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165100000 Branched flow 20
165098000 Adjustable radiator face covering means 2
20110232865COOLING DEVICE FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - A cooling device is provided for a motor vehicle with a first heat exchanger and with a second heat exchanger that is arranged in vehicle longitudinal direction offset from the first heat exchanger. In the intermediate space between first and second heat exchanger a flow regulating device with a cross-sectional area through which cooling air can flow is arranged, whose permeability to cooling air is variable.09-29-2011
20130192795COOLING SYSTEM HAVING ANTI-RECIRCULATION FEATURE - A cooling system is disclosed for use with an engine. The cooling system may have a heat exchanger fluidly connectable to the engine, and a fan situated adjacent the heat exchanger and configured to generate a flow of air through the heat exchanger. The cooling system may also include an anti-recirculation feature located adjacent the fan and configured to block the flow of air at a center of the fan and allow air to flow at a periphery of the fan.08-01-2013
165097000 Flow reversed or crossed within temperature modifying zone 1
20120024496SERVICE WATER HEATING UNIT - The invention relates to a service water heating unit (02-02-2012
20130043003INDOOR UNIT FOR AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS AND AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE INDOOR UNIT - An indoor unit for air-conditioning that may suppress the discharge of dewdrops into a conditioned space. An indoor unit including a casing having an air inlet in an upper portion thereof and an air outlet in a lower portion of a front face thereof, a fan, a heat exchange, and a louver configured to redirect air blown out of the air outlet in a vertical direction. The louver includes a main louver and a sub-louver. In a state where the main louver is level, the sub-louver is provided below the main louver. A leeward end of the sub-louver is positioned forward by a first predetermined distance with respect to a virtual perpendicular line passing through a windward end of the main louver. A windward end of the sub-louver is positioned rearward by a second predetermined distance with respect to the virtual perpendicular line.02-21-2013
20100155025COLLECTOR ELECTRODES AND ION COLLECTING SURFACES FOR ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FLUID ACCELERATORS - Embodiments of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) fluid accelerator devices utilize collector electrode structures that promote efficient fluid flow and reduce the probability of arcing by managing the strength of the electric field produced at the forward edges of the collector electrodes. In one application, the EHD devices dissipate heat generated by a thermal source in a thermal management system.06-24-2010
20120175080SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COOLING AT LEAST ONE HEAT PRODUCING DEVICE IN AN AIRCRAFT - A system is provided for cooling at least one heat producing device in an aircraft that includes, but is not limited to at least one coolant circuit. A coolant absorbs heat from the heat producing device and dissipates heat, by way of a heat dissipation device, to the surroundings of the aircraft. A temperature spreading device reduces the temperature of the coolant in a feed line of the coolant circuit and increases the heat dissipation temperature of the heat dissipation device relative to the temperature of the coolant in a return line of the coolant circuit. In this manner ram air ducts that are commonly used in the state of the art or systems that consume pre-cooled air can be avoided, which in particular when the aircraft is situated on the ground on hot days can render avionics cooling or the like difficult.07-12-2012
20120175079HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE HAVING CENTRIFUGAL FAN - A heat dissipation device includes a centrifugal fan, a fan duct and a fin assembly. The centrifugal fan has an air outlet. The fan duct is fixed to the air outlet. The fan duct includes a plurality of guiding plates spaced from each other. A channel is defined between every two neighboring guiding plates. Each of the guiding plates includes a near end near the air outlet and a far end opposite to the near end away from the air outlet. The widths of the channels at the near ends are larger comparing to the portions of the air outlet when having smaller quantity of airflow, and are smaller comparing to the portions of the air outlet when having large quantity of airflow. Widths of the channels at the far ends are equal to each other. The fin assembly is positioned at the far ends of the guiding plates.07-12-2012
20130081785ACTIVE AIR FLAP APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - An active air flap apparatus for a vehicle is configured to include an air flap 04-04-2013
20130081786VARIABLE THERMAL INSULATION - A device for selectively controlling the passage of thermal energy therethrough by selectively varying the overall thermal conductivity of the device comprises a structure having at least one component movable from a first position to a second position. When the at least one component is positioned in the first position the device exhibits a first thermal conductivity and when the at least one component is positioned in the second position the device exhibits a second thermal conductivity different than the first thermal conductivity.04-04-2013
20130075062AIR CHANNELING BAFFLE FOR A FURNACE HEAT EXCHANGER - An air-channeling baffle for a heat exchanger unit. The air-channeling baffle comprises a body having a long dimension and a short dimension that define a surface and an attachment structure coupled to the body. The attachment structure is configured to locate the body in a heat exchanger unit such that an incoming air flow reflected off of the surface and passes over ends of the long dimension towards terminally-located heat conduction tubes of the heat exchanger unit.03-28-2013
20100108293HIGH PRECISION AUTOMATIAC FLOW BALANCING DEVICE - A high precision automatic flow balancing device comprises a flow balancing valve set at pipeline which is controlled by an actuator. A flow sensor at the same pipeline is connected to a control terminal. The control terminal compares the preset value with the output signals of sensors from each pipeline and gives a control signal to the actuator forming a closed control loop to control the flow of fluid.05-06-2010
