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Connection or disconnection of submerged members remotely controlled

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166 - Wells

166335000 - SUBMERGED WELL

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166344000 Connection to provide fluid flow path 145
166341000 With orienting or aligning of member for connection 41
166339000 With provision for removal or repositioning of member without removal of other well structure 33
166348000 Connection of pipe hanging 25
166340000 Disconnection 17
166349000 Connection of guide means 7
20130043035METHOD OF RETROFITTING SUBSEA EQUIPMENT WITH SEPARATION AND BOOSTING - A subsea production and separation system comprising a subsea well drilled into a sea floor; a subsea tree located on the sea floor at a top portion of the subsea well; a manifold located on the sea floor; a well jumper connecting the subsea tree and the manifold; a first sled located on the sea floor; a second sled located on the sea floor; a separator located on the sea floor; a first flowline jumper connecting the manifold to the separator; a second flowline jumper connecting the manifold to the separator; a third flowline jumper connecting the separator to the first sled; a fourth flowline jumper connecting the separator to the second sled; a liquid export line connected to the third flowline jumper; and a gas export line connected to the fourth flowline jumper.02-21-2013
20130043034POWER AND CONTROL POD FOR A SUBSEA ARTIFICIAL LIFT SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a power and control pod for subsea artificial lift system. In one embodiment, a method of operating a downhole tool in a subsea wellbore includes: supplying a direct current (DC) power signal from a dry location to a subsea control pod; converting the DC power signal to an alternating current (AC) power signal by the control pod; and supplying the AC power signal from the control pod, into the subsea wellbore, and to the downhole tool.02-21-2013
20120168167Blowout resistant frictionless hydraulic connector - The method of providing a hydraulic stab sub for sealing in a receptacle bore of a first diameter comprising providing the hydraulic stab subs with two or more composite seals each having two metal rings having an outer second diameter less than the first diameter and an inner third diameter and bonding a resilient material between the two metal rings with an outer seal diameter less that the first diameter and an inner seal diameter less than the inner third diameter, providing a seal expander having an expander outside diameter which is smaller than the third inner diameter and greater than the seal inner diameter, such that when the hydraulic stab sub is within the receptacle bore and the seal expander is moved to within the inner seal diameter of the composite seals, the resilient material is expanded into sealing engagement with the receptacle bore.07-05-2012
20100078174STRESS DISTRIBUTING WELLHEAD CONNECTOR - In accordance with certain embodiments, the present inveniton provides a connector for attaching to a multi-toothed profile on a wellhead features a tooth profile that staggers loading preferably starting at a loading surface furthest from the connector body sitting on the wellhead and moving toward the connector body. The staggered loading more evenly distributes stresses on the matching loading surfaces as compared to the result of using a tooth profile on the connector that nearly exactly matches the profile on the wellhead. The joint can then take advantage of an increased preload and exhibit improved stress characteristics when operating at high loading conditions.04-01-2010
20100006299Dual Subsea Production Chokes for HPHT Well Production - Configurations and methods for subsea hydrocarbon production at high pressure wells are contemplated in which production control is achieved by implementing two choke valves in series between the wellhead and the riser The first production choke reduces pressure from well pressure to a reduced pressure, while the second production choke further reduces the pressure from the reduced pressure to riser pressure. The first production choke is preferably coupled to the production tree, and the second production choke is coupled to production tree, a subsea pipeline-end device (e.g., PLET or PLEM), a well jumper, or a flowline jumper.01-14-2010
20120217015LASER ASSISTED RISER DISCONNECT AND METHOD OF USE - There is provided a high power laser-riser blowout preventer package and laser module for use with a subsea riser. The laser module and laser-riser package use high power laser energy to quickly cut the riser permitting an offshore drilling rig to quickly, and in a controlled manner disconnect from a blowout preventer.08-30-2012
