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160 - Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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160370210 Automobile windshield weather protector or sunshield 53
160369000 For framed type 11
160370000 With guide for strand 9
20090199980Light restricting system and method - This invention is directed to an apparatus and method for restricting light from entering through a window's structure. An opaque cloth is secured by a plurality of flexible securing members. The securing members are held in place by flexible securing members to secure the opaque cloth in the window. The opaque cloth can include perimeter portions which help restrict light from leaking around the edges of the opaque cloth. This invention also includes the method for restricting light using an opaque cloth and flexible securing members.08-13-2009
20100116446WINDSCREEN ASSEMBLY FOR ATTACHMENT TO FENCE - A windscreen system includes mounting panels for affixation to a fence, and a main windscreen sheet removably attachable to the mounting panels. Each mounting panel comprises an elongate panel of material having grommets disposed in spaced relation along the length thereof and hook-and-loop fastening material disposed generally adjacent to said grommets along at least a portion of the length of the panel. Upper and lower mounting panels are affixed to a fence in horizontally disposed, vertically spaced relation, in proximity to the top and bottom portions of the fence, and the main windscreen sheet is removably attached thereto by hook-and-loop fastening.05-13-2010
20130037226OPERATION CORD, AND OPERATION APPARATUS FOR SUNLIGHT SHIELDING APPARATUS - Provided is an endless operation cord that is easy to replace. The present invention provides an operation cord including: a main cord having one and the other ends; a first coupling part disposed at the one end; and a second coupling part disposed at the other end. The first and second coupling parts can be coupled together directly or via a coupling member and can be coupled or uncoupled by means of a relative rotation between the adjacent coupling parts or between the adjacent coupling parts and coupling member or a relative movement in a direction other than a length direction of the main cord between the adjacent coupling parts or between the adjacent coupling parts and coupling member.02-14-2013
20130087297VertiQuiet - The invention is an apparatus that selectively retains a chosen number of vertical blind slats. It comprises an elongated two-arm apparatus holding and conforming to common slat designs. Objectives and advantages include: user friendly, inexpensive to manufacture, convenient, comfortable to hold, beautifies blinds, allows for chosen amounts of light let in, and substantially reduces the rattling blind slat noise made when a window or door is open. The description herein provides preferred embodiments of the invention but should not be construed as limiting its scope. For example, variation in the size, length, height, and width of the apparatus as long as it remains easy and convenient to use by an adult; the material used; colors; and textures. Thus, the scope of the present invention should be determined by the appended claims and their legal equivalents, rather than being limited to the examples given.04-11-2013
20090301670Window covering - A window covering is disclosed that includes a first rail, window covering material adjacent the first rail, at least one lift cord extending through the window covering material to the headrail, a plurality of pulleys positioned adjacent the first rail, at least one spring motor adjacent the first rail, at least one spring motor cord extending from the one or more spring motors and a rigid connector attached to one or more spring motor cords and one or more lift cords. The connector and one or more spring motor cords are configured to pass along at least one of the pulleys during movement along a cord path defined by one or more of the pulleys. The connector should have a length that is not greater than ⅙ of the circumference of at least one of the pulleys the connector passes over during extension of the window covering material.12-10-2009
20080264583Fuel pump assembly access panel - Fuel Pump Assembly Access Panel is an easily removable panel that offers access to a fuel tank and fuel pump and allows work on these components to be done from above the car or other vehicle. The preferred embodiment of Fuel Pump Assembly Access Panel is comprised of an access panel and six screw holes around the perimeter of the access panel for use with a pick-up truck. To use the preferred embodiment of Fuel Pump Assembly Access Panel, an individual would install the access panel using the appropriate number of screws. The access panel would cover an opening over the fuel tank and fuel pump area. When access to the fuel pump was required, the screws would be taken out, and the access panel would be removed. The necessary work would be performed, and the access panel would then simply be screwed back into place.10-30-2008
