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Automatic and/or material-triggered control

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156 - Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture


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156361000 Of feed or motion of indefinite length work or transfer carrying tape 21
156353000 Of cutter 15
156362000 Of feed of articles to assembly station 12
156351000 Plural interrelated sensing means 10
156356000 Of application of fluent material to work 10
156358000 Of application of bonding pressure 9
156359000 Of temperature and/or motion of heat exchange means 7
156360000 Means responsive to weight or dimension 4
20100032099APPARATUS FOR CONNECTING TUBULAR CORES - An apparatus for connecting and cutting tubular cores (02-11-2010
20120186749System and Method for the Rapid, Automated Creation of Advanced Composite Tailored Blanks - An embodiment of the present invention provides a method for manufacturing a composite preform from tape material, including feeding a tape section into a tape section guide that suspends the tape across a tooling surface, moving at least one of the tape section guide and the tooling surface relative to each other to position the tape section at a desired location and orientation relative to the tooling surface, moving the tape section toward a pre-existing tape section disposed on the tooling surface, and tacking the tape section to the pre-existing tape section. A corresponding apparatus for manufacturing composite preforms is also disclosed.07-26-2012
20120138231LABELING MACHINE FOR BLOOD-SAMPLING TUBE AUTOMATIC PREPARATION DEVICE - Provided is a labeling device for an automatic test-tube setting-up device wherein an identification label can be pasted over a product label with a simple structure. A labeling device for an automatic blood-sampling-tube setting-up device comprises a means for taking out a blood-sampling tube based on patient information and supporting the blood-sampling tube at a labeling position, a blood-sampling tube driving means for rotary driving the blood-sampling tube at the labeling position, a label printing means for creating an identification label by printing test information and/or patient information and outputting the identification label to the labeling position, a product label position detecting means for detecting the edge of a product label previously pasted to the outer surface of the blood-sampling tube, and a controller for controlling the operation of the label printing means and the blood-sampling tube driving means such that the identification label is pasted over the product label with a continuous gap left in the axial direction of the blood-sampling tube on the outer surface of a blood-sampling tube based on information about the diameter of a blood-sampling tube corresponding to the blood-sampling tube at the labeling position, and information about the edge of the product label obtained from the product label position detecting means.06-07-2012
156352000 To stop operation of complete machine 2
20100175835LAMINATING DEVICE - A laminating device includes first and second rollers, a motor, a first drive element associated with the motor and configured to be driven thereby, a second drive element associated with at least one of the rollers, and adapted to engage the first drive element so that the motor may drive the rollers to rotate in respective first directions, and a support arrangement which at least partially supports at least one of the rollers and the second drive element. The support arrangement is movable with respect to the first drive element between a first position, in which the first and second drive elements engage one another, and a second position, in which the first and second drive elements are disengaged from one another, allowing rotation of the rollers in respective second directions without this motion being transmitted to the motor.07-15-2010
20130139969LABELLING MACHINE - There is described a labelling machine for applying labels onto articles, comprising a protective wall; one first labelling group which may move between an operative position in which it applies a plurality of labels onto corresponding articles, and a rest position; wall comprises at least one first opening which is at least partially engaged, in use, by first labelling group when it is set in operative position; first labelling group is arranged completely on a first side of wall as it is arranged in rest position, and is arranged at least partially on a second side, opposite to first side, of wall when it is arranged in operative position; wall comprises at least one first panel which may be moved between a closed position in which it covers opening, and an open position in which it leaves free opening; labelling machine comprises connecting means for connecting first panel to first labelling group at least when first labelling group moves, in use, between rest position and an intermediate position, which is arranged between operative and rest positions; the movement of first labelling group between intermediate position and rest position causing, in use, the movement of first panel between open and closed position.06-06-2013
