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165051000 Engine 70
165053000 Related to wall, floor or ceiling structure of a chamber 55
165480100 Heating and cooling 31
20110192567Condenser with a Nebulizer having a Low-Voltage Direct Current Motor - A condenser has a body mounted on the seat, a nebulizer and a nebulizing disk. The body has two condensing units. An open space is formed between the condensing units. The nebulizer is mounted beside the body and has a low-voltage direct current motor and a shaft. The shaft is driven by the low-voltage direct current motor and protrudes into the open space. The nebulizing disk is mounted securely around the shaft and is mounted in the open space. When the low-voltage direct current motor operates, the rotated nebulizing disk nebulizes the condensed water in the seat to the condensing units. Heat of the condensing units vaporizes water that is easily discharged without pipes. Further, the low-voltage direct current motor is highly efficient, has fast rotational speed so is energy-saving safe.08-11-2011
20100116460SPATIALLY DISTRIBUTED VENTILATION BOUNDARY USING ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FLUID ACCELERATORS - In thermal management systems that employ EHD devices to motivate flow of air through an enclosure, spatial distribution of a ventilation boundary may facilitate reductions in flow resistance by reducing average transit distance for cooling air from an inlet portion of the ventilation boundary to an outlet portion. Some thermal management systems described herein distribute a ventilation boundary over opposing surfaces, adjacent surfaces or even a single surface of an enclosure while providing a short, “U” shaped, “L” shaped or generally straight through flow path. In some cases, spatial distributions of the ventilation boundary facilitate or enable enclosure geometries for which conventional fan or blower ventilation would be impractical. In some cases, provision of multiple portions of the ventilation boundary may allow the thermal management system to tolerate blockage or occlusion of a subset of the inlet and/or outlet portions and, when at least some of such portions are non-contiguous spatially-distributed, tolerance to a single cause of blockage or occlusion is enhanced.05-13-2010
20100147488HEAT EXCHANGER FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL OF VEHICLE BATTERIES - The invention relates to a heat exchanger for temperature controlling and fastening of battery units of the battery of a vehicle. The heat exchanger includes flat tubes that are passable by a heat carrier and a collecting tube and distributing tube for conducting the heat carrier. The flat tubes are established as multi-channel flat tubes. The collecting tube and the distributing tube are connected to each other over the flat tubes so that a holding frame is established that provides a structure forming spaces. The spaces are provided as chambers for accommodating the battery units.06-17-2010
20130075058COOLING CABINET - A cooling cabinet includes a cabinet and a heat exchange member and an air ventilation member are received therein. A first pipe group and a second pipe group are located in the heat exchange member and each of the first and second pipe groups includes multiple parallel circulation pipes. Two respective first ends of the first pipe group and the second pipe group are in communication with each other, and two respective second ends of the first and second pipe groups are respectively in communication with a refrigerant inlet and a refrigerant outlet. The refrigerant flows through the first pipe group via the refrigerant inlet and then flows through the second pipe group and exits from the refrigerant outlet. The air ventilation member is located beside the heat exchange member and ventilates the air inside and outside of the cabinet via the heat exchange member.03-28-2013
20100071868HVAC UNITS, HEAT EXCHANGERS, BUILDINGS, AND METHODS HAVING SLANTED FINS TO SHED CONDENSATION OR FOR IMPROVED AIR FLOW - HVAC units and systems, air conditioning units, and heat pumps that have micro-channel heat exchangers wherein fins are slanted, multi-tubes are oriented non-horizontally (e.g., vertically), or both, for example. Fins may be slanted downward in the direction of air flow to facilitate drainage of condensation, or may be slanted either downward or upward as appropriate to reduce air-flow restriction. Other embodiments include the heat exchangers themselves and buildings having such heat exchangers, units, or systems, as well as methods concerning such devices, such as methods of manufacture. In some embodiments, heat exchangers are used as evaporators in air conditioning units, as condensers in heat pumps, or both, as examples.03-25-2010
20130037237MULTI-WELL FOOD PRESENTATION MODULES - Thermally convertible food presentation modules are described. A single module may be used for both heating and refrigeration of foodstuffs as desired at any given time. Any well of a module may be switched between heating and cooling of food regardless of the status of any other well of the module.02-14-2013
20130081783Cooling Seat System - A seat cooling system for a vehicle seat comprising: a cooling fluid container; a mechanism to transfer cooling fluid from the cooling fluid container into a bottom portion of the seat; and a mechanism to transfer cooling fluid from the cooling fluid container into a lumbar portion of the seat. In one exemplary embodiment, the mechanism to transfer cooling fluid from the cooling fluid container into a bottom portion of the seat may include a plurality of coils. Furthermore, the mechanism to transfer cooling fluid from the cooling fluid container into a lumbar portion of the seat may also include a plurality of coils.04-04-2013
20100096103HEAT EXCHANGER AND WATER HEATER INCLUDING THE SAME - There is provided a heat exchanger and a water heater having the heat exchanger including a uniform thickness of tin plating layer on the inner surface of a water feeding pipe. The heat exchanger H includes copper pipes 04-22-2010
20100108288AIR-HANDLING LUMINAIRE - An air-handling luminaire comprises a recessed troffer housing having a first pair of opposed walls and a second pair of opposed walls, the housing having a light output opening and a lens extending across the light output opening, at least one of the walls of the first pair of opposed walls and the second pair of opposed walls being substantially vertical and having at least one flow through opening for fluid communication from a volume beneath the recessed troffer housing to a plenum above the recessed troffer housing and, a rail extending from near a lower edge of the recessed troffer housing upwardly within the recessed troffer housing and adjacent the at least one flow through and concealing the at least one flow through opening.05-06-2010
20100006256HEAT EXCHANGER - A heat exchanger of the present invention is for cooling a high-pressure gas, and includes: a frame in which a single curved cooling medium flow path is formed by providing a plurality of partitioning plates parallel to one another; a single curved cooling pipe that is provided inside the cooling medium flow path via a space interval, wherein a cooling medium is flowed through the cooling medium flow path, and the high-pressure gas is flowed through the cooling pipe.01-14-2010
20130048242HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEM FOR AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES - A heat transfer system is provided by the present disclosure that includes, in one form, a structural member having an upper skin, a lower skin, and a foam core disposed between the upper skin and the lower skin. At least one heat conducting array extends through the foam core and between the upper skin and the lower skin, the heat conducting array defining at least one upper cap, at least one lower cap, and a wall portion extending between the upper cap and the lower cap, the upper cap being disposed proximate a heat source. A heat conducting spreader is disposed between the lower cap of the heat conducting array and the lower skin of the structural member.02-28-2013
20100326624Blow Through Air Handler - An air handling unit has an enclosure, a heat exchanger disposed within the enclosure, and a heating element substantially co-located with the heat exchanger within the enclosure. An air handling unit has a cabinet with a first air opening and a second air opening. A blower is disposed within the cabinet adjacent to the first air opening and a heat exchanger is disposed within the cabinet adjacent to an air outlet of the blower unit and also adjacent to the second air opening. At least one heating element is located adjacent the heat exchanger. A method of constructing an air handling unit includes forming an air handling enclosure, mounting a blower in the air handling enclosure, mounting a heat exchanger in the air handling enclosure downstream of the blower, and mounting at least one heating element in the air handing enclosure downstream of the blower.12-30-2010
