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150 - Purses, wallets, and protective covers

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150160000 For a golf club (e.g., head cover) 31
150165000 For an appliance (household or office) 27
150166000 For a vehicle exterior 25
150158000 For furniture 5
20100065172DISPOSABLE HIGH CHAIR COVER - A disposable highchair cover pulled over a highchair for protecting a child from germs and grime is disclosed. The disposable highchair cover comprises a housing having at least one panel with at least one layer. The panels are heat sealed to form a continuous portion. An adhesive strip with a removable sticker is secured to a bottom of the central portion. The removable sticker is peeled away from the adhesive strip to fix the adhesive strip to the high chair. A plurality of apertures is conformed to receive a pair of legs of a child and a pair of slits is adapted to accommodate a seat belt of a highchair. The housing is positioned in the highchair thereby defining a central portion conformed to a seating surface of the highchair and the panels are folded partially outward from the highchair.03-18-2010
20090020199Packaging - A furniture protector comprising a sheet provided with a first attachment means at one end of the sheet and a second attachment means, complementary to the first attachment means, at a second point on the sheet; the first and second attachment means configured to removeably attach such that the sheet can be fastened and unfastened around a piece of furniture.01-22-2009
20090008006Pedicure chair footbath cover - The Pedicure Chair Footbath Cover is a cover for the footbath portion of a pedicure chair providing the means to keep the footbath sanitary and free from debris after proper sanitation of the footbath has been completed. It will also provide a sturdy, safe surface upon which a nail dryer can be placed in front of a nail client for drying polish on the toes once the pedicure is complete. The Pedicure Chair Footbath Cover can be custom made depending on the type of pedicure chair, color and location of external fixtures.01-08-2009
20090014106Disposable highchair tray covers - Disposable highchair tray covers are presented. The covers include a plurality of sheets shaped and sized to substantially cover the tray. The sheets are arranged to form a stack. An adhesive means maintains the sheets in the stack where at least a top one of the sheets may be pealed from the stack for disposal. An attachment means secures the stack to the tray, and indicia printed each of the sheets indicates the remaining number of sheets in the stack.01-15-2009
20100175796Anti fungal and anti-microbial protection for storage items and protective covers - Anti fungal and anti-microbial protection for storage items and protective covers.07-15-2010
150159000 For a golf cart or bag 5
20090008007Golf bag cover for theft prevention of golf equipment - A golf bag cover for theft prevention of golf equipment. What is described is a golf bag cover comprising three layers. The first and innermost layer being one which is soft and non-abrasive toward ones golf clubs and equipment. The second and middle layer being Aramid Fiber or Kevlar® presenting as highly cut resistant. The third and outer most layer being a tough abrasion and water resistant fiber similar to most current golf bag construction. The said cover having a zipper along the midline, allowing opening and closing of the cover for ease of access to ones golf equipment while the cover remains affixed to ones golf bag. The cover having a hem, it too comprising all three layers of fabrics as fore mentioned. The hem having along its length a few openings strategically located. The hem and its openings allowing the passage of a cable within the said hem. The said hem and its openings allow the cable to pass under portions of the golf bag for anchorage to the golf bag. A clip, which affixes to the top portion of the golf bag, is utilized if anchorage points are not available. The cable upon wrapping itself fully around the top margin of the golf bag is then lockable unto itself with a first locking mechanism. The zipper when in its closed position allows a second lock to pass through its eye and around the cable preventing its opening once locked. A second cable can then also be incorporated into the second lock and utilized to affix the golf bag and its contents to any immovable object.01-08-2009
20100282381LOCKING MECHANISM FOR GOLF BAG COVER - A locking mechanism for a golf bag cover is provided. The locking mechanism includes a plurality of straps and/or wire ropes to secure the golf bag cover to a golf bag, golf cart, or other object. A locking device is provided to interconnect and lock the golf bag cover to a golf bag/cart or other object. The locking mechanism for a golf bag cover deters theft and prevents damage to the golf clubs. The locking mechanism for a golf bag cover can be configured as a single-bag cover or a double-bag cover. Furthermore, the locking mechanism is compact and easy to use.11-11-2010
20090250148Ornamental golf bag cover - A removable golf bag cover having an ornamentally-pleasing shape (e.g., that of a dog or other animal) to surround a conventional golf bag without affecting the normal use of the bag during play or hindering the golfer's access to his golf clubs carried in the bag. The golf bag cover includes legs extending from an elongated body of the cover which surround corresponding outstretched folding legs of the golf bag. A hollow head of the golf bag cover is pivotally coupled to the elongated body of the cover by a piece of flexible material that is adapted to stretch. The hollow head is rotatable from a closed position seated on top of the golf bag, at which to surround an protect the golf clubs carried within the bag, and an open position off the bag, at which to enable a golfer to gain access to his clubs. At least one golf club carried in the bag is received inwardly of and holds the hollow head in a generally erect condition relative to the elongated body of the cover. Accordingly, the golf clubs within the golf bag and the existing folding legs of the golf bag hold the golf bag cover in a generally upright position to resemble the appearance of a sitting animal.10-08-2009
20090183808Golf Cart Cover Magnetic Door - An improved door design for soft-sided golf cart covers increases the ease of entry and exit. This product features a horizontal swing out design that removes the need for snaps or zippers and significantly increases size of the door opening. This improved door design features a magnetic door that eliminates zipper failure, simplifies entry and exit and improves the overall golf cart cover experience and longevity of the cover.07-23-2009
20100294404Golf bag cover-cooler combination - The present invention comprises a cover-cooler combination for a golf bag which allows for maintaining perishable items such as beverage or food or both at temperatures above or below room temperature for a sufficient period of time to ensure enjoyment of the item held in the cover-cooler device while also continuing to provide traditional protection for the golf clubs in a golf bag. The cover-cooler combination may also include added features such as wireless device holders, pocket-like holders for keys, writing utensils, golf accessories including additional golf balls and tees, etc. to enhance a golfer's golfing experience by adding convenience.11-25-2010
