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152 - Resilient tires and wheels

152151000 - TIRES, RESILIENT

152208000 - Anti-skid devices

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152209180 Having groove or sipe with specified dimension or structure therewithin 325
152209800 Having asymmetric tread pattern 82
152209500 Having tread sections (e.g., base-cap, etc.) containing different specified physio-chemical properties (e.g., hysteresis, modulus, hardness, etc.) or compositions 70
152209160 Having specified tread shoulder structure 30
152209110 For sidewall-running tires (e.g., unicycle, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) 25
152209150 Characterized by shape of upper surface of tread element (e.g., block with upper convex surface, etc.) 23
152209140 Having tire tread profile defined by diverse radii of curvature 10
152209170 Having isolated holes or suction cups 9
152209200 For controlling noise by varying design cycle (e.g., specified pitch ratio, pitch sequence, etc.) 8
152210000 With embedded anti-skid elements 8
152209120 Containing lugs having or appearing to have net to gross ratios of less than 35 percent (e.g., farm equipment, tractor tire, etc.) 8
152209400 Containing randomly dispersed short fibers or anti-skid granules 3
20100101693METHOD FOR INTRODUCING HARD MATERIALS INTO A TIRE RUNNING TREAD - A method and process for manufacturing tire treads embedded with hard materials formed over a tire foundation. The process includes the step of introducing a caoutchouc mixture as granulate in powder form that can be easily mixed.04-29-2010
20080308205TIRE TREAD WITH SYNTHETIC FIBERS - A tire having a circumferential tread is disclosed. In one embodiment, a plurality of synthetic fibers are embedded in the circumferential tread such that a portion of at least one of the plurality of synthetic fibers is exposed to a surface of the circumferential tread, wherein the plurality of synthetic fibers have empty cavities configured to be at least partially filled with a liquid.12-18-2008
20100154948TIRE TREAD WITH GROOVE REINFORCEMENT - A tire has an axis of rotation. The tire includes two sidewalls extending radially outward and a tread disposed radially outward of the two sidewalls and interconnecting the two sidewalls. The tread includes a main portion comprising a first compound and a reinforcing structure comprising a second compound having reinforcing short fibers oriented between −20 degrees to +20 degrees to a circumferential direction of the tread. The main portion of the tread includes at least one circumferential groove separating circumferential ribs. Each circumferential groove has two sides and a base therebetween. The reinforcing structure includes a layer of the second compound secured to the sides of each circumferential groove.06-24-2010
152209280 Having directional two dimensional pattern (e.g., "v" shaped, etc.) 3
20110168312Tire Tread with Directional Pattern - A tread for a tire provided with a pattern comprising a plurality of main grooves formed on each half of the tread on each side of a median plane X-X′, each of these main grooves, of mean width L, opening axially to the outside and extending axially inward as far as a distance from the median plane X-X′ that is comprised between 2.5 and 10% of the width TW of the tread, these main grooves giving this tread a preferred direction of running, this tread further comprising a plurality of additional grooves comprising a first and a second end, the mean direction connecting the first and second ends forming, with the circumferential direction, a small angle A greater than zero degrees and at most equal to 20 degrees, this tread being characterized in that opening onto each main groove is at least one additional groove and in that the axially innermost end of each additional groove comes into contact with the road surface before the axially outermost end of the same additional groove.07-14-2011
20110259495TYRE FOR MOTORCYCLES - A tyre for motorcycles, has a tread band and includes an annular central portion and two annular shoulder portions. The tread band includes at least one first groove extending from one annular shoulder portion to the other annular shoulder portion and having a first vertex at the annular central portion, and at least one pair of second grooves arranged on opposite sides with respect to the equatorial plane, each groove of said at least one pair of second grooves being inclined with respect to the equatorial plane and extending from a respective annular shoulder portion up the annular central portion without intersecting the equatorial plane. The distance in the circumferential direction between an axially inner end of each groove of said at least one pair of second grooves and the first vertex is no greater than 3.5% of the circumferential extension of the tread band.10-27-2011
20120060990PNEUMATIC TIRE - A pneumatic tire comprises a tread portion provided with a plurality of v-shaped main oblique grooves extending from one of tread edges to the other, and a plurality of connecting grooves each disposed on one side of the tire equator to connect between the circumferentially adjacent main oblique grooves at a position near the tire equator, whereby the tread portion is divided into a plurality of center blocks arranged on the tire equator, and a plurality of shoulder blocks disposed on each side of the tire equator and each extending from one of the connecting grooves to the tread edge passing between the circumferentially adjacent main oblique grooves. The axially innermost ends of the shoulder blocks are positioned axially inside the axially outermost ends of the center blocks, and the circumferential dimension L03-15-2012
20090095390Method for Producing a Tread Rubber for a Vehicle Tire, in Particular a Pneumatic Vehicle Tire - A process for producing a tread for a tire with a radially inner layer composed of a first rubber material and with a radially outer second layer composed of a second rubber material and forming the ground-contact surface of the pneumatic tire. The first rubber material has higher electrical conductivity than the second rubber material, and where, in a form of a web axially dividing the second layer around the periphery of the tire, the first rubber material extends radially outwards through the second layer as far as the ground-contact surface. A ply of the first and second layers are constructed radially one on the other, on a rotationally symmetric construction surface, on one of the two axial sides of the web to be produced.04-16-2009