20120216956Device for Two-Sided or Multi-Sided Labeling - A device for two-sided or multi-sided application of at least one self-adhesive label to a three-dimensional object, which has a protrusion defining a fillet, including a transport or support surface supporting the object to be labelled, at least one applicator body or compressed air nozzle, by which the label can be applied to the protrusion of the object, and at least one pressing body or compressed air nozzle, by which the label can be smoothed onto the fillet of the object. The pressing body or the compressed air nozzle is mounted on a transmission, which is coupled to a drive and can be displaced back and forth from an initial position, at a vertical distance from the transport or support surface, to an operating position, in which the pressing body is arranged in the operating position, at least in part below the protrusion defining the fillet.08-30-2012
20110284168Tire Belt Manufacturing Method And Apparatus - In obliquely cutting a belt band-shaped material (B) to a predetermined length and joining belt material pieces (b) as cut to fabricate a belt member (B11-24-2011
20120097334Edge folding tape applicator - A commercial tape applicator capable of folding at least one side edge of a tape as it is fed to the applicator to provide an easily a gripped edge on the tape after it has been applied to the case. The invention provides a folding station on a dancer platform mounted on a dancer arm that has a nip roll at its free end and the arm is biased so that the nip roll is in contact with the periphery of a tape roll forming the source of tape and is usable to align the tape path through the folding station with the tape leaving the tape roll and accommodate deformation of the roll. A latch and cooperating cog wheel may be used to control the off feeding of the tape for the supply roll.04-26-2012
20120024480METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A TIRE BEAD - A triangular-shaped can be held in an upright posture to be stuck to an outer peripheral surface of a bead core and a leading end and a trailing end can be butted against each other a crack. A filler rubber is held uprightly to be wound around an outer peripheral surface of a bead core supported by a rotary support body, and in joining a leading end and a trailing end of the filler rubber cut to a predetermined length, the neighborhood of the leading end and the neighborhood of the trailing end, respectively, are interposed by first and second interposing means and one of the interposing means is displaced toward the other from a state, in which the leading end and the trailing end are opposed to each other whereby end surfaces of the leading end and the trailing end are butted against each other.02-02-2012
20090090468FLIP-CHIP MOUNTING APPARATUS - A flip-chip mounting apparatus includes a variable-shape mirror 04-09-2009
20080236756Web Welding System - An object of the present invention is to provide a welding system wherein the positional accuracy of welding and the quality of welding are improved. The present welding system includes an ultrasonic welder for welding a plurality of webs W together while carrying the webs W. The ultrasonic welder includes: an anvil roller 10-02-2008
20080289768Label design producing apparatus - A label design producing apparatus of the present invention comprises a first memory unit in which a plurality of designs are stored, a second memory unit in which label combination information expressing each design by combination of a plurality of rectangular labels is stored, a selecting unit for selecting a design to be employed from designs stored in the first memory unit, a reading-out unit for reading out the label combination information corresponding to the design selected by the selecting unit from the second memory unit, and an output unit for outputting labels constituting the design according to the label combination information read out by the reading-out unit.11-27-2008
20090211709BONDHEAD ALIGNMENT TOOL FOR A BONDING APPARATUS - An alignment tool for a bonding apparatus comprises a loading surface for receiving a pushing force from a surface of a device which is attached to the bonding apparatus, the loading surface being arranged and constructed to experience a tilting moment upon receiving an unequally distributed pushing force from a misaligned device acting on it. The loading surface transmits the tilting moment experienced by it to a sensing surface which is operatively connected to the loading surface through a columnar body, which has a smaller width than the loading surface and the sensing surface, and which connects the loading surface and the sensing surface. An array of piezoelectric elements communicates with the sensing surface and produces electrical signals in response to the tilting moment such that a computing unit operatively connected to the piezoelectric elements may detect a direction of tilt of the loading surface from the electrical signals produced by the piezoelectric elements.08-27-2009
20090020229SEMICONDUCTOR CHIP BONDING APPARATUS - A semiconductor chip bonding apparatus maintains a semiconductor chip a parallel state with a lead frame when applying a bonding load.01-22-2009
20100175834WAFER SPLITTING LAMINATE MECHANISM - A wafer splitting laminate mechanism mounted onto a wafer spitting machine to anchor a wafer includes a cantilever bar, an activating mechanism and a suppressing element. The activating mechanism is fixedly located on the wafer splitting machine to connect and drive the cantilever bar to move. The suppressing element is located at one end of the cantilever bar. The wafer is held by a fixed clip and positioned on a work station of the wafer splitting machine. During preparing the wafer splitting process, the activation mechanism drives the cantilever bar to move and suppress the wafer before the splitting process is performed. Thus warping of the wafer can be reduced during the splitting process.07-15-2010
