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137 - Fluid handling

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137565010 With pump 310
137625000 Multi-way valve unit 275
137602000 Multiple inlet with single outlet 130
137613000 Flow path with serial valves and/or closures 105
137861000 With flow control means for branched passages 100
137597000 Multiple inlet with multiple outlet 70
137561000 Non-valved flow dividers 56
137599010 Dividing into parallel flow paths with recombining 26
137596000 Supply and exhaust 25
137583000 System with plural openings, one a gas vent or access opening 23
137637000 Valves with separate, correlated, actuators 21
137624110 Programmer or timer 19
137624270 Line condition change responsive release of valve 18
137571000 Plural tanks or compartments connected for serial flow 14
137615000 Articulated or swinging flow conduit 13
137563000 Closed circulating system 12
137594000 Plural noncommunicating flow paths 11
137590000 Tank with internally extending flow guide, pipe or conduit 7
137628000 Sequentially progressive opening or closing of plural valves 4
20090151803HYBRID SPOOL VALVE FOR MULTI-PORT PULSE TUBE - The problems of reducing the torque required to turn the valve, eliminating wear dust, and extending the life of the valves in Gifford McMahon (G-M) type multi-port pulse tube refrigerators are solved by using a rotary spool valve having radial clearance to control flow to and from the regenerator, and using face seal ports on the end of the spool to control flow to and from the pulse tubes.06-18-2009
20090314364PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES AND PNEUMATIC CONTROL SYSTEMS - A pressure relief valve includes a lever plate, a first spring, a fitting, and a guide assembly. The fitting has a first side, a second side, and a flange having a rounded end and includes a surface with which a first end of the first spring contacts. The guide assembly has two sides, two concavities, and at least a portion of the guide assembly extends through the opening of the lever plate, the first concavity is formed on the first side of the guide assembly and contacts the fitting flange rounded end, and the second concavity is aligned coaxially with the first concavity. A rounded end of a rod of the diaphragm assembly contacts the second concavity. The second spring is adapted to supply a second force against the diaphragm assembly to move the lever plate in a second direction that is substantially opposite the first direction.12-24-2009
20080216908CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A MULTI-SPEED TRANSMISSION - A hydraulic control circuit for a transmission includes a plurality of solenoids and valves in fluid communication with a plurality of actuators. The actuators are operable to actuate a plurality of torque transmitting devices. Selective activation of the solenoids allows for a pressurized fluid flow to activate at least one of the actuators in order to shift the transmission into a desired gear ratio.09-11-2008
20080223467Method and device for regulating a pressure in a hydraulic system - The present invention relates to a method for regulating a pressure in a hydraulic system for operating at least one actuator in a subsea installation, having a fluid supply line (09-18-2008
137627500 Sequentially closing and opening alternately seating flow controllers 4
20090320948STACKED LOAD LOCK CHAMBER AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A stacked load lock chamber comprises a first load lock chamber, a second load lock chamber stacked on the first load lock chamber, a first slit-valve mover configured to open and close a first opening provided to an atmosphere side of the first load lock chamber, a second slit-valve mover configured to open and close a second opening provided to an atmosphere side of the second load lock chamber, a first arm connected to the first slit-valve mover, a second arm connected to the second slit-valve mover, and a driver located below the first and second load lock chambers and configured to drive the first and second arms to move the first and second slit-valve movers through the first and second arms.12-31-2009
20090301590Fuel shutoff slide valve - A method of controlling fuel flow including providing a fuel tank including a first fuel port and a second fuel port on an exterior of the fuel tank, the first and second fuel ports each communicating with an interior of the fuel tank, positioning a first connector through a valve body and securing the first connector directly to the first fuel port, positioning a second connector through the valve body and securing the second connector directly to the second fuel port, and adjusting a positioned of a slide member on the valve body between a first position and a second position, the slide member in the first position simultaneously blocking fluid flow through the first fuel port and the second fuel port, and in the second position simultaneously allowing fluid flow through the first fuel port and the second fuel port.12-10-2009
20080245428Control Valve - A control valve for use in a liquid-carrying system, such as a heating or cooling system, containing a differential pressure governor which keeps the differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet constant. The control valve also includes an arrangement for setting and adjusting the maximum flow of liquid through the valve. This arrangement comprises a flow valve having two cooperating valve members (10-09-2008
20120067444LEVELING VALVE - A contracted portion having an axial length is formed in the spool hole and a large diameter portion having an axial length is formed in the spool within the spool such that an annular gap is formed there-between. A valve body closes an opening portion of the spool hole. When the valve body is lifted, one of an air pressure source and a drain is connected to an air spring passage via the annular gap. When the spool retreats from the valve body, the other of the air pressure source and the drain is connected to the air spring passage via the annular gap. By setting the lengths at different values, different flow rate characteristics are realized when supplying compressed air to an air spring and discharging air from the air spring.03-22-2012
137577000 Tank with movable or adjustable outlet or overflow pipe 3
20120067442Float Device - A float device for use in drawing liquids such as fuel from a tank or other reservoir is disclosed. The device comprises a float arranged for rising and falling with the level of liquid in the tank and a liquid pick-up duct, which comprises a flexible tube having its free end coupled to the float. The float is arranged for vertical movement within a filter or other member, which encloses the float and the flexible tube. The filter or other member is elongate and tubular in construction and comprises an open lower end.03-22-2012
20130092268WATER SKIMMER APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REMOVING WATER FROM A WATER CONTAINMENT SYSTEM - The current invention is directed to a water skimmer and method of using same in a water containment system where the water skimmer comprises a conduit and float material. The conduit has water apertures and air apertures. The conduit and the float material are adapted to maintain a approximately a 1.5 inch to 6 inch head of water above the water apertures while keeping the air apertures at or above the water level. The number and size of the water apertures in the conduit allow for a predetermined flow rate of water.04-18-2013