20090236056QUICK CONNECTION DEVICE - A quick connection device for removably connecting a headrail and a covering portion of a window covering assembly is disclosed. The quick connection device may include a male portion connected to the headrail and a female portion connected to the covering portion. Preferably, operation of the quick connection device by a user should allow of for the easy removal of the covering portion from the headrail.09-24-2009
20090236055FABRIC HOLDING VALANCE - The inventive elongate panel comprises an inner bar and an outer bar, wherein the inner bar slides telescopingly within the outer bar for simple assembly and simple length adjustment to any length within a range while not requiring any cutting of a panel bar. A new bracket design is presented which slip-fits into the end return, thereby supporting the panel by its ends and simultaneously holding the curvature of the end return. A type of rounded (essentially single radius) bend at the corner of the end return is disclosed, wherein fabric can be applied before bending and a smoothly gathered fabric-covered curve will result from bending the panel at the inventive rounded bend. Simplified alternative shapes and constructions for the panel bars are presented.09-24-2009
20090056887PRIVACY SCREEN ENCLOSURE - The disclosure encompasses a privacy barrier (curtain) to be temporarily attached to a vehicle without requiring any substantial modification to the vehicle. This privacy barrier mounts to a vehicle and spans the gap formed between an open door and the body of the vehicle, or alternatively between a plurality of open doors. These can be side doors, or rear doors. The fasteners used to attach the curtain to the vehicle can be clips, magnets, suction cups, or similar devices that can be attached to, and removed from, the vehicle without any substantial modification to the vehicle. The disclosure may utilize fasteners having a non-marring surface or an intermediate, non-marring material between the fastener and the vehicle.03-05-2009
20090078381Collapsible structures supported on a pole - A collapsible object is provided having a foldable frame member that has a folded and an unfolded orientation, and a material covering portions of the frame member when the frame member is in the unfolded orientation, with the material assuming the unfolded orientation of its associated frame member. A pole coupled to the panel to support the panel.03-26-2009
20120285636Structure for Assembling and Disassembling Partition Members - A screening for separating a protected area from a more accessible area includes a plurality of vertical supports with panels retained between the supports. The upper or lower ends of the panel are retained on pivot pins while the end of the panel opposite the pivot pins is removably locked to the support. The locking structure includes a latch that can be released from a position outside the enclosure and a lock that is lockable and unlockable from inside the enclosure. When the lock is actuated, the latch cannot be unlatched until the lock is subsequently unlocked.11-15-2012
20110214824SELF-CLIMBING PERIMETRIC PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS IN BUILDINGS - The invention relates to a self-climbing perimetric protection system with at least one module comprising 09-08-2011
20090126881Valance apparatus - A valance component that includes a first leg, a second leg, a rib extending between an intermediate portion of the first leg to an intermediate portion of the second leg and a member connected to the first and second legs is disclosed. The member has a first face that faces toward the first leg and a second face that faces toward the second leg. The member is sized and configured to be positioned between a valance side and a valance front member, which each have a groove sized to receive at least a portion of the first leg or the second leg. A kit is also disclosed that includes at least one of the valance components, two or more valance side members and at least one valance front member. The kit may include separately packaged components or components that are all retained within one package.05-21-2009
20090205791Support assembly for a curtain/shade - A support assembly for hanging a curtain/shade such as a chain curtain including a plurality of elongated chain link strings in depending, adjacent relation. A mounting assembly includes an elongated rail having a plurality of at least two elongated chambers disposed within the hollow interior of the rail. A support assembly includes at least one elongated support member having a head portion and a leg portion disposable in a non-exposed, operative position comprising the leg portion connected in supporting relation to the plurality of chain link strings and the head portion disposed within a correspondingly dimensioned and configured one of the two chambers. The leg portion includes an apertured construction comprising a plurality of spaced apart apertures each disposed to engage and support a different one of the plurality of chain link strings of the supported curtain/shade.08-20-2009
20090090476Closing Screen Device - The invention relates to a closing screen device for closing an opening (04-09-2009