20090114369AIR TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER - A compact heat exchanger efficiently and cost-effectively exchanges heat from one gas stream to another through counter flow channels between parallel plates. Foam strips are incorporated to form the sides of the flow channels that allow channeling and directing the flow of air on each side of a plate heat transfer surface in patterns to maximize the heat exchanger's effectiveness and maintain the gap between heat transfer plates and form the pressure boundary at the edge of the heat exchanger. Clips are incorporated in strategic locations of each plate to locate and mechanically connect the plates to one another and to maintain the location of the foam strips. The heat transfer of the heat exchange surfaces are enhanced using rounded dimples and protrusions arranged such that these occur on the top and bottom of the flow channels.05-07-2009
20130056172Rooftop Cooling and Rainwater Retention Panel and System - The system and apparatus according to the invention includes a panel of material which is made up of a body of open cell, reticulated, porous material (e.g., polyurethane foam) surrounded on the sides and bottom by a barrier of waterproof material. A layer of highly reflective, water permeable material is positioned on top of and covers substantially all of the top surface of the body of porous material. A drain can be positioned at the bottom of the panel to provide a slow, gravity feed to release water from the panel.03-07-2013
20130056173WIND POWER PLANT - The present invention concerns a wind power installation comprising a pod having at least one fluid-cooled component and a heat exchanger. To simplify transport and construction of a wind power installation with a heat exchanger and thus to eliminate or at least reduce sources of error in the wind power installation of the kind set forth in the opening part of this specification the heat exchanger is integrated into the external contour of the pod. In that respect the present invention is based on the realization that in that way when transporting and handling the pod, there is no need for any alterations worth mentioning, at the same time however the heat exchanger can also be installed upon assembly of the pod in the factory and can be tested for satisfactory functioning. That leads to a simplification in transporting and constructing the wind power installation and at the same time eliminates possible error sources.03-07-2013
20090266510HEAT EXCHANGER WITH PRESSURE REDUCTION - A heat exchanger and related method of making is disclosed herewith. The heat exchanger may have first and second fluid reservoirs that retain a quantity of fluid and also a plurality of tubes that extend between the first and second reservoirs and circulate the fluid therebetween. First and second header plates may be retained respectively in the first and second reservoirs through which the plurality of tubes are mounted. First and second pressure reduction plates may each have a plurality of apertures that respectively encompass first and second ends of each of the plurality of tubes. The plurality of apertures may have tapered side walls that taper outwardly from the respective ends, to reduce turbulence of the fluid between the plurality of tubes and the first and second reservoirs.10-29-2009
20090266509Heat Exchanger Element and a Water Heater and Heat Pump Utilizing Same - A heat exchanger element (10-29-2009
20110308765THERMAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system includes an interior duct, a blower, a vent coupling, and a secondary duct. The interior duct is fluidly coupled with the inlet and with an energy storage device disposed in a vehicle. The blower draws cooling fluid received through the inlet and through the interior duct to cause a first portion of the cooling fluid to flow over and/or through the energy storage device. The vent coupling directs the first portion of the cooling fluid that flowed over and/or through the energy storage device into a vented area. The secondary duct directs a second portion of the cooling fluid from the interior duct into the vent coupling to mix with the first portion of the cooling fluid after the first portion of the cooling fluid flows over and/or through the energy storage device.12-22-2011
20130160969METHOD AND CIRCUIT ARRANGEMENT FOR RECOVERING HEAT FROM WASTEWATERS - The invention relates to a method and circuit arrangement for recovering heat from wastewaters, comprising—a wastewater circuit having a sewage intake shaft (06-27-2013
20100101754COOKING APPARATUS WITH PROTECTIVE SHIELD - A cooking apparatus is provided that comprises a housing structure, an internal heating source, an exit, a control panel, and a protective shield. The internal heating source is located within the housing structure. The exit is located at an exterior portion of the housing structure where the exit is configured to transport heat emissions from the internal heating source. The control panel is located above the exit. The protective shield is coupled to the housing structure where the protective shield is configured to deflect the heat emissions in a direction away from the control panel.04-29-2010
20090101304HEAT EXCHANGE TYPE COOLING DEVICE - A heat exchange type cooling device includes an enclosure, an inside-air passage allowing inside air in the inside of the enclosure to flow through the inside-air passage and returning the flowing inside air to the inside, an outside-air passage allowing outside air at the outside of the enclosure to flow through the outside-air passage and returning the flowing outside air to the outside, an inside-air blower sending the inside air to the inside-air passage, an outside-air blower sending the outside air to the outside-air passage, a heat-exchanging element exchanging heat between the outside air flowing through the outside-air passage and the inside air flowing through the inside-air passage, and a heater for heating the inside air. The outside-air passage is independent from the inside-air passage. The heater is provided upstream of the heat-exchanging element in the inside-air passage. This heat exchange type cooling device can heat and cool the inside of the enclosure while preventing dust and moisture from entering into the inside of the enclosure.04-23-2009
20100263825Cold Row Encapsulation for Server Farm Cooling System - Apparatuses, methods, and systems directed to efficient cooling of data centers. Some embodiments of the invention allow encapsulation of cold rows through an enclosure and allow one or more fans to draw cold air from the cold row encapsulation structure to cool servers installed on the server racks. In other particular embodiments, the systems disclosed can be used to mix outside cool air into the cold row encapsulation structure to cool the servers. In some embodiments, the present invention involves fanless servers installed on the server racks and introduces fan units to draw cooling air from the cold row encapsulation structure through the fanless servers on the racks.10-21-2010
20100078147AIR-COOLED HEAT EXCHANGER WITH HYBRID SUPPORTING STRUCTURE - A cooling tower module features at least one heat exchange panel, a central column, a horizontal beam extending outward from the central column, and a first side structure connected to the horizontal beam to support the horizontal beam and connected to the panel to provide support to the at least one heat exchange panel. A cooling tower facility has one or more modules. The facility can cool fluid or condense steam by interaction with ambient air.04-01-2010
20090050291Vented, gas-fired air heater - A vented, gas-fired air heater especially designed for temporary heating applications includes an improved burner design providing effective air and gas mixing and efficient burning in the combustion chamber. Highly efficient heat exchanger including corrugated heat exchanger panels provides enhanced heat transfer characteristics.02-26-2009
20090165993AIR GUIDE FOR AIR COOLED CONDENSER - An air cooled condensing tower system has a framework supporting a fan deck, a plurality of steam headers running longitudinally above the fan deck, a plurality of condensing coils extending downward and at an angle from the steam headers, and above the fan deck, a plurality of collector tubes disposed at the bottom of the condenser coils and above the fan deck. At least one substantially non-porous side wall is disposed on at least one side of the tower spanning from a height generally proximate the steam supply headers downward to a height generally proximate the fan deck. A downwardly and outwardly projecting substantially non-porous elongated upper air guide extends downwardly and outwardly from the side wall.07-02-2009
