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With lamina formation by molding or casting

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156 - Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

156001000 - METHODS

156060000 - Surface bonding and/or assembly therefor

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156245000 In configured mold 130
156244110 By extrusion 81
156243000 Forming plural continuous web laminae 24
156246000 On temporary planar support (e.g., film casting) 10
20100147449INORGANIC MATRIX-FABRIC SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of reinforcing a structural support, includes applying a reinforcement system comprising an AR-glass fibrous layer embedded in an inorganic matrix to the structural support. The AR-glass fibrous layer has a sizing applied thereon, and a resinous coating applied is applied over the sizing. The inorganic matrix is adherent to the resinous coating and the resinous coating is adherent to the sizing.06-17-2010
20130032278GRAPHITE-CONTAINING MOLDED BODY AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - A graphite-containing molded body is obtained by a method in which graphite particles are mixed with at least one solid additive to form a mixture which contains at least one inorganic additive, a mixture consisting of an inorganic additive and an organic additive, or more than 10 wt. % of an organic additive and the thus obtained mixture is subsequently compressed. The at least one additive which is used contains particles having an average diameter of between 1 and 500 μm, determined in accordance with the ISO 13320 standard.02-07-2013
20100139852METHOD FOR HIGH-VOLUME PRODUCTION OF LIGHT EMITTING DIODES WITH ATTACHED LENSES - A method for high-volume production of light emitting diodes with attached lenses involves providing pre-fabricated lenses, wherein the pre-fabricated lenses are held by a common transfer structure, simultaneously attaching the pre-fabricated lenses to respective ones of light emitting diodes, and releasing the pre-fabricated lenses from the common transfer structure. In an embodiment, the light emitting diodes are distributed in a pattern on a common substrate and the common transfer structure is configured to hold the pre-fabricated lenses in a pattern that corresponds to the pattern of the light emitting diodes on the common substrate. Further, to attach the pre-fabricated lenses to the light emitting diodes, the common transfer structure is positioned relative to the common substrate such that the pre-fabricated lenses are aligned with the light emitting diodes.06-10-2010
20090159189MULTI-LUMEN BALLOON CATHETER INCLUDING MANIFOLD - Alternative designs, materials, and methods of making and using catheter manifolds. Some embodiments are related to a balloon catheter including a catheter shaft having a proximal portion and a distal portion. The shaft includes an outer tubular member defining a lumen and having a proximal end and a distal end. The shaft also includes an inner tubular member defining a lumen and having a proximal end and a distal end. The inner tubular member is disposed at least partially within the outer tubular member such that the proximal end of the inner tubular member extends proximally from the proximal end of the outer tubular member. A catheter manifold is molded about a portion of the outer tubular member and a portion of the inner tubular member, and a balloon assembly attached to the distal portion of the shaft such that the balloon assembly is in fluid communication with at least one of the lumens.06-25-2009
20100024970System and Method for Creating Ink Art - A system, method and apparatus is disclosed for coloring a substantially wicking substrate comprising applying to a substantially wicking substrate an ink comprising a first dye and a second dye to define a region of reference; applying a first solvent to the substantially wicking substrate to move the first dye and the second dye within the body of the substantially wicking substrate; moving the two dyes in a defined direction to carry the two dyes outside of the defined region to color an area of the wicking substrate; coloring at least a portion of the substantially wicking substrate by allowing the first solvent to move through a portion of the first dye for a first distance from the defined point of origin of the ink and the second dye a second distance from the defined point of origin of the ink wherein the first distance is sufficiently different from the second distance to recognize a separation between the first dye and the second dye thereby coloring the substantially wicking substrate outside of the defined region on the front surface; shaping a portion of the colored wicking substrate into a form; assembling one or more such colored forms with a support into an assemblage; and affixing the form onto a support for display.02-04-2010
20120180945AIR ELECTRODES FOR HIGH-ENERGY METAL AIR BATTERIES AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - Disclosed herein are embodiments of lithium/air batteries and methods of making and using the same. Certain embodiments are pouch-cell batteries encased within an oxygen-permeable membrane packaging material that is less than 2% of the total battery weight. Some embodiments include a hybrid air electrode comprising carbon and an ion insertion material, wherein the mass ratio of ion insertion material to carbon is 0.2 to 0.8. The air electrode may include hydrophobic, porous fibers. In particular embodiments, the air electrode is soaked with an electrolyte comprising one or more solvents including dimethyl ether, and the dimethyl ether subsequently is evacuated from the soaked electrode. In other embodiments, the electrolyte comprises 10-20% crown ether by weight.07-19-2012
20100006213FIXTURE SHIELD - A shield, which covers exposed surfaces of objects/fixtures attached to, but not limited to, walls, floors, ceilings, doors, or windows preventing coating material or dust particles from getting into or onto objects/fixtures. In construction or remodeling particle or coating material such as, but not limited to, dust, paint or plaster can enter into or get onto objects/fixtures. A pliable elastic type material further comprising a container or sleeve like structure with a minimal of one opening placed over the fixture. The elastic type container or sleeve comes in various sizes and can adapt to the different size and shapes of fixtures. The elastic material stretched over the fixture, conforming to the shape of the fixture or fixture's base, creating a tight thin seal around the perimeter edges. The thin membrane creates a very close tight seal allowing coating material to be very closely administered to the surface area next to the fixture without entering or getting onto the fixture. Once the process is completed, removing the cover/shield can be accomplished by pulling the pliable material away from the fixture or by pulling the pliable material apart along a slit causing the material to pull apart and thereby releasing from the fixture.01-14-2010