150161000 For a hand tool 3
20080289735Cover for toiletries - This cover for toiletries has a main body and a cord holder, such as a button, that is attached to an outer side of the main body. The cord holder has at least two opposed flanges that extend over portions of the outer side of the main body, and a gripping surface between the flanges and the main body. One end of a cord is attached to the main body. The cord has a stretchable section and a special gripping part. The gripping part is spaced at a distance from the attached end of the cord and has a coefficient of friction with respect to the gripping surface that holds a half winding of the cord between the opposed flanges and the outer side of the main body of the cover against a half pound of tension in the cord. In some instances, the outer side of the cover is more textured than the inner side. The cord can be relatively long and made of twisted silk or beaded elastic, and have a spring constant of between 1/8 and 1 pounds/inch. A unitary connector can hold both the cord and the cord holder to the main body of the cover.11-27-2008
20110000592Hammer and pry bar resilient pulling pad - An improved claw hammer and pry bar having a resilient pulling pad installed on the fulcrum areas of said hammer and pry bar. There are various ways to install said pulling pads. Some embodiments have straps made of the same resilient material as the pad. Some are glued on at the factory. Some have peel off backing to be stuck on said hammer or pry bar in the field. Some have a Velcro attaching system.01-06-2011
20080251171Tool accessory - A tool accessory for a predetermined tool having at least one of jaws and teeth is provided. Such tool accessory includes a covering member manufactured from a first predetermined material and having a first predetermined size and a first predetermined shape. Such covering member is removably attachable to a first predetermined portion of such predetermined tool. A securing mechanism is manufactured from a second predetermined material and has a second predetermined size and a second predetermined shape. Such securing mechanism is operably connected to such covering member at a predetermined location thereon for securing such covering member to such predetermined tool.10-16-2008
150157000 For an engine or motor 2
20120090745COVER FOR A BOAT MOTOR - A cover for a boat motor is provided. The cover is for a boat motor of the type having an upper portion having a housing for containing an engine, and a lower portion having a cavitation plate, a propeller for providing propulsion, a skeg for providing directional stability under propulsion, and a transom. The cover includes a first panel and a second panel. Each panel has a shape that generally approximates the lower portion. A first fastener is carried on a substantial length of a periphery of the first panel. A second fastener is carried on a periphery of the second panel and is mutually engageable with the first fastener. The first and second panel are positioned on opposing sides of the lower portion and fastened to each other by the first and second fasteners to form an enclosure for covering the lower portion of the boat motor.04-19-2012
20110232813COVER FOR A BOAT MOTOR - A cover for a boat motor is provided. The cover is for a boat motor of the type having an upper portion having a housing for containing an engine and a lower portion having a cavitation plate, a propeller for providing propulsion, and a skeg for providing directional stability under propulsion. The cover includes a first panel and a second panel. Each panel has a shape that generally approximates the lower portion. A first fastener is carried on a substantial length of a periphery of the first panel. A second fastener is carried on a substantial length of a periphery of the second panel and is mutually engageable with the first fastener. The first and second panel are positioned on opposing sides of the lower portion and fastened to each other by the first and second fasteners to form an enclosure for covering the lower portion of the boat motor.09-29-2011
150162000 For a musical instrument 1
20100122755Cover for playable device - This invention relates to a cover for a playable device, such as an instrument, a musical instrument, for example a guitar, a bass, a violin, a viola, or a cello, peripherals designed to resemble instruments, controllers designed to resemble instruments and/or toys. The cover can be form-fitted on a playable device leaving a playing area of the playable device fully exposed, such that the cover can be used while the playable device is being played or is merely being stored. The cover may protection from damage during use and storage. In some embodiments, the cover may be used to customize a playable device.05-20-2010
20100116386PROTECTIVE ELEMENT - A protective element for a cross member or shaft housing of a frame in a screening arrangement. The protective element is attachable to the cross member or shaft housing by wrapping the protective element around the cross member or shaft housing and clamping a first portion of the protective element to a second portion of the protective element by at least one clamping device. The protective element has an outwards facing surface, which is wear-resistant to withstand wear from piece goods or particle goods impinging or sliding on the outwards facing surface.05-13-2010
20130081742Handbag Protection Device - In one embodiment, a handbag protection device includes a base region to facilitate the retention of shape of the protected handbag and one or more flap extension(s) to facilitate the separation of one or more cover(s), flap(s), or other enclosure(s) of the handbag from the body or one or more other part(s) or component(s) of the handbag. The handbag protection device may include one or more attached, unattached, detachable, or other operatively coupled support extension(s) that enclose(s), partially enclose(s), or wrap(s) around or cover(s) any chain(s), strap(s), handle(s), decoration(s) or other part(s) or component(s) of the handbag that can be used for carrying, hanging, ornamentation or other purposes.04-04-2013
20100071816COVERING DEVICE FOR CONTAINER - The present document describes a covering device for covering an opening of a container. The covering device comprises a cover for covering the opening. The cover is foldable. The covering device further comprises a securing means for securing the cover all around the opening; a support having a connector and a linkage for connecting the cover and the connector. In a closed position, the cover is deployed covering the opening and in an opened position the cover is folded and hung on the support by the linkage.03-25-2010
20130037188REUSABLE PACKAGE COVER - A reusable prefabricated package cover of unitary construction is formed from a web of two-way or four-way stretch machine-washable elastic fabric, and dimensioned and configured to receive one or more objects having a generally rectilinear configuration within a predetermined size range of height, width and thickness. The package cover is extensible for receiving one or more objects to be covered in close-fitting relation, the sleeve including a unitary flap portion overlapping a portion of an opposing wall, to thereby completely enclose and encase the object or objects placed inside the cover.02-14-2013
