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160 - Flexible or portable closure, partition, or panel

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160340000 With fabric operating means 63
160331000 Motor operating means or electric or fluid pressure control 23
160349100 With bottom or intermediate holding, weighting, or draping means 8
160332000 Chain, cable, and/or strand type 5
20100282421WINDOW BLIND ASSEMBLY WITH A RELEASEABLE CURTAIN-DRAWING MECHANISM - A window blind assembly includes a top rail, a drawable curtain, and a releasable curtain-drawing mechanism. The drawable curtain has an upper section hung from the top rail, and a lower section extending downwardly from the upper section. The releasable curtain-drawing mechanism includes a pull cord for drawing up and lowering the drawable curtain, and at least one connecting unit for connecting releasably the pull cord to the lower section of the drawable curtain. The connecting unit includes a first engaging component connected to the pull cord, a second engaging component connected to the lower section of the drawable curtain, and an engaging mechanism disposed on the first and second engaging components for providing an engagement force therebetween to interconnect releasably the first and second engaging components.11-11-2010
20090188634CORD LOCK WITH IMPROVED WEAR SURFACE FOR AN ARCHITECTURAL COVERING - A cord guide system for extending the life of cords in a covering for an architectural opening provides long wear surfaces made of metal or ceramic which can be retrofitted into existing cord lock systems or molded into the system. The invention provides such long wear surfaces that can be used with different cord drive systems each of which permit an operator of a covering to manipulate the covering between extended and retracted positions while locking the covering in any position between fully extended and fully retracted. Cord guide surfaces are preferably made of metal or ceramic which are harder than conventional base materials used in cord lock systems and further have higher melting temperatures than either the base material for the cord lock system or the polyester cords conventionally used in coverings for architectural openings. In this manner, wear of the cord lock itself is minimized which in turn minimizes the wear of the lift cords and extends the life thereof.07-30-2009
20100206495Roman Curtain Device - A Roman curtain device has an inner layer, an outer layer and multiple bridging pieces attached between the inner layer and the outer layer. Each of the multiple bridging pieces has multiple through holes to allow two drawing strings from a clutching device on an upper rail penetrating the aligning through holes on different multiple bridging pieces to pull up the curtain. Thereby, the Roman curtain device has the drawing strings covered inside to avoid danger caused by exposure of the drawing strings.08-19-2010
20110146923String curtain - The string curtain has a hanging rack, multiple strings, multiple beads. The hanging rack has multiple hanging holes. The strings are hung on the hanging rack, and each string has a hanging head and a mounting head. The hanging head is mounted around the top end of the string, and mounted through one of the hanging holes, and protrudes a fastening tab toward the bottom end of the string, and fastened on the hanging hole of the hanging rack. The mounting head is mounted around the bottom end of the string. The beads are mounted slidably on the strings from the mounting head. Each bead has an inner diameter smaller than the outer diameter of the string for securely mounted around the string, and may be relocated a new pattern easily.06-23-2011
20130092330LOW FRICTION CURTAIN DOOR STRIPPING - An industrial traffic curtain can be formed of a plurality of overlapping strips suspended contiguously to each other from a hanger fixed adjacent to a top margin of the opening. Each strip is of a flexible transparent material of substantially uniform longitudinal character having a lateral cross-section defined by an alternating series of thicker portions separated from each other by thinner portions, the thicker and thinner portions having approximately the same width, the thinner and thicker portions being united by narrower tapered regions of changing thickness. The traffic curtain thus formed exhibits a surprisingly lower electrostatic attraction between the strips so that the resistance to separation from each other as goods and transporting vehicles attempt to pass through the curtain is much lower than prior art curtains.04-18-2013
160348000 With pleating means 3
20090272503System and Method of Installing Window Treatments - A system and method of installing window treatments is disclosed. The system includes at least one base member with at least one arcuate loop extending upwards from a planar rear surface of the at least one base member and adapted to be used in part to secure the at least one base member to a planar mounting surface. The system further includes a covering disposed on at least one exterior surface of the at least one base member wherein the covering further comprising a first fastening element. In addition, the system includes a second fastening element secured to at least one portion of drapery material, wherein the second fastening element is adapted to removably engage the first fastening element of the at least one base member.11-05-2009
20080289779Freestanding window treatment support - A freestanding window treatment support has a base, a lower vertical member having a lower vertical member first end and a lower vertical member second end, the lower vertical member first end connected to and extending vertically from the base, an upper vertical member having an upper vertical member first end and an upper vertical member second end, the upper vertical member first end connected to the lower vertical member second end, and an upper horizontal member connected adjacent the upper vertical member second end where the base has sufficient weight and footprint area for supporting a window treatment.11-27-2008
