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141 - Fluent material handling, with receiver or receiver coacting means

141001000 - PROCESSES

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141003000 Aerosol or gas-charged type 14
20130042940FILL CAP FOR A DRINK CONTAINER - A fill cap for a drink container for receiving an open end of a drink bottle. The fill cap includes a cylindrical collar and an annular flange extending radially inwardly from the cylindrical collar. A valve structure is connected to and surrounded by the annular flange and in includes a pair of generally planar lip members. Each lip member has an outer portion adjoining the inner edge of the flange and the lip members converge at an angle axially downwardly to inner edges where the lip members adjoin each other at a slit. A pair of opposing side walls extend from the flange to edges of the lip members located axially downwardly from the flange. The slit is configured to receive the bottle neck therethrough.02-21-2013
20110203700INTERFACING AN INLET TO A CAPILLARY CHANNEL OF A MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEM - The invention relates to microfluidic systems, and more specifically to a microfluidic system comprising a capillary channel (08-25-2011
20090194189METHOD FOR SAFE FILLING WITH CARBON NANOTUBES, FILLING SYSTEM AND INDUSTRIAL PLANT EMPLOYING THIS METHOD - The invention relates to a method for filling a receptacle (08-06-2009
20080257447Method for Conditioning a Flexible Container Holding a Viscous Product - The invention concerns a method for conditioning a viscous product contained in storage containers having a capacity ≧50 l, preferably ≧100 l, in volume units adapted to utilization and having a capacity ≧50 l, preferably ≧10 l, said viscous product being preferably selected among the group whereof the viscosity is not less than 10 Pa's and, preferably ranging between 10 Pa's and 200 000 Pa's.10-23-2008
20100147412BATHTUB-TYPE SPENT CATALYST DISTRIBUTOR FOR EFFECTIVE COUNTER-CURRENT REGENERATION IN FLUID CATALYTIC CRACKING UNITS - An improved spent catalyst regenerator which contains sub-troughs branching off from the main trough, distribution troughs which extend outward from the sides of the main trough and the sub-troughs, and downflow tubes extending downward from the bottom of the main trough and sub-troughs.06-17-2010
20130037164INK CARTRIDGE REFILLING DEVICE AND INK CARTRIDGE REFILLING METHOD UTILIZING THE SAME FOR INK REFILLING - The invention relates to an ink cartridge refilling device, which comprises an ink container, an ink injection channel, an air suction channel, an air inlet channel and a leakage-proof component, wherein both the air suction channel and the air inlet channel are arranged inside the ink container; and the leakage-proof component is arranged on the air inlet channel. As both the air suction channel and the air inlet channel are arranged inside the ink container, the ink cartridge refilling device has the advantages of having compact overall structure, small space usage and simple operation, reducing the number of dies in the manufacturing process, fully reducing the manufacturing cost, and solving the technical problems of large space usage, trivial operation and high manufacturing cost in the traditional ink cartridge refilling device.02-14-2013
20130074978METHOD FOR ADSORBING PROPELLENT GAS FOR A BEER DISPENSING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a method of filling a canister with propellant gas by performing the steps of providing a canister having a specific volume filled with activated carbon, the activated carbon having a first temperature and providing a volume of liquefied propellant gas at a second temperature and a first elevated pressure preventing the liquefied propellant gas from evaporating. The invention further relates to the step of evacuating the canister for creating a state of vacuum within the canister, thereby cooling the activated carbon to a third temperature, preferably lower than the second temperature, the step of injecting the volume of liquefied propellant gas into the canister at a second elevated pressure preventing the liquefied propellant gas from evaporating, and the step of allowing the liquefied propellant gas to evaporate and in doing so consuming energy as evaporation heat, the energy being generated due to the propellant gas being adsorbed by the activated carbon, thereby reducing the heating of the activated carbon.03-28-2013
20120175011FUEL INJECTION APPARATUS, FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM AND FUEL INJECTION METHOD - Disclosed herein is a fuel injection apparatus for injecting fuel into a fuel cartridge. The fuel injection apparatus may include, for example, a container for fuel storage, a fuel supply pipe in fluid communication with the container, a first valve installed on the fuel supply pipe, a pump installed on the fuel supply pipe, a pressure gauge installed on the fuel supply pipe, and a bypass pipe fluidly connecting the container with the fuel supply pipe. A second valve may be installed on the bypass pipe. Methods for injecting fuel into a fuel cartridge are also disclosed herein.07-12-2012
20130032241EJECTION DEVICE AND METHOD OF FILLING THE EJECTION DEVICE WITH A MATERIAL - [Problems] To fill a container with a material without applying a high pressure to the material that is to be filled.02-07-2013
20090159150METHOD OF OPERATING A BEVERAGE BOTTLING OR CONTAINER FILLING ARRANGEMENT WITH A FILLING VOLUME CORRECTING APPARATUS - A method for the operation of a beverage bottling or container filling arrangement with a filling volume correcting apparatus. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.06-25-2009
20120216909Dosing Adapter for Use with Oral Syringe - An oral syringe of the type having a syringe barrel terminating in a syringe neck with a blunt orificed end is combined with a medication bottle provided with a self resealing elastomeric closure designed for admitting the syringe neck into the bottle while maintaining a sufficient liquid tight seal against the syringe neck to allow a dose of medication to be drawn from the bottle in an inverted condition of the bottle without significant leakage, the closure resealing itself upon withdrawal of the syringe neck.08-30-2012
20120216907Methods Of Loading A Hollow Stent With A Drug Or Drug Formulation - A method of loading a composition into a structural element of a stent, where the structural element is defined by a lumen and at least one opening to access the lumen. The composition may comprise a therapeutic agent, and wherein at a temperature of 30° C. and at one atmosphere, the composition may be in a solid state or semi-solid state.08-30-2012
20120305131APPARATUS FOR REDUCING SYRINGE FILL PRESSURES - The disclosure is directed to a fill sleeve for protecting an outer surface of a syringe from exposure to a liquid when filling the syringe with the liquid. The fill sleeve includes a sidewall extending between a first open end and a second end having an end wall. The end wall and the sidewall define an interior volume of the fill sleeve. The end wall is provided with an opening configured to form a seal with a fill site of a syringe when the syringe barrel is inserted within the interior volume of the fill sleeve. The seal prevents the outer surface of the syringe barrel from being exposed to a liquid when the fill sleeve and the syringe are lowered into a liquid, such as paint. The configuration also allows for a preferred filling position that minimizes filling pressures, force, and fill time in comparison to prior art designs.12-06-2012
20120305130DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FILLING SYRINGES - A devise and a method for filling syringes, which allows the filling of a syringe with exact dosage of different drugs, by means of electronic guns or any other suitable device, without the necessity of using a needle.12-06-2012
20120111446Spraying Device and Refill Therefor - A spraying device with a replaceable refill of fluid therein is described, wherein: the refill comprises a body forming a reservoir for the fluid, a valve stem at an upper portion of the body and a spray head wherein said spray head has a neck portion and a nozzle portion, in said neck portion is an inlet section attached to the valve stem and in said nozzle portion is a fluid exit orifice for directing, in use, sprayed fluid; and the device comprises an outer housing adapted to receive the refill therein, the outer housing is provided with an aperture suitable for permitting, in use, the spraying of the fluid from the fluid exit orifice of the spray head therethrough, the device comprises actuation means configured for periodic actuation of the refill, the device further comprises an inner housing adapted to receive at least a portion of the spray head therein, and the device is provided with detection means within the inner housing configured to distinguish between at least one area of lower reflectance and at least one area of relatively higher reflectance on the spray head of said refill; and characterised in that the detection means are directed toward either a right side or a left side of the neck portion of a spray head and a corresponding side of the neck portion of said spray head is provided with said at least one area of lower reflectance and at least one area of higher reflectance. Methods of operation of such a spraying device are also described.05-10-2012
20120234432BOTTLE FILLING DEVICE - Device for recharging a bottle with liquid, includes: a refill containing the liquid, and a decanting system, adapted selectively to pass the liquid from the refill to the bottle, the decanting system including: a first part fixed to the refill and having a first liquid passage and a first air passage in communication with the refill; a second part connected to the first part, and intended to be fixed to the bottle, the second part including a second liquid passage and a second air passage intended to communicate with the bottle, the first and the second parts structured to move together in translation and free to rotate between an open configuration, in which the first and second liquid and air passages are aligned, providing passage of liquid and air between the refill and the bottle, and a closed configuration, in which they are not aligned, preventing liquid and air passage.09-20-2012