20130075000COVER HAVING KNEE SUPPORT FOR USE WHEN SERVICING A TOILET - A cover for a toilet is provided. The cover includes a sheet having side-facing portions that extend from a top portion and are configured to extend to a ground surface and a front-facing portion that extends from the top portion and is configured to extend to a ground surface spaced-frontwardly from the toilet. A support is carried on about a proximal end of the front-facing portion for providing support to a technician during servicing of the toilet. The support may be a cushion that is made of any appropriately configured material.03-28-2013
20130032259Protective Cover Kit For A Marine Propeller - Provided is a protective cover kit for a marine propeller having a protective cover and a shift control warning attachment. The protective cover components have a slit and a central opening with a plurality of reliefs radiating from its circumference capable of accommodating various sized propeller hubs or shafts. Attaching elements are coupled to a slit and the first layer and second layer of the protective cover. The first and second layers are of a shape capable of substantially encasing a marine propeller. Once a force is applied by a user to the release apparatus, the attaching element is released and the protective cover is removed remotely from a distance above the surrounding water of the marine propeller. A shift control warning attachment is installed by a user onto a shift control lever to prevent inadvertent shifting prior to the removal of the propeller cover.02-07-2013
20130032260DEPLOYMENT KIT - A kit for covering a load (02-07-2013
20130133796UTILITY PEDESTAL COVER OR PLANTER - The invention relates to a utility pedestal cover which may be used to encapsulate and conceal a utility pedestal. The material of the sleeve member may be of a weatherproof material, and may include a fastening system to allow the sleeve to be selectively opened and closed along at least a portion of its length or height, or to attach sections of the cover. The invention also relates to a planter arrangement for concealment of a utility pedestal, wherein the planter includes at least one housing section with at least one planting well. The housing may have a height such that upon introducing plants in the planting medium, the plantings and the housing effectively conceal the utility pedestal. The planting well may have at least one drain hole therein. The housing may be formed in at least two sections, which may be selectively attached around the pedestal.05-30-2013
20100108210COVER FOR DOORS - Cover, for doors, designed to cover doors and to serve as a decorative and/or protective element without preventing closure or opening of a door. The cover consists of a sheet closed by coupling means and has an overlap, which, in turn, has, at its ends, connecting devices that collaborate with corresponding connecting devices located on the actual sheet, such that said overlap is non-removably joined by one of said ends to the sheet and removably joined thereto by the other end.05-06-2010
20130068357PROTECTIVE COVER - An apparatus is provided for covering and protecting products, such as containers of produce. The protective cover may comprise a body portion, a base portion, and a skirt portion. The body portion may have an upper panel and side panels. In some embodiments, the side panels substantially block undesirable elements, such as insects, from accessing the products, yet allow ambient air and fumigants to pass through the panels to provide sufficient ventilation and to facilitate a fumigation process. The base portion is configured to be disposed between a pallet and an arrangement of products. In some embodiments, the skirt portion may attach the body portion to the base portion. The disclosed embodiments also contemplate systems employing the protective covers and methods of making and using the protective covers.03-21-2013
20090044888METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROTECTING FABRIC ARTICLES - Methods and systems for a protective system are provided. The system includes a frame configured to match the contour of a side edge of a separate fabric panel, a sheet of material surrounding at least a portion of the frame, and an attachment member coupled to the frame wherein the attachment member is configured to attach the frame to the side edge such that the sheet of material covers at least a portion of the side edge.02-19-2009
20130056120Sports Bat Sleeve - A sports bat sleeve to cover a bat comprising: a cylindrical body, where the cylindrical body stretches along the bat from the barrel to the handle; a barrel portion at an end of the cylindrical body, where the barrel portion covers the barrel of the bat; a neck portion at an opposing end of the cylindrical body, where the neck portion tapers to cover a portion of the handle of the bat; and a closure fastened along the neck portion, where the closure enables the neck portion to open and close around the handle of the bat. The cylindrical body includes a base at the end of the barrel portion to prevent the barrel from sliding out of the cylindrical body after placement.03-07-2013
20110005647ADJUSTABLE, PORTABLE, FLEXIBLE EQUIPMENT WRAP - An adjustable wrap or cover for protecting various-sized objects, including audio equipment, appliances, electronics, and other similar articles. The wrap generally includes a flexible body member comprising one or more integral layers, wherein at least one of the layers is a padded or impact-resistant material. The wrap includes one or more types of attachment and/or tightening mechanisms disposed at opposing ends of the wrap to releasably secure and tighten the wrap around a given object. Typically, the wrap comprises a length that is of sufficient length to adjust the wrap to tightly fit around objects with various-sized perimeters. Assorted embodiments of the wrap include specifically-located holes that enable access to handles or other components on the wrapped objects, various flaps and components extending from a primary body portion of the wrap to accommodate a range of geometries of objects, and other features and aspects as described in detail herein.01-13-2011
20090056844Protective auxiliary fuel pump handle for pumping gasoline - A protective auxiliary fuel pump handle for pumping gasoline comprises an interior semi-circumferential wrapping means made of semi-rigid material for shape retention and appropriate fit on top of a gas station fuel pump handle. It includes an exterior handle means that is of a single embodiment made of flexible material. Said interior wrapping means and said exterior handle means are adhered to each other by means of adhesive or similar fastening means. Optionally, said interior wrapping means and said exterior handle means can be manufactured monolithically so long as the two materials can achieve their separate, appropriate flexibility/rigidity. To pump gasoline a motorist will place this auxiliary fuel pump handle on top of a gas station pump handle so as to substantially prevent his/her hand from coming into physical contact with the gas station fuel pump handle, thus maintaining hygiene of his/her hand as well as preventing the spread of bacteria and/or diseases. The handle is designed to be able to be used by both right-handed and left-handed persons. The size of said handle means is designed such that it can accommodate hand sizes ranging from small to large.03-05-2009