20090090420SYSTEM FOR DISPENSING AND RECOVERING LIQUIDS AND DEVICE COMPRISING SAME - The invention concerns a system for dispensing and recovering liquids designed to be arranged in a rigid container, comprising a liquid dispensing tank (04-09-2009
137580000 With running joint between movable parts of system 2
20110253238Integrated Bulk Fluids Management System - Modular storage and controlled outflow systems for controlling a flow of water and methods of assembly of modular storage and controlled outflow systems having indirect flow of water through the system. Modular systems for controlling a flow of water having beams extending across the modules to direct the flow of water in an indirect manner or a serpentine or semi-serpentine manner. Modular storage and controlled outflow systems for treatment and filtration of water.10-20-2011
20100326550WATER DIVERSION AND COLLECTION APPARATUS - A water collector for use with a drainpipe comprising an aperture and a valve associated with at least one said output aperture wherein the valve can be selectively moved to permit the flow of fluid through its associated aperture in a first position or to restrict the fluid flow through such aperture in a second position. The valve is activated from its first position to its second position via the action of a cable upon the valve. The valve is pivotally connected to the drainpipe and configured to be moved about the pivot by the action of the cable.12-30-2010
137581000 Movable tank 2
20100032032Sanitary Water Conservation Device - An installation for the intermediate holding and storage of sewage and effluent, said installation comprising a sealable housing 02-11-2010
20110005622VIAL CAP 187 - An elastomeric vial cap used for sealing a vial container, but allowing pipette access to its containment fluid includes an annular flange portion for capping the vial and a sloped truncated cone portion to easily guide the pipette into the vial container. A tubular seal portion is configured to encircle the truncated cone portion and firmly engage an inside wall of the vial container with ease of insertion. A center flap portion is circumscribed by a channel at its top surface for penetration by the pipette and has a flex portion. The center flap portion separates around the perimeter of the channel but hinges at the channel above the flex portion and does not become dislodged. The ratio of the diameters of the pipette and the center flap portion is such that significant problems related to back-pressure and vacuum conditions do not exist during transfer of the containment fluid.01-13-2011
137564500 Main line as motive fluid for follower-type feeder 1
20110162738FLUID INJECTION SYSTEM - The present invention is directed toward an apparatus for efficient, durable, reliable, and cost-effective fluid injection. In particular, the present invention provides an unpowered device for automatic fluid injection dictated by pressure differential in the line. More specifically, the present invention provides a device for injecting a degreasing chemical into air relief valves in municipal wastewater systems, which operates off of the differential pressure in the pumped lines resulting from the pump operating cycles.07-07-2011
137562000 Faucet connected, sink drained 1
20120012207Automatic water flushing control device and its faucet - A control device for automatic water discharge installed at position where water is discharged in apparatus for automatic water discharge in a kitchen and sanitary environment is provided. The device comprises a housing, a sensor unit disposed inside the housing, a water discharge unit, and an electromagnetic valve assembly. The housing comprises a first holding chamber configured to receive the sensor unit, a second holding chamber configured to receive the electromagnetic valve assembly, a third holding chamber configured to receive the water discharge unit, and a water intake chamber. The sensor unit comprises a circuit board and a sensor set at the circuit board. The circuit board is provided with a processor. The electromagnetic valve assembly comprises an electromagnetic valve electrically connected with the circuit board and a diaphragm unit. Motion of the diaphragm unit controls connecting and blocking between the water intake chamber and the third holding chamber to respectively realize water discharge or to stop water. The control device for automatic water discharge is designed as compact structures, and is conducive to the miniaturization of products.01-19-2012
137636000 With selective motion for plural valve actuator 1
20100229985Cartridge including an anti-ram device - A cartridge including an anti-ram device comprises a multiple braking mechanism, including at least two pistons housed in the cover/driver element of a top movable plate, on the sides of a milled ball seat of the faucet control rod.09-16-2010
137582000 With antisplash means not in flow passage 1
20100193055LIQUID-SUCTIONING TANK AND DROPLET DISCHARGE DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - A liquid-suctioning tank includes a liquid inflow port, a gas outflow port, a baffle plate and a guide member. The liquid inflow port communicates with an upper space of a surface of a liquid, and configured and arranged to be connected to a liquid-suctioning object. The gas outflow port communicates with the upper space, and configured and arranged to be connected to a suctioning device so that a negative pressure is applied to the upper space by the suctioning device to trap liquid from the liquid-suctioning object using suction. The baffle plate is disposed in the upper space so that the liquid flowing from the liquid inflow port collides against the baffle plate. The guide member has a guiding wall configured and arranged to guide the liquid that has collided with the baffle plate from the baffle plate toward the surface of the liquid.08-05-2010
20130025715GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM - A gas supply system is provided. The system includes a plurality of component gas supply pipes, a plurality of flow rate control mechanisms for controlling flow rates of the component gases flowing in the component gas supply pipes, and a material gas supply pipe connected with downstream ends of the component gas supply pipes, and connected with one of the gas supply ports at a downstream. The flow rate control mechanism includes flow rate control valves, individual pressure sensors, and fluid resistance elements provided to the component gas supply pipes in this order from upstream, respectively, a common pressure sensor, and controllers for calculating the flow rates of the gases flowing in the component gas supply and controlling the flow rate control valves of the corresponding component gas supply pipes so that the calculated component gas flow rate approaches a predetermined gas flow rate, respectively.01-31-2013