20090288801Capillary Pumped Diphasic Fluid Loop Passive Thermal Control Device with Thermal Capacitor - The thermal control device comprises at least one capillary pumped diphasic fluid loop, comprising, in a known manner, an evaporator extracting the heat from a so-called hot source and connected via a vapour pipe to a condenser in which the condensation of the fluid vapour releases thermal energy transmitted to a so-called cold source, the condenser being connected via a liquid pipe to the evaporator, and the device moreover comprises at least one thermal capacitor in permanent heat exchange relationship with liquid phase fluid in said at least one diphasic fluid loop. Use in particular with space vehicles such as satellites.11-26-2009
20100126693COOL CAP FOR OUTDOOR HEAT EXCHANGERS - A new apparatus, which may be referred to as a “cool cap,” for use with an outdoor heat exchanger (e.g., a heat pump or an air conditioning condenser) having an air inlet vent and an air outlet vent, the apparatus comprising a top having an exhaust vent complementary to the air outlet vent; and a surrounding wall attached to the top, wherein the surrounding wall is at least about eight inches from the outdoor heat exchanger upon installation, and wherein the surrounding wall has an intake opening having an airflow being equal to or greater than the exhaust vent and forming a substantially unimpeded air pathway through the apparatus through the outdoor heat exchanger and out the exhaust vent; wherein the surrounding wall and top are thermally insulating.05-27-2010
20080302504Station Side Cooling for Refueling Vehicle Storage Tanks with High Pressure Fuel - Reduction of fuel tank heating during the refueling process is effected by a coolant exchange between the station and the vehicle whereby an on board heat exchanger internal to the tank is interconnected through a heat exchanger external to the tank with a station side cooler that cools the refill gas to an ambient temperature. As a result of station provided ambient temperature cooling, the vehicle does not need to have particularly complicated on-board cooling devices, nor does the station need to be encumbered with complex and expensive pre cooling devices.12-11-2008
20080283216Cooling device - The present invention relates to a cooling structure for motor of fan, which includes a housing, an impeller and a circuit board. The housing has an air flow channel and a base; the base is located on one side of the air flow channel to support the circuit board, and the impeller is movably integrated on the base; the circuit board is bonded with a highly heat-conductive metal on at least one side thereof so as to provide good heat dissipation and heat transfer performance; at least one portion of the circuit board is extended beyond the hub of the impeller such that the extended portion is located at a downwind place of the blades of the impeller to facilitate fast heat dissipation.11-20-2008
20090145577AIR DIVERTER FOR COLLING SYSTEM - The invention relates to an air diverter for a vehicle cooling system. There is a need for an improved vehicle cooling system. An air diverter is provided for a vehicle cooling system having a radiator, a fan for moving air through the radiator and a cooling unit positioned in front of the radiator with respect to air moving through the radiator. The fan is surrounded by a fan shroud. The air diverter includes a collector and a conduit. The collector is positioned between the cooling unit and the radiator. The collector receives a portion of air which passes through the cooling unit. The conduit extends around an edge of the radiator and communicates air from the collector to the interior of the fan shroud while bypassing the radiator.06-11-2009
20080264601Method, Apparatus, System And Heat Exchanger For Increasing the Temperature Of A Substance Which Is Initially In An At Least Partly Solidified State In A Container - One aspect of the present invention relates to a method for increasing the temperature of a substance which is initially in an at least partly solidified state in a container, where at least one heat exchanger is arranged in the container. One object is to obtain that the temperature of a substance may be changed relatively fast. This is obtained by having pumping means for displacing the substance, exchanging heat between a heat exchanger and the substance, displacing substance with the pumping means for increased heat exchange between the heat exchanger and the substance, as well as stirring the substance with the pumping means by displacing the substance inside the container. When the substance is displaced, then not only stagnant substance is in contact with the heat exchanger for heat exchange. The amount of substance in contact with the heat exchanger is thereby greatly increased, and the heat transfer is less dependent on thermal conductivity of the substance.10-30-2008
20090178779HEAT EXCHANGER - A heat exchanger having an arrangement of heat transfer surfaces and a pair of vertical steam/water separators structurally interconnected to one another to provide an integral support structure for the heat exchanger. The structural interconnection includes upper and lower structural members extending between the pair of vertical steam/water separators. The upper and lower structural members include headers, and an arrangement of heating surface which extends between and is fluidically connected to the headers. A structural support framework surrounds the heat exchanger for bottom support thereof, the framework providing structural support and rigidity for the heat exchanger and a means by which the heat exchanger can be picked up and lifted for placement at a desired location.07-16-2009
20090139688WASTE WATER DRAIN HEAT EXCHANGER PREHEATING COLD WATER SUPPLY TO A THERMOSTATIC CONTROL VALVE - A bath waste assembly is that unit that occupies the lowest point in a vessel or tray used for bathing and drains away water to a sewage system, often in concert with an overflow waste drain. The horizontal portion of the waste water assembly terminates in a P-trap that separates the assembly from the rest of the drain and sewer apparatus. The horizontal pipe running from the bath drain hole to the fitting leading to the P-trap can become nearly as hot as the hot water originally entering the vessel, particularly when the bath is being used as a shower vessel. Replacement of this pipe with a copper waste water pipe wrapped with narrower copper pipe through which cold supply water runs, absorbing heat on its way to a thermostatic control valve, allows the amount of hot water balancing this cold water to be decreased automatically since the temperature of the cold water has been increased. Since the heat transfer avoids the hot water supply entirely, various benefits are involved including complete independence from the water heating technology, reduction of heat loss and pressure loss, better heat transfer, and a decreased risk of cross-contamination.06-04-2009
20120067544TOOL HOLDER INCLUDING COOLING MEANS - Device for cooling a rotating tool mounted on a machine, including elements for generating a continually renewed first flow of air, external to the tool and around the tool, at a high flow rate, produced via a Coanda-effect flow amplifier device realized in a housing fixed on the machine around the tool holder connected to a source of pressurized air.03-22-2012
20120031582Personal Cooling Device - A personal cooling device cools the groin area by moving relatively cooler air to this part of the body. The personal cooling device is designed to be placed in close proximity with the user's groin and may be worn under the clothes. The device includes a housing including an air inflow opening, an air outflow opening, an interior chamber, and an air movement component within the interior chamber that moves air flowing into the air inflow opening through the interior chamber and outwardly from the air outflow opening toward the groin area. Preferably, the air movement component includes an electric fan. Preferably, the outer surfaces of the housing are smooth for comfort, and a tapered V-shaped portion is provided to facilitate placement in the user's groin (between the user's legs). Preferably, the air outflow opening includes a plurality of accordion slots that provide wide air dispersal for more effective cooling.02-09-2012