20110017346METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOADING A BENEFICIAL AGENT INTO AN EXPANDABLE MEDICAL DEVICE - The present invention relates to method and apparatus for dispensing a beneficial agent into an expandable medical device. The method includes the step of placing an expandable medical device on a mandrel, the medical device forming a cylindrical device having a plurality of openings and dispensing a beneficial agent into the plurality of openings.01-27-2011
20100089486Tanker Truck Monitoring System - A system and method is provided to monitor a tanker truck. The system includes a plurality of sensors, each of the plurality of sensors configured to detect an event. The system also includes a monitoring unit electrically coupled with the plurality of sensors to detect the event. The monitoring unit includes a processing unit, a time module, and a memory, and is operable to time stamp data about the sensed event with information from the time module and store the detected and time stamped event in the memory. The system further includes a handheld data terminal configured to communicate with the monitoring unit. The handheld data terminal is operable to retrieve and display the stored event, and includes a processing unit, a memory, a user interface, a time module, and a display.04-15-2010
20100089487Multiple reservoir implantable drug infusion device and method - Multiple reservoir implantable valve accumulator pump for the delivery of medication, and method of infusate delivery. The apparatus includes at least first and second infusate reservoirs in a common pressure chamber, each in fluid communication with a metering assembly. The metering assembly includes an accumulator that is preferably a fixed volume accumulator having an inlet and an outlet. A first valve is in fluid communication with the first infusate reservoir and an inlet of the accumulator, and a second valve is in fluid communication with the second infusate reservoir and an inlet of the accumulator. An outlet valve is in fluid communication with the outlet of the accumulator. The accumulator can be filled with infusate from the first and second infusate reservoirs sequentially, can be filled from the first infusate reservoir multiple times consecutively, the second infusate reservoir multiple times consecutively, or any combination or permutation thereof.04-15-2010
20100089488CONTAINER FOR FLUIDS, INSERT AND METHOD OF FILLING A CONTAINER - The invention relates to a container (04-15-2010
20100089489METHOD AND SYSTEM OF SAFEGUARDING A FILLING PROCESS OF A BREATHABLE AIR APPARATUS - Several methods and a system for a method and system of safeguarding a filling process of a breathable air apparatus are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of safety of a building structure includes safeguarding a filling process of a breathable air apparatus by enclosing the breathable air apparatus in a secure chamber of a fill site of the emergency support system of the building structure to provide a safe placement to supply the breathable air to the breathable air apparatus. The method may include ensuring that a prescribed pressure of the emergency support system maintains within a threshold range of the prescribed pressure by including a valve of the emergency support system to prevent leakage of breathable air from the emergency support system.04-15-2010
20110277873Sealed Containers and Methods of Filling and Resealing Same - A container and method for filling same. The container includes a penetrable and resealable portion that is resealable, and a container body having a sealed empty chamber in fluid communication with the penetrable and resealable portion for receiving therein a substance. The container also includes a base, a mid-portion, and an upper portion axially spaced from the base on an opposite side of the mid-portion relative to the base. Each of the base and upper portion define a laterally-extending dimension greater than a maximum laterally-extending dimension of the mid-portion. The method of filling the container includes penetrating the penetrable and resealable portion with an injection member and introducing a substance into the chamber, withdrawing the injection member while engaging the base of the body to substantially prevent upward movement of the body, and applying energy to the penetrable and resealable portion to form a gas-tight seal.11-17-2011
20090145512Device With Needle Penetrable And Laser Resealable Portion And Related Method - A device defining a chamber for receiving a substance and a thermoplastic portion in fluid communication with the chamber is provided along with a method of filling and sealing the substance within the chamber. The thermoplastic portion defines a penetrable region that is penetrable by a filling member and is heat resealable to hermetically seal an aperture therein by applying laser radiation at a predetermined wavelength and power. The thermoplastic portion comprises a thermoplastic body defining a predetermined wall thickness and includes a styrene block copolymer, an olefin and a predetermined amount of pigment allowing the body to absorb laser radiation at the predetermined wavelength, substantially prevent the passage of radiation through the predetermined wall thickness, and hermetically seal the aperture in the penetrable region in a predetermined time period. The body includes a predetermined amount of lubricant that reduces friction forces at an interface of the filling member and body during penetration thereof.06-11-2009
20110272059BULK HANDLING OF AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS AND CHEMICAL CONTAINER - A method of bulk handling of a liquid agricultural chemical includes securing an above ground farm container to the ground at a farm location with an input port defined in a top thereof; pumping the chemical from a container at a dealer location into a transport vehicle, driving the transport vehicle to the farm location, and pumping the agricultural chemical into the input port; pumping the agricultural chemical from the farm container through an output port in the top of the farm container into a carry tank on a farm vehicle; and driving the farm vehicle to a field location and pumping the agricultural chemical from the carry tank into a chemical applicator for application on a field. A suitable chemical container for the farm location has an outer shell and inner molded tank with an upper portion that protrudes laterally outward over the top edge of the shell.11-10-2011
20110272058Dump chute adaptor and method - A dump chute adaptor includes an adaptor housing having a housing interior and a conduit coupling carried by the adaptor housing and disposed in fluid communication with the housing interior.11-10-2011
20110139296System and method for in-structure delivery of air for filling of breathing apparatus - An in-structure air delivery system comprises a control panel and a plurality of air delivery lines. The control panel is located at a first location in the structure and has an air supply inlet. Each air delivery line extends from the control panel to a different location in the structure. Valves are configured to selectively control the flow of air through each of the air delivery lines. In a method of use, a high pressure air supply such as a portable compressor is connected to the inlet of the system. Air is selectively delivered to one or more of the delivery lines. A control unit is connected to the outlet of the delivery line. Air is supplied to the control unit. The control unit is used to regulate the flow of air to a component of breathing equipment, such as to a firefighter's breathing equipment air cylinder to be re-filled.06-16-2011
20090314382SYSTEM FOR REPLENISHING ENERGY SOURCES ONBOARD DIFFERENT TYPES OF AUTOMATIC VEHICLES - A service station facility for replenishing various motivational energy sources onboard different types of automotive vehicles is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the service station facility includes a rack, replaceable fuel tanks, a service module, and an electronic computer control system. The replaceable fuel tanks are stocked on the rack and substantially filled with various fluids, such as hydrogen, which are utile as motivational energy sources within fuel-operated automotive vehicles. The service module is mounted on the rack, and the electronic computer control system is connected in electrical communication with the service module. In this configuration, the service module is controllably operable to receive a depleted replaceable fuel tank from a fuel-operated automotive vehicle and also selectively deliver one of the filled replaceable fuel tanks onboard the automotive vehicle. In another embodiment, the service station facility may also stock replaceable batteries for selective delivery onboard battery-operated automotive vehicles.12-24-2009
20110214777Method and device for filling a disposable injector - The invention relates to a method and a device for the sterile filling of a disposable injector with a defined dose of an injection solution, wherein the disposable injector comprises a cylinder/piston unit with a cylinder and with a piston that can be pulled back manually. The defined dose of the injection solution is stored in an interior of a container of a needle syringe held in a bored stopper. The cylinder interior is connected to the container interior in a gas-tight and liquid-tight manner through the bored stopper. The cylinder/piston unit is filled by pulling back the piston or by pressing the needle syringe piston. With the present invention, a method and a device for filling a disposable injector are developed in which, without intermediate weighing or risk of inaccurate readings, the disposable injector can be filled with a defined dose of an injection solution from a syringe with a fused-in needle.09-08-2011
20120097291LIFTING AND ROTATING WATER RESERVOIR WITH ATTACHED WATER BOTTLE FOR DISPENSING OF WATER FROM WATER COOLER - A water dispensing apparatus includes a lifting system and a water reservoir. The apparatus automatically installs a water bottle by lowering and inverting the water reservoir atop a water bottle, coupling the water reservoir to the water bottle, and raising and inverting the water reservoir with the water bottle coupled therewith. One or more compartments are filled with water from the inverted water bottle, and water is dispensed from each compartment through a dispenser. Multiple compartments may be included in the water reservoir, with the water in one compartment being electrically cooled and water in another compartment being electrically heated.04-26-2012
