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156 - Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
156060000 Surface bonding and/or assembly therefor 5478
156701000 Delaminating, per se; i.e., separating at bonding face 81
156344000 Delaminating, per se 74
156047000 Making electrical conductors of indefinite length 40
156039000 Plaster board making 21
156057000 Maintaining the natural appearance of plants or animal parts 1
20100089516METHOD OF PRESERVATION OF THIN SECTION SPECIMEN - The present invention intends to mount and preserve a thin section prepared from a freeze-embedded sample using an adhesive plastic film as a support for the thin section, in a state of being attached to the adhesive plastic film, as a permanent specimen that can be observed on an optical microscope, after staining the thin section in a state of being attached to the adhesive plastic film. For this purpose, using an adhesive plastic film having a strong adhesion even at a lower temperature (e.g., −25° C.), a thin section that is kept in its shape is prepared. Subsequently, the thin section is stained while being attached to the adhesive plastic film. After that, the thin section is permeated with a water-soluble resin that can be polymerized upon irradiation with light or heating. The thin section is closely attached to a glass plate having the same resin coated thereon, and is then irradiated with light or heated, thereby causing polymerization of the water-soluble resin. Thus, the thin section can be mounted and preserved between the adhesive plastic film and the glass plate as a permanent specimen.04-15-2010
156058000 Contour or profile photography to reproduce three-dimensional objects 1
20090133800STEREOLITHOGRAPHY METHOD - A stereolithography method capable of accurately forming a three-dimensional model with a desired shape. In the stereolithography method, liquid photocurable resin is selectively exposed to light to form a cured resin layer and cured resin layers are sequentially laminated to form a three-dimensional model. The light exposure is performed on projection regions with an arbitrary area of, for example, 100 mm05-28-2009
156059000 Relief or intaglio representations of three-dimensional objects (e.g., relief modeling of photographs) 1
20090194216DEPICTING INTERIOR DETAILS IN A THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECT - The present invention provides a method for depicting interior details that are externally visible within to a substantially transparent three-dimensional object that is constructed by the selective attachment of a plurality of sheets one to another so as to form a stack of sheets where each sheet is cut along at least one contour line corresponding to the contour of the respective layer constituted by that particular sheet in the object.08-06-2009

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