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137565110 Pumped fluid control 75
137565170 Combined with fluid receiver 53
137565290 Plural 23
137565230 Vacuum pump 18
137565220 And jet-aspiration type pump 5
20090301587WATER SUPPLY APPARATUS FOR USE IN ICE MAKER - Provided is a water supply apparatus for use in an ice maker, which allows easy prevention of an outflow of water due to a siphon phenomenon after stopping a water supply operation; which enables solving a problem that supplying the water is stopped due to a foreign substance or the like mixed in the water; and which comprises a further hygienic water supply mechanism. The water supply apparatus (12-10-2009
20130160877LIQUID TRAP WITH INTEGRAL JET PUMP - An assembly is provided that integrates a jet pump with a liquid trap to drain liquid fuel from vapor flow, such as vapor vented from a fuel tank. The assembly includes a housing that has a liquid trap configured to trap liquid carried in vapor flowing through the housing. A jet pump has a venturi nozzle and is in selective fluid communication with the liquid trap so that liquid flow through the venturi nozzle induces draining of the liquid trap.06-27-2013
20100319793SUCTION JET PUMP - Suction jet pumps are already known with a driving line which leads via a jet outlet into a suction chamber, where the suction chamber has a suction opening which interacts with a valve element and through which fluid can be sucked into the suction chamber. The valve element together with the suction opening forms a suction valve. The suction jet pump is driven by a driving stream flowing via the driving line. The suction jet pump is arranged in a storage tank and sucks fuel out of a fuel tank into the storage tank. At low levels in the fuel tank, air may sometimes be sucked up and conducted into the storage tank, as a result of which foaming occurs in the storage tank. However, the large volume of the foam causes fuel to be displaced, which may result in partial emptying of the storage tank. This effect is also referred to as dynamic leakage. A characteristic curve of the suction jet pump that represents the suction power as a function of the driving stream has a comparatively steep gradient. Severe foaming occurs only above a critical suction power of the suction jet pump, referred to below as the foam limit. In the case of the suction jet pump according to the invention, foaming is avoided or at least reduced. According to the invention, it is provided that the driving line has a bypass opening which leads into the suction chamber and is arranged in such a manner that the bypass stream thereof acts on the valve element.12-23-2010
20110253236NOVEL ELECTROMAGNETIC COUPLING JET APPARATUS - A massage jet pump may include a motor to rotate a first shaft, a first magnetic pole array may be adapted to be rotated by the first shaft, a second magnetic pole array may be magnetically coupled to the first magnetic pole array and may rotate in accordance with the first magnetic pole array, an impeller may pump the fluid in accordance with the rotation of the second magnetic pole array. The pump may include a mounting housing for pump mounting and prevent water leaking to the motor, a jet assembly to pump the water into dual jet streams, and an electronic sensor circuit to detect the presence of the jet assembly and shut down the motor when the jet assembly is removed from the pump or water level in the basin is low. The jet assembly may include a back cover, a fixed shaft, an impeller, a second magnet plate, and a front cover. The front cover of the jet assembly includes two output ports which guide the water jet streams in parallel or 45 degrees with respect to the axis of the fixed shaft. The jet assembly circulates the water by adapting the centrifugal concept.10-20-2011
20120018019DEVICE FOR DELIVERING FUEL - Devices for delivering fuel are already known, comprising a suction jet pump that is arranged in a storage crucible and has a nozzle and a mixer duct provided downstream of the nozzle and arranged perpendicular to the bottom of the storage crucible, wherein at the outlet of the mixer duct an impingement means is arranged, against which the jet of the nozzle impinges in the substantially unfilled mixer duct, and in doing so is at least partially returned into the mixer duct. It has been found that despite the impingement means the propulsive jet tends to eject the liquid column present in the mixer duct. As soon as the liquid level in the storage crucible has decreased below the outlet of the mixer duct, no more fuel can replenish from above into the mixer duct so that the mixer duct may be unfilled after switching off the suction jet pump. Upon restarting the suction jet pump, an unsatisfying high delay until suction of the suction jet pump occurs, because the volume of the propulsive jet must first fill the mixer duct in order to create a vacuum and suction power. Using the device according to the invention, a pushing out of the liquid column of the mixer duct by the propulsive jet of the suction jet pump is avoided. Thus the lead time of the suction jet pump is approximately equal in all operating states. According to the invention, an additional volume (01-26-2012
137565250 Hand pump 5
20130032232Human Powered Irrigation Diaphragm Pump - A pump system includes a pump unit an assembly frame that receives first and second pumps. A first and second pedal respectively couples to a first and second pump actuating portion. A rocker arrangement has a rocker that pivotally couples the first and second pedals, so a pushing movement of the first pedal in one direction causes a pulling movement of the second pedal in an opposite direction, and vice versa. The first and second pedals respond to a pushing force, respectively move the first and second pump actuating portions for pumping a fluid from the first and second pumps, and correspondingly move the first and second pump actuating portions for drawing the fluid to be pumped into the first and second pumps.02-07-2013
20110240153LOW FUEL PERMEATION PRIMER BULB - A fuel primer is disclosed. The primer includes a rigid valve body having first and second ends with first and second check valves therein. The pump also includes an elastic and substantially fuel impermeable bulb substantially encasing the rigid valve body and sealing to the valve body proximate the first and second check valves.10-06-2011
20110253237PRIMER BULB - A pump includes a substantially tubular housing having an inlet end and an outlet end and defining a central axis and a chamber within the body portion, and a movable valve assembly slidably received within the housing for movement in the direction of the central axis. The pump also includes a handle assembly slidably disposed at least partially around an outer circumference of the housing for movement in the direction of the central axis, the handle assembly being substantially annular ring-shaped, and the handle assembly including a grip engageable by a hand of an operator for manually sliding the handle assembly, the handle assembly being coupled to the movable valve assembly, manual movement of the handle assembly along the central axis causing corresponding movement on the movable valve assembly along the central axis.10-20-2011
20120097275Dual duty hand pump - A dual duty hand pump has two air channels, a hand grip, a piston rod, a piston, a deflating unit and an inflating unit. The hand grip and the piston are mounted on two ends of the piston rod. The deflating unit and the inflating unit are respectively mounted in the air channels and respectively have two check valves mounted therein in two opposite directions. When the hand grip is lifted and pressed down, air respectively flows in and flows out of the hand pump through the air channel. Accordingly, the hand pump provides a practical and convenient solution to integrate inflating and deflating functions as a whole for users to flexibly select from when the dual duty hand pump is in use.04-26-2012
20100051125OIL SAMPLING DEVICE HAVING A FLEXIBLE PISTON AND CHAMBER - A device, system, and method for retrieving a sample of oil from an engine, comprising, a chamber having an inside wall and at least one oil inlet, a piston head received in said chamber and slidable between an empty position in which it is disposed substantially at said inlet and a filled position in which it is a first distance from said inlet, a handle affixed to said chamber, and a piston member extending between said handle and said piston head, said piston member comprising a flexible member having a proximal end and a distal end, said distal end being affixed to said piston head.03-04-2010
137565260 Multiple inlet with multiple outlet 2
20100276019SOLUTION FEEDING DEVICE - Intended is to realize a solution feeding device for feeding a sample solution which is precisely adjusted in the mixed quantity of a standard solution.11-04-2010
20100288382FLUID CARTRIDGE, PUMP AND FLUID VALVE ARRANGEMENT - A fluid cartridge, comprising a channel layer within which at least one circumferentially sealed fluid channel is formed, the channel layer comprising a substrate and an elastic layer fixedly arranged on the substrate, wherein the substrate has a rigidity being greater than that of the elastic layer, and wherein the at least one fluid channel is defined on at least one side thereof by the elastic layer.11-18-2010
137565240 Resiliently mounted pump 1
20120073684Liquefied Petroleum Gas Pump - A fuel pump for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), may include a main bracket that may be mounted at a fuel tank, an integrated bracket that an end thereof may be fixed to the main bracket, the other end thereof may be extended to an inner side of the fuel tank, and the whole of the bracket may be integrally formed, and a pump unit that may be fixed to the other end of the integrated bracket with a space therebetween so as to pump liquefied fuel to an engine.03-29-2012
137565360 Drain valve actuator mounted on pump 1
20120085442WATER SUPPLY MODULE FOR HYDROTHERAPY DEVICE - A water supply module for hydrotherapy, which includes a pump, a water inlet, a micro bubble water outlet, a pressurized water outlet, a relief valve, and a mixer. The water inlet is connected to the pump. The micro bubble water outlet and the pressurized water outlet are connected to an outlet of the pump. The relief valve is installed in between the outlet of the pump and the micro bubble water outlet, and the mixer is installed in between the water inlet and the relief valve. A drain valve is further connected off the bottom of the pump to drain out the residual water from the pump and the piping. The integrated water supply module provides space-saving advantage. Furthermore, by draining the residual water, the water supply module also improves SPA hygiene by reducing the risk of skin diseases and infections.04-12-2012
137565350 With pump bypass 1
20120103447RELIEF VALVE FOR OIL PUMP - A relief valve for an oil pump can prevent a main gallery from being damaged by largely decreasing peak pressure of an oil pump by using bypass flow according to oil pressure of the main gallery in cold start of an engine, and can control the discharging pressure of the oil pump at the optimum level when the engine is warmed up, by defining a housing chamber communicating with the main gallery of the engine and a plunger chamber bypassing some of oil flowing to the main gallery to the oil pump or an oil pan in accordance with oil pressure in the housing chamber using a plunger chamber, and by changing a modulus of elasticity of a coil spring elastically supporting the plunger in accordance with the oil pressure produced in the main gallery, by using a substance that is expanded by temperature.05-03-2012