20090236019COVER ASSEMBLIES FOR COVERING OBJECTS - A cover assembly comprises a covering member having an object-covering shape, and a container for containing the covering member. The container has a containment configuration and a deployment configuration, and has a defined orientation relative to a notional object to be covered. The container also has an anchor for non-invasively maintaining the container in position on the notional object to be covered. The covering member is secured to the container at a predetermined position of the covering member and in alignment with the defined orientation of the container. Placement of the container at a predetermined position of the notional object to be covered corresponding to the predetermined position of the covering member, with the defined orientation of the container matching the orientation of the notional object to be covered, aligns the object-covering shape of the covering member with a shape of the notional object to be covered.09-24-2009
20080295932Data collection device enclosure - An enclosure for housing a portable data transfer device, such as a bar code scanner, data collection device, or other equipment, for use in environments requiring a certain level of cleanliness, for protection against transmission of infection or merely dust or dirt, while allowing a full range of functional capability of such devices and equipment.12-04-2008
20090194210Disposable luggage wrap - A disposable strip of non-elastic, tear resistant luggage wrap material is sued to extend around the outer periphery of a piece of luggage to adhesively secure to itself. Indicia representative of a group or organization may be preprinted thereon to identify luggage belonging to the group, organization or commercial carrier. A space is provided to include the user's signature or initials, to inhibit unauthorized removal and replacement of the disposable luggage wrap during transit. A pocket may be located at one end to receive user identification. A tear line may be provided for ease of removal of the luggage wrap. An R.F.I.D. tag may be secured to the bottom surface of the luggage wrap for electronic tracking. The R.F.I.D. tag preferably includes information on the user's identification, the carrier or group identification, and destination information. More than one luggage wrap may be secured end-to-end to encircle larger luggage.08-06-2009
20080245451Weighted textile - A weighted textile is described. The weighted textile comprises a flexible textile sheet having a weighted portion and an un-weighted portion. The weighted portion includes a weight affixed therewith. Thus, a user can place the weighted portion upon a surface with the un-weighted portion being hung off of the surface, thereby resulting in the weighted textile being held in place.10-09-2008
20110079330Reusable conformable waterproof wrap - A reusable, conformable, waterproof wrap protects stacks of boxes or other items from damage by ground level liquids. The wrap can be made of one or more sheets of one or more materials that together provide durability, abrasion resistance and waterproofing for the bottom portion of the item, extending up the sides a desired distance from the ground. Items are placed on the wrap, and a margin of unused material around the periphery can be folded up and securely wrapped around the item. Heavy weight Velcro® can allow folds of extra material at the corners to be secured flat along the vertical sides of item. Velcro® or other straps can be provided for extra reinforcement, tautness, and security. Riser strips and/or riser points on the bottom of the wrap can help reduce friction when the wrap is secured on the bottom of a stack of boxes being pushed or dragged, such as along a warehouse floor.04-07-2011
20110168309Rear View Mirror Protective Cover - A rear view mirror protective cover includes a main body (07-14-2011
20110192510PROTECTIVE CASING PORTABLE HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The protective casing for portable handheld electronic devices comprises an inner casing snugly covering a back and edges of the electronic device, and an outer frame placed around the edges of the electronic device for tightly pressing part of the inner casing against the edges of the electronic device. The resultant protective casing is of improved protective characteristics, durability, convenience of use, and functionalities without compromising aesthetics.08-11-2011
20080264533PROTECTIVE COVER AND TOOL SPLASH FOR VEHICLE COMPONENTS - A method of manufacturing a protective cover (10-30-2008
20110139323SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING A REUSABLE NOVELTY WRAPPING UNIT - In one embodiment, a novelty wrapping unit includes a concealing body, first and second retaining members, and first and second elongated strips of material. The first retaining member is disposed substantially entirely across a width of the concealing body in proximity to a first end of the concealing body. The second retaining member is disposed substantially entirely across the width of the concealing body in proximity to a second end of the concealing body. The first elongated strip of material is retained by the first retaining member such that two opposing ends of the first elongated strip of material extend from the first retaining member. The at least one second elongated strip of material is retained by the second retaining member such that two opposing ends of the second elongated strip of material extend from the second retaining member.06-16-2011
20080283164Roll-On Protective Covers for Hand-Held Consumer Electronic Devices - According to various aspects of the present disclosure, exemplary embodiments are provided of covers for hand-held consumer electronic devices. In one particular embodiment, a roll-on cover generally includes elastomeric material configured to be unrolled to snugly fit over and conform to an outer surface portion of a hand-held consumer electronic device.11-20-2008
20100180993DEVICE FOR MANUALLY ROLLING UP A CUSHION LIKE BODY - Generally a cushion-like body, and specifically a pillow is manually rolled up and kept in a rolled up transport configuration by means of an enveloping device including a flexible sheet element extending in a longitudinal enveloping direction; an elongated stiffening portion connected to an end portion of the flexible element and extending transversely to the longitudinal enveloping direction; and a releasable hook and loop retaining assembly for connecting a free end portion of the flexible element to an intermediate portion of the flexible element itself.07-22-2010
20100139824METHOD FOR PROTECTING SPECTACLES ARMS, MEMBER BOARD AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE MEMBERS - The invention pertains to the protection of spectacles arms and relates to a protection member for a spectacles arm comprising an elongated tubular envelope (06-10-2010