20090266551LOW PROFILE INTERNAL TREE CAP - An internal tree cap having a running configuration and a latched configuration to be selectively secured to a tree spool. The tree cap may include an inner sleeve movable between upper and lower positions. The movement of the inner sleeve to the lower position may simultaneously engage a locking profile within the tree spool and energize a sealing element around the exterior of the tree cap. The tree cap may be a low profile tree cap that is flush with the top of the tree spool when installed. The tree cap may provide a collateral beneficial locking means to secure a tubing hanger within the tree spool. A lower housing may be attached to the tree cap to seal on the exterior of the upper neck of the tubing hanger. The tree cap may include a profile to accept a wireline plug.10-29-2009
20130068464METHODS, SYSTEMS AND APPARATUS FOR CIRCULATING FLUID WITHIN THE ANNULUS OF A FLEXIBLE PIPE RISER - Disclosed are methods, systems and apparatus for circulating fluid within the annulus of a flexible pipe used in a riser in an offshore hydrocarbon production facility. Fluid, such corrosion inhibitors, can be introduced into the annulus by pumping fluid from a storage tank located on a platform or vessel into tubes within the annulus. Use of the system to flow the fluid through the annulus can prevent or reduce corrosion of the steel members within the annulus and increase the fatigue life of the riser.03-21-2013
20100155073RETRIEVABLE HYDRAULIC SUBSEA BOP CONTROL POD - Systems and methods for improved hydraulic control systems for actuation of subsea equipment in deep water are disclosed. The hydraulic control system relies on smaller fluid flow associated with a hydraulic pressure pulse to actuate the small volume actuation control valve. In one embodiment, the system includes small diameter control umbilical hoses and pilot-operated valves with low actuation volumes. Particularly, a hydraulic control system for reducing the signal time to a subsea blowout preventer in water depth up to and greater than about 5000 feet. Some embodiments comprise a valve arrangement which hydraulically actuate one side of a hydraulic control function, while simultaneously evacuating the opposing circuit both at the seabed and at the surface. Some embodiments comprise an umbilical hose located proximate the center of an umbilical bundle. Preferably, the umbilical hose has a plurality of layers of reinforcing fibers which increase with the diameter of the reinforcement layer.06-24-2010
20090056950MEANS OF PREVENTING MARINE FOULING OF SUBSEA CONNECTORS - The present embodiment of the invention relates to an apparatus and method for using components in a subsea assembly formed from a raw polymer material combined with a marine growth inhibitor material.03-05-2009
20090050328METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSTALLING SUBSEA INSULATION - Provided herein is a system and method for installing subsea insulation on flowlines, connectors and other subsea equipment by a remotely operated vehicle. This system provides a mold designed and built to suit the parameters of the subsea item to be insulated. The mold is installed around the subsea item to be insulated and then injected with a liquid solution of insulation material. The liquid solution is then allowed to solidify, forming a gel molded insulation.02-26-2009
20100038089WELLHEAD ASSEMBLY HAVING SEAL ASSEMBLY WITH AXIAL RESTRAINT - A wellhead system comprising a seal with a restraining member adapted to cooperate with a housing to restrict axial movement of the seal. The seal is adapted to form a seal between the housing, such as a wellhead, and a tubular member, such as a casing hanger. The seal has a latch ring that is expanded outward as the seal is installed within the wellhead. Axial movement of the seal is restricted by engagement between the expanded latch ring and the inner profile of the housing. The seal and housing may be adapted so that a portion of the seal is received by a recess in the inner profile of the housing.02-18-2010
20100006298High Capacity Wellhead Connector Having a Single Annular Piston - A wellhead connector for connecting a riser or production tree to a wellhead of a subsea well utilizes a singular annular piston to lock the connector onto the wellhead. The wellhead connector includes a housing that contains dogs for engagement with the exterior of the wellhead housing. A cam ring is also included, which has an inner side for engaging the dogs and moving them inward into a locked position with the wellhead housing. The cam ring is of a reduced proportion relative to prior art. As such, the cam ring outer side is dimensioned to contact the inner side of the connector housing under load. Connecting rods connect the piston to the cam rings. As the piston moves downward, the cam ring also moves downward, forcing the dogs inward into a locked position. As the piston moves upward, the cam ring also moves upward, thereby unlocking the connector. A secondary annular piston is also provided to guarantee unlocking.01-14-2010
