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156 - Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture


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156539000 For plural parts or plural areas of single part 49
156574000 Work traversing type and/or means applying work to wall or static structure 28
156578000 With liquid adhesive or adhesive activator applying means 15
20120199291MANUFACTURING METHOD OF PRINTED WIRING BOARD AND A LAMINATE JOINTING APPARATUS - This invention provides a manufacturing method of printed wiring board which enables a plate-like substrate to be carried and processed without any contact to its product surface. End portions of plate-like copper clad laminates are overlapped vertically and then joined linearly by rotating an ultrasonic horn along the end portions. Consequently, copper foils can be metal-joined and a joining strength necessary for transportation with a roller is obtained. Because belt-like copper clad laminate is obtained by joining the plate-like copper clad laminates and after that, processed, thus, the belt-like copper clad laminate can be carried without any contact to its product surface as it is carried with the roller, and then processed.08-09-2012
20120168089TOOL FOR PICKING A PLANAR OBJECT FROM A SUPPLY STATION - A pick tool for picking a planar object from a supply station is presented, in particular to be used for picking a semiconductor die from a carrier tape, said pick tool comprising: a work surface, said work surface comprising at least one contact region that may be brought into contact with a first surface on a first side of the planar object; one or more vacuum outlets in the work surface that may be connected to a vacuum source to allow for temporarily fixing the planar object to the work surface; and wherein a flexible seal is provided to maintain vacuum if the planar object becomes deformed.07-05-2012
20130075043Profile Coating Machine - A profile coating machine has a conveyer path for the profile to be coated, and a plurality of holders (03-28-2013
20100071854APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGE - An apparatus and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor package are provided. A die attaching process and/or a wire bonding process for first and second surfaces of a lead frame are sequentially performed inside one equipment. Thus, time required for a semiconductor packaging process decreases and yield is increased.03-25-2010
20100071853Tape Dispenser - A tape dispenser includes a case, a connector mounted in the case, and an application tip which is adapted to be reactively tilted by the surface so that the tip accomplishes good adhering to the surface. The application tip includes an end received in the connector and is rotatable about a longitudinal axis thereof in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Further, the tape dispenser includes a restraining mechanism for limiting an angle of rotation of the application tip.03-25-2010
20130032293METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INFLATING AND SEALING PACKING CUSHIONS WITH ROTARY SEALING MECHANISM - An apparatus for inflating and sealing packing cushions has a drive mechanism for feeding a preconfigured film material to a sealing mechanism in a flattened state without wrinkles in the sealing region in which a longitudinal seal is formed. A feed mechanism includes a drive mechanism for advancing the film along a path, a first guide member which contacts a first surface of the film material in a first longitudinal region, and a second guide member which contacts the first surface of the film material in a second longitudinal region laterally offset from and parallel to the first longitudinal region. In some embodiments, the first and second guide members are adjacent belts. In other embodiments, the first and second guide members are stationary guide members or “skis.” The sealing mechanism may include a rotary sealing element and opposed backing element, such as a belt or a wheel.02-07-2013
20100108268PROCESSING APPARATUS - A single-unit processing apparatus 05-06-2010
20090120588Labelling Machine - A labelling machine for containers, including a basic machine provided with a docking station for a labelling unit, the labelling unit being adapted to be docked to and undocked from a target position at the basic machine with a predetermined sequence of relative movements, and respective media connector parts being arranged on the basic machine and on the labelling unit, respectively, and adapted to be coupled to one another. The media connector parts are implemented in such a way that and are arranged on the labelling unit and the docking station with respect to the target position in such a way that they are adapted to be automatically coupled by means of the docking sequence of movements and automatically decoupled by means of the undocking sequence of movements.05-14-2009
20090288778LABELING MACHINE WITH A LABEL PRESSING DEVICE - A labeling machine includes a conveying device, a label applying device, and a label pressing device. The conveying device includes opposite upper and lower conveyer belts adapted for conveying a container such that upper and lower ends of the container are contacted by the upper and lower conveyer belts, respectively. The label applying device is adapted to attach a portion of the label on an initial label attaching portion of the container on the conveying device. The label pressing device includes a first press unit adapted to press a first segment of the label against the container while the container is being conveyed by the conveying device in a conveying direction, and a second press unit adapted to press a second segment of the label against the container while the container is being conveyed by the conveying device in the conveying direction.11-26-2009
20110000622HAND-HELD DEVICE FOR APPLYING A CORRECTION MATERIAL ONTO A SURFACE - A hand-held correction tape device for transferring a deposit of for example adhesive, covering or colored material onto a surface, the device having a housing for accommodating a deposit, a supply reel and a tip longitudinally projecting from the housing with the deposit extending from the supply at the lower longitudinal side of the tip facing the correction surface during operation. A front tip portion of the tip runs transversely at the front end, the rotation plane of the deposit supply reel being parallel to the front tip portion, and the tip includes at least one guiding wing that is partially curved and attached to the front tip portion.01-06-2011