20130056139Method For Producing A Cast Workpiece Having Increased Wear Protection at least in Regions - A production of a cast workpiece having increased wear protection in regions, wherein ceramic particles having an average grain size of between 0.2 and 4 mm are mixed with at least one binding agent. Said mixture is applied to a heat-resistant fiber mat at a particular layer thickness, whereby a two-layer structure arises. After hardening of the binding agent, an insert (03-07-2013
20130056138ELECTRODE FOR ENERGY STORAGE DEVICE WITH MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS ACTIVATED CARBON PARTICLES - A method of making an active electrode material is provided. Activated carbon having between about 70 and 98 percent microporous activated carbon particles of a total amount of activated carbon by weight and between about 2 and 30 percent mesoporous activated carbon particles of the total amount of activated carbon by weight is provided. Binder is provided. The activated carbon and the binder is mixed to form an active electrode material mixture. In some implementations, a method of making an electrode film includes forming a film of active electrode material comprising activated carbon having between about 70 and 98 percent microporous activated carbon particles of a total amount of activated carbon by weight and between about 2 and 30 percent mesoporous activated carbon particles of the total amount of activated carbon by weight. The method further includes bonding the film to a current collector to form an electrode film.03-07-2013
20110198025METHOD FOR MAKING THREE-DIMENSIONAL PREFORMS WITH CUT FIBERS USING ELECTROLUMINESCENT DEVICES - The present invention relates to methods of making preforms, fiber-reinforced molded articles and fiber mats, wherein the methods use electroluminescent devices such as LED's and/or quantum dots located on a surface of the mold.08-18-2011
20120222806FUEL TANK AND METHOD FOR REDUCING VAPOR PERMEATION THROUGH A FUEL TANK - A method of reducing fuel vapor permeation through a multi-layer tank includes providing a multi-layer overlay onto at least a portion of a structural layer of the multi-layer tank. The multi-layer overlay preferably comprises at least one structural layer composed of a polymeric material that is compatible with one or more of the polymeric structural layer(s) of the multi-layer tank. The multi-layer overlay further comprises at least one barrier layer composed of a vapor barrier material resistant to hydrocarbon permeation therethrough. The multi-layer overlay may be secured to the multi-layer tank by, for example, applying a suitable amount of heat and pressure thereto or by molding the multi-layer overlay to the tank body during a tank forming process.09-06-2012
20090236035Device for protecting container-grown seedling root systems and method for its manufacture - A method of manufacturing a container-grown seedling protective device includes laying down contiguous lengths of first and second laminar sheets; positioning an array of seedlings therebetween; and sealing the first and second laminar sheets along a congruent edge thereof and along the spaced-apart seams between the seedlings to form individuated pockets, each configured to receive therein a root ball. An alternative method for manufacturing a protective device for container-grown seedlings comprises positioning a plurality of spaced rods of defined length between contiguous lengths of first and second laminar films; adhering the first and second films to form a seam along a congruent edge thereof and along plural spaced apart seams between the rods, the plural spaced-apart seams extending from the congruent edge, thereby to form a contiguous laminate; and removing the rods from between the seams to form individuated substantially sealed plural pockets.09-24-2009
20120234478DECORATIVE COVER FORMED OF A PAPER AND/OR POLYMERIC MATERIAL AND HAVING A TEXTURE OR APPEARANCE SIMULATING THE TEXTURE OR APPEARANCE OF CLOTH - A decorative cover is provided with a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of cloth. The decorative cover is formed of paper and/or polymeric material.09-20-2012
20110126971LAMINATING PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING AN ADHESIVE-COMPOSITION FILM TO A WEB-LIKE SUBSTRATE - A laminating process in which an adhesive composition which is freely flowing or can be rendered freely flowing is discharged from a coating appliance in the form of a substantially continuous or interrupted film, out of a slot nozzle with lateral film boundaries, and is applied and fixed to the surface of at least one web-type substrate, if applicable after being deposited on an advancing transfer substrate, such as a roller, and then transferred to the web-type substrate, and in which the film is guided outward to the substrate via the nozzle slot, clamped or hemmed in at its edges by the film boundary elements, heat is drawn off to the surrounding atmosphere via at least one heat exchange element provided along the film boundary elements.06-02-2011
20110297306METHOD FOR MOLDING AN OBJECT CONTAINING A RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION TAG - A method for applying a radio frequency identification tag to an object, e.g., a container, by means of an insert molding process or in-mold decorating process. Such a method can be utilized to simplify the manufacturing processes for applying a radio frequency identification tag to an object, e.g., a container. The molding process can be a conventional molding process, such as, for example, injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, transfer molding, and rotational molding. However, the conventional molding process is modified by inserting a radio frequency identification tag into the cavity of the mold prior to forming the molded article. The modified molding process results in a molded article having a radio frequency identification tag encapsulated by the polymeric material of the molded article.12-08-2011
20110297307UNFUSED CATHETER BODY FEATURE METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - The disclosure is directed to manufacturing tubular bodies for catheters. An inner tubular catheter body has an inner layer, a braided portion over the inner layer and an outer layer. The outer layer is fused to the braided portion for a selected length or lengths of the inner tubular body and is unfused for a selected length or lengths to achieve the desired combination of stiffness and flexibility.12-08-2011
20100032084Polymeric composition acting as barrier to noxious agents - The present application is directed to a novel composition which acts as a barrier to noxious agents while showing enhanced moisture vapour permeability and resistance to water and laundering.02-11-2010
20100078122METHODS OF MANUFACTURING FLUID STORAGE COMPONENTS - Embodiments of the invention relate to a method of manufacturing a fluid enclosure. The method includes reducing the size of active material particles sufficient to provide a maximum active material particle size substantially within the same order of size as the active material particle decrepitation size, contacting the particles with a binder sufficient to provide a mixture, pressing the mixture sufficient to provide a compacted mixture, heating the compacted mixture sufficient to form a fluid storage component and conformably coupling an outer enclosure wall to the fluid storage component sufficient to provide a fluid enclosure.04-01-2010
