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162 - Paper making and fiber liberation

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162158000 Non-fiber additive 380
162109000 Non-uniform, irregular or configured web or sheet 151
162202000 Running or indefinite length work forming and/or treating processes (e.g., web) 84
162141000 Plural fiber containing 67
162123000 Multi-layer waterlaid webs or sheets 37
162157100 Synthetic fiber (including chemically modified cellulose) 30
162135000 With coating after drying 27
162198000 With measuring, inspecting and/or testing 26
162140000 Safety, identification and fraud preventing paper 15
162199000 Conditioning, preparing or repairing of apparatus 13
162218000 Article forming processes (pulp molding) 13
162192000 Utilizing electrical or wave energy 8
162189000 Reclamation, salvage or reuse of materials 6
162152000 Mineral fiber 6
162139000 Cigarette paper 4
20130056166No waste rolling paper - after years of utilizing rolling papers, I had noticed a reoccurring problem. The rolling paper is structurally sound until reaching toward the end, where the tar from the contents will ultimately accumulate and render the paper un-usable. This is a problem especially for those who are trying to save money and at the same time get their money's worth. That is to say the consumer should not have to discard any of the tobacco products they purchased, due to a flaw in the manufacturing of rolling paper.03-07-2013
20090065161Processes of making monohydrate form of magnesium ammonium phosphate and processes of making paper using same - Processes for producing the monohydrate form of magnesium ammonium phosphate in slurry from use of environmentally friendly reactants are described. Slurry containing the monohydrate form of magnesium ammonium phosphate can be fed directly to, and mixed with, paper making feedstock, such as feedstock for cigarette paper, without transformation of the monohydrate form to the hexahydrate form of magnesium ammonium phosphate.03-12-2009
20120090799METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING CIGARETTE WRAPPING PAPER - Web to be formed into wrapping paper is applied with combustion inhibitor and then dried. Water is applied onto the entire surface of the opposite side to the combustion-inhibitor applied side of the web. The web applied with water is dried while pinched between drying and pressing rollers and stretched in a width direction. In this way, unwrinkled high-quality cigarette wrapping paper having a low ignition propensity can be stably and inexpensively manufactured. As the pressing roller, a heat-resistant rubber roller provided in its surface with a soft portion in a helical way is utilized.04-19-2012
20130199742PHOTODEGRADABLE PAPER AND ITS USE - A photodegradable paper including cellulose fibers and, if applicable, fillers, additives and/or other kind of fibers is described. Also described, is a paper particularly in the field of packaging, tissue papers or cigarettes.08-08-2013
162194000 With cutting and/or slitting 4
20130192785WEB TURN-UP CUTTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A web turn-up cutting method and apparatus for severing a continuous web that is traveling in a travel direction. The apparatus comprising a first water nozzle and a second water nozzle that are mountable on respective nozzle carriages and transversely movable. The apparatus further comprising a water jet controller adapted to activate a water supply of the first and second water nozzles and a carriage controller adapted to actuate the nozzle carriages to provide a transversal movement of the first and second water nozzles. The first and second nozzles being adapted to define together a substantially X-shaped cut on the traveling continuous web. The substantially X-shaped cut defining at least a substantially V-shaped tail for ending a forming roll, an opposite substantially V-shaped start for starting a new spool, a detachable first wing and a detachable second wing. A method of manufacturing paper in a papermaking machine.08-01-2013
20120291973PAPERMAKING CLOTHING DEFINING A WIDTH OF A PAPER WEB AND ASSOCIATED SYSTEM AND METHOD - A clothing for supporting a wet paper web for dewatering is provided, comprising a dewatering fabric extending in a machine direction and formed only from a woven material to have a single, substantially consistent, permeability. A pair of laterally-spaced strip portions extend along the dewatering fabric in the machine direction, with each being substantially and consistently impermeable to air and forming a substantially and consistently smooth non-water-retaining surface. The strip portions define a permeable web-carrying portion of the dewatering fabric therebetween, wherein the paper web carried thereby extends over the entire width thereof. The permeable web-carrying portion allows air to flow therethrough, exclusively of the impermeable strip portions, such that the wet paper web carried only by the permeable web-carrying portion is dewatered. The width of the permeable web-carrying portion thereby defines the width of the wet paper web dried thereon. Associated systems and methods are also provided.11-22-2012