20090301662Modular Labeling Station - Modular labeling station suitable for being detachably connectale to a labeling machine in a labeling arrangement. The labeling station comprises a base suitable to lay on a floor at a side distal from the labeling machine and to lay substantially on the labeling machine at a side proximal to the labeling machine itself, and a labeling unit mounted on the base in an adjustable manner. The base lays on the labeling machine at a portion that is structurally independent from the labeling unit.12-10-2009
20090301661DEVICE FOR WELDING A FILM WEB - The invention relates to a device (12-10-2009
20120216958ROTARY LAMINATION APPARATUS - A rotary lamination apparatus has a rotary lamination turntable rotational about a vertical axis. A plurality of workpieces are rotated and laminated on the turntable. The turntable includes a support member that is arranged on an upper surface of the turntable, a plurality of rolling bodies mounted on the upper surface of the turntable, and a plurality of urging members for urging the rolling bodies upward. The support member is formed of material having a high friction coefficient. The rolling bodies are selectively movable between an upper position and a lower position. In the upper position, at least a portion of each of the rolling bodies is located above the upper surface of the support member. In the lower position, each rolling body is located below the upper surface of the support member. In the upper position, the rolling bodies support the workpieces movably in a lateral direction.08-30-2012
20130056156METHOD AND APPARATUS TO IMPROVE TAPE FEEDER HANDLING - In one aspect, a device includes a member configured to engage a pivot pin disposed at an upper portion of a reel arm assembly of a tape feeder and allow the tape feeder to be lifted by a human hand.03-07-2013
20110011540TAPE DISPENSER AND TAPE HOLDER - A tape dispenser includes: an attachment member for fixing on an apparatus; a tape holder; and an engaging member. The tape holder holds an adhesive tape in a manner that allows the adhesive tape to be reeled out. The engaging member is provided on the attachment member and the tape holder and removably engages the tape holder with the attachment member.01-20-2011
20110277940Air Sealing Device for bag - An air sealing device includes a holding unit and an outer clamp mounted on the holding unit to clamp the holding unit. The holding unit includes a first clamping bar and a second clamping bar pivotally connected with the first clamping bar. The holding unit has a clamping space defined between the first clamping bar and the second clamping bar. Thus, the opened upper end of the bag is clamped in the clamping space of the holding unit, wound around the first clamping bar and the second clamping bar of the holding unit and pressed by the outer clamp so that the opened upper end of the bag is sealed by the holding unit and the outer clamp closely and tightly.11-17-2011
20110297326HANDLE SYSTEM FOR FINISHING TOOL - The present disclosure describes a handle system for use with finishing tools utilized to finish wallboard joints. A finishing tool may be connected to the handle system and moved relative to a wallboard joint to appropriately apply mastic over the joint. In one embodiment, the handle system includes an elongate handle body having a tear drop cross-sectional shape. The shape enables the handle body to fit ergonomically within a user's hand and improves the user's ability to resist torque tending to cause the handle body to twist and a connected finishing tool to come out of contact with wallboard during use. The handle system further includes a pivoting connector assembly that permits a connected finishing tool to rotate relative to the handle body and that has a unique pivot pin that allows mastic to flow through the handle body, through the pivoting connector assembly, and into the connected finishing tool.12-08-2011
20090114349CHIP MOUNTER - A chip mounter has a manipulator and a bed. The manipulator picks up an electronic component from an electronic component feeding device, transfers the electronic component to the electronic component mounted surface of a printed board, and mounts the electronic component on the electronic component mounted surface. The bed is located above the manipulator or sidewise relative to the manipulator for mounting the printed board vertically or downwardly.05-07-2009
20100263799TRANSFERRING DEVICE - In a transferring device (A) structured such that a paste (Tb) is transferred to a paper strip (P) by being slid in a predetermined transferring direction in a state in which the paper strip (P) is pinched between a transferring device main body (10-21-2010
20110186235ADHESIVE TAPE AFFIXING EQUIPMENT AND PRESS-FITTING EQUIPMENT - An object of the present invention is to affix an ACF or other adhesive tape onto a plurality of predetermined locations that are aligned in parallel on a substrate, or execute effectively an operation for press-fitting a press-fitted component.08-04-2011
20100263798TRANSFERRING DEVICE FOR LIGHT-REFLECTABLE TAPE - A transferring device for light-reflectable tape, comprising a casing and a gear transmission unit, wherein, a sticker tape is winded around a tape roll gear to form a tape roll comprising an adhesive layer and a released paper. The front end of the adhesive layer extends out of the dispensing outlet of the casing, a pressure roller where located at the dispensing outlet of the casing is pressed on the layer to provide a brake force. In addition, the elastic position-limited teeth of the tape roll gear are engaged with a ratchet wheel in order to prevent the loosing of the tape roll gear. When the tape roll is rotating together with the tape roll gear, the driven gear and the released paper rolling wheel will be rotated as well, so that the released paper of the tape roll can be retrieved with the released paper rolling wheel; as for the speed of retrieving is adjustable by adjusting the speed adjusting wheel which sheathed with the released paper rolling wheel, so that the lock of the tape roll gear, driven gear and the released paper rolling wheel can be avoided, and the corrugated mark and the breaking of the adhesive layer will not be happened. Meanwhile, the pressure plate of the casing is used for guiding the tape plastering along the edge of the wheel rim of the tire. Thus, the usage of the light-reflectable tape is more convenient and the shape of the tape can be maintained as well.10-21-2010