20110005648Protective Cover Case - The embodiments relate to a protective cover case for hermetically sealing an article having a body section and a contoured section. The protective cover case includes a body portion defining an internal chamber for receiving the article and an access opening allowing the article to pass therethrough. The body portion is formed of an elastic material and capable of snuggly fitting onto at least a portion of the body section of the article. The protective cover case also includes a contoured portion fixedly joined to the body portion. The contoured portion is configured to receive and accommodate the contoured section of the article. The protective cover case is capable of hermetically sealing the enclosed article after the access opening on the body portion is sealed.01-13-2011
20090183807MORE VERSATILE FLEXIBLE COVER AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A flexible cover is formed from a rectangular sheet of plastic film material and a continuous elastic or rubber band. The sheet has a predetermined amount of material cut from each corner. The sheet is placed onto a table between four posts that extend from the table. The sheet is positioned so that a post lines up with each corner of the sheet. A rubber band is stretched across the four posts into a similar shaped rectangle and rests just above the sheet. The stretched rubber band now has four sides which correspond to the four sides of the sheet. The side edges of the sheet are folded inward and over the stretched band and heat sealed directly to the sheet. The band is now sealed within a pocket that is formed along the sides of the sheet. Each corner of the stretched band is released from its post, allowing the band to relax and pull the four corners of the sheet toward the center. This creates a generally circular cover with a near rectangular mouth which can be used on both rectangular and circular shaped containers or plates with similar sized openings.07-23-2009
20090320979Hearing Aid Microphone Cover - The present invention relates to hearing aid microphone covers and methods of manufacturing the same. In an embodiment, the invention includes a microphone cover for a hearing aid including a frame defining one or more exterior apertures and one or more media apertures, and a filtration media attached to the frame, the filtration media configured to completely occlude the one or more exterior apertures. In an embodiment, the invention includes a method of forming a microphone cover for a hearing aid including placing oleophobic and hydrophobic filtration media within a mold and forming a polymeric frame around the filtration media by injecting a polymer composition into the mold.12-31-2009
20120067474CART HANDLE COVER WITH POCKET - A cover for the handle of a shopping cart or similar devices, to reduce the transmission of contaminants present on such handles, comprises a bag having front and rear members, the members being connected such that an opening is formed therebetween; each member having an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surfaces facing each other; a fastening means attached to each inner surface, the fastening means being positioned so as to interact with each other; a utility pocket attached to the front member; the utility pocket further comprising a storage pouch therein; and a transport pocket which is attached to the rear member, the transport pocket being sized to contain the cover therein when the cover is compacted; and the cover sized to fit onto the handle assembly of a cart, thereby forming a barrier between the handle and a user.03-22-2012
20090008005PET CAGE COVER - A pet cage cover for covering a pet cage comprises a top panel and a plurality of side panels. The top panel and the side panels define a space for receiving the pet cage. Each of the side panels corresponds to one sidewall of the pet cage in shape and size and can be independently rolled up, so that all of the sidewalls of the pet cage can be exposed by the pet cage cover. Therefore, no matter on which sidewall the door or multiple doors of the pet cage are located, they can be always conveniently exposed by rolling up the corresponding side panel on the cage cover, so that the door or multiple doors are conveniently accessible even with the pet cage cover on. To provide desired covering function, each pair of adjacent side panels can be detachably connected along their side edges with, for example, a zipper or Velcro.01-08-2009
20100154943DROP CLOTH - A drop cloth includes a flexible sheet material having a perimeter edge region, and a conformable shape retaining member arranged adjacent at least a portion of the perimeter edge region that allows a user to form the edge region to closely match the profile of a surface to be protected.06-24-2010
20100212789DOOR COVER - A device enabling dressing up or covering at least in part an opening such as a door, includes a flexible material (Z), and closure elements (E, F) suited for configuring the flexible material in the shape of an adjustable sleeve in order to adapt it to doors of different heights while allowing a good opening and closing operation of the door.08-26-2010
20100236674Protective Strip and Strip Holders for a Handle - A flexible plastic strip to cover a handle such as, for example, that common to a conventional shopping cart to prevent a shopper's hands from coming into direct contact with the handle. According to a preferred embodiment, a pair of strip holders are detachably connected in surrounding engagement to the handle. The strip holders are spaced from one another and slidable along the handle. Each of the pair of strip holders has a hook projecting therefrom. The ends of the flexible strip are attached to the pair of strip holders at respective ones of the hooks thereof. The flexible strip can be removed from the strip holders and discarded in order to avoid the spread of germs, viruses and other disease-causing micro-organisms which lie on the handle.09-23-2010
20100236675Protective Sleeve for Rear Window Wiper - A wiper protector fits over a rear window wiper to prevent damage to the wiper from a mechanized or automated car wash. The wiper protector is open on one end for slipping over the wiper blade, arm and wiper motor components if exposed. The sleeve includes a cutout at the open end to fit over the wiper motor components. A drawstring near the open end passes through the sleeve guided by non-marring grommets near the sleeve open end. A drawstring lock maintains tension on the drawstring during use.09-23-2010
20090038721Controller cover - A controller cover includes a main body portion attached to an outer surface of a controller, and the main body portion includes a contacted portion where a contacted inner surface is in contact with the outer surface of the controller and a non-contacted portion where a non-contacted inner surface is not in contact with the outer surface of the controller. Elastic deforming protrusions are formed on the non-contacted inner surface. When the controller attached with the cover interferes with other thing, and the non-contacted portion of the cover is subjected to shock, the elastic deforming protrusion of the non-contacted portion is deformed to ease the shock, so that the controller and the interfering other thing are protected.02-12-2009
