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With cutting, punching, piercing, severing, or tearing

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156 - Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture


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156523000 Work traversing type 18
156516000 Means feeding plural workpieces to be joined 12
156530000 Cutter actuated by or secured to bonding element 5
20090145558AUTOMATED LABEL APPLICATOR FOR LINERLESS LABELS - The invention relates to an automated label applicator for linerless labels (06-11-2009
20090095429Scissors with an integrated tape dispenser - A combined scissors and tape dispenser configured as a unitary construction. The combined scissors and tape dispenser apparatus includes a pair of blades. A first blade includes a first elongated cutting member integrated with a first looped handle portion. A second blade is pivotally connected to the first blade. The second blade includes a second elongated cutting member integrated with a second looped handle portion. A dispenser reel including a cutting implement is integrated as part of at least one of the first looped handle portion and the second looped handle portion. The dispenser reel includes a through-hole adapted to be gripped by at least one of the user's fingers.04-16-2009
20080264571Tape case sealer with built in initial tape cutter - A tape applicator for taping boxes or the like is provided with a cutting element mounted on the applicator out of the normal path of said tape but relatively positioned to the path so that relative movement between the tape and cutting element at the end of a threading operation to insert a tape into operative position in the applicator severs said tape and defines a free end of a tab at a free end of the tape.10-30-2008
20120325409LOCKING TAPE DISPENSER - A tape dispenser adapted to dispense lengths of adhesive tape from a roll of adhesive tape wound upon a cylindrical tape core having a first sidewall, a second sidewall generally parallel to the first sidewall, a hub structure and a tape retaining tab extending inwardly from at least one of the first and second sidewalls. A rearwardly extending tongue is supported between the sidewall front portions, the tongue includes a rear edge approaching the tape retaining tab and defining therewith a gap. An unwound portion of the tape passes through the gap between the retaining tab and the tongue, and the tongue is movable between a first position for holding the unwound portion of the tape against the tape retaining tab and a second position allowing the unwound portion of the tape to separate from the retaining tab.12-27-2012
20120279664TAPE FEEDING DEVICE AND TAPE APPLICATOR - A tape applicator uses a tape feeding device that holds a tape and performs a series of operations of feeding, applying, and cutting the tape with one hand. The tape applicator includes the tape feeding device including a drawing roller rotated together with a tape, a releasing roller feeding the tape in the forward direction while releasing the tape together with rotation of the drawing roller, and a belt coupling the drawing roller and the releasing roller, as well as a tape holding body holding the tape and supporting the tape feeding device, an application unit supported by the tape holding body and that causes the tape to contact with an application target surface, a cutting blade supported by the tape holding body and that cuts the tape, and a case accommodating the tape holding body, wherein the leading end of the tape is reserved in the released state.11-08-2012
156511000 Plural severing means each acting on a different work piece 5
20110192545COMPOSITE MATERIAL LAYUP INCLUDING TRIM-ON-THE-FLY - Disclosed is a method and apparatus for manufacturing multiple layer composite structures and structures containing components made of multiple layer composite structures, comprising dispensing layers of composite material, trimming each layer to its final shape as it is being dispensed, and positioning it properly with respect to prior layers in the part lay-up.08-11-2011
20090321021INTERMITTENT CUTTING TRANSFERRING DEVICE - In the cutting transferring device 12-31-2009
20120193034MANUFACTURING SYSTEM AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR OPTICAL DISPLAY DEVICE - A manufacturing system is provided with a supplying apparatus of a first sheet material supplying after cutting into a predetermined length, and a supplying apparatus of a second sheet material supplying after cutting into a predetermined length, and the supplying apparatus of the first sheet material and the supplying apparatus of the second sheet material are structured such that one supplying apparatus cuts a long sheet material having a width corresponding to a short side into a length corresponding to a long side, and the other supplying apparatus cuts a long sheet material having a width corresponding to the long side into a length corresponding to the short side, in correspondence to the long side and the short side of the optical display unit.08-02-2012
20090218049Method and Apparatus for Bonding Polarizing Plate - Method and apparatus for bonding a polarizing plate high in operating efficiency and yield. The apparatus includes a cutting unit for cutting at least a polarizing plate of a strip-shaped film, composed of the polarizing plate and a release film bonded to the polarizing plate, leaving the release film uncut, when a forward end side pre-severed end face of the strip-shaped film perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the strip-shaped film has traveled up to a length corresponding to a length of a substrate, to form a film piece, a release film separating unit for separating the release film from the film piece thus severed, and a bonding unit for bonding the tacky surface of the film piece freed of the release film to a mating position of the substrate so that the forward end side end face of the transported substrate is parallel to the pre-severed end face of the film piece.09-03-2009