20130042935HYDRAULIC SWITCHING MECHANISM FOR MOBILE HYDRAULICS, MOBILE HYDRAULIC MACHINE AND VALVE UNIT - A hydraulic switching mechanism for the mobile hydraulics of, for example, hydraulic excavators, with a valve block, with electrohydraulically activatable valve units for controlling the movement of a working cylinder whose cylinder chambers can be selectively connected to a pump connection for hydraulic fluid, to a tank connection or to one another, and with pre-control valves for activating the valve units, wherein the hydraulic switching mechanism, by means of separate tank valve units and pump valve units, and also a suitable pre-control system, makes it possible to achieve a directional control valve function and a directly controlled and superimposed pre-controlled lowering braking function, a maximum pressure safeguarding of the cylinders and a proportional throttle valve function for the controlled displacement under negative load forces in the direction of movement and braking in an emergency; and mobile hydraulic machines having such a hydraulic switching mechanism and also to valve units therefor.02-21-2013
20090194175SHUT-OFF DEVICE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING A SHUT-OFF DEVICE - The invention relates to a shut-off device (08-06-2009
20110192476Water Purification Apparatus and Method - A water purification apparatus comprising at least: (a) one or more water purification components to provide a purified water stream, preferably having a conductivity of less than 1 μS/cm; and (b) a stepper motor (08-11-2011
20110192475Device for the piping of process systems in the food and beverage industry - A device for the piping of process systems in the food and beverage industry. in that: 08-11-2011
20100078086MULTIPLE FLOW PATH MICROREACTOR DESIGN - A microfluidic device comprises at least one reactant passage defined by walls and comprising at least one parallel multiple flow path configuration comprising a group of elementary design patterns being able to provide mixing and/or residence time which are arranged in series with fluid communication so as to constitute flow paths, and in parallel so as to constitute a multiple flow path elementary design pattern, wherein the parallel multiple flow path configuration comprises at least two communicating zones between elementary design patterns of two adjacent parallel flow paths, said communicating zones being in the same plane as that defined by said elementary design patterns between which said communicating zone is placed and allowing passage of fluid in order to minimize mass flow rate difference between adjacent parallel flow paths which have the same flow direction.04-01-2010
20130081717PRESSURE RELIEF DEVICE - A pressure release device for preventing pressure build-up in a sink, shower or tub drain includes an elongated tubular member having an elongated passageway extending therethrough. A partially closed top with a plurality of openings therein and an open bottom and means for disposing the device in a drain with an upper portion of the device extending upwardly by at least about 1 cm above an opening to the drain and a bottom of the device extends downwardly in the drain at least 1 and preferably about 2 cm below the opening of the drain.04-04-2013
20120174998TRANSMISSION HYDRAULIC CONTROL SYSTEM HAVING FLUID BYPASS SLEEVE - A hydraulic control system for a clutch of a transmission includes a source of pressurized hydraulic fluid, a line pressure regulator valve, a clutch control valve, a control valve bore, and a bypass sleeve. The bypass sleeve is installed in the control valve bore and includes an axial bore, and a first and a second port. The first port is in communication with the axial bore and the first of the plurality of ports of the control valve bore, the second port is in communication with the axial bore and the second of the plurality of ports of the control valve bore, and the axial bore is not in communication with the remainder of the plurality of ports of the control valve bore.07-12-2012
20130032231FLOW REGULATOR - The invention relates to a flow regulator (02-07-2013
20130037141TRANSMISSION ANTI-LEAK VALVE - A valve is mounted in a first bore in a first separable section of a transmission to block or allow fluid flow through the first bore to a second bore in a second transmission section depending on whether the first and second sections are joined together or separated. A movable portion of the valve is responsive to an actuator during relative movement of the transmission sections between fluid flow open and fluid flow closed positions. The valve can include a valve housing fixed in the first bore and a carrying plunger biased to the fluid blocking position and responsive to the actuator for movement to the fluid flow open position. The valve forms a fluid flow path between the first and second bores across the gap between the facing surfaces of the joined transmission sections.02-14-2013
20120180884Interconnection of Microfluidic Devices - A microfluidic device (07-19-2012
20120180882FLUIDIC DEVICES AND FABRICATION METHODS FOR MICROFLUIDICS - A method of fabricating a fluidic device comprises providing a fluidic device including a body having a surface and one or more channels located in the body. Recesses are defined on said surface. The one or more channels can have respective boundaries. A layer of adhesive including one or more panel-shaped pieces having a pattern based on the pattern of boundaries of the channels can be formed and applied on the surface of the body. It is further controlled that the layer of adhesive has respective boundaries surrounding the boundaries of the one or more channels.07-19-2012
20120180881Overflow Valve For Prevention Of Water Vapor Loss - A system and valve for regulating the level of a fluid. The valve having a floating head member that is connected via a rotatable member to a drain member, where fluid may drain from the valve. The system having the valve and a tank, where the fluid drains from the tank once the fluid level reaches the level of the drain member of the valve.07-19-2012
20120216888System for and Method of Fast Pulse Gas Delivery - A system for delivering pulses of a desired mass of gas to a tool, comprising: a mass flow controller including flow sensor, a control valve and a dedicated controller configured and arranged to receive a recipe of a sequence of steps for opening and closing the control valve so as to deliver as sequence of gas pulses as a function of the recipe. The mass flow controller is configured and arranged so as to operate in either one of at least two modes: as a traditional mass flow controller (MFC) mode or in a pulse gas delivery (PGD) mode. Further, the dedicated controller is configured and arranged to delivery pulses of gas in accordance with anyone of three different types of pulse gas delivery processes: a time based pulse delivery process, a mole based pulse delivery process and a profile based pulse delivery process.08-30-2012
20130056101METHODS FOR DISCRETIZED PROCESSING AND PROCESS SEQUENCE INTEGRATION OF REGIONS OF A SUBSTRATE - The present invention provides methods and systems for discretized, combinatorial processing of regions of a substrate such as for the discovery, implementation, optimization, and qualification of new materials, processes, and process sequence integration schemes used in integrated circuit fabrication. A substrate having an array of differentially processed regions thereon is processed by delivering materials to or modifying regions of the substrate.03-07-2013