20100059155PNEUMATIC TIRE HAVING A HIGH STRENGTH/HIGH MODULUS POLYVINYL ALCOHOL CARCASS PLY - A light weight pneumatic tire in accordance with the present invention includes a pair of parallel annular beads, a carcass ply comprising a polyvinyl alcohol crosslinked raw cord, a belt reinforcement structure disposed radially outward of the carcass ply in a crown area of the tire, a tread disposed radially outward of the belt reinforcement structure, and a pair of sidewalls disposed between the tread and the pair of beads. The polyvinyl alcohol crosslinked raw cord has a weight in the range of 1500 dtex to 2500 dtex.03-11-2010
20100116389CUSHION COMPOUND FOR COLD-RETREADING TYRES - A cushion compound for cold retreading tyres, having a polymer base, a reinforcing filler, a curing system, and 0.5 to 15 phr of a para-t-butylphenolacetylene tackifier resin.05-13-2010
20100071818AMINO ALKOXY-MODIFIED SILSESQUIOXANES IN SILICA-FILLED RUBBER WITH LOW VOLATILE ORGANIC CHEMICAL EVOLUTION - A vulcanizable rubber composition is presented that comprises an elastomer; a reinforcing filler selected from silica, carbon black, and mixtures thereof, a cure agent; and an amino alkoxy-modified silsesquioxane (AMS) comprising one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of an amino AMS, an amino/mercaptan co-AMS, an amino/blocked mercaptan co-AMS, mixtures thereof, and weak acid-neutralized solid and aqueous solutions thereof. Addition of such compounds to the rubber composition provides improved dynamic viscoelastic and mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber compound and predict that tire components, especially tread stocks, will provide tires having improved snow traction, lower rolling resistance but equal wet traction, increased rebound, decreased hysteresis, and a general improvement in tire performance.03-25-2010
20130037189TIRE TREAD FOR A TWO-WHEEL VEHICLE - Tread for a tyre for a two-wheel vehicle improving grip when running on a usage surface liable to become slippery; this tread comprising blocks (02-14-2013
20130081743Silly Treadz, Wrolly Writers, Safety Treadz, and Re-Treadz: A Separate Tire and Tread System, Which Allows for the Replacement of the Tread for any Reason - The present invention is a wheel, tire and tread system that is used to change wheel diameters, change treads for varying terrains, for safety reasons, to re-tread or to tread designs. The tread designs can be used to exhibit brands, prints, imprints and they can also be used as molds. The invention is comprised of a separate tread and a separate tire to be used together. It is also comprised of a key, distinguishing factor, which are the attachments that are located on the sidewalls of these tires. These attachments allow for the separate tread and the separate tire to be used together. The present invention is used by attaching the varying treads to the varying wheels through slipping the holes on the treads into the buttons on the wheels. The pieces fit together forming one unit and function as any typical tire should.04-04-2013
20100043933SILOXANE-BASED COMPOSITION WHICH IS INTENDED FOR TIRE MOLDING/STRIPPING - The invention relates to compositions in the form of silicone oil emulsions which are intended to be applied to curing bladders as a mold-release agent during tire production.02-25-2010
20090159165TIRE TREAD COMPOSITE AND RETREADED RUBBER TIRE - This invention relates to a cured tire tread composite and to the retreading of a tire. The cured tire tread composite is comprised of a cured tire tread having a removable protective film molded onto one of its surfaces. The invention further relates to the retreading of a tire carcass and a retreaded tire.06-25-2009
20130087259PROCESS AND PLANT FOR PRODUCING TYRES FOR VEHICLE WHEELS - A tread band of raw elastomeric material is circumferentially applied around a bearing structure incorporating reinforcing cords, for forming a green tyre subsequently submitted to a curing treatment. The tread band is formed by: making an underlayer of raw elastomeric material; making blocks of raw elastomeric material; and applying the blocks mutually spaced apart according to a predetermined tread pattern, onto the underlayer. During introduction of the tyre into a curing mould, the blocks are put in alignment with respective forming recesses before closing the mould, so that each block is engaged in the respective forming recess, following closure of the mould.04-11-2013
20090283187FUNCTIONALIZED ELASTOMERS - The present invention is directed to a method of preparing a functionalized elastomer, comprising the steps of 11-19-2009
20090283186RUBBER COMPOSITION AND PNEUMATIC TIRE - The present invention is directed to a method of making a rubber composition, comprising the steps of 11-19-2009
20080295936ELASTOMERS CONTAINING SURFACE METALATED SILICEOUS FILLERS - This invention is based upon the concept of modifying the surface of silica with a metal, such as titanium or zirconium, which will catalyze silanol condensation reactions on the surface of the silica. In other words, modifying the surface of silica with titanium or zirconium provides a catalyst for the silanol condensation reaction between the silica surface and silane coupling agents used in silica filled compounds. The utilization of such metalated silica as a filler in rubber compositions results in improved polymer filler interaction and in turn improved physical properties. For instance, such surface metalated siliceous fillers can be used in tire tread compounds to attain improved rolling resistance and treadwear without compromising traction characteristics. The present invention more specifically discloses an elastomeric composition which is comprised of (1) a rubbery polymer, (2) a silica coupling agent, and (3) a surface metalated siliceous filler. The subject invention further reveals a tire which is comprised of a generally toroidal-shaped carcass with an outer circumferential tread, two spaced beads, at least one ply extending from bead to bead and sidewalls extending radially from and connecting said tread to said beads, wherein said tread is adapted to be ground-contacting, and wherein said tread is comprised of (1) a rubbery polymer, (2) a silica coupling agent, and (3) a surface metalated siliceous filler.12-04-2008