20080216963APPLICATOR HEAD FOR FIBERS WITH PARTICULAR SYSTEMS FOR CUTTING FIBERS - The present invention relates to a head for applying fibers in order to make components of composite materials, intended to be mounted at the end of a displacement system for applying to a surface a wide strip formed of a number of fibers. The head comprises an application roller for applying fibers in the form of a strip, means for guiding fibers on said roller, and cutting means including blades activated by activation systems between a rest position and an active cutting position so as to cut the fibers upstream of the application roller. Said blades and associated activation systems are all placed on the side of the roller relative to said fibers.09-11-2008
156513000 Means making hole or aperture in part to be laminated 3
20080308236Friction Heating for Joining Dissimilar Materials - One side of a metal sheet is joined to a polymer layer by applying heat to a joining area on the opposite side of the metal. The heat flows through the thin metal to activate a thermoplastic material or heat setting polymer into a bond with the metal. The method can be used to bond the metal sheet to a plastic body or another metal member. It is preferred to use a friction or friction stir tool to heat the metal surface.12-18-2008
20120298308Upper Die for Fastening Button - A button-fastening upper die includes a die body, a button-holding member and a cylindrical elastic member arranged between the die body and the button-holding member. By providing the elastic member with an annular recess recessed radially outward from the inner surface e.g. at the middle of the surface, the elastic member is sectioned into a thin-walled section located radially outward from the recess and two or more thick-walled sections remaining above and below the recess and the thin-walled section.11-29-2012
20110277939STAMPING-LAMINATING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Punching structures each include a die, a punch that cooperates with the die to stamp a workpiece, a die supporting member that applies lateral pressure to core pieces stamped out from the workpiece, and a counter pressure applying mechanism that applies counter pressure toward the punch to the core pieces from the side opposite to the punch. The punching structures also include selecting mechanisms, respectively. The punching structures laminate core pieces while applying lateral pressure and counter pressure to the core pieces. The punching structures are arranged along the conveyance direction of the workpiece. The selecting mechanisms select one of the punching structures to be put in a pause state, so that one of the punching structures is put in a pause state during a stamping operation of the punching structures.11-17-2011
156515000 Cutting element simultaneously bonds (e.g., cut seaming) 2
20120180956METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FABRICATING COMPOSITE PROTECTIVE MATERIAL - The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for manufacturing a composite, foam/fabric material for use as protective material in products, and utilizes an apparatus which includes a punch press with punches arranged in rows and correspondingly aligned dies for receiving the punches therethrough. The system operates by punching a sheet of foam material into a plurality of discrete foam elements which are transferred onto a heated fabric substrate, and retained thereon by heat bonding. The apparatus consists, in one preferred embodiment, of a clamp plate which clamps a sheet of foam material onto a die plate, and after a punching sequence, the sheet of foam material, along with the sheet of fabric material, are indexed downstream, and the process repeats.07-19-2012
20080314527Sealer for test sample devices - A sealer for a sample testing instrument is disclosed that cuts and seals a fluid conduit that connects a test sample device with a fluid receptacle containing a fluid sample. The sealer includes an enclosure and a protective shield to protect a user or technician from contact with the cutting element assembly in the sealer. The cutting element assembly includes a spring-loaded element that engages the test sample device and holds it in a fixed position while a cutting element (e.g., hot wire) cuts the fluid conduit. A motor driving the cutting element assembly is positioned at an angle having both vertical and horizontal components, whereby adjustment of the motor firmware allows for adjustment of the position of the cutting element relative to the instrument in both horizontal and vertical directions.12-25-2008
156512000 Severing followed by associating with part from same source 1
20120043025TAPE AND LABEL APPLICATOR - A tap and label applicator includes a base. The base is provided with an operation rod, a tape cutting unit and a label stripping unit. At least one roll of tape and one roll of labels are mounted on the tape and label applicator. The tape cutting unit is used to cut the tape of the roll of tape. The label stripping unit can automatically peel off the labels on the roll of labels. The present invention can save the space and avoid loss of the roll of tape and the roll of labels to facilitate the process of packing.02-23-2012
20110180216LAMINATED CORE, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING LAMINATED CORE, AND STATOR - A laminated core block includes a plurality of core members made of magnetic sheets stacked one on top of another, the plurality of core members including first and second core members which adjoin in a laminating direction, and a thermoplastic resin strand placed between the first and second core members. The thermoplastic resin strand is arranged to pass along one side surface of the first core member, between the first and second core members and along a side surface of the second core member on a side opposite to the aforementioned side surface of the first core member in this order. The first and second core members are bonded to each other by melting and curing the thermoplastic resin strand.07-28-2011