20130025717APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RECOVERING FLUID REFRIGERANT - An apparatus for transferring a fluid from and/or to a system, e.g., an air conditioning system, includes a main compartment having at least one pumping device for pumping the fluid from/to the system, an interface module having at least one gauge which is configured for displaying the pressure of the fluid, and a fluid connection fluidly connecting the gauge to the main compartment. The fluid connection is formed in a double conduit design in order to prevent any leakage of the fluid from the fluid connection.01-31-2013
20130025716SAFE DISCHARGE OF MEDIA - A device for discharging a gaseous medium contains a discharge line, in which a safety valve and a gas jet compressor connected downstream from the safety valve are arranged. Furthermore, at least one storage container is preferably assigned to the gas jet compressor.01-31-2013
20130074959PUMPING CASSETTE - A pump cassette is disclosed. The pump cassette includes a housing having at least, one fluid inlet line and at least one fluid outlet line. The cassette also includes at least one reciprocating pressure displacement membrane pump within the housing. The pressure pump pumps a fluid from the fluid inlet line to the fluid outlet line. A hollow spike is also included on the housing as well as at least one metering pump The metering pump is fluidly connected to the hollow spike on the housing and to a metering pump fluid line. The metering pump fluid line is fluidly connected to the fluid outlet line.03-28-2013
20130081718DOSING PUMP SYSTEM - A compact, modular dosing pump system that is capable of microdose and macrodose volume flow rates, reduces or eliminates the need for additional flow control components such as temperature and pressure sensors, and utilizes a wider operational flow range than existing systems while maintaining the level of accuracy and precision exhibited by conventional dosing pump systems is provided. The dosing pump utilizes a pump and flow circuit, and a control system may be used to deliver a range of fluid volumes. The flow circuit utilizes a networked system of fluid paths and valves to route fluid through the dosing pump system in response to a pressure differential between fluid inlet and fluid outlet ports, while the controller monitors and controls the operation of the system.04-04-2013
20120174999SEAWATER COLLECTION SYSTEM FOR DESALINATION - A seawater collection system for desalination and/or electricity generation, comprising an intake portion for directing the seawater to a wave augmentation portion, wherein the wave augmentation portion converts the kinetic energy of the sea water to potential energy, a wave energy discriminator for differentiating between potential energy levels, a low pressure seawater collector, and a low pressure to high pressure converter for enabling desalination of the seawater by a reverse osmosis process. An optional negative discharge compartment provides an underwater force beneath the low pressure seawater collector. An optional spoiler system disrupts the flow of the seawater to increase the amount of turbulent flow as well as velocity, thereby converting the potential energy of the sea waves to kinetic energy. An optional phase entry system comprises a pair of gates for enabling alternating movement of the seawater waves towards the wave augmentation portion.07-12-2012
20130037143EXHAUST MACHINE - The present invention provides an exhaust machine which includes a first exhaust tube, a second exhaust tube, a first closed box, a second closed box, a pipe and a motor. The first exhaust tube is connected to the first closed box and the second exhaust tube is connected to the second closed box. The pipe penetrates the first closed box and the second closed box and connects to an exhaust gas source. The pipe includes a first inner opening and a second inner opening. The motor connects to the pipe and drives the pipe to make the exhaust gas pass into the first closed box through the first inner opening or into the second closed box through the second inner opening.02-14-2013
20130037142DIALYSIS SYSTEM HAVING PERISTALTIC PUMP ARRANGEMENT - A system including a machine and a cassette that moves fluid from one source to another for use in dialysis. The machine includes at least a first set of pressure imposing valve actuators, said valve actuators being pneumatically operated and substantially adjacently disposed, and a cassette receiving portion. The cassette includes a housing adapted to be removably placed in the cassette receiving portion of the machine. The housing includes at least one inlet port adapted to be fluidly coupled to a fluid source, and at least one outlet port. The housing further includes an inlet manifold and a collection chamber, and at least one fluid pathway fluidly coupled to the two. In use, the fluid pathway disposed substantially adjacent the first set of valve actuators such that sequential actuation of the valve actuators moves a fluid through the pathways to the collection chamber.02-14-2013
20100065136PUMPED SHOWER DRAIN SYSTEM - A pumped shower drain system (03-18-2010
20130068325VALVE, LAYER STRUCTURE COMPRISING A FIRST AND A SECOND VALVE, MICROPUMP AND METHOD OF PRODUCING A VALVE - A valve, including a valve opening and a valve plate arranged to seal the valve opening in a closed state by means of compressing a sealing structure is provided, wherein the sealing structure includes an uncompressed dimension in a compression direction of less than 100 μm.03-21-2013
20120180885Rail Vehicle with Sewage Tank Which can be Emptied from on Board - A rail vehicle with a sewage tank and a pump is provided, wherein the pump is located on board of the rail vehicle for the purpose of emptying the sewage tank.07-19-2012
20130048119Fuel Pump Module - Provided is a fuel pump module in which a portion of fuel transmitted from a fuel pump provided in a reservoir or fuel returned from an engine is supplied to a first jet and a second jet and a portion of the fuel is supplied from a first jet tower to a second jet tower through a connection tube connecting the first jet tower and the second jet tower to each other when the returned fuel passes through the first jet and the second jet and is then jetted to each of the first jet tower and the second jet tower to fill an inner portion of the second jet tower with the fuel, such that the fuel in a second space part of a fuel tank is rapidly transmitted, thereby making it possible to stably supply the fuel to the engine.02-28-2013
20130048117METERLESS HYDRAULIC SYSTEM HAVING DISPLACEMENT CONTROL VALVE - A hydraulic system is disclosed. The hydraulic system may have a pump, a tank, a displacement actuator having first and second chambers, a regeneration valve, and a load-holding valve. The hydraulic system may also have a displacement control valve including a valve element, and a stationary cage portion at least partially forming a high-pressure passage fluidly connecting the pump and valve element, a low-pressure passage fluidly connecting the valve element and tank, a first displacement actuator passage fluidly connecting the valve element and first chamber, a second displacement actuator passage fluidly connecting the valve element and second chamber, a load-holding control passage fluidly connecting the valve element and load-holding valve, and a regeneration control passage fluidly connecting the valve element and regeneration valve. The displacement control valve may also include a movable cage portion that is movable to selectively restrict fluid flow through only the first and second displacement actuator passages.02-28-2013
20130048118Apparatus for dispensing a liquid from a liquid storage container - A removable liquid transport assembly configured to be readily installed in and removed from a liquid dispenser to permit the liquid dispenser to be readily sanitized. The removable liquid transport assembly preferably includes a liquid manifold, a valve assembly and a pump head. The removable liquid transport assembly is configured such that liquid can flow in a first direction through the removable liquid transport assembly to permit a liquid to be dispensed from a liquid dispenser and liquid can flow in a second direction back to a liquid storage container to prevent damage to one or more components of the liquid dispenser.02-28-2013
20130087227Tank Container With a Pump Assembly - The present invention relates to a pump assembly (04-11-2013
20090301586PUMP - Pump, in particular a servo steering pump for motor vehicles, having a flow control valve and a valve sleeve which has inflow openings to the flow control valve and a pressure connection to a hydraulic load.12-10-2009
20120216889PRESSURE INTENSIFIER SYSTEM FOR SUBSEA RUNNING TOOLS - A system to pressurize barrier fluid of a submersible installation to provide a differential pressure between the ambient pressure surrounding the submersible installation and the pressure of the barrier fluid internally in the submersible installation during submersion of the system, wherein the differential pressure fits within a predetermined differential pressure range. The system comprises a pre-charge arrangement and a pressure intensifier which is adapted to start working at a start-up pressure. The pre-charge arrangement is adapted, during submerging of the system, to provide a differential pressure within the predetermined differential pressure range until the ambient pressure equals the start up pressure of the pressure intensifier, while the pressure intensifier is adapted to provide a differential pressure within the predetermined differential pressure range when the ambient pressure equals the start-up pressure of the pressure intensifier during further submersion of the system.08-30-2012
20130112297PRE- AND POST- COMPENSATIONAL VALVE ARRANGEMENT - Hydraulic valve arrangements may be assembled to provide pre-compensation or post-compensation using the same chassis body. A first type of main spool is disposed in a main passage and a first type of pressure compensator spool is disposed in a compensator passage to provide pressure pre-compensation. The first type of pressure compensator spool connects to a first pilot location and not to a second pilot location. A second type of main spool is disposed in the main passage and a second type of pressure compensator spool is disposed in the compensator passage to provide pressure post-compensation. The second type of pressure compensator spool connects to the second pilot location and not to the first pilot location. The valve arrangement may be switched from pre-compensation to post-compensation (or vice versa) by switching out the main spool and pressure compensator spool without making any other changes to the chassis body.05-09-2013
20120111431READILY CLEANABLE WATER STORAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A readily cleanable water storage system and a method of maintaining cleanliness of water In said system are disclosed. The system comprises an overhead water tank, wherein said water tank comprises a floor, at least one inlet, a draining outlet with a stop cock, an overflow outlet, a supply outlet and a pump, characterized in that the floor of the tank is inclined at a pre-determined continuous and effective slope either towards another point on the periphery to form an inclined floor, or from all sides to form a conical bottom with the supply outlet located at the side wall of the tank above the conical bottom and the draining outlet is located at the periphery of the inclined floor at sloping end or at the convergence of the cone formed by the conical bottom.05-10-2012