20090178774Office equipment for paper recycling - An office paper recycling apparatus within a unitary body makes new office paper for use in office equipment from used office machine paper. The apparatus comprises a paper-shredding portion; a pulping portion; a paper-forming portion; a paper-press portion; a paper-drying portion; a paper-finishing portion having a means to trim the paper, a means to adjust the paper forming process by monitoring the stiffness properties and fiber orientation and a means to remove dust debris; and, a paper-collecting portion, where the new sheets are collected and stacked, ready to be used in office equipment.07-16-2009
20120168104METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING PRODUCT FROM STOCK PULP SHEET - A method of production of a product from a stock pulp sheet uses conveyor rolls to convey a stock pulp sheet to a crusher. During conveyance to the crusher, a defective part in the stock pulp sheet is detected by a detector. The detected defective part is removed from the stock pulp sheet by a remover. The stock pulp sheet from which the defective part is removed is supplied to the crusher to produce crushed pulp. The produced crushed pulp is used to produce a product in a product producer.07-05-2012
162231000 Articles 4
20110011550Tissue papers for household use - The present invention aims to provide soft and pleasant-to-touch tissue papers for household use with high strength.01-20-2011
20090084515Paper pulp mold and pulp molded articles thereof - The invention provides a mold of paper pulp and paper pulp articles shaped by the mold, where the mold of the paper pulp is made up of top mold body and bottom mold body. A space appears as both bodies are combined together, where the top and bottom bodies have corresponding protrusions and hollows respectively. Each has a plurality of through holes, which are set at the surfaces and the lateral sides of the top and bottom mold bodies for accommodating pulp flowing in and pulp pumping pipes plugging in and further for the shaft to hold the mold for rotation, which helps in lifting the average covering in the space encircled by the top and bottom mold bodies, to shape solid paper pulp articles.04-02-2009
20090218063FIBROUS STRUCTURES - Fibrous structures that exhibit a Dry Burst of greater than 360 g as measured according to Burst Test Method and optionally, a Total Dry Tensile of less than 2450 g/76.2 mm Machine Direction (MD) Dry Tensile of less than 1520 g/76.2 mm and/or a Geometric GM) Total Dry Tensile of less than 1180 g/76.2 mm as measured according to the Tensile Test Method are provided.09-03-2009
20090065164CELLULOSE-BASED FIBROUS MATERIALS - The present invention aims to provide cellulose-based fibrous materials for obtaining papers and sheets having low density, high surface quality, good size stability despite of high strength, and high opacity. Cellulose-based fibrous materials having external fibrils consisting of an assembly of scale-like microfibrils exhibit a higher fiber stiffness, a lower water retention value and a higher specific surface area as compared with fibrous materials having filamentous external fibrils at the same freeness. Papers and sheets having low density, high surface quality, good size stability and high opacity can be obtained by using such fibrous materials.03-12-2009
162134000 With printing and/or variegated coloring 3
20090272505METHOD FOR FINISHING PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS - Process for finishing paper and paper products by treating the surface of paper or paper products with at least one finishing agent, at least one finishing agent being applied in the form of a pattern on the top and/or bottom of paper or paper products, and the papers and paper products obtainable by the process.11-05-2009
20100252216LOW DENSITY PAPERBOARD ARTICLES - The invention provides a low density paperboard material and associated method for use in producing an insulated container, and is especially well-suited for making cups. The paperboard material comprises a paperboard web including wood fibers and expanded microspheres, and has a relatively low density ranging from about 6 to about 10 lb/3 MSF/mil (0.38 to about 0.64 g/cm10-07-2010
20090114354Absorbent paper product having printed indicia with a wide color palette - An absorbent paper product comprising indicia wherein the indicia comprise L*a*b* color wherein the L*a*b* values are outside of the boundary described by the following system of equations:05-07-2009
162201000 Combined processes 2