20120111430INTEGRATED SELF-CONTAINED ZONING PLENUM - The device overcomes the inability of a single HVAC system, when the entire building (or upon each HVAC system which is serving the building) to create optimal occupant comfort, realize potential energy savings, adjust for times of occupancy, and overcome internally and externally imposed changes to comfort when controlled by a single temperature control device. The invention allows the occupant(s) to employ multiple temperature control devices, which results in meeting the requirements for occupant comfort, energy savings, and adjust for times of occupancy.05-10-2012
20120111429MIXER GROUP FOR BATHROOM OR KITCHEN - Embodiments of the present invention refer to a mixer group for bathroom or kitchen comprising a hollow cylinder, a tubular body that forms a seat for the sliding of the hollow cylinder and comprises an axial inlet and at least one radial outlet for the water, and an electric motor for actuating the hollow cylinder. The mixer group comprises a lid for the end opposite the inlet of the tubular body, defining an extension of the sliding seat, and an annular gasket between the tubular body and the lid, comprising an elastically deformable tab that projects into the extension of the seat, in open flow conditions, or is deformed against the hollow cylinder, to close the flow, when the hollow cylinder engages with the extension.05-10-2012
20110315250VENT HEAD - A vent head for a steam system is provided. In one embodiment, the head comprises a body defining a vent head chamber and having a vent head outlet. The vent head comprises a steam inlet conduit having a steam outlet that opens into the vent head chamber and a baffle disposed within the vent head chamber above the steam outlet. A drainage passageway is provided for fluid communication between the vent head chamber and the steam inlet conduit. In use, the steam outlet may discharge steam into the vent head chamber which impinges on the baffle, thereby separating entrained liquid water from the steam. The separated water is collected in the vent head chamber returned to the steam inlet conduit via the drainage passageway.12-29-2011
20120073683METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MOLDED PART, AND A MOLDED PART THUS PRODUCED - The invention relates to a molded part for accommodating, conducting, or storing a fluid, having a hollow body delimited by a wall lining, and at least one device for feeding fluids to the hollow body, and/or discharging fluids therefrom. The molded part is characterized in that the wall lining contains cross-linked polyethylene.03-29-2012
20110277858VENTILATING APPARATUS - This invention discloses a ventilating apparatus which has a configuration extending along a first axis, a second axis and a third axis. The first axis, the second axis and the third axis are orthogonal to each other. The ventilating apparatus includes a main body, a tail pipe and an airtight sealing material . The main body made of porous ceramics having an outer surface. The main body has a head end and a tail end disposed along the second axis, a first aperture passing therethrough along the first axis near the head end of the main body, and a first air orifice extending along the second axis. The tail pipe has a second aperture which is connected to the first aperture of the main body. The airtight sealing material covering the outer surface of the main body with the first aperture exposed.11-17-2011
20110277859FLUID HANDLING STRUCTURE, LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A fluid handling structure for a lithographic apparatus is disclosed. The fluid handling structure has, on an undersurface, a liquid supply opening or a plurality of liquid supply openings and a liquid extraction opening or a plurality of liquid extraction openings arranged such that, in use, liquid is provided on and removed from the undersurface of the fluid handling structure.11-17-2011
20090151800Flow regulator device - A fluid flow regulator of the present invention comprises in combination a stationary hollow duct housing having a first end and a second end through which fluid flows. The device also incorporates a movable member aligned concentric with the duct having an end essentially similarly shaped and sized to the first end of the housing. The member may be spaced apart from the duct so that fluid can enter the duct housing through an opening defined by the space between the end of the member and the first end of the duct, with the movement of the member serving to change the size of opening. The movement of the member is controlled by the movement of a float located within the duct. The position of the float can be preset by the operator of the invention so that when fluid flow into the duct is at a predetermined amount the float will remain stationary, and when the fluid flow increases above such predetermined level the float will be moved in the direction of the fluid flow and when fluid flow into the duct is below said predetermined amount, the float will move the member opposite the direction of fluid flow.06-18-2009
20110290352SAFETY INSERT FOR EXTRA-CORPOREAL CIRCUITS - The present invention relates to a safety insert or transducer protector 12-01-2011
20110297256STRESS RELIEF IN PRESSURIZED FLUID FLOW SYSTEM - A method of reducing tensile stress within a drilled element 12-08-2011
20110297257SUBSTRATE LIQUID PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING SUBSTRATE LIQUID PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM PERFORMING SUBSTRATE LIQUID PROCESSING APPARATUS CONTROL METHOD ON SUBSTRATE LIQUID PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate liquid processing apparatus includes a placement table configured to hold a substrate, a rotary driving unit configured to rotate the placement table, a liquid supply unit configured to supply a liquid to the substrate placed on the placement table, and an upper liquid guide cup, a central liquid guide cup, and a lower liquid guide cup which are disposed in this order from the top and are configured to guide downward the liquid scattering from the rotating substrate being placed on the placement table. A driving mechanism is configured to move up and down the upper liquid guide cup, the central liquid guide cup, and the lower liquid guide cup. The driving mechanism is connected to the central liquid guide cup.12-08-2011
20110214763CARTRIDGE TYPE VORTEX SUPPRESSION DEVICE - A vortex suppression device is provided which includes a plurality of spaced apart porous panels arranged generally parallel with respect to each other for placement adjacent a suction pipe inlet. The panels of the suppression device are oriented generally perpendicular to, or parallel to the suction pipe inlet. The device serves to prevent formation of a sufficiently strong vortex capable of pulling a continuous gas core into the suction piping.09-08-2011