20080295935Rubber Composition and Tire - A rubber composition comprising: (A) a rubber component including 30 to 100 mass % of diene rubber having at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of an amino group, an alkoxysilyl group, an epoxy group, a hydroxyl group, and a carboxyl group in an amount of 0.01 to 5.0 mmol per 100 g of the diene rubber; (B) silica in an amount of 5 to 130 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component; and (C) an aliphatic component having at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of a carboxyl group, a hydroxyl group, an amino group, and an epoxy group in an amount of 3 to 15 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the silica. The rubber composition and a tire using the rubber composition exhibit excellent scorching properties before vulcanization and exhibit excellent rolling resistance and wet skid properties after vulcanization.12-04-2008
20090000711Rubber mixture and tires - The invention relates to a sulfur-cross-linkable rubber mixture, which contains 20-80 phr of at least one solution polymerized styrene-butadiene copolymer A, whose end groups at least are chemically modified with a nitrogen containing compound, and 20-80 phr of at least one other solution polymerized styrene-butadiene copolymer B, which has coupling centers with epoxide groups, in particular for good tire properties and good breaking behavior.01-01-2009
20080245456METHOD OF DETECTING HYDROPLANING AND ESTIMATING AN INTENSITY OF HYDROPLANING OF A TIRE ON A WET ROAD - In a method of detecting hydroplaning and estimating an intensity of hydroplaning of a tire of a vehicle travelling over a wet ground of a road, measurements are made of stresses in the tread of the tire, a water height present on the road is estimated, and, based on the measured stresses and the estimated water height, hydroplaning is detected and its intensity is estimated.10-09-2008
20110297282PNEUMATIC TIRE - To improve water evacuation property while preventing uneven wear, as well as to significantly improve the on-ice/snow performances by optimizing a tread pattern.12-08-2011
20100170598Tire structure with inked rubber skin and method of manufacturing the same - A tire structure includes a green base tire and a green inked rubber skin combined with a surface of one of tire walls of the green base tire, combined with a tire surface, or combined with the tire surface and the tire wall to have a ring structure. Thus, decorative patterns and texts can be printed on the green inked rubber skin so that the tire has the higher visibility. Also, a manufacturing method is also disclosed. The method includes the steps of: providing a green base tire and a green inked rubber skin; temporarily adhering the green inked rubber skin to a predetermined position of the green base tire to form an assembly; and then placing the assembly into a vulcanizing machine for heating and vulcanizing for a period of time so that the green inked rubber skin can be permanently combined with the green base tire.07-08-2010
20090183810Newly manufactured airless or pneumatic tire having a reinforced rubber structure and a polyurethane tread - This invention pertains to a newly manufactured airless or pneumatic tire having a rubber structure and a polyurethane tread.07-23-2009
20110214788Tire Crown for an Airplane - An airplane tire, whose rated pressure is more than 9 bar and whose deflection under rated load is more than 30%, comprising a tread having a tread surface (09-08-2011
20100032067HEAVY DUTY TIRE - An off the road tire comprising a carcass, a tread located radially outward of the carcass, the tread having a plurality of lugs, the lugs extending radially outward from an inner tread and being located between first and second lateral tread edges, a first row of lugs extending from the tread lateral edge axially inwards toward the centerplane, a second row of lugs extending from the opposite tread lateral edge and axially inwards toward the centerplane and wherein the lugs of the first and second rows are separated by a plurality of shoulder grooves, a third row of lugs located between the first and second row of lugs, wherein all of the lugs in each row are aligned circumferentially, wherein the lugs in the third row have two or more ends formed by grooves.02-11-2010
20110214789FEATURES FOR MAINTAINING VOIDS WITHIN A TIRE TREAD - Particular embodiments of the present invention include tire treads that include a tread body having a length, a width, and thickness, the thickness being bounded by an outer surface and an underside surface. Such treads may also include a void positioned within the thickness of the tread body. Such treads may further include one or more members extending between the void and the tread underside surface. Other embodiments of the present invention include a tire having such treads, as well as molds for forming such treads.09-08-2011
20080308204FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS PREPARED WITH SULFUR-CONTAINING INITIATORS - A method for forming a polymer including a sulfur-containing functional group, the method comprising introducing a sulfur-containing initiator defined by the formula12-18-2008
20120097301METHOD OF IMPROVING TREAD NOISE - A method of improving tire tread noise is provided. The method allows the identification of locations where the tread pattern should be particularly modified in order to optimize the level of noise created by the tread during tire operation. Variations in a defined parameter, contact length ratio, are used to determine one or more locations in the tread pattern where modification for noise reduction can be made. The type of modifications needed can also be indicated.04-26-2012
20090151831TIRE WITH TREAD RUBBER COMPOSITION WHICH CONTAINS DUAL SILICA MOIETIES - The invention relates to a tire having a tread of a cured rubber composition which contains dual silica moieties in a sense of containing both hydrophilic precipitated silica and in situ hydrophobated precipitated silica.06-18-2009
20090151830TIRE WITH TREAD RUBBER COMPOSITION WHICH CONTAINS DUAL SILICA MOIETIES - The invention relates to a tire having a tread of a cured rubber composition which contains dual silica moieties in a sense of containing both hydrophilic precipitated silica and in situ hydrophobated precipitated silica.06-18-2009
20120024440MOTORCYCLE TIRE FOR RUNNING ON ROUGH TERRAIN - A motorcycle tire for running on rough terrain comprises a tread portion provided with a plurality of blocks including a cut block. The cut block is provided with a U-shaped cut so as to define a sub part of the cut block surrounded by the cut and a main part of the cut block outside the cut. The top surface of the sub part and the top surface of the main part are displaced from each other in a normal direction to the tread surface, and an exposed outside wall surface of the sub part and an exposed outside wall surface of the main part are displaced from each other in a lateral direction parallel with the tread surface, wherein the exposed outside wall surface of the sub part is defined as extending radially inwardly from the edge of the top surface of the sub part, and the exposed outside wall surface of the main part is defined as extending radially inwardly from the edge of the top surface of the main part and positioned on each side of the exposed outside wall surface of the sub part.02-02-2012