20110247737Device for Protecting Different Articles Against Birds, Insects and Dust - The invention relates to a device for protecting different articles against birds, insects and dust. The inventive device consists of a tubular element (10-13-2011
20090071581INSULATION DEVICES FOR STEMMED BEVERAGE CONTAINERS - An insulation device for a stemmed container. An exemplary embodiment of the insulation device may generally comprise an insulating material and a securing assembly. The insulating material may comprise various materials for slowing heat transfer between a first medium in the stemmed container and a second medium outside of the stemmed container. The insulating material may comprise two or more darts configured to form a tapered shape of the insulating material. The securing assembly may be in communication with the insulating material, and may enable the insulating material to be closeable about the stemmed container.03-19-2009
20110240187Handle Cover - A handle cover to indicate that a container holding a consumable such as beer is empty or “tapped out.” The cover is made of a flexible material such as neoprene to permit the cover to fit over beer tap handles of various shapes. The outer surface of the cover may be colored or printed with indicators to inform patrons of the establishment where the beer tap is being used that the draft beer is empty or tapped out, or another status of the keg associated with the beer tap.10-06-2011
20090151827Removable protective cover door guard - A device for the protection of vehicle door interiors while transporting things that might damage the door is provided. In exemplary form, the device may be removably installed on the interior of vehicle doors and at least temporarily secured in place while the door is open. Closing the door may further serve to secure the device in place, preventing it from being accidentally dislodged.06-18-2009
20090065112SANITARY INDICATOR - A sanitary device 03-12-2009
20100200130License Plate Cover - A license plate cover made from a non-translucent fabric for use by police departments, fire departments, and/or other municipal, state or federal government authorities that can be releasably positioned over a license plate and removed there from without the use of tools.08-12-2010
20110073226ALL WEATHER PROTECTIVE, ADJUSTABLE AND REVERSIBLE SLIP OVER LACROSSE STICK HEAD COVER - A lacrosse stick head cover is described comprising a bag open at one end made of waterproof material and having an interior and an exterior; a waterproof drawstring attached to the open end of the bag; a sliding and locking mechanism attached to the drawstring adapted to allow the drawstring to hold the open end of the bag closed; and a hanging mechanism attached to the exterior of the bag.03-31-2011
20110067791OUTDOOR FURNITURE, POOL AND POOL-RELATED EQUIPMENT COVERINGS AND METHODS OF PRODUCTION THEREOF - An outdoor furniture, pool and pool-related equipment cover is described herein and includes at least one fabric, material or combination thereof, and at least one elastic fixture, at least one hook fixture or a combination thereof, wherein the at least one elastic fixture, at least one hook fixture or a combination thereof is coupled to the at least one fabric, material or combination thereof in order to at least partially cover a piece of outdoor furniture, a pool or a piece of pool-related equipment. Methods of producing an outdoor furniture, pool and pool-related equipment cover include: providing at least one fabric, material or combination thereof, providing at least one elastic fixture, at least one hook fixture or a combination thereof, and coupling the at least one fabric, material or combination thereof with the at least one elastic fixture, at least one hook fixture or a combination thereof, wherein the at least one elastic fixture, at least one hook fixture or a combination thereof is coupled to the fabric material in order to at least partially cover a piece of outdoor furniture, a pool or a piece of pool-related equipment.03-24-2011
20110067790Garbage Cover - A garbage cover is suited for covering household garbage bags adjacent a curb until the garbage bags are collected. The cover includes a base hoop in the form of a continuous band in an endless loop which is flexible between a working position in which the band forms a single loop which is generally circular in shape and a storage position in which the band forms a plurality of interconnected loops of similar diameter adjacent one another. A domed enclosure of flexible mesh material is joined with the base hoop about a full circumference of the base hoop for fully surrounding the garbage bags when the hoop and enclosure are extended downwardly overtop of the garbage bags. The hoop is biased towards the working position.03-24-2011
20110067792Adjustable Tarpaulin for Tower Sections of a Wind Turbine - A tarpaulin device for a tower section of a wind turbine and method for fixing the tarpaulin device to the tower are disclosed. The tarpaulin device includes an adjustable opening. A location and/or a size of the adjustable opening in the tarpaulin device are adaptable to a functional element of the tower section.03-24-2011
20110061779Power guard - A guard for preventing activation of an on/off switch that provides a source of power to operate a personal electric device, such as an electric toothbrush, an electric razor, a trimmer, and the like. The guard includes a flexible cylindrical body having a thickness defined by an inner surface and an outer surface. The guard includes a flexible opening having a first edge and a second edge that substantially face each other along an axial direction of the guard. Peripheral ends of the cylindrical body terminate into a first end and a second end. The first end and the second end are aligned concentrically, and substantially perpendicular, to an axis centrally disposed through the cylindrical body of the guard. In use, the guard is adapted to snugly fit over an off/on switch and a portion of the handle of the electric device. The cylindrical body of the guard is sufficiently rigid to prevent an inadvertent activation of the on/off switch of the electric device.03-17-2011
20110146858PROTECTIVE COVER FOR GOGGLES - A protective cover for goggles is described. The protective cover comprises three elements: a first fabric piece for covering the front part of a pair of goggles in a goggle assembly; a second fabric piece joined to the first fabric piece for further enveloping the rest of the goggle assembly, and an elastic band installed in the second fabric piece in a channel for securing the protective cover to the goggle assembly.06-23-2011
20080245453Battery Grip Protective Device for Cameras, Video Recorders, and Other Electronic Devices - In one example, we have a rubber skin that fits a range of battery grips. It has a number of cut-outs that allow the material to stretch and accommodate different cameras (or sizes/models), and also, access the different camera control locations, knobs, or buttons. This can apply to video recorders or any electronic devices, in general. This provides protection for device, for impact, scratch, or water, for example. In addition, it provides easy access or change of battery. Thus, convenience, adjustability, and protection are provided at the same time. Many other variations and extensions are also discussed in the specification and figures. In addition, the skin can be solid/rigid or soft. Furthermore, using a band or Velcro, with multiple pieces or attached pieces, one can easily adjust the sizes for different cameras or models.10-09-2008