20110203751PROTECTIVE SCREEN APPARATUS FOR AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - A protective screen apparatus for attachment to a front grille of an automotive vehicle to prevent insects and other debris from entering interior elements associated with the vehicle. The apparatus includes a removable frame surrounding a fine mesh material in order to form a protective screen that can be attached with respect to the front grille of the vehicle. The protective screen can be interchangeably located in a discrete area behind the front grille in order to protect the interior elements associated with the front region of the vehicle. The protective screen can be easily removed, cleaned, and inserted back into the front grille. Such a protective screen apparatus can cover the front grille of the automotive vehicle in a simple and efficient manner.08-25-2011
20110198045ROTATABLE SHOWER CURTAIN ROD ASSEMBLY - A rotatable curtain rod assembly having an arcuate elongated rod that is attached to a pair of rotatable connecting members.08-18-2011
20100032108Customizable Snap-on Garage Door Screen and Method - A customizable garage door screen is disclosed that requires few components to deploy and store. Four elastic straps with hooks at each end are used with six grommets strategically placed on the screen for stability, and approximately one dozen screw and snap fasteners are installed around the perimeter of the screen and garage door frame for a tight enclosure to keep out pests. A partially oversized screen that can fit the average American garage door frame and requires little pre-fabrication effort is now possible with so few components. To open the garage door screen for egress and ingress, one simply unhooks one or both of the lower elastic straps, after unsnapping the desired number of end-caps, and latching upon the upper elastic straps or guide rails on either side. The elastic straps are also used to store the folded screen inside the top, backside of the garage door.02-11-2010
20120067531Reconfigurable Shade - A removable screen system comprising a plurality of magnetic fasteners, a formable material comprising one or a plurality of receptacles for receiving the magnetic fasteners, an attachment surface external to the formable material and magnetically compatible with the magnetic fasteners, wherein the formable material is movable along the attachment surface.03-22-2012
20090056886Retractable flexible sound reduction system and method for doorways - The disclosed system includes a flexible door covering dimensioned to cover all of a door opening, including at least a part of trim of the doorframe and at least part of a door threshold. The flexible door covering includes a sound reduction layer. The system further includes a flexible door covering retraction mechanism that can selectively let-out and retract the flexible door covering to selectively cover and uncover the door opening of the doorframe. The system includes a hold-down mechanism for holding the flexible door covering against the doorframe. The method includes mounting the sound reduction door covering and the flexible door covering retraction mechanism to a doorframe, such that the flexible door covering is let-out from the flexible door covering retraction mechanism until the flexible door completely covers the doorframe.03-05-2009
20090101293LIGHT-BLOCKING HEADRAIL FOR ARCHITECTURAL COVERING - A light-blocking head-rail, and architectural coverings incorporating the headrail, include a light-blocking strip adapted to block out light. Embodiments of the light-blocking strip include bristles which tend to block substantially all of the light that might otherwise pass between a top surface of the headrail and a top beam of an architectural opening. The bristles can conform and fill in gaps between the top surface of the headrail and the top beam, and can further be compressed by a bracket connecting the headrail to the top beam of the architectural opening. Additional embodiments of the light-blocking strip are made from a flexible material that can be easily deflected and compressed when installed within an architectural opening.04-23-2009
20100263811POSITIONING ASSEMBLY FOR SECURING TOP BOXES OF WINDOW BLINDS - A positioning assembly for securing top box of window blinds or shades includes a positioning member which includes multiple hooking members, guide posts and two guide members. An adjustment member includes multiple lugs extending from a top thereof and each lug has an insertion hole. An extension splits from the adjusting member so as to insert into the slot of the positioning member. An engaging portion extends from a bottom of the adjustment member. Multiple springs are mounted to the guide posts and biased between the lugs and the guide posts which are inserted into the insertion holes of the lugs. The top box having an open side which is defined between a first lip and a second lip, wherein the first lip is hooked to one of the hooking members and the second lip is engaged with the engaging portion of the adjustment member.10-21-2010
20100155001Lockdown shade - The lockdown shade is a device for preventing visual access to an area through a window of a door. The device has a shade normally stored on a mounting system that is positioned on a wall surface adjacent to the door window. The shade is fabricated from a solid, opaque material having fastener(s) on its rear surface to effect quick and easy attachment to the door window. The fastener(s) also function to provide attachment to the mounting system. The shade is configured and dimensioned to cover the window in the door.06-24-2010