20090090430Apparatus and method for controlling the filling and emptying of a fluid container - An apparatus and method for emptying and filling a fluid container. A flow-actuated valve inside a fill tube regulates the flow through the fill tube. A cap containing the valve and a vent tube can be installed on a modified bottle used to supply water dispensers, thus enabling a user to continuously replenish the bottle from a remote supply. Alternatively, a cap containing the valve, a vent tube, and two fluid level sensors can be installed on a conventional bottle. A user is thus relieved of the burden of repetitive bottle changing, and is able to treat the water to his own specifications.04-09-2009
20090145510TRANSFER DEVICE FOR LABORATORY CONTAINERS - A device connects a storage container to a working reservoir for transferring a substance from the storage container to the working reservoir. The device includes a housing which is joined to the storage container with either a fixed connection or a coupling means. A passage opening is formed on the housing, and a shutter that is movably connected to the housing serves to close the passage opening. The shutter has a connector port for each working reservoir. The shutter moves in a rotary or sliding manner relative to the housing between an open position and a closed position. In the closed position, the passage opening is closed off by the shutter, and in the open position the interior space of the storage container is connected through the passage opening to the interior space of the working reservoir which is seated in the at least one connector port.06-11-2009
20100078091CHEMICAL DISPENSING RESERVOIR APPARATUS AND METHODS - Removable chemical reservoirs are translucent and have filling marks on a front, hollow handle where chemical concentrate fill levels are visible and measurable. The reservoirs are filled with new concentrate from a current fill level mark to a full level mark and the volume of concentrate filled between the marks is calculated for filling and inventory purposes. The front handle is narrower than the reservoir sides and flanges at the upper end of the reservoir to facilitate in and out sliding of the reservoir for billing and cleaning.04-01-2010
20080210331Method of Filling a Reservoir By Means of a Cartridge-Reservoir and Associated Cartridge - A method for filling a reservoir on board a motor vehicle by a reserve cartridge. The reservoir includes a filler pipe, including a device for sealed attachment of the cartridge to the pipe. The cartridge includes a latching device configured to allow the fluid to flow from the reserve cartridge into the reservoir filler pipe only when the cartridge is attached in a sealed manner to the device on the pipe. The reserve cartridge is attached in a sealed manner to the pipe attachment device and the reserve cartridge latching device is unlatched so that the fluid can flow from the reserve cartridge into the filler pipe.09-04-2008
20110168292Container with Sealed Cap and Venting System - A bulk feed adapter cap for a collection container comprises: (a) a housing defining both at least one fluid-communication opening and one or more air-release openings and (b) a membrane defining an annular, self-sealing fluid-valve for sealing said fluid-communication opening, where the fluid-valve defines at least one aperture. The bulk feed adapter cap may further comprise at least one fluid-communication cap.07-14-2011
20090277530METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FILLING COATING MATERIAL - According to the present invention, even though the paint is filled or discharged repetitively to or from the paint bag (11-12-2009
20110139295Pouch Support For A Pressurized Dispensing Container - For use in a pressurized container that dispenses product, a pouch support has an upper edge that rests on the upper opening of the container and a sidewall that extends downwardly to a tail piece providing a port. At this port, the pouch is sealed to the tail piece. A dip tube integral with the pouch support extends down from the tail piece.06-16-2011
20090288733Reversible Container - A reversible container is provided with a hollow housing and removable closures at each end. The container is filled with a substance, and when at least some of the substance has been removed, the container is refilled with the substance and inverted. In this way, the user is able to use substantially all of the contents of the container, and is able to use completely the older substance first, because the older substance is at the top of the container after the container is inverted.11-26-2009
20100288393Method of preparing multiple doses of a pharmaceutical solution from a single-dose - A method of preparing multiple doses of a pharmaceutical solution, such as ranibizumab, from a single-dose container, includes providing a sterile enclosed area with a plurality of unused sterile syringes, a decapper, and a plurality of sterile bags, opening a single-use container of a pharmaceutical solution in the enclosed area, withdrawing a first portion of the pharmaceutical solution using one of the sterile syringes, withdrawing a second portion of the pharmaceutical solution using a second of the sterile syringes, repeating the previous step for the remaining pharmaceutical solution using the remaining sterile syringes, and placing the sterile syringes containing portions of the pharmaceutical solution individually in the sterile bags.11-18-2010
20090293987METHOD OF DISTRIBUTING AND RETAILING LIQUID WASHING/CLEANING PRODUCTS - A method of distributing and retailing a liquid washing/cleaning product includes the steps of inserting the liquid washing/cleaning product at a manufacturing plant in a large bulk container, shipping the large bulk container to a retail location, and providing dispensers at the retail location for removal of the liquid washing/cleaning product from the large bulk container and for dispensing and retailing the product to a consumer.12-03-2009
20100276033IDENTIFICATION TAG FOR FLUID CONTAINMENT DRUM - A fluid containment and dispensing system having a RHD tag associated therewith. The fluid containment and dispensing system includes a fluid containment drum having an opening defined thereon. The fluid containment and dispensing system further includes a dispensing mechanism operably coupleable with the opening, the dispensing mechanism configured to dispense the contents of the fluid containment drum. An identification tag is coupleable with the dispensing mechanism and includes a first laminate, a second laminate laminated to the first laminate, and a RFID member disposed between the first and second laminates, wherein the RFID member includes information associated with a fluid containment and dispensing system.11-04-2010
20080283142APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DELIVERY AND RECLAMATION OF BIOMASS FUEL - A method and apparatus for delivering biomass fuel to a structure through an external wall of the structure is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a hopper disposed within a delivery vehicle. The hopper includes an inlet disposed on its top surface to receive biomass fuel and an outlet located proximate the bottom of the hopper to release the fuel by opening a gate valve. A delivery hose is connected to the hopper outlet at one end and is sealably connectable at its other end to an externally accessible coupling disposed on an external wall of the structure to which fuel is to be delivered. The coupling is connected on the interior side of the external wall to a delivery pipe that connects to a fuel bin for storing the biomass fuel. Sensors within the bin can signal the operator when the level of fuel within the bin reaches a preselected level, allowing the operator to stop delivery when the bin is full.11-20-2008
20130118639FLUID TRANSFER ASSEMBLY AND METHODS OF FLUID TRANSFER - A fluid dispensing system and assembly, including a connection or coupling device, a valve, a housing, a user interface, a filling device, and a fitting to couple to a fluid source. The connection or coupling device may include a magnetic ring crimped to the bottom of a container, and methods of manufacture are described. The valve may include a first sensor detecting proper placement of the fluid container based on a magnetic material positioned at the bottom of the fluid container, a plunger having a plunger shaft coupled thereto, the plunger selectively placing the valve in fluid communication with the fluid container, and a solenoid coupled to the plunger shaft and moving the plunger shaft to transition the plunger between an open position and a closed position. The user interface may be coupled to the valve to enable selection of at least a fluid container size and a dispensing mode.05-16-2013
20090145509System for dispensing biological fluids - Systems, including methods and apparatus, for dispensing biological fluids, such as allergens.06-11-2009
20090032134Fluid dispenser assembly - The present invention is directed toward a cost effective method for filling a dispenser assembly using a high speed filling apparatus. A partially pre-assembled dispenser assembly that includes an end cap, an outer casing, and an inner fluid receiving body is placed directly onto a filling apparatus. The partially pre-assembled dispenser assembly is filled with a fluid material through an opening in the inner fluid receiving body. The inner fluid receiving body is then sealed so as to provide a fully assembled and filled dispenser assembly. The ability to provide dispensers in a pre-assembled form, combined with the compatibility of the fluid dispensers with industrial high speed filling machines, reduces the overall filling costs to the cosmetic company, as well as the cost to the consumer.02-05-2009