20120234412Blower Apparatus - A blower apparatus has a drive motor and a blower device operatively connected to the drive motor. A blower tube is connected to the blower device and has an outlet opening remote from the blower device. A blower air stream conveyed by the blower device passes through the blower tube in the direction of a longitudinal center axis of the blower tube and exits through the outlet opening in an outflow direction. A pivoting device that pivots the blower tube is provided. In a non-actuated state of the pivoting device the outflow direction is parallel to the longitudinal center axis of the blower tube. The pivoting device has a tilting device that tilts the outflow direction relative to the longitudinal center axis of the blower tube and utilizes a transverse force that is generated by the blower air stream at the outlet opening for pivoting the blower tube.09-20-2012
20080295904Oil filtration system for plural phase power equipment tanks - Insulating oil in electric power generation, transmission and distribution equipment such as circuit breakers, regulators, phase shifters, tank diverter switches and capacitor banks for respectively separated phases of a plural phase transmission or distribution line is filtered for removal of accumulated water, carbon particles and other contaminants by filters in oil circuits respective to each phase in the plurality. Each oil circuit respective to each circuit breaker includes a respective filter and circulation pump. However, all pumps in the plural phase power system, for example, are driven by the same motor and drive line whereby a fluid condition or circulation interruption of one oil circuit that requires termination of pump operation in the one oil circuit terminates the pump operation in all oil circuits. Pump motor power is preferably drawn from an energy source that may be independent of that served by the transmission and/or distribution power source.12-04-2008
20080295903Urban and Rural Integrated Conduit System For Sewage Discharging and Reclaiming - An urban and rural integrated conduit system for sewage discharging and reclaiming comprises: sewage discharging conduits or gutters constituted by sewers and outfall sewers and pits of roads; disposal wells for mud, sand and suspended matter, one end of which is connected to sewage transport pipes buried in the river bed of the present town river; and pits provided at the intersections of the sewage transport pipes, in which, gas outlets are provided at intervals on the upper side of the transport pipes, and an air pipe communicates the upper ends of the gas outlets of each transport pipe. The lower ends of both the sewage transport pipes and the air pipes communicate with one end of an integrated sewage processing plant, another end of which is connected to a water storage reservoir by a pipeline via a water pump of a pump station, with the water storage reservoir being provided with delivery valves and a variety of ducts especially for irrigation, cleaning or the like.12-04-2008
20100180964Water Distribution System for Cold Climates - The Water Distribution System is specifically applicable in cold climates in which water distribution systems may be subjected to freezing during the winter months.07-22-2010
20120168011LIQUID DELIVERY SYSTEM - A liquid delivery system comprises a tank containing a supply of a first liquid. A positive displacement pump operates to withdraw the first liquid from the tank via a suction conduit and to deliver a pressurized flow of the first liquid via a delivery conduit. An adjustable metering orifice in the delivery conduit serves to control the flow of the first liquid through the delivery conduit. A normally closed first valve located in the delivery conduit between the pump and the metering orifice is opened in response to a pressure of the first liquid exceeding a threshold level, and is operative when open to deliver the first liquid to the metering orifice at a substantially constant pressure. A bypass conduit communicates with the tank and with the delivery conduit at a location between the pump and the first valve. A second valve in the bypass conduit is adjustable to accommodate a controlled return flow of the first liquid from the delivery conduit to the tank, thereby modulating the pressure of the first liquid being delivered to the first valve.07-05-2012
20110277860SYSTEMS FOR COMPRESSING A GAS - Systems are provided for gasification operations. The systems may use carbonous gas as part of plant operations. The systems may include a first compressor configured to compress a carbonous gas and a controller. The controller is configured to control the first compressor to transition from compressing a first carbonous gas to compressing a second carbonous gas during startup of a gasification system.11-17-2011
20100300562MOLECULAR-SCALE BEAM PUMP ASSEMBLIES AND USES THEREOF - Nanomechanical, nanoelectromechanical, and other molecular-scale pump assembly are described. In certain embodiments, the pump assembly includes a cavity. The cavity includes a plurality of nanofilaments, a surface proximate at least one of the nanofilaments, a fluid flow path, and an opening. Molecules of a fluid that flows from the opening through the cavity along the fluid flow path collide with the surface or one or more of the nanofilaments such that the molecules are accelerated along the fluid flow path. A molecular-scale pump assembly includes a plate defining a plurality of openings, and a plurality of cantilevered molecular-scale beams positioned over each opening. In certain embodiment, molecules of a fluid are accelerated through the opening by asymmetric oscillation.12-02-2010
20090217992SUBSEA INJECTION SYSTEM - A subsea, seawater injection system, positionable on a seabed for connection to a subterranean well includes a frame, an electrical submersible pump (ESP) positioned in the frame so as to be oriented substantially parallel to the seabed when positioned thereon, and a filter operationally positioned between a source water intake and the ESP.09-03-2009
20100224270HIGH FATIGUE LIFE FITTINGS FOR HIGH-PRESSURE FLUID SYSTEMS - A fitting for collecting or distributing high-pressure fluid via fluid transmission lines is provided. The fitting includes a body, and a plurality of apertures formed in the body in a common plane, intersecting inside the body such that all of the apertures are in mutual fluid communication. Each of the apertures is configured to receive a threaded coupling member of a respective high-pressure transmission line. The fitting also includes first and second compression members positioned on opposing sides of the body and coupled thereto so as to exert a compressing bias to the body in an axis perpendicular to the common plane. The compression members each comprise a raised contact surface corresponding to the region of the body where the plurality of apertures meet, and through which the compressing bias is exerted. The fitting may be an elbow-fitting, a tee fitting, a cross-fitting, or some other configuration.09-09-2010
20110272047WELL JET PUMPING ASSEMBLY FOR DEGASSING COAL BEDS - A jet pump mounts on a pipe string in a well passing through coal beds. The pipe string length is greater than the lower coal bed occurrence depth. A carrying ring, with filtering shoe attached on a switcher, mounts below the lower bed floor. A carrying ring with bypass ports mounts on the string above the upper bed roof. A packer mounts on the string below the ports above the upper bed roof. A pump housing with a removable insert seat, having a nozzle and a mixing chamber with diffuser, mounts on the ring. The housing has a working fluid and exhausted fluid mixture draining channel and an exhausted fluid supplying channel, provided with a check valve. The housing connects to a working fluid supply pipe provided on the upper end with a sealing element disposed on the ring, and an inlet funnel receiving the removable insert.11-10-2011
20090314361Compressor and Method for Welding a Fluid Tubing to a Compressor Housing and a Fluid-Transport Tubing - The present invention relates to a compressor, a method of welding a fluid tubing to a compressor housing, and a fluid-transport tubing, particularly applicable to an airtight compressor, which provide for the replacement of the brazing step and the direct welding of the fluid-passage tubing to the compressor housing. The airtight compressor comprises a housing (12-24-2009
20120186672 APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR UTILIZING THERMAL ENERGY - An apparatus is provided having a heat generation device such as a boiler. A hypersonic energy harvester is provided having a first input and a second input. The first input and the second input are fluidly coupled to the heat generation device. A variable speed pump is fluidly coupled to supply liquid from the heat generation device to the hypersonic energy harvester. A deaerator is fluidly coupled to receive condensate from the hypersonic energy harvester.07-26-2012
20100263749Fuel delivery module - The present invention is directed to providing a transfer tube assembly mounted on a saddle type fuel tank. The assembly of the present invention includes: a main fuel pump allowing a fuel pump system to deliver fuel to the engine; a sender delivering residual fuel to the main fuel pump; a wire harness connecting the main module and the sender and configured to inform of a fuel amount in the sender; and a transfer tube for transferring the residual fuel in the sender to the main fuel pump. The wire harness and the transfer tube are integrally coupled and configured so that a function of the wire harness can be performed simultaneously with a function of the transfer tube.10-21-2010
20100032031Fluid supply system - A fluid supply system having a plurality of tanks in fluid communication via one or more fluid paths with at least one pump, a ball and socket coupling disposed in at least one of the fluid paths, and a wellhead in fluid communication with the pump is disclosed. Placing a plurality of tanks at a well site and pumping a fluid from at least one of the tanks into the wellbore via a fluid path comprising at least one ball and socket coupling is disclosed. Positioning a plurality of tanks at a well site having a wellhead connected to a wellbore penetrating a shale formation, preparing a fracturing fluid by connecting at least one of the tanks to a blender via a fluid path comprising a ball and socket coupling, pumping the fracturing fluid into the wellbore and fracturing the shale formation, and recovering natural gas from the wellbore is disclosed.02-11-2010
20110168282Mobile material transfer system for delivery and receiving of solid and liquid material or combinations thereof - A material transfer unit including: 07-14-2011
20100224269COUPLING MECHANISM IN A FLUID DELIVERY SYSTEM - A coupling mechanism in a fluid delivery system is provided. In one example, an airless fluid delivery system is provided and includes a housing including a pumping unit. The system also includes a first conduit providing a first fluid path for supplying fluid from a fluid source to the pumping unit and a second conduit providing a second fluid path for fluid between the fluid source and the pumping unit. The system also includes a coupling mechanism configured to removably couple the first and second conduits to the housing.09-09-2010
20100122744Wet well pumping system and method of installing and servicing the system - A wet well pumping system and a method of installing and servicing the same in a wet well include mounting a pair of bent elbows having pump inlets and riser outlets on an alignment platform having a centerline, configuring the riser outlets to extend along longitudinal axes generally parallel to, and located at substantially equal distances from, the centerline of the platform, overlying the wet well with an alignment cover having a centerline and a pair of riser clearance holes, configuring the riser clearance holes to extend through the cover at the substantially equal distances from the centerline of the cover, passing a pair of upright risers through the riser clearance holes along longitudinal axes generally parallel to the centerline of the cover, aligning the longitudinal axes of the risers with the longitudinal axes of the riser outlets, connecting the risers to the aligned riser outlets, securing the platform to a floor of the well after the risers are connected to the aligned riser outlets, connecting a pair of submersible pumps inside the well to the pump inlets of the bent elbows, and pumping waste water from the well though the bent elbows and the risers to outside the well.05-20-2010