20120180987CONDENSER HAVING A SUB-COOLING UNIT - Condenser (07-19-2012
20120216989REFRIGERATION CYCLE APPARATUS - A refrigeration cycle apparatus including a heat source side heat exchanger including a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger connected in parallel; an air-sending device that supplies air, which is an object to be heat exchanged in the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger, in a variable manner; solenoid valves that each opens and closes a refrigerant passage of the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger; a third refrigerant circuit that is parallelly connected to the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger; and a flow control valve that controls the flow rate of the refrigerant flowing in the third refrigerant circuit. The refrigeration cycle apparatus can improve continuity of control of a heat exchange capacity of a heat source side heat exchanger.08-30-2012
20130056177ENERGY EXCHANGE SYSTEM FOR CONDITIONING AIR IN AN ENCLOSED STRUCTURE - Certain Embodiments provide an energy exchange system that includes a supply air flow path, an exhaust air flow path, an energy recovery device disposed within the supply and exhaust air flow paths, and a supply conditioning unit disposed within the supply air flow path. The supply conditioning unit may be downstream from the energy recovery device. Certain embodiments provide a method of conditioning air including introducing outside air as supply air into a supply air flow path, pre-conditioning the supply air with an energy recovery device, and fully-conditioning the supply air with a supply conditioning unit that is downstream from the energy recovery device.03-07-2013
20130062037COLD AIR CONTAINMENT SYSTEM IN A DATA CENTRE - A method is provided for containing cold air in a corridor created on the side of a computer cabinet. The method includes providing a base mountable on the computer cabinet, and providing a panel fastened to the base and moveable with respect to the base, the panel being suitable for separating the cold air in the corridor below the panel from the hot air above the panel.03-14-2013
20130160972Heat Exchanger With Integrated Thermal Bypass Valve - A heat exchanger apparatus containing a heat exchanger and a thermally actuated bypass valve. The heat exchanger having plurality of plates defining a first, a second and a bypass channels. A first fluid inlet manifold in fluid communication with the first and the bypass channels. The bypass valve positioned in the first fluid inlet manifold, and containing a sleeve having a first slot and a second slot, that permit fluid flow from a first fluid inlet to the bypass channel and to the first fluid inlet manifold, respectively. A drum positioned within the sleeve and movable from a first position to a second position. The drum having an aperture permitting first fluid flow to the first slot in the first position and to the second slot in the second position. An actuator engaging the drum and actuating it to move from the first position to the second position.06-27-2013
20120285659HEAT EXCHANGER, A FOOD HANDLER INCLUDING THE HEAT EXCHANGER, AND A MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE HEAT EXCHANGER - Provided are a heat exchanger, a food handler including the heat exchanger, and a manufacturing method of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comprises a main body wherein the plurality of flow channels passes through the inside of the heat exchanger in a first direction and a pair of cover members which is fastened to both ends of the main body in the first direction. The plurality of flow channels is composed of a first flow channel which functions as the path for a first flowing fluid which goes in and out through the cover members and a second flow channel which is connected to the side of the main body. Thermal exchange is performed between the first flowing fluid and the second flowing fluid in the direction wherein the first and second flowing fluids cross each other inside of the main body.11-15-2012
20110139401IONIC WIND HEAT SINK - An ionic wind heat sink includes a heat-dissipating structure and a high-voltage generator. The high-voltage generator is configured to output a positive high-voltage surge and a negative high-voltage surge. The high-voltage generator has a positive high-voltage end and a negative high-voltage end. A first electrical wire is electrically connected to the positive high-voltage end, and a second electrical wire is electrically connected to the negative high-voltage end. The two electrical wires generate an ionic wind flowing toward the heat-dissipating structure. With this arrangement, the whole mechanical construction of the heat sink can be simplified. The noise, vibrations and electricity consumption can be reduced, while the heat of a heat-generating source can be taken away efficiently.06-16-2011
20100263831HEAT RECOVERY UNIT - A heat recovery unit comprise a heat exchanger (10-21-2010
20120097366HEATING EXCHANGE CHAMBER FOR LIQUID STATE COOLING FLUID - A heat exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid is provided, which comprises a flow resistance, the flow resistance is sited inside a cavity at a position proximate to an inlet. In other words, the flow resistance is sited between the inlet and a thermal dissipation device. The flow resistance narrows down a flow channel from the inlet to the cavity, and it raises the resistance of the cooling fluid before the cooling fluid flows through a thermal dissipation device. Because of the heat exchange chamber for liquid state cooling fluid, the cooling fluid could be distributed uniformly through the dissipating heat device.04-26-2012
20110203771METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ELECTRICAL CONTROL OF HEAT TRANSFER - A heat exchange system includes an electrode configured to electrostatically control a flow of a heated gas stream in the vicinity of a heat transfer surface and/or a heat-sensitive surface.08-25-2011
