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138 - Pipes and tubular conduits

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138030000 Variable capacity chambers 88
20130160883HYDRAULICALLY CONTROLLED ACCUMULATOR-CHAMBER VALVE - A hydraulically controlled accumulator-chamber valve has a closing element and a tappet. The closing element is prestressed via a first compression spring and seals a valve seat in a valve body. The tappet reaches through a leadthrough in the valve body and is moved by an accumulator piston. The accumulator piston is loaded by a second compression spring. The tappet is moved to press the closing element out of the valve seat when there is a specified balance of forces between the spring prestressing forces and a hydraulically active force. The closing element and the tappet are configured as a single-piece component, in order to guide the tappet in the leadthrough in a longitudinally movable manner. The tappet bears against an end face of the accumulator piston during an opening movement.06-27-2013
20110272051Damper Arrangement - A damper arrangement provided in connection with a pipeline for regulating a gas flow being conveyed through the pipeline in a direction. The pipeline over a given distance comprises a branch section, where it is divided into at least two branch pipelines each comprising a damper device that independently of one another can be placed in a fully open position or in a fully closed position. In some embodiments, the branch pipelines after the branch section as seen in the gas conveying direction are united into one single pipeline.11-10-2011
20080289713Fluid Pressure Pulsation Damper Mechanism and High-Pressure Fuel Pump Equipped with Fluid Pressure Pulsation Damper Mechanism - A fluid pressure pulsation damper mechanism comprising: a metal damper having two metal diaphragms joined together with a hermetic seal for forming a sealed spacing filled with a gas between the two metal diaphragms, an edge part at which are overlapped along outer peripheries thereof; a main body having a damper housing in which the metal damper is accommodated; and a cover attached to the main body to cover the damper housing and isolate the damper housing from an outside air, the metal damper being held between the cover and the main body; wherein the cover is further comprising: a metal plate for making the cover, a peripheral edge of the cover being joined to the main body, a plurality of inner convex curved parts extending toward the main body and a plurality of outer convex curved parts extending in a direction away from the main body, and a plurality of the inner convex curved parts and a plurality of the outer convex parts being disposed alternately inside the peripheral edge of the cover at which the cover is joined to the main body; wherein the cover is attached to the main body, ends of the plurality of inner convex curved parts touch one side of the edge part of the metal damper, which are outwardly formed in radial directions of a part including the sealed spacing in the metal damper; and the metal damper is held between the cover and a metal damper holding part of a holding member placed on the main body.11-27-2008
20110030828One Piece Flexible Expansion Loop For Rigid Piping Systems - A piping system for hot water-based fluid substantially above ambient temperature (02-10-2011
20110209790DAMPING ELEMENT FOR DECOUPLING ELEMENTS, IN PARTICULAR FOR MEMBRANE BELLOWS - A decoupling element for a conduit includes an interior hose made of metal and a corrugated exterior hose surrounding the interior hose, with a hollow-cylindrical gap formed between the corrugated exterior hose and the interior hose. At least one damping element is arranged in the gap, with the damping element(s) constructed of a woven fabric made of a high-temperature-resistant material and having an outside surface with at least one bulge, wherein the bulge positively engages with a corrugation of the exterior hose. The exterior hose may be a membrane bellows. The woven fabric may be a metallic material. The at least one damping element covers, along the rotation axis, preferably a proportional length of at least 20% of the hollow-cylindrical gap and has preferably a static stiffness in the radial direction of less than 100 N/mm.09-01-2011
20110253242PUMP INSTALLATIONS - The present invention relates to improvements in or relating to pump installations, It has particular relevance in the field of reciprocating piston pumps, such as condensate removal pumps which are used to remove condensate from air conditioning installations. We describe a liquid pulse damping device (10-20-2011
20110162746OIL BALANCE DEVICE, A COMPRESSOR UNIT AND A METHOD FOR PERFORMING AN OIL BALANCE OPERATION BETWEEN A PLURALITY OF COMPRESSOR UNITS - The present invention disclosures an oil balance device and a method for performing an oil balance operation between a plurality of compressor units, which are suitable for air conditioner units comprising at least two parallel connected compressor units. Each compressor unit comprises at least one parallel connected compressors. The oil balance device comprises an oil reservoir, a first pipe, a second pipe, a third pipe and a fourth pipe. The four pipes communicate with the oil reservoir respectively. Each pipe is provided with at least one valve to control the opening and the closing of the corresponding pipe. The first valve and the fourth valve are closed and the second valve and the third valve are opened if the compressor unit is in normal operation; the first valve and the fourth valve are opened and the second valve and the third valve are closed if the compressor unit supplies oil; the second valve and the fourth valve are opened and the first valve and the third valve are closed, or the third valve and the fourth valve are opened and the first valve and the second valve are closed, if the compressor unit receives oil.07-07-2011
20120000560DEVICE FOR FLUID POWER RECUPERATION - A device for fluid power recuperation with increased efficiency and safety may be used in stationary and mobile applications, such as road building machines, hoisting and conveying equipment as well as hydraulic hybrid vehicles.01-05-2012
20120012216DEVICE FOR DAMPING PRESSURE VARIATIONS IN A SEALED CHAMBER - The present invention relates to a device (01-19-2012
20120325356Pulsation Attenuation - A system, apparatus, and method for attenuating pulsations in a pumping system. The apparatus includes two pipe loops in fluid communication with a pump. Each of the pipe loops includes two branches with the first branch being longer than the second branch by an amount equal to half of a primary wavelength within a range of wavelengths propagating in a fluid discharged from the pump.12-27-2012
20120090717MOBILE ENERGY RECOVERY APPARATUS AND METHOD - An energy recovery apparatus and method for recovering and harvesting energy from passing air is disclosed. Energy recovery and harvesting from passing air is accomplished by creating a pressure differential using high and low pressure ports. The energy represented by the pressure differential is extracted using a mass airfoil device which, in turn, is used to create alternative forms of energy which, in turn, is used to support auxiliary and main systems aboard any moving object or form of transport.04-19-2012
20130199648COMPOSITE ACCUMULATOR - A composite accumulator includes a base having a closed end and an open end, the base having an inner surface that defines a cavity and having a fluid port in communication with the cavity for communicating a hydraulic fluid in and out of the cavity. A cover is disposed over the open end of the base and is secured to the base by a fastener. A piston is disposed within the base and the cover. The piston is sealed to the inner surface of the cover and is translatable along an axis. A biasing member is disposed within the base and the cover and located axially between the piston and the cover. The base and the cover are plastic.08-08-2013

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