20090188642METHOD FOR MAKING A COMPRESSED STRUCTURAL FIBERBOARD - An improved method for making compressed structural fiberboard by extruding agricultural fibrous matter into said compressed structural fiberboard. The improved method of the present invention includes providing a preselected volume of agricultural fibrous matter and preconditioning the agricultural fibrous matter to have a predetermined moisture level therein. The agricultural fibrous matter is separated and cleaned, and steam is added to the agricultural fibrous matter until a predetermined level of moisture is reached within the agricultural fibrous matter. A predetermined level of borax is also added to the agricultural fibrous matter to prevent the formation of bacteria within the agricultural fibrous matter. The agricultural fibrous matter is conveyed throughout the process on conveyors having variable drives, wherein the level of the agricultural fibrous matter on the conveyors is sensed such that a signal is provided to the variable drives to adjust the speed of the conveyors in order to provide a predetermined level of agricultural fibrous matter. The agricultural fibrous matter is then extruded to form a compressed structural fiberboard.07-30-2009
20080251226MECHANICAL FIBERS IN XEROGRAPHIC PAPER - A xerographic paper and method of forming includes mechanical fiber and a predetermined curl control defined by a split sheet contraction measurement. The split sheet contraction can be between about 0.8 and about 1.2 and between about 0.9 and about 1.1. Split sheet contraction is defined by a relationship of paper shrinkage in a cross-direction to paper shrinkage in a machine-direction and between the two sides of the sheet when split in the Z-direction.10-16-2008
162138000 Electrical or magnetic product characteristic 2
20100032114Compositions containing expandable microspheres and an ionic compound as well as methods of making and using the same - This invention relates to composition containing expandable microspheres and at least one ionic compound and having a zeta potential that is greater than or equal to zero mV at a pH of about 9.0 or less at an ionic strength of from 1002-11-2010
20100051220EXPANDABLE MICROSPHERES AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - Expandable microspheres formed by suspension polymerization using a shot growth method are provided. The microspheres are formed of a continuous, gas impermeable shell surrounding a blowing agent. The shell includes a first polymer layer formed from primary monomers and a second layer that includes a chemically reactive monomer or a high Tg monomer. To form the microspheres, the primary monomers are polymerized in a reaction vessel to an approximate 90% polymerization, at which time a secondary monomer that is either a monomer having a Tg of at least 85° C. or a chemically reactive monomer, is added to the reaction vessel to drive the polymerization reaction to completion. The outer layer thus contains either a larger amount of the high Tg monomer or a chemically reactive monomer that possesses the ability to covalently bond a cationic species. The microspheres may be used in papermaking processes to increase the paper bulk.03-04-2010
162118000 With winding or roll forming 2
20090056894Tissue machine parent roll with a Z-direction intensive property profile - The intrinsic tissue sheet properties of tissue sheets wound into a parent roll during manufacturing can be purposely varied in order to provide a z-directional gradient within the parent roll. For example, the moisture content of the tissue sheet can be made lower in the core region of the parent roll and greater in the outer region of the parent roll. Such gradients can ultimately provide more uniformity of the intrinsic property within the final tissue product.03-05-2009
20120216973Conductive Webs and Process For Making Same - Conductive nonwoven webs are disclosed. The nonwoven webs contain pulp fibers combined with conductive fibers. In one embodiment, the webs are made in a wetlaid tissue or paper making process. The pulp fibers contained in the webs may comprise softwood fibers, while the conductive fibers may comprise carbon fibers. Base webs can be produced having a resistance of less than about 100 Ohms/square in one embodiment. Once produced, the conductive material can be cut into slits that are then wound on spools. From the spools, the conductive slits can be fed into a process for making any suitable product.08-30-2012
162151000 Animal or proteinaceous fiber 1
20090126886PROCESS FOR PRODUCING A LOW DENSITY ACOUSTICAL PANEL WITH IMPROVED SOUND ABSORPTION - A process useful for producing low density high mineral wool based acoustical panels with improved acoustical absorption properties using a water felting process is disclosed. The process includes forming a dilute slurry mixture including water, mineral wool, a thermoplastic binder and/or starch; and distributing the dilute slurry on a porous carrier to have the slurry dewatered to a base mat by gravity drainage to remove water by gravity. A vacuum is adjusted to gradually apply vacuum to the gravity dewatered base mat to further dewater the base mat without subjecting the mat to static pressure that would compress the base mat. The base mat is dried to form an acoustical ceiling product that has a low density and excellent acoustical absorption properties.05-21-2009