20100218905METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING PLEATS IN CURTAINS AND PLEATED CURTAINS AND HANGING SAID CURTAINS USING SAID APPARATUS - A method and apparatus, for pleating curtains and pleated curtains using the apparatus, are described. The apparatus may be provided as a parts kit which includes a stiffener, pleat-forming members, and fasteners. The stiffener is attached to a curtain and bent into a series of pleat-shaped formations. The pleat-forming members and fasteners are used to hold the stiffener and support the curtain, forming the created pleats in place. The curtain may then be hung on a curtain rod by a separate hanging element which couples the pleat-forming members to a curtain rod. The hanging element may form an integral part of the pleat-forming member.09-02-2010
20130042984Curtain Tape - Various curtain systems and components are disclosed. In one form of the invention there is provided a curtain system (02-21-2013
20130032301CURTAIN FABRIC MATERIAL - An efficient light-blocking curtain fabric material includes two fabric layers, an intermediate film sandwiched between the fabric layers; and at least one non-light transmissive layer formed on at least one surface of the intermediate film. Preferably, the non-light transmissive layer is formed on the intermediate film by electroplating.02-07-2013
20090159220BALLASTED WIND SHIELDING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system, apparatus and method for shielding an area from wind is shown. The system, apparatus and method comprise at least one or a plurality of windscreens that yield to a wind to facilitate or reducing or eliminating stresses or forces on a fence to which the at least one or a plurality of windscreens are attached.06-25-2009
20130048236METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SHOWER CURTAIN - Methods and apparatuses are provided for manufacturing a shower curtain. A method may include providing a digital image file representative of an image, printing the image represented by the digital image file onto a film with an ink, illuminating the film with ultraviolet light, and forming one or more openings along a top portion of the film. The method allows for the custom image represented by the digital image file to be printed onto the film without additional downtime for the cleaning or changing of screens that is typically required with traditional roller screen printing processes. Accordingly, a first shower curtain may be printed with a first image, and subsequently a second shower curtain may be printed with a second different image with minimal wait or prep time. Printer systems and devices and related methods of the present invention are also provided.02-28-2013
20090236054WINDOWS FOR A ROLLUP DOOR - A fabric power door with a vertical or side-winding curtain includes window comprised of a transparent sheet that is attached to the curtain by way of a flexible frame. The transparent sheet is appreciably smaller than the window opening in the curtain to create a strain-relieving gap between the sheet and the curtain. The flexible frame extends across the gap and overlaps both the curtain and the transparent sheet. As the door opens and closes, the flexible frame protects the transparent sheet from stresses from the flexing movement of the curtain.09-24-2009
20090071613Scented Sower Curtain Liner - A device in the form of a scented or fragrant shower curtain or shower curtain liner is disclosed that allows convenient periodic replacement to reduce or eliminate the work and expense associated with cleaning and maintenance thereof, as well as to ensure continued release and dispersal of a selected scent or fragrance. The device may additionally include quick-release attachment structures to facilitate such periodic replacement. A method of maintaining a bathroom or shower facility in a clean and fragrant state is also disclosed using the device, especially for use in hotels or the like.03-19-2009
20080283205Window origami panels and the like - A curtain kit comprising a sheet of curtain material having a sheet perimeter and a plurality of fastener elements spaced along and adjacent the sheet perimeter to be attached to mating fastener elements respectively on a structural member for hanging one edge portion of the curtain sheet from the structural member. The plurality of sheet fastener elements are positioned along and adjacent the sheet perimeter in a quantity and spacing over the entirety of the sheet perimeter to be attached to respective ones of the structural member fastener elements for hanging various other edge portions of the curtain sheet from the structural member so that the curtain can be hung from the structural member in a variety of alternative origami-like patterns. The curtain kit includes one or more of the structural member, the structural member fastener elements, a printed instruction sheet for hanging the curtain in at least one of the patterns, codes for identifying said sheet fastener elements, a cover member for hiding the structural member from view, and decorative accessories. A decorative sheet kit comprises a sheet of material having at least one hole therein, a decorative member sized for covering the hole, and a clip attached to the decorative member for clipping to an edge of the hole.11-20-2008
20130098567INSULATED WASHDOWN FLEXIBLE WALLS AND CURTAINS - Example insulated dividers, such as curtain-doors and temporary walls for dividing areas of a building, include features that make the dividers particularly suited for food and drug related environments that demand cleanliness and require dividers to be periodically washed down to remove microorganisms and other contaminants. Some example dividers include a touch-and-hold fastener to hold a flexible insulated pad within an internal space of a pliable hollow panel. In some examples, the insulated pad is made of polyester batting with loops of fiber to which the hook portion of the touch-and-hold fastener can engage. In some examples, both the insulated pad and the touch-and-hold fastener are completely contained within the hollow panel so that neither the pad nor the fastener provides an exposed external surface for harboring microorganisms. In some examples, the pliable panel's outer peripheral edge is hermetically sealed by thermal bonding, heat sealing, welding and/or ultrasonic joining.04-25-2013
