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With separate permanent mechanical joining means (riveted, sewed, stapled, etc.)

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156 - Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

156001000 - METHODS

156060000 - Surface bonding and/or assembly therefor

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156092000 With penetrating of fastener 54
20100006208ANAEROBICALLY CURABLE COMPOSITIONS - Dry-to-the-touch compositions containing a curable polymeric matrix and a curable anaerobic composition present within the polymeric matrix are disclosed. In a particularly desirable form, the compositions are moisture curable. The compositions are non-flowable at high temperatures and have an improved solvent resistance once cured.01-14-2010
20120234464Dual-Use Modular Carbon-Fiber Ladder and Bridge - A dual-use ladder and bridge modular system preferably includes tubes, gussets, flanges, and/or joints. In a preferred embodiment, the tubes, gussets, flanges, and/or joints are made of carbon fiber. A method connects and disconnects modular carbon fiber ladder segments. Another method creates a lightweight carbon-fiber beam with exceptionally high stiffness and strength using a combination of carbon-fiber braid material, uni-directional cloth, and pultruded carbon-fiber strips. A carbon fiber ladder segment and tube connectors are also disclosed.09-20-2012
20110290400CONNECTION METHOD OF THERMOPLASTIC RESIN LONG BODY - A connection method for interconnecting end portions of a thermoplastic resin long body in which conductive unstretchable members are embedded within the thermoplastic resin along a longitudinal direction, wherein the unstretchable members in each of specific sections in the both end portions of the thermoplastic resin long body are heated using an induction heating portion so that the thermoplastic resin coating the unstretchable members is removed by melting for the unstretchable members to be exposed, after which the both end portions are interconnected while they are held in a state where the unstretchable members being exposed in the respective end portions are butt-connected to each other.12-01-2011
20120097318Process For Reinforcing A Rigid Plastic Fuel Tank - Process for reinforcing a plastic fuel tank comprising a wall defining an internal closed volume, according to which a structural member is fixed to the wall of the tank outside the closed volume, in at least two points being located in two different portions of said wall where a deflection induced when the tank is filled with fuel, is low; and said structure having at least one contact point with the tank wall in a portion of said wall where the deflection is high.04-26-2012
20100101703METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTRET DIAPHRAGM - A method for manufacturing electret diaphragms is provided. First, a dielectric film is attached to a frame by an adhesive material and a fastening element grips the peripheral area of the dielectric film on the frame. Afterward, the dielectric film is subjected to a metal sputtering process to form a conductive material layer thereon. Finally, the dielectric film is subjected to a polarizing process thereby forming an electret diaphragm.04-29-2010
20120024463METHOD OF PRODUCING A STABILIZER WITH A STABILIZER BEARING - In a method of producing a stabilizer for a motor vehicle, a stabilizer bearing portion of a stabilizer is chemically pre-treated by applying an adhesive. The stabilizer and two vulcanized elastomer-metal bearing half-shells are then placed in a joining apparatus for subsequent bonding of the bearing half-shells with the stabilizer bearing portion.02-02-2012
20120024462Prosthesis and method for lowering abdominal pressure - A two-sheet fascial expander prosthesis for temporary use and method of using it to treat abdominal hypertension and associated organ system function impairment, in which each flat sheet is attached to the fascia only at opposite sides of an incision. One side of each sheet is armed with mating fastening elements that bond when united to bring about high tensile shear strength and low tensile peeling-off resistance permitting easy separation for diagnostic and therapeutic abdominal entry. The invention is useful because it expands the fascia and adds compliance to the envelope of the abdominal cavity by bridging the gap between free borders of the incised fascia containing intra-abdominal organs without strangulating their blood supply and retaining some tension on the fascia to prevent retraction and bringing the edges closer together as healing progresses, and permitting final removal of the patch and fascia-to-fascia closure. The method of producing and testing biocompatibility of the two-sheet fascia prosthesis also is disclosed.02-02-2012