20110186232CUTTING MECHANISM FOR DRY FILM LAMINATOR - A cutting mechanism for dry film laminator includes a main base connected to a dry film laminator. The main base has a cutting space defined therein. The main base has two rollers disposed thereon and located beside the cutting space. The two rollers flatly guide a film above the cutting space. A film-carrying device is movably disposed on the main base. The film-carrying device includes a suction member movably disposed thereon. The suction member has at least one annular groove defined therein and corresponding to a shape of a wafer. A cutting device is movably disposed below the main base. The cutting device includes a film cutter movably disposed thereon. The cutting device includes an elevating device disposed thereon for moving the film cutter upward/downward. The cutting device includes a motor disposed thereon for rotating the film cutter.08-04-2011
20130037219SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL DISPLAY DEVICE, SET OF MATERIAL ROLLS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A system for manufacturing an optical display device includes providing a roll of a belt-shaped sheet material including an optical film and a release film, which has score lines previously formed by cutting layers of the material other than the release film. The optical film is bonded to a rectangular optical display unit of the display device. In the bonding steps, a first optical film is divided by the score lines into pieces each having a length corresponding to a long side of the display unit, and a second optical film is divided by the score lines into pieces each having a length corresponding to a short side of the display unit. The first optical film has a first polarizing plate whose longitudinal direction is parallel to its absorption axis, and the second optical film has a second polarizing plate whose longitudinal direction is parallel to its absorption axis.02-14-2013
20130037218APPARATUS FOR MAKING BODILY FLUID ABSORBENT PAD - A bodily fluid absorbent pad has a shape symmetric in a longitudinal direction as well as in a transverse direction. A dimension of the pad in the transverse direction is larger in opposite end regions than in an intermediate region. The pad is formed along opposite side edges with first and second compressed lines. Paired compression rolls are used to form the first and second compressed lines, and at least one roll constituting the paired compression rolls is formed on a peripheral surface thereof with compressing units projecting from the peripheral surface. The compressing units are arranged in a circumferential direction to form one row and at least one additional row adjacent to the one row in an axial direction of the roll. There is an offset between the compressing unit in the one row and the compressing units in the other row in the circumferential direction.02-14-2013
20130075042LAMINATOR WITH A CORNER CUTTER - The present invention provides a laminator with a corner cutter including a main body, a laminating device and a cutting device. The main body includes a receiving space. The main body is horizontally formed with an entering slot, an exiting slot, a penetrating groove and a corner-cutting recess. The main body having two lateral sides formed between the entering slot and the exiting slot, the corner-cutting recess being disposed at one of the lateral sides. The laminating device disposed in the receiving space includes two rolling rods, a driving portion and two heaters. The two rolling rods are heated by the two heating members. The driving portion drives the two rolling rods to rotate. The cutting device includes a pushing portion and a cutting portion. The cutting device is disposed at one side of the receiving space where corresponding to the corner-cutting recess.03-28-2013
20130032292Method and Apparatus for Low-Bulk Toughened Fabrics for Low-Pressure Molding Processes - A method and apparatus for manufacturing. A fiber layer and a first porous bonding layer are formed to form a unidirectional lay-up of fibers. The unidirectional lay-up of fibers is heated under pressure to form a unidirectional composite tape. A first plurality of lengths of the unidirectional composite tape is laid down to build a first layer from the unidirectional composite tape. A second plurality of lengths of the unidirectional composite tape is laid down to build a second layer from the unidirectional composite tape on the first layer at a predetermined angle from the first layer. At least one of the first and second plurality of lengths of the unidirectional composite tape are slit while laying down the first and second plurality of lengths of the unidirectional composite tape. A composite fabric is formed from the first and second layer.02-07-2013
20100043983FOLDING AND CUTTING APPARATUS - An apparatus for folding and cutting tape, including Ultraflex™ tape. The apparatus includes a platform, which may be hinged for folding. A tape roll retainer, tape roller, tape folder, folded tape guide, optional meter and a cutter are removably affixed to the platform. The tape folder is configured to cause automatic folding of the tape when directed therethrough. The tape folder includes a pair of opposing folding components that force the tape into a folded configuration.02-25-2010
20100006233LABELING MACHINE IN A BOTTLE OR CONTAINER FILLING PLANT HAVING A TRANSPORT ROLLER, SUCH AS A CUTTING OR SEVERING ROLLER; AND SUCH A ROLLER FOR LABELING EQUIPMENT OR A LABELING ARRANGEMENT, AS WELL AS LABELING EQUIPMENT OR A LABELING ARRANGEMENT - A labeling machine in a bottle or container filling plant having a transport roller, such as a cutting or severing roller; and such a roller for labeling equipment or a labeling arrangement, as well as labeling equipment or a labeling arrangement. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.01-14-2010