20110126986EASY-TO-OPERATE BAG SEALER - The item is an easy-to-operate bag sealer that can inflate as well as vacuum, for normal household use, to keep foodstuff fresh. In the front portion of the surface of the body is the bottom frictional pressboard bar that has a frictional surface on one side. Under the cover, facing the frictional surface of the bottom frictional bar is fitted with the upper frictional pressboard bar for vacuuming or inflating. The diagonal frictional force produced by the frictional surface of the bottom frictional pressboard bar and that of the upper frictional pressboard bar is enough to enable the cover to stay closed during the process of realizing the vacuuming and inflating functions. A heat wire is located in parallel to and in the front of the bottom frictional pressboard bar and under the cover is fitted with another coordinating pressboard bar for bag sealing. Also included is an indirect switch to be pressed down to activate the vacuuming and inflating functions control, placed underneath the body, through a hole opened on the body at a corner position formed by the bottom frictional pressboard bar and the surface of the body. Under the cover, at the exact position facing the hole on the body through which the indirect switch is protruding, a cave-like opening is made on the upper frictional pressboard bar or wherever deemed appropriate. The coordinating factor of this cave-like opening and the indirect switch has a procedural function to control the activation of vacuuming and inflating.06-02-2011
20090032193Tag label producing apparatus - This disclosure discloses a tag label producing apparatus comprising: at least one feeding roller; a printing device; and an apparatus antenna; and a coordination control portion that controls in coordination the feeding roller, the printing device, and the apparatus antenna, such that information transmission/reception is performed between an RFID circuit element and the apparatus antenna when an IC circuit part of the RFID circuit element provided to a tag medium is fed downstream in a transport direction from a segment from a nearest roller to the apparatus antenna along a feeding path.02-05-2009
20100181026Infrared welding device - An infrared welding device comprising a machine base (07-22-2010
20100038034LABELLING MACHINE AND DISPENSING APPARATUS FOR LABELLING MACHINES - The invention relates to a dispensing apparatus for labelling machines (02-18-2010
20110174442BONDING APPARATUS - A bonding apparatus includes: a bonding head having a bonding tool for sucking and holding an electronic part; elevator means lifting up/down the bonding head; a stopper provided to the bonding head; a stopper support that regulates a descending height of the bonding head with engagement with the stopper; distance detection means that detects a distance between the stopper and the stopper support; stopper support elevator means that lifts up/down the stopper support independently from the bonding head; and control means that controls the stopper support elevator means. The control means controls a height of the stopper support so as to keep the distance between the stopper and the stopper support at a predetermined distance by using a signal from the distance detection means until the bump is melted in heating and pressing the electronic part to the substrate.07-21-2011
20110146912Multi-layer, light markable media and method and automatic and manually operated apparatus for using same - A multi-layer laminate media is provided on which information may be applied in machine or human readable form on a visible front surface by the output of one or more lasers, or other high intensity light source. In a preferred embodiment, the media has three layers including preferably transparent substrate, a thermochromic layer and a light absorbent layer located intermediate the media substrate and the thermochromic layer. The light absorbent layer is adapted to absorb light from the light source and convert the absorbed light into heat. The heat is immediately conducted into selected portions of the thermochromic layer which is in thermal contact with the light absorbent layer, causing portions of the thermochromic layer to change visual appearance such as color to create the desired mark. The media optimally includes obscuration materials to reduce the visibility of the light absorbent layer to the naked eye. The light absorbent layer absorbs light in the NIR and visible light wavelength ranges of light and is preferably a low cost absorber such as carbon black. The invention also includes a manually operated produce labeling system utilizing the multi-layer laminate media. A rewinder is also provided which utilizes the multi-layer laminate media.06-23-2011
20120145327METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING SHEETS OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL - A product sheet of composite material can be made by disposing composite materials of composite material in adjacent (side-by-side) relation with each other. The composite materials comprise fibers in a thermoplastic matrix material. The adjacent composite materials are bonded together to provide a product sheet of composite material. Preferably, a cross ply of composite material is disposed on the composite materials. The cross ply may be a unidirectional sheet and the fibers in the cross ply may be disposed in transverse relation to the fibers in the composite materials.06-14-2012