20100218834MICRO FLUID DEVICE WITH A MULTI LUMEN HOSE - The invention provides a micro fluid device comprising a substrate with a channel forming a receiving cavity, an outer chamber, and an inner chamber, the device further comprising a multi lumen hose with a free end portion which is fixed in the receiving cavity. The multi lumen hose forming a first conduit and at least one second conduit located radially offset from the first conduit, and the outer chamber is in fluid communication with at least one second conduit, and the inner chamber is in fluid communication with the first conduit. The chambers are separated by an inner sealing member located between the substrate and the hose. To simplify the manufacturing of the device, the channel is formed by a groove in an upper surface of a body of the substrate, which groove closed by an essentially plane cover which is sealed to the upper surface.09-02-2010
20120024403INORGANIC COKE RESISTANT COATINGS TO PREVENT AIRCRAFT FUEL SYSTEM FOULING - A fuel system for delivering fuel to an engine includes a fuel tank, a hot section in fluid communication with the fuel tank for delivering fuel for combustion by the engine, and a ceramic coating applied to at least a portion of the hot section for reducing fuel coking. The ceramic coating is selected from carbides, nitrides, carbonitrides, silicides and mixtures thereof.02-02-2012
20100263748Fluid Liner Fabrication and Installation - The present application relates to fluid liners. One example includes first and second recycled geosynthetic sheets having overlapping portions. A heat welded splice is formed along the overlapping portions creates a fluid seal between the first and second recycled geosynthetic sheets so that the first and second geosynthetic sheets collectively function as a fluid liner.10-21-2010
20110114207LIQUID SUPPLY MEMBER, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LIQUID EJECTION HEAD - A method is provided for manufacturing a liquid supply member including a transmissive member and a transmissive member, one of which having a groove, and configured to supply liquid to a liquid ejection port. The method includes bringing the transmissive member and the absorptive member into contact, with the groove inside; forming a supply passage by radiating laser light, via the transmissive member, from a plurality of first laser light sources disposed along a longitudinal direction of the groove toward a first contact portion at a periphery of the groove to weld the transmissive member and the absorptive member; and radiating laser light, via the transmissive member, from a second laser light source provided in a vicinity of a laser light source at an end of the groove in the longitudinal direction toward a vicinity portion of the absorptive member.05-19-2011
20110197981Processing System for Plant Containers - The present invention relates to a system for processing plant holders with at least one plant therein, such as trays and/or pots, which can be arranged on a carrying surface associated with the system. The system comprises at least one processing station on or in the carrying surface and transport means for transporting at least one plant holder at a time from and to the processing station. The transport means comprise at least one guide arranged at a height above a ground surface, a carriage which is displaceable relative to the guide, and at least one gripper for raising and/or lowering on the carriage for selectively picking up from above or setting down the plant holder from or onto the carrying surface, or in or at a processing station. The present invention also relates to a method for processing plant holders with at least one plant therein, such as trays and/or pots.08-18-2011
20090288720TOILET SUPPLY DIVERTER FOR PREHEATING BATHING WATER - This invention facilitates the dispensing of preheated water at a sink or shower by repurposing the latent cold water within the hot water supply line of a sink to fill the tank of a nearby toilet.11-26-2009
20080289705END EFFECTOR WITH COLLISION DETECTION SENSOR - In a robotic assembly, a body adapted for mounting on an arm is provided. A connection is adapted to couple the body and an end effector to allow deflection of the end effector with respect to the body between an open position and a closed position. A conduit allows fluid flow between the body and the end effector. A seal is adapted to engage the conduit to provide a fluid seal when the end effector is in the closed position and allow fluid flow when the end effector is in the open position. Further, end effector deflection can be detected based on the fluid flow and utilized to regulate movement of the robotic assembly.11-27-2008
20080210316Module for a Gas System - Module assembly for a gas system operating at pressures greater than 100 bar. The assembly comprises at least two modules made as solid metal blocks. Bach block provided with a system of drilled channels and appendages. The system of channels comprises a main and at least one branch channel. The appendages comprise at least a shut-off valve and a flow or pressure meter connected to the branch channel. The blocks of two modules are positioned laterally against one another. Each block having openings aligned with a corresponding number of openings in the other block, for joining channels in the one block to channels in the other block. The invention furthermore relates to a gas system provided with the module assembly according to the invention and to the use of such an assembly.09-04-2008
20090114294PORTABLE GAS SHOCK OR AIR BAG INFLATOR OR DEFLATOR - An apparatus for hand held inflating or deflating gas shocks or air bags is disclosed that is substantially hand held. A body comprises a high pressure valve, a lower pressure vent valve, and a pressurized plenum between the two valves. A high pressure gas source is connected tot the high pressure valve on one side. An object to be pressurized is connected to the other side to the lower pressure pressurized plenum. A gage is optionally available to monitor the pressure of the object to be pressurized. This device, which may fit into traditionally glove compartments and tool boxes, allows for quick and accurate pressurization of gas filled devices with pressure tunable characteristics. Although described here with a standalone highly pressurized gas source, a standard pressure disconnect can allow the device to be used with conventional tire inflation and deflation with an external pump supplying the high pressure source.05-07-2009
20090114293FLOW CELL AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - To provide a flow cell that is free from liquid leakage and excels in chemical resistance. There is provided a preferred form of flow cell comprising flat-plate glass substrate (05-07-2009
20110265896PROCESS LIQUID FEED MECHANISM - A process liquid feed mechanism includes a fixed cylinder with a thread around a peripheral surface, a movable cylinder provided coaxially with the fixed cylinder, a process liquid feed tube and an operating rotator. The movable cylinder is screw-engaged to the fixed cylinder. The process liquid feed tube is fixed in an axial position relative to the movable cylinder and passes through the lid and a cylinder including the fixed cylinder and the movable cylinder to be axially movable relative to the cylinder. The operating rotator includes an annular portion provided coaxially with the movable cylinder. An engaging portion and an engaged portion, which are provided in the movable cylinder and the annular portion respectively, rotate the movable cylinder through engagement therebetween with rotation of the operating rotator and release the engagement as a torque on the movable cylinder increases.11-03-2011