20130048218Tape applicator - An improved tape applicator for apply a tape to close a case or box is provided that uses a wiper system that better seals the tape to the box, provides an improved cut-off system wherein the action of the cut-off blade which partially cuts and then tears the tape is across the tape path at an improved angle. Also included is an improved system for adjusting tab length on the lead end of the case, providing a stiffened free end portion of the tape to engage an on-coming case, for controlling the rotation of large tape rolls by applying pressure to the side of a large roll and locking the tape roll to the mounting hub on the machine by penetrating the tape roll core with locking elements.02-28-2013
20090272496PROTECTIVE TAPE JOINING APPARATUS - A chuck table is configured with a table main body having a wafer placement part holding a wafer placed thereon, and an annular tape support frame provided outside the wafer placement part with a cutter blade traveling groove being interposed therebetween. The tape support frame has, at a top face thereof, a plurality of linear grooves arranged in parallel in a tape joining direction, a large number of linear tape support parts each located between the linear grooves, and an annular tape support part supporting the protective tape at an outer side of the cutter blade traveling groove.11-05-2009
20110272103TAPE DISPENSER WITH SAFE CUTTING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a tape dispenser (11-10-2011
20090151875SHEET CUTTING TABLE - A sheet cutting table 06-18-2009
20100018653ADHESIVE TAPE DISPENSER AND APPLICATOR - A one handed reusable tape dispenser and applicator comprises side walls, a top wall and a separate bottom wall which may be opened to allow loading of a roll of tape through an open front. Further, the tape dispenser is provided with tabs, a button and a pressing bar which present a leading length of tape in an arched condition across its width extending forwardly from the dispenser ready to be applied to a substrate; and an enlarged pressing surface allowing a user to easily dispense tape onto substrates such as wrapping paper.01-28-2010
20080251213AUTOMATIC SPONGE BONDING APPARATUS FOR FACE MASK - An automatic sponge bonding apparatus for a face mask is disclosed, including a conveyance carrier, a sponge cutting device, a sponge pickup mechanism, a first sponge pressing mechanism, and a second sponge pressing mechanism. The carrier conveys the mask along an operation platform to carry out attachment of a sponge member to the mask on the platform, while the sponge member is being prepared on the platform by being properly cut. Two pressing operations are employed to attach and secure the cut sponge to mask to eventually realize automatic operation of attaching the sponge member to the face mask.10-16-2008
20110000621TACK LABELER - The present invention is to provide a tack labeler capable of automatically adhering this type of tack labels without using release papers to articles to be adhered.01-06-2011
20080289770Adhesive tape cutting device - An adhesive tape cutting device includes: a sleeve body adapted to be sleeved on an adhesive tape roll and defining a channel that has opposite first and second open ends which open in opposite circumferential directions, the sleeve body further defining a tape-discharging slot that is disposed between the first and second open ends, that is in spatial communication with the channel, and that opens in a radial direction for extension of an unrolled end portion of an adhesive tape of the adhesive tape roll therethrough; and a cutting member mounted on the sleeve body.11-27-2008
20090050274ADHESIVE TAPE ADHERING APPARATUS - An apparatus comprises a pressurizing tool including a plurality of pressurizing surfaces and rotatably mounted on a base member, a supply reel which supplies a release tape to which adhesive tape adheres along pressurizing surfaces of a periphery of the pressurizing tool, a cutter which is disposed to face one of the pressurizing surfaces of the pressurizing tool and cuts only the adhesive tape adhering to the release tape into a predetermined length, and a backup tool which is disposed to face a pressurizing surface located downstream from the pressurizing surface facing the cutter and supports a lower surface of the side portion of the substrate when the base member is driven downward in the vertical direction and adheres the adhesive tape cut into the predetermined length to the upper surface of the side portion of the substrate by the pressurizing surface.02-26-2009
20090255635Powered drywall trim cutter - A power cutter tool for applying drywall tape or trim that contains a powered blade that can cut the tape or trim material by simply pressing a trigger. The cutter can be powered by a spring or springs, a motor, hydraulically or by any other means. The trigger can be a button, lever, valve or any other means for releasing a powered blade.10-15-2009
20100186901COMPONENT FEEDER - A component feeder capable of enhancing productivity is provided by that the component feeder includes a tape feeding device intermittently feeding a component housing tape constituted of a carrier tape having component housing parts formed with predetermined interval to contain respective electronic components, and a cover tape covering the component housing parts to prevent the components from jumping out from the component housing parts while the component housing tape wound on a housing tape reel is sequentially fed to a component extracting position, and an electronic component exposing device exposing the electronic components in the component housing parts to be allowed to be extracted, wherein the tape feeding device is constituted of a first feeding device and a second feeding device, and the electronic component exposing device is provided between the first feeding device and the second feeding device.07-29-2010