20100096108Evaporator coil bypass device for HVAC System - A bypass device to seasonally bypass an evaporator coil in a building's HVAC system to improve efficiency and reduce dust accumulation. The bypass device comprises one or more bypass diverters around an evaporator coil in an HVAC system, wherein bypass doors may be manipulated so as to close the air path through the evaporator coil and force air to flow through bypass diverters instead. The bypass doors are adjustable using control arms and may be maintained in either a flow-through or bypass position, so as to permit the air flow to travel through the evaporator coil, or bypass the coil, as the operator chooses. The control arms may alternatively be manipulated by a motor and connected to the thermostat so as to automatically select the appropriate position depending on the settings of the thermostat.04-22-2010
20110198056Synthetic Jet Ejector and Design Thereof to Facilitate Mass Production - A method is provided for making a synthetic jet ejector. The method comprises (a) providing first and second voice coil bodies (08-18-2011
20100206516HEAT EXCHANGER, PARTICULARLY AN OIL COOLER - The present invention provides a heat exchanger including a stack of plates which form ducts. Each of the plates can have at least two openings which, in the plate stack, form at least one collecting duct and one distributor duct which connect the ducts in terms of flow. A base plate can be arranged on the plate stack and can have a seal for sealing off the heat exchanger and a flow deflector for manipulating flow through the heat exchanger. The seal and the flow deflector can form a common component.08-19-2010
20110005722Heat Exchanging Apparatus and Method of Making Same - A heat exchanging apparatus comprising of plurality of disk type heat exchanger units, disk type heat exchanger units having an inlet and an outlet as a tubular member. Disposed within a disk type heat exchanger unit is a chamber to facilitate flow of heat exchange media, having a heat exchange medium directing member disposed within the chamber to direct flow of heat exchange media herein, said disk type heat exchanger units having connecting members disposed within to provide additional structural support.01-13-2011
20090277609Tunable Thermal Link - Disclosed is a device whereby the thermal conductance of a multiwalled nanostructure such as a multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) can be controllably and reversibly tuned by sliding one or more outer shells with respect to the inner core. As one example, the thermal conductance of an MWCNT dropped to 15% of the original value after extending the length of the MWCNT by 190 nm. The thermal conductivity returned when the tube was contracted. The device may comprise numbers of multiwalled nanotubes or other graphitic layers connected to a heat source and a heat drain and various means for tuning the overall thermal conductance for applications in structure heat management, heat flow in nanoscale or microscale devices and thermal logic devices.11-12-2009
20110220323AIRFLOW GUIDE - An airflow guide includes a top cover and two side covers disposed on opposite ends of the top cover. The top cover includes a first top plate and a second top plate slidably connected to the first top plate. Each side cover includes a base plate fixedly connected to the first top plate, a sliding plate slidably connected to the base plate, and a revolving plate rotatably connected to the sliding plate.09-15-2011
20120103568Layered Emitter Coating Structure for Crack Resistance with PDAG Coatings - A thermal management apparatus includes an electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerator in which an emitter electrode and another electrode are energizable to motivate fluid flow. The emitter electrode is a layered structure including an electrode core material and an outermost coating that is susceptible to micro-cracking or corona erosion. A barrier material is provided in a sublayer to protect the underlying electrode core material. An adhesion promoting layer may be used between the barrier material and the electrode core material or between other layers of the structure. solid solution. A method of making an EHD product includes positioning the layered electrode relative to another electrode to motivate fluid flow when energized.05-03-2012
20120103567INTERNALLY DIRECTED AIR JET COOLING FOR A HYDRAULIC PUMP - An adjustable cooling mechanism is provided. The cooling mechanism may include: a hollow member surrounding, at least in part, a machine to be cooled; the hollow member having holes oriented at the machine; an outlet configured to outlet a compressed fluid from the machine; a conduit connecting the outlet to an interior of the hollow member; and a throttling mechanism configured to throttle a fluid moving through the holes.05-03-2012
20130213605LIQUID COOLING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COOLING AT LEAST ONE RADIO UNIT - The invention relates to a liquid cooling system comprising a cooling unit and a liquid loop in which the liquid is arranged to be conveyed from a supply outlet of the cooling unit to a radio unit where the liquid is arranged to cool the radio unit before being conveyed back in the liquid loop to a return inlet of the cooling unit, the cooling unit being arranged located at a distance from the radio unit, wherein the cooling unit is an expandable cooling unit comprising a secondary outlet and a secondary inlet where, when an additional cooling unit of the liquid cooling system is connected with an inlet to said secondary outlet and with an outlet to said secondary inlet, the liquid is arranged to be fed from the cooling unit through the secondary outlet to the additional cooling unit arranged to also cool the liquid.08-22-2013
20130213606HEAT RECUPERATION DEVICE FOR AN EXHAUST LINE - The heat recuperation device for an exhaust line comprises 08-22-2013
20120193073DEVICE FOR BUILDING VENTILATION - The present invention relates to a device for building ventilation, having heat recapturing, wherein the heat of the room air that is fed outside is recaptured, and cold outside air being fed inside can be preheated by means of the recaptured heat.08-02-2012