20120031621Method and System For Flow Assurance Management In Subsea Single Production Flowline - Method of managing hydrates in a subsea production system that includes a host production facility, one or more producers, one or more water injectors, a water injection line, and a single production line for directing production fluids from the producers to the host production facility. The method comprises placing a pig in the subsea production system, shutting in production from the producers, and injecting a displacement fluid into the subsea production system in order to displace production fluids in the production line. The method also includes applying electrically resistive heat along a selected portion of the single production line to maintain production fluids within the production line at a temperature above a hydrate formation temperature after production has been shut in.02-09-2012
20130118753SEAL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system in some embodiments includes a system, having a seal assembly, including an inner energizing ring, an outer energizing ring, a load ring disposed between the inner energizing ring and the outer energizing ring, a sealing element, and a lock ring. Further other embodiments provide a method of sealing, including rotating an inner energizing ring in a direction to move the inner energizing ring in a first axial direction to seat a seal, rotating an outer energizing ring in the direction to wedgingly engage and set a lock ring in a radial direction, and rotating a load ring in the direction to move the load ring in a second axial direction to set the lock ring.05-16-2013
20080217022SUBSEA COMMUNICATIONS MULTIPLEXER - A system for communicating between a surface facility and a subsea production control system includes a communications device proximate the water surface. The water surface communications device has at least one communication interface. A communications device is functionally associated with a wellhead or subsea structure proximate the water bottom. The water bottom communications device has at least one communication interface. A communication channel extends between the surface communication device and the water bottom communication device. A multiplexer is functionally coupled to the communication interface on each of the surface and water bottom communication devices. At least two remote devices are functionally coupled to the water bottom multiplexer. The remote devices comprise at least one of a sensor and a control. At least two corresponding devices are coupled to the surface multiplexer. The corresponding devices include at least one of a signal acquisition device and a control signal generating device.09-11-2008
20110139459Subsea Control Jumper Module - A jumper including an upstream connector configured to communicate with an umbilical, and a downstream connector configured to communicate with an end device. The jumper also includes a conduit having a first end attached to the upstream connector and a second end attached to the downstream connector, a plurality of valves, and a programmable processor.06-16-2011
20100147526METHOD AND A DEVICE FOR INTERVENTION IN AN UNDERWATER PRODUCTION WELL - A method for intervention in an underwater production well, in which the well head (06-17-2010
20100193195SEAL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system in some embodiments includes a system, having a seal assembly, including an inner energizing ring, an outer energizing ring, a load ring disposed between the inner energizing ring and the outer energizing ring, a sealing element, and a lock ring. Further other embodiments provide a method of sealing, including rotating an inner energizing ring in a direction to move the inner energizing ring in a first axial direction to seat a seal, rotating an outer energizing ring in the direction to wedgingly engage and set a lock ring in a radial direction, and rotating a load ring in the direction to move the load ring in a second axial direction to set the lock ring.08-05-2010
20120193102REMOTE SUBSEA CONNECTION EQUIPMENT - A subsea connection system includes a support unit with a first connector and a distribution unit including an external frame to be landed on and supported by the support unit and an inner frame that is movable within the external frame. An outwardly facing connector may be connected via a long umbilical to a remote platform. Nevertheless, a nearby installation may be controlled via a short umbilical from another connector and thus the nearby installation does not require a long umbilical connected to the remote platform.08-02-2012
20100116505Control Package Container - Embodiments described herein comprise an apparatus and method for transporting a control package for a lower marine riser package (LMRP) to an offshore platform. The apparatus may include a lifting cage and a base. The lifting cage may be configured to lock to the base. The base may be configured to secure a control package in the interior of the container.05-13-2010
20100163243INTERVENTION SYSTEM DYNAMIC SEAL AND COMPLIANT GUIDE - A technique for subsea intervention operations utilizes a retrievable dynamic seal assembly. The retrievable dynamic seal assembly is deployed toward a seabed and locked into place within a tubular member at a subsea installation. During deployment, the dynamic seal assembly is releasably locked to an intervention tool string coupled to a conveyance. Once the dynamic seal assembly is locked in place within the tubular, the tool string is released and the dynamic seal assembly maintains a seal against the conveyance during an intervention operation.07-01-2010
