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138 - Pipes and tubular conduits

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138109000 With end structure 74
138106000 With external support structure 47
138104000 With indicating means 19
138110000 With hose protector 18
138108000 With means to support disparate element therein 11
20130037155STATIC DISSIPATION IN COMPOSITE STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS - A pipe system for containing corrosive petroleum products with a total resistance of less than 1 MEG ohms to ground from all points to prevent the accumulation of static electricity is provided. The pipe system has at least two pipe sections, each comprising a structural layer and a corrosion resistant layer. The corrosion resistant layer has at least a conductive surface area in contact with the fluid, with the conductive surface area defining an electrical pathway extending a length of the pipe section. Each pipe section has a tapered end exposing a portion of the corrosion resistant layer. The two pipe sections are joined at the tapered ends by a conductive adhesive overlay. The conductive adhesive overlay is electrically connected to a grounding device, wherein the grounding device helps dissipate build-up of electrostatic charge in the pipe system carrying the fluid.02-14-2013
20130037154MULTILAYER TUBE FOR TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER - The present invention provides a multilayer tube for a transmission oil cooler. The multilayer tube for the transmission oil cooler includes a hose part having a multilayer structure. The multilayer structure includes a hollow inner-layer hose and an outer-layer hose. The hollow inner-layer hose is formed of a polyphthalamide or polyamide material. The outer-layer hose is formed of a polyamide612 or polyamide610 and is stacked on the outer surface of the inner-layer hose.02-14-2013
20130081733LIQUID CONTROL APPARATUS - A liquid control apparatus that controls a spread of a liquid has a main body that has a supply subject surface onto which the liquid is supplied. The appartus also has a mesh form body that is woven into a mesh form and provided to contact the supply subject surface and a guiding member that is provided to contact an opposite side of the mesh form body to the main body side.04-04-2013
20120211116DECOMPOSITION CONDUIT FABRICATION METHOD - A method of fabricating a decomposition conduit with an in-line static mixer, the method comprising molding a decomposition conduit housing around a sand core by inserting molding material into a cavity between a decomposition conduit housing mold and the sand core, where the sand core includes a static mixer and, where the act of molding the decomposition conduit housing is operative to mount the static mixer to the molded decomposition conduit housing.08-23-2012
20130019984Pipe Pitch Article, System and Method of Installation - An article, system and method of installation of a pipe in fixed association with at least one stanchion, said stanchion having a mount for fixing the stanchion to a mounting surface, said length of stanchion serving to establish a fixed distance between the pipe relative to the mounting surface, such that when the pipe is mounted thereon the surface, a pitch of the pipe in the direction of the sink and away from the source of a liquid insures the proper rate of gravitational flow of the liquid therein.01-24-2013
20120222770FLEXIBLE UNBONDED OIL PIPE SYSTEM WITH AN OPTICAL FIBER SENSOR INSIDE - The invention relates to an unbonded flexible pipe comprising an internal sheath, at least one armor layer surrounding said internal sheath and a bore defined by said internal sheath, the flexible pipe further comprising a fiber sensor arranged in said bore. By arranging the fiber in the bore of the unbounded flexible pipe, new opportunities for sensing desired properties of the unbounded flexible pipe is provided.09-06-2012
20110315259CABLE EDGING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Devices and methods are provided for deploying optical fiber-optic cables or other cables. A general planar device is formed with a conduit disposed along the device. One or more fiber-optic cables or other types of communication cables are inserted through the conduit. The device with the embedded cables is pressed into the ground and can be used to provide high-bandwidth communications to a user's home from a service provider.12-29-2011
20110272052Rodent Guard - Rodent guard for installation in a substantially circular pipe opening, where said guard comprises a flexible shield and two barriers pivotably suspended from said shield, where said barriers are arranged in close proximity of each other, and where each barrier has a blade and a mounting member projecting from said blade, where the mounting member comprises means for pivotably mounting the barrier in the shield, and that in a distal portion of the mounting member means are provided for engaging the other barrier and/or the other barrier's mounting member in a certain relative position of the two barriers.11-10-2011
20110079312Sectional Hose Float - The present invention is directed to a replaceable flotation device for providing buoyancy to a flexible hose. The device generally comprises two or more buoyancy members for surrounding said hose, said buoyancy members are operably connected as an assembly which can be easily replaced or repositioned along a length of the hose.04-07-2011