20110056654HEAT EXCHANGER HAVING FLOW DIVERTER AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A heat exchanger including a tank with first and second ends defining a length and a cross-sectional area transverse to the length. An inlet orifice defined at the first end through which fluid flows in a first direction into the tank, the inlet orifice having a cross-sectional area transverse to the first direction. A voluminous region defined by boundaries which extend generally linearly from the circumference of the cross-sectional area of the inlet orifice to the circumference of the cross-sectional area of the tank. A plurality of conduits providing an outlet for fluid flow from the tank in a second flow direction at a non-parallel angle to the first flow direction. A flow diverter positioned within the voluminous region to direct a portion of fluid flow out of the region and distribute the total volume of fluid flow from the inlet substantially uniformly between the plurality of conduits.03-10-2011
20100300653MODULAR SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER SYSTEM - A shell and tube heat exchanger system comprising at least one adjustable modular end assembly and an adjustable modular end assembly for use with the same.12-02-2010
20110000644ELECTRONIC SUBSTRATE NON-CONTACT HEATING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods for the non-contact heating of an electronic substrate using inline heating elements in combination with an automatically controlled airflow. Air heated by the elements is communicated to one or more plenums, which discharge the heated air towards an impingement plate. The impingement plate includes a plurality of openings through which heated air from the plenum passes on its way to heat the electronic substrate. The automatic control of the airflow may be prompted by an operating condition, such as a sensed airflow and/or a transition into an equipment operating mode, e.g., a warm-up, standby, halt production and cool down state. Production may be automatically optimized by using a profile to conjunctively control both the heating of the air and the directing the flow of the heated air. Such a profile accounts for a combined affect of both heating the air and directing the flow of the heated air.01-06-2011
20100065252CONNECTING ARRANGEMENT FOR AN OPTICAL DEVICE - The disclosure relates to a connecting arrangement for an optical device, such as in microlithography. The connecting arrangement includes a first body, a second body and a connecting device. The first body contacts the second body in a laminar manner in a contact region. The connecting device is connected to the second body and contacts the first body via at least one contact unit. The connecting device is configured to generate a predefinable contact force in the contact region between the first body and the second body. The contact unit includes a plurality of separate contact elements. Each contact element is connected to the second body via a spring unit which can be elastically deformed to generate a contribution to the contact force03-18-2010
20110073281HEAT EXCHANGER FOR VEHICULAR AIR CONDITIONING APPARATUS - In an evaporator that constitutes part of a vehicular air conditioning apparatus, a sensor is provided, which is capable of detecting the temperature in the evaporator. In the evaporator, the sensor is installed on a back surface side thereof facing a downstream side, and on a first cooling section, through which air from a first blower unit flows. Also, the sensor is installed at a position in the vicinity of a supply conduit that supplies a coolant medium with respect to the evaporator. At a region where a maximum low temperature in the evaporator occurs, and for which there is a fear of freezing due to moisture contained within the air, the temperature is detected by the sensor.03-31-2011
20110174462METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVED COOLING OF A HEAT SINK USING A SYNTHETIC JET - A system for cooling a device includes a heat sink comprising a substrate having a plurality of fins arranged thereon, a fan positioned to direct an ambient fluid in a first direction across the heat sink, and a first synthetic jet assembly comprising one of a multi-orifice synthetic jet and a plurality of single orifice synthetic jets. The first synthetic jet assembly is configured to direct the ambient fluid in a second direction across the heat sink, wherein the second direction is approximately perpendicular to the first direction.07-21-2011
20110100600HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE - A heat dissipation device includes a heat conducting board attached to an electronic component mounted on a printed circuit board, a fin unit disposed on the heat conducting board, a fixing module and a fan secured on the fixing module. The fixing module comprises a pivoting post extending through the fin unit, a fan holder spanning over the fin unit and pivotally fixed to the pivoting post, and two fastening members engaging with two opposite ends of the pivoting post and being capable of fixing the fan holder at different positions relative to the fin unit. The fan is fixed to the fan holder of the fixing module and provides airflow towards the fin unit.05-05-2011
20100243208TUBE-SIDE SEQUENTIALLY PULSABLE-FLOW SHELL-AND-TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER APPRATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD - The present invention relates to a tube-side sequentially pulsable-flow, shell-and-tube heat exchanger apparatus and a chemical processing system comprising and methods of heat exchange employing the same.09-30-2010
20080314560MECHANICALLY ACTUATED THERMAL SWITCH - Methods and apparatuses for causing thermal transfer between two structures on command including responding, by a thermal switch, to a command signal by moving a first set of one or more thermally conductive members into a position adjacent to a second set of one or more thermally conductive members, the first and second one or more thermally conductive members having thermally conductive contacts with the first and second structures, respectively.12-25-2008
20120241131HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING SAME - A heat dissipation device includes a receiving body and a blower. The receiving body includes a recessed body. The recessed body includes a first sidewall, a second sidewall opposite to the first sidewall, and a bottom connecting the first sidewall to the second sidewall. The blower is arranged on the bottom. The blower includes a casing, an air supply pipeline communicating with the casing, and an air blocking plate between the casing and the air supply pipeline. Two opposite ends of the air blocking plate respectively contact with the first sidewall and the second sidewall, such that the recessed body is separated into a first recessed area and a second recessed area. The first recessed area receives the casing, and the second recessed area receives the air supply pipeline.09-27-2012
