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164 - Metal founding

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164047000 Shaping liquid metal against a forming surface 495
164006000 Shaping a forming surface (e.g., mold making, etc.) 161
164400100 With measuring, testing, inspecting, or condition determination 95
164046000 Disposition of a gaseous or projected particulate molten material on a shaping surface 4
20100101748HIGH-STRENGTH AND HIGH-DUCTILITY AL ALLOY AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION OF THE SAME - An object of the present invention is to provide an Al—Zn—Mg—Cu 7000-series Al alloy having high ductility as well as having high strength. For attaining this purpose, an Al alloy having a structure in which an inclusion is not included is produced by reducing an amount of oxygen contained in an Al alloy that is obtained by solidifying a preform resulting from rapid solidification by preferably spray forming a molten metal of an Al—Zn—Mg—Cu 7000-series Al alloy with an inert gas. This Al alloy has, as mechanical properties at an ordinary temperature, a tensile strength of 600 MPa or more, and an elongation of 15% or more when the tensile strength is from 600 MPa or more and less than 800 MPa or an elongation of 10% or more when the tensile strength is 800 MPa or more, and is excellent in cold workability such as rollability.04-29-2010
20100282428SPRAY DEPOSITION OF L12 ALUMINUM ALLOYS - A method for producing high strength aluminum alloy product from powder containing L111-11-2010
20120273152METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PIPE - A method for producing a pipe, a carrier element being coated by means of a thermal spraying method, the material of the pipe formed later being selected as the coating material, and the coating forming the pipe being detached from the carrier element, the spraying angle, at which the coating material is sprayed onto the carrier element, being selected such that a low level of adhesion of the coating on the carrier element is achieved.11-01-2012
20100314068Casting Apparatus and Method - A nucleated casting apparatus including an atomizing nozzle configured to produce a droplet spray of a metallic material, a mold configured to receive the droplet spray and form a preform therein, and a gas injector which can limit, and possibly prevent, overspray from accumulating on the mold. The gas injector can be configured to produce a gas flow which can impinge on the droplet spray to redirect at least a portion of the droplet spray away from a side wall of the mold. In various embodiments, the droplet spray may be directed by the atomizing nozzle in a generally downward direction and the gas flow may be directed in a generally upward direction such that the gas flow circumscribes the perimeter of the mold.12-16-2010
164002000 Printing plate (e.g., stereotype, etc.) forming 1
20100078143METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A DUPLICATING STAMPER - A method for manufacturing a duplicating stamper is provided. The method includes the steps of forming a metal film on a stamper, the metal film having an apertural area in a central area of the stamper, lifting up an innermost circular edge of the metal film in order to detach the metal film from the innermost circular edge to the outermost circular edge, and detaching the metal film to provide another stamper. Alternatively, for detaching the metal film, a gas is blown into the apertural area with lifting up the innermost circular edge of the metal film.04-01-2010
20090283237Rotary Drum and vibratory conveyor system - A rotary drum and vibratory conveyor system including a single walled rotary drum positioned above a vibratory conveyor assembly. The rotary drum may be segmented with each segment having end flanges that are connected to an adjoining segment with bolts. A section or sections of the rotary drum have perforations covered by a dust hood that allow sand and media to fall from the drum through a funnel structure onto the conveyor assembly. The vibratory conveyor assembly includes upper and lower conveyors, where the upper conveyor collects the media falling from the drum and passes the sand to the lower conveyor. The media may be redirected back to the drum inlet to be reused.11-19-2009
20120291976SIDE FRAME AND BOLSTER FOR A RAILWAY TRUCK AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - A method of manufacturing a bolster of a rail car that includes a pair of shoe pockets at respective ends configured to be inserted into bolster openings of respective side frames includes providing a bolster pattern for forming a drag portion and cope portion of a mold. Cores that define an interior region of a cast bolster are also provided. The bolster pattern and the cores are configured to constrain shoe pocket angles within about ±0.5°.11-22-2012
20120018111TEMPERATURE MAINTENANCE AND/OR POSSIBLE HEATING APPARATUS FOR LONG METAL PRODUCTS AND RELATIVE METHOD - A temperature maintenance and/or possible heating apparatus for long products continuously cast and sheared to size by means of shearing means so as to define segments of bloom, said apparatus being disposed between a casting machine having a first casting line and a second casting line, and a rolling line disposed downstream of the casting machine in order to make long rolled metal products. The apparatus comprises: a mobile movement section of said bloom segments, disposed downstream of said shearing means and comprising a first mobile line and a second mobile line, said first and second mobile line being suitable to move transversely to the direction of advance of the bloom segments in order to move to a first position in which said mobile line and/or said second mobile line are aligned respectively with the first casting line and with the second casting line and to a second position in which one of either of said first mobile line or said second mobile line is aligned with a conveying axis; and a furnace, disposed downstream of said mobile movement section, comprising an entrance rollerway for the bloom segments aligned with said conveying axis, and an exit rollerway aligned with said rolling line and transverse transfer devices suitable to transfer the bloom segments from the entrance rollerway toward the exit rollerway.01-26-2012

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