20120138173Device For A Biological Liquid Treatment Installation - The invention concerns a device comprising a base (06-07-2012
20090320945FLOW SYSTEM WITH A FLOW RESTRICTER - A flow system, preferably a micro fluidic system, having a base part (12-31-2009
20120067441IRRIGATION PIPE AND METHOD OF FABRICATION - An irrigation pipe and method of fabrication that utilizes a pipe that is made of a durable material, e.g., stainless steel or aluminum. During fabrication, the pipe is equipped with a plurality of components, i.e., a flange assembly, a truss mount, and an outlet, without drilling, welding, or the like. In this manner, a method of fabrication is provided that enables a plurality of components to be assembled to the pipe without compromising the integrity of the pipe material or treated surface so that galvanizing or painting is not required after the plurality of components have been fitted to the pipe.03-22-2012
20110139276STERILE SAMPLING METHODS AND APPARATUS - An apparatus and method that allow multiple samples of a liquid in a primary container (here called a ‘pouch’) to be taken with minimal danger of contaminating the liquid in the container during the sampling process are disclosed. In an embodiment, a closed sterile sight chamber is connected with the pouch in a sterile manner to allow fluid to flow into the chamber while at the same time allowing air within the chamber to be displaced through a bacterial filter to atmosphere. The connection between the sight chamber and the pouch is then terminated (severed or closed), isolating the pouch from the sampling apparatus. Only then are samples of liquid withdrawn from the sight chamber, while allowing air to flow into the chamber through the bacterial filter.06-16-2011
20110139277Manufacturing Method of Flow Passage Network and Flow Passage Network Using the Same - An exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to a manufacturing method of a flow passage network and a flow passage network for minimizing energy loss occurring during fluid flow.06-16-2011
20100263747 Arrangement of a Filling and Filtering Device in a Valve Body - The invention relates to a valve device of the cylinder valve type, comprising a filling coupling (10-21-2010
20100154905ARRANGEMENT FOR THE REGULATION OF A GAS STREAM - The invention relates to an arrangement for the regulation of a gas stream, with a dosing pipe (06-24-2010
20100180963FLUID APPARATUS UNIT STRUCTURE - A fluid apparatus unit structure in which a uniform tightening force is easily applied over the entire periphery by tightening a plurality of fastening members to obtain an advantageous sealing performance is provided. In s fluid apparatus unit structure in which plural fluid apparatus components that are connected via flow paths are collected together and integrated onto a base member, a casing member for the fluid apparatus components is partitioned into plural members in the base member mating direction, a female threading portion assembly (07-22-2010
20080236683Valve Cluster - A valve cluster comprises several valve modules arranged in row direction adjacent to each other for the fluid power control of fluid power device, and at least one fluid power device coupled with and controlled by the valve cluster, such device constituting a unit separate from the valve cluster. The valve cluster comprises a receiving means which is assigned to the fluid power device and is designed for receiving device identification data characterizing the at least one fluid power device, said device identification data being transmitted by an ident data transmission means assigned to the fluid power device, the receiving means being, for passing on the device identification data, connected or being able to be connected with a control means for the control of the fluid power device.10-02-2008
20090320944FIR anion automobile and ship tank - This is a FIR (Far Infrared Ray) anion tank for automobile and ship, and its raw materials are plastic and material that generate FIR anion under normal temperature, such as tourmaline, germanium ore powder, and other ore powders that generate FIR and anion under normal temperature. Automobile and Ship Tanks are tanks of automobiles, motorcycles and ships that consume gasoline or diesel oil as fuel. This kind of fuel tank has the advantages of saving fuel consumption and reducing the emission of exhaust. On the other hand, it is feasible to manufacture FIR and anion plastic, rubber or metal patch, sticking them on the outer or inner shell of the gasoline tank; it is also feasible to paste anticorrosive FIR anion coating on the on the outer or inner shell of the tank.12-31-2009
20120138174APPARATUS FOR REGULATING FLOW RATE OF COOLING AIR FOR VEHICLE AND COOLING APPARATUS FOR HYBRID VEHICLE USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to an apparatus for regulating a flow rate of cooling air for a vehicle, and a cooling apparatus for a hybrid vehicle using the same. The apparatus for regulating a flow rate of cooling air for a vehicle comprises: a front plate and a rear plate each having a plurality of cooling holes, the cooling holes of the front plate corresponding to the cooling holes of the rear plate; and solenoids provided on opposite sides of the front plate or rear plate and configured to drive slide movement of the front plate or rear plate. A first introduction region and a second introduction region are formed in the stacked front plate and rear plate such that the cooling holes of the first introduction region have a size different from that of the cooling hole of the second introduction region.06-07-2012
20090071555Integrated technological system for improving the climate - An integrated technological system for improving the climate is disclosed providing integrated management especially in the area of water. The system provides management and improvement in the area of integrated management of water sources, replenishment of water into the water cycle, water policy, and flood prevention with an additional contribution towards all areas of life and development of a society.03-19-2009
20100300560Water alteration structure and system having heat transfer conduit - A system is described generally for a water capture structure that is configured to capture wave water lapping over at least one wall of the water capture structure. The at least one wall extends at least above a nominal surface water level and at least one conduit extends downward from the water capture structure. The at least one conduit has a length extending to a depth at which at least one property of water at the depth differs substantially from that of water at the surface. The at least one conduit is configured to provide thermal energy to water outside of the at least one conduit. The at least one conduit has at least one conduit wall.12-02-2010
20110126930FLUID DEVICE - In a fluid device composed of vertical and horizontal fluid lines, for a purpose of improving a compact size and of assuring ease of assembly, a plurality of vertical fluid lines are arranged in parallel to each other, and in the fluid device where, between the adjoining vertical fluid lines, a plurality of horizontal fluid lines for connecting them are arranged in parallel, one of the horizontal fluid lines connects pipes by using a flange joint to be fastened with a coupling ring, and the other one connects pipes by using joint pipes.06-02-2011