20090194211TIRE TREAD GROOVES WITH TEXTURED BASES - A pneumatic tire includes an axis of rotation and a tread. The tread has a plurality of traction elements, a circumferential groove, and a lateral groove. The circumferential groove has a base interposed between radially extending sides formed by side walls of the traction elements. The lateral groove has a base interposed between radially extending sides formed by side walls of the traction elements. The tire is further characterized by the bases of the circumferential groove and the lateral groove each defining a matrix of circumferentially extending rectangular ramp structures, one ramp structure of the plurality extending circumferentially, from a radially inner first end portion, in a direction of rotation of the tire and radially outward to a radially outer second end portion, the radially outer second end portion defining an edge portion extending parallel to the axis of rotation of the tire, the edge portion improving traction of the tire and evacuation of the circumferential and lateral grooves.08-06-2009
20090008010ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR IMPROVING VEHICLE MILEAGE THROUGH GRADUAL INCREASE OF TIRE PRESSURE AS A VARIABLE OF INCREASED SPEED - The present invention relates to an article and a method of improving vehicle mileage by modifying and increasing the tire tread pressure above the internal tire air pressure resulting in lowering the rolling friction.01-08-2009
20080245454METHOD OF ESTIMATING A HEIGHT OF WATER IN CONTACT WITH A TIRE ON A ROAD - A method of estimating the height of water (h10-09-2008
20080251174Pneumatic Tyre - A pneumatic tyre includes: a carcass structure with at least one carcass ply shaped in a substantially toroidal configuration, the opposite lateral edges of which are associated with respective right-hand and left-hand bead wires, each bead wire being enclosed in a respective bead, a belt structure including at least one belt layer applied in a circumferentially external position relative to the carcass structure; a tread band superimposed circumferentially on the belt structure including a radially outer layer designed to come into contact with the ground; and a pair of sidewalls applied laterally on opposite sides relative to the carcass structure. The tread band includes an elastomeric material obtained by cross-linking a cross-linkable elastomeric composition including: a) from 15 phr to 95 phr of at least one styrene-butadiene rubber; b) from 5 phr to 30 phr of at least one halogenated butyl rubber; c) from 0 phr to 60 phr of at least one diene rubber other than a); d) from 0.3 phr to 3.5 phr of at least one aminosilane containing at least one hydroxy group or hydrolysable group attached to the silicon atom of the silane; e) from 10 phr to 140 phr of at least one silica filler; and f) from 0.5 phr to 25 phr of at least one sulphur-containing silane with at least one hydroxy group or hydrolysable group attached to the silicon atom of the silane.10-16-2008
20080245455METHOD OF DETECTING AN OCCURRENCE OF HYDROPLANING OF A TIRE ON A ROAD - In a method of detecting an occurrence of hydroplaning of a tire of a vehicle travelling on wet ground, a tread of the tire of the vehicle is equipped with one or more sensors each capable of measuring a compression experienced locally by the tread when the tire is rolling on the ground and of producing a signal corresponding to these measurements. According to the method, measurements are obtained of a compression when the tire is rolling on the ground; a signal corresponding to these measurements is produced; a portion of the signal relating to a passing of one or more sensors into an apparent area of contact between the tire and the ground is extracted; an instantaneous value (ΔE, R10-09-2008
20080277038Method of making moulds for studded tires - A method for producing a mould lining (G) intended for the manufacture of tires comprising tread blocks that have incisions in them and studs. A mould lining is produced by positioning lamella (L11-13-2008
20080277037Pneumatic Radial Tire - A pneumatic tire for airplanes that assures a good high-speed durability and wear characteristics without its excellent durability against foreign object being impaired is provided. The number of plies of the main belt layer 11-13-2008
20130213539TIRE TREAD WITH APERTURES AND A METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A TIRE TREAD WITH APERTURES - A tire tread with certain features and a method for manufacturing such a tire tread are provided. More particularly, a tire tread is provided that has layers of apertures where some layers remain covered until after a certain amount of tread wear has occurred. Such apertures can comprise, for example, sipes, grooves, or other apertured features in the tread. A method of making such tire tread is also provided.08-22-2013
20080283166Method for manufacturing pneumatic tire - A method for manufacturing a pneumatic tire with tread grooves comprises: building a green tire, and vulcanizing the green tire in a mold, wherein the building of the green tire includes making a tread rubber by overlap-winding a raw rubber tape, and the mold is provided with protrusions for molding the tread grooves on the tread rubber. During vulcanizing the green tire in the mold, one of the protrusions is positioned radially outside an end of the raw rubber tape so that the end is relatively pressed radially inwards of the tire by the protrusion.11-20-2008
20090205762METHOD FOR IMPROVED RETREAD ENDURANCE - The present invention relates to a method of retreading a tire and a retread tire (08-20-2009
20110220255PRECURED TREAD FOR RETREADED TIRE AND RETREADED TIRE - The object is to provide a precured tread for a retreaded tire improving attachability to a base tire. In a strip-shaped precured tread 09-15-2011