20080283137Safety line hose - A safety line hose to which a worker can be attached and which includes a passageway for communicating an air compressor with a pneumatic tool. The safety line hose can include an elongated flexible pneumatic hose, an elongated flexible tubing enveloping the pneumatic hose, and an elongated, flexible, wear resistant sheath enveloping the tubing. A compressor air hose connector or other suitable attachment is attached to the end of the pneumatic hose located at the first end of the safety line hose, and can be adapted to be connected to the outlet of an air compressor hose or other source of air such as the air compressor itself. A pneumatic tool connector can be attached to the end of the pneumatic hose located adjacent the second end of the safety line hose, and can be adapted to be connected to a pneumatic tool. A fastening member can be attached to the first end of the safety line hose and can be adapted to be releasably fastened to a safety line attachment member.11-20-2008
20120103454SPIRAL WOUND MEMBRANE ELEMENT PRODUCT WATER TUBE WITH EXTERNAL FLOW GROOVES - The disclosed product water tube is for use with a filter element having a filter membrane. The product water tube has a tube wall with a plurality of apertures formed therein to allow permeate from the filter membrane to pass through the tube wall and into a center portion of the tube. The tube wall has an outer surface having a pattern of ridges and channels that conduct the permeate across the outer surface of the tube to the apertures.05-03-2012
20090314373Aircraft duct system - A duct system comprises a duct region to be monitored and an aircraft leakage monitoring element (12-24-2009
20100243094Heat-sealable tubular laminate - The invention relates to a polymer film laminate (09-30-2010
20110023985Multilayer tube, particularly for industrial systems for the production and/or treatment of chemical compounds and the like - A multilayer tube for industrial systems for the production and/or treatment of chemical compounds, in fluid form, comprising a plurality of layers, of which at least one internal layer forming the duct for the fluid, an electrically conducting layer external to the internal layer, and a protection and finishing layer of the electrically conducting layer which it covers, forming the outer surface of the multilayer tube.02-03-2011
20120031517TEMPERATURE SENSOR - A temperature sensor includes a cramp and a thermistor. The cramp is adapted to be inserted into an opening formed in an object, and has a shaft member. A flange member is extended from the shaft member in a direction orthogonal to an inserting direction in which the cramp is inserted into the opening. An engaging member extended from an end part of the shaft member toward the flange member in a direction inclined with the inserting direction. The thermistor is provided in the shaft member and is disposed in the end part. The engaging member and the flange member are adapted to cramp the object therebetween when the cramp is inserted into the opening.02-09-2012
20110240163FIBRE OPTIC TAPE ASSEMBLY - An optical fibre tape assembly for attaching an optical fibre to the surface of a pipe comprising; at least one optical fibre; and a tape having an attachment means to enable attachment of the tape to the pipe; wherein the optical fibre runs longitudinal along the tape and is integral with the tape.10-06-2011
20110017334WIRED CONDUIT SEGMENT AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A method of manufacturing a downhole conduit segment is disclosed. The method includes: extruding a material as a tubular shape to form a body of the conduit segment having an interior bore extending through a length of the segment, the body including an exterior surface and an interior surface defined by the interior bore, the material being an extrudable material sufficient to withstand conditions in a downhole environment; and extruding at least one passageway extending along the length of the body and disposed at least partially between the exterior surface and the interior surface, the at least one passageway having a shape configured to restrict lateral movement of a conductor disposed therein.01-27-2011
20120031516Axle Sleeve Manufacturing Process - A system and method for the manufacture of aircraft landing gear axle equipment is provided of two primary steps: hot pierce and tube solid billet stock; and flow form process. The hot pierce and tube process converts a standard solid round billet by heating it well beyond its annealing temperature. The billet is then pierced with a lance and hot rolled into a seamless tube. The tube is then precision flow formed as an incremental metal forming technique in which a tube of metal is formed over a mandrel by a multiple rollers using tremendous pressure. The rollers deform the work piece, forcing it against the mandrel, simultaneously lengthening the part axially and radially thinning the cross-sectional wall of the workpiece.02-09-2012
20120067448LINE ELEMENT - Line element and method for forming a line element. The line element includes a fluid line, and a housing structured and arranged to surround the fluid line in a radially fluid-tight manner. An annular space is formed between the fluid line and the housing, which is filled at least in part with a compressible medium, and the fluid line has at least one opening inside the annular space.03-22-2012