20090120567MOLDED LAMINATE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A manufacturing method of a molded laminate where a first fibrous reinforcing material layer, a first joining material layer, a porous core material layer, a second joining material layer, and a second fibrous reinforcing material layer are laminated in this order, and the method comprises an impregnating process of placing a first fibrous reinforcing material on a molding tool, and impregnating a thermosetting resin into the first fibrous reinforcing material on the molding tool; a hardening process of hardening the thermosetting resin impregnated into the first fibrous reinforcing material, and forming the first fibrous reinforcing material layer; and a laminating process of laminating the first joining material layer, the porous core material layer, the second joining material layer, and the second fibrous reinforcing material layer on the first fibrous reinforcing material layer.05-14-2009
20080251191Die Comprising Small Cup-Type Depressions - In order to produce a coating having an attractive, velvet-like or suede-like appearance for a substrate by application of a liquid plastic dispersion to the die surface 10-16-2008
20120090776METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CURVED CIRCULARLY POLARIZED LENS - A curved circularly polarized lens is used in a passive 3D system to view 3D multimedia. The lens is created in an advanced delicate process whereby two lens pieces are combined with a special glue and molded to a specific conformation. This unique method of production of curved circularly polarized lenses retains the molecular arrangement of the lens, reduces or eliminates optical distortion and physical warping, and eliminates movement between the lens layers.04-19-2012
20080271838Preform for Blowing a Container and Process for Manufacturing Thereof - Preform for the blow-molding of a container comprising a neck section (11-06-2008
20100139851Carbon nanotube heater - A method for making a heater is provided. A carbon nanotube structure is made, and a first electrode and a second electrode are provided. The first and second electrodes are electrically connected to the carbon nanotube structure.06-10-2010
20090139641COMPOSITE SECTIONS FOR AIRCRAFT FUSELAGES AND OTHER STRUCTURES, AND METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH SECTIONS - Composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such sections, are disclosed herein. A method for manufacturing a shell structure in accordance with one embodiment of the invention includes applying composite material to an interior mold surface of a tool to form a skin extending 360 degrees around an axis. The method can further include positioning a plurality of stiffeners on an inner surface of the skin. After the stiffeners have been positioned, a vacuum bag can be installed over the stiffeners and evacuated to press the stiffeners and the skin outwardly against the interior mold surface of the tool. Next, the skin/stiffener combination can be cocured to bond the stiffeners to the skin and harden the shell structure.06-04-2009
20090183821CONSTRAINED LAYER DAMPING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A method of producing a constrained layer damping system including a constraining layer, a damping layer, a viscous thermally-activated decoupler (VTAD) layer and a base blank layer. The method includes the steps of blanking a constraining layer, applying a damping layer to the constraining layer to form a constraining/damping construct. A VTAD layer can be applied onto the damping layer to form a layered constraining/damping/VTAD construct in which the VTAD layer has at least one exposed surface. The exposed surface of the VTAD layer on the constraining/damping/VTAD construct is pressed onto a cleansed side of a base blank layer to form a constrained layer damping system.07-23-2009
20090260751PRE-APPLIED PROTECTIVE JACKETING CONSTRUCTION FOR PIPE AND BLOCK INSULATION - A protective jacketing-insulation composite structure and method is provided for inhibiting the corrosion of a pipeline. The method includes forming a porous-insulation into an elongated-arcuate-shape, applying a sodium silicate solution layer to the insulation and at least partially within the pores thereof, permitting the sodium silicate solution layer to set to a threshold amount, adhering an outer facing to the sodium silicate solution layer after the permitting step is accomplished, installing the insulation and facing to the outer surface of a pipeline, and sealing any exposed edges or seams that may exist between multiple installed products. A structure such as made from this method can have a release layer and contact adhesive.10-22-2009
20100186885Method for producing an orthesis - The systems and methods described herein relates to a system for allowing a consumer to track an advertisement for a product. The system includes an equipment for capturing a response by the consumer to the advertisement delivered from a first platform. The system also includes a portal, provided on a second platform, that permits the consumer to execute a purchase-related activity associated with the product of the advertisement. The system additionally includes an analysis application for generating a trigger that correlates data associated with the consumer response to data associated with the purchase-related activity. Furthermore, the system includes a server configured to display a plurality of triggers that allow the consumer to at least track the advertisement selected by the consumer from the first platform.07-29-2010
20100212820REVERSIBLE DRY ADHESIVES FOR WET AND DRY CONDITIONS - One embodiment includes a dry adhesive material including catechol chemically attached to the surface of a shape memory polymer molecule. The catechol content may allow the dry adhesive to be utilized in both dry and wet conditions to bond objects together. The shape memory polymer may allow the dry adhesive to be reversibly attached to the objects.08-26-2010
20110056618METHOD OF MANUFACTURING RADIATION DETECTOR - With this invention, a light guide is placed on a scintillator while an optical adhesive for forming the scintillator does not harden. Accordingly, a method of manufacturing a radiation detector may be provided in which the step of hardening the optical adhesive that joins scintillation counter crystals to one another and the step of optically coupling the scintillator and the light guide are performed en bloc. Accordingly, the radiation detector may be manufactured with no complicated process of forming the scintillator and the light guide individually and coupling them with the optical adhesive.03-10-2011
20100000669Carbon nanotube heater - A method for making a hollow heater is provided. The method includes providing a hollow supporter and, the hollow supporter defines a hollow space. A carbon nanotube structure is made and then fixed on a surface of the hollow supporter. A first electrode and a second electrode is provided and electrically connected to the carbon nanotube structure.01-07-2010