20090084476MANUFACTURING METHOD OF RUBBER COMPOSITION AND PNEUMATIC TIRE - The invention provides a rubber composition that is superior in low heat build-up property and wear resistance. It is a manufacturing method of a rubber composition containing 30 to 150 parts by mass of silica and 0.5 to 10 parts by mass of an organic vulcanization agent represented by the following general formula (1) to 100 parts by mass of a rubber component, including a first kneading step of kneading the organic vulcanization agent and silica into the rubber component, and a second kneading step of kneading a vulcanization agent and a vulcanization accelerator thereafter:04-02-2009
20100154947METHOD FOR RETREADING A TIRE - The present invention is directed to a method of retreading a pneumatic tire, comprising the steps of:06-24-2010
20100154946TIRE TREAD STRIP AND METHOD OF PREPARATION - This invention relates to a tire tread strip and method of preparation.06-24-2010
20100224295TREAD FOR RETREAD TIRE AND RETREAD TIRE - This invention provides a tread for retread tire capable of lowering a running temperature to suppress deterioration of peel strength at a retreading face between a tread and a base tire and further obtaining a good peel strength without sacrificing a tear resistance. In a tread 09-09-2010
20100200131NON-PNEUMATIC TIRE AND ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD - In a non-pneumatic tire having a support structure body supporting a load from a vehicle, the support structure body (SS) comprises an inner annular portion (08-12-2010
20100000639VULCANIZABLE COMPOSITIONS AND TIRE TREADS PREPARED THEREWITH - A method for preparing a tire tread, the method comprising vulcanizing a vulcanizable composition comprising a rubber component including a functionalized polymer and a cure system, where the cure system includes sulfur and a disulfide compound represented by the formula I01-07-2010
20090211677MODULAR TIRE ASSEMBLY - The present invention is generally related to a tire assembly comprising a plurality of non-pneumatic tires removably disposed on a single rim.08-27-2009
20100218865AIRPLANE TIRE WITH AIR POCKET - Disclosed is an airplane tire, and more particularly, is an airplane tire having air pockets, which can allow a tire wheel to rotate using the resistance of air depending on the speed of an airplane upon landing. The airplane tire can alleviate the landing shock of the tire and preventing wear and deformation of the tire by friction. In particular, the airplane tire can shorten a damping distance by virtue of an increased frictional force thereof when an airplane body stops using a tire wheel brake and achieve generation of a sufficient centrifugal force by rotation, thereby contributing to the safe flying of an airplane and the elimination of environmental pollution.09-02-2010
20110024009PNEUMATIC TIRE FOR MOTORCYCLE - Disclosed is a pneumatic tire for motorcycle wherein edge effect can be achieved without changing the design of block pattern, and stability of steering such as grip, feeling of grounding, or controllability of slip is enhanced. When a block having a recess in which a protrusion is formed on the bottom is provided in a tread, edge component increases correspondingly as compared with a block provided only with a recess (having no protrusion), and thereby traction can be enhanced. Since it is not required to increase the hardness of rubber of the read nor to enlarge the block size, feeling of grounding is ensured and controllability of slip can be ensured in a muddy place or on a soft road surface.02-03-2011
20090218017Tire, a Mold for Vulcanizing the Tire, a Method of Fabricating the Mold, and a Mold Matrix - A tire includes a tread in which there is provided a molded channel. The molded channel is interrupted by at least one furrow of the tread and extends along a curved path. The path of the molded channel is preferably substantially parallel to an outside surface of the tread in a radial section plane of the tire.09-03-2009
20110146860PNEUMATIC TIRE WITH BUILT-IN INNERMOST ADHESIVE LAYER AND POST CURE APPLIED SEALANT - The present invention is directed to a cured pneumatic tire having a built-in innermost adhesive layer co-cured and thereby integral therewith and post tire cure applied sealant thereon.06-23-2011
20080314484Rubber composition for tire, and winter tire using the same - A rubber composition for a tire having improved grip performance on an ice snow road surface while maintaining abrasion resistance performance, containing 5 to 150 parts by mass of an aromatic vinyl polymer and 5 to 200 parts by mass of silica based on 100 parts by mass of a diene-based rubber component containing not less than 20% by mass of a natural rubber and not less than 5% by mass of polybutadiene. It is preferable that a cis content of the polybutadiene is not less than 93%, and a weight average molecular weight of the aromatic vinyl polymer is 300 to 10000.12-25-2008
20110005649PNEUMATIC TIRE - A pneumatic tire has two circumferential-direction main grooves (01-13-2011
20110259492PNEUMATIC TIRE WITH ANISOTROPIC TREAD - The present invention is directed to a pneumatic tire comprising a tread, the tread comprising a ground contacting rubber composition comprising a diene based elastomer and short fibers, wherein the short fibers extend lengthwise in a substantially axial direction of the tire.10-27-2011
20100294407RUBBER COMPOSITION FOR A TIRE TREAD AND PNEUMATIC TIRE USING THE SAME - A rubber composition for a tire tread including a diene rubber component and silica and carbon black, and a pneumatic tire provided with a tread manufactured from this rubber composition, the diene rubber component including: 11-25-2010
20100024936TWO-PIECE TIRE - A two-piece tire assembly 02-04-2010
20110073229LIGNIN IN TIRE COMPONENTS - A vehicle tire having a sidewall and an undertread, the sidewall, the undertread or both being based upon a rubber composition, the rubber composition comprising a highly unsaturated diene elastomer, a carcass grade carbon black and particles comprising at least 70 wt. % unsulfonated lignin, wherein the particles make up no more than 50 wt. % of the total weight of the particles and the carbon black.03-31-2011
20100139825Rubber Retreading Formulation - A cushion gum of having a diene rubber and between 5 and 60 phr of a plasticizing hydrocarbon resin having a glass transition temperature greater than about 20° C., 60° C. or even greater than 70° C. and a number average molecular weight less than 2000. The cushion gum may comprise between 10 and 30 phr of the resin in particular embodiments. The plasticizing resin may be a terpene resin comprising units resulting from the polymerization of limonene, alpha pinene, beta pinene or combinations thereof; homopolymers or copolymers of cyclopentadiene (CPD) or dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), homopolymers or copolymers of terpene, homopolymers or copolymers of a C06-10-2010