20100200179Idler - A length adjustable fitting for blind systems, including a housing and a drive member fitted to said housing; a core component including a core member shaped for engaging a drive portion of said drive member, the core component including a support portion shaped for engaging a support member for supporting said fitting; wherein, the selective adjustment of the drive member relative to the housing moves the core member along an axis to a different position relative to the housing, wherein at each said position, the drive member engages the core member to resist movement of the core member along the axis from said position relative to said housing.08-12-2010
20100218906Modular Shade System - In an aspect of the invention there is a modular system for covering an object with a shade, the object having a dimension. The system comprising, a predetermined number of sized track members cut from at least one longer elongated track member, each sized track member defining a longitudinal channel therein; wherein the predetermined number is selected based on the dimension of the object, a plurality of brackets for supporting the sized track members in a substantially parallel and eccentric relationship, the plurality of brackets comprising at least one first bracket having the predetermined number of apertures to secure the predetermined number of sized track members, and a slider connected to each of the sized track members, the slider comprising a first end movably engaging the longitudinal channel of the sized track member and a second end adapted to be secured to an upper edge of the shade.09-02-2010
20110030906FINIAL - A finial for a curtain rod includes a first finial base portion configured to surround a portion of a curtain rod and a second finial base portion configured to surround another portion of the curtain rod and to mate with the first finial base portion. An interface between the mating first and second finial base portions defines a parting line. A retaining member is engaged with the first finial base portion and movable between a first position, wherein the retaining member does not span the parting line and does not engage the second finial base portion, and a second position, wherein the retaining member spans the parting line and engages the second finial base portion.02-10-2011
20100059188MEANS FOR TEMPORARY CLOSING OF AN OPENING - Means for closing an opening in a wall consisting of a plastic cloth and a flexible air duct having the length of the opening perimeter and having a nipple inserted into one end with the second end being deadly closed. The opening is closed by a plastic cloth with its ends covering butt ends of the opening and an air duct being laid over the cloth along the whole perimeter of the opening, the said air duct being spread inside the opening after air pumping into it, and thus holding the cloth in its place like a frame.03-11-2010
20110100570BLIND SYSTEM - A blind system, including a screen with one end secured to a bar; and a guide track on opposite edges of said screen, each said guide track having a single rigid longitudinal body defining a guide channel with discrete parallel first and second channel portions; wherein, said screen has a edge portion extending through the second channel portion, a slit formed along said body, and into said first channel portion, for guiding the movement of said screen along said slit and for resisting separation of said edge portion from said first channel portion, and wherein said bar has an end portion adapted for movement only within said second channel portion for guiding said bar to move along said body.05-05-2011
20100263810Hinged Window Screen - The window screen assembly of the present invention comprises a screen member affixed to a screen frame wherein the screen frame has at least one pair of opposing hinges. One such hinge is centrally located on one side of the screen frame and one centrally located on the opposite side of the screen frame such that both the screen frame and the screen itself fold upon rotation or pivoting of the hinges. The hinges can be located either on the horizontally disposed members of the screen frame or the vertical members of the screen frame, or both. In a preferred embodiment, the assembly further includes a plurality of retaining clips. The retaining clips are attachable to the window frame, such as with a screw, and the hinges slide into or are snapped into the retaining clip so as to hold the assembly in place while still allowing rotation of the hinges. The hinges are positioned to form an inwardly directed V-shape upon folding, thereby providing easy access to open and close outward opening (casement) type windows.10-21-2010
20090242149Partition wall with integrated curtain rail flap - The invention relates to a partition wall for partitioning at least two regions in a cabin of a vehicle. The invention includes a partition comprising a body that may be moved into a first open position and into a second closed position and comprising a curtain rail, wherein the body is designed in the first position to cover an aisle that is adjacent to the partition, at least in some regions, by means of a curtain that has been affixed to the curtain rail.10-01-2009