20120168125Multi-Function Automotive Radiator and Condenser Airflow System - A vehicle thermal management system is provided that includes two or more heat exchangers configured in a non-stacked arrangement, where separate air inlets corresponding to each of the heat exchangers allow a direct intake of ambient air. Corresponding to each heat exchanger is a set of adjustable louvers that control ambient air flowing directly into the heat exchanger. The adjustable louvers may be adjustable between two positions; fully opened or fully closed. Alternately, the adjustable louvers may be adjustable over a range between fully opened and fully closed. Alternately, each set of adjustable louvers may be comprised of multiple groups of independently controllable louvers. Air ducts may be used to couple the output from one heat exchanger to the input of a different heat exchanger.07-05-2012
20100319877Removable Flow Diversion Baffles for Liquefied Natural Gas Heat Exchangers - The invention relates to liquefied natural gas. Particularly, the invention relates to indirect heat exchange means utilized in liquefaction processes. Specifically, the invention relates to the utilization of flow diversion plates within heat exchangers.12-23-2010
20100116464REVERSIBLE FLOW ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FLUID ACCELERATOR - Reversible flow may be provided in certain EHD device configurations that selectively energize corona discharge electrodes arranged to motivate flows in generally opposing directions. In some embodiments, a first set of one or more corona discharge electrodes is positioned, relative to a first array of collector electrode surfaces, to when energized, motivate flow in a first direction, while second set of one or more corona discharge electrodes is positioned, relative to a second array of collector electrode surfaces, to when energized, motivate flow in a second direction that opposes the first. In some embodiments, the first and second arrays of collector electrode surfaces are opposing surfaces of individual collector electrodes. In some embodiments, the first and second arrays of collector electrode surfaces are opposing surfaces of respective collector electrodes.05-13-2010
20110094710REDUNDANT EMITTER ELECTRODES IN AN ION WIND FAN - Emitter electrodes of ion wind fans can operate at high voltages in ionized environments. This can lead to degradation of the emitter electrodes over time. In one embodiment, the present invention provides an ion wind fan having a primary emitter electrode, and a redundant emitter electrode. The primary emitter electrode and the redundant emitter electrode are never simultaneously operational.04-28-2011
20110259550WIND-PRESSURE SHUTTER AND COOLING FAN SYSTEM - Plural flaps provided in a wind-pressure shutter are located approximately parallel to a direction of an airflow path, i.e., the airflow path is opened. Thus, the wind-pressure loss of cooling wind passing through the shutter can be reduced to near zero during the normal operation of the fan. If an air-backflow flows from the exhaust vent due to a fan failure, the flap slightly inclined toward the airflow path receives wind pressure of the air-backflow on its surface, thereby swings about the support shaft to close the airflow path.10-27-2011
20100065251CLAMPING DEVICE FOR FLOW MODULE PLATES, REACTOR PLATES OR HEAT EXCHANGER PLATES - The present invention relates to a clamping device comprising two end plates (03-18-2010
20110315346COOLING APPARATUS AND HEATING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a cooling apparatus capable of improving a cooling efficiency and realizing a high speed cooling process. The present invention also provides a heating apparatus capable of improving a heating efficiency of a substrate and heating the substrate at high speed. A cooling apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a chamber; a substrate carrier for holding a substrate 12-29-2011
20120205070AERODYNAMIC SOUND DECREASING APPARATUS - Multiple projections are provided at a flow-change portion, which corresponds to such a portion of a wall surface of an A/C casing, at which velocity gradient of air current becomes larger in an area adjacent to the wall surface, in order to decrease aerodynamic sound generated by disturbed air current.08-16-2012
20120000628METHOD FOR FUNCTION MONITORING AND/OR CONTROL OF A COOLING SYSTEM, AND A CORRESPONDING COOLING SYSTEM - Exemplary embodiments relate to a system and method for monitoring functional operational reliability of a cooling system having at least one thermosyphon for transformers provided with at least one evaporator and with at least one condenser. The cooling system using a coolant which can be vaporized and a gaseous medium, as a heat carrier.01-05-2012
20120000627ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR PRE-FILTER FOR ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FLUID MOVER - Electrostatic precipitation is performed upstream of collector electrode surfaces toward which a downstream EHD fluid mover accelerates fluid flow. In this way, the upstream electrostatic precipitator (ESP) acts as a pre-filter (with low flow-impedance) and can reduce accumulation of otherwise detrimental materials on downstream electrodes and/or arcing. In some cases, pre-filtering by an upstream electrostatic precipitator may also reduce accumulation of otherwise detrimental materials on downstream heat transfer surfaces and/or ozone catalytic or reactive surfaces/materials. In some embodiments, an EHD fluid mover with an ESP pre-filter is used in a thermal management system to dissipate heat generated by a thermal source.01-05-2012