20130213520METHOD FOR COLD LOADING AN ARTICLE - A method of loading an article, such as a self-expanding stent, into a structure, such as a delivery catheter, including the steps of chilling the article to a predetermined temperature, reducing article size a predetermined amount, inserting fluid into the article, whereby the fluid forms a substantially solid plug with respect to the article, and moving the frozen article. Also provided is an apparatus for loading an article into a structure including: an article size reduction element, a chiller connected to the size reduction element, a cold source communicatively connected to the chiller, and a fluid supply communicatively connected to the size reduction element.08-22-2013
20120067454Apparatus and Methods for Loading a Drug Eluting Medical Device - Methods and apparatus are disclosed for loading a therapeutic substance or drug within a lumenal space of a hollow wire having a plurality of side openings along a length thereof that forms a hollow drug-eluting stent with a plurality of side drug delivery openings. Loading a drug within the lumenal space of the hollow stent includes a drug filling step, in which the drug is mixed with a solvent or dispersion medium. The lumenal space may be filled with the drug solution or suspension in a reverse fill process and/or a forward fill process. After the drug filling step, a solvent or dispersion medium extracting step is performed to extract the solvent or dispersion medium from within the lumenal space such that only the drug remains within the hollow stent. A stent cleaning step may be performed to an exterior surface of the hollow stent.03-22-2012
20090314381SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FILLING A SEEDCOAT WITH A LIQUID TO A SELECTED LEVEL - A fluid dispensing system includes a fluid dispensing pump interchangeably connected to a fluid dispensing pump manipulator that is capable of translating the fluid dispensing pump between two known positions along the Z-axis, and at least one open ended container, such as a seedcoat, disposed below the fluid dispensing pump for receiving fluid therefrom. The fluid dispensing system further includes a controller. The controller 12-24-2009
20120103463Polymeric coating applicators and methods of filling same - A method of filling CARC (chemical agent resistant coating) applicators ensures integrity of the CARC paint. The method incorporates the steps of the steps of pre-priming a container and applicator with a solvent to ensure evacuation of air; pre-reducing the chemical agent resistant coating with a reduction thinning agent to a final viscosity such that the final assembled applicator produces an atomization mist suitable to apply said coating; agitating the pre-reduced coating on a paint shaker; continuously purging a hermetically sealed chamber with nitrogen or another dry inert gas; preheating all items that will come in direct contact with said coating to eliminate any residual moisture within each item; assembling said dry preheated items and immediately transferring them into said chamber inserting steel sphere agitation units into a dried container, such that each container contains three small spheres and one large sphere; transferring the coating into said chamber prior to opening said container; filling said container; and purging the filled container with nitrogen or other inert gas then immediately sealing said container and removing it from said chamber.05-03-2012
20120103462Medication Bottle for Use with Oral Syringe - An oral syringe of the type having a syringe barrel terminating in a syringe neck with a blunt orificed end is combined with a medication bottle provided with a self resealing elastomeric closure designed for admitting the syringe neck into the bottle while maintaining a sufficient liquid tight seal against the syringe neck to allow a dose of medication to be drawn from the bottle in an inverted condition of the bottle without significant leakage. The elastomeric closure may be initially unbroken and rupturable under urging of the orificed end for passing the syringe neck into the bottle, the closure resealing itself upon withdrawal of the syringe neck.05-03-2012
20100154922SAFETY SYSTEM AND METHOD OF A TUNNEL STRUCTURE - A safety system and method of an air distribution system of a tunnel structure is disclosed. In one embodiment, the air distribution includes a supply unit installed on a particular wall of the first set of walls to facilitate delivery of breathable air from a source of compressed air to an emergency support system of the tunnel structure, a fill site interior to the tunnel structure to provide the breathable air to a breathable air apparatus at multiple locations of the tunnel structure, a secure chamber of the fill site as a safety shield that confines a possible rupture of an over-pressurized breathable air apparatus within the secure chamber, a distribution structure that is compatible with use with compressed air that facilitates dissemination of the breathable air of the source of compressed air to multiple locations of the tunnel structure.06-24-2010
20090314380SELF-CONTAINED CHARGEABLE GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR PNEUMATIC STORE EJECTION UTILIZING A REMOVABLE, REPLACEABLE AND ON-BOARD RECHARGEABLE GAS STORAGE VESSEL - A gas supply system for store ejection from a vehicle comprises a receiver assembly, a compressor connected to the receiver assembly, and a gas storage vessel removably coupled to the receiver assembly, wherein the gas storage vessel is capable of receiving and storing pressurized gas from the compressor.12-24-2009
20130213519AEROSOL DISPENSER APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - The present invention relates to aerosol dispensers that have multiple removable cartridge-refills, wherein at least one of the cartridge-refills can be selectively positioned to have its contents discharged while the contents of the remaining cartridge-refills stay contained.08-22-2013
20100258214REFUELING VALVE FOR A FUEL STORAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREFOR - A refueling valve assembly is a pressure-activated valve that allows a flow of fluid, for example, fluid fuel, into the fuel reservoir. A fuel inlet port allows for the fluid fuel to be introduced into the valve assembly. The valve assembly includes a compressible member having a first sealing position and a second fueling position, where the compressible member is more compressed in the second fueling position than the first sealing position. The compressible member is sealingly coupled with the fuel inlet port when the compressible member is in the first sealing position.10-14-2010
20100243099METHODS AND DEVICES FOR DELIVERING FLUID TO A RESERVOIR OF A FLUID DELIVERY DEVICE - Medical devices and methods for delivering therapeutic fluids transcutaneously to a body of a patient via a fluid delivery device and an adapter is provided. A Luer slip connector is provided at a first connecting end of the adapter. A therapeutic fluid container is connected with the second connecting end such that the container's neck is received in the second connecting end and a hollow penetrating member provided in the adapter punctures the septum of the container to admit the therapeutic fluid into a needle-less syringe from the container. After, fluid emerges from the tip of the penetrating member, the second connecting end of the adapter is attached to the fluid delivery device, thereby filling the reservoir with the fluid and pushing the syringe plunger forward to inject fluid into reservoir.09-30-2010
20090145511Method of printing a pictorial image onto the circumferential outer surface of beverage bottles and filling beverage bottles in a bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage filling material in rotary filling machinery and apparatus therefor - A beverage bottling plant for filling beverage bottles with a liquid beverage, with an information adding arrangement for adding information relating to the beverage bottles, and a method of operating the beverage bottling plant. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.06-11-2009
20110083768METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND KITS FOR SHIPPING AND/OR OFF-LOADING GRANULAR PRODUCTS - The application relates to shipping and off-loading of a granular, powdered, or other particulate materials using flexible containers, where the product tends to partially or fully consolidate during loading and/or shipping, therefore making off-loading problematic. One method includes loading a granular product into a flexible container, shipping the product-loaded flexible container to an end user or intermediate storage facility, and off-loading the granular product from the flexible container. The off-loading includes fluidly connecting a fluid supply conduit to the flexible container, commencing flow of fluid into the flexible container, forming a slurry of at least a portion the granular product and the fluid, and routing the slurry out of the flexible container through a slurry off-loading conduit. In some instances the methods include heating the fluid before and/or during its flow into the flexible container.04-14-2011
20090032133GAS CHARGING DEVICE, GAS CHARGING METHOD AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING GAS EJECTION DEVICE - A gas charging device includes a housing section (02-05-2009
20120199240LOADING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EXPANDABLE INTRALUMINAL MEDICAL DEVICES - Methods of loading an expandable intraluminal medical device into a delivery device adapted for delivery of the expandable intraluminal medical device to a point of treatment in a body vessel are described. The expandable intraluminal medical device can be compressed and forced out of a loading apparatus—and into a delivery device—by applying one or both of a rotational force and a substantially translational force to an end of the loading apparatus. Related kits and apparatuses are also described.08-09-2012
20100065146METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FILLING A GAS CYLINDER - A charge station is provided for filling a gas cylinder with gas. The charge station includes a gas output port configured to be fluidly connected to a supply of gas. The gas output port is configured to be fluidly connected to the gas cylinder for filling the gas cylinder with gas from the supply of gas. The charge station also includes a control system operatively connected to the gas output such that the control system is configured to control filling of the gas cylinder, and a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader operatively connected to the control system, the RFID reader configured to read data from an RFID tag on the gas cylinder.03-18-2010