20120042978Traceable and Theft Deterrent Reclaimable Product - A theft deterrent product may be provided. First, a plurality of unique codes may be created. Then a plurality of indicia may be placed periodically and longitudinally on the product. The plurality of indicia may respectively correspond to the plurality of unique codes. The product may have an outer layer and into an portion. Placing the plurality of indicia may comprise etching through the outer layer and into the inner portion. In a database, the plurality of unique codes may be assigned to an organizational entity. The organizational entity may comprise a first enterprise.02-23-2012
20120006441PROTECTIVE SHEATH - The present invention relates to a protective sheath (01-12-2012
20120152395CONDUIT BODY COVER SCREW RETENTION - An improved mechanism for retaining screws for a conduit body cover is disclosed. The screws are retained by a layer of PVC lining the inner surface of holes in the cover.06-21-2012
20120118422Shield for Diverting Air Flow - A movable shield for directing air flow to or from a heating and air conditioning unit is described. The shield defines a duct for directing air flow. The duct can be positioned vertically so that airflow occurs in a preferred direction. The shield has a panel and a plurality of connectors for movably securing the shield to a vertical surface. Moving the shield can overcome the natural convective tendencies of treated air. Heated air can be directed downward, and cooled air can be directed upward. This can improve energy efficiency.05-17-2012
20120125467AIR GUIDE AND AIR-GUIDING SYSTEM - An air guide includes a tube body, a first guiding plate and a second guiding plate. The tube body has an outlet. The first guiding plate and the second guiding plate are disposed in the tube body. One end of the second guiding plate away from the outlet is protruded with respect to the first guiding plate by a first length.05-24-2012
20120211115PIPE ENCLOSURE APPARATUS - A pipe enclosure apparatus includes an L-shaped main portion having a first wall and a second wall, a first flange formed integrally with the first wall, and a second flange formed integrally with the second wall. The thickness of the first wall, the second wall, the first flange, and the second flange is substantially equivalent. At a first end of the pipe enclosure apparatus, the pipe enclosure forms a connecting region. The connecting region is offset inwardly toward a pipe receiving region formed by the pipe enclosure apparatus. The offset of the connecting region permits the connecting region of the pipe enclosure to be telescopically inserted into a second end of another pipe enclosure apparatus of substantially identical construction08-23-2012
20120247597DEVICE FOR CONNECTING AN AIR LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM TO A SLEEVE THAT ENVELOPS A PRESSURIZED AIR HOSE OF AN AIRCRAFT - An aircraft includes a hose that makes it possible to channel the pressurized air that is used in a sleeve (10-04-2012
20120168019FAIRING HAVING IMPROVED STABILITY - An apparatus including a fairing having a tail portion and an end portion capable of suppressing a vortex-induced vibration of a tubular. The apparatus further including a stabilizing member attached to the end portion of the fairing, the stabilizing member dimensioned to increase a thickness of the end portion of the fairing and a flange member attached to the stabilizing member, the flange member dimensioned to increase a chord dimension of the fairing so as to improve a stability of the fairing.07-05-2012
20120073693INSULATION AND METHODS OF INSULATING - An insulation panel and a method of insulating a pipeline are disclosed by the present application. In one exemplary embodiment, the insulation panel includes one or more pieces of compressible fiberglass insulation material and a coated fabric cover encasing the one or more pieces of insulation material. The coated fabric cover includes a first fastening portion disposed along a first end of the insulation panel and a second fastening portion disposed between the first end and a second end of the insulation panel. The first end of the insulation panel overlaps the second end of the insulation panel when the insulation panel is installed on a pipeline or other structure. Further, attachment of the first fastening portion to the second fastening portion secures the coated fabric cover around the pipeline or other structure.03-29-2012
20120325358AIR DUCT - An air duct includes a main body and a panel. The main body includes a top wall defining a depressed portion. A front wall of the depressed portion defines an inlet. A rear wall of the depressed portion defines two outlets. The top wall forms two fixing portions at the front side of the top wall. A pole is mounted to the rear side of the top wall, between the outlets. A first end of the panel is rotatably connected to the pole; a second end of the board opposite to the first end is operable to be selectively mounted to one of the fixing portions.12-27-2012
20110048565Device for the deflection of the air jet pulse from the air dryer of large truck air brakes - The air deflection device disclosed herein prevents the development of a cloud of dirt and debris when the air dryer essential to the air brakes of large trucks or other vehicles ejects a high velocity pulse of air from the bottom of the air dryer onto the ground. The air deflection device disclosed herein deflects the pulse of air away from the ground harmlessly toward the engine and transmission of the truck. The air deflection device disclosed herein is designed and configured so as to easily fit and be fastened to the bottom of a truck's air braking system air dryer. The pulse of air from the air dryer is routed through the air deflection device in such a manner as to be harmlessly directed toward the engine and transmission of the large truck.03-03-2011