20100032132PERSONAL COOLING SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS - Personal cooling systems and related methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, a personal cooling system comprises a fluid cooling chamber defining an interior for containing cooling fluid. The system also comprises a pump including an output nozzle. The pump is adapted to displace the cooling fluid from the interior of the fluid cooling chamber through the output nozzle. Further, the system includes a fluid delivery and return structure including a heat transfer chamber adapted to be positioned in headgear such that the heat transfer chamber is positioned near one of a head and a neck of a person when the headgear is worn by the person. The structure includes pathways for delivering the cooling fluid to the heat transfer chamber such that heat from the head and neck of the person is transferred to the cooling fluid within the heat transfer chamber.02-11-2010
20100147487CONDENSATION PLANT - The invention relates to a condensation system comprising heat exchanger elements arranged above fans which are held in fan sections (06-17-2010
20120103561HEAT EXCHANGER AND RELATED METHODS - Heat exchangers include a housing having an inlet and an outlet and forming a portion of a transition chamber. A heating member may form another portion of the transition chamber. The heating member includes a first end having a first opening and a second end having a second opening larger than the first opening. Methods of conveying a fluid include supplying a first fluid into a transition chamber of a heat exchanger, supplying a second fluid into the transition chamber, and altering a state of a portion of the first fluid with the second fluid. Methods of sublimating solid particles include conveying a first fluid comprising a material in a solid state into a transition chamber, heating the material to a gaseous state by directing a second fluid through a heating member and mixing the first fluid and the second fluid.05-03-2012
20100186926Wasted heat recovery - This invention relates to a means for using waste heat to preheat water going to a water heater to reduce the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of the water to a desired level. The invention, further, is portable so that it can be easily moved to accommodate the location of the waste heat source and water heater.07-29-2010
20100212859Connection device of an LED lamp and cooling fins - A connection device of an LED lamp and cooling fins is composed of a central tube unit, above which is connected with a ring-shape lamp seat, and below which is connected with a lower housing; and a plurality of cooling fins which are connected on surfaces of the lamp seat, the central tube unit, and a lower annular disk of the central tube unit. A sheet of each cooling fin is punched into at least one protruded member, and each protruded member of one cooling fin is abutted on a surface of the adjacent cooling fin; therefore, by the abutting of the protruded members of every two adjacent cooling fins, stability, intensity, and heat transmissibility of all the cooling fins can be improved, and spacing between every two adjacent cooling fins can be kept at a constant.08-26-2010
20100126694SILO FOR STORING BULK PRODUCTS, IN PARTICULAR DRIED SLUDGE FROM WATER TREATMENT PLANTS - The invention relates to a silo for storing dried bulk products containing organic materials, in particular for storing dried sludge from residual water treatment plants, said products being subject to self-heating phenomena, wherein said silo includes an outer shell (05-27-2010
20100200194COOLING DEVICE AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINE OR WORKING MACHINE EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME - A cooling device includes: a cooling fan; a shroud provided at an outer circumferential side of the cooling fan; an inner circumferential wall provided on the shroud and adjacent to the outer circumference of the cooling fan; and an outer circumferential wall provided to surround the inner circumferential wall. An air-flow-direction downstream side end of the outer circumferential wall is positioned at a further downstream position in an air flow direction than an air-flow-direction downstream side end of the inner circumferential wall. An air-flow-direction downstream side end of the cooling fan is positioned at a further downstream position than the air-flow-direction downstream side end of the inner circumferential wall. A ratio between a length of the outer circumferential wall and a length of the inner circumferential wall in the air flow direction is 1.07 or more and 1.81 or less, and a width between the outer circumferential wall and the inner circumferential wall is 15 mm or more and 55 mm or less.08-12-2010
20090165994Apparatus for combined heat transfer and static mixing with a liquid - The apparatus (07-02-2009
20080308253SYSTEM FOR COOLING RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES SUCH AS GARAGES AND ATTICS - The present invention relates generally to a system for cooling residential spaces, such as a garage. The preferred embodiment of the invention comprises a steel security door modified with evaporative media to cool incoming air, a water supply and re-circulating subsystem and a large fan to move fresh air through the cool door, into one or more residential spaces, such as a garage and/or an attic.12-18-2008
20090114370METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR USING THE WASTE HEAT OF A COMPUTER SYSTEM - A method for using the waste heat of a computer system with a plurality of processors comprises the following steps. Jobs in the computer system are distributed to the processors in such a way that processors of a first group of processors are operated with a high processor load and processors of a second group of processors are operated with only a minimal processor load. In another method, waste heat is dissipated from the processors by a cooling device, wherein the waste heat dissipated from the processors is regulated in such a way that the processor assumes a temperature that is greater than a given minimum temperature. In both cases, the waste heat of the processors is transferred to a device for using the waste heat.05-07-2009
20100294457EXTRACTION AND AIR/WATER COOLING SYSTEM FOR LARGE QUANTITIES OF HEAVY ASHES - The present invention relates to an extraction and air/water cooling system and energy recovery for large flows of heavy ashes, produced by solid fuel boilers (11-25-2010
20100294458HEAT EXCHANGE DEVICE AND DEVICE FOR RECEIVING HEAT GENERATION BODY - In the heat exchanger of a heat exchange device of the present invention, first protrusions (11-25-2010
20110017423METHOD AND DEVICE FOR HEAT RECOVERY - The invention relates to a method for heat recovery in the production of anodes in an annular anode furnace (01-27-2011
20110000640 WIND TURBINE GENERATOR WITH A HEAT EXCHANGER - The present invention relates to a wind turbine generator with a heat-generating source, e.g. a generator or a gear-box. A primary and a secondary cooling circuit, arranged for circulating a first and a second fluid, respectively between the heat-=generating source and a heat exchanger, and a cooling reservoir and the heat exchanger, respectively. The heat exchanger comprises a plurality of pipes for conveying the second fluid from the secondary cooling circuit through the heat exchanger, the plurality of substantially parallel pipes being arranged for heat exchange with a flow of the first fluid from the primary cooling circuit. The secondary cooling circuit further comprises a dispersion chamber connected to the plurality of pipes, the dispersion chamber having a fluid intake being positioned sideways relative to the plurality of pipes so as to provide, at least partly, a levelling of the flow distribution across the plurality of pipes of the second fluid prior to heat exchange. The invention provides an improved and more compact heat exchanger due to the more uniform flow distribution of the second fluid.01-06-2011
20110017424HEAT EXCHANGE PEDESTAL WITH COATING OF DIAMOND-LIKE MATERIAL - A substrate heat exchange pedestal comprises: (i) a support structure having a contact surface comprising a coating of a diamond-like material, and (ii) a heat exchanger in the support structure, the heat exchanger capable of heating or cooling a substrate.01-27-2011
20110024078Data center having heat exchange and transfer configuration - A building includes a data center to house computing equipment including computers and servers. The data center stores data. The building also includes a multipurpose center that houses office spaces, conference rooms and meeting rooms. The data center and multipurpose center differ in function but share resources. Computing equipment in the data center generates a lot of heat energy that is absorbed by the air. An air circulating system transfers the heated air from the data center to the multipurpose center. A fluid circulation system uses fluid to transfer heat energy to locations within the multipurpose center and also outside, such as a parking lot.02-03-2011
