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Including means to move gaseous heat exchange material

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20130025832CLOSE-LOOP TEMPERATURE EQUALIZATION DEVICE HAVING HEAT RELEASING DEVICE STRUCTURED BY MULTIPLE FLOWPATH - A close-loop temperature equalization device utilizing the heat exchange fluid to transmit the thermal energy of a natural thermal energy storage body to an external temperature differentiation body, and including one or more than one of following structural devices, including: 1) installing an operation port (01-31-2013
20130043009COMPONENTS WITH COOLING CHANNELS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - A component is provided and includes a substrate comprising an outer and an inner surface, where the inner surface defines at least one hollow, interior space. The component defines one or more grooves, where each groove extends at least partially along the outer surface of the substrate and has a base and a top. The base is wider than the top, such that each groove comprises a re-entrant shaped groove. One or more access holes are formed through the base of a respective groove, to connect the groove in fluid communication with the respective hollow interior space. Each access hole has an exit diameter D that exceeds the opening width d of the top of the respective groove. The diameter D is an effective diameter based on the area enclosed. The component further includes at least one coating disposed over at least a portion of the surface of the substrate, wherein the groove(s) and the coating together define one or more re-entrant shaped channels for cooling the component. A method for manufacturing the component is also provided. A method for manufacturing a component is also provided, where the groove and the access hole(s) are machined as a single continuous process, such that the groove and the access hole(s) form a continuous cooling passage.02-21-2013
20120175089OUTDOOR UNIT FOR AIR CONDITIONER - Provided is an outdoor unit of an air conditioner. The outdoor unit of an air conditioner includes an axial flow fan including a hub and a plurality of blades disposed on the hub, a rotation orifice disposed to surround the axial flow fan, the rotation orifice guiding air flowing by the axial flow fan, and a fixed orifice having an orifice hole through which the air flowing by the axial flow fan passes, the fixed orifice being disposed outside the rotation orifice. At least one portion of each of the blades and one surface of the rotation orifice are coupled to each other and rotated together with each other.07-12-2012
20130081793HEAT SEPARATOR - A heat separator for generating a warmer gas and a cooler gas from a gas in equilibrium, comprising two filtering meshes separated by a channel.04-04-2013
20100065259VAPOR CONTACT-TYPE HEATING DEVICE - A vapor contact-type heating device which achieves a high-quality heat treatment is provided by increasing the mixing efficiency of vapor and supplying vapor at a relatively low pressure.03-18-2010
20130068425ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND HEAT DISSIPATION MODULE AND CENTRIFUGAL FAN THEREOF - A centrifugal fan is provided. The centrifugal fan includes an impeller and a housing. The housing includes an upper plate, a lower plate and a side wall, wherein the upper plate axially corresponds to the lower plate, a side wall is formed between the upper plate and the lower plate, an axial inlet is formed on the upper plate, a lateral outlet is formed on the side wall, the impeller is disposed in the housing and corresponds to the inlet, and a flow path communicates the inlet to the outlet, wherein the housing further includes a guiding groove, and at least one auxiliary inlet is formed in the guiding groove.03-21-2013
20120180998AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner includes: an air conditioning case having an air passage; a heat exchanger arranged to cross the air passage; a photocatalyst arranged on a surface of the heat exchanger; and an emitting portion which emits light for activating the photocatalyst. The photocatalyst decomposes odor component contained in air. The air conditioning case has a bent portion at upstream or downstream of the heat exchanger, so as to change a flowing direction of the air. The emitting portion is disposed on a wall part of the bent portion, and the wall part is located to oppose to the heat exchanger.07-19-2012
20100000721HEAT-DISSIPATING PIPE MODULE - A heat-dissipating pipe module includes a first pipe unit including a first pipe member disposed at an elongate pipe-mounting portion of a cabinet for housing electronic equipment. A first connecting member engages threadably an end of the first pipe member. At least one side opening is in fluid communication with the first pipe member and is directed toward the electronic equipment. A second pipe unit includes a second pipe member disposed at the elongate pipe-mounting portion, a second connecting member, and at least one side opening. A major portion of the second pipe member has an inner diameter smaller than that of a major portion of the first pipe member. The second connecting member engages threadably the first connecting member and the second pipe member.01-07-2010
20130056182HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE - A heat dissipation device includes a fan and a heat sink located at the air outlet of the fan. The heat sink includes a first fin set arranged at a central portion of the air outlet, and two second fin sets respectively arranged at a side portion of the air outlet. The first fin set includes a plurality of first fins with a first passage defined between each two neighboring first fins. Each of the second fin sets includes a plurality of second fins with a second passage defined between each two neighboring second fins. Each of the second fin sets defines an undercut near the air outlet of the fan. The first passages communicate with the central portion of the air outlet of the fan. Each of the undercuts of the second fin sets communicates with corresponding side portion and corresponding second passage.03-07-2013
20130056183HEAT SINK - Disclosed is a heat sink in cooperation with a fan. The heat sink includes a connecting piece and plural air guide fins disposed on the connecting piece at intervals and each having a guiding face thereon. The guiding face functions to direct the airflow generated by the fan from a first axial direction to a second axial direction, thereby improving greatly the heat dissipation efficiency.03-07-2013
20120222842HEAT DISSIPATION MODULE - A heat dissipation module, which comprises a heat dissipation piece, a fan, a heat conduction coating material and a heat conduction piece, is disclosed. The heat conduction coating material is used for improving the thermal radiation coefficient of the heat dissipation piece. Accordingly, when elements transmit heat to the heat dissipation piece via the heat conduction piece, more heat is transmitted to the air via thermal radiation manner. Next, the fan sucks heated air to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.09-06-2012