20100078133Low Resistance Loading Apparatus - A low resistance loading apparatus includes a rotary means and an ejection head. The rotary means includes a rotary bar, a turnable handle and a coupling element coupled on the rotary bar. The rotary bar is an elongate rod with one side fastened to the turnable handle to turn the rotary bar. The coupling element has a coupling ring at one side to couple the ejection head. The ejection head has an air intake duct at one side to receive high pressure air from outside and a nozzle at another side. The nozzle has a plurality of ejection vents to evenly eject the high pressure air.04-01-2010
20110168334VACUUM PAD AND LABELING MACHINE - The invention relates to a vacuum pad for use on vacuum drums (07-14-2011
20090288777TAPE SPLICING APPARATUS AND ATTACHING APPARATUS - Provided is an apparatus capable of easily splicing ACF tapes that are thin and are hard to handle. The tape splicing apparatus splices two ACF tapes (11-26-2009
20110198037Coating Film Transfer Tool - There is provided a coating film transfer tool with a reduced number of components and a high degree of design freedom, comprising a feed spool around which an unused transfer tape is wound, a transfer head from which the transfer tape is suspended and which pressure transfers a coating film on the transfer tape suspended therefrom to a transfer-receiving object by pressing the coating film thereagainst, a take-up spool around which the transfer tape on which transfer of the coating film is completed is wound, a transfer portion case 08-18-2011
20080277069Hand-held portable labeler and method of labeling - There is disclosed a hand-held portable labeler and labeling method that enables the label web supply to be quickly threaded into the labeler. The path of the carrier web for the labels from the nip of the print head and platen roll, about the delaminator, into the nip between the platen roll and a pressure roll, and out of the labeler is short and the pressure roll is widely separable from the platen roll to facilitate threading.11-13-2008
20080271854Stamping Cylinder - A cylinder for stamping planar substrates, such as sheets of paper comprises at least a pit with clamping means for holding a stamping medium on said cylinder, said medium comprising at least a row of stamps distributed along the medium. The medium is formed by a stamping plate or by stamping strips and said cylinder further comprises at least a supporting piece forming a bridge over said pit.11-06-2008
20080202694FLUID FLOW PATH IN MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - A fluid flow path, a microfluidic device including the fluid flow path, and methods of forming the same are described. The fluid flow path can include an inlet and at least one outlet, and is defined by a first substrate and a second substrate, each having one or more fluid via extending therethrough, and an adhesive sealant between the first substrate and the second substrate, wherein the adhesive sealant surrounds at least one via of each substrate such that fluid flows through the vias and an area bounded by the adhesive sealant between the substrates. The adhesive sealant can be a bismaleimide-containing compound.08-28-2008
20090032196Arrangement for changing a winding drum - The invention relates to an arrangement for changing a winding drum in a take-up or feed-out chamber of a coating installation for web-form material. One such arrangement can be provided on both sides of a coating chamber, the one arrangement serving as a take-up drum and the other arrangement as a feed-out drum. The arrangement comprises two tracks for receiving end bearings of a winding drum, the tracks being comprised of two parts, of which the one part is stationary and the other is pivotable. The arrangement is located in a housing with a door. If the winding drum is to be replaced, the door is opened and the pivotable parts of the tracks are folded outwardly such that they project from the housing. Onto the projecting track parts a winding drum can now be placed, it can subsequently be slid inwardly and be arrested.02-05-2009
20120138236MACHINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SHEET ELEMENTS FROM COMPOSITE MATERIAL - The machine has a heated plate, a conveyor for conveying the elements along a conveyor path leading across the heated plate, a top part vertically movable with respect to the heated plate, a membrane disposed on the top part and a separating film disposed between the membrane and the heated plate which can be moved synchronously with the conveyor. The separating film is divided into sections and every section is retained exclusively by a single edge oriented transversely to the conveying path by a retaining device. The sections therefore sit loosely on the elements free of tension. The membrane lies against a peripherally extending peripheral face of the top part facing the heated plate and can be moved directly onto the plane of the surface of the heated plate in order to form a closed chamber with it. Finally, the membrane is connected to a clamping device.06-07-2012
20090050275Coating Film Transfer Tool02-26-2009
20090084505Apparatus For Causing Planar Parts To Be Bonded Onto A Seat Pad - An apparatus for mounting planar components onto a pad for a seat is disclosed. The apparatus includes a lower die for allowing the pad to be carried thereon in a condition where a section of the pad onto which the planar components are to be mounted faces upward, a support frame for supporting the planar components, the support frame having both side portions, the support frame being configured as a handling jig which is separatably combined with the lower die means from au upward direction of the pad carried on the lower die means when the planar components are to be mounted onto the section of the pad, and an upper die means for causing the planar components supported by the support frame to be thermal press-bonded onto the section of the pad, the lower die having spaced apart guide pins for engaging the both side portions of the support frame and causing the support frame to be guided in a condition where the support frame is parallel relative to the section of the pad carried on the lower die, and hook arms for causing the support frame to be hooked with respect to the lower die.04-02-2009