20100252231DATA CENTRE COOLING APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention provide a data centre, comprising data centre air directing means for directing data centre air from the data centre through a first side of one or more heat exchangers; external air directing means for directing external air from external to the data centre through a second side of the one or more heat exchangers; and adiabatic cooling means for adiabatically cooling the external air prior to entering the one or more heat exchangers, such that the external air flowing through the second side of the one or more heat exchangers indirectly cools the data centre air flowing through the first side of the one or more heat exchangers. Embodiments of the present invention may be realised in which the data centre is a moveable data centre.10-07-2010
20100200193COOLING DEVICE AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINE OR WORKING MACHINE EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME - A cooling device includes: a cooling fan; a shroud provided at an outer circumferential side of the cooling fan; and a ring having an inner circumferential wall and an outer circumferential wall. The inner circumferential wall is provided on the shroud and adjacent to an outer circumference of the cooling fan. The outer circumferential wall surrounds the inner circumferential wall, and an air-flow-direction downstream side end of the outer circumferential wall is positioned at a further downstream position in an air flow direction than an air-flow-direction downstream side end of the inner circumferential wall. An air-flow-direction downstream side end of an outer circumferential edge of the cooling fan is positioned at a further downstream position in the air flow direction than the air-flow-direction downstream side end of the inner circumferential wall.08-12-2010
20110209849ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR UTILIZING THE HEAT BUILT UP ON PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS OF DOMESTIC INSTALLATIONS - The invention relates to a technical embodiment and a method for utilizing air in conjunction with heat pumps and other domestic installations or the house as such, e.g. basements, staircases etc., said air being heated up on photovoltaic systems. The aim of the invention is to devise a technical embodiment with an improved dimensional shape and a method for utilizing air in conjunction with heat pumps and other domestic installations or the house as such, e.g. basements, staircases etc., said air being heated up on photovoltaic systems. The photovoltaic modules comprise modular mounting rails that extend from the gutter to the rooftop and are arranged on the sloped surface/roofing in such a manner that the channels formed in this manner and generating a current or draft of air have lamellar cages on the lower inlet and ventilators on the upper outlet. The ventilators are incorporated into a collecting channel having individual ducts and being arranged at the upper outlets so as to interconnect them crosswise, said channel being connected to a multiport air mixer lying under the sloped surface/roofing via an additional air channel which supplies air to an air/water heat pump. In another embodiment, the system is used for tilting mounts in open space installations.09-01-2011
20090218071HEAT EXCHANGER FOR UTILISING THE HEAT FROM WASTE WATER - Heat exchanger element for installation in sewage pipelines, the top side of which heat exchanger element has a heat-conducting exchange surface with heat exchanger chambers arranged on it, the heat exchanger element has in cross section a run-in gutter and run-off surfaces contiguous to the latter on both sides, and, in the region of the run-in gutter and the run-off surfaces, lines for the forward run, return run and distribution of a heat exchanger medium are arranged, the floor point of the run-in gutter, the lower region of the lines and/or the free margins of the run-off surfaces being designed as bearings for arranging the heat exchanger element in the sewage pipeline.09-03-2009
20120186778METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TWO STAGE COOLING OF AMBIENT AIR - An apparatus is provided comprising: a radiating panel mountable to a surface such that the panel is directed towards a night sky and cooled via radiation heat loss to the night sky, and air proximal the panel is cooled by transferring heat thereto which radiates the heat via the heat loss, the panel being sloped such that ambient air proximal an outer surface of the panel flows towards a lower portion of the panel as the ambient air cools, the ambient air being further cooled due to further contact with the panel as the ambient air flows towards the lower portion; a plurality of air openings in the lower portion of the panel, for the ambient air cooled by the panel to pass there through; and, an air collection space defined at least in part by the panel for receiving cooled ambient air passing through the air openings.07-26-2012
20120186777COOLING SYSTEM, A MOTOR HANDLING SYSTEM, AND A METHOD OF POSITIONING A MOTOR IN A COOLING SYSTEM - A cooling system, a motor handling system, and a method of positioning a motor in a cooling system are disclosed. The motor handling system includes a suspension feature configured to engage a support member, the support member positioned partially below a cooler. The motor handling system permits positioning of a motor in a first position and re-positioning of the motor to a second position. The cooling system includes a cooler, a support member positioned partially below the cooler, and a motor handling system. The method of positioning includes engaging a support member of a cooling system with a suspension feature, positioning the motor at a first position, and re-positioning the motor at a second position.07-26-2012
20110247782CONSTANT TEMPERATURE CHAMBER - A constant temperature chamber includes a cavity, a first fan, and a second fan. The cavity includes a first side, a second side, a third side, and a fourth side. The first and second sides are oriented towards each other in a first direction. The third and fourth sides are oriented towards each other in a second direction which is different from the first direction. The first side defines a plurality of first vents, the second side defines a plurality of second vents, the third side defines a plurality of third vents, and the fourth side defines a plurality of fourth vents. The first fan includes a first air inlet and a first air outlet. The first air inlet is in communication with one of the first or second vents. The first air outlet is in communication with the other one of first or second vents. The second fan includes a second air inlet and a second air outlet. The second air inlet is in communication with one of the third or fourth vents. The second air outlet is in communication with the other one of third or fourth vents.10-13-2011
20110247783AUTOMOBILE WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR COMPRISING A COOLING CIRCUIT FOR THE ELECTRONIC POWER CIRCUIT CONNECTED TO A HEATING RADIATOR OF THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT - An automobile including an electric motor, a passenger compartment, an electronic power circuit, and a cooling circuit for the electronic power circuit, in which a coolant flows and which includes: a heat exchanger configured to discharge calories carried by the coolant to outside of the vehicle; a heating radiator provided upstream from the exchanger and configured to transfer the calories carried by the coolant to air in the passenger compartment; and an adiabatic tank configured to store at least a fraction of the coolant flowing in the cooling circuit.10-13-2011
20110146943PORTABLE STAND-ALONE OUTDOOR AIR CONDITIONING APPARATUS - An outdoor air conditioning tower for providing thermally conditioned air to users located proximate to the tower includes a tower housing defining at least one ambient air inlet, a first conditioned air outlet vertically positioned at a height to coincide with the torso of a standing human, and a second conditioned air outlet vertically positioned at a height to coincide with the head of a standing human. A fan within the tower housing has a fan inlet communicative with the ambient air inlet for drawing ambient air into the tower for thermal conditioning and also has a fan outlet communicative with the first and said second conditioned air outlets for supplying conditioned air to users. A heat exchanger is interposed between the ambient air inlet and the air outlet, and a working fluid supply is fluidly communicative with the heat exchanger for thermally conditioning the ambient air.06-23-2011