20130014848Apparatus for obstructing rats in sewage pipesAANM O'Reilly; GerardAACI Tel AvivAACO ILAAGP O'Reilly; Gerard Tel Aviv IL - A barrier, installed in the sewage pipe and intended to prevent the penetration of rats, that comprises a main body shaped like a short hollow sleeve, a main obstructing plate, a secondary obstructing plate, a first locking tongue, and a second locking tongue; whereby the sleeve is shaped like a short hollow pipe with a flat top part; and whereby the main obstructing plate is shaped like an ellipse whose upper edge is truncated, forming a straight line, and which has a hole at the bottom beneath which are two protruding pins. A top pin and a bottom pin; and whereby the secondary obstructing plate is also shaped like an ellipse with a truncated upper edge, forming a straight line, and has a protruding pin near its bottom edge; and whereby the first and second locking tongues have the general shape of a rectangle; and whereby the main obstructing plate, the secondary obstructing plate, and the locking tongues are all attached to the flat top of the sleeve, from the inside, using hinges.01-17-2013
20130118626METHOD OF ATTACHING A STIFFENING WIRE INSIDE A FLEXIBLE HOSE ASSEMBLY - A flexible hose assembly for directing a compressed fluid towards a site is provided. The assembly includes, but is not limited to, a flexible hose, a nozzle, a stiffening wire, and a connecting member. The flexible hose forms an inner fluid channel and has an inlet at a first end which receives the compressed fluid and an outlet at a second end which delivers the compressed fluid. The nozzle is connected with an outlet of the flexible hose. The compressed fluid travels through the nozzle and is directed at the site. The stiffening wire is located in the inner fluid channel. The connecting member has an outlet channel located at the inlet and in the inner fluid channel. The outlet channel is surrounded by the flexible hose. A connecting end of the stiffening wire is fitted between the outlet channel and the flexible hose.05-16-2013
20130139923ABOVE-GROUND REMOVABLE WATER PIPING INSULATION APPARATUS - A thermal cover for a backflow prevention assembly is disclosed. The thermal cover includes a first and second insulated tube each to cover piping components of the backflow prevention assembly an insulated box cover configured to house water control components of the backflow prevention assembly. A first end on each of the insulated tubes is receivable by an insulated box cover and a second end is configured to abut a ground surface. The insulated box cover is sealed using removable fastening means to enable access to the water control components.06-06-2013
20110232794FLOW CHANNEL STRUCTURE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SAME - A flow channel structure includes a substrate having a flow channel formed therein, and plural fibrous bristles extending from the inner wall of the flow channel. The flow channel is configured to allow a solution to flow through the flow channel. The inner wall of the flow channel is made of silicon. The flow channel is configured to allow a solution to flow through the flow channel. This flow channel structure can homogenize the solution inside the flow channel.09-29-2011
20110315260PROTECTIVE PIPE COVER AND SUPPORT APPARATUS - A protective pipe cover and support apparatus is disclosed that provides for secure attachment to an underlying surface, such as a concrete, tarmac or stone surface, for example, and which provides for secure retention and support of multiple pipes or other conduits within the pipe cover and protection of the pipes against loads, impacts and/or other forces applied to the pipe cover. The protective pipe cover includes a load bearing cover element with lateral load bearing supports which bear against an underlying surface, a curved outer web extending between the lateral supports, and a central load bearing support extending between the outer web and an underlying surface, and including an anchor for attachment to the surface. The pipe cover also includes a pipe support with multiple pipe retainer clips for resiliently retaining multiple pipes situated between the outer web of the load bearing cover element, and the underlying surface.12-29-2011
20120060958STRUCTURAL ELEMENT, STRUCTURE COMPRISING A STRUCTURAL ELEMENT AND USE OF SAID STRUCTURAL ELEMENT - The invention relates to a structural element comprising a stiff, elongate tubular member, wherein an inner surface of said tubular member and side faces enclose a core extending along at least a length of said tubular member, wherein said core is provided with a fluid under pressure. The invention furthermore relates to a method for hoisting a stiff, elongate tubular member.03-15-2012
20130206267FLAME RESISTANT HOSE COUPLING - A hose and coupling combination wherein the hose is made of an inner tube which is enclosed by a reinforcing section which is further enclosed by a flame-resisting section and the coupling is made of inner sleeve with an outer sleeve adjacent to and enclosing a linear portion of the inner sleeve and arranged such that the outer sleeve and the inner sleeve form a cavity into which the flame-resisting section fits such that a gap is provided between the reinforcing section and the flame-resisting section.08-15-2013

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