20110100501MEDICATION MIXING DEVICE AND MEDICATION MIXING METHOD - A medicine mixing device includes a pedestal, a main rotating-base, a sub rotating-base, and a control unit. The pedestal is used to place medicine containers thereon. The main rotating-base includes a holding portion and a main rotating shaft, and rotates around the main rotating shaft. The holding portion holds a syringe for sucking a medicine at its center on its vertical plane. The main rotating shaft is orthogonal to the vertical plane. The sub rotating-base is disposed close to a part of the circumference of the main-rotating base and rotates relatively with respect to the main rotating-base. The sub rotating-base includes a fixing unit and a sub rotating shaft parallel to the main rotating shaft. The fixing unit fixes thereto one medicine container selected from the medicine containers on the pedestal. The control unit controls a medicine to be sucked out of the medicine container into the syringe.05-05-2011
20110247722METHOD AND SYSTEMS FOR BUFFERING ANESTHETIC CARTRIDGES WITH BUFFERING SOLUTIONS - An anesthetic cartridge is adapted to receive a volume of buffer by displacing a plunger in one end of the anesthetic cartridge inwardly so that addition of the buffer volume will not displace the plunger excessively beyond the end of the cartridge body. By properly determining the amount of buffer volume required to raise the pH of the anesthetic to a target value, the degree of inward displacement of the plunger can be determined and the cartridge can be used with a system for delivering a precise amount of buffer solution having a known pH into the cartridge to raise its pH, just before the anesthetic is delivered to the patient.10-13-2011
20110061765Peristaltic Syringe Filling Station - The present invention is directed to a syringe filling station that can fill a syringe with a specified volume of fluid. In one embodiment, the syringe filling station comprises a reservoir attachment, a fluid delivery system, a syringe retaining guide, and a pump to move fluid from a reservoir to a syringe. The fluid delivery system may comprise a sterile consumable cartridge that is insertable into the filling station and defines a fluid pathway from a reservoir to a syringe. The syringe filling station may also include a user interface. An operator can input commands into the user interface to specify the amount of fluid to dispense into the syringe. The user interface may be connected to a processor that controls the rate of pumping and thereby can fill a syringe with a desired amount of fluid. The filling station may also include sensors that detect air in the tubing, depletion of the reservoir, among other things.03-17-2011
20110017347METHOD FOR THE PREPARATION OF PRE-FILLED PLASTIC SYRINGES - A novel method for the preparation of a pre-filled plastic syringe, and preferably the preparation of a plastic syringe pre-filled with a diagnostic contrast agent wherein said syringe comprises as components a barrel, a tip seal capable of sealing the nozzle of the barrel and a piston capable of sliding in the barrel and sealing the open end of the barrel opposite the nozzle, comprising the steps of: 01-27-2011
20110146836Piston setting device and method - A system comprises a piston setting device and a cartridge comprising a piston and a cartridge chamber which can be filled by a filling mass. The cartridge chamber further comprises a closeable outlet opening for the discharge of the filling mass whereby the filling mass is storable in said cartridge chamber when the outlet opening is closed and the piston is inserted into the cartridge chamber. The piston comprises a first piston part which rests in sealed manner against the cartridge wall and a second piston part, which forms venting valve comprising a valve plug together with the first piston part, wherein said valve plug opens when a pressure is exerted on the side of the piston opposite to the filling mass by a piston setting device. Furthermore a piston setting device is provided, wherein the piston setting device comprises a housing, a conduit arranged in said housing, said conduit having a first end and a second end, said first end comprising an attachment element connectable to a vacuum source and said second end comprising a plunger, said plunger being connectable to a valve plug of the piston for opening said valve plug when said piston setting device is attached to said piston. Furthermore the invention relates to a piston setting device and a method for setting a piston in a cartridge by means of said piston setting device.06-23-2011
20090000689TANK-LOCKING DEVICE, SYSTEM FOR MANAGING LIQUID SUPPLY AND METHOD USING THE SAME - A system for managing liquid supply suitable for a process equipment with a liquid tank is disclosed. The system includes a host, a data-reading tool, a system controller and a tank-locking device. The host stores a built-in liquid database. The data-reading tool used for reading data related to the liquid tank is electrically connected to the host. The host receives the data related to the liquid tank from the data-reading tool, and the received data mapped with the liquid database. The system controller drives the tank-locking device according to the signal from the host to whether or not allow replacement of the liquid tank.01-01-2009
20080216913Apparatus and Method for Dispensing Liquid and Gaseous Hydrogen - A service station, in particular a hydrogen service station for filling a motor vehicle with a gaseous and/or a liquid medium, in particular with gaseous or liquid hydrogen, is disclosed. The station includes a) a reservoir for storing a liquid medium, b) a liquid medium dispensing unit which is supplied with the liquid medium from the reservoir, c) a compressor, an evaporator, a heating system, and an intermediate reservoir for intermediate storage of a compressed gaseous medium, d) a gaseous medium dispensing unit mounted downstream of the intermediate reservoir, e) a fuel cell which is supplied by the gaseous medium coming from the reservoir and/or the intermediate reservoir and supplies power to the compressor, and f) a control unit which is powered by the fuel cell and used for controlling the compressor, the gaseous medium dispensing unit and/or the liquid medium dispensing unit.09-11-2008
20110253251NEEDLE GUIDE - Needle guides are disclosed. An example needle guide includes a base; a housing configured to hold a container, the housing disposed on the base such that a longitudinal axis of the container is held at a first angle to vertical; and a syringe holder configured to guide insertion of a needle of a syringe into the container, the syringe holder disposed on the housing such that the syringe is inserted into the container at a second angle to the longitudinal axis of the container.10-20-2011
20110108158Device, Kit, And Method For Filling a Flexible Reservoir Container In A Negative Pressure Chamber - A device, kit, and method for transferring a liquid medicament from a supply container to a flexible reservoir container are disclosed. The device may comprise a compartment unit and an adapter unit. The compartment unit may have a sealingly closable chamber, arranged for housing the flexible reservoir container and for being fluidly connected with a pump mechanism. The adapter unit may have at least one transfer passage for transferring liquid from a supply container connected to the adapter unit to the flexible reservoir container, and a separator arranged in the transfer passage for separating gas bubbles from a liquid streaming through the transfer passage. The separator may be fluidly connected to the chamber.05-12-2011
20100294394METHOD FOR FILLING AND EVACUATING A DISPENSER UNIT AND FILLING INSERT FOR DISPENSER UNIT - The invention relates to a method for filling and evacuating a dispenser unit for paste-like, foam-form or liquid media. In the known methods, a storage container is evacuated via a suction pump, which otherwise serves for the delivery of the medium, after filling. The risk exists hereby that medium is drawn in. In order to make the drawing-off process more effective and more reliable, a method and a filling insert for a dispenser unit are proposed according to the invention, wherein at least one air duct is provided parallel to the suction pump. The evacuation takes place by the application of a pressure difference between storage container and the environment, which is just so great that air can in fact be drawn through the air duct but no viscous medium can be drawn.11-25-2010
20100018602SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FILLING MEDICAL DEVICE LUMEN - The invention relates to systems and methods for filling a medical device with an active agent composition. In an embodiment, the invention includes a method for filling a medical device with an active agent composition. The method can include applying the active agent composition to the outside surface of the medical device, the medical device comprising a housing defining a lumen and a plurality of apertures. The method can also include contacting a surface of a press member against the outside surface of the medical device thereby pushing the active agent composition through the apertures and into the lumen of the medical device. Other embodiments are also included herein.01-28-2010
20090205742ORGANIC POLYMER COATINGS FOR WATER CONTAINERS - Water tanks, such as water heaters, are coated with an organic polymer coating, which coating contacts water during use of the water tank. The organic polymer coatings resist corrosion or blistering when used to store or contain water. The water tanks may be made by treating a metal surface prior to application of the organic polymer coating.08-20-2009