20110132556Curtain frame - A curtain frame having a top horizontal rail is revealed. The top horizontal rail formed by a top plate and a side plate. Moreover, a bracket is connected with each of two ends of the top plate and a curtain controller is mounted between the brackets. The curtain controller includes a rotating shaft for control of extension and retraction of a curtain, and a bead chain that drives the rotating shaft to rotate.06-09-2011
20100181033Device with Shutter and Element for the Reinsertion of a Shutter into a Guide Slide - Device with a shutter and element for the reinsertion of a shutter into a guide slide. Device with a shutter for the closing-off of a bay (07-22-2010
20100116447BLIND FOR A WINDOW - A black out blind (05-13-2010
20090308547One Cord Blind - Disclosed is a one cord blind that has a simplified structure enabling it to be easily manufactured, prevents a safety accident by not using a ball chain, makes an interior design neat and enables a roll screen to move upward and downward by a rotating cord or hands, so that the upward and downward operations can be easily made.12-17-2009
20100024995DEVICE TO FACILITATE MOVING A CURTAIN WITH LOOPS - A device to facilitate moving a curtain with loops along a pole includes at least two sliding elements to be fixed to at least one loop, each element having a face for fixing to the loop which is at least partly covered with an adhesive, the elements being kept a predefined distance apart by detachable and/or flexible holding means, at least before they are put on the loop.02-04-2010
20110132557SCREEN UNIT - A screen unit includes: a screen which has a first side and a second side opposing to each other in a first direction and extending substantially in parallel with each other; a first supporting portion extending along the first side to support the first side; a second supporting portion extending along the second side to support the second side; and a plurality of connecting mechanisms each of which extends between the first supporting portion and the second supporting portion, and expands and contracts in the first direction to move the second supporting portion close to and away from the first supporting portion, wherein the plurality of connecting mechanisms are disposed in parallel with the first supporting portion, and are located almost linearly symmetric with respect to a center line connecting approximately the center of the first side and approximately the center of the second side.06-09-2011
20090173461Connection members for connecting curtain and cover sheet - A connection member for connecting a curtain and a cover sheet is an L-shaped member and includes a horizontal portion and a vertical portion which is connected to the horizontal portion. Each of the horizontal portion and the vertical portion includes a hook portion. The hook portion of the horizontal portion is hooked to one of the ropes connected to the curtain and the hook portion of the vertical portion is hooked to one of the passages in the cover sheet.07-09-2009
20100276090Partition Apparatus and System - An extendable rod has a head that captures a partition curtain and holds the curtain near a surface such as a ceiling or wall. The head has an outer surface (e.g., an upper surface when the head is abutting a ceiling) that has a deformable gripping surface. The lower surface of the head is metallic and relies upon magnetic force to capture the curtain in place on the head. In a first embodiment the lower surface has downwardly depending flanges on opposite ends. In another embodiment, the downwardly depending flanges form a three-sided seat for receiving a magnet. The curtain is draped over the upper surface of the head and is wrapped over the lower surface. A magnet or magnets are placed onto the lower surface, inward of the flange or seat, capturing the curtain and holding it in place on the head. The rod is then extended so that the upper surface of the head bears against the ceiling or other surface and such that there is no structure between the head and the ceiling except the curtain. The magnets hold the curtain securely in place, which allows for simple installation.11-04-2010
20110315330PIVOTING LIGHT SHELF ASSEMBLY FOR DAYLIGHTING AN INTERIOR SPACE - A light shelf assembly includes a light shelf with pins extending laterally outward from a lateral edge, and a mounting bracket for attachment to a building structure adjacent to a window. The mounting bracket has a first track segment for initial insertion of the pins into the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket also includes a second track segment enabling one of the pin to slide between a first position in which the light shelf is held in a substantially horizontal position, and a second position in which the light shelf pivots downward.12-29-2011
20120043034Protective wall - A protective wall (02-23-2012
20120061040SCREEN TENSIONING MECHANISM AND SYSTEM - A screen tensioning mechanism for use in a retractable blind, said screen tensioning mechanism comprising: (a) a projecting member having a head portion and a resiliently deformable tail portion; and (b) a housing member comprising: (i) a first opening adapted to receive an end of a support rod; and (ii) a second opening having a tapered internal profile adapted to forcibly receive said tail portion by inwardly displacing said tail portion, wherein in use, said resiliently deformable tail portion biases said projecting member axially outward from said support rod.03-15-2012