20100186900FRICTION WELD ASSEMBLY OF A PLURALITY OF SUPERPOSED PLATES - The invention relates to a friction weld assembly of a plurality of superposed plates, said plates being held together by a connection body which rests on the upper plate by means of a collar and is formed as a slender cone ending in a tip. The connection body comprises a driving element in the region of the collar thereof, for the attachment of a pressure and rotation tool. A girder formed from the slender cone and penetrating from the upper plate into the lower plate, and a girder protruding from the lower plate along the inner surfaces thereof, form a friction welding region extending onto the slender cone.07-29-2010
20120138235APPARATUS FOR WELDING TOGETHER THERMOPLASTIC HOSES - An apparatus for welding together thermoplastic hoses comprising two clamping units which in part can be rotated and displaced relative to each other. The two clamping units each have two clamping jaws which comprise through-passages between the clamping jaws in which the hoses can be inserted continuously parallel to each other and squeezed transversely to each other. The apparatus further comprises a heatable blade for severing the hoses and melting the cut edges thereof between the clamping units. An intermediate piece is disposed between the clamping jaws of the clamping units, thereby separating the clamped hoses from each other, and at least one of the two clamping units has inner and outer clamping jaws, wherein the inner clamping jaws are held by the outer clamping jaws and can be adjusted together. In a closed position, the inner clamping jaws and the intermediate piece can be rotated with each other.06-07-2012
20120138234TAPE APPLICATOR - A tape applicator has a handle, a pair of upright plates on the handle, and an accommodation space formed between the pair of upright plates. The handle is coaxially provided with a press member and an operation member. The operation member has a protruding holding plate. The holding plate holds the press member. The user can operate the operation member to turn the press member simultaneously. When the operation member is turned to its extremity, the user can further pull the press rod for the press rod to be further away from the accommodation space. Thus, the distance from the press member to the accommodation space is increased to enhance the use range of the tape applicator for different sizes of tapes.06-07-2012
20110126988MANUFACTURING METHOD AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEM FOR OPTICAL DISPLAY DEVICE - The invention is directed to a method for manufacturing an optical display device comprising an optical film including a polarizing plate and a rectangular optical display unit having a surface to which the optical film is bonded, the method comprising the steps of: preparing a material roll which is a roll of a long sheet material obtained by lengthwise slitting a long material comprising an optical film into a width corresponding to a short or long side of the optical display unit, wherein the optical film includes a polarizing plate having a longitudinal direction parallel to its absorption axis; and unwinding the long sheet material from the material roll, cutting at least the optical film of the long sheet material to form an optical film having a length corresponding to a long or short side of the optical display unit, and then bonding the optical film to a surface of the optical display unit.06-02-2011
20110100557LABELING APPARATUS - The invention relates to apparatus which can be used to apply self adhesive labels (05-05-2011
20100122776TAPE CUTTING DISPENSER - The present invention provides a tape cutting dispenser comprising a body, a pair of a holders and a cutting device. The body has two opposite walls, each of the walls has a hole and an accommodating space is formed between the two walls. The holder is disposed in the hole. Each of the holders has a protruding portion protruding toward the wall along an axial direction and further has an elastic element. The elastic element has axial flexibility and the elasticity bending away from the axial direction, such that the protruding portion of the holder is recoverably bendable away from the axial direction. The cutting device is disposed on the body opposite to the accommodating space.05-20-2010
20090145557An Ergonomic squeegee with blade for adhesions and detachment - An improved squeegee and method of modifying a conventional squeegee. A novel hand tool for adherence assistance and cutting of tapes with threads incorporated into it. The squeegee is approximately 4 inches by 3 inches and held in one hand. While rubbing over the surface of the tape being adhered with the 4 inch elongated side causing friction heat for the glue of the tape to adhere. Turning the squeegee around to the other elongated 4 inch side where there is a cutting blade to separate the tape from the roll. The squeegee will provide a simplified and more commercially feasible method for a hand held tool for adherence and separation of tapes.06-11-2009
20100319857APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SHEET - An end of a sheet drawn out form a feeder is clamped by a pair of upper and lower clamping devices of two or more pairs. The sheet is drawn out from the initial position to the end position in a spread state. While the spread sheet is being tentered on pin tenters, another pair of upper and lower clamping devices at the end position is separated from each other and moved along the respective rails into the initial position. The end of the sheet drawn out from the feeder is clamped from above and below at the initial position with the upper and lower clamping devices that has returned to the initial position.12-23-2010