20080264546CONTAMINANT-REACTIVE GABION AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE AND USE - Reactive gabion/geocomposite articles, and their methods of manufacture, for controlling contaminants in soil, sediment or water that allow the passage of essentially non-contaminated water therethrough. The articles and methods described herein utilize gabions, which are box shaped cages or grids (see FIG. 10-30-2008
20100084075Strength enhancement of carbon-carbon composite brake pads using fiber pre-stressing - This invention relates to an improved carbon-carbon composite material and method of preparation. The carbon-carbon composite material comprises a plurality of carbon fiber substrates that have been joined or consolidated. In the present invention, the carbon fibers are stressed during the preparation of the composite material. The invention comprises adding a low-melting point pitch to the carbon fiber substrates and heat treating the carbon fiber substrates. The fibers tend to shrink more than the pitch during heat-treatment which produces stress in the fibers. This invention enhances the strength of the composite material and improves reliability.04-08-2010
20120186724METHOD FOR FORMING A DECORATIVE COVER FOR A FLOWER POT WITH A SHEET OF MATERIAL HAVING PRINTED AND EMBOSSED PATTERNS THEREON - A decorative covering for a flower pot is formed when a sheet of material having embossed and printed patterns thereon is formed about at least a portion of the flower pot.07-26-2012
20090090453Speaker diaphragms, manufacturing methods of the same, and dynamic speakers - On one surface of a piece of wooden sheet, a cloth or paper is adhered to make an adhered sheet. An approximately V-shaped notch is provided on the adhered sheet, the adhered sheet is wetted to be softened, and a lubricant which acts to keep water is impregnated thereinto. Edge portions of the notch are overlapped, and the adhered sheet is tentatively molded in an approximately horn shape by a first hot press molding. The adhered sheet is then dried, impregnated with thermosetting resin, and half-dried. The adhered sheet is subject to a second hot press molding. A moisture-proof agent is applied on the adhered sheet, a center hole for a voice coil and periphery are removed to make a speaker diaphragm having a predetermined dimension and shape.04-09-2009
20090277568METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A HOLLOW FIBER COMPOSITE COMPONENT AND INTERMEDIATE PRODUCTS FOR THE MANUFACTURE - An intermediate product for the manufacture of a hollow fiber-composite component having a shape and dimensions, includes a three-dimensional, hollow preform of reinforcing fiber material corresponding to the shape and the dimensions with a three-dimensional reinforcing fiber structure which is formed from at least one planar, single- or multi-layer blank of two-dimensional, web-like reinforcing fiber material matching the dimensions, and a closable total cross-sectional profile with at least two hollow chambers located adjacent to each other and separated from each other by a rib-like partition. The partition is formed by an overlap region of the at least one blank which is stitched in two dimensions by a compacting seam which fixes the shape and dimensions of the rib-like partition as well as its position relative to adjacent regions of the blank and prefixes, precompacts and reinforces the reinforcing fiber material in the region of the partition. In addition, a method for the manufacture of a hollow fiber-composite component by means of such an intermediate product.11-12-2009
20130098535METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING A COATING ON A LINING OF A CONDUIT IN SITU - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for repairing the wall of a conduit where a coating is placed onto a conduit lining using a non-absorbent bladder preferably made of polyurethane and material capable of curing and hardening, such as a grout or thermoset resin, preferably an epoxy. The coating is to be formed on the conduit lining after the lining is placed against the walls of the conduit. The non-absorbent bladder and the material capable of curing and hardening should be compatible for adhesion. The material capable of curing and hardening is placed between the wall of the pipe and the non-absorbent bladder by an inversion technique, and the non-absorbent bladder permanently bonds to the material capable of curing and hardening.04-25-2013
20100276063METHODS OF MANUFACTURING QUADRUPOLE MASS FILTERS - This invention teaches a method to manufacture a mass filter or ion trap especially a quadrupole type with hyperbolic-shaped poles. The method uses at least one outer bracket to hold and align electrodes, poles or rods in place while fixing these rods to holders by adhesive and fastener. Then the bracket(s) can be removed without damaging the critical parts of this newly assembled quadrupole. A method for manufacturing the brackets is also taught to show the main advantage of this manufacturing method.11-04-2010