20130092355Heat Exchanger With Subcooling Circuit - An air handling unit has a blower configured to selectively move air from an air inlet of the air handling unit to an air outlet of the air handling unit along an airflow direction extending from the blower to the air outlet, a heat exchanger disposed within the air handling unit between the inlet and the outlet, the heat exchanger has a thermal conductor, an evaporator tube thermally conductively joined to the thermal conductor, and a subcooler tube thermally conductively joined to the thermal conductor. An expansion device provides fluid communication between the evaporator tube and the subcooler tube and a drain pan disposed within the air handling unit upstream relative to the at least one subcooler tube and positioned in a geometrical footprint of at least a portion of the drain pan as the drain pan is viewed from an upstream position in the airflow direction.04-18-2013
20090151909Heat-Dissipating Unit - A heat-dissipating unit is provided. The heat-dissipating unit includes a board. The board is thermally conductive and includes a contact portion planar in shape. The contact portion is in immediate contact with a heat-generating source for the sake of heat transfer. An integrally formed branch portion extends outward from at least one end of the contact portion. With the contact portion being in immediate contact with the heat-generating source, heat is transferred from the heat-generating source to a remote end via the branch portion, thereby enhancing heat dissipation.06-18-2009
20110214844Cooling system for cooling of at least one circulating fluid, and a machine comprising the cooling system - The present invention concerns a cooling system for cooling of at least one circulating fluid. The cooling system comprises at least one cooling unit (09-08-2011
20110192578VEHICLE COOLING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a cooling arrangement (08-11-2011
20110073288COOLING SYSTEM INCLUDING DUAL AIR ROUTING ZONES - In a vehicle in which a front end of a hood is formed so as to extend forward from an upper portion of radiator in side view, and to be partly vertically aligned and overlapped with cooling fins of the radiator, in a first area of the radiator where the hood and the cooling fins are vertically aligned and overlapped with each other, the cooling fins are covered with a fan shroud from behind, and in a second area of the radiator where an air-intake port allows traveling wind to pass therethrough during movement of the vehicle, the cooling fins are not covered with the fan shroud, but are exposed to such traveling wind. Such arrangement of the cooling system achieves satisfactory cooling of the vehicle even in a situation in which an air-intake port, for introducing air into the radiator, must be made small.03-31-2011
20090255653System and Method for Cooling a Rack - A rack and plenum system is disclosed in which a plenum is coupled to the back of a rack. At the top of the plenum a fan assembly is installed. The fan assembly may include a pair of fans stacked on top of one another, and the rotors of the fans may spin in the opposite direction, with the blades of each fan oriented to direct air out of the top of the plenum.10-15-2009
20090211737HEATSINK MODULE HAVING FIN ASSEMBLY STRUCTURE CORRESPONDING TO HEAT PIPE - A heatsink module includes a fan, a fin assembly and a heat pipe. The fan generates an airflow. The heat pipe has a heat absorbing section, a curved section, and a heat dissipating section. The curved section and the heat dissipating section are disposed at a side of the fan to accept the airflow. The fin assembly includes a plurality of heat sink fins, and the heat sink fins are stacked to form a plurality of air ducts to accept the airflow. The heat sink fins each have a penetrating opening corresponding to the curved section and the heat dissipating section. The penetrating openings are combined into a penetrating channel to contact with the curved section and the heat dissipating section.08-27-2009
20100078157System and Method of Cooling and Ventilating For an Electronics Cabinet - A system and method of cooling and ventilating for an electronics cabinet is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the system includes a cooling unit and a distribution unit in communication with the cooling unit to blow supply air through at least one main supply line. The system further includes at least one supply branch line connected to the at least one main supply line, at least one cabinet supply line connected to the at least one supply branch line, and at least one cabinet having an inlet port and an exit port, wherein the at least one cabinet supply line is connected to the inlet port. In addition, the system includes at least one cabinet return line connected to the exit port and a main return line to receive air exiting from the at least one cabinet, wherein the main return line is in communication with the cooling unit.04-01-2010
20090294107STORAGE APPARATUS AND COOLING METHOD FOR STORAGE APPARATUS - Provided is a storage apparatus that uses a generally-used housing and allows storage devices mounted from two sides of the housing, in which a cooling device is provided in front of the storage devices and the cooling device is configured to be movable so as to open the front side of the storage devices so that maintenance and replacement of a storage device(s) can be performed from the two sides of the housing.12-03-2009
20110198061HEAT EXCHANGE DEVICE FOR CLOSED ELECTRICAL APPARATUS - A heat exchange unit is disclosed. At least one air opening of the heat exchange unit is formed from a sloped surface, enabling the area of the air opening to exceed the cross-sectional area of heat exchange of the heat exchange unit, and further enhancing heat exchange efficiency. A heat exchange device employing the heat exchange unit and a closed electrical apparatus employing the heat exchange device are also disclosed.08-18-2011
20090266524AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner is disposed with a casing, a filter, an indoor heat exchanger, a blower, and a blowout passage. The casing includes a suction opening and a blowout opening. The filter is disposed downstream of the suction opening and transmits air. The indoor heat exchanger is disposed facing the filter downstream of the filter and performs heat exchange with air that passes through the indoor heat exchanger. The blower is disposed downstream of the indoor heat exchanger and generates a flow of air that is sucked in from the suction opening and is blown out from the blowout opening. The blowout passage includes an air introduction opening disposed facing and downstream of the indoor heat exchanger and guides air from the air introduction opening to the blowout opening. Additionally, the filter has an outer shape that is slanted with respect to the indoor heat exchanger.10-29-2009
20120267080COOLING ARRANGEMENT FOR AT LEAST ONE BATTERY IN A VEHICLE - A cooler arrangement for at least one battery (10-25-2012
20120067553HEAT DISSIPATING APPARATUS - A heat dissipating apparatus comprises a cooler, an air duct, and a cooling fan. a cooler secured to a circuit board of a host; the cooler is secured to a circuit board of a host; the air duct, covers the cooler, comprises a side tray that is substantially perpendicular to the circuit board; the cooling fan is secured to the cooler and located on a side of the cooler, and adjacent to the side tray; a gap is defined between the side tray and the cooler, an air guiding board is located in the gap and extends towards a VRM that is secured to the circuit board, and the air guiding board is configured to direct air flowing towards the VRM.03-22-2012