20110108200LOW PERMEANCE SEGMENTED INSULATIVE DEVICE AND RELATED KIT - A segmented insulative device and related kit for insulating components of a thermal distribution system, and particularly chilled fluid systems. The kit includes a sheet of segmented insulation formed by a composite layer of segmented, flexible, pre-sewn insulation that is easily cut to size in the field using scissors, utility knives or other simple, hand-held cutting devices. The composite layer includes at least one outer layer of low permeance laminate devoid of stitching and adhered to the pre-sewn insulation. The kit also includes low permeance pressure-sensitive adhesive tape as fasteners, also easily cut to length, using hand-held devices. The low permeance laminate and the low permeance pressure-sensitive adhesive tape form a contiguous outer water vapor barrier free of stitching that would otherwise compromise low permeance. The segmented insulation and the fasteners are attached to one another in the field. This provides an installation kit that an installer can use to provide a versatile insulation in the form of the assembled segmented insulative device that insulates against heat gain to the chilled surface and retards the intrusion of water vapor into the insulation as well as to the chilled surface. The segmented insulative device lends itself to quick customization on-site rather than requiring costly off-site manufacture or pre-assembly and subsequent quick installation on the pipe component requiring thermal installation.05-12-2011
20110108199Hemostatic Tapes and Dispensers Therefor - The present disclosure relates to tapes and tape dispensers. The tapes include a porous substrate, a first hydrogel precursor, a second hydrogel precursor and a release sheet. The first and second hydrogel precursors are applied to the porous substrate. The release sheet is removably attached on the porous substrate.05-12-2011
20100181028INTEGRALLY-FORMED CONTAMINATION-RESISTANT ADHESIVE TAPE DISPENSER - An integrally-formed contamination-resistant adhesive tape dispenser includes an integrally-formed injection-molded dispenser body, which has a curvedly recessed tape dispensing mouth and a cover that are connected to each other in an integrated and rotatable manner to provide a frame- or box-like stable and stiff configuration. Two side plates form in lower sides of central sections thereof symmetric folding lines to allow for outward bending of half portion of the two sides. Opposite central portions on inside surfaces of the bendable side plates are provided with projecting shaft cylinders that engage each other to allow for a body of adhesive tape to fit thereon, so that the projecting shaft cylinders of the side plates can mate and couple to each other to form a complete structure of the adhesive tape dispenser, which allows the dispenser to be molded with a single mold and suits the needs for safe and sanitary operations.07-22-2010
20110186233ADHESIVE TAPE APPLICATION DEVICE - The invention relates to an adhesive tape application device for applying an adhesive tape section to an object, wherein the adhesive tape application device is designed for pulling an adhesive tape end from a supply of adhesive tape and applying said adhesive tape end to the object as an adhesive tape section by a relative motion of a movable portion and a stationary portion arranged on the object, comprising an application device, wherein the application device is designed and/or arranged for pressing the adhesive tape section against the object in an application position of the application device, wherein the application device is designed and/or arranged for performing a superimposed rotational-linear and/or swivelling-linear movement in the adhesive tape application device.08-04-2011
20110259526SONOTRODE MOUNTING SYSTEM - A sonotrode mount system is provided having at least one generally U-shaped clamp supportable at a carrier and including a web and two arms respectively elastically tiltable about a node point provided in a web region and between which an ultrasonic sonotrode is clampable. At least the free ends of the arms contact the sonotrode on a clamped sonotrode. The clamp is supportable at the carrier in the web region, wherein it is preferably supportable at the carrier in the node point of the tilt movements. Such a sonotrode mount system can be provided, in particular for the holding of a vibrating structure of an ultrasonic system which is part of an apparatus for sealing, connecting, separating, perforating and/or shaping of materials, such as in particular plastics, foils, non-woven fabrics, fabrics/textiles and/or paper.10-27-2011
20100018652DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE DISPENSER - A double-sided tape dispenser is provided, in which a rolling tape mechanism is axially formed at the inner wall of body. The rolling tape mechanism comprises a driving gear and a drawback gear joggling with the driving gear. A drawback roll wheel pivots onto the drawback gear. A double-sided tape pivots onto the driving gear to wind the tail of tape onto the roll wheel. Double-sided adhesive is formed over the outer circumference of double-sided tape. An adjustment part pivots onto the drawback roll wheel, so when the gear is driven to joggle with the drawback gear to run, a frictional resistance is caused between the drawback roll wheel and the drawback gear to keep the tightness of drawback of the drawback release paper, preventing the release paper from being blocked on the drawback roll wheel and then the double-sided tape from not drawing back completely.01-28-2010
20080314526Hole punch with automatic reinforcement ring placement - Hole punch apparatus which automatically places a reinforcement ring precisely around each punched hole concurrently with the creation of each hole and using the same motion that punches the holes. In a preferred embodiment, the punch shaft has a ring compression disk affixed around it at a location above the punch face. The compression disk has a ring cushion and a stack of reinforcement rings extending along the punch shaft toward the punch face, but spaced therefrom to permit the punch face to puncture a sheet before the lowermost reinforcement ring is then compressed against the sheet in precise axial alignment with the punched hole. The rings each have sufficient adhesive to adhere to the sheet, one and only one ring at each hole, while disengaging from the remaining rings in the stack. A sheet interface unit is installed on the lower surface of a punch bracket enclosure and provides a sheet retainer so that the sheet cannot rise significantly above the bracket base and thus will pull the lowermost reinforcement ring away from the stack as the punch lever is released. When re-supply is needed, a new ring stack is readily installed using a ring stack cassette, which in the preferred embodiment also replaces the sheet interface unit including the sheet retainer.12-25-2008