20100300608MAKING AN OPTIC WITH A CLADDING - Embodiments related to making an optic comprising a cladding are disclosed. One example embodiment comprises forming a wedge-shaped light guide having opposing first and second faces and comprising a material having a first refractive index. The embodiment further comprises applying a cladding layer to the first face, and, applying an interface layer to the cladding layer. In this embodiment, the cladding layer has a second refractive index less than the first refractive index, and the interface layer has a third refractive index matched to the first refractive index.12-02-2010
20110017387Manufacture of Pivoting Resilient Skin Contacting Members - A molding process for forming a wet shaving razor including the step of placing one or more of the blades into a first mold cavity. A first generally rigid polymer is injected into the first mold cavity to form a housing and to secure the blades. A second generally rigid polymer is injected into a second mold cavity to form a handle that is adjacent to and spaced apart from the housing of the first mold cavity. A generally flexible polymer is injected into a third mold cavity to interconnect the housing and the handle, wherein the generally flexible polymer forms a gripping portion on the handle and a resilient skin contacting element between the housing and the handle.01-27-2011
20110017388GASTRO-LARYNGEAL MASK - A method of making a device by integrally molding. The device includes an inflatable mask comprising a relatively stiff component and a relatively soft compliant flexible component. The mask is insertable, at least when deflated, through a mouth of the patient to an inserted location within a patient. The inserted location is near a laryngeal inlet of the patient. The device also includes an airway tube and an evacuation tube coupled to the mask. The relatively soft compliant flexible component of the mask is integrally formed in a single moulding operation.01-27-2011
20100224313LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE WITH MICROLENS ARRAY - A method of manufacturing a micro-lens array and light-emitting device, comprising forming a first structured polymer film with close packed surface cavities having a mean diameter of less than 20 micrometers and a relatively lower surface energy surface, forming a transparent second structured film with an array of microlenses formed thereon corresponding to the cavities of the first structured film, wherein the second structured film comprises a relatively high surface energy material and has a refractive index greater than 1.45, and wherein the microlenses are randomly distributed, separating the second structured film with the micro-lens array from the first structured polymer film, and attaching the second structured film to a transparent substrate or cover of a light-emitting device through which light is emitted. Use of microlens arrays formed from relatively high surface energy materials enables matching refractive index of microlens array to that of light-emitting devices substrate or cover through which light is emitted and relatively high elastic modulus providing good scratch resistance.09-09-2010
20110240212METHOD FOR FABRICATING AN ANTI-FATIGUE MAT WITH A PRE-FORMED GEL CUSHIONING MEMBER - A method of fabricating an anti-fatigue mat employs a pre-formed gel cushioning member that includes opposed major surfaces. One of the opposed major surfaces of the gel cushioning member is heated and liquefied. A flexible support sheet is applied and bonded to the liquefied surface of the gel cushioning member. The remaining opposed surface of the gel cushioning member is then heated and liquefied. A flexible base sheet is applied and bonded to this liquefied surface of the gel cushioning member. The method may move one of the opposed surfaces of the gel cushioning member adjacent a heat source to liquefy a portion of the gel cushioning member passing by the heat source. A flexible sheet is dispensed or applied to the liquefied portion of the gel cushioning member as the liquefied portion passes by a flexible sheet dispenser.10-06-2011
20100200158METHODS FOR MAKING INTRA-ORAL ELECTRONIC THERAPY DEVICES FOR TREATING SLEEP-BREATHING DISORDERS, BRUXING DISORDERS, AND TMJ DISORDERS - The method for making an intra-oral electronic therapy device includes thermoforming a first thermoplastic layer on a patient's dental cast, e.g. as received from a patient's dentist, positioning components on the first thermoplastic layer, and thermoforming a second thermoplastic layer on the first thermoplastic layer to define a substrate with the components therein. The components include a rechargeable battery, at least one tissue contact electrode extending outwardly from the substrate to contact at least one tissue area in the patient's mouth, and a controller to cooperate with the rechargeable battery and the at least one tissue contact electrode to provide an electrical stimulation to the at least one tissue area in the patient's mouth. The method includes separating the substrate with the components therein from the dental cast.08-12-2010
20100059172IN-MOLD DECORATING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING IN-MOLD DECORATED MOLDED PRODUCT - An in-mold decorating apparatus of this invention is configured as follows. That is, in a state that a parting surface, on which a decorative sheet is placed, is tilted relative to a platen surface, a rotation shaft of a decorative sheet feed roll and a rotation shaft of a guide roller in a decorative sheet supply device are arranged in parallel with the parting surface, leading to prevention of a resin molded product from being degraded in appearance due to a rip of the decorative sheet, a wrinkle of the decorative sheet, a crack of a pattern layer, and the like.03-11-2010
20120241084AIRWAY DEVICE - An airway device for human or animal use comprising an airway tube having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal and of which is surrounded by a laryngeal cuff, adapted to fit anatomically over the laryngeal structure of a patient, wherein the device optionally further comprises a buccal cavity stabiliser located on or around the airway tube between the laryngeal cuff and the proximal end of the tube, said buccal cavity stabiliser being adapted to nest with the anterior aspect of the patient's tongue, the size, shape and configuration of the buccal stabiliser being adapted to prevent rotational or side-to-side movement of the airway device in use.09-27-2012
20110073246Method and System for Manufacturing Electrosurgical Seal Plates - A method of manufacture for an end effector assembly is provided. The method includes providing a pair of jaw members. A step of the method includes forming one or more seal plates positionable on one of the pair of jaw members. Etching a dam along a side of the one or more seal plates is a step of the method, wherein the etched dam inhibits the flow of a plastic on the one or more seal plate such that a height of the plastic with respect to the at least one seal plate during an overmolding process may be controlled. The method includes positioning the one or more seal plates on the one of the pair of jaw members; and overmolding the seal plate to one or more of the pair of jaw members.03-31-2011