20110168340Interchangeable Curtain System - An interchangeable curtain system that allows users to attach and detach curtain drapes without having to completely remove a curtain rod. The present invention makes use of a curtain adapter that is placed on a curtain rod that comprises fasteners that can fasten curtain drapes. When users wish to change the drapes for a different aesthetic look they can simply detach the curtain drapes from the curtain adapter and attach another curtain panel leaving curtain rod and hardware in place.07-14-2011
20080251221Blind Type Curtain - The present invention relates to a blind type curtain, and more specifically to a blind type curtain, obtained by forming several blind unit pieces formed on rear surface of the textile curtain at regular interval, such that the functions such as light beam regulation, sight-blocking, soundproofing, anti-cold, and anti-rat can be performed, and the function such as interior can be simultaneously performed, by which these functions are further magnified, of which the manufacture and handling is easy, used as a combined use of indoor and outdoor, and which provides no concern about noise and breakage. That is, a membrane shaped blind unit piece 10-16-2008
20120090796Magnetic curtain for steel door entrance way window - A magnetic curtain of light impervious or light interrupting material having a plurality of magnets positioned in its periphery, the magnetic curtain sized to magnetically adhere to the interior surface of a steel entrance door and cover the decorative window formed therein.04-19-2012
20100065230SPACING CABLE - A drapery configured to decoratively cover a window area, including a rod; and a drape suspended from the rod by a plurality of spaced rings. The drapery also includes a spacing cable coupled to the drape between a pair of spaced rings by coupling members and sized to restrict a maximum spacing between the spaced rings. The spacing cable is flexible and includes decorative members coupled about the cable. The spacing cable is coupled between a pair of adjacent rings to prevent the rings from being fully extended, thereby preserving aesthetic qualities of the drapery. The coupling members are lobster claw clamps and the decorative members are beads. The drapery also includes a plurality of crimp beads coupled to the cable and configured to restrict lateral motion of the decorative members.03-18-2010
20100065229ARRANGEMENT FOR MOUNTING ONTO A ROD - An arrangement is provided to allow the arrangement to be hung from a rod without using any extraneous hardware and without taking down the rod. The arrangement comprises two openings, two cuts each through one of the two openings, and a path having two edges connecting edges of the two cuts. At least a portion of the path is reinforced, the two openings are shifted off center, and/or the path has a rising portion and/or a falling portion.03-18-2010
20090173458DISPOSABLE CURTAINS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS TO INSTALL A DISPOSABLE CURTAIN, AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING A DISPOSABLE CURTAIN - Disposable curtains, systems and methods to install a disposable curtain, and methods of manufacturing a disposable curtain are disclosed. A disclosed system to install a disposable curtain includes: a washable mesh upper curtain; an installation bag structured to be suspended from an installer during installation; a disposable curtain located in the installation bag; and a plurality of connectors to removably suspend the disposable curtain from the upper curtain.07-09-2009
20090173457DEVICE FOR HANGING A CURTAIN IN FRONT OF A WINDOW - The device includes two sub-assemblies (07-09-2009
20090272502Easy hang shower curtain - The present invention provides a new design for a shower curtain which is easy to hang by the user. The shower curtain of the present invention comprises an elongated flap panel which runs the length of the top of the unit and folds over the shower curtain rod and fastens to itself. Notably, appropriately positioned along the top and bottom of this panel extension is a series of corresponding snap fasteners. Although the fastening means illustrates the use of snaps, other fastening means are also useful for this invention. Other fastening means include, but are not limited to: plastic snaps, hook and loop fasteners, and a plastic “Zip-Lock™” type fastener, for example.11-05-2009
20120000616Track and curtain system - A modular track system for hanging a curtain, the track system consisting of modules or sections with attachments and accessories designed to adjust to varying environments and specifications. Track shape and length are adjusted by specifying various combinations of the specialized components created as part of the system. Complementing the track system is a curtain with integrated loop fasteners which allows the curtain to be attached and removed without removing the track. The system further preferably includes a side support for use in attached the track to a fixed support in the environment, and a guiderail on the side of the track on one or more track sections, the track and curtain all being coordinated to form an efficient and improved curtain hanging system.01-05-2012
20110155333CURTAIN RESTRAINING APPARATUS - A curtain restraining apparatus is disclosed by the present disclosure. The apparatus has a pleasing and decorative appearance, will not mar or detract from the appearance of the window trim through the necessity of additional hardware and presents no protrusions or wall mounted hardware to interfere with dusting the window trim. A curtain restraining apparatus includes at least two curtain securing elements each further made of a locking end, an outer boundary and an inner boundary; a flexation point; and at least one position securing element located on the inner boundary.06-30-2011