20120111510Device for partitioning spaces - A device for partitioning a space, particularly for reducing energy consumption, having a partition which is installable in a space and limits a part of the space in which heating or cooling is carried out; and an element for attaching the partition to elements of the space.05-10-2012
20120061039ADJUSTABLE FASTENING PLATE FOR TENSIONING A FLEXIBLE SHEET BY CABLES WITHOUT CHANGING THE SHAPE THEREOF - The invention relates to an adjustable fastening plate (03-15-2012
20120061038BLIND STRUCTURE - The present invention relates to a blind structure including a blind body having a batten and a shade; a resilient unit disposed at a first end of the batten, the resilient unit including a pivoting member coupled to the first end of the batten, a fixing member movably coupled to the pivoting member, and a resilient element coupled between the pivoting member and the fixing member; a first end holder coupled to the fixing member; and a second end holder movably coupled to a second end of the batten. The shade is lifted or lowered by exerting a force thereon in conjunction with the resilient unit so as to ensure ease of use and enhance user safety.03-15-2012
20090038765Interchangeable two-part curtain hook - An interchangeable fastener, such as a magnetic hook is insertable within tracks of a rectangular backing plate which has a reciprocal fastener, such as surface magnet, attached to its back side. The two-part hook, such as a curtain hook, with an adhesively attached base plate supports a removable curtain hook plate. The hook plate is made to slide horizontally into a holder which can be a section of extrusion with lips which would retain the hook plate regardless of any magnetic attraction. The base holder is adhesively bonded to any surface by a back surface with pressure sensitive adhesive which is uncovered prior to attachment by removal of a release sheet.02-12-2009
20100288454ADJUSTABLE PROP STAND OF WINDOW CURTAIN - An adjusting structure of adjustable window curtain prop stand includes two prop plates and an adjusting structure arranged between the two prop plates. The adjusting structure further includes a lead screw, two displacing elements, two positioning elements and a plurality of connecting elements. The lead screw has two external threads respectively with different directions of spiral and available for being engaged with the two displacing elements thereon. The two positioning elements are respectively secured to inner side faces of the two prop plates to be located at an upper and a lower positions between the two displacing elements, where each connecting element is separately and actively connected between the two displacing elements and the two displacing elements, such that a linkage mechanism is formed by taking the two displacing elements as a gliding pair.11-18-2010
20120247693STRUCTURAL ASSEMBLY WITH A TIED, FLEXURALLY DEFORMED PANEL - An assembly includes a flexurally deformed panel, which is connected to a membrane tie by a linear connector and is tied by the membrane tie to form a geometrically stable pre-stressed structure. More than one panel may be flexurally deformed and tied together in an assembly and more than one membrane tie may be present within an assembly. Panels are typically semi-rigid sheet materials, for example metal sheets, plastic sheets, or sheets of composite materials, such as glass or carbon fibre reinforced plastics or resins. Membrane tie members are typically flexible, for example plastic films, fabrics or nets or arrays of rods or cables. The assemblies have many different geometric forms and many different practical applications. Assemblies may be relatively large, for example demountable and reusable shelters or flat-pack point-of-purchase display assemblies, or may be relatively small, for example a photograph or postcard display system.10-04-2012
20110180222Window Blind - A window blind includes a mounting seat, a window blind unit, and a protection unit. The window blind unit includes a shading member mounted to the mounting seat, a driver disposed on the mounting seat, and a cord. The cord has a connecting segment extending through and connected to the shading member, and a pulling segment passed through and at least partially extending outside of the driver. The shading member is moveable between a fully unfolded position and a fully folded position by manipulation of the pulling segment of the cord and by cooperation of the cord with the driver. The protection unit includes a protection sleeve and a plurality of connecting components spaced vertically apart from each other and interconnecting the protection sleeve and the shading member. The protection sleeve has a passage through which the connecting segment of the cord extends.07-28-2011
20120168099LOCK MECHANISM FOR A COVERING FOR ARCHITECTURAL OPENINGS - A locking mechanism for a covering for architectural openings includes at least one dog which cooperates with a stop surface to stop the high speed lowering of a rail that supports the covering while permitting the rail to be lowered at a slower speed and to be raised regardless of the speed.07-05-2012