20100065195METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A COATED COMPONENT - A method for manufacturing a component coated using a thermoplastic layer, the method including: providing the component, applying an intermediate layer made of a plastic to at least a part of the component, performing a plasma treatment of the intermediate layer using a plasma gas, the molecules or the structure of the molecules of the intermediate layer being modified at least on the surface of the intermediate layer, and injection molding the thermoplastic layer in such a way that the thermoplastic layer and the component provided with the intermediate layer adhere to one another non-positively.03-18-2010
20120199277INJECTION MOLDED FOOTWEAR AND RELATED METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A method of manufacturing footwear includes providing a modular forepart and a modular rearpart, overlapping these parts along an overlap margin a preselected distance, and permanently joining the parts to selectively manufacture footwear of at least two different sizes, for example, a full size or a half size or some other partial size. The forepart and rearpart can be injection molded from one or more polymeric materials in a mold. The polymeric materials can be bonded to a sheet of material which can be at least partially retained in a three-dimensional, contoured shape by the polymeric material. The molded polymeric material can form a supportive and/or structural exoskeleton in an upper portion of the footwear. The exoskeleton can define one or more holes through which the sheet is visible to form one or more aesthetic regions on the upper. An article of footwear constructed with the method is also provided.08-09-2012
20110253298METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A PHOSPHOR FILM, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LIGHT EMITTING SUBSTRATE HAVING PHOSPHOR FILM, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING DISPLAY BY THE METHOD - A method for manufacturing a phosphor film containing phosphor particles includes steps of bringing a pressing member into contact with a precursor layer containing phosphor particles and an organic resin, and heating the precursor layer to a temperature at which the organic resin is thermally decomposed or above while the precursor layer is in contact with the pressing member.10-20-2011
20110005666METHOD OF TAPE LAYING OF THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITE MATERIALS - A method of laying up a thermoplastic composite in a mould tool, the method comprising: providing a mould tool having a mould surface, at least a portion of the mould tool comprising a porous material; applying a negative pressure to the porous material so as to create a negative pressure at the mould surface; laying an initial layer of thermoplastic composite material onto the mould surface, whereby the thermoplastic composite material is held against the mould surface by virtue of the negative pressure at the mould surface; and consolidating the thermoplastic composite material.01-13-2011
20100282405MEDIA PLAYER WITH MACHINED WINDOW UNDERCUT AND TRANSPARENT WALL DISPOSED THEREIN - A media player comprising a display screen is provided. The media player can include a housing having an opening and an area of reduced thickness around the opening. The media player can also include a transparent wall having a flange. Alternatively, the transparent wall may not require a flange but rather can be a flat, substantially transparent piece of material such as plexiglass or glass. The flange can be adhered to a surface of the area of reduced thickness in order to form a transparent protective cover for the display screen. In another embodiment of the invention, a method is provided. The method can include forming a transparent wall having a stepped edge for placing in an opening of a media player. The method can also include adhering an adhesive to at least one surface of the stepped edge of the transparent wall. The method can include as well using the cutting tool to cut away a portion of the underside of a housing that surrounds an opening in a media player. The method can also include adhering the transparent wall to the housing the adhesive.11-11-2010
20110061795METHOD FOR PRODUCING A STOPPER - Method for producing a one-piece stopper with a carrier body of an elastomeric material and an inert layer, the carrier body having a disk-shaped outer portion and an inner portion that protrudes in the manner of a spigot from the outer portion. The inner portion is molded under the effect of heat in a molding tool from a sheet of elastomeric material and an inert film and subsequently punched out. The outer portion is molded onto the inner portion by means of injection molding, whereby the stopper is given its final form.03-17-2011
20100181017FORMING-MOLDING TOOL AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING PREFORMS AND FIBER REINFORCED PLASTICS WITH THE TOOL - To heat a laminate of a reinforcing fiber base material uniformly with high precision, a forming-molding tool for resin transfer molding of fiber reinforced plastics obtained by integrating a face plate part and a flat plate part for forming a hollow convex part, in which metallic piping as a flow path of a heating medium is integrated with the back surface of the face plate part by a thermally conductive material and a rubber cord is integrated with an outside of a region used for forming or molding in the flat plate part is used.07-22-2010
20100175819METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A SOLAR CELL MODULE AVAILABLE FOR THE SUNROOF OF A VEHICLE - A method for manufacturing a solar cell module for a vehicle sunroof is disclosed, in which a solar cell is cut into multiple pieces so that it can be closely adhered to a curved glasses of a sunroof which is generally installed at an intermediate portion of a vehicle roof so as to provide a driver with an air circulation effect in the interior of a vehicle and a fresh driving feeling with its open environment. A solar cell module for a sunroof is manufactured based on a high temperature and vacuum compression work using a laminator as an EVA film adhering unit. So, it is possible to easily perform a laminating work for adhering a sunroof curved glass and a solar cell as compared to a conventional art in which it is not easy to perform the above work.07-15-2010
20080216948Hand-Mouldable Material - A method of providing a self-adhesive mouldable hand grip comprises mixing: a) a first component comprising room temperature vulcanising silicone composition; and b) a second component, one of the first and second components comprising a moist, powdered filler, and the other of the first and second components comprising a hydrolysable cross-linking agent, to produce a self-adhesive RTV silicone elastomer composition, applying the RTV moisture cure silicone elastomer composition to a substrate, and moulding it by hand to form a grip.09-11-2008