20120067476PNEUMATIC TIRE AND METHOD FOR MAKING A PNEUMATIC TIRE - A pneumatic tire includes a tire component having a plurality of individually dipped and tackified cords applied individually to the tire component.03-22-2012
20120305153TIRE WITH TREAD OF POLYBUTADIENE RUBBER - Pneumatic rubber tire intended for heavy duty service having a cap/base configured tread with a silica-containing specialized cis 1,4-polybutadiene rubber-rich tread cap rubber layer.12-06-2012
20100252156Process for Preparing a Diene Copolymer Comprising a Polyether Block, Diene Copolymer Comprising a Polyether Block, Reinforced Rubber Composition and Tire - A process for preparing, in one step, a diene block copolymer, of which at least one of these blocks is constituted of a polyether, the number-average molecular weight of which is approximately from 100 to 5000 g/mol, and at least one other of these blocks is constituted of a diene elastomer. The process according to the invention allows a high degree of grafting of the polyether to the polymer chains. Also disclosed is a reinforced rubber composition, especially intended for the manufacture of tires, comprising such a block copolymer which is intended to interact with the reinforcing filler. Such a rubber composition has improved hysteresis properties in the vulcanized state, while retaining satisfactory processing properties in the non-vulcanized state.10-07-2010
20090078348Rubber Composition For Tire Cap Tread - The rubber composition for a tire cap tread includes a rubber component containing not less than 15% by weight of a terminal-modified diene rubber having a number average molecular weight prior to modification of 150000 to 400000, a filler, and a compound (vulcanizing agent) represented by the following general formula (1) in an amount of 0.5 to 5 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of the rubber component:03-26-2009
20120111464METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING BASE TIRE, CURING MACHINE, AND BASE TIRE - A method for manufacturing a base tire ensuring a cure-molding of a green tire therefor without overcure or undercure in the thin-walled shoulder portions of the tread region and the bead regions, a curing machine that preferably enables the base tire manufacturing method, and a base tire thus manufactured are provided. To that end, a base tire is enclosed within a curing mold, the side regions of the base tire are heated by a first heating means, the tread region of the base tire is heated by a second heating means, and a cure-molding is performed such that the amount of heat given to the tread region by the second heating means is smaller than the amount of heat given to the side regions by the first heating means.05-10-2012
20120152420Tire with Protective Appliques06-21-2012
20100288407DENDRIMERS OF RUBBERY POLYMERS - This invention discloses a process for synthesizing a dendrimer of a rubbery polymer comprising: (a) reacting a lithium terminated rubbery polymer with a halogenated tin containing compound to produce a polymer which is terminated with halogenated tin moieties, wherein the halogenated tin containing compound is of the structural formula:11-18-2010
20100206443Heterogeneous Rubbery Polymers Having Random, Tapered, and Block Portions Therein and Methods of Making Same - A heterogeneous rubbery polymer is provided that includes a polymer chain derived from a vinyl aromatic monomer and a conjugated diolefin monomer, wherein from greater than 20 weight percent to about 40 weight percent of units in the rubbery polymer are derived from the vinyl aromatic monomer and from about 60 weight percent to about 80 weight percent of units in the rubbery polymer are derived from the conjugated diolefin monomer. The polymer chain is further characterized by having greater than zero and less than about 30 weight percent of the vinyl aromatic units in sequences containing 1 vinyl aromatic unit, from about 5 weight percent to about 20 weight percent of the vinyl aromatic units in sequences containing 5 to 8 vinyl aromatic units, and greater than zero and less than about 5 weight percent of the vinyl aromatic units in sequences containing 9 or more vinyl aromatic units.08-19-2010
20100206444RUBBER COMPOSITION FOR TIRE AND PNEUMATIC TIRE - There are provided a rubber composition for tire including a rubber component containing at least one selected from the group consisting of natural rubber, epoxidized natural rubber and deproteinized natural rubber; silica; and a silane compound represented by the following general formula (1)08-19-2010
20100051153RUBBER COMPOSITION FOR STUDLESS TIRE AND STUDLESS TIRE USING THE SAME - The present invention has its object to provide a high performance studless tire, which has both good braking force and high handling stability on ice or snow, at higher productivity and at a lower price for customers. The studless tire comprises a tread made of a rubber composition that contains 0.5 to 5.0 parts by mass of a fatty acid and/or a derivative of the fatty acid per 100 parts by mass of a rubber component.03-04-2010
20110120605PNEUMATIC TIRE FOR TWO-WHEELED VEHICLE - A center block and a second block that satisfy h05-26-2011
20110226395RUBBER COMPOSITION FOR USE IN TIRES - A rubber composition for use in tires is described which provides increased fuel efficiency and improved wet grip performance. The rubber composition includes from 5 to 70 parts by mass of silica having a BET specific surface area from 50 to 200 m09-22-2011
20120080128TIRE WITH TREAD PROFILE HAVING CONTINUOUS CURVATURE AND METHOD FOR FORMING TIRE - A tire and a method for forming a tire tread are disclosed. The tire includes a tread defining an inferior tread profile and a superior tread profile, the superior tread profile having a generally continuous curvature between an edge of contact and a top center point. The superior tread profile includes a plurality of control points and a plurality of splines. Each of the plurality of splines extends between at least two of the plurality of control points. Curvatures of adjacent splines are generally equal at each of the plurality of control points.04-05-2012
20110265925PNEUMATIC TIRE - A pneumatic tire in which K11-03-2011
20110265924PNEUMATIC TIRE - The present invention provides a pneumatic tire with reduced air columnar resonance noise level in comparison with the conventional pneumatic tires. The pneumatic tire comprises large-volume oblong holes 11-03-2011