20090321056MULTI-STAGE ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FLUID ACCELERATOR APPARATUS - Multi-stage electrohydrodynamic (MHD) fluid flow acceleration is described. In some embodiments, an EHD fluid accelerator apparatus includes a substrate for thermal conduction and a plurality of electrode structures for thermal conduction therethrough, wherein each electrode structure has a collector electrode portion and a corona discharge electrode portion.12-31-2009
20090084530Heat Exchange Enhancement - A heat exchange structure includes a plurality of elongated air ducts. The heat exchange structure has an exterior heat exchange surface and interior heat exchange surfaces, the interior surfaces being in the elongated air ducts. The heat exchange structure includes a plurality of heat generators that are distributed on the exterior heat exchange surface along an elongated direction of the air ducts, in which air flowing in the air duct is heated successively by heat from the heat generators, and air flow in the air duct is enhanced by buoyancy of heated air.04-02-2009
20090084531Cooling Apparatus - A cooling apparatus has a heat sink thermally connectable to a heat source an air outlet opening at least two air intake openings, and a fan adapted to draw in air into the cooling apparatus through the air intake openings and to discharge the air from the cooling apparatus through the air outlet opening, wherein, upon operation of said fan, an air flow from at least one of the air intake openings forces an air flow from at least another one of the air intake openings to the heat sink.04-02-2009
20100258279HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE WITH FAN HOLDER - A heat dissipation device includes a heat sink, a fan mounted on the heat sink and a fan holder mounting the fan on the heat sink. The fan holder includes a fan guard resting on the fan, a first clip and a second clip pivotably attached to the fan guard and engaged with the heat sink. The first clip includes an actuating member pivotably connecting to the fan guard and a buckling member pivotably connecting to the actuating member. The buckling member has a clasp engaging the heat sink at a locked position. The buckling member moves with a pivotal movement of the actuating member relative to the fan guard to leave the locked position and reach an unlocked position.10-14-2010
20130213614Air-Conditioning Apparatus and Configuration of Installation of Same - An air-conditioning apparatus includes a body casing of an indoor unit formed in a substantially rectangular parallelepiped shape. The body casing is formed with a body inlet port on a body bottom, and a body outlet port is formed in each body side. The body casing houses a centrifugal fan, a fan motor rotatably driving the centrifugal fan, and an indoor heat exchanger disposed so as to surround an outer periphery of the centrifugal fan in planar view. In each of the body outlet port, a joint is protrudingly provided with a body-side duct connecting portion that connects a duct thereto. Further, outlet ports are formed. The air-conditioning apparatus includes a plurality of outlet units each protrudingly provided with an outlet-side duct connecting portion that connects the duct thereto. Furthermore, at least one of the joints is formed with a plurality of the body-side duct connecting portions.08-22-2013
20130213615HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE WITH CONVECTION DRIVEN IMPELLER - An exemplary heat dissipation device includes a base, spaced fins, a bracket, a shaft and a first impeller. The base directly contacts a heat-generating source. The fins are mounted on the base to dissipate heat transferred from the base by nature convection and thermal radiation. The bracket is mounted on the fins and includes a rotor. The shaft is engaged with the rotor and is located above of the fins. The first impeller is located at above of the bracket and engaged with a top end of the shaft. Heat generated by the heat-generating source is absorbed by the base and then is transferred to the fins for dissipation. Air around the fins and the base is heated and moves upwards to drive the first impeller to rotate.08-22-2013
20100186932THERMAL MODULE WITH AIRFLOW GUIDING FUNCTION - A thermal module includes a fan device having a fan and a fan housing for covering the fan. A vent is disposed on the fan housing. The thermal module further includes an airflow guiding device installed on the fan housing and disposed on a side of the vent for guiding airflow into the vent.07-29-2010
20100193162HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE - A heat dissipation device adapted for dissipating heat generated by a heat source is provided. The heat dissipation device includes a base and a heat dissipation fin assembly. The base is disposed on the heat source. The heat dissipation fin assembly is disposed on the base and includes a plurality of parallel fins. The heat dissipation fins assembly has opposite air inlet side and air outlet side. A turbulence generating structure is formed by at least a part of the fins or holes at the air inlet or the air outlet of the heat dissipation fin assembly.08-05-2010
20100236762CONDENSER ASSEMBLY FOR AN APPLIANCE - A condenser assembly for an appliance is provided. The condenser assembly can include a horizontally extending condenser coil assembly that has a plurality of supporting connectors that are arranged at an angle to the flow direction of cooling air. Cooling air is drawn through the refrigerator and across a length of the condenser coil by an air mover. Additionally, a baffle works in conjunction with the air mover to direct cooling air through the condenser coil and connectors.09-23-2010
20100218919Cooling Device - A control device accommodating unit (09-02-2010
20100300660DELIVERY HEAD SYSTEM FOR OPTIMIZING HEAT TRANSFER TO A CONTAMINATED SURFACE - The invention provides systems to optimize the heat being transferred from a gaseous heat carrier to a contaminated surface. The invention also provides Retraction/Deployment System to facilitate the transportation of delivery heads.12-02-2010
20110000651COOLING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COOLING OBJECTS FROM A COATING DEVICE - A cooling apparatus for cooling objects from a painting device is disclosed. The cooling apparatus comprises a housing enclosing a cooling zone, a transport device for transporting workpieces through the cooling apparatus along a transport direction from an entry region through the cooling zone and through an exit region. A heat exchanger is configured for cooling air from the cooling zone and to redirect cooled air into the cooling zone.01-06-2011