20080308277Umbilical deployment system - A method for providing an umbilical connection for a well installation, the well installation being located at the bed or floor of a body of water, comprises the steps of providing an umbilical with first and second ends and prior to operative deployment of the umbilical, locating the umbilical such that at least a portion of the umbilical is substantially statically retained within the body of water. Additionally, an umbilical deployment system for a well installation located at the bed or floor of a body of water, comprises an umbilical, wherein, prior to operative deployment of the umbilical, at least a portion of the umbilical is substantially statically retained within the body of water.12-18-2008
20110114326MULTI-PIECE STACKED SEALING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USING SAME - Subsea wells have a variety of proprietary well head configurations that require sophisticated locking and sealing profiles that allow the well bore to be sealed off and the production of hydrocarbons to be safely controlled. A universal tubing hanger and lockdown assembly uses a sealing apparatus to annularly seal the well bore. When compressed, a multi-piece stacked sealing system employs rigid and elastic members to seal the well bore annulus in both the top-down and bottom-up directions. Top-down pressure containment is needed for appropriate well system testing and bottom-up pressure containment is necessary to control the internal pressure of the well.05-19-2011
20100200240Multicoupler - A multicoupler, particularly for gas or oil production, comprises at least one male and one female part. Said parts comprise a plurality of fluid coupling members which can be assigned to one another and which are in engagement with one another when male part and female part are in the coupling position. One of the parts comprises a connecting means including a spindle, which connecting means in the coupling position is in engagement with a mating connecting means on the other part.08-12-2010
20110315392SUBSEA APPARATUS - An apparatus (12-29-2011
20120006554METHODS AND DEVICES OF CLEANING SUBSEA STRUCTURES - A tool for cleaning subsea structures, the tool comprising a frame comprising a stationary frame portion; and a rotating frame portion rotationally connected to the stationary frame portion; and at least one cleaning device attached to the rotating frame portion.01-12-2012
20120152556Method, System and Apparatus for Deployment of Umbilicals in Subsea Well Operations - In subsea drilling operations, workover control systems may include deployment of an umbilical from a deepwater drilling vessel. Such an umbilical provides support functions for deepwater drilling operations. In the practice of the invention, a new method, system and apparatus may be employed to deploy the umbilical independently of the drilling riser, which provides commercial and operational advantages. That is, the umbilical may be deployed at a different time than the riser is deployed, and also without intimate close connection from the umbilical to the riser.06-21-2012
20120211231Segmented Fiber Optic Coiled Tubing Assembly - A fiber optic coiled tubing assembly of multiple segments and coupling mechanism therefor. The assembly may be assembled from multiple coiled tubing segments which are pre-loaded with fiber optic line. Thus, the coupling mechanism may be employed for physical coupling of the coiled tubing segments as well as communicative coupling of the lines of the separate segments to one another. As such, pumping of a single fiber optic line through the coiled tubing assembly following coupling of the segments may be avoided. This may be of particular benefit for offshore operations where the joining of multiple coiled tubing segments is likely due to crane load capacity limitations and where such pumping may consume vast amounts of time.08-23-2012
20120168168SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONNECTION AND INSTALLATION OF UNDERWATER LINES - A technique facilitates formation of subsea connections. A free portion of a stab plate connection system is moved into proximity with a fixed portion of the stab plate connection system at a subsea location. The free portion is initially engaged with the fixed portion via a docking probe. Subsequently, a local actuator is used to draw the free portion into an operating engagement with the fixed portion in which line couplers of the fixed portion are engaged with corresponding line couplers of the free portion.07-05-2012
20120298372Apparatus and method for abandoning a well - Apparatus for recovery of sections of tubing and inter alia, the tubing hanger, from a subsea well to enable the abandonment of a subsea well to be accomplished from a mono-hull vessel includes a dual gripper assembly (11-29-2012