20120211180Loop Cord Tension Device for Window Coverings - A loop cord tension device assembly includes a housing, a spring member connected to the housing, a loop cord retention member connected to the housing, and a locking body connected to the spring member. The loop cord retention member has a channel sized and configured to receive a portion of a looped cord. The locking body is moveable from a locked position to an unlocked position. The portion of the loop cord received within the channel of the loop cord retention member is not rotatable when the locking body is in the locked position and the portion of the loop cord received within the channel of the loop cord retention member is rotatable when the locking body is in the unlocked position. The loop cord tension device assembly may be connected to the looped cord of a window covering and mounted to a structure to improve child safety.08-23-2012
20120073767Bug catcher - The present invention provides a generally rectangular metal screen covering to cover the radiator of a vehicle to protect the radiator from insects and other flying debris from clogging or otherwise damaging the vehicle's radiator. The screen covering is designed to be mounted in front of the radiator and behind the grill inside the body of the vehicle. The size of the covering can be any of a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from small automobiles to large SUVs and trucks. To facilitate a secure attachment to an automobile's radiator, the Bug Catcher is outfitted with a series of holes to accommodate attachment to mounting brackets on each side of the covering.03-29-2012
20100252212Covering System - A retractable covering system including a screen that is movable between a retracted and an extended configuration and at least two tensioning members attached to a leading edge of the screen and arranged to pull the screen in opposite transverse directions so as to create transverse tension in the screen.10-07-2010
20120267061Shading Apparatus For Portable Device Holder - A shading apparatus is provided, applicable to a holding base of a portable device holder, including a shading plate and an elastic band. The shading plate is a plate with a rectangular shape. The two ends of the elastic band are slightly pulled and fixed to the shading plate at the location near the edges on two sides. In this manner, the shading plate can be fixed to the clamping element of the holding base by winding the elastic band around the clamping element so that the shading plate can effectively block the sun from directly shining on the screen of the portable device when the portable device is held by the clamping elements and placed in the horizontal position.10-25-2012
20100051214MODULAR CUSTOMIZABLE PANEL WINDOW CURTAIN SYSTEM - A series of modular fabric panels with edge zippers interconnect to form a modular window covering system custom fit by a user to cover windows of various sizes. Flexible zippers with removable zipper pulls and edge cover fabric over the zippers create a customized curtain which looks like a standard sewn seamed curtain.03-04-2010
20130020039Finial having a decorative insert - A finial assembly includes a sleeve and a finial. The sleeve has a first end and a second end and the finial is mounted on the first end of the sleeve. The finial includes a band of rigid material configured to form a central opening, a decorative insert removably disposed in the central opening and a first set screw. The first set screw serves to tighten the band about the decorative insert and also serves to secure the finial against movement relative to the sleeve. A window covering support rod or a holdback bracket is press fit into the second end of the sleeve. A second set screw further secures the window covering support rod or holdback bracket to the sleeve.01-24-2013
20090250178Vertical blind hanger pin - A carrier for a vertical vane in a vertical blind includes a hanger pin holder and a hanger pin. The hanger pin holder includes a longitudinal bore and an opening communicating through a wall of the hanger pin holder to the longitudinal bore. The hanger pin has an upper section and a lower section. The upper section is inserted within the longitudinal bore and has a resilient prong having a catch and a projection. The catch retains the upper section within the longitudinal bore by lodging within the opening. The projection, which is below the hanger pin holder and outside the carrier, may be depressed to free the catch from the opening and permit the hanger pin to be removed from the hanger pin holder.10-08-2009
20090242150CURTAIN SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, IN A FRAMEWORK DESIGN, IN A CABIN OF A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a curtain support assembly to receive a curtain rail for a curtain for separating at least two regions in a cabin of a vehicle, comprising one or several header components for covering a space formed between the curtain rail and a ceiling in the cabin. The assembly according to the invention comprises one or several load-bearing frame structures, each comprising at least one profile component, on which in each case on at least one side the header components are arranged. The frame structure may be made from standard components and may comprise header components that are hardly subjected to any mechanical loads and that are therefore less demanding to produce.10-01-2009