20120285589TREAD-REPLACEABLE ENVIRONMENTAL-PROTECTION WHEEL TIRE - A tread-replaceable environmental-protection wheel tire includes a tire body and a tread layer. The tire body has two sides each having an end forming a bead section. The bead sections include reinforcement members embedded therein. The bead sections are positionable against a wheel rim. The tire body has a top face that forms fitting slots. The top face of the tire body has two side shoulders each forming a retention slot. The tread layer has a top surface forming tread patterns. The tread layer has a bottom surface forming fitting ribs raised therefrom. The fitting ribs are receivable into the fitting slots of the tire body. The tread layer has two side edges each forming a retention section. The retention sections are fixable in the retention slots of the tire body. As such, the applicability of wheel tire is expanded and the costs for replacing wheel tire are reduced.11-15-2012
20100132861TIRE WITH CELLULAR RUBBER TREAD RUNNING SURFACE - The invention relates to a tire having a tread with a cellular rubber running surface to promote a fast wearing tread running surface designed to expel internally heated tread rubber.06-03-2010
20110253275DOUBLE TREAD - Embodiments of the invention are used to provide ways of tire tread molding and retreading with a double tread rubber body having a unitary structure that comprises two treads in order to remove the need for buffing an oxide layer typically associated with tread molding and curing. Embodiments of the double tread molding and retreading methods also remove the need for cementing the cured tread to prevent future oxidation buildup. Once the double tread is cured and cooled, it is cut along the centerline with a double tread separation apparatus to expose a soft non-oxidized inner rubber. The cutting is much less energy intensive when compared to buffing with an expendable wire brush. There is no risk of spots of oxidized rubber being missed as is the case with buffing. There is little or no dust created.10-20-2011
20080223494PNEUMATIC TIRE - A pneumatic tire using as a tread part, a rubber composition containing a high silica-content rubber composition having a difference F-S between an amount of filler F and an amount of a softening agent S of 60 to 90 parts by weight and having a durometer hardness measured at 20° C. of 65 to 76.09-18-2008
20130167992MOTORCYCLE TIRE FOR UNEVEN TERRAIN - A motorcycle tire includes a tread having shoulder blocks, and sidewalls. Each shoulder block includes a main portion and an end portion. The main portion is formed by a first crosslinked rubber composition. The end portion and the sidewalls are formed by a second crosslinked rubber composition. JIS-A hardness Ha of the main portion is greater than JIS-A hardness Hb of the end portion and the sidewalls. Difference (Ha−Hb) is greater than or equal to 5, and is not greater than 12. A ratio (H07-04-2013
20130167993TWO-WHEELED AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE TIRE - [Object] Rolling resistance performance, high-speed-durability performance, and cornering performance are simultaneously realized at high levels.07-04-2013
20130174952TYRE HAVING A TREAD COMPRISING A DEGRADABLE FILLER MATERIAL - A tyre tread includes a cellulose-based filler material placed in a cavity of the tread. The filler material includes a blend of a degradable cellulose-based thermoplastic and an unsaturated thermoplastic elastomer.07-11-2013
20080216929MANUFACTURING METHOD OF PNEUMATIC TIRE AND PNEUMATIC TIRE - A first conductive rubber layer is formed by arranging a filament conductive rubber within a ground surface of a shoulder portion of a nonconductive tread rubber so as to be along a tire circumferential direction, before vulcanizing a tire. Further, a second conductive rubber layer is formed by arranging a filament conductive rubber extending to an outer side in a tire width direction along an extending direction of a slit from the first conductive rubber layer and reaching a strip rubber while cutting across a ground end E, before vulcanizing the tire. Further, a tread pattern is formed in such a manner that the first conductive rubber layer vertically cuts across the slit and the second conductive rubber layer is arranged within the slit, at a time of vulcanizing the tire.09-11-2008
20120247630HIGH SILICA CONTENT FOR HEAVY VEHICLE TIRES - A heavy vehicle tire tread formed from a material that is based upon a cross-linkable rubber composition, the cross-linkable rubber composition comprising, per 100 parts by weight of rubber, between 35 and 60 phr of a solution polymerized styrenc-butadiene rubber having a styrene content of between 10 wl. % and 35 wt. %, between 35 and 60 phr of a polybutadiene, and between 45 and 110 phr of silica. Also included is between 1 and 8 phr of an amide processing aid, the processing aid comprising one or more amides of the form (Formula I); wherein R is an aliphatic chain of between 14 and 20 carbons, R′ is selected from H or an aliphatic chain of between 1 and 4 carbons and R″ is selected from an aliphatic chain of between 1 and 4 carbons having an —OH moiety.10-04-2012
20130126060STIFFNESS ENHANCED TREAD - A pneumatic tire includes a tread base comprised of a first material, a tread cap comprised of a second material, and a plurality of plugs comprised of a third material. The tread cap is disposed radially outward of the tread base and in operational contact with a ground surface. The plurality of plugs are disposed at least partially within the tread cap. The plurality of plugs yield a tread stiffness in one direction greater than stiffness in at least one other direction.05-23-2013
20130146189RETREADED TIRE AND METHOD OF PREPARATION - The invention relates to retreaded tires and method of preparation.06-13-2013
20100288406PNEUMATIC TIRE - Provided is a pneumatic tire whose frictional force on ice is improved by satisfactorily forming resin-encapsulated cells from heat-expandable microcapsules, even when a tread rubber contains silica. The tire is characterized in that: the tread rubber is made of a rubber composition containing 100 parts by weight of a diene rubber, 30 to 100 parts by weight of a reinforcing filler including at least 10 parts by weight of silica, and 1 to 20 parts by weight of microcapsules each encapsulating a heat-expandable substance; a sulfur-containing silane coupling agent is mixed in the rubber composition in an amount of 3 to 15 wt. % based on the weight of the silica; a shell material of each microcapsule is made of a thermoplastic resin which essentially contains a nitrile monomer (I); a vapor pressure of the heat-expandable substance is set at 1.4 to 3.0 MPa at 150° C.; an average particle diameter of the microcapsules is set at 20 to 30 μm before vulcanization of the rubber composition; an average particle diameter of the microcapsules expanded due to the vulcanization is set at 40 to 80 μm; and thus, a proportion of an area occupied by the cells in the tread rubber is set at 5 to 30%.11-18-2010