20100126604System and Method for On Demand Hot Water Distribution - A demand type, multiple use, hot water distribution and freeze protection system and method that responds to the user's desire for hot water at a particular sink or fixture by delivering hot water rapidly to that fixture, and only that fixture, without running water down the drain is disclosed. The system requires only one pump at the water heater, and does not require a dedicated hot water return line, but works with a dedicated line in retrofit applications. Circulating water in the plumbing system can also be used to protect plumbing from freeze damage. Each valve and activation device operates by transmitting a start command to the valve controller which sends the pump controller a start signal, the valve to open, hot water to circulate and the valve to close when the hot water arrives at the fixture preventing heated water from filling the cold water line.05-27-2010
20110265897Fertigation Efficacy Enhancement System And Associated Methods - A fertigation system includes a circulation pump positioned in-line in a closed-loop, low-flow tubing delivery means. The circulation pump acts to agitate and substantially equalize a concentration of nutrients in fluid within the tubing, thereby preventing a concentration gradient from being established by upstream plants receiving preferential exposure to the nutrients relative to downstream plants. The circulation pump should preferably be configured not to substantially raise a fluid pressure within the tubing.11-03-2011
20090025804Cleaning related apparatus - The present invention relates to a cleaning related apparatus comprising a first compartment for holding a fluid, a filter element communicating with said first compartment, a pump means communicating with said filter means having the ability to draw fluid through the filter and return fluid to said first compartment, and an energy source connected to said pump means providing means to power said pump.01-29-2009
20090065074Distribution valve for concrete transport pump - Disclosed herein is a distribution valve for concrete transport pump including: a valve body, rocker arm, end covers, a left rotary valve and a right rotary valve. The end covers are disposed on two ends of the valve body. The internal space of the valve body is divided into a left valve chamber and a right valve chamber, with the left rotary valve and the right rotary valve being accommodated respectively in the left valve chamber and the right valve chamber. Inlet ports, intake ports and discharge ports are correspondingly provided in the left valve chamber and the right valve chamber of the valve body respectively. The left rotary valve and the right rotary valve are respectively connected with the rocker arm provided outside of two ends of the valve body through a rotary shaft. Both the left rotary valve and the right rotary valve have a cylindrical shape. Through holes, which communicate the inlet ports to the intake ports or communicate the intake ports to the discharge ports, are provided respectively on the cylindrical surfaces of the left rotary valve and the right rotary valve. The distribution valve for concrete transport pump has a superior intake performance and may achieve a high pressure pumping.03-12-2009
20110139278FUEL PUMP - A filter device is connected to a fuel pump for supplying filtered fuel to an internal combustion engine. The filter device has a bag-shaped filter element forming therein a fuel passage, wherein fuel passes through the filter element to enter into the fuel passage. The filter element further forms a vapor pooling chamber above the fuel passage, so that vapors separated from the filtered fuel in the fuel passage are moved toward the vapor pooling chamber. A valve device is provided at a portion of the filter device, which is close to the vapor pooling chamber, so that vapors are discharged from the vapor pooling chamber to an outside of the filter device.06-16-2011
20110203687AIR SPRING SYSTEM - An air spring system is disclosed. The air spring system has a compressor, which has a suction side and a delivery side, a pressure reservoir, a first valve device and a second valve device. Each valve device is connected between the compressor and the pressure reservoir. In order to provide the air spring system, which is of simple construction and can be produced economically, the first valve device and the second valve device are each embodied as 3/2-way valves.08-25-2011
20120103445METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A LAGOON BATCH TREATMENT SYSTEM - A lagoon batch wastewater treatment system for a wastewater treatment lagoon wherein a containment tank expands and contracts during a sewage treatment process reducing erosion of the berm or bank of the lagoon.05-03-2012
20120103444CONTROL DEVICE FOR A HYDROSTATIC STEERING MOTOR - A control device (05-03-2012
20100258206SUMP EXTENSION ASSEMBLY FOR PREVENTING SUCTION ENTRAPMENT - The invention relates in one embodiment to an extension for a sump assembly covering a main drain of a swimming pool or spa that prevents suction entrapment. More specifically, the invention relates to a sump extension having a frame, a plate defining a plurality of openings and positioned on the frame, a removable cross channel extending across the upper end of the frame, and a cover plate positioned on the frame substantially adjacent to the plate. In another embodiment the invention relates to a sump assembly for a main drain of a swimming pool or spa, and more specifically, to a sump assembly having a sump, a conduit passing through the sump, a frame, a plate defining openings and positioned on the frame, a removable cross channel extending across the upper end of the frame, and a cover plate positioned on the frame substantially adjacent to the plate.10-14-2010
20100193052Motorised Water Butt Modular System - A water butt system comprising: 08-05-2010
20100236647COLLAPSIBLE WATER CIRCULATION SYSTEM FOR ENCLOSED TANKS - A collapsible water circulation system for relatively small, enclosed tanks such as used by municipalities, fire districts, and industries. The system in its collapsed configuration is designed to fit through the often small access opening in the tank and then to automatically expand to its extended operating configuration, all without the need for any personnel to enter the tank. The system includes a draft tube extending downwardly from a distribution dish to an inlet anchored on the floor of the tank. The system also includes at least three, elongated flotation arms that can be deployed to extend substantially horizontally and outwardly of the dish. An impeller within the dish is operated to draw water up from the anchored inlet through the draft tube to the dish. The water subsequently passes upwardly through the dish over its upper lip and substantially radially outwardly of it. The flotation arms are pivotally mounted to the system above the dish and are free to pivot between their collapsed and predetermined deployed positions.09-23-2010
20100300563Modular device and method for moving fluids to and from a sample delivery element - Provided is a sequenced fluid control device that includes a pneumatic driver module, a fluid cartridge having at least one fluid chamber and at least one waste chamber, and at least one sample delivery element disposed to sealably contact the fluid cartridge forming a main chamber containing a sample, where the fluid cartridge is also disposed to sealably contact the pneumatic driver module. The pneumatic driver module injects gas into or withdraws gas from the fluid cartridge, where the gas directly contacts at least one fluid causing at least one fluid to flow through channels disposed to connect at least one fluid chamber to the sample delivery element and disposed to connect the sample delivery element to the at least one waste chamber or waste channel, where a sample on the sample delivery element is exposed to the at least one fluid.12-02-2010
20110030821APPARATUS AND SYSTEMS TO CONTROL A FLUID - A fluid transfer system includes a fluid supply source. The fluid supply source includes at least one wall extending from a floor. The fluid transfer system also includes at least one fluid transfer apparatus positioned within the fluid supply source. The fluid transfer system further includes a fluid control system. The fluid control system includes a plate coupled within the fluid supply source at least partially between the wall and the at least one fluid transfer apparatus. The fluid control system also includes at least one partition extending from the plate between the wall and the at least one fluid transfer apparatus. The at least one partition cooperates with the plate to at least partially direct fluid flow into the at least one fluid transfer apparatus.02-10-2011
20110209786Vessel Compressor Methods and Systems - The present invention discloses apparatuses, systems, and methods for utilizing oil-free gas in a gas processing system. In some embodiments, an oil-free or “dry” gas is provided by a gas source to an oil-free compressor, such as a dry seal compressor, which charges a receiver vessel or vessels, which then provides the oil-free gas to at least one piece of processing equipment, such as an injection compressor or compressors for use in EOR, carbon sequestration, sour gas injection, or other gas handling operations. The methods and systems may include a controller for charging the receiver vessel when the pressure in the vessel decreases below a low pressure threshold and reducing the charging flow rate when the pressure in the vessel meets or exceeds a high pressure threshold in the vessel, thereby maintaining an operational pressure in the vessel.09-01-2011
20110083760WATER RESERVOIR PROVIDED WITH A VOLUTE PUMP CAVITY AND A MOTOR SUPPORT - Water reservoir provided with a base and an upper surface disposed at a distance from the bottom section covered by a lid, wherein a substantially cylindrical pump cavity is formed in the bottom section, with a rotary displacement member arranged about a drive shaft disposed transversely upon the bottom section, wherein the pump cavity is closed off by a circular top plate supported by a support member in close proximity to an upper side of the pump cavity, wherein a motor support section extends from a top plate to the lid on which a motor is supported or at least partially supported, said motor being connected to the displacement member by a drive shaft, wherein the motor is positioned or at least partially mounted within the reservoir via a hole in the lid, and wherein the hole in the lid has a diameter larger than the circular top plate.04-14-2011
20090217993PASSIVE COMPONENTS FOR MICRO-FLUIDIC FLOW PROFILE SHAPING AND RELATED METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to microfluidic systems and methods for controlling the flow of fluid using passive components engineered into the microchannels. These passive flow components include fluidic diodes, fluidic capacitors, and fluidic inductors. Various fluidic circuits are provided to control fluid flow including fluid rectifiers, fluid band pass filters, and fluid timers.09-03-2009