20130092333TUBULAR GEARMOTOR WITH FIXING SUPPORT - A tubular gearmotor for curtains, shutters, roller blinds or the like, comprises a support which is suitable for being fixed to a support surface and which receives a head of the tubular gearmotor which can be inserted in an insertion direction substantially coinciding with the axial extension of the gearmotor. The support is provided with means preventing the axial rotation of the head and with releasable-engagement means for preventing axial extraction of the head. The releasable-engagement means comprise locking/fixing members which are circumferentially distributed around the axis for insertion of the head and which are each movable between a first engaging position and a second disengaging position. An actuating member is also provided, said actuating member, when manually operated, performing the displacement of the locking/fixing members between the first and the second position.04-18-2013
20130092334Mesh Screen Tensioner and Related Method - The invention relates to a screen tensioning system having a mesh screen and a U-shaped channel that engages an edge of the mesh screen. A clamp engages the U-shaped channel and the mesh screen. A frame having a substantially H-shaped cross section, wherein parallel side members converge to define a longitudinal slot permit the mesh screen to extend through the longitudinal slot, yet the clamp remains secured within the frame. A plurality of fasteners secure the clamp to the frame and are tightened to apply varying degrees of local tension to the screen. Preferably, no fasteners are used to secure the screen to the clamp.04-18-2013
20130092332CELL DOOR WINDOW COVER AND METHODS FOR USING THE SAME - Apparatus and methods are disclosed for controlling inmates disposed in their cells during emergency situations. The apparatus includes a flexible magnetic cover which can be used by staff as a temporary cover for prison cell door windows. The apparatus may be used to help limit the inmate's visualization of prison emergency responses. Modern prison cell door designs include a cell door window but do not include any means to block this window. The apparatus may include a one-way viewing portion permitting persons outside the cell to look into the cell, but not permitting inmates inside the cell to see outside. The apparatus can be used in other situations, such as on operating room doors, for emergency room door windows, mental hospitals and in other situations where temporary blocking of a window is desirable. The apparatus could be used in any situation where people are confined for safety and security.04-18-2013
20130098568IDLER - A length adjustable fitting for blind systems, including a housing and a drive member fitted to said housing; a core component including a core member shaped for engaging a drive portion of said drive member, the core component including a support portion shaped for engaging a support member for supporting said fitting; wherein, the selective adjustment of the drive member relative to the housing moves the core member along an axis to a different position relative to the housing, wherein at each said position, the drive member engages the core member to resist movement of the core member along the axis from said position relative to said housing.04-25-2013
20120273144PIVOTING SUPPORT ASSEMBLY WITH LOCKING DEVICE FOR AN AWNING ARM - A pivoting support assembly with a locking device for an awning arm—the support assembly includes a fixed support (11-01-2012
20110308748Stiffening Device and Blind Box Part Equipped with Such a Device - This device (12-22-2011
20110308747Anti-dust door - The present disclosure teaches an easy to use anti-dust door which allows for the easy opening and closing of a temporary plastic or cloth sheeted door is positioned in a doorway between the room in which construction work is to take place and the rest of the building. The plastic sheet may be transparent, translucent or may even have a colored tint. The plastic sheet may be made out of virtually any flexible plastic sheeting. The plastic sheet further includes a single zipper for the opening and closing of the anti-dust door. This zipper wraps around three of the sides of the plastic door. The present disclosure teaches an easy to use anti-dust door which allows for the easy opening and closing of the door by anyone. The plastic sheet further includes a single zipper for the opening and closing of the anti-dust door. This zipper wraps around three of the sides of the plastic door.12-22-2011
20130199740TRACK FOR AN ADJUSTABLE BLIND ASSEMBLY - A track for an adjustable blind assembly is disclosed. One described track for an adjustable blind assembly comprises a track comprising a base and a slot, the base comprising a flange portion and a brace portion, the flange portion extending from the base and securable to a spaced window pane by a window frame, and the slot extending from the base and comprising a channel for a sliding adjuster.08-08-2013


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