162197000 With stretching, tensioning, decurling, flexing or breaking 1
20080295987Method of Making Surface-Sized Paper/Board - The invention relates to a method of making surface-sized paper/board. The web to be treated in the method is after surface sizing passed to a treatment process for providing a desired drying shrinkage and/or increase of drying stresses to create thereby a desired effect on the flexural strength and/or bulk of paper/board.12-04-2008
162193000 Lead strip forming and/or guiding 1
20080302499ROPE GUIDE ARRANGEMENT - Rope guide arrangement, deflection device, and method for guiding a leader strip of a material web through a device. The arrangement includes at least two ropes being arranged offset relative to one another in a first plane defined by a machine direction and a transverse machine direction. Further, the at least two ropes are arranged offset relative to one another in a second plane oriented at a non-zero angle from the first plane.12-11-2008
162103000 Including solid non-waterlaid preform 1
20100126681PAPER INCLUDING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Paper embedded with a semiconductor device capable of communicating wirelessly is realized, whose unevenness of a portion including the semiconductor device does not stand out and the paper is thin with a thickness of less than or equal to 130 μm. A semiconductor device is provided with a circuit portion and an antenna, and the circuit portion includes a thin film transistor. The circuit portion and the antenna are separated from a substrate used during manufacturing, and are interposed between a flexible base and a sealing layer and protected. The semiconductor device can be bent, and the thickness of the semiconductor device itself is less than or equal to 30 μm. The semiconductor device is embedded in a paper in a papermaking process.05-27-2010
162150000 Undigested cellulosic fiber 1
20090044921BENTONITE FOR BINDING IMPURITIES DURING PAPER PRODUCTION - A method for binding impurities in paper production, comprising the following steps:02-19-2009
20090056891Array of paper towel products - Paper towel products, for example paper towel products, and arrays thereof associated with non-textual indicia, such as patterns, that are psychologically matched to intensive properties of the paper towel products; processes for making such an array of paper towel products, and marketing articles associated with displaying or advertising an array of paper towel products are provided.03-05-2009
20120285641ABSORBENT PAPER PRODUCT HAVING NON-EMBOSSED SURFACE FEATURES - A cellulosic fibrous structure product having one or more plies is disclosed. At least one of the plies has one or more unembossed areas, and the one or more unembossed area has a macroscopic first surface and a macroscopic second surface. The fibrous structure product also has a first wall which forms vertices with the first surface and the second surface. In addition, the first wall and the second surface form a top side wall angle of from about 90° to about 140°.11-15-2012
20120097351HIGHLY ABSORBENT AND RETENTIVE FIBER MATERIAL - A process for producing a water-absorbent high-porosity fibrous matrix from lignocellulosic raw materials, comprising wet mechanical processing of the raw material, drying, and then dry mechanical processing the fibers to provide a fibrous matrix is provided. The high-porosity fibrous matrix and absorbent articles prepared therefrom are also provided.04-26-2012
20090294079Absorbent sheet made by fabric crepe process - A process for making absorbent cellulosic paper products such as sheet for towel, tissue and the like, includes compactively dewatering a nascent web followed by wet belt creping the web at an intermediate consistency of anywhere from about 30 to about 60 percent under conditions operative to redistribute the fiber on the belt, which is preferably a fabric. In preferred embodiments, the web is thereafter adhesively applied to a Yankee dryer using a creping adhesive operative to enable high speed transfer of the web of intermediate consistency such as a poly(vinyl alcohol)/polyamide adhesive. An absorbent sheet so prepared from a papermaking furnish exhibits an absorbency of at least about 5 g/g, a CD stretch of at least about 4 percent, and an MD/CD tensile ratio of less than about 1.1, and also exhibits a maximum CD modulus at a CD strain of less than 1 percent and sustains a CD modulus of at least 50 percent of its maximum CD modulus to a CD strain of at least about 4 percent. Products of the invention may also exhibit an MD modulus at break 1.5 to 2 times their initial MD modulus.12-03-2009