20120043056AIR CONDITIONING APPARATUS - A first cycle, in which a first medium is circulated, employs a compressor, a first heat exchanger structured with an air heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger, and a third heat exchanger. A second cycle, in which a second medium is circulated and heat is exchanged with the first medium through the second heat exchanger, employs indoor units, each having a fan. A third cycle, in which the second medium is circulated and heat is exchanged with the first medium through the third heat exchanger, shares the indoor units with the second cycle. Flow path switching valves switch flow paths between the second cycle and third cycle. Before the first heat exchanger is defrosted, a halted indoor unit is filled with the second medium in the third cycle with its fan being halted. The third heat exchanger functions as an evaporator during a defrosting operation.02-23-2012
20120006508SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING AIR CONDITIONING TO AN ELECTRONIC COMPONENT IN A SATELLITE ANTENNA INSTALLATION - An air conditioning system provides air to an enclosure associated with a satellite antenna that houses an amplifier or other electronic component. The air conditioning system supplies conditioned air to the bottom of the enclosure and receives return air from the top of the enclosure for improved airflow. Various implementations may also provide redundancy through the use of common supply and return plenums, or other features. In some embodiments, the air conditioning system may be conveniently retrofit onto existing satellite antenna installations to provide improved efficiency and redundancy.01-12-2012
20120012278COLD ROW ENCAPSULATION FOR SERVER FARM COOLING SYSTEM - Apparatuses, methods, and systems directed to efficient cooling of data centers. Some embodiments of the invention allow encapsulation of cold rows through an enclosure and allow one or more fans to draw cold air from the cold row encapsulation structure to cool servers installed on the server racks. In other particular embodiments, the systems disclosed can be used to mix outside cool air into the cold row encapsulation structure to cool the servers. In some embodiments, the present invention involves fanless servers installed on the server racks and introduces fan units to draw cooling air from the cold row encapsulation structure through the fanless servers on the racks.01-19-2012
20120055652FAIL-SAFE ROTARY ACTUATOR FOR A COOLANT CIRCUIT - The invention relates to a fail-safe rotary actuator (03-08-2012
20120118533AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner includes an outdoor heat exchanger that is divided into a plurality of unit paths. at least two of the plurality of unit paths are connected in series or parallel to one another according to cooling/heating operation, so that it is possible to vary the number or length of paths through which a refrigerant passes. Since the number or length of paths is properly selected and used, it is possible to enhance efficiency.05-17-2012
20120160451REFOLD HEAT EXCHANGER - A heat exchanger is disclosed that includes heat exchange elements made from a sheet having a plurality of hollow fins. In certain embodiments, the finned sheet is refolded and sealed at a first edge and a second edge to form an interior volume having an inlet manifold adjacent to the first edge, an outlet manifold adjacent to the second edge, and an opening that is opposite the refold of the finned sheet. In certain embodiments, a flow divider is located in the interior volume between the inlet manifold and the outlet manifold with interior tips of the hollow fins in contact with the flow divider. A base element is coupled over the opening of the interior volume, the base element comprising an inlet and an outlet positioned in fluid communication with the inlet manifold and the outlet manifold, respectively.06-28-2012
20120160450Fluid Flow Mixing Box With Fluid Flow Control Device - A heat exchanger apparatus includes a housing that defines a flow passage for a first fluid. The housing has a housing fluid inlet and a housing fluid outlet communicating with the flow passage. A first heat exchanger is located within the flow passage of the housing between the housing fluid inlet and the housing fluid outlet. The first heat exchanger has a plurality of channels for transmitting a second fluid through the first heat exchanger. The heat exchanger apparatus also includes a flow diverter in the flow passage, between the housing fluid inlet and the first heat exchanger, for diverting some of the first fluid to a by-pass region of the flow passage that by-passes the first heat exchanger. As well, a flow control device is in communication with the housing fluid inlet and controls a volume and location of the first fluid entering the flow passage.06-28-2012
20120312502Wind tunnel turning vane heat exchanger - A cooling system for a wind tunnel (12-13-2012
20120073785COMPACT HIGH EFFICIENCY AIR TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER WITH INTEGRATED FAN - A heat exchanger for a sealed enclosure is disclosed that includes a separator plate and a motor secured to the separator plate. The motor rotates a shaft having opposed ends, an ambient air impeller is secured to one end of the shaft, and an enclosed air impeller is secured to an opposite end of the shaft. An ambient shell secured to the separator plate substantially encloses the ambient air impeller and an enclosed air shell secured to the separator plate substantially encloses the enclosed air impeller. Each shell has an axial opening and a radial opening and a plurality of curvilinear fins extending between the separator plate and the shells. Airflow through the enclosed air shell imparts heat to the fins which transfer the heat for rejection by the airflow through the ambient air shell.03-29-2012
20120222838EXHAUST HEAT RECOVERY DEVICE - An exhaust heat recovery device comprises: a heat exchanger for recovering heat from exhaust gas; a second flow channel for circulating the exhaust gas during exhaust heat non-recovery; a branching member for connecting an inlet of the heat exchanger and an inlet of the second flow channel; a merging member for connecting an outlet of the heat exchanger and an outlet of the second flow channel; a valve for blocking the outlet of the second flow channel; and a valve chamber for housing the valve. The branching member is comprised of a single chamber formed by joining together a first chamber half in which one inlet is provided, the first chamber half being draw-molded from a blank, and a second chamber half in which two outlets are provided, the second chamber half being draw-molded from a blank.09-06-2012