20110000652VENTILATION DEVICE AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IN WHICH SAME IS INSTALLED - Having a correlative relation indicator for indicating a correlative relation so that the supply current to be supplied to an inverter circuit may be varied proportionally to the voltage applied to the inverter circuit, a supply current value controller controls the average current to be supplied to the inverter circuit so as to be equal to the value of the supply current indicated by the correlative relation indicator, and therefore if the pressure loss or the static pressure is changed, a wind volume-static pressure of high precision extremely small in the changing amount of wind volume is realized.01-06-2011
20110024092COOLING DEVICE AND METHOD WITH SYNTHETIC JET ACTUATOR - A cooling device includes a heat sink body having a plurality of elongated channels that extend between respective channel inlets and outlets. A synthetic jet actuator module is adjacent to the heat sink body and includes a plurality of jet outlets adjacent to the respective channel inlets for emitting a plurality of vortices into the channels.02-03-2011
20110127015MICROCHANNEL HEAT EXCHANGER MODULE DESIGN TO REDUCE WATER ENTRAPMENT - A microchannel heat exchanger has a core having at least one heat exchange tube bank having a plurality of flow channels with a small hydraulic diameter less than 5 mm. A means is provided to reduce the amount of water retained on the external surfaces of the at least one heat exchange tube bank. These means may utilize the incorporation of a particular routing of refrigerant within the heat exchanger, the operation and control of a fan associated with the heat exchanger, or the provision of structure to at least partially block liquid from reaching the heat exchanger tube bank.06-02-2011
20100038060HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE CAPABLE OF COLLECTING AIR - A heat dissipation device capable of collecting air includes a fan, a heat sink and an air collecting hood. The top of the heat sink is joined to the fan. The air collecting hood is disposed to surround the heat sink. It is characterized in that the air collecting hood has an air inlet, a middle section and an air outlet; and the inner side of the middle section has a plurality of support projections against the periphery of said heat sink. Therefore, the air induced by the fan can be gathered at the surroundings of the heat sink with the air collecting hood for enhancing the effect of the heat dissipation.02-18-2010
20100059208BATTERY COOLING STRUCTURE - A battery cooling structure which cools a battery equipped on a vehicle, the battery cooling structure including: a fan sending an air to cool the battery; and a sound insulation wall including a sound insulation material which insulates noise wherein the sound insulation wall faces an exhaust outlet of the fan.03-11-2010
20100065258MODULAR COOLING SYSTEM - A modular cooling system includes a compressor and a heat exchanger.03-18-2010
20110000650INDIRECT HEAT EXCHANGE DEVICE AND METHOD OF EXCHANGING HEAT - Indirect heat exchange device comprising heat exchanger tubes arranged in at least 2 layers each of which layers comprises at least 2 heat exchanger tubes wherein the heat exchanger tubes are eccentrically finned (01-06-2011
20110253348IONIC THERMAL DISSIPATION DEVICE - An ionic thermal dissipation device includes an ionic wind generating system and a power system to drive the ionic wind generating system. The power system first converts external direct current power signals into alternating current (AC) power signals, and boosts the AC power signals. The power system doubles voltage of the boosted AC power signals, and rectifies the boosted AC power signals to generate high voltage direct current power signals to drive the ionic wind generating system. The power system also detects current signals generated by ion excitation of the ionic wind generating system, and regulates the high voltage direct current power signals according to the detected current signals.10-20-2011
20110146958Integrated Air/Oil Reservoir Cooler and Noise Reduction System - A cooling system and method are provided to cool a working fluid in an inner tank. The cooling system includes an outer tank and a gap formed between the inner tank and outer tank. The cooling system further includes a baffle disposed in the gap to damp a flow of a cooling liquid that is introduced into the gap. The baffle is designed to decrease the noise and turbulence that can occur with the introduction of the cooling liquid into the gap.06-23-2011
20130168062WIND SHIELDING DEVICE AND HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE USING THE SAME - A wind shielding device for a heat dissipating device of an electronic device includes a case defining an air outlet communicating with an exhaust hole of a blower, a plurality of blades rotatably received in the case, a retainer base fixed in the case, and a retainer element mounted on the retainer base. When wind blowing outwards from the exhaust hole spins the blades, the blades knock the retainer element out of the way, the retainer element is rotated and allows the blades to continuously rotate. When air from the outside attempts to enter the exhaust hole, the blades are spun to contact the other side of the retainer element, and the retainer element prevents further rotation in that direction.07-04-2013
20090000773Integrated cooling system - A system and a method for implementing a cooling apparatus coupled to and configured for cooling a heat-generating device by coupling a cooling gas driver to the cooling apparatus. The cooling apparatus has an upstream cooling chamber closed downstream by a permeable partition through which the cooling gas flows. The cooling gas driver is configured as a centralized or a distributed gas driving facility dedicated to provide a flow of treated cooling gas, such as air, at a high-differential pressure through the cooling apparatus, the cooling gas driver using minimal energy being disposed remote from the cooling apparatus and from the heat generating device. Implementation is achieved by selecting appropriate governing parameters for the cooling apparatus, the partition, and the cooling gas driver, and by computing mutual matching for optimal cooling operation by absorbing heat from and transferring heat away from the heat-generating device.01-01-2009
20120199324REACTOR APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR REACTING COMPOUNDS - Shell and tube heat exchangers that include a baffle arrangement that improves the temperature profile and flow pattern throughout the exchanger and/or that are integral with a reaction vessel are disclosed. Methods for using the exchangers including methods that involve use of the exchanger and a reaction vessel to produce a reaction product gas containing trichlorosilane are also disclosed.08-09-2012
20080257531Engine and cooling system arrangement for a harvester - The engine and cooling system arrangement includes an engine supported between the forward and rear ends of the frame of a harvesting machine, in an engine compartment. A cooler box containing at least one heat exchanger is disposed higher than and vertically offset from, the engine, and has an inlet opening facing sidewardly and covered with an air screen. A discharge opening faces in an opposite side direction. A fan generates a sideward air flow through the filter screen, cooler box and at least one heat exchanger, and outwardly through the discharge opening, away from an operator cab of the machine. A portion of the air flow will be directed into an air flow duct extending downwardly and forwardly to the engine compartment to create a positive air pressure condition therein, to limit infiltration of unfiltered air. The air is discharged from the engine compartment away from the cab. An engine exhaust duct and one or more fluid lines from the engine can extend through the air flow duct, for contamination protection and enhanced cooling. The engine air intake can also be routed through the cooling system for reducing contamination.10-23-2008