20090038695Remote pumping system for cisterns - A remote pumping system for cisterns or water storage tanks is disclosed, comprising a high volume water pump driven by a hydraulic or electrically powered motor, for rapidly supplying a large volume of water to an extinguishment operation involving a burning object or building, from a local water source such as a pond, pool, portable basin, municipal hydrant, or cistern. The pump is lowered into a cistern by means of a rail system and is powered electrically or hydraulically by a remote or unit mounted power supply. In a further embodiment, a water-tight, above ground containment cabinet houses the discharge hose reels and/or the power supply for the pump motor.02-12-2009
20110083761LIQUID IRRIGATION SYSTEM - An apparatus for use in the application of liquid onto a body of matter to provide a watering effect and hence maintain the condition of the body of matter so as to encourage plant growth. The system includes a liquid reservoir, and a pump means and irrigation means so as to allow liquid to be moved from the reservoir and be dispensed onto the body of matter. The operation of the system to dispense liquid can be proportional to at least one environmental component such as the amount of sunlight such that when the body of matter is likely to be drier the system is operated to dispense more liquid.04-14-2011
20110067768OCEAN ENERGY CONVERSION - A system wherein cold water from near the sea floor is pumped through a primarily vertical pipe (03-24-2011
20120199223DEVICE FOR CONVEYING FUEL - Devices for conveying fuel are known having a conveying assembly and a pump holder holding the conveying assembly which has a receptacle for the conveying assembly and a holder connected to the receptacle via three damping elements. The damping elements damp the structure-born noise transmission from the conveying assembly to the adjacent components. The damping elements each have a cantilever section which projects starting from the receptacle into the region of the holder and runs in the radial direction and circumferential direction. The cantilever sections are designed as elastic spring arms, the axial deflection thereof in respect of a pump axis being able to exceed a maximum allowable value by means of external acceleration forces. The mechanical stresses occurring in the spring arms can lead to damage to the spring arms. In the device according to the invention, the damping elements have a strongly progressive spring characteristic curve in respect of an axial deflection such that a progressively increasing spring force in the damping element occurs with increasing spring travel of the pump holder. The axial deflection of the pump holder is consequently reduced over that of the prior art. According to the invention, an elastic spring section (08-09-2012
20110041935MICROFLUIDIC PUMP AND VALVE STRUCTURES AND FABRICATION METHODS - Plastic microfluidic structures having a substantially rigid diaphragm that actuates between a relaxed state wherein the diaphragm sits against the surface of a substrate and an actuated state wherein the diaphragm is moved away from the substrate. As will be seen from the following description, the microfluidic structures formed with this diaphragm provide easy to manufacture and robust systems, as well readily made components such as valves and pumps.02-24-2011
20110253234LIQUID SHEETING DEVICE - A method, system and an apparatus of a liquid sheeting is disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a channel to allow a flow of liquid. The channel includes a proximal end and a rear end. One or more ends of the channel may be coupled to a liquid source through a connector. In addition, the apparatus includes a liquid sheeting component inserted into the channel to allow the liquid into the channel through an outlet of the liquid sheeting component designed thereof. The apparatus also includes one or more caps coupled with the one or more ends of the channel. One or more caps coupled to the channel may include a liquid inlet.10-20-2011
20100294384Adaptable Hydraulic Control System - An adaptable hydraulic control system configured to be used with either open-center or closed-center hydraulic power systems which may include one or more switches, one or more hydraulic circuits to operate a sequence of motions and may include a shunt relief valve to permit operation with an open-center hydraulic innervator control valve(s) powered by wither an open-center system or a closed-center system. Series switches may control a sequence of operation by transitioning between different normal, or default states to act upon and control repositioning of a hydraulic innervator control valve(s) that may itself have normal or default states perhaps such as for forward operational flow, backward operational flow, or neutral pass through flow.11-25-2010
20090293966FUEL SUPPLY DEVICE - A fuel supply device comprises a fuel pump, a set plate, a control circuit, and an electrical wiring member. The fuel pump is disposed within a fuel tank. The set plate closes an opening of the fuel tank. The set plate comprises a controller chamber isolated from the fuel tank. The control circuit is disposed within the controller chamber. The control circuit controls the fuel pump. The electrical wiring member connects the control circuit and the fuel pump. The electrical wiring member is arranged from an interior of the controller chamber to an interior of the fuel pump and is passed through the set plate. A part of the electrical wiring member is exposed to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the exposed part is disposed within a range from the interior of the fuel tank to the interior of the controller chamber.12-03-2009
20110186157Precision Flow Control System - A precision flow controller is capable of providing a flow rate less than 100 microliters/minute and varying the flow rate in a prescribed manner that is both predictable and reproducible where the accuracy and precision of the flowrate is less than 5% of the flow rate. A plurality of variable pressure fluid supplies pump fluid through a single outlet. Flowmeters measure the flow rates and a controller compares the flow rates to desired flowrates and, if necessary, adjusts the plurality of variable pressure fluid supplies so that the variable pressure fluid supplies pump fluid at the desired flow rate. The variable pressure fluid supplies can be pneumatically driven.08-04-2011
20110186158DELIVERY UNIT - Delivery units are already known which have a drive rotor and an output rotor driven by the drive rotor, which are supported in a housing, interact in a meshing manner through a spur toothing in each case and draw fluid through at least one inlet and push said fluid out through an outlet, wherein the inlet and the outlet are separated from each other by two separating webs. In order to control the flow rate through the delivery unit, a rotational speed control, a bypass control, or, for gases, a suction throttling, for example, can be carried out. A rotational speed control is energy efficient, but very expensive, because an electric motor must be used, the rotational speed of which can be controlled. In the bypass control, the fluid is delivered from the outlet through a bypass back to the inlet, which however is energetically unfavorable and connected to hydraulic losses. The delivery unit according to the invention is improved in such a way that on the inlet side the flow rate can be controlled very easily and with few hydraulic losses and on the outlet side the inner compression can be adjusted in the event of delivery of gases. According to the invention, at least one of the separating webs (08-04-2011
20080216904FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM - A fuel supply system includes: a flange mounted at an upper opening in a fuel tank; a fuel pump that discharges fuel in the fuel tank; a high-pressure filter that filters fuel discharged from the fuel pump; and a filter case that accommodates the high-pressure filter and includes an upper case and a lower case, the upper case integrally formed with the flange. The fuel pump is fitted to an underside of the lower case to be positioned substantially coaxial with the high-pressure filter.09-11-2008
20120204983PROCESSING DEVICE - A processing apparatus for performing a specified process on a target object at a predetermined process pressure, the apparatus having an evacuable processing chamber having a gas exhaust port formed in a bottom portion thereof, a mounting table provided within the processing chamber for holding the target object, a pressure control valve connected to the gas exhaust port, the pressure control valve including a slide-type valve body for changing an area of an opening region of a valve port, and a gas exhaust system connected to the pressure control valve. The pressure control valve is arranged such that a center axis of the mounting table lies within an opening region of the pressure control valve formed over a practical use region of a valve opening degree of the pressure control valve.08-16-2012
20090020173INDUSTRIAL PROCESS EFFICIENCY METHOD AND SYSTEM - This Invention relates to an industrial process efficiency method and system and relates particularly to a method and system for improving the efficiency and performance of any industrial process when loading is at maximum capacity or under maximum capacity. The system incorporates plurality of identical or similar capacity motor-driven pumps to move liquids, slurries, gases and other fluid or fluid-like material at equal reduced speed or at almost equal reduced speed or at similar reduced speed in lieu of the original/traditional designed comparative inefficient pumping arrangements, thereby, to provide the optimum or same flow capacity with respective to the original pumping arrangement's operating flow capacity. In accordance with the method and system of this invention, significant energy saving can be achieved. Furthermore, the method and system can act responsive to the loading signals or some other reference from which loading can be inferred, thereby a greater extent of energy saving can be accomplished accordingly. The present invention is directed to methods and systems of improving the overall operating performance and efficiency of movement of fluids such as in HVAC systems, paper processing, water and or sewage treatment plants, or any other system that incorporates fluid pumping and the like.01-22-2009
20110315253Rain water retention system - A rain water collection system which collects rain water from rain drains from the building and the vehicle parking area. Rain water from both sources are commingled in a receiving reservoir. When the reservoir, buried underground, is full, excess rain water is discharge through an overflow pipe into a percolation system which leaches the excess rain water into the soil. A pressure system draws the rain water from the reservoir and provides irrigation to the site.12-29-2011
20120000555FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM - A fuel supply system includes a fuel pump, a storing part, an injection nozzle, a communication part, a first fuel source, a second fuel source, and a fuel transfer passage part. The storing part stores fuel, which is drawn from a suction port. Part of fuel discharged from a discharge port is injected through the nozzle. The communication part communicates between the nozzle and the storing part. The communication part includes a first opening and a second opening, which are formed at positions where negative pressure is generated as a result of the injection of fuel through the nozzle. Fuel is drawn through the first and second openings, and is guided into the storing part through the communication part. The fuel flowing into the second opening is stored in the first source. The fuel stored in the second source is transferred into the first opening through the passage part.01-05-2012
20120234411FUNCTIONAL ELEMENT, IN PARTICULAR FLUID PUMP, HAVING A HOUSING AND A CONVEYING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a functional element (09-20-2012
