and claimed wherein a primary gas supply container switches to secondary gas supply containers once a pressure within the primary gas supply container drops below a predetermined amount.03-03-2011
20100236798EXPLOSION SUPPRESSOR - The invention relates to an element (09-23-2010
169064000 For mine 1
20130014963QUICK CONNECT FIRE AND DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM - A quick connect system for the assembly of underground mining dust and fire suppression systems can eliminate the need for threading pipe with couplings during the installation, reducing installation times approximately 75%. The quick connect system results in the quick and easy coupling and positioning of sprays along the water line. The quick connect system typically uses galvanized, brass and stainless steel components to reduce the need for replacement and to provide for quick adjustment of fittings with sprays using pliers. The system is simple to maintain and reduces high installation and maintenance labor costs. The system uses male and female ported fittings and horseshoe pins. Pendant style or deluge style sprays can be used in the system and can be pre-installed prior to delivery and installation of the system.01-17-2013
20130037281Sprinkler System and Installation - A sprinkler system installation for fire suppression within a cold environment uses a dry sprinkler assembly connected to a piping network by a flexible hose and supported in a substrate of a structure separating the cold environment from a temperature controlled warm environment. Sleeves of insulating material surround a conduit of the assembly and engage both the conduit and the substrate to seal and provide support. Escutcheons are also provided on opposite sides of the substrate which effect a clamping action on the assembly.02-14-2013
20130037282EXPANSION NOZZLE ASSEMBLY TO PRODUCE INERT GAS BUBBLES - A nozzle assembly for encapsulating a gaseous solution in bubbles comprises a discharge tube having a diffuser and a foam solution spray nozzle mounted therein. The discharge tube has upstream and downstream ends. The discharge tube has a front face at the upstream end with a first opening configured to be joined to a gas supply line that provides a gaseous solution and a second opening configured to receive a non-expanded foam solution. The downstream end of the discharge tube is open. A chamber is formed within the discharge tube to receive the gaseous solution at the upstream end and release the gaseous solution through the diffuser into the discharge tube towards the downstream end.02-14-2013
20100006306Fire Protection System for a Dwelling - Disclosed is a fire protection system for a dwelling or a building. The fire protection system is adapted to protect the dwelling or building from fire, such as a forest fire. The fire protection system comprises a cover member composed of a fire resistant material, a first fastening mechanism and an operating mechanism. The cover member is adapted to assume a folded position and an unfolded position, and is capable of enclosing the dwelling when assuming the unfolded position. The first fastening mechanism is configured on the cover member and is adapted to retain the cover member in the unfolded position thereof. The operating mechanism is configured on a portion of the dwelling or building to enable the cover member to assume the folded position and the unfolded position.01-14-2010
20110297401SMOKE DETECTOR SYSTEM - A smoke detector system includes a smoke detector sensor and oxygen sensor mounted to a housing.12-08-2011
20110272170Fire extinguishing device - A fire extinguishing device comprises a pan with a handle extending therefrom. The pan has a top side and an under side; the under side having a concave portion extending from a perimeter portion. The pan has side perimeter portions extending between a proximal end and a distal end. The under side of the proximal end having a perimeter portion that lies substantially in a single plane and a raised portion of the under side of the distal end of the perimeter portion is raised from the single plane.11-10-2011
20110284250SPRAY HEAD - A fire suppression spray head for attaching to a sink assembly comprising a sink, a tap, a work surface adjacent the sink, a cupboard underneath the sink and at least one cupboard door, the spray head having at least one nozzle for spraying fire suppressant material received from a supply of fire suppressant material, wherein the spray head is configured to be attached to a part of the sink assembly.11-24-2011
20110290509LANDING PAD WITH A BUILT-IN FIRE SUPPRESSOR - A landing pad with an inbuilt fire suppressor that includes at least one first interlocking unit. The interlocking unit includes a landing surface, wherein the landing surface includes openings distributed thereon; and at least one interlocking mechanism located along its periphery. The interlocking mechanism is adapted to interconnect with a corresponding interlocking mechanism from another interlocking unit. A hollow chamber is located beneath the landing surface such that the hollow chamber is in fluid communication with the openings. A heat conductive layer is arranged to span across the hollow chamber thereby subdividing the hollow chamber into an upper section and a lower section. The upper section is in fluid communication with the openings. The heat conductive layer is adapted to dissipate heat from a localized point thereon to over the entire heat conductive layer.12-01-2011
