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150 - Purses, wallets, and protective covers

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150103000 Changeable decorative appearance (e.g., color, etc.) 48
150107000 With handle or carrying strap 22
150106000 Combined 16
150112000 Compartmented 10
150127000 Wall detail 6
150101000 With means to deter theft of contents (e.g., puzzling closure or secret compartment) 5
20130074997HANDBAG WITH SECRET COMPARTMENTS - A handbag has a secret compartment such that when the handbag is opened, the secret compartment is hidden from view. More specific embodiments include a secret compartment that is a detachable pouch. The detachable pouch may be configured as a tri-fold or bi-fold wallet. Other embodiments include a handbag having a visible portion configured to fold over the secret compartment and detachably attach to the secret compartment so that the secret compartment is hidden from view.03-28-2013
20100043930Interchangeable / Modular Purse / Handbag Assembly - A fully interchangeable/modular purse/handbag that has components that can be used in multiple assemblies. The purse/handbag handles, inner liner, and exterior shell are all modular design and can be utilized across a variety of combinations. A zip-out liner and detachable handles are the enabler for this design which is unique to prior art.02-25-2010
20120073714CUT-PROOF ANTI-THEFT BAG CONSTRUCTION - In one form, a security handbag is provided that includes an interior security panel assembly with a matrix of wires secured between a pair of material layers. The interior security panel assembly can be positioned intermediate the bag outside wall and a lining of the bag. A strap with security cable and a carbineer attachment device can be attached to the handbag. Methods for forming such security panel assemblies are also provided.03-29-2012
20110315284ARM AND LEG PURSE APPARATUS - A purse system includes a first purse having a first connection point therein and a second purse, having a second connection point therein for removably attaching the second purse to a position within the first purse. The strap of the second purse includes a third connection point which interacts with the second connection point. The purse system can also include an alarm system.12-29-2011
150102000 Theft or loss resistant 4
20080295929Storage Bag - The invention concerns a bag (12-04-2008
20100230018THEFT DETERRENT ANTI-SCANNING DEVICE - A theft deterrent anti-scanning device incorporating a metallic anti-scanning and shielding layer laminated into various articles to encapsulate cards and financial documents which carry sensitive personal financial information that can be read by traditional RIFD scanning devices. However, if you incorporate a Faraday cage to block RF frequencies up to 2.4 gigahertz, the card must be entirely encapsulated for the RF shielding to be effective. A GPS tracking device may be added in order to retrieve lost or stolen information, and the entire device may be configured to become portion of a purse or an enclosable pouch. In other aspects of the present invention, an enclosable pouch of description in the application may render the pouch to be water proof, fire resistant, and to be protected from theft.09-16-2010
20110214787CABLE LOCK BAG - A bag includes a body portion defining a pouch having an open end and a strengthening rib. A strap of the bag has a first end connected to the body portion adjacent a first side of the open end, and a locking mechanism is connected to the body portion adjacent a second side of the open end. The locking mechanism is arranged to releasably engage a second end of the strap such that the bag can be connected to immovable objects to prevent theft of the bag. Further, a closing mechanism is disposed on the body portion and arranged to close the open end. The closing mechanism has a moveable head that is arranged to engage the second end of the strap when the strap is engaged with the locking mechanism, such that unauthorized access to the contents of the open end is prevented when the bag is locked.09-08-2011
20100243114CUT-PROOF ANTI-THEFT BAG CONSTRUCTION - A security handbag comprises an interior security panel assembly with a matrix of wires incorporated positioned within an exterior bag having an inside chamber. The interior security panel assembly is positioned intermediate the exterior bag outside wall and a lining of the bag. A strap with security cable and a carbineer attachment device is attached to the handbag.09-30-2010
150111000 Plural 3
20090183806Purse within a purse - The present invention includes two purses, a large outer purse and a small inner purse. The inner purse has two flaps extending from the top of the inner purse. Preferably, there are male-type connection structures on the flaps. The interior of the larger outer purse has female-type connection structures. The female-type connectors are configured such that, when the inner purse is placed inside the outer purse, male-type connection structures on the flaps of the inner purse can be connected to the female-type connection structures of the outer purse. This serves to secure the inner purse into the outer purse.07-23-2009
20080196802Transferable purse liner with selective size adjustment capability - The present invention relates generally to the field of liners and organizers for containers such as purses or other carrying handbags, and particularly to a transferable purse liner with selective size adjustment capability. The present invention is particularly adaptable as an addition to any purse or other handbags, which works by allowing a user to place and organize all the essential items usually found in a purse in a liner, and at some other time when desiring to use another purse, to transfer the entire content of the purse into another purse in an organized and efficient manner. The present invention can be used with purses or handbags of varying size, where the purse liner can be used in a purse of a certain size, and then adjusted in size either larger or smaller, and be placed in a different size purse.08-21-2008
20080295931Handbag insert and method of use - The present patent disclosure is directed to a removable handbag or purse insert for storage and removal of personal effects, to an assembly of the insert itself and a handbag, and to a method for use of the handbag and insert. The handbag insert is secured within a handbag by one of a number of securement features, which may be zippers, hooks, buttons, clips, clasps, catches or Velcro, as examples.12-04-2008
150118000 With closure 1
20130180636SIDE RAIN FLAPS FOR SHOULDER BAGS - A side flap for covering a gap in a bag is provided for reducing or eliminating environmental elements from entering the bag through the gap between a cover and a mouth of the bag, and for containing contents within the bag. The side flap includes an attachment device that automatically attaches to a corresponding attachment device on the bag when the cover is moved from an open position to a closed position. The attachment device automatically detaches from the corresponding attachment device when the cover is moved from the closed position to the open position.07-18-2013
20120067471Purse attachment that holds an umbrella, water bottle or similar shape object - The present invention provides for a beaded adjustable looped cord that attaches easily to any purse or accessory that has a strap or handle, allowing an umbrella, water bottle, beverage bottle, sports bottle, sippy cup, baby bottle or similar shape object to be inserted into its adjustable loop, holding the item tightly against the purse or accessory, thus leaving one's hands free. It is a leather or imitation leather cord or other similar looking strong cord that is looped through a cord stopper and decorated with beads in order to look fashionable. Its purpose is to securely hold a wet or dry umbrella inside its adjustable loop so that one does not have to carry the umbrella when the umbrella is not in use. Furthermore, its purpose includes securely holding a water bottle, beverage bottle, sports bottle, sippy cup, baby bottle, or any similar shaped object in order to leave ones hands free.03-22-2012

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