20120199323SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERS AND METHODS OF USING SUCH HEAT EXCHANGERS - Shell and tube heat exchangers that include a baffle arrangement that improves the temperature profile and flow pattern throughout the exchanger and/or that are integral with a reaction vessel are disclosed. Methods for using the exchangers including methods that involve use of the exchanger and a reaction vessel to produce a reaction product gas containing trichlorosilane are also disclosed.08-09-2012
20110108249HEAT EXCHANGER - In order to alleviate reduction in a heat exchange capability and to further improve the heat exchange capability, a heat exchanger of the present invention includes: a heat sink; and an electron emitting element which is provided so as to be separated from the heat sink by a space and which provides electrons to the heat sink via air in the space. The electron emitting element includes: an electrode substrate; a thin-film electrode; a power supply which applies a voltage between the electrode substrate and, the thin-film electrode; and an electron acceleration layer which accelerates electrons inside the electron acceleration layer in response to the voltage applied by the power supply so that the electrons are emitted from the thin-film electrode. The electron acceleration layer is made at least partially of an electric insulating material. The heat exchanger includes an air filter through which air flows onto a surface of the thin-film electrode. This can alleviate reduction in the heat exchange capability, caused by dust that adheres to a surface of the electron emitting element and therefore can attain an excellent heat exchange capability for long periods.05-12-2011
20110108248APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HEAT RECOVERY FROM ROTARY KILNS - An apparatus and method for recovering heat radiating from the outer surface of a rotary kiln includes an enclosure formed as a stationary housing that has an axially extending opening and closure flaps on circumferential ends of the housing extending towards the shell to form a chamber and an exhaust fan, arranged to draw a flow of air into the housing, which flow of air recovers heat from the kiln shell and is discharged from the chamber for heat recovery therefrom.05-12-2011
20110114296Cooling Module - A cooling module is presented, which includes a heat sink and a fan unit. The heat sink provides a base plate and a plurality of fins, with an outlet extending through the base plate and the fins formed on a first surface of the base plate, and with a second surface of the base plate attached to a heat generating unit. The fan unit is rotatably mounted on the heat sink and aligned with the outlet. With the above-mentioned structure, an air-guiding channel is formed between any adjacent two of the fins and communicates with the outlet for a part of air outputted by the fan unit to be guided through the air guiding channels and exhausted by the outlet. Consequently, disturbed flows and wind noise are decreased while cooling efficiency is improved.05-19-2011
20110162823METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOVING HEAT FROM ELECTRONIC DEVICES USING SYNTHETIC JETS - An apparatus for removing heat comprises a heat sink having a cavity, and a synthetic jet stack comprising at least one synthetic jet mounted within the cavity. At least one rod and at least one engaging structure to provide a rigid positioning of the at least one synthetic jet with respect to the at least one rod. The synthetic jet comprises at least one orifice through which a fluid is ejected.07-07-2011
20100116469ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FLUID ACCELERATOR WITH HEAT TRANSFER SURFACES OPERABLE AS COLLECTOR ELECTRODE - In thermal management systems that employ EHD devices to motivate flow of air between ventilated boundary portions of an enclosure, it can be desirable to have some heat transfer surfaces participate in electrohydrodynamic acceleration of fluid flow while providing additional heat transfer surfaces that may not. In some embodiments, both collector electrodes and additional heat transfer surfaces are thermally coupled into a heat transfer path. Collector electrodes then contribute both to flow of cooling air and to heat transfer to the air flow so motivated. The collector electrodes and additional heat transfer surfaces may be parts of a unitary, or thermally coupled, structure that is introduced into a flow path at multiple positions therealong. In some embodiments, the collector electrodes and additional heat transfer surfaces may be proximate each other along the flow path. In some embodiments, the collector electrodes and additional heat transfer surfaces may be separate structures.05-13-2010
20110061840APPARATUS FOR COOLING AN EXERCISER HAVING CONVENIENT CENTRALIZED CONTROL OF AIR OUTLETS BUILT INTO A STATIONARY EXERCISE DEVICE - An apparatus for convenient centralized control of a personal cooling environment of an exerciser by the exerciser while exercising includes a plurality of air outlets and a control center. Each air outlet is capable of being in airflow communication with a cooling air source providing a flow of cooling air. The plurality of air outlets are arranged so as to direct cooling air toward the exerciser to create a personal cooling environment for the exerciser. At least one air outlet is adjustable in response to a control signal. The control center is easily accessible to the exerciser while exercising and generates control signals in response to input from the exerciser. The control signals cause at least one air outlet to change a characteristic of the cooling air flow therethrough. Together, the control signals control the personal cooling environment. The controllable air flow characteristics include one of flow direction and rate.03-17-2011
20090308579EXHAUST AIR REMOVAL SYSTEM - An exhaust air removal system and method for use with a rack or enclosure containing equipment is provided. The system and method are configured for removal of exhaust air vented from equipment during operation to thereby remove heat from the equipment. In one aspect, the system includes a fan unit preferably configured to serve as a back door of an equipment rack or enclosure and configured to provide access to an interior of the rack or enclosure. The fan unit provides multiple fans coupled to internal exhaust ducts that are arranged to draw and to remove exhaust air vented from rack-mounted equipment. The fan unit is further configured to vent exhaust air to an area external to a rack or enclosure, such as an external exhaust duct or plenum. Removal of hot and warm exhaust air vented from rack-mounted equipment enables the equipment to operate effectively, drawing sufficient amounts of cooling air to meet its cooling requirements. The fan unit is constructed for portability and for easy attachment to and removal from a rack or enclosure, providing flexibility in handling equipment exhaust needs.12-17-2009