20100282420RING ASSEMBLY FOR CURTAINS - A ring assembly for curtains includes a first ring located on the outside of the curtain sheet, a second ring located on the inside of the curtain sheet and a cover ring connected to the first ring. The second ring includes first protrusions which extend through the curtain sheet and are engaged with first apertures in the first ring to clamp the curtain sheet between the first and second rings. The cover ring includes second protrusions which are engaged with the second apertures in the first ring so as to hide the first apertures and the first protrusions in the first apertures.11-11-2010
20100181032Interchangeable window treatment system - An interchangeable window treatment system has a plurality of independent fabric components including, but not limited to, a base drape panel, a valance, strap members and at least one overlay drape panel. The strap members are positioned at spaced intervals along a top of the base drape panel, forming loops to support the window treatment system on a horizontal rod. In one embodiment, the valance, one or more overlay panels and strap members are removably secured to the base drape panel with dumbbell shaped button links having enlarged button heads on opposite ends that fit through openings in the fabric (eyelets, buttonholes, etc.) on each of the attached fabric components. Any of the fabric components can be removed, reversed, interchanged and replaced to change the overall appearance of the window treatment system according to a desired style, color scheme, or theme. Medallions or other decorative elements are removably attachable at spaced intervals along the valance, button links or strap members. In another embodiment, the straps and valance are sewn to the base panel, as one piece, and the overlay drape panels and decorative elements are attached by snaps, magnets or other releasable fastening devices.07-22-2010
20110265961 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A MULTIPLE LAYER CONTAINMENT BARRIER - A dust barrier apparatus, the apparatus including but not limited to a first sheet of material having a shape and size adapted to cover an opening to a construction area; a second sheet of material having a shape adapted to cover the first sheet attached to the first sheet across a top area of the first and second sheets; a split down the middle of the first sheet forming a first half and a second half of the first sheet; and a seal between top, middle and side edges of the first sheet and an opening to a construction area. A method is disclosed for using the apparatus.11-03-2011
20130174991DRAPERY SYSTEM AND APPARATUS - A drapery bracket and system including drapery panels are disclosed that permit a user to quickly, easily, and releasably configure drapery panels in any number of configurations in order to create a stylish drapery configuration. The drapery bracket and associated drapery panels have complementary attachment portions that mate together. The drapery bracket may accommodate the attachment of multiple drapery panels thereto.07-11-2013
20080216974Fabric holder suspension arrangement - A fabric support arrangement for maintaining a flexible fabric in a straight and aligned manner, from a support structure. The fabric support comprises an elongated housing extrusion having an elongated central chamber therein. An elongated fabric clamp assembly may be folded along an elongated flexible mid-portion thereof, and is receivingly disposed within the elongated central chamber. The fabric clamp is comprised of an first fabric frame and a second fabric frame. A flexible fabric is biasedly secured in a generally sinusoidally shaped path within the fabric clamp assembly between the first fabric frame and the second fabric frame.09-11-2008
20080202710Hanging products - Hanging products having an opening for suspending the item from a rod, the hanging product being provided with a ring having a gap, the ring further being provided with a movable member for opening and closing the gap.08-28-2008
20120018107PORTABLE VENTILATION CURTAIN FRAME - A support for an air ventilation control curtain includes a foldable support rod comprising a plurality of rigid hollow rod sections that are movable with respect to each other, a coupling for joining an axial end of one of the rod sections to an axial end of another one of the rod sections, an attachment device slidably mounted on the support rod so as to be movable along a length of the support rod, the attachment device adapted for engaging with a roof plate of a mine roof, and a curtain hanger disposed on the support rod for hanging an air ventilation control curtain from the support rod.01-26-2012
20120018106DISPOSABLE HOSPITAL CURTAIN SYSTEM WITH SLIDING CURTAIN CARRIERS FOR SNAP-IN INSTALLATION ON EXISTING CEILING TRACKS - An improved disposable privacy curtain system for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities is disclosed. The disposable privacy curtain system includes a disposable curtain packaged and sold with novel pre-attached sliding carriers affixed to the top edge thereof that are adapted for rapid, snap-in engagement with existing ceiling tracks thereby allowing for rapid removal and replacement of the curtain system. A disposable hospital curtain in accordance with the present invention comprises sheet-like material formed as a generally rectangular panel with vertical fold lines that permit the panel to be drawn between to a compact stowed configuration wherein the curtain is disposed in a pleated and/or folded configuration, and an extended deployed configuration wherein the curtain is extended. In a preferred embodiment, the disposable hospital curtain is fabricated from non-woven polypropylene treated with an antimicrobial agent and a flame retardant.01-26-2012

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