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169 - Fire extinguishers

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169046000 Of extinguishing fire 134
169045000 Of preventing fire 46
169044000 With mixing of extinguishing compounds 19
20100032174Gas-Foam Fire-Extinguishing Product, Process for Preparing the Same, Use Thereof and Fire-Extinguishing System Using the Same - The present invention relates to a gas-foam fire-extinguishing product consisting of a clean gas fire-extinguishing agent and a foam fire-extinguishing agent, a process for preparing the product, use of the product and a fire-extinguishing system using the product. According to the present invention, the clean gas fire-extinguishing agent is used as a foaming agent for the foam fire-extinguishing agent and is contained in the generated foams. The present invention solved a problem in the prior art for a long time that the combustible liquids with Slow boiling point are difficult to be fire-extinguished.02-11-2010
20090301739PRESSURE SENSING APPARATUSES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In one embodiment, a device comprises a container having a dispensing portion, a contents under pressure within the container, and an integrated circuit (IC) sensor device comprising a pressure sensor in communication with the contents under pressure. In various embodiments, the device can further comprise a fire extinguisher, a diving tank, a diving cylinder, a scuba tank, and an oxygen tank. Other embodiments of the invention relate to methods of monitoring, pressure sensing systems, and sensor and sensing modules.12-10-2009
20090056959PROTECTION DEVICE FOR VENTILATION DUCTS - The invention relates to a protection device for ventilation ducts where at least one duct opening for the supply and/or evacuation of air is provided, in particular for fire protection of air conditioned rooms for information technology installations. To separate the protection zones in the event of an emergency according to high safety standards, it is suggested that said protection device comprises at least one protection slide that is supported in a vertically displaceable manner and furthermore includes a sliding mechanism by means of which said protection slide is movable from an open position to a closed position of said duct opening, said duct opening being completely covered by said protection slide in said closed position.03-05-2009
20120097404ATM Security System - An automated teller machine security system is provided. The system includes at least one gas detector (04-26-2012
20130098642System and Method of Automatic Pump Operation - A system for automatically setting up a truck-mounted pump driven by an engine for pumping operation, comprising a transmission control having a visual indicator and coupled to a transmission of the truck, a pump control having a visual indicator and coupled to the pump, a prime control having a visual indicator and coupled to a prime pump, a master system control switch operable to receive operator input, and a main controller in data communication with the transmission control, pump control, prime control, and the master system control switch, the main controller receiving an input from the master system control switch to initiate pump setup operation, and automatically transmitting alert signals to the visual indicators of the transmission control, pump control, and prime control to provide visual guidance to the operator in the proper sequence of steps to set up the pump for pumping operation.04-25-2013
20090139735Adjustable Escutcheon Assembly For A Sprinkler - An adjustable escutcheon assembly as provided for mounting a sprinkler in a sloped ceiling so that the sprinkler can be mounted parallel to the ceiling and with a refined appearance.06-04-2009
20100263884System And Method Of Assembly Of CPVC Piping System Employing Mechanical Couplings And Supports - CPVC piping systems comprising a network of CPVC pipe lengths in which at least some of the pipe lengths are interconnected with mechanical devices having resilient sealing members that are chemically compatible with the CPVC composition are described herein. Repairs and system modifications can be made without the use of solvent cement. In-line joints are formed with a coupling device including a pair of arcuate coupling segments having a first end, a second end, and an interior concave surface extending between the first end and the second end. A longitudinal channel extends along the concave surface. At least one mechanical fastener is operative to detachably connect the pair of coupling segments. A resilient annular seal is located within the longitudinal channel of each segment. A branching device connects a branch pipe to a main pipe through an orifice in the main pipe utilizing a saddle-like sealing member.10-21-2010
20100126738COMPRESSED AIR FOAM TECHNOLOGY - The method is for continuously producing compressed-air foam, notably for fire fighting or for decontamining, by supplying both compressed air and a mixture of water and at least a foaming agent to a foaming chamber (05-27-2010
20090205845SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXTINGUISHING WILDFIRES - A method for extinguishing fires includes the steps of loading an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) onto a transport aircraft and carrying the UAV to an altitude and location in proximity to a fire area. The UAV is launched from the transport aircraft and guided over the fire area using controllable fixed or deployable aerodynamic structures operably connected to the UAV. Once over the appropriate location, the UAV releases fire extinguishing or retardant material onto the fire or anticipated fire path.08-20-2009