20120168116METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING A WIND TURBINE AND BOTTOM TOWER SECTION OF WIND TURBINE - Method of constructing a wind turbine comprising a tower with a bottom section housing electric equipment, which is built in the bottom tower section before the bottom tower section is positioned on a foundation. Prefabricated bottom tower section for a wind turbine comprising electric equipment, e.g., positioned on two or more floors.07-05-2012
20100186927THERMAL ENERGY EXCHANGER - A thermal energy exchanger assembly (07-29-2010
20090308568STORAGE TYPE BOILER HEATING EXCHANGING STRUCTURE FOR PREVENTING CONDENSATION - A heat exchanger of a non-condensing storage type boiler for preventing condensation is provided. The heat exchanger include a heating water outflow port installed on an upper portion of the boiler, a heating water inflow port installed lower than the heating water outflow port, and an internal pipe extending spirally from the heating water inflow port and being installed in a water tube of the boiler. The internal pipe is connected to an extension pipe that extends through a re-entry outlet passing through a wall of the boiler to be connected with a re-entry inlet.12-17-2009
20090308567Device for Freezing,Transporting and Thawing Fluids - The invention relates to a device (12-17-2009
20110186263HEAT EXCHANGER FOR THE OUTER SKIN OF AN AIRCRAFT - A heat exchanger for an outer skin of an aircraft comprises at least one feed line for a coolant, at least one discharge line for the coolant and at least one bundle of coolant channels through which coolant flows, wherein in the case of the heat exchanger being attached to the outer skin, the coolant channels are positioned directly on the outer skin of the aircraft, at least in areas, for dissipating heat to the surrounding environment of the aircraft. The heat exchanger may comprise cooling fins around which air flows for increasing the heat dissipation.08-04-2011
20120097363HEAT SINK ASSEMBLY CONTAINER - A heat sink assembly is packaged by placing the heat sink assembly in a container. The container is secured within a hard disk drive cage.04-26-2012
20100263826Energy Efficient Cooling Tower System Utilizing Auxiliary Cooling Tower - A cooling tower system, including a principal cooling tower; an auxiliary cooling tower for receiving a portion of the warm water flow into the main tower; a central shaft mounted vertically in the auxiliary tower; a turbine mounted on a portion of the shaft; a cooling blade mounted on the upper end of the shaft; a water jetting system delivering warm water under pressure from the main cooling tower into the auxiliary cooling tower to impart rotation to the turbine blades for imparting rotation to the cooling blade; a quantity of high efficiency film fill in that portion of the tower below the turbine for receiving the water coming off of the turbine blades; air flow produced by rotation of the cooling blade upward through the fill in order to cool the water before it is returned to the main cooling tower.10-21-2010
20110146944Heat Exchanger Mounting Assembly - A mounting assembly for a heat exchanger for a gas turbine engine. The heat exchanger assembly includes a plurality of arcuate manifolds each supporting an array of fins extending from a radial inner surface. A plurality of circumferentially extending spaced weld tabs is integrally formed on the radial outer surface. A bracket assembly is utilized to attach the heat exchanger to a structural member of a gas turbine engine assembly, e.g., a fan case, in such a manner as to maximize the surface area available for fin placement, and to not interfere with the cooling circuits within the manifold. The mounting system provides adequate stiffness for high cycle fatigue loads (i.e., vibrations) and allows relative slippage between the heat exchanger and the fan case to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction to address low cycle fatigue loads.06-23-2011
20110315342HEAT EXCHANGE DEVICE, ESPECIALLY FOR AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - A heat exchange device, especially for an automotive vehicle, One embodiment comprises at least one metal foam and a thermal member, in direct contact with the metal foam, enabling heat exchange between the thermal member and the metal foam.12-29-2011
20100025010APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DIRECT WATER COOLING SEVERAL PARALLEL CIRCUIT CARDS EACH CONTAINING SEVERAL CHIP PACKAGES - A cooling apparatus, system and like method for an electronic device includes a plurality of heat producing electronic devices affixed to a wiring substrate. A plurality of heat transfer assemblies each include heat spreaders and thermally communicate with the heat producing electronic devices for transferring heat from the heat producing electronic devices to the heat transfer assemblies The plurality of heat producing electronic devices and respective heat transfer assemblies are positioned on the wiring substrate having the regions overlapping. A heat conduit thermally communicates with the heat transfer assemblies. The heat conduit circulates thermally conductive fluid therethrough in a closed loop for transferring heat to the fluid from the heat transfer assemblies via the heat spreader. A thermally conductive support structure supports the heat conduit and thermally communicates with the heat transfer assemblies via the heat spreader transferring heat to the fluid of the heat conduit from the support structure.02-04-2010
20120055650SYSTEM FOR CLAMPING HEAT SINK - A system for clamping a heat sink that prevents excessive clamping force is provided. The system may include a heat sink, a semiconductor device, a printed circuit board, and a cover. The semiconductor device may be mounted onto the circuit board and attached to the cover. The heat sink may be designed to interface with the semiconductor device to transfer heat away from the semiconductor device and dissipate the heat into the environment. Accordingly, the heat sink may be clamped into a tight mechanical connection with the semiconductor device to minimize thermal resistance between the semiconductor device and the heat sink. To prevent excessive clamping force from damaging the semiconductor device, loading columns may extend between the cover and the heat sink.03-08-2012
20090120608SEAL FOR TUBULAR HEAT EXCHANGER - Seal for tubular heat exchanger comprising groove with an inner edge; tongue of the diaphragm having front face extending in the radial direction and inner edge parallel to the axis of the channel; the face extending beyond the radial width of the groove in inward direction and overlapping the face of the shoulder of the channel in which the groove being provided. The tongue of the diaphragm being thus kept away from entering the groove; the diaphragm having flexibility to permit deflection of the tongue, the tongue of the diaphragm being loaded from outer side by the internal compression ring, the said internal compression ring being loaded in turn by the threaded push bolts/rods being fitted in the threaded holes on periphery of the threaded lock ring. This load is ultimately transferred to the joint between the gasket and face to achieve leak-proof joint.05-14-2009
20120111532COOLING-ARRANGEMENT - A cooling-arrangement is provided. The arrangement for cooling includes a device and a heat exchanger. The device is coupled with the heat exchanger in a way, that heat, which is generated inside the device, is transferred from the device to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is at least partly arranged into an ambient airflow. The heat exchanger is constructed in a way that the heat is transferred from the heat exchanger into the ambient airflow. The heat exchanger contains a suction side and a pressure side, which are arranged and constructed in a way that the ambient air, which passes by close to the sides, is accelerated for an improved heat transfer.05-10-2012
20120111531Pressure Reducing Gas Storage Device, Air-Jet System, And Motor Vehicle - A pressure reducing gas storage device, an air-jet system and a motor vehicle are disclosed herein, wherein the pressure reducing gas storage device comprises a gas storage tank including an inlet for receiving compressed air and an outlet for outputting air and a heat exchanger for heating the air in the air input into the gas storage tank. By providing a heat exchanger to heat the air input in the gas storage tank, the phenomenon of being frozen is eliminated and the pressure reducing gas storage device is able to work continuously and stably.05-10-2012
20120061046INTERLOCKING ROOF MOUNTED HEAT-TRANSFER PANELS - A method is disclosed for installing heat transfer panels (typically of metal) on a roof. Panels are applied to the roof such that the panels have an interlocking relationship at interlocking interfaces between adjacent panels. An energy conducting element is laid among the panels such that the energy conducting element extends along the interlocking interfaces such that of the energy conducting element emits heat in all directions, preferably by contact 03-15-2012