20110259486Covers for stationary and mobile tanks - A cover or sheath for mobile or stationary tanks for liquids or gases, the tanks being exposed to open air, the cover or sheath comprises a first layer with a first and second face, where the first which is opposite the second face is printed: at least a first opening and a second opening, which serve as locators when the cover is placed on the tank and which allow the entrance and/or the exit of parts to feed or dispense the liquid or gas. The first layer can be a canvas. Alternately, the first layer is a combination of a thermoplastic polymer film and a polyester tissue, and a second layer exists in this embodiment, same which is a synthetic adhesive on the second face of the first layer, where the adhesive is capable of binding the first layer to the tank. A means of closure which runs at least part of the length or width of the cover, is placed on the cover or sheath.10-27-2011
20100282379PROTECTIVE COVER FOR USE WITH HANDBAGS AND A METHOD FOR ITS USE - A protective cover for handbags and like objects is provided, which comprises a portable and self-contained storage pouch. The protective cover can be attached to the exterior of a handbag by various mechanisms and can comprise one or more carrying straps. The protective cover can be made from a durable, water resistant and germ resistant material capable of preventing dirt, moisture and harsh chemicals from reaching the handbag. This protective cover can also prevent germ contamination of the handbag or other surfaces by removing it from the handbag and washing it after use.11-11-2010
20110114235EXERCISE TOWEL/EQUIPMENT COVER - An exercise towel/equipment cover may be used to cover a piece of exercise equipment and protect a user from past user's sweat, germs, viruses and the like. The towel may include a gripper surface on a back side thereof to increase friction between the towel and the equipment. The towel may also include a pouch formed in one end thereof. The pouch may further help secure the towel to a piece of exercise equipment. The towel may be made of an anti-microbial fabric that may be resistant to mold.05-19-2011
20120145291REUSABLE ADJUSTABLE GIFT WRAP - A reusable gift wrap and a method of wrapping a gift comprising a sheet of material and a fastener. The sheet has a plurality of corners. The fastener comprises a body fabricated from a resilient material and is attached near one of the corners. A plurality of coterminous radially extending slits are formed in a face of the body and define the edges of a plurality of pivotable flaps and an opening for receiving the other corners of the sheet. The flaps comprises a living hinge which permit each of the flaps to pivot. The flaps increase in thickness from the living hinge to the edge of the flap. The three flaps simulate the appearance of a cuboidal gift box.06-14-2012
20090308510COVER FOR MODULES OF FIBROUS MATERIAL - A cover for a module of fibrous material consists of a top member; a first side wall member with a first gap at its midpoint; a second side wall member with a second gap at its midpoint; first and second end wall members; a channel running along the bottom edge of the wall members and interrupted by the firs and second gaps; a first support strap at the midpoint of the first side wall member and within the first gap; a second support strap at the midpoint of the second side wall member and within the second gap; a securing strap having first and second ends and running through the channel, said securing strap supported by the first and second support straps as it passes through the first and second gaps; and a buckle securing the first and second ends of the securing strap.12-17-2009
20100282380Universal Waterproof Elastic Device For Protecting Suitcases of Different Sizes Having Inviolable and Customizable Closure Seals - It is a universal, waterproof, elastic device to protect suitcases (11-11-2010
20100269966Scented Balloon Cover and Methods of Scenting the Same - A method of scenting a balloon cover, the method including placing an inflatable scented balloon inside at least one cover, wherein a membrane wall of the balloon comprises a fragrance, inflating the balloon within the at least one cover, wherein the balloon transfers the fragrance to the at least one cover, and allowing the at least one cover to absorb the fragrance, thereby providing a scent to the at least one cover and surrounding environment. The cover is adapted to surround the scented inflatable balloon, wherein the body is made of a material that is adapted to absorb a fragrance from the balloon, and wherein the body includes a safety flap assembly adapted to allow the balloon to be placed inside the cover.10-28-2010
20120037284PROTECTIVE SLEEVE FOR BABY CARRIER - The invention provides an interactive sleeve for protecting at least a portion of a baby carrier. The sleeve includes a multiplicity of openings to secure the sleeve to the baby carrier such that it can easily be placed or removed.02-16-2012
20080264532Utensil Slipcover - An eating utensil handle cover comprised of a flexible material made of cloth, fabric or other suitable material providing a protective and decorative means is disclosed. The cloth, fabric or other flexible material in addition to having protective qualities provides decorative advantages that can be used for branding, advertising and general marketing purposes.10-30-2008
20080308202Buckle cover - A buckle protector for preventing contact between an overall buckle and an automatic dryer. The protector comprises a buckle cover having a button hole for receiving the buckle button, and an adjusting element for adjusting the protector to more firmly enclose the buckle. The buckle protector is used by first attaching the protector to the buckle button that would receive the buckle. The protector is attached to the buckle button by passing the buckle button through the button hole made in the protector cover. When the button is secured, the cover encloses the buckle and tightened over or around the buckle.12-18-2008
20120006454SURFBOARD COVER - A surfboard cover may cover the bottom and side rails of a surfboard. The cover may leave about 90% of the surfboard's top exposed. The cover may include an elastic and/or a drawstring so that the cover may be placed on the surfboard. A cut out may be disposed on the cover to accommodate a fin to slip through. The cover may reduce or eliminate wax build-up from inside the cover, may protect the board when, for example, the board is placed on the ground while waxing the top side.01-12-2012
20120006453Ballistic Shield Lens Protector - A removable protective cover for the viewing lens of portable ballistic shields for use during storage and transportation of the shields. The cover will consist of fabric and can be affixed to the shield using either Velcro, magnets, or buttons providing for easy removal and attachment of the cover.01-12-2012