20110042109METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING EMERGENCY FIRE ESCAPE PATH - Methods and apparatus for fire egress/escape comprising a first container for storing a first fluid, a second container for storing a propellant, a nozzle to mix and atomize material from the first and second containers for forming a mist to suppress flame by evaporation, and an activation mechanism to enable a user to release material in the first and second containers for generating the mist.02-24-2011
20120145416COMBINED FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM - A fire suppression system includes a divert valve downstream of a fire suppressant source. The divert valve is selectively movable between an initial first position which communicates extinguishing agent into a first distribution network and a second position which communicates extinguishing agent into a second distribution network.06-14-2012
20110155397PASSIVE MICROWAVE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING A STRUCTURE FROM FIRE THREATS - An automatic fire suppression system used to provide protection of window glass and other structural elements in aircraft terminals which are exposed to exterior fires caused by natural, accidental, or intentional events comprises a directional passive microwave receiver, a central processor for processing received microwave signals over time and comparing the received signals over time with thermal event signatures stored in memory to selectively actuate a sprinkler system for protecting the window glass in the vicinity of an identified fire event. The memory may further store a model of the aircraft terminal, and the processor utilizes a fire dynamics simulator to simulate a thermal event at the terminal. A related fire suppression process involves the detection of incipient fires through an array of exterior passive microwave heat sensor fire detectors connected to an electronic control processor which identify zones such as 30 to 100 linear foot zones of exterior glass surface and automatically initiates an array of quenching sprinkler heads applying water to the exposed surfaces of glass and other structural elements in response to detection of an identified fire event by its signature.06-30-2011
20120012346ODORANT FOR FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM - A method for protecting a user in an enclosed environment includes providing an enclosed environment that holds cargo that has first odor; flowing a gas to the enclosed environment; and adding an odorant having a second odor to the gas, the first odor being distinctive from the second odor such that a presence of the second odorant provides a warning that the gas is present.01-19-2012
20120118589FIRE PROTECTED ELASTOMERIC INSULATION - The present invention relates to a versatile multi-layer elastomer or thermoplastic elastomer based thermal and/or sound insulation material with improved fire retardant properties together with low smoke generation, the process for manufacturing of such material and the use of such material and resulting composites.05-17-2012
20120261144Fire Management System - A method and apparatus for managing fires. A computer system is configured to receive fire related information from at least a first portion of a plurality of assets and analyze the fire-related information to generate a result. The computer system is configured to coordinate an operation of a second portion of the plurality of assets using the result.10-18-2012
20120298384HUB WITH LOCKING MECHANISM - A hub assembly for supporting a portion of a flexible sprinkler assemblage within a ceiling, the hub assembly including a primary support mounted to a ceiling support member, and a secondary support member rotatable relative to a primary support member between an open position and a closed position. In the closed position, portions of the supports are overlapping and cut outs formed in the primary support cooperate together with cut outs formed in the secondary support to define a hub opening configured to receive the portion of the flexible sprinkler assemblage. The hub assembly also includes a locking mechanism configured to selectively connect the primary support to the secondary support, and an adjustment mechanism disposed on the primary support that is configured to secure the position of the portion of the flexible sprinkler assemblage within the hub opening, and is separate from the locking mechanism.11-29-2012
20080196906Self-contained automatic fire extinguisher - A self-contained automatic fire extinguishing device that is located within a wall or ceiling and housed within the space between two studs or joists. This unit includes a tank or series of tanks attached via flexible pressurized joints, and held in place by an expanding bracket. This fire extinguisher maintains a constantly high pressure inside a shell of the fire extinguisher through out a shelf-life of the fire extinguisher and which can indicate the charge status of the tank via a visible indicator. A sensor is attached to the unit, which reacts to prolonged exposure to direct heat and which can extend a nozzle beyond the wall or ceiling into the living space when actuated. The self-contained automatic fire extinguishing device is hidden behind a decorative face plate which permits the passage of the sensing device and a tank fill status indicator and which actuates out of the path of the nozzle upon activation. Prior to activation, an audible warning is sounded from the device to indicate the presence of a fire and an impending activation. Once activated, the fire extinguisher contents are dispersed into the space thus significantly retarding or completely extinguishing the fire.08-21-2008

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