20110155323BONDING CARBON-CARBON COMPOSITES THROUGH A REACTANT LAYER - An apparatus for bonding a first carbon composite to a second carbon composite through a reactant layer includes a housing, and a pair of conductive press plates electrically isolated from the housing. The press plates are adapted to position the two parts to be bonded with a reactant layer therebetween. The press plates are subjected to an electrical potential and a clamping force, sufficient to initiate a combustion reaction that creates a molten ceramic to bond together the carbon-carbon composites.06-30-2011
20120298304FRICTION STIR WELDING APPARATUS - Provided is a friction stir welding apparatus which performs friction stir welding on a work piece by bringing a tool into contact with a surface of the work piece and rotating and moving the tool about the axis thereof, the friction stir welding apparatus including: a hot air and cool air separating unit which separates a supplied gas into hot air hotter than the gas and cool air cooler than the gas and ejects the hot and cool air, wherein at least one of the hot air and the cool air is supplied to the surface of the work piece.11-29-2012
20120080149TREATMENT MACHINE FOR TREATING PACKAGING MEANS - The invention relates to a device for treating packaging means, particularly in the form of bottles and similar containers, comprising a conveying element that can be used to move the packaging means past at least one treatment module provided on at least one operating position, which module can be coupled to and decoupled from the treatment position, and mechanical coupling and/or centering means determining the position of the at least one treatment module after docking. The invention is characterized in that, in order to detect possible deviations of the treatment module coupled to the treatment machine from the target position, and/or to realign the coupled treatment module into the target position, at least one optical centering and adjusting means is provided, some of the functional elements of which are provided on the treatment module, and some are provided on the treatment machine.04-05-2012
20110277935ROBOTIC BASED FIBER PLACEMENT CELL WITH STATIONARY DISPENSING HEAD AND CREEL - A system for applying composite fiber to a lay-up tool has a fixed creel for supplying fiber to the fiber placement dispensing head and a fixed arm having a first end attached to the creel and having a second end attached to the dispensing head. The dispensing head is fixed on the end of the arm. A robot having a first and second pivot axis and at least a first wrist supports the lay-up tool. The robot manipulates the tool for application of fiber from the head to the tool. Manipulating the tool instead of the dispensing head allows the path length for the fiber between the creel and head to be fixed in length and orientation during application of fiber to the tool.11-17-2011
20120090786MANUFACTURING DEVICE OF STEROSCOPIC IMAGE DISPLAY PANEL - A manufacturing device of a stereoscopic image display panel includes a first unit for transferring a display panel provided in a display panel preparation space to an attachment space, a second unit for transferring a control film provided in a control film preparation space to the attachment space, and a drum unit positioned in the attachment space. The drum unit adsorbs the control film transferred to the attachment space by the second unit in a non-vacuum manner and rotates so as to attach the control film to a display surface of the display panel.04-19-2012
20120241093DOCKABLE CUT CLAMP AND RESTART MECHANISM FOR A FIBER PLACEMENT HEAD - A fiber placement machine has a fiber placement head and a K-axis housing that is supplied with fiber tow from a creel. The fiber placement head is mounted on the front of the K-axis housing. The fiber placement head has a compaction roller and a cut, clamp, and restart mechanism positioned adjacent to the compaction roller that receives fiber tow from the K-axis housing. A separable coupling connects the fiber placement head to the K-axis housing, whereby the fiber placement head may be disconnected from the K-axis housing for docking purposes.09-27-2012
20130139968Linear Friction Welder with Helical Groove - A linear friction welding system includes a power shaft defining a power shaft axis and including a first eccentric portion and a first power transfer portion, a power transfer rod engaged with the first power transfer portion, an actuator assembly operably coupled with the power transfer rod and configured to move the power transfer rod axially along the power shaft axis, a crank including a second eccentric portion operably coupled with the first eccentric portion, and a second power transfer portion engaged with the power transfer rod, the linear friction welding system configured such that axial movement of the power transfer rod causes rotational movement of the crank with respect to the power shaft about the power shaft axis, a cam follower operably connected to an outer surface of the second eccentric portion, and a ram operably connected to the cam follower and configured to vibrate along a welding axis.06-06-2013

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