20120055595ROBOT COVER - A robot cover made of a film of polyvinyl alcohol in which the film is dimensioned to fit around at least a portion of an industrial robot. A fastening mechanism, such as a snap, attaches the film around that portion of the robot. After use and when presumably covered with a layer of paint, the robot cover is placed in warm water which dissolves the polyvinyl alcohol and separates the paint for subsequent disposal.03-08-2012
20120055596FITTED LAWN TORCH COVER - A lawn torch cover comprising a sheath to envelope a fuel canister and a wick attached to a lawn torch, an opening connected to a bottom portion of the sheath, where the opening enables the fuel canister and the wick to slide into and out of the sheath, and a drawstring attached to the bottom portion of the sheath and encircles a torch stand fastened below the fuel canister, wherein the drawstring tightens the sheath around the fuel canister and the wick to prevent damage to the lawn torch.03-08-2012
20100059152PROTECTIVE SLEEVE TO BE ARRANGED BETWEEN TWO ASSEMBLY ELEMENTS FOR PASSING THROUGH CABLES/LINES OR THE LIKE IN PROTECTIVE FASHION AND METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION - Bush to be arranged between two fitting elements for passing through cables, lines or the like in protected fashion, comprising an elongate, hose-shaped bush body (03-11-2010
20110088820Spectacles temple protector - A spectacles temple protector includes a plurality of temple covers, wherein each of the temple covers has an elongated structure to define an elongated protection pouch for encircling the temples of the spectacles. The protection pouch has a front end and a rear end, wherein the front end and the rear end are opened end and closed end respectively, in such a manner that a free end of the spectacles temple is sliding into the protection pouch through the opened front end for being received within the protection pouch of the temple cover.04-21-2011
201201184503D Archery Target Cover - With proper care this cover will continue to protect your valuable 3D target for years. It is UV resistant and water resistant. These are the main two elements that cause damage to 3D targets.05-17-2012
20090133789Sanitary cover for a handle - A sanitary cover is disclosed which includes a handle segment of sanitary material overlaying an exposed surface of a handle, a first panel depending from the handle segment, the first panel having a front surface and a rear surface, a second panel depending from the handle segment, the second panel having a front surface and a rear surface, and wherein at least one of the first panel or the second panel having at least one pocket.05-28-2009
20120261043CUSTOMIZABLE SPORTING EQUIPMENT COVER AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A sporting equipment cover consisting of a custom three-dimensional printed figurehead attached to a cover portion. The printed figurehead is fabricated from a three-dimensional scanned image of an individual using a three-dimensional ink jet printing process. The printed figurehead can be coated with one or more layers of a clear protective coating to increase the longevity of the printed figurehead. A mounting flange is formed about a mounting edge of the three-dimensional printed figurehead. The mounting flange is attached to the cover portion using a mounting bracket, a mechanical fastener, or other fastening interface. The cover portion can be designed to cover any sporting equipment, including golf clubs, racquets, etc. Alternatively, the printed figurehead can be a complete head and attached using a bobble head styled interface.10-18-2012
20080302456FUNCTIONAL PROTECTIVE COVER FOR PORTABLE AUDIO AND VIDEO DEVICES - Described herein is a protective cover composed of a semi-rigid wrap that adheres to a handheld audio and/or video device. The cover preserves the integrity of the design of the handheld device as well as allows the end-user to operate the device without removing the cover.12-11-2008
20120080127EQUIPMENT COVER FOR PREVENTING CONTAMINATION FROM BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS AND CONTRAST MATERIALS - An apparatus and method for protecting equipment from contamination are provided. The apparatus may include a sleeve having a first open end and a second open end, an elastic mechanism disposed around at least a portion of the first open end, and a closure mechanism near the second open end. The closure mechanism may be operable to close the second open end around at least a portion of the equipment.04-05-2012
20120285587DISPOSABLE PROTECTION ENCLOSURE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - One or more embodiments disclose a sealable membrane for protecting portable electronic devices. The sealable membrane includes an enclosure including a material that is reactive to a stimulus. The enclosure includes at least one opening configured to receive a portable electronic device thereinto. The enclosure includes an inside surface and an outside surface. An annular member is insertable into the opening. An outside surface of the annular member forms a seal with the inside surface of the enclosure. The annular member forms a rigid conduit into the enclosure. The annular member is configured to receive a retaining member thereinto. The retaining member retains a sealing member within the annular member. The sealing member prevents access to the opening of the enclosure.11-15-2012
20080245452Weatherproofing Apparatus and Method for Cameras and Video Recorders - This application relates to the improvement to the current state-of-the-art for weatherproofing a camera or video recorder (or a cell phone having those functionalities). That allows an avid photographer to take their camera out into the rain and use all the controls through the skin, without the camera getting wet. (It is not submersion-proof, but for all practical purposes, it is waterproof) It features plug-in covers for gaps, plus any or all of the below: Double layer (with ultra thin layer on inside and/or also outside), Zip Lock features around the holes, Hot shoe drape over top of camera, or Finger Condom. Many other variations and extensions are also discussed in the specification and figures.10-09-2008
20130192728Protective Cover for a Case - There is provided an apparatus for protecting and securing a case, comprising a cover for partially enclosing the case and a lockable toggle configured to secure said case within said cover. The lockable toggle is capable of switching between a locked position and an unlocked position.08-01-2013
20120055597Waste Receptacle Cover - Waste receptacle covers may be used to cover the waste receptacle to limit the unsightliness of the receptacle, to identify the receptacle, and/or to protect the receptacles. A waste receptacle cover may be formed from a variety of materials. For example, the cover may be formed from weather (e.g., UV, moisture, temperature) and/or abrasion (e.g., cut, tear) resistant materials. The cover may be made of a material that is mold and/or mildew resistant or inhibitive. The cover may be made of a material that is odor absorbing or odor blocking. The cover may be polyester, a polyester-blend, nylon, other synthetic materials, or some combination thereof and may include recycled material (e.g., plastic), renewable/sustainable material (e.g., bamboo) and/or spandex fabric or spandex blend.03-08-2012


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