20110315269HIGH WORKLOAD INJECTION SYSTEM - A filling device for a needle-free injector system is provided that is adapted to sterilely deliver a predetermined amount of an injectate from a vial to a plurality of cartridges. The filling device normally includes a single-use fluid path disposed between the vial and a receiving cartridge. The fluid path may include a vial connector adapted to couple to a vial, a filler head, and a conduit connecting the vial connector and filler head. The filling device typically further includes a pump coupled to the fluid path and adapted to propel the injectate from the vial to the receiving cartridge, and a cartridge-advancing element. Activation of the cartridge-advancing element is adapted to sequentially advance empty cartridges into a position opposite the filler head. Also provided are disposable fluid path kits and methods of using the filling device.12-29-2011
20110315268Method and apparatus for syringe preparation - An apparatus for preparing a syringe for use in injecting a medication includes a body extending obliquely upwardly, with a carriage slidably secured thereto and adapted to support a syringe. The syringe is fixedly secured to the body, and translation of the carriage proximally and distally knocks off the needle protective cap and the plunger cap. A trough aligned with the syringe enables an injectant vial to be translated downwardly to drive the needle into the vial. A plunger driver is slidably mounted on the body to engage the syringe plunger and assist its withdrawal and retraction. A protective cap holder may be placed on the trough to engage and remove the protective cap for later use.12-29-2011
20120060968POWDER PACKAGING - A powder packaging includes space for containing powder, an outlet opening for the powder, and a dosing device positioned on the outlet opening, the powder dosing device including a dosing body having a first closing part, a second closing part and a dosing chamber between the closing parts. The dosing body is movable between a filling position in which the dosing chamber is accessible for powder in the powder containing space and the second closing part closes off the outlet opening, and a dosing position in which the first closing part closes off the outlet opening and the dosing chamber allows powder to leave the dosing chamber and thus to exit the powder containing space.03-15-2012
20120205001VISCOUS-MATERIAL FILLING METHOD - A method and apparatus are disclosed for transferring and filling a viscous material from a container into a syringe while preventing the ingress of gas into the viscous material during the process of filling the syringe with the viscous material, but without requiring a housing for holding both the container and the syringe in an air-tight manner. The method includes inserting a plunger into the container that holds the viscous material and inserting a first plug, which permits gas flow in one direction, into the syringe. Then, the container is coupled to the syringe, a rod is inserted into the syringe such that the rod engages with the first plug, and the plunger is pushed within the container, thereby extruding the viscous material from the container. As a result, the extruded viscous material is transferred into the syringe and the syringe is filled with the viscous material.08-16-2012
20120000571HOLDING DEVICES AND METHODS FOR USING THE SAME - The present invention provides holding devices and methods for using the same. One aspect of the invention provides a holding device configured to hold a container having a dose or multiple doses of a liquid medicine with a needle-piercable cap. The holding device includes a holder for the container, a base, and an angular adjustment linkage between the base and the holder. Another aspect of the invention provides a method of loading a syringe with a liquid medicament held in a container. The method includes: providing a holding device including a holder for the container, a base, and an angular adjustment linkage between the base and the holder; placing the holding device on a surface; placing the container into the holder; and using two hands to draw the liquid medicament from the container into the syringe.01-05-2012
20120000569RESERVOIR FILLING AID FOR A MEDICAL PUMP - A reservoir filling aid for a reservoir of a medical infusion pump is disclosed. The reservoir filling aid comprises a main body for supporting the reservoir during the filling of the reservoir with a medical serum and a supply vial adapter end positioned at a first end of the main body. The supply vial adapter end comprises a plurality of flexible tabs extending from the supply vial adapter end for interfacing with a supply vial containing the medical serum and a shaped ring for housing the plurality of flexible tabs and the supply vial while in a closed configuration to establish a fluid connection between the supply vial and the reservoir. The interior of the supply vial adapter end may also have a spiral track for additional security. A removable adapter may be fitted on the top of small supply vials.01-05-2012
20120000570HOLDING DEVICES AND METHODS FOR USING THE SAME - The present invention provides holding devices and methods for using the same. One aspect of the invention provides a holding device configured to hold a container having a dose or multiple doses of a liquid medicine with a needle-piercable cap. The holding device includes a holder comprising a split barrel and a base. Another aspect of the invention provides a method of loading a syringe with a liquid medicament held in a container. The method includes: providing a holding device including a holder including a split barrel and a base; mounting the holding device on a surface; placing the container into vial holder; and using two hands to draw the liquid medicament from the vial into the syringe.01-05-2012
20120205000SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND ASSEMBLIES FOR FILLING DISPENSERS WITH SEMILIQUID MATERIALS - Described are filling station assemblies for filling dispensers with semiliquid materials, wherein the filling station assemblies include a housing with a drive system and a brake assembly, a shaft releasably coupled to the drive system and adjacent the brake assembly, and a push rod coupled to the shaft. The drive system includes a leveraging plate that is configured to couple to the shaft so as to lower the shaft and push rod from a rest position to an advanced position when a driving force is applied to the drive system. The brake assembly includes a friction surface that is configured to maintain the shaft and push rod in the advanced position when the driving force is removed from the drive system such that the shaft is released from the drive system.08-16-2012
20120042986MODULAR INK CARTRIDGE REFILLING SYSTEM - An inkjet printer cartridge refilling system is described. The system may include a plurality of fixtures or adapters that are configured to hold inkjet printer cartridges. The adapters allow a variety of different configurations of inkjet printer cartridges to be refilled and cleaned by mating the cartridges to universal stations on the refilling system.02-23-2012
20120060969DRUG-ELUTING STENT AND DELIVERY SYSTEM WITH TAPERED STENT IN SHOULDER REGION - A drug-eluting stent delivery system has a balloon disposed about at least a portion of a catheter, the balloon having a first end and a second end and a working length therebetween, the first end and the second end each including a tapered portion, each tapered portion being attached to the catheter, the balloon being inflatable from a collapsed configuration to an inflated configuration. A drug-eluting stent has a first end and a second end, the first end and the second end each including a tapered portion, wherein the drug-eluting stent is disposed over the balloon such that at least a portion of the first end and the second end of the balloon are covered by the tapered drug-eluting stent.03-15-2012
20120125479MONITORING DEVICE INSTALLATION METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method for installing a monitoring device with the simultaneous loading of a particulate catalyst into a vertical catalyst tube includes (i) introducing a monitoring device into the tube, (ii) introducing monitoring device alignment apparatus into the tube, (iii) introducing catalyst loading apparatus into the tube, (iv) loading catalyst particles into the top of the tube whereinafter they contact said catalyst loading apparatus as they pass down the tube, forming a uniform bed of catalyst beneath said catalyst loading apparatus and alignment apparatus and around said monitoring device, and (v) simultaneously removing the catalyst loading apparatus and alignment apparatus from the catalyst tube in timed relationship to the catalyst loading. The monitoring device alignment apparatus includes a ring member and two or more spacing members affixed to the ring member such that the ring member and the monitoring device are centrally positioned within the tube.05-24-2012
20120132314Filling Assembly for Metering Powder and Method for Operating such a Filling Assembly - The invention relates to a filling assembly for volumetric metering of fine grained powder (05-31-2012
20120216908Methods Of Drug Loading A Hollow Stent By Immersion - A method of loading a composition into a structural element of a stent, where the structural element is defined by a lumen and at least one opening to access the lumen. The structural element, or a stent having such a structural element, is immersed in a solution or a composition, and the composition or solution is allowed to fill the lumen. The composition or solution may comprise a therapeutic agent.08-30-2012
20100051134FUEL STORAGE FACILITY AND METHOD FOR FILLING AND/OR EMPTYING THE TANKS OF SAID FACILITY - This storage facility (I) comprises at least one light fuel tank (C03-04-2010
20100051135CONTRAST CONTAINER HOLDER AND METHOD TO FILL SYRINGES - The filling of a syringe can be performed at a faster rate using a filling sequence which expels air from the fill tube before filling the syringe. A similar method is used when changing contrast containers during a filling sequence to ensure that all the air is expelled from the fill tube before filling resumes with the new contrast container. Additionally, by including a contrast container holder that is affixed to an injector head and holds the container near the syringe tip, the filling sequence can be accomplished without requiring the operator to hold the contrast container during the sequence.03-04-2010