20120261092COMPRESSOR INTER-STAGE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - A method, system and apparatus for providing temperature control of compressed gases between stages of a multiple-stage compressor, by selectively manipulating a valve which can cause at least a portion of the compressed gases to flow through an air-cooled heat exchanger.10-18-2012
20110120671HEAT EXCHANGER - A heat exchanger includes a plurality of tubes, a collection tank having an inlet port and an internal chamber in fluid communication with the plurality of tubes, a header coupled to the collection tank and having a plurality of apertures each dimensioned to receive a corresponding tube, a gasket separating the header from the collection tank and sealing a gap between the header and the collection tank, and a reinforcement retaining the gasket in position between the header and the collection tank. The reinforcement includes a first web extending across the internal chamber and a second web spaced apart from the first web and extending across the internal chamber. The heat exchanger also includes a baffle coupled to and extending between the first web and the second web. The baffle extends across at least a portion of the internal chamber between the inlet port and the plurality of tubes.05-26-2011
20120298330AIR PATH RAIN GUARD FOR A COOLING SYSTEM OF A WEATHERPROOF ENCLOSURE FOR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND THE LIKE - A weatherproof enclosure for electrical equipment or the like includes a cooling system with a water intrusion inhibiting device. The water intrusion inhibiting device includes a gutter positioned inside an outlet vent, and a flap between the gutter and a blower of the cooling system. The flap is movable between a closed position covering an opening between the gutter and the blower, and an open position allowing air to flow through the opening. When the blower is activated the pressure and air flow causes the flap to swing outwardly from the opening to an open position.11-29-2012
20120298329HEAT SINK DEVICE AND AIR FLOW ADJUSTING FRAME FOR THE SAME - An air flow adjusting frame for a heat sink device which includes a first fixing plate and a second fixing plate is disclosed. The first fixing plate is fixed to a heat dissipation fin with the second fixing plate pivoted to the first fixing plate. Besides, the second fixing plate is for being fixed to a fan. An air flow angle of the fan is adjusted through the air flow adjusting frame.11-29-2012
20110247786Heat exchanger maintenance technique - A heat exchanger is cleaned, inspected and/or plugged while the heat exchange is in operation. In some embodiments, the heat exchanger comprises a channel cover having valve-seal assemblies allowing isolation tools to be inserted through the channel cover into sealing engagement with the ends of tubes to provide a flow path separate from the normal flow paths through the heat exchanger. Cleaning and/or inspecting can be done through the isolation tools and tubes that are leaking can be plugged through the valve-seal assemblies. In some embodiments, brushes are located inside the heat exchanger and can be independently advanced into cleaning relation with a large majority of the tubes.10-13-2011
20120090819HEATER-COOLER SYSTEM FOR A BARREL OF AN EXTRUDER AND A METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A heater-cooler system for a barrel of an extruder is disclosed. The system includes a heater adapted to be in thermal communication with at least a portion of a barrel of an extruder. The system further includes a shroud assembly that defines a cavity. The shroud assembly encloses the heater. The shroud assembly has an intake port and an exhaust port. A valve is in fluid communication with the exhaust port. The valve is moveable between an open position and a closed position. When the valve is in the closed position the exhaust port is substantially sealed. When the valve is moved between the closed position and the open position or is in the open position the cavity is in fluid communication an area outside of the cavity through the exhaust port.04-19-2012
20120090818COOLER - A cooler having a first component made of at least one of steel, stainless steel, plastic and ceramic. A second component may be made of aluminum, wherein the two components may be connected to each other in a connecting area via a friction stir weld joint.04-19-2012
20120138265Device for Influencing the Flow in the Area of a Pipe Manifold Plate of a Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger - A device for influencing the flow in the area of a pipe manifold plate of a tube bundle heat exchanger with an outer channel encased by an outer sheath for a heat carrier medium, with a number of inner tubes extending axially parallel to the outer sheath through the outer channel, together forming an inner channel, each supported on the end side in the pipe manifold plate, with an inlet or outlet common for all inner tubes designed in a exchanger flange and a common outlet or respectively inlet designed in a connection piece for a product with at least one displacement body. A guide ring forms radially inside with its inner contour the required and proven flow environment for the displacement body.06-07-2012
20130008627AIR CONDITIONER FOR VEHICLE - An air conditioner for a vehicle includes a casing having therein first and second air passages through which outside air and inside air flow respectively. A heating heat exchanger is arranged in the first and second air passages to heat air. First and second air mix doors are arranged respectively in the first and second air passages to adjust a ratio between a flow amount of air passing through the heating heat exchanger and a flow amount of air bypassing the heating heat exchanger. Each of the first and second air mix doors is a slide door in which a plate door body part slides in a direction being applied by its own weight. The second air mix door slides in a sliding direction inclined relative to a sliding direction of the first air mix door by an angle toward a horizontal direction.01-10-2013