20110186212METHOD FOR MOLDING CONTINUOUS FIBER PREPREG PART - This invention provides a method for molding a continuous fiber prepreg part whereby a continuous fiber prepreg part comprising thermoplastic prepreg tape can be molded in a shape that allows the exhibition of desired physical properties without the sacrifice of productivity.08-04-2011
20110083797METHOD OF FORMING A FLEXIBLE DISPLAY PANEL AND ALIGNMENT LAYER AND SPACER THEREOF - A method of forming a flexible display panel and an alignment layer and spacers thereof includes the following steps. A base material is provided. A shaping process is then performed on the base material to render the base material into a structural layer including an alignment layer monolithically formed with a plurality of spacers. Subsequently, a first transparent conductive film and a second transparent conductive film are provided, and the structural layer is mounted between the first transparent conductive film and the second transparent conductive film such that the first transparent conductive film, the structural layer and the second transparent conductive film form a sandwich structure.04-14-2011
20090173434METHOD AND DEVICE FOR REPLICATING STRUCTURE - To provide a method and a device for replicating structure which was capable of accurately replicating structure, even if a composition which was an object to be molded, has a relatively high viscosity.07-09-2009
20110114254ANODES FOR LITHIUM ION BATTERIES - Methods for making composite anodes, such as macroporous composite anodes, are disclosed. Embodiments of the methods may include forming a tape from a slurry including a substrate metal precursor, an anode active material, a pore-forming agent, a binder, and a solvent. A laminated structure may be prepared from the tape and sintered to produce a porous structure, such as a macroporous structure. The macroporous structure may be heated to reduce a substrate metal precursor and/or anode active material. Macroporous composite anodes formed by some embodiments of the disclosed methods comprise a porous metal and an anode active material, wherein the anode active material is both externally and internally incorporated throughout and on the surface of the macroporous structure.05-19-2011
20100139850Collapsable Mandrel and Method for Producing Composite Laminates Using the Same - A collapsible bladder has flexible outer walls and at least one strut inside the enclosure. The strut is connected to the outer walls and controls the shape into which the enclosure may be collapsed.06-10-2010
20110315307METHOD OF MANUFACTURING "T" SHAPED STRINGERS FOR AN AIRCRAFT AND CURING TOOL USED THEREOF - Method of manufacturing “T” shaped stringers for an aircraft whereby the “T” shaped stringers have a stringer web and a stringer foot, the method comprising: a first step of hot-forming a carbon fiber laminate in order to achieve semi-stringers geometry with an “L” shaped cross-section, a second step of placing together two hot-formed “L” shaped semi-stringers in order to form a “T” shaped stringer, a third step of co-bonding the resulting “T” shaped stringer on a cured skin with an adhesive line between them, and a fourth step of curing the obtained “T” shaped stringer inside a vacuum bag using invar alloy angles as curing tools. The method characterised in that the invar alloy angles are cut at a radius area eliminating a part of the invar alloy angles covering the stringer foot in order to define an invar alloy piece having no foot.12-29-2011
20110155308METHOD FOR MAKING A CONCRETE BLOCK - A mold core with a plurality of tension springs is placed in a mold box such that the top of the mold core is even with the top of the mold box when the plurality of tension springs have no tension. Block mix including a substantial amount of compressible material is poured into the mold and lightly vibrated. A movable bottom plate then moves downward at the same time as the mold core is moved downward a first distance to stretch the plurality of tension springs. After the mold core is moved downward the first distance, the movement of the mold core stops while the movement of the movable plate continues downward, thereby ejecting the partial block element from the mold. Block elements are cured, then glued together to form a complete block. One or both of the exterior surfaces of the block may have a wooden attachment layer attached.06-30-2011
20120006474MULTILAYERED POLYETHYLENE MATERIAL AND BALLISTIC RESISTANT ARTICLES MANUFACTURED THEREFROM - The present invention relates to polyethylene material that has a plurality of unidirectionally oriented polyethylene monolayers cross-piled and compressed at an angle to one another, each polyethylene monolayer composed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and essentially devoid of resins. The present invention further relates to ballistic resistant articles that include or incorporate the inventive polyethylene material and to methods of preparing the material and articles incorporating same.01-12-2012
20120006473METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ROOT OF MEGAWATT WIND-TURBINE BLADE - A method of manufacturing root of megawatt wind-turbine blade includes the following steps: (1) manufacturing an independent female mould, and arranging a positioning stop-ring on the female mould; (2) clinging on one side of the positioning stop-ring, a plurality of glass fabrics and macroporous glass fabrics are laid on the curved surface of the female mould; (3) after laying the glass fabrics, sealing the female mould using a vacuum bag, and vacuumizing the female mould after a curved supporting board is arranged on the vacuum bag; (4) after laying a plurality of glass fabrics in the blade mould, slinging the prefabricated part and the curved supporting board to arrange them in the blade mould; (5) sealing the blade mould using another vacuum bag, vacuumizing the blade mould, thereafter infusing resin into the blade mould, after curing the root of the blade is finally formed. The method of manufacturing root of megawatt wind-turbine blade increases the production efficiency and production quality of the blade root, and prolongs the operation life of the blade root.01-12-2012
20100186886Laser-welded article - A method of manufacturing laser-welded article having an integral construction of piled workpieces, that are welded by heat generated from irradiation with laser and include thermoplastic resin, a laser-transmissible-absorptive molded workpiece including a thermoplastic resin and 0.001 to 0.3 weight % of colorant consisting of nigrosine which has an absorption coefficient: ε for a ray of 940 nm ranging form 4000 to 7000, that transmits laser partially and absorbs laser partially, and a laser-absorptive molded workpiece including a thermoplastic resin and 0.1 to 5 weight % of diverse colorant comprising nigrosine and/or carbon black, that absorbs the laser.07-29-2010
20120111489SELF-SEALING VASCULAR GRAFT - The present invention relates to a segmental self-sealing graft for implantation in a patient including a base tubing element, a tubular access element overlying the base tubing, and a strand-like compression element wound over the access element so as to provide radially inward compression, and a method of making same.05-10-2012