20100025021HEAT DISSIPATION UTILIZING FLOW OF REFRIGERANT - A heat pipe heat dissipating device includes a chamber; a rotary shaft positioned within the chamber; an isolating member affixed to the rotary shaft; and a nozzle provided on the isolating member, wherein the nozzle directs the flow of a refrigerant vapor and prompts the rotary shaft and the isolating member to rotate. The heat pipe heat dissipating device can operate with a self-driving operation. A heat pipe heat dissipating method is also provided.02-04-2010
20100025020Installation for the temperature treatment of products stored on pallets or similar - The invention concerns an installation for the temperature treatment of products placed on pallets or similar, including at least one chamber, means for the introduction of a pallet, means for conveyance of the pallet between an entrance and an exit, and means for blowing air through the products on a pallet. It is characterized in that the installation also includes raisable, longitudinal separation means, placed substantially on the main axis of the said at least one chamber, which are used to prevent the passage of air between the top surface of each pallet present in the chamber and the ceiling of the said at least one chamber.02-04-2010
20120037345AIR TREATMENT MODULE - An air treatment module includes an air plenum, a heat exchanger tube and a bypass duct. The bypass duct has an inlet opening in flow communication with the air plenum in juxtaposition with a selected region of the heat exchanger and an outlet opening in flow communication with a zone of lower air pressure. The presence of the bypass duct improves air flow over the heat exchanger tube in the selected region.02-16-2012
20120305224HEAT SINK - A heat sink provided. In the heat sink in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a heat dissipation plate forms a channel between each of stages by isolating a plurality of heat dissipating fins in equal intervals and arranging the heat dissipating fins in a multi-stage circle shape. Then, the heat sink forms a path between the sequentially isolated heat dissipating fins at each of the stages. Also, a centrifugal fan alternatively blocks the channel and path at each of the stages through a rotation by a plurality of blades arranged in a multi-stage circle shape to be positioned between the channels. Then, the centrifugal fan is capable of inflowing outer air to discharge the air by generating a pressure difference of inter/outer air through a combination of the blade and the heat dissipation plate.12-06-2012
20120205079ELECTRONIC SYSTEM ADAPTED FOR PASSIVE CONVECTIVE COOLING AND STAGED USE OF ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC (EHD) AND MECHANICAL AIR MOVERS FOR QUIET FORCED CONVECTION ASSIST - Flow paths, duct work, ventilation boundaries, and/or placement of EHD and mechanical air mover within a electronic device enclosure can all affect the efficacy of a thermal management solution that seeks to provide silent air cooling over a significant thermal operating envelope with staged introduction of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) and mechanical air mover devices. For electronic devices in which it is desirable to employ passive, unforced convective cooling over a portion of the thermal operating envelope, practical designs for consumer electronics form factors may be quite sensitive to flow path, duct work and ventilation boundary design as well as to the placement of EHD and mechanical air mover components relative thereto and to each other. A range of inventive solutions that have been developed to address some or all of these design challenges.08-16-2012
20120205078CUBOIDAL, IN PARTICULAR CUBIC, HOUSING FOR ACCOMMODATING COMPONENTS OF AN AIR-CONDITIONING AND/OR VENTILATION SYSTEM - The invention relates to a cuboidal housing for components of a HVAC system. The housing has at least one air inlet, at least one air outlet and a frame. The frame consists of twelve segments which form edge lines. The segments span six open side surfaces in a sealing manner with the open side surface of an adjacent housing, and an insulating means is located between the inner wall and the outer wall. Each panel element has a plastic profile wherein the profile has two bearing limbs each having a bearing surface. In the fitted state, the bearing surface of one bearing limb is in contact with the outer side of the frame segment directly or via at least one further component. In the fitted state, the bearing surface of the other bearing limb faces that side of the frame segment which is facing in the direction of the interior.08-16-2012
20120152499Evaporator - The present application provides an evaporator. The evaporator may include a housing, a coil assembly mounted within the housing, and a replaceable fan module positioned within the housing. The replaceable fan module may include a fan mounted therein.06-21-2012
20110073287HEAT DISSIPATING DEVICE - A heat dissipating device includes a heat sink and a heat sink cover. The heat sink includes a base and a plurality of fins extending from the base. Each of the plurality of fins includes a corner projection. The heat sink cover covers the corner projections of the heat sink.03-31-2011
20120175090APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HEATING OR COOLING AN OBJECT USING A FLUID - An improved heating apparatus is aimed at optimizing heat transfer and delivering an optimal heating efficiency in comparison to conventional heating apparatus. The improved heating apparatus includes tubes that generate plume arrays of a fluid (e.g., a gas, such as air) that is heated in a conduit. The tubes introduce the heated fluid into a chamber of the heating apparatus. The fluid is returned to the conduit through a return opening in the chamber. The path that the fluid travels in the chamber, from the tubes to the return air opening, is provided such that optimized heat transfer and optimal heating efficiency are facilitated.07-12-2012
20120168132HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE AND METHOD - A heat dissipation device for a heat-generating component includes at least one helically-shaped air tube having a length. The at least one air tube is thermally coupled to the heat-generating component to dissipate heat from the heat-generating component. Other embodiments of the heat dissipation device and methods for dissipating heat from a heat-generating component are further disclosed.07-05-2012
20100051245FAN APPARENCY ARRANGEMENT FOR AN APPLIANCE - A fan apparency arrangement for an appliance having a fan for moving air in an interior of the appliance, including a pipe disposed in the airflow path of the fan and having first and second ends; a heater disposed in the pipe, the heater being energized when the fan is turned on; and a thermal switch disposed in the pipe, the thermal switch being closer to the first end than the heater. The fan is operative in normal operation to move air in the pipe in a direction from the first end to the second end. The pipe is disposed so that when the fan fails to move air in the pipe after turned on, air heated up by the heater passes the thermal switch in a direction from the second end to the first end so that the thermal switch is activated to signal malfunction of the fan.03-04-2010