20090183838Coating Film Transfer Tool - To provide a coating film transfer tool in which a transfer head is loaded within a case in such a manner as to come out of and go back into the case, and in which the excessive pressure on the transfer head which is projected outside the case is absorbed so as to improve the operability of the coating film transfer tool, the coating film transfer tool includes a coating film transfer section which is disposed in an interior of an accommodation case, and the coating film transfer section includes a supply bobbin, a take-up bobbin and a rotation transmitting device for transmitting the rotation of the supply bobbin to the take-up bobbin, and the coating film transfer section also includes a transfer head in such a state that the transfer head is projected from the coating film transfer section around which an unwound transfer tape from the supply bobbin is made to be suspended, a knocking member projected from the rear end of the accommodation case, a rotary member and a rotary support member disposed between the coating film transfer section and the knocking member, and an elastic member for biasing the coating film transfer section to the rearward, wherein the rotary support member has flexible support arms so that the coating film transfer section can be slightly moved back and forth within the accommodation case.07-23-2009
20090250173METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR POSITIONING LAYERS WITHIN A LAYERED HEATER SYSTEM - An apparatus for positioning a tape preform as a layer onto a substrate during the manufacture of a layered resistive device is provided. The apparatus includes at least one positioning member, wherein the positioning member defines a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. The apparatus also includes a contact member adapted to engage the tape preform against the substrate. The contact member and the distal end portion of the positioning member are configured to position the tape preform onto the substrate.10-08-2009
20130213579DEVICE FOR FORMING AND TRANSFERRING A SLEEVE-LIKE LABEL TO A CONTAINER TO BE LABELED - A device for forming and transferring a sleeve-like label to a container to be labeled, comprising a feeder designed to feed a portion of heat-shrink film to at least one forming spindle and means for wrapping the portion of heat-shrink film around the lateral surface of the forming spindle, feeder means being provided which are adapted to move, along an approach path that has at least one component perpendicular to the axis of the forming spindle, the container to be labeled to a labeling position arranged below the forming spindle and pick-up means adapted to pick up the container with the sleeve-like label fitted around the respective lateral surface along a path for removal from the labeling position which has at least one component perpendicular to the axis of the forming spindle.08-22-2013
20120031565FLEXIBLE SUBSTRATE POSITION CONTROL DEVICE - A flexible substrate position control device in a processing device, which transports a flexible substrate in a horizontal direction and in a vertical orientation and carries out processing of the substrate by processing units installed in a transport path of the substrate, is provided with a pair of clamping rollers that clamp an upper edge of the substrate, a support mechanism that rotatably supports the pair of clamping rollers, urging means for applying pressing force to the pair of clamping rollers, and adjusting means for adjusting the pressing force applied by the urging means. The pair of clamping rollers has an inclination, in which the direction of pressing relative to the clamping surface of the substrate is towards the edge of the substrate in the width direction, and is supported such that the rotating direction at the clamping surface is the same direction as the transport direction of the substrate.02-09-2012
20100252203LABELING AND PREPARATION DEVICE FOR TEST TUBES - A labeling and preparation device for test tubes. At least one storage section places at least one pallet having a set of test tubes at a preset position. At least one transfer section is disposed above the storage section, and clamps or releases one of the test tubes. A labeling section is disposed below the transfer section, receives the test tubes transferred from the transfer section, and attaches a label having information related to a sample on a circumference of each test tube. An ejection section is disposed below the labeling section, and ejects the test tubes to an outside. A controller controls drivers of the transfer section, the labeling section and the ejection section.10-07-2010
20100218904FUNCTIONAL TAG APPLICATOR - A functional tag applicator permitting stable attachment of functional tags is offered. The applicator includes a tag support mechanism for supporting the peeled functional tag. The tag support mechanism has a sliding member and a pair of left and right functional tag support members. The sliding member slides in an up-and-down direction when a control handle is operated. The tag support members are opened and closed in response to vertical motion of the sliding member. The tag support members have, at their lower ends, support portions for supporting the tag. The tag peeled off from the tape by a peeling member is supplied to the support portions of the functional tag support members. Downward motion of the sliding member spreads apart the tag support members, releasing the tag. Pressure is applied on the upper surface of the tag, so that the tag is stuck.09-02-2010
20080230183RELEASING METHOD AND RELEASING APPARATUS OF WORK HAVING ADHESIVE TAPE - In a method for releasing a work having an adhesive tape from a holding member which sucks and holds the work having the adhesive tape, the work having the adhesive tape is released from the holding member while supplying a gas which reduces a holding force of the holding member between the holding member and the work having the adhesive tape.09-25-2008