20110073276HEAT DISSIPATION SYSTEM - A heat dissipation system includes a computer case has a base plate and a back plate perpendicularly to the base plate, a heat sink, a first fan and an air duct. The heat sink is positioned in the computer case in contact with a first heat source. The first heat source and the back plate define a first air channel therebetween. The first fan is positioned in the computer case adjacent to a first side of the heat sink. The first fan is configured to generate airflow through the heat sink in such a manner that airflow flows from the computer case outside is sucked into the computer case via the first air inlet and the first air channel. The air duct is positioned in the computer case adjacent to a second side of the heat sink. The heat sink heats the airflow from the first fan. The warm airflow heated by the heat sink is then blown out of the computer case by the first fan via the air duct.03-31-2011
20090173472TEMPERATURE TRANSFER STAND - A portable temperature transfer stand for holding thermo-conductive laboratory devices transferring thermal energy to laboratory devices is provided as well as its methods of use. The temperature transfer stand comprises at least one supporting structure (foot) and a stable stage, both comprising a thermal conductive material. The supporting structure is in direct contact with the stage which is in direct contact with a laboratory device.07-09-2009
20120247720SELF-SUPPORTING COOLING MODULE - A self-supporting cooling module, comprising a self-supporting cooling module body which is made of foamed resin material, a reference plane being defined in said cooling module body, wherein components are located in said cooling module body in a first operating position with respect to the reference plane in which all components operably interact, and a plurality of components to be cooled or executing a cooling action, said components executing a cooling action include at least one heat exchanger, characterized in that said components are introduced into said cooling module body such that they operably interact also in a second operating position which, with respect to said first operating position, is rotated by 180° around an axis lying in said reference plane.10-04-2012
20110180233APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY OF A SHOWERHEAD - An apparatus for controlling thermal uniformity of a substrate-facing surface of a showerhead is provided herein. In some embodiments, the thermal uniformity of the substrate facing surface of the showerhead may be controlled to be more uniform. In some embodiments, the thermal uniformity of the substrate facing surface of the showerhead may be controlled to be non-uniform in a desired pattern. In some embodiments, an apparatus for controlling thermal uniformity of a substrate-facing surface of a showerhead may include a showerhead having a substrate facing surface and one or more plenums for providing one or more process gases through a plurality of gas distribution holes formed through the substrate facing surface of the showerhead; and a plurality of flow paths having a substantially equivalent fluid conductance disposed within the showerhead to flow a heat transfer fluid.07-28-2011
20120255706Heat Exchange Using Underground Water System - In this disclosure, we have the following examples and teachings: A geothermal heating and or cooling system is introduced here which is deriving cooled or heated liquid via existing infrastructure of water pipe system in use for the houses and buildings, e.g. from the city water system or pipe network, or from the well water (or lake or river or sea or ocean or the like), piped or channeled to the buildings, through pipes or conduits or channels or closed enclosures. The system derives cooled liquid from existing underground infrastructure, including or for example, below-ground water pipes. The system gains a temperature advantage from the geothermal ground temperature, which remains roughly constant throughout the year in most regions. The system uses (e.g.) a storage tank to contain a working fluid and store thermal energy. In one example, multiple chambers and/or tanks are used for water heaters or coolers, with different connection and flow mechanisms. Other examples and designs are also discussed and shown here.10-11-2012
20100122792Universal Blank for Air Flow Management - A system for managing air flow through a body of an information handling system is disclosed. The disclosure provides a blank including a blank base plate and a blank ridge extending from the blank base plate. The blank base plate may be configured to match an architecture of both a processor socket and a bank of memory chip sockets. The blank may be configured to provide an impedance to air flow substantially similar to a total impedance provided by a processor and associated heat sink disposed in the processor socket and a bank of memory chips disposed in the bank of memory chip sockets.05-20-2010
20100032131Portable Climate Control System - Presented herein is a portable climate control system that enables user-adjustable air temperature manipulation and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, comprising a portable housing; at least one fan disposed on said housing for moving an air supply through the housing; a core disposed within the housing, that contains material that enables altering at least one attribute of the air supply moving through the housing; a plurality of fins, radially disposed between the housing and the core, to support the core within the housing; and an air outlet hose, disposed on the housing, for delivering the manipulated air supply from the housing to a desired location.02-11-2010
20110226442ALIGNMENT MECHANISM - An alignment mechanism is disclosed which includes a mount, a beam having a first end affixed to the mount and a second end. The beam is an order of magnitude more rigid along its longitudinal axis than along an axis orthogonal to its longitudinal axis. The second end of the beam is affixed to a first device having a surface configured to contact a second device. The beam applies a normal force component to the second device through the first device and allows movement at the second end in directions orthogonal to the normal force component.09-22-2011
20110226441STRUCTURE FOR COOLING HEATING ELEMENT - A structure for cooling a heat element includes a heat element box containing a heat element and forms an air passageway therebetween, an intake duct connecting a passenger compartment and the air passageway, a discharge duct connecting the air passageway and a vehicle exterior, and a wall on a vehicle body. The intake duct has a water reserving portion for accumulating a liquid entering from the passenger compartment. The intake duct has an expansion portion and has a discharge hole of the liquid. The wall is provided to face the discharge hole so that the liquid discharged through the discharge hole moves downward along a surface of the wall.09-22-2011
20110303389FLUID STORAGE TANK HAVING ACTIVE INTEGRATED COOLING - A fluid storage tank including heat extraction arrangements is provided. The fluid storage tank includes a passive and an active heat exchanger. A fan draws ambient air through both the active and passive heat exchangers to dissipate heat energy stored in the fluid passing through or stored within the tank.12-15-2011
20120318475Building Energy System - There is disclosed a building energy system comprising a building enclosure having an insulated building envelope that incorporates at least one perimeter fenestration assembly, and an integrated mechanical system that provides heating and cooling. The integrated mechanical system comprises a cold thermal storage tank, a hot thermal storage tank, and a heat pump that transfers heat from the cold thermal storage tank to the hot thermal storage tank. The building enclosure also comprises an air stratified ventilation system comprising at least one upper exhaust outlet and at least one lower supply intake. The upper exhaust outlet incorporates a heat exchanger that recovers heat from outgoing air. The heat exchanger is connected to the cold thermal storage tank. Energy performance of the at least one fenestration assembly may vary or be automatically controlled such that the heating and cooling loads of the integrated mechanical system are at least partially balanced.12-20-2012
20120298328METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING THERMAL ENERGY - Municipal waste water systems can be a significant renewable alternative energy source for heating and cooling of buildings. Waste water flow rate and temperature data is collected over a period of time and locations within the waste water system that can act as a thermal energy source or sink are identified. Candidate buildings proximate the locations are identified. Thermal energy transfer apparatus can be used to transfer energy between an identified location and building.11-29-2012