20110126928EMERGENCY FLUID SOURCE FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS - The present invention takes the form of an apparatus or system that provides an alternate source of the pneumatic fluid to a system inside containment of a nuclear powerplant. An embodiment of the present invention may provide a nearly radiation-proof and nearly leak-proof, pneumatic fluid supply for some systems of the nuclear powerplant. These systems may include, but is not limited to, actuators, valves, and the like. An embodiment of the present invention may comprise a device that may propel an object with a sufficient force to puncture a seal of a pressure vessel. The released pneumatic fluid may be ported to an actuator, valve, or the like, for immediate operation of a system of the nuclear powerplant. Alternately, in an embodiment of the present invention, the pneumatic fluid may be used to resupply a depleted accumulator, or the like.06-02-2011
20110126929Microstructures For Fluidic Ballasting and Flow Control - In one example hydraulic ballast of the invention there is provided an input port and an output port through which a prespecified output flow rate is required. There is provided between the input and output ports a ballasting array of columns having a cross-sectional column extent, W, a column pitch, P, and an array length, L, selected based on the required output flow rate, to produce a prespecified pressure drop that enforces the required output flow rate.06-02-2011
20090242048STRUCTURED POLYDIORGANOSILOXANE POLYAMIDE CONTAINING DEVICES AND METHODS - Devices including a polydiorganosiloxane polyamide containing material having a microstructured surface are disclosed herein. Such devices can optionally include a flex circuit attached to the microstructured surface and can be useful, for example, in fluid handling applications.10-01-2009
20110000561FLOW PASSAGE CONTROL MECHANISM FOR MICROCHIP - A channel control mechanism for a microchip has a laminated structure formed of members including elastic members, and includes: a sample reservoir for packing a sample therein; a reaction reservoir in which mixture and reaction of the sample are performed; and a channel formed in a middle layer of the laminated structure, for bringing the sample reservoir and the reaction reservoir into communication with each other. The channel control mechanism performs the reaction and analysis in such a manner that the sample is delivered into the reaction reservoir through the channel. A shutter channel (pressurizing channel) is provided in a layer different from a layer in which the channel is formed so that the pressurizing channel partially overlaps the channel. The channel is closed through applying a pressurized medium to the shutter channel (pressurizing channel), and the channel is opened through releasing a pressure of the pressurized medium.01-06-2011
20110108143Self-Cleaning Suction Device - A self-cleaning suction device has a user's suction end that self-sanitizes externally and internally before and after use, as well as self-sanitizes internally during use. A cover opens to reveal the user's suction end within a containment unit. As the cover opens, the suction end travels from a lower chamber, proceeds through a middle chamber of a sanitizing agent, and is presented for use. After suction is complete, the suction end retracts through an upper chamber with, a scraping feature that removes debris from the outer surface of the mouthpiece, and proceeds down through the middle chamber of a sanitizing agent and a scraping feature that removes debris and the sanitizing agent from the outer surface of the user's suction end. Upon the sealing closure of the cover, the upper and middle chambers are flushed with a sanitizing agent, which is suctioned away along with any collected debris. The user's suction end resides within a lower chamber and can be decontaminated by a UV-C light entering into the lower chamber and/or corresponding chambers. The suction device can also include a liquid-hydration delivery system.05-12-2011
20110083758LIQUID SUPPLY MEMBER, METHOD OF MAKING LIQUID SUPPLY MEMBER, AND METHOD OF MAKING LIQUID DISCHARGE HEAD - A method of making a liquid supply member includes a preparation step of preparing a transparent member including a first surface having a first opening portion and an absorption member including a second surface having a second opening portion, a contact step of making the transparent member and the absorption member contact each other at a contact portion so that the first opening portion and the second opening portion overlap, and a welding step of forming a first supply path by welding the transparent member and the absorption member to each other by irradiating the contact portion with a laser beam, the first supply path including the first opening portion and the second opening portion, wherein, after the contact step and before the welding step, a space is formed between the contact portion and the first supply path and between the first surface and the second surface.04-14-2011
20110209783VALVE ASSEMBLIES - An electronically actuatable valve assembly having a primary face seating valve, including a primary valve member, and a secondary valve, including a secondary valve member. The secondary valve opens before the primary valve to equilibrate pressure across the primary valve member and thereby facilitate opening of the primary valve member. The secondary valve is coupled to an armature which moves from a first position to a second position, in use, attracted by an electromagnet. The coupling between the armature and the secondary valve is configured to enable the armature to begin to move from the first position without movement of the secondary valve. The armature has therefore moved from the first position, closer to the electromagnet, when the secondary valve is opened by way of the forces exerted through the coupling between the armature and the secondary valve member, and so a greater force can be exerted to open the secondary valve than would be the case if the secondary valve member was fixedly coupled to the armature.09-01-2011
20110132478INDUSTRIAL POLYOLEFIN PIPING SYSTEM - Industrial polyolefin piping system with improved stiffness, impact strength for use at high service temperature, comprising single or multilayer pipes, fitting, chambers, valves and vessels, consisting of β-nucleated propylene homopolymers with an IRτ≧0.98 having a tensile modulus ≧1500 MPa, a Charpy impact strength, notched, at +23° C.≧30 kJ/m06-09-2011
20090032124Microfluidic Device Including Displaceable Material Trap, and System - A microfluidic device is provided that can include an input liquid-containment feature. The microfluidic device can include an overflow channel in fluid communication with the input liquid-containment feature. The microfluidic device can include a fluid capture appendix in fluid communication with the overflow channel.02-05-2009