20110240230Apparatus for Affixing Labels To A Moving Cable - An apparatus for affixing a label to a cable moving in a direction parallel to the cable's axis comprises: a bottom push up roller having a channel configured to receive a moving cable; a first roll down roller configured to fold down a side of a label onto the cable; a second roll down roller configured to fold down a side of a label onto the cable; and a top push down roller having a channel configured to receive a moving cable.10-06-2011
20110017406Applicator for Automatically Dispensing Self-Adhesive Products - A device employed by a user for applying a self-adhesive product to a surface may include an outer housing configured for gripping by a single hand of the user, the outer housing having a distal end, and a volume of self-adhesive product disposed within the outer housing. An automatic dispensing mechanism is disposed within the outer housing and operatively coupled to the outer housing and the volume of self-adhesive product, the automatic dispensing mechanism configured to advance at least a portion of the volume of self-adhesive product through the outer housing distal end in response to a manual actuation force applied to the outer housing.01-27-2011
20110042013METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BONDED SUBSTRATES - An apparatus for bonding substrates includes a base member having a top surface and a recessed region which is configured for receiving at least a first substrate. The apparatus also has a plurality of support members disposed over the top surface for supporting a second substrate peripherally over the first substrate. Each support member is configured to vary a separation between the first substrate and the second substrate. Moreover, a pressure bar is configured to cause a center portion of the second substrate to contact the first substrate while the support members maintain peripheral separation between the first substrate and the second substrate. In operation, a bonded region between the first and the second substrates is expanded radially from the center portion when the support members are positioned to reduce the separation between the first and the second substrates.02-24-2011
20110083811EXTENDABLE WELDING MACHINE - A welding machine having a frame that includes end supports spanned by a top beam with a truncated V-shaped cross-section. A vacuum track assembly disposed vertically beneath the top beam retains fabrics to be welded on a perforated surface using suction. A welding head travels along the top beam and applies heat and pressure to the surface to weld the fabrics together. The top beam and vacuum track assembly are extendable by including additional unit segments from which the beam and assembly are constructed.04-14-2011
20110209832WAFER BONDING APPARATUS - A wafer bonding apparatus of the present invention includes a first sample base configured to hold a first substrate; a second sample base configured to hold a second substrate to oppose to the first substrate; a load transferring section coupled to an outer edge portion of the first sample base and configured to support the first sample base to a first stage; and a drive unit configured to perform pressure bonding on the first substrate and the second substrate by driving the second sample base to the first stage. In the wafer bonding apparatus, it is possible to prevent that a load which is larger than a load applied on the outer edge portion of the first substrate is applied to the center of the first substrate, and to apply uniform load the first substrate and the second substrate, when pressure bonding is performed on the first substrate and the second substrate.09-01-2011
20110042012Systems and Methods for Continuous Delivery of Web Materials - Apparatuses and methods for producing an absorbent article are provided. Generally, the apparatuses and methods allow for continuous delivering of a plurality of web material to downstream equipment during a manufacturing process. In some embodiments, the apparatuses and methods allow for simultaneously unwinding, splicing, and lamination of multiple rolls of web material rotatably mounted to a frame and delivering the web material to various downstream manufacturing processes.02-24-2011
20110017405BONDING APPARATUS - A bonding apparatus for bonding a first substrate and a second substrate includes a base body, a first stripping device, a second stripping device, at least two vacuum bonding devices, and a loading mechanism. The first stripping device removes a film from the first substrate, and the second stripping device removes a film from the second substrate. The at least two vacuum bonding devices are arranged on the base body and aligned with each other. The loading mechanism includes a slide-rail on the base body and an adjustment assembly slidably connected to the slide-rail. The loading mechanism transfers a first substrate and a second substrate into one vacuum bonding device, and then, sliding on the slider, transfers another first substrate and another second substrate to another vacuum bonding device.01-27-2011
20110114267STRIP DISPENSER - A strip dispenser, and more specifically a dispenser for industrial or medical applications which includes a product for coating or impregnating the strip. This product is, depending on the use, a disinfectant, a lubricant and even be an adhesive in certain circumstances. The dispenser is in the form of a spool around which the strip is wound and the spool is locatable in a zone containing a product for application to the strip while it is being pulled through a slot in the zone.05-19-2011
20110132547ADHESIVE SHEET BONDING DEVICE - A sheet attaching apparatus includes a non-adhesive guide sheet for leading the peeled sheet to the attaching position while keeping away from the substrate; a stopper to which forward edges of the substrate and the sheet contact, movable between a position across the feed path and a position off the feed path; a movable press roller for pressing the forward portion of the sheet onto the forward portion of the substrate to attach the sheet onto the substrate at the attaching position; and a feed roller arranged facing the press roller and for discharging the adhered sheet and substrate from the attaching position. The guide sheet has slits extending in the feed direction at the forward portion. The press roller presses the forward portion of the sheet to the forward portion of the substrate through the slits so as to attach the sheet S onto the substrate.06-09-2011