20110005781POWER APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A power apparatus of the present invention includes a main body case, a plurality of power supply elements provided inside the main body case, and a fire-extinguishing agent tank facing each of the plurality of power supply elements. An opening part for sensing heat of the power supply elements and substantially opening the fire-extinguishing agent tank is provided between the power supply elements and the fire-extinguishing agent tank facing the power supply elements, thus enabling the size to be reduced.01-13-2011
20090139736Combustion process stopper - A fire extinguishing apparatus in which one embodiment comprises of a dome lengthening into an extendable and flexible cylinder which contains a device that can adapt and form a seal with the surface as it is lowered, by means of a lifting device, on to a fire below, encapsulating said fire and extinguishing it by striving it of oxygen. The apparatus can be stretched or collapsed by means of installed winches, to accommodate different sizes of burning materials and to facilitate transportation.06-04-2009
20090050338FIRE HOOD - A fire hood for a lighting assembly, the hood comprising a pocket formed from a fabric carrying a metal and plastics and/or rubber material coating, the pocket shaped to close an opening in a surface in use to act as a fire barrier across the opening, the metal and plastic and/or rubber coating providing a closed heat conductive interface surface for dissipation of heat without apertures for convective or other vented air cooling through the pocket.02-26-2009
20090260838System for protecting an object exposed to destructive elements - A system for protecting an object such as a fixed structure or mobile structure, such as a mobile home, car, truck or the like, which is directly exposed to destructive elements from an outdoor fire, comprising a structured cladding of flexible, fireproof material attached to or overlying the exterior of the object in spaced relation is prefabricated substantially or at least correspondingly dimensioned to conform with the outer shape of the object and is capable of being deployed from a passive stowed condition in which the structured cladding is rendered compact in relation to the object, into an active protective condition in which the structured cladding is expanded to cover at least portion of the object.10-22-2009
20090020296Method for extinguishing a fire in a silo - The invention relates to a method for extinguishing burning deposited goods situated in a silo, inert gas being introduced into the silo above the burning deposited goods and off gas being extracted above the burning deposited goods from the silo.01-22-2009
20100218963Explosion Protection Valve - Disclosed is an explosion protection valve comprising a closing member (09-02-2010
20080230239Structural Arrangement Which Assists Rapid Fire Load Combustion and Smoke and Gas Evacuation - The invention relates to an arrangement for the rapid combustion of the fire load within reach of a fire and of the hot gases and smoke produced by the fire. The invention involves installing an external sheet and an internal sheet of reinforced concrete along the perimeter of, or at points along, the partitions, walls or facing of a building. The sheets are separated by an air chamber acting as a chimney. According to the invention, a chimney is connected to the chamber and to an inlet. The chimney also includes an outlet which is connected to the shaft or central duct thereof. The invention also includes an independent air chamber which is disposed in the external sheet external to the façade.09-25-2008
20100300708DETECTION AND SUPPRESSION OF AIRWAY / DRAPE FIRES DURING SURGICAL PROCEDURES - Apparatus for oxygenating the airway of a patient may include a device for delivering an oxygen-carrying gas into the airway, a fire detection system configured to detect indications of an imminent or incipient fire in the airway, and a fire suppression system configured to suppress the imminent or incipient fire in the airway in response to detection of the fire in the airway by the fire detection system.12-02-2010
20110024137UNIFIED FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM FOR TURBINE BEARING IN POWER PLANT - A unified fire extinguishing system for a turbine bearing in a power plant, the system puts out a fire that breaks out due to overheating of a lubricant oil due to friction between a turbine shaft disposed inside a turbine bearing housing in the power plant and a turbine bearing that rotatably supports the turbine shaft, and the system includes: a spray nozzle separate from the turbine bearing and disposed inside the turbine bearing housing; and a connection pipe having one end connected to the spray nozzle and the other end connected to a sprinkler pipe, wherein, when a fire breaks out in the turbine bearing housing due to overheating of the lubricant oil, a fire extinguishing fluid supplied from the sprinkler pipe for putting out a fire passes through the connection pipe and is discharged into the turbine bearing via the spray nozzle.02-03-2011