20130014912VEHICULAR AIR CONDITIONERAANM HARA; JunichiroAACI TokyoAACO JPAAGP HARA; Junichiro Tokyo JP - A vehicular air conditioner capable of reducing high-frequency sounds generated when an air mix damper is slightly opened and finely adjusting the temperature around the maximum heating position for improving the temperature controllability is provided. The vehicular air conditioner including an air mix damper that adjusts a flow rate of air delivered into a heating passage including a heater core after being passed through an evaporator and a flow rate of air delivered into a bypass passage that bypasses the heater core. In the vehicular air conditioner, a plurality of asperity portions are formed on a distal-end-side surface of the damper in the width direction of the damper, at which the damper is in contact with a seal surface on a unit case at the maximum heating position, and an elastic insulator having a predetermined thickness is attached to the asperity portions to form asperities similar thereto.01-17-2013
20120247730BEVERAGE HEATING SYSTEM WITH INTEGRATED COMBUSTION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF HEATING BEVERAGES - A heating system for a beverage processing system with a beverage flow consisting of a beverage to be processed, with a secondary flow of a heat conducting medium, where the secondary flow is passed in a closed secondary circuit, with at least one heat exchanger, through which the secondary current flows and is arranged such that it is able to transfer heat to the beverage flow. A combustion system is arranged in the secondary flow such that heat generated by the combustion system can be passed on to the heat conducting medium. Also, a method of heating beverages with a combustion system.10-04-2012
20130168045RAM AIR CHANNEL ARRANGEMENT AND AIRCRAFT AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - A ram air channel arrangement includes a ram air channel adapted to be flown through with ram air, a heat exchanger disposed in the ram air channel and including a ram air inlet for feeding the ram air flowing through the ram air channel into the heat exchanger and a ram air outlet for removing the ram air from the heat exchanger, and at least one flow control device having a cross section widening in the direction of the ram air inlet and positioned in the ram air channel upstream of the ram air inlet such that it guides the ram air flowing through the ram air channel in the direction of the ram air inlet and/or and at least one flow to control device having a cross section widening in the direction of the ram air outlet and positioned in the ram air channel downstream.07-04-2013
20130140001HEATING/COOLING SYSTEM FOR A BATTERY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE, AND OPERATING METHOD FOR THE SAME - A motor vehicle and a method for operating the same. The motor vehicle includes a first heating/cooling circuit with a heat source/sink arranged therein and a first pump, and a second heating/cooling circuit with a battery to be heated/cooled arranged therein and a second pump. The heating/cooling circuits can be selectively operatively and/or fluidically connected by way of at least one valve such that the same liquid heat carrier flows through both heating/cooling circuits.06-06-2013
20100307717INDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER - There is provided an indoor unit of an air conditioner which is able to prevent dew condensation on upper and lower vertical wind direction plates. When a cooling operation is started, control means of the indoor unit 12-09-2010
20130153173INDOOR UNIT OF AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS - An indoor unit of an air-conditioning apparatus includes a plurality of blower fans provided adjacent to each other in a left-right direction, a heat exchanger, and a plurality of vertical vanes that are provided in an air outlet and that deflect an airflow to be blown out from the air outlet in a left/right direction. Further, when the airflow to be blown out from the air outlet is deflected in at least one direction in the left/right direction, the air volume of the blower fan disposed on the leftmost side or the rightmost side of the vertical vanes corresponding to the deflection direction is reduced relative to the air volume of the other blower fan.06-20-2013
20110308769IONIC THERMAL DISSIPATION DEVICE - An ionic thermal dissipation device includes an ionic wind generation system and a power system. The power system first converts external direct current (DC) power signals into first alternating current (AC) power signals, and boosts, increases voltage, and rectifies the first AC power signals to generate high voltage DC power signals to drive the ionic wind generation system. The power system also detects current signals generated by ion excitation of the ionic wind generation system and voltage signals of the high voltage DC power signals, and regulates the high voltage DC power signals and time of driving the ionic wind generation system according to a first PWM signal and a first analog signal from an electronic device and the detected current signals and voltage signals.12-22-2011
20120043055Double Pipe Type Heat Exchanger and Method for Manufacturing the Same - A double pipe type heat exchanger includes an inner pipe having a first flow path defined therein and an outer pipe arranged around the inner pipe to define a second flow path between the inner pipe and the outer pipe. The inner pipe includes a spiral groove formed on an outer circumferential surface of the inner pipe to extend along a longitudinal direction of the inner pipe. The outer pipe includes a reduced diameter portion protruding inwardly so that the inner surface of the outer pipe is intermittently contacted with the outer circumferential surface of the inner pipe.02-23-2012
20120085517Device with a heat exchanger and method for operating a heat exchanger of a steam generating plant - A device with a heat exchanger with a feed pipe for a medium leading from a medium inlet to the heat exchanger entrance and with a discharge pipe leading away from the heat exchanger exit is characterized in that it has a first bypass from the medium inlet to the discharge pipe and a second bypass from the feed pipe to the medium outlet and valves, so that the medium can also flow from the heat exchanger exit to the heat exchanger entrance.04-12-2012


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