20120006431WATER SPRAYER - A water spray gun includes a body providing a flow path, a head configured to rotate relative to the body, and a chemical container coupled to body. The head includes a plurality of nozzles that may be rotated into and out of the flow path. At least one of the plurality of nozzles includes a group of small orifices. The chemical container is configured to provide chemicals to the flow path.01-12-2012
20120204982WELD-LINE ELIMINATION ON MOLDED PLASTIC PARTS - An injection molded pump housing defines an interior chamber operable to contain pressurized fluid and to permit selective drainage of fluid from the chamber. The pump housing includes a unitary housing body presenting an outer margin, with the body including a drain-port boss. The boss defines a hole that extends axially therethrough and communicates with the chamber to thereby permit fluid drainage, with at least part of the boss being disposed along the outer margin of the body. The body includes a protrusion that extends outwardly from the boss to define a portion of the outer margin of the body and thereby prevent a weld-line from being formed on the boss, such that the boss is devoid of a weld-line. A method of injection molding an element so as to eliminate weld-lines in a hole-defining portion of the outer margin of the element is also disclosed.08-16-2012
20110067769WASTE SHOWER WATER RECYCLE APPARATUS - Waste shower water recycle apparatus is provided for receiving waste shower water from a shower drain outlet. The apparatus comprises a waste shower water inlet for receiving draining waste shower water, a potable water inlet, a drain outlet for liquid communication with a drain, a cistern supply outlet for supplying a toilet cistern, flow control means for controlling the flow of waste shower water from the waste shower water inlet to the drain outlet and to the cistern supply outlet, and for controlling the flow of potable water from the potable water inlet to the cistern supply outlet, and a pump device for moving waste shower water from a drain outlet of a shower to the said waste shower water inlet. Preferably, a cleansing element is provided for cleaning and disinfecting the waste shower water prior to being supplied to the cistern supply outlet.03-24-2011
20120152383THRUST BEARING SHAFT FOR THRUST AND JOURNAL AIR BEARING COOLING IN AN AIR MACHINE - A thrust bearing shaft has a radially enlarged thrust disk to be mounted between two static housing surfaces in an air cycle machine. A first portion of the thrust bearing shaft extends from a first face of the thrust disk. A second portion extends from a second opposed face of the thrust disk. The second portion has sealing ribs and six holes. The sealing ribs are spaced closer to the thrust disk than are the holes. A ratio of a distance from an end of the second portion to a center of the holes compared to a distance from the end of the second portion to the second face of the thrust disk is between 0.20 and 0.22. In addition, an air cycle machine incorporating the thrust bearing shaft, and a method of assembling the thrust bearing shaft into an air cycle machine are disclosed.06-21-2012
20120204984FUEL TANK FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - The invention concerns a fuel tank (08-16-2012
20120060947PRESSURIZED FLUID DELIVERY SYSTEM - A flexible fluid delivery system including a fluid bladder having a first inlet and a first outlet, the fluid bladder configured to contain liquid, an inflatable component capable of being pressurized by inflation and having a second inlet, the inflatable component being formed adjacent to the fluid bladder, such that the fluid bladder and the inflatable component are integrated to form a pressurized fluid reservoir, a pump associated with the second inlet of the inflatable component, the pump being configured to inflate the inflatable component of the pressurized fluid reservoir, and a valve operatively coupled to the first outlet of the fluid bladder, the valve being capable of releasing the liquid contained in the fluid bladder of the pressurized fluid reservoir.03-15-2012
20120118411PORTABLE DEVICE FOR LIQUID AND SEMI-LIQUID REMOVAL AND METHOD THEREOF - A portable device for liquid and semi-liquid removal and method therein having a receptacle, lid assembly, vacuum attachment assembly, intake attachment assembly, intake system, and a vacuum system, wherein the lid assembly fastens to the receptacle and connects the intake system and the vacuum system to the receptacle.05-17-2012
20090133762Fuel tank - An improved fuel tank is disclosed. In the fuel tank, a shock-absorbing member comprising a plurality of foam members is mounted to an in-tank functional component provided inside a resin fuel tank body. When the fuel inside the tank sloshes up and down, the fuel strikes the shock-absorbing member, causing the force of the waves to be dispersed, and reducing the fuel sloshing sound created by the sloshing of the fuel.05-28-2009
20120118412Centrifugal Pump with Coaxial Inlet and Outlet and Liquid Level Detector - A liquid handling system having a tank with a centrifugal pump for pumping the liquid out of the tank is disclosed. The centrifugal pump is located beneath tank and has a coaxial inlet-outlet. Capacitive sensors are used to detect the level of liquid in the tank, and control circuits are connected to the capacitive sensors and control the operation of the pump.05-17-2012
20100243086BOOSTER WATER SPRAYING SYSTEM - A garden hose spray system includes a water pump and a controller with a switch for engaging and disengaging the pump. The pump is used for boosting a water flow through the system. The controller is in communication with the pump, and directs the switch to engage the pump when the water flow exceeds a predetermined, non-zero threshold flow rate. In certain embodiments, the system further includes a variable outlet. The variable outlet is operable at a first flow setting for a flow rate greater than the threshold and a second flow setting for a non-zero flow rate less than the threshold.09-30-2010
20120125459Hydraulic Main Valve and Auxillary Valve - The present invention relates to a hydraulic auxiliary valve device (05-24-2012
20120247590FUEL PUMP MODULE INCLUDING A JET PUMP HAVING MULTIPLE TUBES - A fuel pump module includes a reservoir and a jet pump. The reservoir includes first and second prime sockets and the jet pump includes a first tube defining a first nozzle and a second tube defining a second nozzle. The first tube has a lower end disposed in the first prime socket and an upper end configured to engage a first line routed to a first position outside of the reservoir in a fuel tank. The second tube has a lower end disposed in the second prime socket and an upper end configured to engage a second line routed to a second position outside of the reservoir in the fuel tank.10-04-2012
20120247591HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP - A high-pressure pump is comprised of a lower housing, an upper housing and a cover, which are formed independently from each other. Thereby, shapes of the above can be simplified. Although the cylinder and the plunger receive a fuel pressure during a pressurization stroke, the upper housing and the cover do not receive fuel pressure directly from a pressurization chamber. Therefore, the upper housing and the cover can be made thin and light as much as possible.10-04-2012
20100288381METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MIXING FLUIDS - At least two fluids separated from one another are mixed by means of pump force via respective suction lines and conveyed into a conveying line by a pump delivery stroke. The fluids are mixed in the pump head of a single oscillating positive displacement pump, the drive of which is controlled in accordance with a proportion of the fluids to be mixed, the suction stroke of the drive is divided over its rotary angle into individual sections during which the fluids are sucked into the pump head one after another, whereupon the fluids which have already been mixed in the pump head are ejected into the conveying line during the subsequent pump delivery stroke. The suction lines of at least two fluids to be mixed are provided with valves and connected to the pump head, the drive controller of which is configured for switching over the valves.11-18-2010
20120216890PUMP FOR A HIGH-PRESSURE CLEANING APPARATUS - A pump for a high-pressure cleaning apparatus for delivering cleaning liquid is provided. The pump has at least one pump chamber into which at least one reciprocally movable piston plunges. The pump chamber is connected via at least one inlet valve to a suction conduit and via at least one outlet valve to a pressure conduit. A bypass conduit leads from the pressure conduit to the suction conduit. A bypass valve is arranged in the bypass conduit. The valve body of the bypass valve is connected to a control member which displaces the valve body to a closed or an open position and displaces a switch plunger which is coupled to the valve body to a first or a second switch position. The valve body opens a passage upstream of the valve seat which becomes wider when the valve body is at a predetermined distance from the valve seat.08-30-2012
20100051123SYSTEM FOR SUPPLYING HYDRAULIC FLUID - The invention concerns a system for supplying hydraulic fluid to a hydraulic system, with an operating reservoir that accepts the hydraulic fluid provided for the operation of the hydraulic system and an auxiliary reservoir connected to the operating reservoir over a hydraulic line for intermediate storage of hydraulic fluid withdrawn from the operating reservoir. According to the invention, an air pump is available that is connected on the one hand on its low pressure side to a suction line that ends in a fluid free area of the auxiliary reservoir, so that a negative pressure can be built up in the auxiliary reservoir as against the external atmospheric pressure, and that is connected, on the other hand, to a control line that is provided with a control opening that is covered by the hydraulic fluid in the operating reservoir at least before the air pump is put into operation.03-04-2010
20100051122CONTAINER ASSEMBLY FOR WINDSHIELD AND HEADLIGHT WASHING FLUID IN A VEHICLE - A container assembly for windshield or headlight washing fluid in a vehicle. It includes in combination: an elongated hollow structure demarcated by a wall with a plurality of asymmetric accordion folds that can be arranged in a stable retracted position and in a flexible extended position, in which it is suitable for being installed in a useful space of an engine compartment in the vehicle, the hollow structure in the extended position containing an operational amount of windshield or headlight washing fluid; a filling opening located at an inlet end portion of the hollow structure; at least one pump associated to the hollow structure for transferring contained fluid to a service point; and a securing device for securing the inlet end portion and one or more sections of the hollow structure to the engine compartment in an installation area.03-04-2010
20100024905Pool Device Propulsion System - A pool device propulsion system that provides a focused stream of water through a programmable distribution portal that allows users to attach specific interchangeable receiving devices to experience various on-going water flows. A user's experience ranges from utilizing water based exercise equipment, to toys, floats and game devices along with other lifestyle attachments.02-04-2010