20110024138FIRE PROTECTION SPRINKLERS AND SYSTEMS FOR ATTICS - An attic fire protection system is provided. The system comprises a fluid supply manifold for supplying a fluid, positioned at an effective height below and parallel to the underside of a roof having a non-zero pitch angle. The system contains a plurality of fittings each having at least one exit port for directing the flow of the fluid, the fittings being spaced within at most a maximum effective distance apart from each other and being connected to receive fluid from the supply manifold, wherein the exit ports are structured to supply the fluid in a direction parallel to the underside of the roof. Most broadly, however, the fittings are structured or arranged to supply the fluid in a direction forming an oblique angle with the horizontal and the vertical, which may or may be exactly the same as the pitch angle of the roof. The system also includes a plurality of horizontal sidewall sprinklers each connected to a respective exit port of one or another of the fittings.02-03-2011
20110083863Drain nozzle - A drain nozzle for fire fighting including a nozzle barrel and bafflehead, a floor grating providing the bafflehead, the nozzle barrel adjustably attached by an adjustment ring to the grating, the nozzle barrel not touching the bafflehead, the grating and bafflehead directing the discharge into an appropriate pattern.04-14-2011
20100059237Process and device for fire prevention and extinguishing - The instant invention relates to a fire extinguishing apparatus. Particularly to an apparatus that includes at least one container that includes a fire retardant gel. The gel is formed from dehydrated superabsorbent polymer and water. The pre filled containers include at least one control valve or frangible portion to release the fire retardant to extinguish the fire.03-11-2010
20100065289Automatic fire extinguisher for a wood-burning pool heater - Wood-burning pool heaters are not designed to automatically extinguish their fires when the water flow through the heater is interrupted. In these situations, the water remaining in the heater would be heated sufficiently to melt the pipes connecting to the pool pump and filter system, which could possibly damage the heater, as well. Manufacturers of wood-burning pool heaters warn users to extinguish the fire immediately. The present invention provides an automatic means of extinguishing the fire immediately, without any user intervention.03-18-2010
20110100651Ceiling fire extinguishing system with lost air filtration - the ceiling firefighter.TM. - The Ceiling Firefighter is a Ceiling System (FIG. 05-05-2011
20110247842Wildfire protection system - A wildfire protection system has at least one rotating sprinkler having a base mounted atop a ridge of a structure or dwelling roof. The rotating sprinkler is coupled to one end of a typical garden hose having an opposite end coupled to a hose bib for providing water thereto. The base of the rotating sprinkler includes a metallic or fire proof material and includes mounting holes for fastening the sprinkler to the roof. When deployed, the sprinkler wets the rooftop and nearby flammable materials to prevent the structure or dwelling from being set on fire by flying embers and the like.10-13-2011
20100282479Explosion arresting equipment with disassembleable housing, especially for pipe systems - An explosion arresting assembly, especially for use in pipe systems, includes a housing including a sheath circumferentially surrounding an internal chamber and having two axially spaced end regions, two end elements each juxtaposed with one of the end regions of the sheath and each having a portion extending outwardly of the sheath all around the latter and provided with a plurality of circumferentially distributed holes that are aligned with one another as between the two end elements, at least one of the end elements having an opening communicating with said internal chamber, and a plurality of bolts with associated nuts, the bolts passing through the respective aligned ones of the holes, connecting the two end elements with one another and confining the sheath therebetween. An anti-explosion insert including a stack of substantially planar lamellae and integral or separate distancing elements defining respective passages between such lamellae is tightly received in the internal chamber.11-11-2010
20110000686Fire Suppression - A fire suppression apparatus adapted for connection to a water supply for a faucet has one or more spray nozzles (01-06-2011
20090308622Fire Protection System for One or More Supply Lines - The fire protection system is for two or more supply lines (12-17-2009
20090133887ADAPTABLE WATER CONNECTION FOR FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT AND CONNECTION DEVICE - Improvements in present day fire hydrants are presented. The improvement relates to a fire hydrant where the above ground structure is essentially removed and is replaced with an adaptable connection. The connection uses the same mounting hole pattern as used in the above ground hydrant. In operation, the adaptable connection is protected by a hinged cover that is opened to provide access to the adaptable connection. The adaptable connection includes a bayonet type connection where a portable fire hydrant is secured and rotated to start the flow of water. The adapter includes an electronic communication device that transmits real-time information on connection and flow characteristics. The adaptable fire connection eliminates the appearance of the fire hydrant, the potential of a vehicle hitting a fire hydrant and the material cost associated with above ground fire hydrants.05-28-2009
20100326678Fire protection device - A fire protection device for mounting in a preliminary formed opening (12-30-2010

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