20100051244FAN APPARENCY ARRANGEMENT FOR AN APPLIANCE - A fan apparency arrangement for an appliance is disclosed. The appliance has a chamber with a first port and a second port. The arrangement includes a fan for moving air in or out of the chamber, and a sail switch disposed adjacent to the second port. When activated, the fan moves air in or out of the chamber through the first port to create a pressure difference between an inside and an outside of the chamber. The pressure difference causes the sail switch to change position and signal that the fan is activated. An appliance incorporating such a fan apparency arrangement is also disclosed.03-04-2010
20120073789CHIMNEY-BASED COOLING MECHANISM FOR COMPUTING DEVICES - A mechanism is described for chimney-based cooling of computer components. A method of embodiments of the invention includes determining heat-emitting components of a computing device. The method further includes coupling a chimney to one or more of the heat-emitting components such that chimney effect of the chimney is used to guide air associated with a component in and out of the chimney.03-29-2012
20120073788METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SYNTHETIC JET COOLING - A method and system for cooling a component are provided. The synthetic jet cooling system includes a plurality of synthetic jet assemblies configured to be positioned adjacent to a component that generates excess heat. Each of the plurality of synthetic jet assemblies includes a driver configured to excite a respective one of the plurality of synthetic jet assemblies at a varying frequency.03-29-2012
20120222843Air Conditioner Condenser Booster - An architecture is presented that provides a an air conditioner booster device for improving the air flow across the condensing exchanger of an air conditioning unit thereby increasing the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. The air conditioner booster device is intended to increase the air flow created by a traditional air conditioner condenser fan. The air conditioner booster device is easily removably attachable to most conventional air conditioning units.09-06-2012
20120222841HEAT DISSIPATION SYSTEM - A heat dissipation system includes an enclosure, a first heat sink, a second heat sink, and a fan. The enclosure includes a bottom plate, a first side plate, and a second side plate. A first air vent area is located on the first side plate. A second air vent area is located on the second side plate. A first heat generation apparatus and a second heat generation apparatus is mounted on the bottom plate and located between the first air vent area and the second air vent area. A first heat sink is mounted on the bottom plate and contacts the first heat generation apparatus. A second heat sink is mounted on the bottom plate and contacts the second heat generation apparatus. A plurality of second fins is located on the second heat sink. Each second fin is wavy. A fan is located between the first air vent area and the second air vent area. The fan is adapted to drive air to flow through the first air vent area, the first heat sink, the plurality of second fins, and the second air vent area.09-06-2012
20120261101AIR BLOWER AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An air blower includes a plurality of fans including a first fan and a second fan. The first fan has a plurality of fins. The second fan has a plurality of fins. The number of the plurality of fins of the second fan is different from that of the plurality of fins of the first fan.10-18-2012
20120261099Heat Exchanger - A low cost heat exchanger exhibits high performance in relation to heat resistance, pressure resistance, prevention of fluid leakage, and heat exchange efficiency. The heat exchanger is equipped with a stacked plate assembly having a plurality of stacked plates, and a hollow tubular casing, which accommodates the stacked plate assembly and extends in the stacking direction. The stacked plate assembly includes the plurality of plates, sealing members for preventing leakage of fluid from fluid paths, and a fixing tool fastening together the plural plates at a position along the central axis thereof. In the heat exchanger, two types of fluids that undergo heat exchange flow in arcuate paths in the interior of hollow portions formed between two adjacent plates, without causing mutual mixing to occur between the two fluids. Adjacent hollow portions are connected in series through bypasses.10-18-2012
20100319885Fan - A fan is provided incorporating one or more fan blades adapted to move in a back-and-forth sweeping motion about a generally horizontal axis in order to generate air flow both laterally and vertically. Fan blades with large surface areas may be used to generate the desired volumes of air movement.12-23-2010
20120261100POWER CONVERTER - A power converter includes: a plurality of heat generators, at least some of which are arranged within a wind tunnel portion; and a housing for enclosing the wind tunnel portion through which a cooling air flows. The wind tunnel portion includes a first and second duct each having a cooling air inlet and outlet port, a cooling air flow path, and a blower fan. Further, the cooling air flow paths overlap with each other in a parallel arrangement relationship; the cooling air inlet ports of the first duct and the second duct, and the cooling air outlet ports of the first duct and the second duct are arranged adjacent to each other; and the heat generators divisionally arranged within the first duct and the second duct.10-18-2012
20130168061HEAT DISSIPATION ASSEMBLY - A heat dissipation assembly includes a base, two heat pipes, a first heat sink, and a fan. The first heat sink includes a first fin assembly installed to one of the heat pipe, and a second fin assembly installed to the other heat pipe. The fan is installed to the first fin assembly opposite to the second fin assembly. The first fin assembly includes a plurality of first fins spaced from and parallel to one another. The second fin assembly includes a plurality of second fins spaced from and parallel to one another. The first fins are misaligned with the second fins. Each heat pipe is mounted to the base, and extends through the first or second fins.07-04-2013
20120325442AIR CONDITIONER - A centrifugal fan mounted in an air conditioner has the following relationship: outer diameter of a side plate of the centrifugal fan>outer diameter of the blade rear-edge part on side-plate side>diameter of the blade rear-edge part on main plate side>outer diameter of the main plate. In the centrifugal fan, the blade rear-edge part is positioned inside from a straight line connecting the connection point between the blade rear-edge part and the main plate, to the connection point between the blade rear-edge part and the side plate, as viewed from the rotation axis. The blade rear-edge part has a shape such that the distance from the rotation axis becomes larger from the main plate toward the side plate.12-27-2012
