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144 - Woodworking

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144359000 Mechanical cutting or shaping 65
144335000 Timber harvesting or processing 29
144356000 Including monitoring of operation 25
144344000 Securing 17
144333000 Rattan or bamboo working 5
20090044879METHOD FOR MAKING AN ARTIFICIAL RATTAN WEB - A method for making an artificial rattan web, includes: (a) providing a guiding body having a curved surface, and a threading block that is disposed downstream of the guiding body and that is formed with a rattan hole and a thread hole; (b) passing an artificial rattan strip and a thread through the guiding body, and respectively through the rattan hole and the thread hole in the threading block; (c) weaving the artificial rattan strip and the thread; and (d) fusing together the artificial rattan strip and the thread at intersections thereof.02-19-2009
20120118432Method of making bamboo-surfaced layered Venetian blind slats having a curved cross-section - The present invention relates to a method of making bamboo-surfaced layered Venetian blind slats having a curved cross-section comprising (1) selecting bamboo slices, the length of each is slightly longer than that of the slats to be made, the width of each is the total width of a plurality of the slats to be made; (2) selecting filling slices, the length and width of each are identical to those of the bamboo slices; (3) selecting adhesives and using the adhesives to adhere a bamboo slice, a filling slice, a bamboo slice in turn to form a layered slat piece; (4) placing the layered slat piece into a mold with a large surface area which corresponds in size from top to bottom with identical cycle in identical curved shape and is continuously formed, and curved plate with a large surface area is thus formed from compression; (5) cutting along the longitude of the curved plate with a large surface area to obtain bamboo-surfaced layered Venetian blind blank slats having a curved cross-section; (6) trimming the remains of the cutting surfaces and the two end surfaces of the bamboo-surfaced layered Venetian blind blank slats, and bamboo-surfaced layered Venetian blind slats having a curved cross-section can be obtained. The beneficial effects are high production efficiency, low production cost, reasonable energy consumption and high product yield.05-17-2012
20120180908Bamboo Material Embossing Method - The invention discloses one bamboo material embossing method, which includes following steps; a. Preparing material: bleached or carbonized bamboo material is cut into segments according to demand; b. Embossing: bamboo material cut in step a is placed into rolling mill and is conveyed at speed of 8-12 m/min when press roller of rolling mill is heated to 80-95° C.; pattern pressing is made at pressure of 5˜8 mpa; c. Stress releasing; bamboo material with embossing completed is placed for twelve hours for stress releasing; d. Varnish painting; varnish is painted for bamboo material with stress releasing completed. Through the method of the invention, woody texture can be produced on the surface of bamboo material and decoration material having elegant woody texture can be produced through using energy-saving and environmental-protection bamboo material. Furthermore, the method does not pollute environment and has low energy consumption and very low cost.07-19-2012
20120090735PROCESS TO MANUFACTURE FRAME USING RENEWABLE WOOD PRODUCT(S) - A process to manufacture a frame using renewable wood product(s) is described.04-19-2012
20090250141FLAT BAMBOO ELEMENT FABRICATION METHOD - A flat bamboo element fabrication method for making flat bamboo elements by trimming prepared bamboo cane and cutting the trimmed bamboo cane into a number of bamboo bars of equal length and width and then delivering each bamboo bar through the gap in between the bottom ramming roller and upper ramming roller of a ramming machine for ramming into a flat bamboo element that has a crack pattern therein. In an alternate form, the upper ramming roller has parallel circular cutter blades for cutting each rammed flat bamboo bar into multiple flat bamboo elements.10-08-2009
144334000 Stump removing 3
20120111453TREE STUMP REMOVAL DEVICE - A tree stump removal device is disclosed. The device includes an annular housing having cutters attached thereto. A method of removing a tree stump is disclosed that includes lowering a tree stump removal device into the ground surrounding the tree stump to severe some or all of the horizontal roots extending from the tree stump.05-10-2012
20090090434METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING THE OPERATION OF A STUMP CUTTER - A stump cutter controller and operator presence system includes one or more capacitive sensors in each of the three control levers that control movement of the cutter wheel. A sensor circuit measures changes in the capacitance of the sensors. The controller automatically disengages a drive clutch and applies a brake to the cutter wheel when the controller senses that an operator has left the operating station—which is assumed when the operator has not touched any one of the three control levers of the operator station for a predetermined time. The controller logic is set to allow the clutch to remain engaged during a delay period, of predetermined duration, to permit the operator to move a hand off of one control lever to another control lever. Also, a grace period, of varying duration based on the speed of the cutter wheel, may be provided during which the clutch is reengaged if an operator returns to the controls.04-09-2009