20090205786VACUUM CYLINDER FOR A LABELING APPARATUS - The invention relates to a vacuum cylinder for a labeling apparatus comprising a bottom support and a plurality of spaced-apart supporting elements, the longitudinal directions of which extend essentially perpendicular to the plane of the bottom support, wherein the bottom support has a receiving opening for receiving a shaft in a rotationally fixed manner, and the supporting elements are in each case releasably connected to the bottom support via a first end section, and the bottom support has a plurality of cutouts which are arranged in the radial direction of the bottom support between the receiving opening and the supporting elements.08-20-2009
20090205785CORRECTION SYSTEM WITH RUBBER ELEASTIC TENSION ELEMENT FOR A GEAR MECHANISM CORRECTION TAPE - A frictional clutch for a correction device includes a rotatable supply reel with a circular center opening and a rotatable take-up reel being laterally arranged spaced apart from the supply reel, the take-up reel having an outer circumferential surface onto which a correction tape is to be wound up and the supply reel having an outer circumferential surface from which the correction tape is to be wound off, wherein the outer circumferential surface of the supply reel is provided with a circumferential radial groove in which an elastic tensioning element is accommodated, the radial circumferential groove being at its bottom at least partially transected such that the elastic tensioning element projects into the center opening secantically, when it is in a stress-relieved condition.08-20-2009
20110186236Labelling Machine for Sleeve Labels - A labeling machine has a carrousel having a frame at the periphery of which a plurality of mandrels are rotatably mounted, and, at angularly spaced positions around the carrousel, object feeding means, label feeding means and object removing means. Each mandel receives a label strip from the label feeding means, winds it around the body of the mandrel so that a leading end and a trailing end of the label strip overlap. The leading and trailing ends of the label strip are sealed to form a sleeve label. The label strips are sealed by heat sealing means which include a pulse heating bar.08-04-2011
20110186234TRANSPORTER FOR DRY FILM LAMINATOR - A transporter for dry film laminator includes a base, a film guider mounted in the base, and a film leveler mounted on the base. The base has a platform disposed thereon. The base has two film extending rollers respectively disposed on two ends thereof. The base has two guiding rails disposed on two sides thereof. The film leveler has two ends respectively mounted on the two guiding rails. The film guider is provided for transporting the dry film to the platform.08-04-2011
20100024988STRIP PACK APPARATUS - A strip pack apparatus is an apparatus for manufacturing a strip pack with a plurality of items attached on a backing sheet. The strip pack apparatus includes a conveying unit configured and arranged to convey the item generally in the horizontal direction, a moving unit configured and arranged to move the item from the conveying unit to a position obliquely downward on the front side in the conveying direction, and an attaching unit configured and arranged to attach the item moved by the moving unit to the backing sheet.02-04-2010
20090173450ADJUSTABLE LABELING MECHANISM FOR LABELING BOTTLES - An adjustable labeling mechanism for labeling bottles. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.07-09-2009
20110315325Backing Film Removal for Fiber Placement Machine - An apparatus and associated method for removing backing film from tape during a fiber placement process. A passive (non-powered) take-up roller is used to wind up the backing film that has been separated from the tape.12-29-2011
20090084504Case sealer tape applicator - This invention relates to a tape applicator or tape head formed from a combination of two separated apparatuses namely a detachable unit containing a front portion of the tape applicator and a stationary unit containing a rear portion of the applicator with snap-on engagement there between to obtain the interactive motion of a conventional tape applicator i.e. the present invention separates a conventional tape applicator into two separate portions which results in the ability to quickly change tapes and reduces safety hazards.04-02-2009
20110155326APPARATUS FOR GLUING THE TAIL OF A CONVOLUTELY WOUND WEB MATERIAL THERETO - An apparatus for applying a fluid to a convolutely wound roll of web substrate is disclosed. The apparatus provides for a fluid applicator having a manifold and a first surface. The fluid is fluidly displaceable from the manifold to the first surface through at least one opening disposed therein. The convolutely wound roll of web substrate is disposable upon the first surface. At least a portion of the fluid is fluidly displaced from the first surface to the convolutely wound roll of web substrate. Any of the fluid not fluidly displaced from the first surface to the convolutely wound roll of web substrate is not displaceable back into then manifold.06-30-2011
20120111505COMPONENT MOUNTING MACHINE - In a component mounting machine including a tape feeder removing a top tape from a carrier tape of a component supply tape so as to expose a component on the carrier tape so that the component is sucked by a suction nozzle; and a waste tape collection box collecting the top tape removed from the carrier tape, a top-tape drawing member for catching and drawing out the top tape is drawably provided at a place where the top tape removed from the carrier tape is hanging down from the tape feeder into the waste tape collection box (for example, a top opening portion of the waste tape collection box).05-10-2012
20120211171PROTECTIVE MATERIAL APPLICATOR DEVICE - Devices, methods and systems disclosed herein relate to the application of a protective film on a surface of an electronic device that instantly reduces air bubbles and eliminates the waiting time usually required when using a wet fluid solution. In one embodiment, a well apparatus graspable by a user's hand for receiving any of a plurality of mobile communication device inserts is provided. Each of the plurality of mobile communication device inserts may have a mobile communication device receiving cavity of a different shape or size configured to receive a mobile communication device of a particular shape and size. After inserting a mobile communication device insert into the well apparatus, a user may insert a mobile communication device into the receiving cavity and apply a protective layer with a roller.08-23-2012