20120285666COAXIAL AIR TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER FOR CIRCUMFERENTIAL WINDOW FRAME INSTALLATION - The circumferential and coaxial heat exchanger, consisting of frame, ducts for supplied and discharged air, as well as fans, is characterized in that, it is made up of at least one internal diaphragm (11-15-2012
20120138275FOAM COMPOSITION - A foam composition comprising, A) a cellulose foam matrix, and B) particles of encapsulated organic phase change material which are distributed within the cellulose foam matrix. The invention also relates to a method for making the foam composition and also their use in thermal storage applications, such as air-conditioning units.06-07-2012
20130008633COOLING APPARATUS FOR COOLING A POWER ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Exemplary embodiments are directed to a cooling apparatus for cooling a power electronic device, the apparatus including at least one panel that is adapted to be thermally connected to a heat source in order to receive heat from the heat source. The panel is also adapted to be thermally in contact with an air flow in order to transfer heat from the panel. The panel includes at least one hole between a first side of the panel and a second side of the panel. The hole is adapted to attenuate a vibrating air pressure generated by an acoustic noise source and carried by the air.01-10-2013
20120241135HEAT EXCHANGER FOR COOLING INTERIOR OF HOUSING - The air inside a housing containing heat generating parts is forced by an inside air fan to flow in a heat exchanger case through an inside air inlet, flow partially upward and partially downward in an inside air passage while being cooled by inner fins, between the inner fins, installed in the inside air passage, that form a heat exchanger heat sink, and discharge from the inside air passage through an upper, first inside air outlet and a lower, second inside air outlet. The air discharged through the two inside air outlets flows over the surfaces of the heat generating parts in the housing, taking heat from them.09-27-2012
20130168060THERMAL MODULE - A thermal module includes a heat radiating unit, a heat transfer unit, and at least one cross-flow fan. The heat radiating unit has an air inlet and an air outlet that communicate with each other. The heat transfer unit has a heat absorbing section attached to a heat source and a heat dissipating section extended from the heat absorbing section to connect to the heat radiating unit. The cross-flow fan is arranged opposite to the heat radiating unit with an air-out side of the cross-flow fan located adjoining to the air inlet of the heat radiating unit. With the above arrangements, the thermal module occupies a largely reduced area while providing largely upgraded heat dissipation effect.07-04-2013
20130133865Synthetic Jet Ejector With Selectable Audio Footprint - A thermal management system is provided which includes a synthetic jet ejector (05-30-2013
20130153178HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE WITH FAN - A heat dissipation device includes a bracket, a fan with an air inlet and an air outlet, and a heat sink mounted on the bracket. The bracket includes a plurality of rivets and clasps. Each of the clasps includes a mounting portion, an arm extending upwards from the mounting portion, and a hook portion extending from a top end of the arm and towards the mounting portion. The mounting portion is riveted on the bracket by a corresponding rivet. The fan includes a plurality of ears corresponding to the clasps. The hook portions of the clasps abut on top surfaces of the ears to fix the fan on the bracket. The fan defines a plurality of channels communicating the outlet of the fan.06-20-2013
20110303395VEHICLE HEAT EXCHANGER ASSEMBLY - A vehicle heat exchanger assembly includes first and second heat exchangers including first and second heat exchange units, respectively, a blower and a fan shroud. The blower causes air to flow from the first heat exchanger to the second heat exchanger, and is arranged in an air passage formed in a space between the first and second heat exchange units. The fan shroud has an enclosing wall part disposed on an external periphery of the blower to substantially enclose the air passage formed between the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger, a support part supporting the blower, and a plurality of support stays extending from the support par toward the enclosing wall part to connect the support part and the enclosing wall part.12-15-2011
20110308773GRANULAR ABRASIVE CLEANING OF AN EMITTER WIRE - An apparatus for cleaning an emitter electrode in electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerator and precipitator devices via movement of a cleaning device including granular abrasives positioned to frictionally engage the emitter electrode. The cleaning device causes the granular abrasives to travel along a longitudinal extent of the emitter electrode to remove detrimental material accumulated on the electrode. The granular abrasives can be retained in housing, on opposed cleaning surfaces, and can be compressed by the housing or an applied force to abrade detrimental material from the electrode surface.12-22-2011
20120285665Method for distribution of cooling air for electrical equipment installed in an avionic bay and aircraft equipped with such a bay - This invention relates to a method for distribution of cooling air for cooling an electrical equipment item installed in an avionic bay.11-15-2012
20130192799Refrigerator Having a Disbursed Cooling Air Stream Directed Upwardly From a Pressurized Plenum - In a refrigerator, warm air is collected or drawn into a warm air return duct opening located at or near the top of the refrigerated space instead of the bottom. The warm air is passed through an evaporator where it cools. The cooled air is driven into a pressurized plenum located at the bottom of the refrigerated space. The plenum is defined by a screen extending across the bottom of the refrigerated space. Air in the plenum passes through holes in the screen and driven upward. The air flow inside the refrigerator is thus upwardly, i.e., from the bottom to the top.08-01-2013
20120043061HEAT EXCHANGER COOLED BY AIR FITTED WITH A RIGID PANEL FORMING A WINDSCREEN - The invention relates to a heat exchanger cooled by air (02-23-2012
20130206372MOISTURELESS REFRIGERATION DEVICE FOR MOBILE COOLING CONTAINER - A moistureless cooling device used in a mobile refrigerator is disclosed to include a thermal-insulation container having a storage chamber defined therein for storing low temperature substances and an opening in communication with the storage chamber and covered by a container cover, an air heat exchanger unit having a flow-guide conduit extending through and isolated from the storage chamber, and an air supply unit installed in one of the air inlet and air outlet of the flow-guide conduit for delivering outside air through the flow-guide conduit to transfer low temperature from the low temperature substances in the storage chamber of the thermal-insulation container to an enclosed space in the mobile refrigerator.08-15-2013

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