20080271835Method for Relaxing a Stressed Thin Film - A method relaxing a strained thin film, secured via a first main face of an initial support, the second main face of the thin film being a contact face. The method supplies an intermediate support including a polymer layer having a main free contact face, the polymer's thermal expansion coefficient being greater than that of the thin film, adhesively brings into contact the contact face of the strained thin film with the contact face of the polymer layer, eliminates the initial support, realizing relaxation of the thin film through formation of wrinkles and revealing the first main face of the thin film, increases the polymer layer temperature to stretch the relaxed thin film and eliminate the wrinkles, secures the first main face of the thin film with one face of a receiving substrate, and eliminates the intermediate support to obtain a relaxed thin film integral with the receiving substrate.11-06-2008
20090178755Method of producing incontinence articles in the form of pants - The invention concerns a continuous method for producing incontinence articles (07-16-2009
20090165925Carryable Plastic Mattress Bag - A method for manufacturing a mattress carrier includes forming a bag from a sheet of plastic film material. The bag is sized to receive a mattress and has an opening for placing the mattress into the bag. An extension is formed on at least one side or end of the bag. The extension comprises a plurality of layers of the plastic film material. Handles are formed as openings in the extension.07-02-2009
20110203718METHOD OF FABRICATING A HONEYCOMB STRUCTURED PANEL - A method of fabricating a panel (08-25-2011
20100175811INSERT COMPONENT EMBEDDING METHOD - A board comprising a frame comprised of a thermoplastic resin in which an insert part is embedded and metallized over the entire surface by a metal film. In particular, a method of embedding an insert part, while preventing the metal film from being depositing on the female screw in the insert part, a first aspect of which, at first, forming a metal film on the entire surface of the frame including a through hole in the frame, then press fitting the insert part into the through hole. In the second aspect, before the frame in, which the insert part is held, is formed with the metal film, a masking member that covers the entire surface of the female screw of the insert part is attached.07-15-2010
20100236694Method and Tape for Adhesive Locking of a Threaded Fastener - A thread-locking method and tape includes providing a sheet of flexible backing material having disposed thereon a filler material containing adhesive microcapsules. The thread-locking tape is wrapped around a male threaded fastener with the filler material pressed into the threads, and then the male threaded fastener into a female threaded fastener so that the adhesive bursts from the microcapsules and is distributed into contact with the threads on both the male and female fasteners. The backing material is either removable by peeling from the filler material before threading of the male threaded fastener into the female threaded fastener, or the backing material remains in place and is shredded by the threads of the threaded female fastener so that the adhesive is released into contact with the threads of both the male threaded fastener and the female threaded fastener.09-23-2010
20120031544METHOD OF FABRICATING A SPAR FOR A ROTORCRAFT BLADE - A method of forming a rotorcraft blade is provided. A first support shaft (02-09-2012
20110100528FASTENING COMPOSITION AND PROCESS FOR FIXING AN ARTICLE TO A SUBSTRATE - A fastening composition for attaching two articles, comprising a mixture of an aerobic adhesive and a hydrophilic substance. A process for fixing an article to a substrate, includes the steps of initially preparing a fastening composition by mixing together a hydrophilic substance and an aerobic adhesive; applying a layer of the fastening composition to the article; and subsequently fixing the article to the substrate by pressing the layer of the fastening composition against the substrate. The aerobic adhesive in this layer hardens because of the moisture contained in the hydrophilic substance.05-05-2011
20090139633Method for Lining a Container and Lining of a Container - The invention relates to a method for lining a container, especially a reservoir, a tank or a basin in a water-tight manner. In order to avoid possible leakages and/or contaminations, the walls of the large container are provided with hook-and-loop-type fastening elements. Sealing webs are attached to these fastening elements by means of fastening elements.06-04-2009