20120080193RUNNING TOOL FOR DEEP WATER - A running tool for use in handling control modules on a subsea production tree. The running tool is deployable on wire line and includes a column like body and a connector adapted for connection to the production tree. The running tool also includes a hoist system that is selectively positioned by a swiveling jib crane for handling the control modules. A replacement control module can be included with the running tool when the tool is deployed from above the sea surface. After the running tool connects to the production tree, the jib crane can position the hoist for attachment to and removal of an existing control module on the production tree. The hoist can then to attach to and install the replacement control module and can be further manipulated to retrieve the existing control module and stow it onto the body.04-05-2012
20120241160OIL WELL IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM - Two functionally and physically integrated subsystems form a supplemental disaster preventive system for offshore oil wells. A multi-function well subsystem modifies the sea-floor and in-well equipment to provide maintenance access, tools to cap the well, seal/re-seal the well, drill/re-drill the well, kill the well from the top, improve BOP reliability, add BOP functional redundancy, improve the cementing process, incorporate a sea-floor pressure relief/diversion function and improve the well's life cycle safety. A dome top cylindrical sidewall structure encloses the well's sea-floor equipment providing improved structural strength as well as passive protection from natural/human induced disasters. An intrusion detection and response subsystem provides sensing, processing and communication devices to detect, track & classify the 3D aspects of air/surface/sub-surface objects around a specific oil well or group of oil wells and provides the means to evaluate and eliminate threats.09-27-2012
20120241159Remote Operated Vehicle Interface with Overtorque Protection - A remote operated vehicle (ROV) interface has a retrievable portion and a permanent portion. The permanent portion includes a housing that has a cavity that secures to a drive stem of the subsea well device. The housing has a pod cavity on an opposite end that receives a pod body, which is part of the retrievable portion. The pod body is secured by spring-biased retainer within the pod cavity. The pod body has a cylindrical receptacle that receives a drive pin, which forms another part of the retrievable portion. The drive pin and the cylindrical receptacle are engaged for rotation by a shear element. The pod body has an ROV retrieval profile that is accessible by an ROV. In the event the shear element shears due to excessive torque, an ROV retrieval tool engages the pod body and retrieves the pod body along with the drive pin.09-27-2012
20100065277Stabplate Connections - An underwater stabplate connection is provided by lowering a counterbalanced first part of the connection in a horizontal disposition by a lift line, the first part being attached to an umbilical. The first part of the connection mates with a second part of the connection, the second part being attached to an underwater structure such as a well tree.03-18-2010
20130175042SUBSURFACE SAFETY VALVE DEPLOYABLE VIA ELECTRIC SUBMERSIBLE PUMP - Certain aspects and embodiments of the present invention are directed to a subsurface safety valve disposed in a wellbore through a fluid-producing formation. The subsurface safety valve can include a closure mechanism. In some embodiments, the subsurface safety valve can be coupled with an electric submersible pump. The subsurface safety valve coupled to the electric submersible pump can be positioned in a passageway defined by a tubing string via a power cable coupled to the electric submersible pump. In some embodiments, the subsurface safety valve can include at least one terminal. The at least one terminal can form an electrical connection between the subsurface safety valve and the electric submersible pump. The subsurface safety valve can receive power from the electric submersible pump via the electrical connection.07-11-2013
20080210432System and Vessel for Supporting Offshore Fields - A system for supporting multiple-well-site, offshore, hydrocarbon-bearing fields, each well-site has one or more wells. In general, the system first comprises a floating vessel that is relocatable from a first subsea well-site to a second subsea well-site. The system also comprises two separate systems: (1) an operations control system for providing subsea well-site operations such as power and communications; and (2) an intervention system for conducting intervention services to an individual subsea well such as workover services and maintenance services. The operations system may provide control to wells and other subsea equipment at either the first well-site or the second well-site, regardless of the location of the floating vessel. The intervention system may provide workover and/or maintenance to subsea equipment or individual wells at the well-site at which it is located.09-04-2008
20130146298SUBSEA RUNNING TOOL WITH EMERGENCY RELEASE - A running tool for use in the insertion of an object such as a casing hanger (06-13-2013

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