20120312415METHOD AND UNIT FOR THE STERILE FILLING OF A FINAL BASIC CONTAINER WITH CONTENT INTENDED FOR THE BIOPHARMACEUTICAL FIELD - A method for the sterile filling of at least one final basic container, includes: providing at least one sterile chamber having at least one sterile entrance port and providing a source container containing the content, located outside the chamber; providing a communication element, a dispensing element and at least one filling member, to form when all are assembled, a sterile fluid filling and transfer line; inserting at least one final container into the chamber; structurally combining at least one final container with at least one filling member; providing inner members and elements in sterile condition for a single-use; inserting the inner element and members which were previously outside the chamber in the chamber in a sterile manner, such that after filling, a new filling process can be performed without sterilizing the inside of the chamber; transferring in a filling step content from the source container into the final container.12-13-2012
20120073699INK TANK FOR INKJET PRINTER - The present invention relates to an ink tank for an ink jet printer. The invention further relates to a method of manufacturing the ink tank, as well as well as a method of refilling the ink tank. The ink tank includes an ink tank body and an ink tank lid bonded to the ink tank body at a bond joint. The ink tank lid comprises an opening that leads to a holding area that is adapted to contain a capillary media therein. The holding area comprises a wall that forms a boundary between the capillary media and an enclosure defined by the ink tank body and the ink tank lid. The opening is sized to permit an insertion and removal of the capillary media to and from the holding area when the ink tank lid is bonded to the ink tank body at the bond joint.03-29-2012
20120312414METHOD OF SUPPLYING PAINT TO A PAINT CARTRIDGE - A paint supply method supplies a paint into a paint cartridge by using a filling valve that has: a paint supply channel that is linkable in communication with a supply portion provided for supplying the paint into the paint cartridge; a branch channel that branches from the paint supply channel near a site of linkage in communication between the supply portion and the paint supply channel; and a trigger valve as an open-close valve of the paint supply channel which is disposed in the paint supply channel upstream of the site of linkage in communication. After a filling liquid is filled into the branch channel, the trigger valve (open-close valve) is opened, and the paint is supplied into the paint cartridge via the paint supply channel.12-13-2012
20120186691SECURED SYSTEM FOR FIRE SUPPRESSION REFILL AND RECOVERY - A secured system for fire suppression refill and recovery and a method for using such system. Operation of the system involves the refilling of an extinguisher tank with matter from a storage tank, the recovery of matter from an extinguisher tank to a storage tank, the cleansing of matter within a tank, and the purging of matter from a tank. The system includes a secure recovery unit, secure tank units, and equipment for connecting the recovery unit to the tank units. The system is configured such that, during its operation, safety and security risks commonly associated with the transfer of matter to and from extinguisher tanks are greatly reduced.07-26-2012
20120261027NEEDLE WITH CLOSURE AND METHOD - A needle has a hollow shaft, a tip formed at one end of the shaft, one or more ports in fluid communication with the interior of the hollow shaft, and a closure. The closure and/or the shaft is movable between (i) a first position wherein the closure closes the port(s), and (ii) a second position opening the port(s).10-18-2012
20120325365AUTOMATED SYRINGE FILLER AND LOADING APPARATUS - An automated method for the filling of syringes including the steps of holding an uncapped syringe in a vertical position with an exposed needle extending at the top. A horizontally rotatable plate holding inverted vials of liquid with needle perforatable septum is position above the needle. The motorized plate with the positioned vial descends on the needle perforating the septum. The syringe plunger can be lowered using a motorized plunger tool and drawing liquid into the syringe. The vial and plate can be elevated separating the needle from the septum. The plate can be optionally rotated to position a second vial above the needle. The needle, now filled with liquid, e.g., medicine can also be removed from the holder. The method can be combined with a cap extractor/installer component. The apparatus comprises a motor driven rotatable plate, a motorized syringe plunger tool. It can comprise a motor controlled rotating carousel.12-27-2012
20100230000Fabric Care Products - Laundry care products comprising a plastic container containing a laundry care composition, wherein the container comprises a self venting tap functionally attached to the container, provides for a product that is free of a venting chimney and/or the container's fill volume to be maximized.09-16-2010
20120279609METHOD OF USING A PAINT CUP ASSEMBLY - A method of using a paint cup assembly with a paint sprayer includes filling a paint cup assembly with paint, closing the paint cup assembly, inverting the paint cup assembly, and engaging the paint cup assembly with the paint sprayer. The paint cup assembly includes a spring loaded valve to prevent paint from leaking from the paint cup assembly when the paint cup assembly is inverted.11-08-2012
20120318402Machine and Method for the Automatic Preparation of Intravenous Medication - A machine for the automatic preparation of an intravenous medication is provided. In one implementation the machine has a chamber with a starting products area where at least one receptacle is disposed with a base product from which the intravenous medication is generated, a transfer tools area where at least one transfer tool that is used to prepare the required medication is disposed, a prepared products area where at least one container to house the prepared medication is disposed, and a first robot to handle the transfer tool, the first robot being adapted to transport the transfer tool between the transfer tools area, the starting products area and the prepared products area in order to prepare the intravenous medication.12-20-2012
20100218844Method and Apparatus for Changeover of Container in a Fluid Dispenser - In a method and apparatus for changeover of containers of a highly soluble substance in a continuous flow process, fluid is flowed through a container of the substance to generate a solution until the substance is depleted and the concentration of the solution starts to drop. The solution from the first container is then directed through a second container containing a charge of the substance to maintain a saturated solution. When the first container is fully exhausted, the flow of fluid is switched to isolate the first container and to flow the fluid directly into the second container whereupon the first container can be safely removed. The arrangement is operated as a lead lag system with solution flowing through the containers at or close to plug flow to minimize mixing.09-02-2010
20120090730METHOD AND BOTTLE FOR DISPENSING A FLUID PRODUCT - A method of dispensing a fluid product by using a dispensing bottle which includes a rigid body in which a reservoir for packaging the fluid product is formed and a device for taking off the packaged fluid product that is mounted sealingly on the body, the body also being equipped with a valve for filling the reservoir, the method, prior to the initial filling of the reservoir with fluid product, making provision for putting the empty reservoir in communication with an air suction device and activating the device in order to create a negative pressure inside the reservoir; subsequently effecting the initial filling of the reservoir by putting a product source in sealed communication with the reservoir by means of the valve; dispensing the packaged fluid product by actuating the take-off device.04-19-2012
20120090729METHOD FOR FUELING RAIL SYSTEM FUEL TENDER - A method for fueling a rail system fuel tender which comprises a chassis and one or more fuel containers, with each fuel container adapted to contain a quantity of pressurized fuel, where the method comprises storing fuel at a fuel source storage facility located distant from the fuel tender, delivering fuel by a fuel delivery means from the fuel source storage facility to the fuel tender, and fueling the fuel tender by a fuel filling means.04-19-2012
20120138187DELIVERING LIQUID ADDITIVE - A reservoir assembly (06-07-2012
20100175777CONTAINER, SUCH AS TUBE OR THE LIKE, THE FILLING AND CLOSING PROCESS THEREOF, AND THE DISPENSING PROCESS OF THE REMAINING PROCESS OF THE REMAINING PRODUCT TO BE DISPENSED - The invention relates to a container, such as a tube or the like, for storing and dispensing viscous to paste-like dispensing products, made of plastic, composite, or metal, and having an arbitrary cross-section, wherein the container has a shoulder comprising a dispensing opening, and a cladding that is permanently and tightly connected to said shoulder, wherein the cladding can be tightly closed after filling with the product to be dispensed. After the filling of the tube, or of the container (07-15-2010
20100132830PRINT CARTRIDGE - A method of making a print cartridge comprises providing an ink housing 06-03-2010
20130014856METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING LIQUID MEDICINE - Disclosed in this specification is a medicine container with a flexible flap covering the opening of the container. The opening is closed by the flexible flap when the flexible flap is in a resting position and the opening is opened when the flexible flap is in a flexed position. A hand-operated plunger is equipped with an end configured to mate with the opening such that a seal is established between the plunger and the opening. The plunger is shaped to apply a force to the flexible flap, thereby operating the flexible flap.01-17-2013
20120241043ORAL SYRINGE PACKAGING SYSTEM FOR HOSPITAL PHARMACIES - A semi-automated system suitable for use in a hospital setting for filling patient-specific liquid prescriptions to be administered by oral syringes on a just-in-time basis. The system enables hospital pharmacists to simplify and streamline their task, increasing the number of prescriptions that can be filled in a day, improving patient safety and care by minimizing medication errors and the consequences that ensue.09-27-2012