20100252215ARRANGEMENT IN CONNECTION WITH THE PRESS SECTION OF A WEB-FORMING MACHINE AND BOARD OR PAPER PRODUCED IN SUCH ARRANGEMENT - The invention relates to an arrangement in connection with the press section of a web-forming machine. The arrangement includes at least one press nip (10-07-2010
20100319863Tissue Sheets Having Good Strength and Bulk - A method of making soft, strong, high bulk tissue is disclosed. The method includes pre-conditioning a wet web by straining the wet web in the cross-machine direction prior to transferring the wet web to a throughdrying fabric. The pre-conditioned web provides improved sheet softness and conforms more readily to the surface contour of the throughdrying fabric, thereby creating greater caliper (bulk) in the resulting dried sheet. The bulk is maintained during a subsequent creping step by maintaining the dried sheet in registration with the throughdrying fabric when the dried sheet is applied to the surface of the creping cylinder.12-23-2010
20110108224PAPERMAKING PRESS FELT AND PAPERMAKING METHOD - The object of the invention is to provide a papermaking felt which can be easily engaged in a papermaking machine, wherein the work time for engaging the felt is short, the initial warming-up period until reaching the highest papermaking speed is short, and the felt life is long.05-12-2011
20100181035GLUCOSYLTRANSFERASES - We describe transgenic cells which are transformed with nucleic acid molecules which encode glucosyltransferase polypeptides involved in phenylpropanoid biosynthesis.07-22-2010
20120298319METHOD FOR PRODUCING CELLULOSE-FIBER FLAT STRUCTURE - The present invention relates to a method of producing a cellulose-fiber flat structure, the method including obtaining a cellulose-fiber flat structure by filtering a fine cellulose-fiber dispersion containing fine cellulose fibers having an average fiber diameter of 4 to 100 nm, using a filter material having a water permeability of not more than 100 ml/m11-29-2012
20110303373APPARATUS FOR SEPARATING PARTICLES AND METHODS FOR USING SAME - An apparatus suitable for separating particles and methods for using such apparatus are provided.12-15-2011
20120090798METHOD OF MAKING PAPER - The invention relates to a method of making a paper or paper board, in which method cut pulp is prepared by cutting basic cellulosic fiber pulp at the consistency of at least 25% so that the average fiber length of the basic pulp is decreased by more than 25% and the SR number of the cut pulp is at most 20% higher than that of the basic pulp, and the cut pulp is used as a raw material in the preparation of a stock.04-19-2012
20080245491Array of sanitary tissue products - Sanitary tissue products, for example toilet tissue products, and arrays thereof associated with non-textual indicia, such as patterns, that are psychologically matched to intensive properties of the sanitary tissue products; processes for making such an array of sanitary tissue products are provided, and marketing articles associated with displaying or advertising an array of sanitary tissue products.10-09-2008
20080271862Tissue sheets having good strength and bulk - A method of making soft, strong, high bulk tissue is disclosed. The method includes pre-conditioning a wet web by straining the wet web in the cross-machine direction prior to transferring the wet web to a throughdrying fabric. The pre-conditioned web provides improved sheet softness and conforms more readily to the surface contour of the throughdrying fabric, thereby creating greater caliper (bulk) in the resulting dried sheet. The bulk is maintained during a subsequent creping step by maintaining the dried sheet in registration with the throughdrying fabric when the dried sheet is applied to the surface of the creping cylinder.11-06-2008
20130098572PAPER PRODUCT HAVING UNIQUE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES - A web product having at least one ply and having a Basis Weight, BW, to Dry Bulk, DB, value satisfying the equation DB≧34.63−0.31*BW is disclosed.04-25-2013
20130192776APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE PROCESSING OF CELLULOSE FIBRES - The invention according to the present invention relates to the manufacture of paper and or boards and/or binding agents and a method and apparatus related to the same by providing for the defibrillation of cellulose fibres into a form in which the same can be subsequently sued to form the finished product directly or can be used to bind other materials together and then be formed into the finished product. The apparatus includes a twin screw conveyor through the material and liquid passes to be processed..08-01-2013
20130199741HIGH BULK TISSUE SHEETS AND PRODUCTS - Spirally wound paper products are disclosed having desirable roll bulk, firmness and softness properties. The rolled products can be made from single ply tissue webs formed according to various processes.08-08-2013

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