20110180217DISPENSER WITH TRANSFER HEAD - A dispenser with a transfer head includes a feeding roller placed within a case provided with an opening, and supporting a transfer tape T so as to be capable of being fed; a take-up roller for taking up a base material tape that has been used to transfer; a transfer roller for transferring a transfer agent; an interlocking mechanism for rotating the feeding roller and the take-up roller in an interlocking manner; a holding member provided on the opening side in a front/back direction so as to be capable of moving forward and backward; and a rotational frame for supporting the feeding roller, the take-up roller and the transfer roller, wherein when a pressing force is applied to the case while the holding member abuts against a surface to be transferred P, the transfer head is relatively projected, and moved on the surface P with pressing thereto so that the transfer agent can be transferred.07-28-2011
20120211170PROTECTIVE MATERIAL APPLICATOR DEVICE - Devices, methods and systems disclosed herein relate to the application of a protective film on a surface of an electronic device instantly reducing air bubbles and eliminating the waiting time usually required when using a wet fluid solution. In one embodiment, a roller device may include a carriage or housing and one or more rollers coupled or integrated with the housing, configured to apply a protective material to a surface of the electronic device in a first orientation, and configured to function as a device stand in a second orientation.08-23-2012
20100051202MACHINE AND METHODS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF AIR-FILLED CUSHIONS - A device and method are disclosed for forming air filled cushions. The device includes a drive mechanism to move inflatable tubing through the apparatus, and an injector, optionally including an outlet, located continuously within, or within a portion of, the tubing. This arrangement can permit the formation of air filled cushions in a continuous stream. Also disclosed is a roll of plastic tubing that is sealed transversely at a succession of intervals, with each pair of seals stopping just short of a longitudinal center line of the tubing. Such tubing might be used in conjunction with the apparatus, the central gap between the seals allowing passage of the injector.03-04-2010
20120312478METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BAG CLOSURE AND SEALING - A method and apparatus for sealing a bag made of a polymeric material by applying heat activated layers on different portions of the bag, wherein the first adhesive layer and the second adhesive layer have respective heat activation temperatures below the softening point temperature of the polymeric material; creasing the bag along a fold line, applying heat at a temperature below the softening point temperature of the polymeric material to activate the first adhesive layer and the second adhesive layer to adhesive states after the bag has been filled with contents; and folding the bag to form an adhesive-to adhesive seal by contact between the heat activated first adhesive layer and the heat activated second adhesive layer.12-13-2012
20130008612UNIT FOR APPLYING A LABEL ON A RELATIVE ARTICLE - There is described a labelling unit movable along a given path for receiving labels to be applied on relative articles; the unit comprises a hollow receiving member having a lateral wall adapted to receive a relative label, extending around an axis transversal to the path and comprising a suction portion provided with through holes; a suction pneumatic device connected to the holes through the inside of the receiving member and which can be activated to retain a label on the outer surface of the lateral wall of the receiving member by-suction; and a hollow distributor member, which is coaxially arranged inside the receiving member, is provided with a number of angularly spaced opening sections having, in a direction parallel to the axis, different heights correlated to the heights of different labels to be processed by the unit, and which can be rotated in at least two different angular positions, each corresponding to locate a selected one of the opening sections in front of the suction portion of the lateral wall of the receiving member so making operative only the holes facing the selected opening section.01-10-2013
20110120658APPLICATION-FILM TRANSFER TOOL - The application-film transfer tool includes a main body having a base member and a sliding securing member slidably attached to the base member, a refill attachable to and detachable from the main body and having a supply bobbin, a take-up bobbin, a transfer head, and a refill case, and a refill securing mechanism securing the refill to the main body, wherein the refill is secured to the main body by engaging the engagement protrusions of the refill and the engagement depressions of the base member, latching together the sliding securing member and the section near the front end of the refill, and engaging the section near the back end of the locking member and the hooks.05-26-2011
20110048648ROTARY BONDING TOOL WHICH PROVIDES A LARGE BOND FORCE - A die bonder comprises a bond head having a load shaft which passes through the bond head and a collet located at one end of the load shaft for holding a die to be bonded. A bond force motor is operative to drive the load shaft along a travel axis in directions towards and away from a die bonding position. A rotary motor is operative to rotate the load shaft about a rotational axis parallel to the travel axis. A coupler which comprises a bearing couples the load shaft to the bond force motor to allow the load shaft to rotate about the rotational axis relative to the bond force motor.03-03-2011
20120298309PREPREG LAMINATION HEAD AND PREPREG AUTOMATIC LAMINATION DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A prepreg lamination head which laminates a prepreg sheet (11-29-2012
20100230056Device for Mounting Elastic Member in Absorptive Article - A device for installing an elastic member including a conveying line for continuously conveying sheets to be mounted, a feeding device for continuously feeding elastic members, and a guide for guiding the elastic members fed from the feeding device, to installation positions on the raw materials to be mounted on the conveying line. The guide has an upper section and a lower section detachably attached to the upper section. A guide path whose surrounding is closed is formed between the upper section and the lower section. The elastic members are guided to the installation positions through the guide path.09-16-2010