20120241042AUTOMATED SYRINGE FILLER AND LOADING APPARATUS - The disclosure pertains to an automated apparatus for filling capped needle syringes. The syringes are held in a rotatable motor controlled carousel. The carousel turns to place a syringe proximate to a dispenser mechanism. A rotatable plate on top of the dispenser mechanism holds an automated cap extractor/installer and at least one inverted vial having a needle perforatable surface. The rotatable plate can also move up and down relative to the top of the dispenser mechanism. The cap can be removed by the automated cap extractor/installer and the rotatable plate rotated to place the inverted vial over the exposed syringe needle. The rotatable plate can descend so that the needle perforates the surface of the vial. A syringe plunger tool of the dispenser mechanism engages the syringe plunger and pulls it downward. The syringe plunger tool can disengage and return to its original position. The rotatable plate can raise to remove the needle from the vial. The rotatable plate can rotate to place the automated cap extractor/installer over the exposed needle. The automated cap extractor/installer holding the syringe needle cap can descend and the cap reattached to the syringe. The carousel can rotate to present the filled and capped syringe to an automated syringe inverter/extractor component that removes the capped syringe from the carousel and places the syringe in a holder.09-27-2012
20080245436Beverage dispenser with apparatus for lifting and transferring loads - An apparatus for lifting a load and transferring the load to an inverted orientation for placement includes a fixed frame, a first moveable frame slidably connected to the fixed frame to move longitudinally relative thereto, a second moveable frame sidably connected to the first moveable frame to move longitudinally relative thereto upon movement of the first moveable frame relative to the fixed frame, and a load platform pivotally connected to the second moveable frame so as to allow rotation of the load platform and a load carried thereon so as to invert the orientation of the load. In a preferred embodiment the apparatus for lifting and transferring is integrated with a beverage dispenser for lifting a large water bottle to the top of the dispenser, and inverting and placing the water bottle on the dispenser for use. In another embodiment a mobile lifting apparatus is provided.10-09-2008
20080223479LIQUID DISPENSER ADAPTER - A filling adapter for conveying liquid from a first liquid container to a second liquid container is provided. The filling adapter includes an adapter body having a top end and an opposite button end, the top end adapted for fitting an opening in the first liquid container, the bottom end adapted for fitting an opening in the second liquid container, and an open path in the adapter body from the top end to the bottom end for communicating liquid from the opening in the first liquid container to the opening in the second liquid container.09-18-2008
20080223478METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR THE BOTTOM-UP FILLING OF BEVERAGE CONTAINERS - A method and apparatus are disclosed for filling specially-designed beverage containers from the bottom through a one-way port. One embodiment of the invention employs an umbrella valve (09-18-2008
20130174937Puncture Free Bottle Cork and the Application Thereof - A puncture free bottle cork has a body and a cap for covering a bottle opening. The body has at least one channel defined therein for receiving a syringe or an infusion bottle connector. The body is composed of an exterior body and a flange integrally formed with and extending downward from the exterior body for direct insertion of the bottle opening. The number of the at least one channel corresponds to number of the syringe or the infusion bottle connector such that when the number of the at least one channel is one, injection and drawing of medication to/from the bottle is using the single one channel and when the number of the at least one channel is plural, injection and drawing of medication to/from the bottle is using different channels.07-11-2013
20130112312REVERSIBLE FLOW INDUCER - A hot melt dispensing system includes a container for storing adhesive pellets, a melt system for heating adhesive pellets into a liquid, and a feed system connecting the container to the melt system. The feed system includes a reversible flow inducer having a first position for directing air flow toward the melt system. The reversible flow inducer also has a second position for directing air flow toward the container.05-09-2013
20130146174ADAPTOR FOR CONNECTING A FLUID PACKAGE TO A DISPENSER BOTTLE - Adapters, systems, and methods are provided that can be used to refill a fluid dispenser bottle. An adapter is used to connect a fluid package to a dispenser bottle. The adapter includes a duct configured to convey a fluid being transferred from the fluid package to the dispenser bottle; a fluid package coupler coupled with the duct and configured to couple with the fluid package so as to place the duct in fluid communication with the fluid package; a dispenser bottle coupler coupled with the duct and configured to couple with the dispenser bottle so as to place the duct in fluid communication with the dispenser bottle; and at least one orifice disposed offset from the duct for venting the dispenser bottle when fluid is transferred from the fluid package to the dispenser bottle.06-13-2013
20120273087METHOD OF DISPENSING READY-FOR-USE SYRINGES HAVING A MEDICATION DOSE - A method of dispensing at least one syringe in real time having a medication dose comprising the steps of: loading a pumping station with at least one medication container, chosen from a plurality of standard medication containers; loading the pumping station with the at least one syringe fitted with a hypodermic needle, the hypodermic needle being covered with a needle cover, the at least one syringe selected from a plurality of syringes; drawing the medication dose through the needle of the at least one syringe from the at least one medication container; configuring an on-board computer to integrate patient real time life signs data with patient information to determine in real time the medication dose; and dispensing the at least one selected syringe to a syringe dispensing apparatus having a syringe tray which protrudes from the dosage dispensing device, the syringe having the medication dose.11-01-2012
20130180617PLASTIC BEER KEG - A beer keg includes a container having a base and a wall extending upward from a periphery of the base. A liner within the container includes a base, sidewalls and a mouth. The base of the liner interlocks with the base of the container to prevent relative rotation therebetween. A valve is disposed over the mouth of the liner.07-18-2013
20130180618Multi-Dose Vial and Method - A vial for storing multiple doses of a substance to be dispensed into one or more syringes or other delivery devices. The vial has a body, a variable-volume storage chamber within the body for storing multiple doses of the substance therein, and a one-way valve connectable in fluid communication with a syringe or other delivery device. The one-way valve is moveable relative to the body between first and second positions (i) one of which permits the valve to open so that substance from the variable-volume storage chamber can flow therethrough and into the syringe or other delivery device connected in fluid communication therewith, and (ii) one of which prevents the valve from opening.07-18-2013
20110308665BONE REPLACEMENT MATERIAL MIXING AND DELIVERY DEVICES AND METHODS OF USE - Bone cement mixing and delivery devices and methods of using the devices are provided. The bone cement mixing and delivery devices and methods comprise a container having a bottom opening that can be sealed by a spacer in a syringe where movement of the plunger of the syringe moves the spacer away from the bottom opening in the container to dispense bone cement into the syringe. In some embodiments, the devices and methods increases efficiency and reduce the mess associated with transferring the bone cement to the syringe for delivery to a patient.12-22-2011
20130186512MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE WITH A CHAMBER FOR STORING A LIQUID - A microfluidic device has a chamber for storing a liquid. The chamber includes at least in part a hydrophobic surface on an internal wall.07-25-2013
20120018032MANIFOLD FOR A PRINTHEAD - A printhead assembly is described including multiple printheads, a manifold and multiple inlet tubes. The printheads each include: a fluid inlet to receive fluid into the printhead; and a set of one or more nozzles to deposit fluid on a substrate. The manifold is connected to the printheads and includes: a fluid inlet duct configured to receive fluid for delivery to the printheads; multiple fluid inlet channels for connecting the fluid inlet duct to the printheads; and multiple fluid inlet valves configured to control a flow of fluid from the fluid inlet duct to each of the fluid inlet channels. The inlet tubes each have a proximal end integral to either the manifold or one of the printheads, and a distal end connected to either the manifold or said printhead with a single fluid-tight connection.01-26-2012
20120018031Sealing Grommet And Method Of Filling - The grommet used for sealing the charging opening in a pressurized dispensing container is designed so that it can be held in a venting state prior to the charging of the propellant chamber. The design involves an annular ridge above the neck of the grommet and an annular groove above the annular ridge. In that fashion, the grommet can be held loosely on the opening in the base of the container. Flats or cutaways on the crown and groove assure passageway between the propellant chamber and the outside so that air can be taken in and expelled from the propellant chamber during the product loading stages.01-26-2012
20130199662REFILLABLE LIQUID PRODUCT CONTAINER - A refillable liquid product container system comprises a liquid product container (08-08-2013

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