20100012204VALVE MANIFOLD - A valve is provided including a first valve member and a second valve member. The first valve member includes a first step and a first orifice adjacent the first step. The second valve member includes a second step and a second orifice adjacent the second step. The second valve member is movable relative to the first valve member between an open position, in which the first orifice is fluidly connected the second orifice, and a closed position, in which the first orifice is substantially fluidly disconnected from the second orifice. The first and second steps are fluidly connected to the second orifice and substantially fluidly disconnected from the first orifice when the second valve member is in the closed position, and the first and second steps are fluidly connected to the first and second orifices when the second valve member is in the open position.01-21-2010
20120312399DOSING PUMP - A dosing pump includes a dosing chamber (12-13-2012
20120261009HYDRAULIC CONTROL DEVICE - A hydraulic control device includes a first predetermined portion receiving the oil discharged from a pump, a first channel establishing communication between the pump and the first predetermined portion, a second channel branched from the first channel for supplying oil to a second predetermined portion, a flow passage area regulation unit arranged on the second channel and equipped with a spool that moves in a flow passage area increasing direction when an oil pressure in the second channel increases and in a decreasing direction when the oil pressure decreases, and a bypass channel, which is provided separately from a portion of the second channel where the spool disconnects the second channel, establishes communication between an upstream side and a downstream side of the second channel relative to the flow passage area regulation unit and supplies oil to the second predetermined portion even when the spool disconnects the second channel.10-18-2012
20120266986MICROFLUIDIC CARTRIDGE WITH PARALLEL PNEUMATIC INTERFACE PLATE - A microfluidic cartridge for placement onto a parallel pneumatic interface plate of a pneumatic instrument is provided. The cartridge includes a three dimensional fluid channel, in which a fluid is to be transported, a flexible membrane that spans a plane and is part of an outer surface of the cartridge. The three dimensional fluid channel is spatially defined in three dimensions by internal walls of the cartridge and by the flexible membrane. The flexible membrane is in a ground state, when no pressure or vacuum is applied to the flexible membrane. However, the flexible membrane is pneumatically deflectable from the ground state perpendicular to the plane of the flexible membrane in two directions when the cartridge is placed onto the parallel pneumatic interface plate.10-25-2012
20120080108PUMPING DEVICE - A pumping device for pumping a liquid to a higher level comprises a pump having an inlet and an outlet, an inlet tube being located upstream of the inlet for guiding the fluid to the inlet, a siphon being located downstream of the outlet and an outlet tube being located downstream of the siphon for guiding the liquid from the outlet to the outlet tube via the siphon. The outlet tube extends at least beyond a front side of the pump as seen from the pump. With respect to the outlet tube the siphon extends at least partly at the opposite side of said front side.04-05-2012
20120080107Cyclonic Catalytic Ducts - Implementations and techniques for cyclonic catalytic ducts are generally disclosed.04-05-2012
20120279591SEALING WATER SYSTEM - A sealing water system for flushing a rotating mechanical seal includes a closed circuit. A supply pump is disposed in the closed circuit so as to act upon the rotating mechanical seal with sealing water. The closed circuit is configured to collect and recirculate the sealing water.11-08-2012
20120325347PARTICLE PROCESSING DEVICE USING CENTRIFUGAL FORCE - A particle processing device includes a substrate and at least one fluidic path. The substrate is rotatable with respect to the middle region thereof. The fluidic path is provided in the substrate to extend from the middle region to a peripheral region. The fluidic path transfers a fluid having a particle from an input portion to an output portion of the fluidic pather by using a centrifugal force of the rotation of the substrate. A capturing region is formed between the input portion and the output portion of the fluidic path to have a changeable sectional shape for capturing the particle.12-27-2012
20120090707GRAY WATER RECYCLING SYSTEM - The gray water recycling system includes a first holding tank for filtering and storing gray water from a washer. The processed water passes through an inline filter to a second holding tank. The second holding tank includes a first float switch operatively associated with a pump that shuts off power to the pump when the second tank contains less than a predetermined amount of processed water. An outlet pipe inside the second tank includes another filter to clean the processed water as the water passes through the outlet pipe. A second float switch activates the pump to pump the processed water to a toilet tank when the toilet tank water drains below a predetermined level. A battery power unit is operatively connected to the pump, providing power for selective operation thereof.04-19-2012
20120285564DEVICE FOR DOSING PAINT COMPONENTS - The invention relates to a device for dosing paint components, the device comprising a container (11-15-2012
20130008535LOW-PRESSURE GRADIENT DEVICE - A plurality of suctioning flow paths for suctioning mobile phases meet each other at a meeting portion. The meeting portion is connected to an inlet flow path communicating with an inlet of a reciprocating pump. The suctioning flow paths are respectively provided with solenoid valves for opening and closing the respective flow paths. The suctioning flow paths are respectively provided with orifices between the solenoid valves and the meeting portion. The orifices are sections of the respective suctioning flow paths having smaller diameters.01-10-2013
20130008536ADJUSTING PUMP FLOW AT TOOL01-10-2013
20110132479BI-DIRECTIONAL VALVE SYSTEM FOR AN AQUIFER THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE, HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM - A bi-directional valve system for an aquifer thermal energy storage system includes a hydraulic control valve fluidly connected to the aquifer pump and pipeline. A control pump is selectively actuated to hydraulically open and close fluid outlets of the hydraulic control valve. When the fluid outlets are closed, a full flow of water can be pumped from the aquifer, or pressure in the pipeline of the system maintained or increased. However, when the fluid pressure needs to be reduced or water reintroduced into the aquifer, the fluid outlets of the hydraulic control valve are selectively opened.06-09-2011
20130019968CONVEYING DEVICE FOR A FLUID - The invention relates to a conveying device for conveying a fluid in a conveying direction (01-24-2013
20130019970POWDER SUPPLY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COLOUR CHANGE IN A POWDER SUPPLY SYSTEM - The invention relates to a Powder supply system for supplying powder to a powder spray device comprising a powder supply hopper; a powder fluidizing device for fluidizing powder positioned in the powder supply hopper; a powder pump for conveying powder from the powder supply hopper to the spray device. According to the invention the powder supply hopper is pivotally mounted to a support structure. The invention further relates to a method for colour change in a powder supply system.01-24-2013
20130019969Subsea Pumping System With Interchangeable Pumping Units - A system can include a skid, a support structure to support the skid on a sea floor, mounts connected to the skid, an electrical connector for each of the mounts to power an electric submersible pump housed by a tubular housing, fluid connectors for each of the mounts, tubular housing fluid isolation valves for each of the mounts, at least one fluid bypass that comprises a fluid bypass isolation valve, and a subsea control module for control of the tubular housing fluid isolation valves, the fluid bypass isolation valve and electricity to each of the electrical connectors. Various other devices, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.01-24-2013
20080245424Micro fluid transfer system - A micro fluid transfer system for transferring fluid within a micro-environment, wherein the micro fluid transfer system comprises: (a) an elongate body having first and second ends and an outer surface; (b) a plurality of bores formed within the elongate body, the bores extending along at least a portion of a length of the elongate body for carrying fluid therein; and (c) at least one interconnecting slot intercepting at least two of the plurality of bores within the elongate body at a strategic, pre-determined location and orientation so as to fluidly connect the at least two bores and to define a plurality of potential fluid passageways through the elongate body. The micro fluid transfer system further comprises at least one access slot intercepting one of the plurality of bores within the elongate body at a strategic, pre-determined location and orientation so that the access slot and the bore are in fluid communication with one another, the access slot further defining additional potential fluid passageways within the elongate body. The micro fluid transfer system further comprises at least one rod disposed within each of the plurality of bores, the rod being selectively positioned to define a particular pre-determined fluid passageway and subsequent fluid flow path and to manipulate and control fluid flow through the fluid flow path.10-09-2008
20080245423FUEL SUPPLY DEVICE - A vehicle-use fuel supply device includes a fuel tank, a support base body, a reservoir cup which is mounted on the support base body and mounts a fuel pump, a case portion which incorporates a high-pressure filter, and a discharge pipe which is mounted on the case portion and discharges the fuel discharged from the case portion to the outside. The reservoir cup is provided with a first opening portion which allows the fuel to flow into the reservoir cup and to be stored in the reservoir cup, a second opening portion which allows the stored fuel to flow out to the strainer, and a bottomed vessel having a cutout portion in a portion thereof and mounted on the reservoir cup in a state that the vessel covers the second opening portion.10-09-2008
20130139915Hydraulic Two-Way Valve for the Lifting Mechanism of an Agricultural Vehicle - A hydraulic two-way valve includes a pump connection, a tank connection, and first and second working connections. The working connections are connectable to a hydraulic cylinder of an agricultural vehicle lifting mechanism. The pump connection is connectable to a hydraulic pump. In a first position, the pump connection, tank connection, and working connections are shut off. In a second position, the pump connection is connected to the first working connection and the tank connection to the second working connection. In a third position, the pump connection is connected to the second working connection and the tank connection to the first working connection. In a fourth position, the working connections are connected to the tank connection and the pump connection is shut off. In a fifth position, the tank connection is connected to the second working connection and the pump connection and first working connection are shut off.06-06-2013
20130139916OIL PRESSURE CONTROL APPARATUS - An oil pressure control apparatus includes: a pump that ejects oil by being driven by rotation of an engine; a first flow passage interconnecting the pump and a first predetermined portion; a second flow passage branching from the first flow passage and supplying oil to a second predetermined portion; and a flow passage area adjusting portion that adjusts a flow passage area of the second flow passage according to oil pressure in the second flow passage. The flow passage area adjusting portion includes a spool formed such that a first pressure receiving face and a second pressure receiving face having an area smaller than that of the first pressure receiving face oppose each other with the second flow passage interposed therebetween, with the spool moving according to oil pressure in the second flow passage, and a biasing member biasing the spool in a direction toward the second pressure receiving face.06-06-2013