20120080164Heat-Exchange Apparatus with Pontoon-based Fluid Distribution System - A pontoon that includes infrastructure for fluidically coupling a heat exchanger or heat exchanger module into each of the seawater and working-fluid distribution systems of an OTEC power generation system is provided. In some embodiments, a pontoon comprises: (1) a first passage for conveying seawater between a first port and a second port at which a heat exchanger module can be connected; and (2) a conduit and connectors for connecting the heat exchanger module and the working fluid circulation system—even while the heat exchanger module is submerged. In some embodiments, pontoons in accordance with the present invention enable heat exchangers or heat exchanger modules to be added or removed to an OTEC system without disrupting the operation of other heat exchangers or heat exchanger modules in use in the OTEC system.04-05-2012
20110265973Passive Heat Exchanger Comprising Thermally Conductive Foam - This disclosure is directed to devices, systems, and methods associated with a passive heat exchanger using thermally conductive foam. With reference to some systems the thermally conductive foam is positioned between a heat source and a heat dissipater to lower an operating temperature. With reference to other systems the thermally conductive foam is positioned between a component to be heated and a heat source to increase an operating temperature. Some embodiments of the thermally conductive foam are substantially pliable, other embodiments of the thermally conductive foam are substantially rigid, and other embodiments of the thermally conductive foam are initially fluid. Some devices related to the present disclosure include thermally conductive foam having thermally conductive particles within the thermally conductive foam.11-03-2011
20110277953SUPERCONDUCTING MOTOR - A superconducting motor includes: a rotor that is rotatably supported; a stator that is provided around the rotor, and that is provided with a plurality of coils that are respectively formed of superconducting wires and that are wound at an inner periphery of a stator core; and a refrigerator having a cooling portion for cooling the plurality of coils. The cooling portion of the refrigerator is in contact with the plurality of coils.11-17-2011
20120325429Explosion-Proof Enclosures with Active Thermal Management by Heat Exchange - Enclosures for use in hazardous areas include heat exchangers for active thermal management. The enclosures are coupled to a device having heat transfer capabilities. Equipment within the enclosures produces heat within the enclosure. The heat exchanger removes heat produced from the equipment and manages the internal temperature of the enclosures to a level suitable for hazardous locations. The enclosures can be actively cooled or heated using the device.12-27-2012
20120285658HIGH TEMPERATURE ELECTROSTATIC CHUCK WITH RADIAL THERMAL CHOKES - A wafer support assembly including a wafer support and cooling plate with radial thermal chokes is provided. The cooling plate and wafer support may have limited contact and may not contact each other outside of certain limited thermal contact patches. The thermal contact patches may generally define one or more radial thermal choke regions. In some implementations, high- and low-temperature cooling systems may be placed at one or more locations across the cooling plate to assist in temperature management.11-15-2012
20130014910HEAT DISSIPATING APPARATUS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICEAANM ZHU; MAO-HEAACI Wuhan CityAACO CNAAGP ZHU; MAO-HE Wuhan City CNAANM JI; JIN-BIAOAACI Wuhan CityAACO CNAAGP JI; JIN-BIAO Wuhan City CNAANM YAO; ZHI-JIANGAACI Wuhan CityAACO CNAAGP YAO; ZHI-JIANG Wuhan City CN - An installation member includes at least two installation portions located on the installation member, each defining an installation hole, at least two resilient members, at least two blocking members, and at least two fasteners. Each fastener comprises a head and a shank. The head defines a receiving groove for preventing a hand tool from disengaging from the head during rotating the fastener. The shank is received the installation hole. Each resilient member is fit on the shank and elastically engaged between the head and the installation portion. Each blocking member is secured on the shank and abuts against a nearest end of the installation portion.01-17-2013
20120247721WALL ASSEMBLY WITH PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL - A wall assembly including a power generation subassembly having one or more body elements and one or more photovoltaic power generation modules. Each photovoltaic power generation module includes one or more photovoltaic panel with photovoltaic cells for converting light energy into electricity, being adapted to operate at an operating temperature within a range of operating temperatures, and means for attaching the photovoltaic panel to the body element. The wall assembly also includes one or more loop circuits adapted to permit flow of a heat transfer medium therethrough. Each loop circuit is at least partially engaged with the power generation subassembly for transfer of heat energy therebetween via conduction for moderating the operating temperature of the photovoltaic cells.10-04-2012
20130133857Exhaust impingement cooling - An exhaust impingement cooling device for reducing heating effects of an exhaust plume on an impinged surface. An exhaust nozzle exit screen is positioned across an exhaust plume flow path, and includes a plurality of flowpath diverging apertures that spread at least a portion of an exhaust plume that is being emitted along the exhaust plume flow path from an exhaust plume source. Flow control jets are arrayed within the exhaust plume flow path in respective positions where their operation will augment the flow of exhaust plume gases through the screen, thereby increasing the momentum and mixing of the exhaust plume with cooler ambient air.05-30-2013
20130139998COOLING SYSTEM, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, AND METHOD FOR COOLING HEATING ELEMENT - A cooling system includes a first cooling part to cool a connecting part of a heating element with a first coolant having an electrical insulating property, the connecting part providing electrical connection between the heating element and a board, and a second cooling part to cool another part of the heating element with a second coolant, said other part being different from the connecting part.06-06-2013
20130146250SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DESALINATION OF WATER USING A GRAPHITE FOAM MATERIAL - A condenser or heat exchanger includes a circulation system for moving a cooling fluid, and a graphite foam in thermal communication with the circulation system. The condenser or heat exchanger can be used to remove water, or more particularly freshwater from water vapor or steam produced from seawater.06-13-2013
20100307715Heat Transfer Apparatus - A heat transfer apparatus for a portable hydration system that includes a reservoir, a first check valve, a manual pump activated by user movement, a second check valve, a first fluid communication line including a proximal end in communication with the second check valve and a distal end in communication with a bleed valve, further included is a second fluid communication line including an inlet end in communication in the bleed valve and an outlet end in communication with the reservoir. The first fluid communication line and the second fluid communication line are continuously adjacent in position to one another, wherein the bleed valve discharges a selectable intermittent fluid flowrate to the user for consumption and the pump outputs a primary intermittent fluid flowrate greater than the selectable intermittent fluid flowrate, wherein operationally the heat transfer apparatus acts to further help equalize the reservoir and the bleed valve temperatures.12-09-2010
20120043053CATALYTIC ALCOHOL DEHYDROGENATION HEAT SINK FOR MOBILE APPLICATION - A heat sink is used to absorb heat produced by a vehicle. The heat sink uses an endothermic catalytic alcohol dehydrogenation reaction to assist with the absorption of excess heat produced in the electronics of the vehicle. In some embodiments, the alcohol can be pre-heated by absorbing heat from various components of the vehicle. Excess heat from the various components or from the vehicle engine can be used to vaporize the reaction fluids in order to further absorb additional heat. Reaction fluids can also be sent to the vehicle's engine/burner for use as a supplemental fuel.02-23-2012

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