20100314027OPTICAL JUNCTION APPARATUS AND METHODS EMPLOYING OPTICAL POWER TRANSVERSE-TRANSFER - A method comprises: (i) forming a first optical waveguide on a first substrate; (ii) forming a second, structurally discrete optical waveguide on a structurally discrete second substrate; (iii) assembling the second substrate or second optical waveguide with the first substrate or first optical waveguide so that the first and second optical waveguides are positioned between the first and second substrates and are relatively positioned for transferring the optical signal therebetween via optical transverse coupling; and (iv) arranging the first or second optical waveguide for transferring the optical signal therebetween via substantially adiabatic optical transverse coupling with the first and second waveguides so positioned.12-16-2010
20110011518Composite thermoplastic matrix airframe structure and method of manufacture therefore - A thermoplastic matrix airframe structure section includes a multitude of thermoplastic matrix frame members and a multitude of thermoplastic matrix beam members which form a substructure, which receives a thermoplastic matrix inner cap grid structure, a thermoplastic matrix outer cap grid structure, and a thermoplastic matrix skin which are in-situ co-bonded to the substructure to significantly strengthen and unify the substructure.01-20-2011
20110240206WATERPROOF SYSTEM FOR ATTACHING AN ANCHOR MEMBER TO A PORTION OF A TENT AND RELATED METHOD - A system for providing an anchor member on a fabric portion of a tent, such as a tent body or a tent fly, includes an anchor member and an anchor patch sewn to at least a portion of the anchor member with threads. The anchor patch is laminated to the fabric portion of the tent without the threads extending through the fabric portion of the tent. A tent including such a system is also disclosed, as well as the method of providing the anchor member on the fabric portion of the tent.10-06-2011
20110240207System for Mounting Objects to Polymeric Membranes - A system and method to attach an object to a support structure, the system including a fastener having an anti-rotational member, a mounting plate having a raised portion adapted to receive the fastener, and an elastic membrane. The fastener is sandwiched between the mounting plate and the elastic membrane. The raised portion forms a cavity having an inner surface. The inner surface abuts against the surfaces of the fastener, which in turn restricts movement.10-06-2011
20090032170APPARATUS, TOOLS AND METHODS FOR CONNECTING NON-SOLVENT WELDABLE TUBING TO SOLVENT WELDABLE TUBING AND FITTINGS - A method for forming a connection includes: mounting an adapter on a non-solvent weldable tubing; and solvent welding the adapter to a solvent weldable member to form a connection between the non-solvent weldable tubing and the solvent weldable member.02-05-2009
20110174424DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ATTACHING AN OPENING LEAF TO THE BODY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A device for attaching a door leaf to an automobile body including: at least one plate combined with at least one hinge of the door leaf and mounted on a framework of the door leaf so that at least one screw connected to the plate interacts with a hole combined with the hinge and protrudes through the door leaf framework; a bonding mechanism provided between each plate and the door leaf framework, for making the position of each plate on the framework permanent during a paint processing of the door leaf framework; and an adjustable attachment mechanism for each plate so that each plate is mounted on the door leaf framework with a sliding mounting clearance for adjusting the position of each plate relative to the framework when the door leaf is mounted on the automobile body and before the paint processing.07-21-2011
20110174425SURGICAL ACCESS DEVICE AND MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A surgical access system includes a tubular member defining a longitudinal axis and having an axial lumen. The tubular member includes a braided material adapted to expand from a first initial condition having a first cross-sectional dimension to a second expanded condition having a second-cross sectional dimension greater than the first cross-sectional dimension. The tubular member defines an oblique end surface. An access housing is mounted to the tubular member. The access housing is dimensioned for engagement by the user. A process for manufacturing a surgical access device is also disclosed.07-21-2011
20120199271COMPOSITE STRUCTURAL MEMBER AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A composite structural member is provided. The structural member includes a tubular shaft having a mating region of stiffness, and possibly thickness, greater than another region of said shaft. The shaft defines a lumen, and a fitting is disposed in the lumen. The fitting has a coupling region that defines at least one recessed portion bounded by one or more non-recessed portions, and the mating region mates with the coupling region of said fitting. As such, the shaft and fitting are mechanically restrained from at least some relative movement due to interference of the shaft and the fitting. A sleeve may be coupled to said shaft, for example, by including a tubular inner surface that proximately surrounds at least part of said shaft and mating region, for discouraging expansion of the mating region of said shaft.08-09-2012