20130153099TIRE TREAD BASE CONTAINING SYNDIOTACTIC-1,2-POLYBUTADIENE WITH DIVERSE CARBON BLACKS - The invention relates to a pneumatic tire having a cap/base configuration comprised of an outer tread cap rubber layer, with a tread running surface, and an underlying tread base rubber layer, where the base rubber layer contains syndiotactic polybutadiene with a diverse blend of carbon blacks.06-20-2013
20130153100TIRE WITH TREAD HAVING IMPROVED WET TRACTION - The present invention provides a tire tread having a configuration and material properties that improve wet traction. In particular, the tread has a specified minimum threshold for chamfer density and a maximum level of complex shear modulus for the material that constitutes the tread in order to optimize the road friction coefficient (p) a tire tread experiences during a wet braking event. This results in better wet traction and a shorter stopping distance during the braking event.06-20-2013
20110297283TIRE - A tire formed from a resin material is provided having a high stress withstanding ability and capable of maintaining a high internal pressure.12-08-2011
20130118660MOULDING ELEMENT COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF RIBS AND AT LEAST ONE RIB-FREE MEASUREMENT ZONE - The invention relates to a moulding element for a mould for a tyre comprising a tread provided with a plurality of blocks. Each block comprises a contact surface intended to come into contact with a road surface during running. The moulding element also comprises a moulding surface for moulding the contact surfaces of the blocks. The moulding surface comprises a plurality of ribs intended to mould fine grooves in the blocks. These ribs have a height of between 0.005 and 1 mm, a width of between 0.01 mm and 0.3 mm and the pitch (P) of the ribs is between 0.1 and 2 mm. The moulding surface comprises at least one rib-free measurement zone able to accept measurement means. This measurement zone has the overall shape of a disc the diameter of which is greater than 3 mm.05-16-2013
20120012236TIRE WITH TREAD AND PREPARATION THEREOF - This invention relates to a pneumatic rubber tire having a rubber tread of a cap/base construction. More specifically, the invention relates to a tire having a tread with minimized, or inhibited, base peaking.01-19-2012
20120018066NATURAL OIL POLYOLS IN ELASTOMERS FOR TIRES - Prepolymers having active NCO groups are disclosed. The prepolymers are the reaction product of at least one polyisocyanate and a polyhydric component which comprises at least one dimer fatty derivative diol or diamine that is a natural oil based polyol or polyamine which includes the derivative of at least one dimer fatty acid. Polyurethane and polyurea elastomer obtained from the prepolymers are also disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of manufacturing polyurethane or polyurea treaded tires.01-26-2012
20130192729Agricultural Tire Tread - An agricultural tire has an equatorial plane separating first and second sides. First and second inner sixths of the treads extend between the equatorial plane and circumferential reference planes disposed axially one-sixth of a tread width on either side of the equatorial plane. First and second middle sixths of the tread extend between inner circumferential planes and middle circumferential reference planes one-sixth of the tread width from the inner circumferential reference planes. Outer sixths extend between the middle circumferential reference planes and outer circumferential reference planes disposed one-sixth of the tread width from the middle planes. Net tread volume ratio is approximately 40 percent, where between 36 and 39 percent of lug volume is in the inner sixths, between 32 to 35 percent in the middle sixths, and 27 to 30 percent in the outer sixths of the tread.08-01-2013
20130192730PNEUMATIC TIRE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - In a pneumatic tire in which axial grooves are arranged on an outer surface of a tread portion so as to be spaced apart from each other in a tire circumferential direction, a rib-forming region including at least one inward rib which projects from an inner surface of the tread portion inwardly in a tire radial direction and extends in a direction intersecting the axial grooves and across axial groove-inward regions inward of the axial grooves in the tire radial direction is provided in the inner surface of the tread portion.08-01-2013
20090107596NON-PNEUMATIC TIRE - A non-pneumatic tire comprising side cavities that are staggered with respect to laterally opposing side cavities, and laterally extending tread grooves that are in substantial radial alignment with the cavities. In another embodiment, the invention is to a tire comprising side ribs that are staggered with respect to laterally opposing side ribs, and laterally extending tread grooves that are substantially offset relative to the side ribs. Also provided are processes for making such tires and to off-the-road (OTR) vehicles employing such tires.04-30-2009
20130206292TREAD FOR A TIRE FOR A TRAILER-TYPE HEAVY VEHICLE - A tyre for heavy goods vehicle comprising a tread with a thickness E having a tread surface, an asymmetrical sculpture design over at least one thickness equal to 30% of the thickness of the tread, forming an outer portion of axial width LE to be positioned axially towards the outside of a vehicle when the tyre is fitted and an inner portion of axial width LI situated in the axial extension of the outer portion, the inner portion and the outer portion separated by a groove of generally circumferential orientation, the outer portion of the tread comprising, in the circumferential direction, a succession of rigid strips of circumferential width D08-15-2013
20130206293TIRE COMPRISING A PROTECTIVE REINFORCEMENT - The invention relates to a tire with a radial carcass reinforcement comprising a crown reinforcement, itself radially capped with a tread, comprising at least two circumferentially continuous cutouts, the said tread being connected to two beads via two sidewalls.08-15-2013

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