20100314001STUMP CUTTER - The present disclosure provides a device and method that enable the efficient reduction of stumps. In one embodiment the stump removal methods and devices according to the present disclosure allow the operator to have a clear view of the work area during operation, and the ability to move the reduction device through a wide range of motion during operation. In one embodiment, the material reduction tool pivots relative to the chassis in the vertical plane about multiple pivot points. In some embodiments the device includes a retractable auxiliary control panel located at the end of the device opposite the material reduction tool. The control panel enables the operator to direct the movement of the device from the end of the device and thereby enable the device to maneuver through narrow spaces.12-16-2010
144330000 Repairing or reconstructing 1
20120199249FLOOR TREATMENT - A method for treating a wooden, bamboo and/or cork floor treated with at least one maintenance material and a treated wooden, bamboo and/or cork floor obtained by the method. The method comprises applying a stripping formula on the wooden, bamboo and/or cork floor; allowing the stripping formula to interact with the at least one maintenance material; applying mechanical treatment to release the at least one maintenance material; and removing the at least one maintenance material and the stripping formula.08-09-2012
144358000 Embossing or imprinting 1
20110139307DISTRESSING PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING SUCH PROCESS - A method is provided for treating the decorative face of a panel to simulate the visual effect of a distressed panel. The decorative face may include at least a layer of wood or the like. The method may involve passing the panel with respect to two or more distressing tools. The passing may be performed in an automated way by first driving means. The method may also involve advancing the distressing tools intermittently toward the moving panel to apply distress marks. The intermittently advancing may be performed in an automated way by second, third and optional further driving means. At least one of the passing of the panel and the advancing of the distressing tools toward the moving panel may be performed according to an irregular rhythm in order to obtain irregularly spaced distress marks. At least one of the first driving means, the second driving means, the third driving means, and the optional further driving means is steered by and therefore coupled to program means.06-16-2011
20100126629TRANSPORT DEVICE FOR A FINGER JOINTING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a transport device for a system (05-27-2010
20110139306Transport device for a finger jointing system - A transport device for a system for finger jointing pieces of wood, by packets, has a support. Transport means are provided, which are set up for moving the pieces of wood sliding along the support to the system for finger jointing. The transport means have a gripping device for holding the pieces of wood in place by packets, aligned flush at a first end, which is situated upstream, while the pieces are being pulled to a work station by way of the support.06-16-2011
20080251155Tree and stump trimming and removal system - A novel tree trimming system includes a crane which lifts a wood working implement and a tree trimmer together over obstacles if necessary to a location where a tree is to trimmed. The tree trimmer may cut limbs and feed them directly into the wood working implement that is mounted just beneath him or may drop them to the ground or fasten them to holders that have been lifted with the tree trimmer by the crane. On the ground, a cart which may be motor driven by hydraulic motors or manually moved or pulled by another vehicle can be retracted to fit through ordinary garden gates. The retraction may include moving the wheels or tracker treads of the cart together and moving the hydraulic motor outside of the space between tractor treads so that the tractor treads may be moved closer together. Moreover, side members may be folded upwardly to compress material on the top of the cart and extensions moved in place at the front and end of the cart to increase load carrying capacity. A stump grinder includes an enclosure to control the chips and powder and a vacuum to pull the chips and powder into a container.10-16-2008
20100236663Power equipment with detection and reaction systems - Woodworking machines and safety methods for use with those machines are disclosed. The machines include a detection system adapted to detect one or more dangerous conditions and a reaction system associated with the detection system. The reaction system can include an explosive to trigger the system, and also can be configured to retract a cutting tool at least partially away from a cutting region upon detection of a dangerous condition by the detection system.09-23-2010
20110094626Wooden sports articles and a method of manufacture - Novel sports articles are manufactured from acetylated wood. There is a process for manufacturing such articles from acetylated wood involving treating wood billets with the acetylation process and then shaping them into the desired sport article and then finishing the article with some durable finish such as varnish or shellac.04-28-2011

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