20110253291DRYWALL FINISHING METHOD - The invention provides a drywall finishing method. The method may include the steps of taping one or more drywall joints with drywall tape and allowing drying; applying a coat of joint compound composition covering substantially all of the drywall tape and allowing to dry; and applying a finishing coat of joint compound composition to substantially all of a drywall surface and allowing to dry. The invention further provides a joint compound composition suitable for use in the method of finishing drywall, wherein the joint compound composition comprises a composition compatible with conventional jointing compound material and exhibits improved properties of thickness, self leveling, elasticity, durability, photographing and/or mold resistance over that of conventional joint compound compositions.10-20-2011
20090173429Method for manufacturing glue laminated wood material and method for manufacturing luggage - The invention provides a method for manufacturing a glue laminated wood material in which wrinkles do not occur even in the case of press molded material. In a glue lamination step in which five or more wood sheets are layered in a layer structure and integrated into a single body with glue, layering in a layer structure is performed in a state such that a grain direction is the same for at least the top two and the bottom two of the wood sheets 07-09-2009
20120132343METHOD OF MAKING SELF-CLEANING SKIN-LIKE PROSTHETIC POLYMER SURFACES - An external covering and method of making an external covering for hiding the internal endoskeleton of a mechanical (e.g., prosthetic) device that exhibits skin-like qualities is provided. The external covering generally comprises an internal bulk layer in contact with the endoskeleton of the prosthetic device and an external skin layer disposed about the internal bulk layer. The external skin layer is comprised of a polymer composite with carbon nanotubes embedded therein. The outer surface of the skin layer has multiple cone-shaped projections that provide the external skin layer with superhydrophobicity. The carbon nanotubes are preferably vertically aligned between the inner surface and outer surface of the external skin layer in order to provide the skin layer with the ability to transmit heat. Superhydrophobic powders may optionally be used as part of the polymer composite or applied as a coating to the surface of the skin layer to enhance superhydrophobicity.05-31-2012
20100051174CONNECTION METHOD OF THERMOPLASTIC RESIN LONG BODY - A connection method for interconnecting end portions of a thermoplastic resin long body in which conductive unstretchable members are embedded within the thermoplastic resin along a longitudinal direction, wherein the unstretchable members in each of specific sections in the both end portions of the thermoplastic resin long body are heated using an induction heating portion so that the thermoplastic resin coating the unstretchable members is removed by melting for the unstretchable members to be exposed, after which the both end portions are interconnected while they are held in a state where the unstretchable members being exposed in the respective end portions are butt-connected to each other.03-04-2010
20100294420DIMENSION-SET METHOD FOR JOINING PARTS - A method for joining first and second parts includes applying a structural adhesive, configured to form a permanent bond when subjected to a permanent-curing process, to one of the parts. A dimension-set adhesive is applied to join the parts, and is configured to fix the dimensions of the parts. The parts are not subjected to a mechanical fastening process or a welding process, and the structural adhesive is not subjected to a partial-curing process prior to the permanent-curing process. A permanent bond is formed between the parts with the structural adhesive by subjecting the parts to the permanent-curing process. The dimension-set adhesive may be isolated from the structural adhesive, or may be surrounded by the structural adhesive. An extended tab portion may be formed on one of the parts, and the dimension-set adhesive located thereon.11-25-2010
20110303349WINDOW SPACER APPLICATOR - A spacer applicator assembly includes tooling having a plurality of spacer retention devices. Each of the spacer retention devices is movable in a first direction. An actuator is coupled to the spacer applicator tooling. The actuator is adapted to rotate the spacer applicator tooling about an axis. The spacer applicator tooling is adapted to move in a direction that is generally parallel to the axis.12-15-2011

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