20120152448METHOD OF FORMING NANOSTRUCTURES - Layered nanostructures are constructed by imprinting material with a mold, while selectively modifying and removing a portion of the mold. The mold, which includes a pattern of features, is modified so that the portion of the mold that includes the features is made chemically and/or physically distinct from the rest of the mold. That portion of the mold that includes the features is retained while the rest of the mold is removed. The retained portion of the mold provides mechanical support for any adjoining layer or layers.06-21-2012
20110094664DECORATIVE PAINT FILM LAMINATE - A decorative paint film laminate having high gloss and distinctness of image after processing for providing a decorative finish for a part, the decorative paint film laminate comprises a paint film having an inner surface and an outer surface, a backing sheet applied to the inner surface of the paint film, and no mask on the outer surface of the paint film. The paint film comprises a clear coat layer, a gloss and distinctness of image retaining layer, and a color coat layer. The paint film obtains high gloss and distinctness of image without a mask being on the outer surface of the paint film.04-28-2011
20110094663METHOD FOR PRODUCING A STIFFENER ON A SURFACE OF AN ELEMENT TO BE STIFFENED - A method for the production of a stiffener on a surface of an element that is to be made rigid, whereby at least one of the two is made of a composite material that is not completely polymerized, whereby the stiffener includes—in a transverse direction—two contact zones with the surface between which the stiffener and the element to be made rigid form a cavity that empties out at least one of the ends of the stiffener, includes using a core that is placed in the cavity and removed from the cavity after polymerization. The core has a first part that has a low expansion coefficient to ensure the geometric precision required and at least one second part that has a significant elongation coefficient to make possible the extraction of the part by traction on one of the ends of the second part so as to cause a contraction of its cross-section.04-28-2011
20120118491RECONFIGURABLE SHAPE MEMORY POLYMER TOOLING SUPPORTS - A method and support apparatus for providing structural support to a mold or mandrel, such as a shape memory polymer (SMP) apparatus configured for shaping a composite part. The support apparatus may comprise a rigid structural member and a plurality of SMP cells attached thereto and configured to inflate or deploy in a malleable state toward and against a surface of the SMP apparatus, mold, or mandrel. Then the SMP cells may be returned to a rigid state while still pressed against this surface, thereby providing structural support when composite material is applied to an opposite surface of the SMP apparatus, mold, or mandrel. After the composite material is cured into the finished composite part, the SMP cells may be deflated or otherwise collapse toward the structural member to provide enough clearance to be removed from the cured composite part.05-17-2012
20110088837Oil Canning of Mesh Screen for Filter - A method of reducing if not eliminating the possibility of tearing or ripping of a mesh screen of a filter during the manufacturing process includes the step of intentionally deforming the mesh screen. With this technique, as the plastic material that forms the frame of the filter begins to expand or change shape, as a result of the heating and squeezing steps involved with the molding process, the deformed mesh screen will be able to accommodate the relative changes in shape without tearing or ripping of the mesh screen. With the invention, numerous shapes and configurations of tools may be used to provide the intentional deformation of the mesh screen during the manufacturing process as well as to provide for control over the amount and degree of mesh screen deformation. Also, the resulting filter will have a mesh screen that has improved retention capabilities which will enhance the performance of the filter.04-21-2011
20120118492PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING PARTS THEREOF - A method of manufacturing a portion of a portable electronic device includes forming a fibrous laminate sheet to provide a laminate body, and connecting a rim with the body. The rim includes a connector for coupling with a complementary part.05-17-2012
20100206468Molded Product and Manufacturing Method Thereof - A molded product and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed, in which the insulating layer of uniform thickness is formed in a narrow clearance between plural metal bodies. Surroundings of metal plates spaced at specified intervals are covered with insulating polymer to insulate them electrically. A spacer polymer which consists of insulating polymer whose melting point is T1 is arranged between the metal plates, and a molded part which consists of insulating polymer whose melting point is T2 (08-19-2010
20120227899Method of Producing a Chitinous Polymer Derived from Fungal Mycelium - The process of growing a homogeneous polymer matrix comprising the steps of growing a viable mycelium in a liquid suspension; extracting mycelium from the liquid suspension; thereafter incubating the mycelium for a period of time sufficient to induce mycelium cohesion and to form a solid material; and thereafter drying the solid material to remove moisture and to inactivate the mycelium.09-13-2012
20080302471Composition Comprising Benzoxazine and Epoxy Resin - The instant invention relates to compositions comprising a benzoxazine resin and an advancement resin based on bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and bisphenol S and, optionally, ferrocene and aluminium trihydrate. Such compositions are, when cured to form polymeric networks, difficultly inflammable and resistant to high temperatures. Such compositions may especially be used in the production of printed wiring boards.12-11-2008
20110120635METHOD FOR CONTINUOUSLY PRODUCING MULTI-LAYERED COMPOSITE BODIES - A process for continuous production of multilayered composite articles which comprise05-26-2011
20120318446DOOR SKIN, A METHOD OF ETCHING A PLATE, AND AN ETCHED PLATE FORMED THEREFROM - The present invention relates to a door skin comprising an exterior surface having outer portions lying on a first plane, spaced grooves recessed from the plane of the outer portions, and tonal portions having a planar area and a plurality of spaced depressions recessed from the plane of said planar area. The present invention is also directed to a method of etching a plate, for use with a molded die set, for embossing a wood grain pattern in the door skin, and the etched plate formed therefrom.12-20-2012
20120298291Matrix basalt reinforcement members for concrete - Matrix basalt reinforcing members for concrete. The basalt members are specifically formed to provide tension support having a beneficial use with pervious concrete used in large areas such as sidewalk and parking lot. The basalt reinforcing members add structural rigidity to the pervious concrete, making the pervious concrete capable of supporting heavy loads such as trucks without cracking while allowing water to pass through the concrete. The basalt reinforcing members are formed from roving crosses and interlaces in between each side of the 11-29-2012