20110108201APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE - A method of manufacturing a honeycomb structure having a plugged portion, which is faster and cheaper to manufacture, and a manufacturing apparatus thereof. A film is attached to an end face of a honeycomb structure in a state where the honeycomb structure is positioned in a table portion having a through hole into which the end face portion of the honeycomb structure is to be inserted, and the film is held in a flat state where a remaining portion of the film which is not attached to the end face is attached to the table portion. Then, holes opened so as to correspond to the openings of a part of cells are formed in the film to form the film as a mask, and a plugging material having fluidity is supplied onto the mask or onto the same plane as the mask to fill the cells with the plugging material.05-12-2011
20110315324TOW EJECTOR FOOT FOR A FIBER PLACEMENT HEAD - A motorized head for applying fiber composite material to an application surface includes a drive roll assembly for applying fiber composite material to an application surface. The drive roll assembly includes a drive roll and a backup roll and a drive roll nip formed between the drive roll and the backup roll. At least one cutter is mounted on the drive roll for cutting fiber composite material, and an ejector mechanism is mounted on the drive roll behind the cutter mechanism. The ejector mechanism positively displaces the leading end of the cut tow material away from the surface of the drive roll to ensure that the cut tow material does not misfeed as it approaches the fiber path chute downstream from the cutter.12-29-2011
20120006497TAPE DISPENSER - A tape dispenser is provided with a roller adjacent its cutter and tape retaining tabs adjacent the roller. The tabs a close to the roller and hold the end of the tape adjacent the roller facilitating application of the tape to a substrate. The dispenser is also provided with feet at its rear end allowing the dispenser to rest on its rear end with the end of the tape remote from the supporting surface.01-12-2012
20120012258Ultrasonic Treatment Device and Transverse Sealing Sonotrode for the Same - The present invention concerns a sonotrode for a device for continuously processing material webs by means of ultrasound. To provide a sonotrode and an ultrasonic processing device having a sonotrode which is simple to produce and ensures reliable transverse sealing seam production, wherein the energy consumption of the sonotrode is low and the sonotrode also has a high level of rotational truth accuracy and adequate stiffness, it is proposed according to the invention that the sonotrode comprises a substantially roller-shaped core and at least two bars, wherein the bars extend in the direction of the core axis and each have a sealing surface facing away from the roller-shaped core.01-19-2012
20120061026Tacky Tape Device for Removing Dirty Objects - A tacky tape device includes a body defining a compartment for receiving a roll of tacky tape. The body further includes a tape exit in communication with the compartment. Two grooves are located on opposite sides of the tape exit. The tape exit allows an outer end of a tape section of the roll of tacky tape to extend out of the compartment of the body and engage with the tape section of the tacky tape to form a loop covering the tap exit and the grooves. A handle is mounted to a side of the body. The body is rotatably mounted around a shaft portion of the handle. The handle includes a sliding groove in which a cutter frame is slideably received. The cutter frame includes two cutters movable into the grooves to cut the loop while the cutter frame moves towards the body.03-15-2012
20120247681APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A DISPOSABLE WEARING ARTICLE - A diaper manufacturing apparatus according to the present invention includes: an oscillating mechanism disposed on a top-sheet continuous body while oscillating leg gathers; an outer holding mechanism holding the leg gathers disposed in a predetermined waveform by the oscillating mechanism; and a cutting mechanism having a blade section cutting the leg gathers held by the outer holding mechanism. The outer holding mechanism holds, out of a region formed in a predetermined waveform, an outer end region OT which includes an outer end of the leg gathers and on which an adhesive is not applied. The blade section is disposed inside, relative to a crossing direction, the outer end region OT held by the outer holding mechanism.10-04-2012
20120186752HAND TOOLS FOR APPLYING MASKING TAPE AND THE LIKE TO VARIOUS SURFACES - A plurality of hand tools for use in a wide variety of different applications for applying masking tape to various surfaces prior to painting, staining, detailing, sanding and the like wherein one embodiment includes a removably attachable blade member associated with one end portion of the tool and a removably attachable roller member or nudger member associated with the opposite end portion of the tool, and an extension/retraction mechanism for extending and retracting the blade member. Another embodiment of the present hand tool includes a handle member adaptable for receiving any combination of removably attachable roller members, nudger members, and blade members for attachment to the opposite end portions of the handle member. The present tools along with the various roller members, knife blades and nudger members can also be provided in kit form to accommodate a wide variety of different surface applications.07-26-2012