20130167956LIQUID SUPPLY WITH CIRCULATION VIA THROUGH-PASSING INNER PIPES - The invention relates to a liquid supply system wherein liquid, such as for example, a supply of warm water, circulates. Said system consists of thick outer tubes, the inner chamber of said thick outer tubes allowing a liquid to flow through, a thin inner tube is respectively placed inside the outer tube in which the liquid can flow in the direction counter to that in the inner chamber. In the path of at least one outer tube, a first tube branch is introduced enabling the first inner tube to be withdrawn, and in said first branch, at least one functional component, such as a shut-off valve, is introduced into the inner tube and guided to a second tube branch in the path of an outer tube and extends further through said tube branch and then into the inner chamber of the latter outer tube.07-04-2013
20120247592CONTROL VALVE, IN PARTICULAR FOR METERING IN A FLUID FOR A DELIVERY PUMP WHICH IS ARRANGED DOWNSTREAM - A control valve is provided, in particular for metering in a fluid for a delivery pump which is arranged downstream. The control valve has a flow channel, an axially movable valve needle, and a valve element which can be loaded by the valve needle in an opening direction and is arranged in the flow channel. If the valve element is actuated in the opening direction by the valve needle, the fluid can flow back through the flow channel at least temporarily counter to the opening direction of the valve element. Upstream of the valve element as viewed in the backflow direction, the flow channel has a fluidically active shield which keeps the backflow at least partially free of a face of the valve element.10-04-2012
20130133764CYLINDRICAL PISTON ASSISTED BLENDING VESSEL - A container/transport system for a viscous material includes a container for the viscous material and a transport conduit for transporting the viscous material. The container includes an outer rigid wall; an inner flexible bladder, the inner flexible bladder containing a viscous material; and a conduit connected to the inner flexible bladder to introduce a fluid into the inner flexible bladder. The transport conduit includes an outer rigid wall, an inner flexible bladder, a volume between the outer rigid wall and the inner flexible bladder containing a viscous material, and a conduit connected to the inner flexible bladder to introduce a fluid into the inner flexible bladder. A valve controls a flow of fluid from a fluid source to either the inner flexible bladder of the container or the inner flexible bladder of the transport conduit.05-30-2013
20130112298WORK VEHICLE - An air supply pipe (05-09-2013
20130092267FUEL TANK INSTALLATION - A fuel tank installation comprising: a fuel tank for holding fuel, the fuel tank comprising a fuel tank wall formed with a hole; a fuel pump assembly fitted into the hole in the fuel tank wall with an inner part of the fuel pump assembly protruding from an inner side of the hole and an outer part of the fuel pump assembly protruding from an outer side of the hole; a cage surrounding the outer part of the fuel pump assembly; and a mounting piece which attaches both the cage and the fuel pump assembly to the fuel tank wall.04-18-2013
20130098482WASTE WATER LIFTING INSTALLATION - A waste water lifting installation has a collection container and a pump assembly. The pump assembly is fastened on a flange plate which closes an opening on the upper side of the collection container. The flange plate, on a first side edge which faces the middle region of the waste water lifting installation, is releasably fixed on the collection container with a single locking element.04-25-2013
20130126025AIR COMPRESSORS - An air compressor may include a compressor unit and an external tank unit connectible with the compressor unit. The external tank unit may include an external tank and a battery. The battery may supply electric power to the compressor unit.05-23-2013
20130126024Bi-Directional Pump - A bi-directional pump comprises a pump housing, and the pump housing comprises a pump outlet. A fluid pressurizer is positioned in the pump housing and configured to provide fluid flow selectively in a first direction and a second direction. A first passage and a second passage are positioned in the pump housing. A junction is fluidly positioned, in the pump housing, connecting the first and second passages to the pump outlet. A flow controller is positioned in the pump housing to move relative thereto, between a first position, placing the first passage, in fluid communication, with the pump outlet via the junction when the fluid pressurizer provides fluid flow in the first direction, and a second position placing the second passage, in fluid communication with the pump outlet, via the junction when the fluid pressurizer provides fluid flow in the second direction.05-23-2013
20100276018System For Maintaining Temperature Of A Fluid In A Conduit - A fluid transport apparatus maintains temperature of a fluid transported through a conduit. The fluid transport apparatus includes a fluid transport conduit that is selectively deformed by a pressure within a compressor conduit and allowed to return to its original shape by venting the pressure through a venting valve. The alternating pressurization and release of pressure from the compressor conduit moves fluid through the fluid transport conduit. A thermal conductor is associated with the fluid transport conduit to maintain the temperature of the fluid in the fluid transport conduit within a predetermined range.11-04-2010
20130146161Disposable Hydration Pouch - An improved disposable hydration pouch and method of delivery is disclosed herein. The hydration pouch may be manufactured from poly-ethylene or other high self-friction polymers that can be thermally sealed, which allows the pouch to be inexpensive to manufacture and disposable. The hydration pouch also includes a plurality of latitudinal thermally sealed baffles to provide improved lateral support and strength while holding liquids during use over existing poly-ethylene hydration pouches in the prior art. The disposable hydration pouch may be used by athletes, hikers, cyclists, travellers, and more as a portable hydration source.06-13-2013
20100307617FLOW CELL12-09-2010
20100307616MICROFLUIDIC PUMP, FLUID GUIDING MODULE, AND FLUID TRANSPORTING SYSTEM - A fluid transporting system including a microfluidic pump, a fluid guiding unit, and a first pipe connected between the microfluidic pump and the fluid guiding unit is provided. The microfluidic pump includes a body, a first unidirectional membrane valve, and a second unidirectional membrane valve. The body has a cavity, an inlet connected to the first unidirectional membrane valve, and an outlet connected to the second unidirectional membrane valve. When the cavity is compressed, the first unidirectional membrane valve is closed, and the second one is opened. When the cavity is dilated, the first unidirectional membrane valve is opened, and the second one is closed. The fluid guiding unit includes a tank provided with a first channel, and a second channel. A height of the first channel relative to the bottom of the tank is higher than that of the second channel relative to the bottom of the tank.12-09-2010
20120273070Optimized air delivery apparatus - An apparatus that uses an optimized body design incorporating one or more interchangeable nozzle inserts with a wide array of discharge orifice sizes, configurations and spacings to efficiently and effectively deliver a pressurized, high velocity, laminar flow air stream to dry, cool, or clean objects that are either stationary or moving transversely through the optimized air stream developed by the apparatus, all while minimizing the operational downtime required to implement the interchangeable nozzle insert modifications to the apparatus.11-01-2012
20110315254FUEL SUPPLY APPARATUS - A fuel supply apparatus or fuel pump unit includes a lower case having a flange plate fixed to a fuel tank and upstanding walls extending into the fuel tank. An upper case housing a fuel pump therein is provided that includes brackets disposed along inner sides of the upstanding walls. The upstanding walls having engaging holes defined therein, and the brackets having attachment members engaging in the engaging holes. The brackets include tongues projecting heightwise beyond the upstanding walls.12-29-2011
20120018018Circuit For Biological Liquid - The invention concerns a circuit comprising a bag (01-26-2012
20120018017PROCESS WATER LIFT STATION APPARATUS - A lift station containing a tube, an access box connected to the tube, and an inner pipe that is removable, positioned in the tube that can be used to contain and discharge process water. The design aids in construction and maintenance and can detect leaks that can reduce process water contamination of surrounding soil.01-26-2012
20130192699UREA-WATER PUMP DEVICE - A urea-water pump device for an exhaust gas cleaner includes a pump, a motor, a temperature detection portion, a setting portion, and a changing portion. The pump is accommodated in a tank and supplies urea-water stored in the tank. The motor drives the pump. The temperature detection portion directly or indirectly detects a temperature of the urea-water stored in the tank. The setting portion sets an upper-limit-value of a current supplied to the motor. The changing portion changes the upper-limit-value of the current supplied to the motor, based on the temperature of the urea-water detected by the temperature detection portion.08-01-2013
20130199638Integrated Supplying Apparatus For Gas and Sizing - The present invention discloses an integrated supplying apparatus for gas and sizing. It comprises a sizing barrel, a gas supply unit and a switching unit. The sizing barrel and the gas supply unit are both connected with the switching unit. When the switching unit is fixed in a first state by a safety cover, the gas supply unit can only output high pressure gas through the switching unit. When the switching unit is converted into a second state by releasing the safety cover, the gas supply unit in turn outputs some high pressure air into the sizing barrel through the switching unit, so that the sizing inside the sizing barrel is output under the action of the gas pressure and the gas inside the sizing barrel is then output when completing the output of the sizing.08-08-2013
20120085440FLOW SUMMATION SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING A VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT HYDRAULIC PUMP - A valve assembly couples a plurality of hydraulic actuators to a variable displacement pump and to a tank. A separate valve is associated with each hydraulic actuator and comprises a variable flow source orifice between the supply conduit and a summation node coupled to a pump control port, a variable metering orifice between the summation node and the associated hydraulic actuator, and a variable bypass orifice between the summation node and the tank. As a valve operates to enlarge the metering orifice, the flow source orifice also enlarges, and the bypass orifice shrinks. When the valve operates to shrink the metering orifice, the flow source orifice also shrinks and the bypass orifice enlarges. Those operations vary fluid flow in and out of the summation node, which alters pressure applied to the pump control, thereby causing the pump output to vary as required to drive the associated hydraulic actuator.04-12-2012

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