20120279640METHOD OF MAKING EROSION RESISTANT COATINGS - A method of applying multilayer polyurethane or polyurea coating compositions over a primer layer for protecting a leading edge substrate on an airfoil against liquid or solid particle erosion, the composition preferably made from an isocyanate-terminated prepolymer and curing agents, such as polyaspartic esters, aldimines and ketimines with a topcoat having flatting agent for matte coatings.11-08-2012
20080230175Cleaning Device and a Method For Producing a Cleaning Device For Cleaning a Read and/or Write Interface of a Read and/or Write Unit - A cleaning device (09-25-2008
20090188612Machine for Bonding Films Made of Different Materials in Several Layers, and the Corresponding Method - This invention relates to a machine for bonding up to three film comprising: 07-30-2009
20130174974Composite Panel Insert Ring and Method of Using the Same - Provided is a method of forming a thru-hole through a composite structure having a plurality of internal compartments. An insert ring is connected to the composite structure to create a protective layer around the periphery of a penetration formed within the composite structure. An adhesive is disposed between the composite structure and the insert ring to create a fluid-tight seal between the insert ring and the internal compartments. In this regard, the fluid-tight seal mitigates fluid flow between the internal compartments.07-11-2013
20130098541MATERIALS AND PROCESSES FOR BONDING ACOUSTICALLY NEUTRAL STRUCTURES FOR USE IN ULTRASOUND CATHETERS - Provided herein is a method of manufacturing ultrasound probe comprising a probe housing defining a distal end, an ultrasonic transducer array disposed within the probe housing and rotatable within said probe housing, an acoustically neutral structure bonded to a surface of the ultrasonic transducer array by an adhesive, a motor coupled to the ultrasonic transducer array, the motor being configured to rotate the ultrasonic transducer array in order to image a three-dimensional volume; and an acoustic coupling fluid disposed within free volume of the probe housing.04-25-2013
20100307669PIEZOCERAMIC MULTI-LAYER ELEMENT - According to the state of the art, piezoceramic multi-layer elements are sintered in air at temperatures of approximately 1100 DEG C or higher. Therefore, only a noble metal having a high melting temperature can be used as the inner electrode. Non-noble metals would oxidize. Therefore, a silver-palladium alloy having up to 40% palladium is normally used. However, such a measure is associated with high material costs. Lower melting temperatures of the inner electrode material, however, also require a ceramic material having correspondingly low sintering temperatures. The invention therefore proposes that an electrically non-conductive sintering additive added be added to the base material, and that the inner electrode comprise silver, preferably pure silver, as the main material component thereof, and an electrically non-conductive material component and/or a metal alloy or metal oxide mixture.12-09-2010
20130153135Lubrication Box For A Wet Shaving Implement - According to one aspect of the present invention, a lubrication box includes a first portion, a shaving aid material, and a second portion. The first portion of the lubrication box has a skin-engaging surface and at least one sidewall that, together, form a cavity. The skin-engaging surface includes at least two holes therethrough. The shaving aid material is pre-formed in a pre-determined shape, placed in the first portion of the lubrication box, and then compressed. The second portion of the lubrication box is attached to the first portion such that the cavity is substantially closed. A gap exists between in the cavity between the shaving aid and the second portion of the lubrication box to permit the shaving aid material to expand during normal use.06-20-2013
20130153136SEAL WITH ENERGY-ABSORBING FILLER AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A seal for attenuating energy from an electrical discharge across an interface may include a cover defining an inner volume containing a filled sealant including a semi-rigid sealant mixed with a filler having a multiplicity of discrete particles of different composition than the semi-rigid sealant such that the filled sealant is adjacent the interface when the cover is placed over said interface. A method for sealing an interface may include forming a cover defining an inner volume shaped to enclose the interface, forming a filled sealant including a semi-rigid sealant mixed with a filler having a multiplicity of discrete particles of different composition than said semi-rigid sealant, placing the filled sealant within said inner volume and placing the cover containing the filled sealant over the interface such that the filled sealant is adjacent the interface.06-20-2013
20110232838Therapeutic Implant - Surgical implants of the present disclosed include a film comprising a first therapeutic agent and a mesh comprising a second therapeutic agent. The surgical implant includes a film in direct contact with a mesh. The first therapeutic agent may be released at a first rate and the second therapeutic agent may be released at a second rate.09-29-2011
20110232837Method for producing an orthesis - The invention relates to an orthesis (09-29-2011
20120285612DELAYED ACTION POLYURETHANE CATALYST - A mixture of a 1,2,4-triazole-blocked 1,8-diazabicyclo-5.4.0-undecene-7 and a phthalic acid-blocked 1,8-diazabi-cyclo-5.4.0-undecene-7 in a weight ratio of from 5:95 to about 30:70 is a useful polyurethane polymerization catalyst. The catalyst mixture is especially useful in applications in which long open times are needed at temperatures up to about 40° C., to be followed by a fast high temperature cure.11-15-2012
20120018085Tape Dispenser Apparatus - An apparatus and method for a tape dispenser apparatus includes a first housing and tape rotational hub, a tape aperture feeding into a tape channel for a tape guide, also a cutter aperture disposed within the channel, and a cutter pivotally attached to the first housing, wherein the cutter extends therethrough the cutter aperture in a cutting state and the cutter retracts from the cutter aperture being urged into a retracted state. A roller rotatably attached to the first housing, the roller is positioned adjacent to a non-adhesive side of the tape, wherein the roller routes the strip of tape around the cutter to feed the strip of tape into the tape aperture and tape channel. Operationally the tape channel is positioned adjacent to a surface and the apparatus is pulled to lay the strip of tape upon the surface, wherein the tape is selectively cut by the cutter.01-26-2012
20130192749STRUCTURE COMPRISING AN ANNULAR HOUSING MADE OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL - A structure such as a containment case (08-01-2013

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