20100258249SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL DISPLAY UNIT AND FEED MECHANISM - Provided is a system for manufacturing an optical display unit and a feed mechanism, which can well prevent an optical film and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer from being peeled from a release film. A pressure-sensitive adhesive type sheet material, wherein the optical film and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (film main body (F)) are cut without cutting a release film (F10-14-2010
20080257499ADHESIVE FILM DISPENSER - An ergonomic dispenser of a roll of adhesive film facilitates application of that film to a surface with minimum manipulation by the user. The dispenser has a low profile where the cutting blade, axis of rotation of the adhesive film roll and dispenser handle lie in closely aligned planes. This creates a low profile dispenser which places the roll of adhesive film in close proximity to the application surface. A flexible shield overlies the cutting blade to prevent unwanted user contact with the blade. Various means are used to manage the loose end of film after it is cut off the roll so that it does not adhere to the roll or double over on itself. Unidirectional movement of the roll is also used to manage the loose end of tape after cutoff. Optionally, blade means may be added to the dispenser's handle for use in opening cartons, cutting string or the like.10-23-2008
20110265955TAPE DISPENSER AND TAKE-UP REEL FOR TAPE BACKING - This invention generally relates to a tape dispenser with automatic backing removal more particularly suited for tape and an associated backing, employing a frame and affixed thereto a tape supply spindle rotatably mounted for receiving a roll of tape; said tape supply spindle having thereon a friction disc for pressing against a rotating take-up spindle mounted to said frame and to receive the protective tape backing when the take-up spindle rotates upon an application of a pulling force to the tape.11-03-2011
20120279663Apparatus for Making a Filtering Unit - An apparatus for making a disk-shaped filtering unit includes a conveying unit, a hot-pressing unit and a punching unit. The conveying unit conveys a laminate including a screen-related substrate sandwiched between two membrane-related substrates. The hot-pressing unit hot-presses and welds the laminate dot by dot to bond the substrates along a closed curve eventually, thus making a semi-product of the filtering unit out of a portion of the laminate within the closed curve. The punching unit punches the semi-product with an aperture, thus making a final product of the filtering unit.11-08-2012
20120090791GUMMED TAPE DISPENSER - A gummed tape dispenser is disclosed. The dispenser includes a chassis adapted to hold a roll of gummed tape, a moistening device and a cutting device. The cutting device and the moistening device may be linearly aligned with the roll of gummed tape. The moistening device may include a fluid reservoir, a pump, a return channel, and a sponge. The cutting device may include a spring-loaded blade and an indentation adapted to ergonomically receive a finger pad when the cutting device is engaged by a user.04-19-2012
20100307689Pivoting tape dispenser - A variable tension tape pivoting dispenser having an ergonomic handle, a pivot arm and an adjustable bias element. The ergonomic handle includes a tape roll mount connected to the handle at a first pivot. A tape roll is concentrically disposed on the tape roll mount. The pivot arm has a first end and a second dispensing end. The first end is connected to the handle at a second pivot, and a swath of tape extends from the tape roll to the second dispensing end on the pivot arm. The adjustable bias element is disposed at the second pivot and is adapted to provide variable resistance to the rotation of the pivot arm relative to the handle. In use, the angle of the handle remains substantially unchanged in position as the swath of tape being dispensed from the second dispensing end of the pivot arm is adapted to traverse onto various surfaces oriented at various angles upon which the swath of tape is being applied.12-09-2010
20130153154PRODUCTION SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING FIBRE COMPOSITE MATERIAL COMPONENTS - To produce a fibre composite material component, a production system has a mould providing unit with at least one component mould. Fibre composite material can be applied to the at least one component mould by means of at least two production units. The at least two production units can be moved for this purpose on a guide path. The guide path runs round the mould providing unit so that the at least two production units can travel round the mould providing unit along the guide path. The productivity and flexibility of production can thereby be increased.06-20-2013
20120085499DEVICE FOR APPLYING SPACER TAPE - A device for applying an elastoplastic spacer tape as a spacer during the production of insulating glass panes has at least two supply reels for spacer tapes, several driven tape guide rollers, and a movable application head for the selected spacer tape, with whose assistance the spacer tape is pressed onto a glass pane. For coating one or the other spacer tape, a coating station with two coating nozzles is provided, from which adhesive glue is sprayed on the lateral surfaces of the selected spacer tape. The spacer tape that is unneeded in each case is stopped in the application head in such a way that one or the other of the spacer tapes as desired, depending on which spacer tape is required for the production of a special insulating glass pane, is applied to the glass pane. Thus, the laborious threading and unthreading of spacer tapes is not necessary.04-12-2012

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