20120279665Coupling for Mounting a Labeling Machine and Method of Adjusting a Labeling Machine - A coupling capable of adjustably cantilever-mounting a machine such as a labeling machine to a mounting structure, wherein the attitude or inclination of the machine to other machinery such as a conveyor can be precisely adjusted. Also, there is a method a mounting a machine to mounting structure with the capability to adjust the inclination of the machine that requires only one person.11-08-2012
20130014903APPLICATOR - An applicator for use in the application of, for example, adhesive-backed material from a roll to a surface may be configured to hold the roll of adhesive-backed material and to apply the adhesive-backed material from the roll to the surface using two rollers.01-17-2013
20130020030DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MULTI-ARCHED STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS FROM A FIBER COMPOSITE - A device for the production of structural components from a fiber composite material, the components being three-dimensionally arched over a large surface, including a jig having a convex mounting surface having receiving channels for the insertion of structural components, wherein the loaded jig interacts with a laminating bonding device having a corresponding shape for forming the structural component under pressure, wherein the mounting surface includes a plurality of individually elastically deformable mounting shell parts arranged adjacent to each other along at least one longitudinally extending pitch line and attached to a plurality of elastically deformable supporting frame elements extending on the interior of the shell at a right angle to the pitch line, and a plurality of actuators for deforming the mounting surface between an extended position (A) and at least one retracted position (B) to move the jig from the bonding device relative to the receiving channels without undercuts.01-24-2013
20100032102BRUSH SYSTEM FOR A LABELING MACHINE - A brush system (02-11-2010
20080236761CREDENTIAL SUBSTRATE LAMINATOR HAVING A CARTRIDGE POSITION ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM - One embodiment of a substrate laminator comprises a housing that includes a cartridge receiver, a substrate transport, a cartridge and a cartridge position adjustment mechanism. The substrate transport mechanism is configured to feed substrates along the processing path in a lengthwise direction. The cartridge is received in the cartridge receiver and includes a ribbon supply. The cartridge position adjustment mechanism is configured to adjust the position of the cartridge in a widthwise direction relative to the substrate processing path.10-02-2008
20130168026Labelling Assembly - A labelling assembly with a transfer module that has a rotationally driveable hub at least of one essentially vertical pallet shaft, to which transfer module it is possible to allocate functionally an at least essentially vertical glue roll, at least one label magazine and a gripper cylinder that can be driven rotationally around an at least essentially vertical axis, and where at least the pallet shaft and/or the magazine and/or the gripper cylinder and/or the glue roll is a removable replacement fitting or are removable replacement fittings connected detachably to a respective support for a replacement due to retooling. Further, a connection of at least one replacement fitting with its respective support is formed in such a manner that the replacement fitting can be removed and attached by means of an essentially, to the greatest possible extent, horizontal and lateral relative movement of the replacement fitting.07-04-2013
20080216964ADHESIVE TAPE APPLICATOR - An Adhesive tape applicator is configured to sandwich a workpiece in a vertical direction with a plurality of guide rollers for engaging with the workpiece from above to roll around and a sandwiching guide roller for engaging with the workpiece from below. It has an application roller for applying an adhesive tape on a tape application face by elastically pressing the adhesive tape and a separation-prevention tape guide for preventing the adhesive tape from being separated from the application roller. A tape positioning part is also formed, which releases an upper end in a tape width direction of a tape insertion gap formed by the tape guide and receives and guides a lower side edge of the adhesive tape on a lower end of the tape insertion gap.09-11-2008
20100314050DIE BONDER PROVIDING A LARGE BONDING FORCE - A die bonder is provided comprising a bond head including a collet for picking up a die and bonding the die at a bonding site. The die bonder further comprises a first motor which is connected to the collet by a shaft for driving the collet in driving directions towards and away from the bonding site and a second motor which is connected to the bond head for driving the bond head in directions parallel to the driving directions of the first motor. A rotary motor is also operatively connected to the collet for rotating the collet about a rotational axis that is parallel to the driving directions of the first motor. The shaft is slidably connected to the rotary motor and is slidable relative to the rotary motor when it is driven by the first motor to move.12-16-2010
20130126098MICRO DEVICE TRANSFER HEAD HEATER ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF TRANSFERRING A MICRO DEVICE - A method of transferring a micro device and an array of micro devices are disclosed. A carrier substrate carrying a micro device connected to a bonding layer is heated to a temperature below a liquidus temperature of the bonding layer, and a transfer head is heated to a temperature above the liquidus temperature of the bonding layer. Upon contacting the micro device with the transfer head, the heat from the transfer head transfers into the bonding layer to at least partially melt the bonding layer. A voltage applied to the transfer head creates a grip force which picks up the micro device from the carrier substrate.05-23-2013

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