20110073201Method and Means for Installing a Union Nut around a Valve Port - A service valve assembly for a tankless water heater incorporates one or more features that provide safer operation and easier installation of a valve assembly. Installation of a valve assembly is facilitated by foreshortening all perpendicularly protruding ports, thereby increasing the rotational freedom during installation. A main valve and a drain valve are intentionally distinguished from each other by providing different port sizes, valve handles and valve shapes that change the overall shape and characteristics of the valve assembly in such a way that accidental opening a drain port becomes much less likely. Installation can further be simplified by using a unique union nut that allows a service valve to be easily connected to an existing tankless water heater.03-31-2011
20110048559CONDUIT CLEANING APPARATUS - An apparatus (03-03-2011
20100288380FLUID DISTRIBUTION ELEMENT FOR A FLUID-CONDUCTING DEVICE, IN PARTICULAR FOR MULTICHANNEL-LIKE FLUID-CONDUCTING APPLIANCES WHICH ARE NESTED IN EACH OTHER - The fluid distribution element according to the invention has a very low spatial requirement and simplifies the interlinked connection of multichannel pipes for the purpose of construction of a compact assembly for heat exchange. In particular the fluid distribution element according to the invention can be produced in a constructionally simple manner thus without, as in the state of the art, an increased risk of leakage arising at the interpenetration points. In order to prevent in addition possible pressure losses, the construction of the fluid-conducting device can be effected advantageously by means of the fluid distribution elements such that bionic attachments are followed in the line of the channel.11-18-2010
20110146819Substance Communicating Device with Mechanically Energized Connector System - Systems and components for providing or receiving a service through a service connector system. A first substance communicating device has a first service connector component and a first switch component. A second substance communicating device has a second service connector component operably actuatable by the first service connector component to permit the communication of a service between the first and second service connector components. One of the substance communicating devices further has a second switch component operably associated with the second service connector component, the second switch component being configured to be actuatable by the first switch component when the first service connector component is adjacent the second service connector component to selectively draw the first and second service connector components into engagement to permit the communication of the service between the substance communicating devices.06-23-2011
20110041934Delivery Pipline System - The invention relates to a delivery pipeline system of several pipeline sections (02-24-2011
20110041933Pressurized Gas Reciving Device, Dispenser-Receiving Device Assembly, and Corresponding Supply System - The invention relates to a pressurized gas receiving device, particularly for a gas consumer such as an engine or a fuel cell, including a connection interface comprising at least one coupling member intended for selectively coupling with a coupling member combined with a gas dispenser, said receiving device including a movable gas intake shaft defining a gas flow duct, said duct having at least one downstream end to be connected to a consumer and one upstream end to be connected to a gas dispenser, the intake shaft being selectively movable relative to the coupling part between at least two stable positions: a first downstream reference position and a second upstream protruding position.02-24-2011
20110041932GAS SUPPLY DEVICE AND VACUUM PROCESSING APPARATUS - A gas supply device includes a chamber frame, a door which is attached to the chamber frame to be able to open and close the door, and has a cathode, a door-side introduction block which is attached to the door and has a gas flow path for supplying discharge gas to the cathode, and a chamber-side introduction block which is attached to the chamber frame and has a gas flow path for supplying discharge gas introduced outside from the chamber frame to the door-side introduction block. When the door is closed, the gas flow path of the door-side introduction block and the gas flow path of the chamber-side introduction block communicate with each other.02-24-2011
20110162737PRESSURE REGULATOR - A communication hole 07-07-2011
20120199222Reconfigurable Shoes and Apparel and Docking Assembly Therefor - Provided herein are methods for the modulation of appearance or material properties within items of apparel or equipment. Also provided herein are design articles having alterable designs. Generally, such design articles comprise (1) a microfluidic circuit, and (2) an inlet and an outlet, the alterable design capable of being modulated through use of a docking system to deliver fluid to the microfluidic circuit.08-09-2012
20110083759LPG fueled internal combustion engine powered devices - A gas phase of LPG such as propane is used to power a small internal combustion engine driving or powering a preselected device such as a powered lawnmower, weed whacker, string trimmer, leaf blower or the like and the fuel system is provided with heating arrangements that insure the gas phase of the LPG is discharged from the LPG tank for all operating conditions of the device.04-14-2011
20110186156AIR FLOW ADJUSTMENT - A device for regulating the airflow in an air damper is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the device includes a twist sleeve of flexible material, the cross section of which substantially conforms to, an outer tube in which the flow takes place, one end of the twist sleeve being disposed on the inner side of the outer tube and the other end of the twist sleeve being disposed in a tube sleeve which can be rotated under an axial displacement controlled in relation to the rotation. In at least one embodiment, the outer diameter of the tube sleeve is somewhat smaller than the inner diameter of the outer tube, so that the tube sleeve slides easily in the outer tube, and in which the tube sleeve is provided with a helical slot, and in which the rotation of the tube sleeve is achieved by an operating apparatus configured in such a way that the operating apparatus pulls round the tube sleeve, at the same time as the tube sleeve moves axially.08-04-2011
20100024904LOW EMISSION FLUID TRANSFER DEVICE - A fluid transfer system includes a transfer device coupled to a dry break coupler. The transfer device includes a valve assembly moveable between an open and a closed position. The valve assembly includes a main valve and a pilot valve. An actuator controls both the main valve and the pilot valve. A cam plate interconnects the actuator and the valve assembly. The cam plate provides a quick acting shutoff to quickly move the valve assembly to the closed position. A pivotal and rotatable connector couples the transfer device to the dry break coupler. A lock is integrated with the actuator to lock the valve assembly in the closed position.02-04-2010
20090173404Water alteration structure and system - A system is described generally for providing a structure or structures for altering water surface temperature. The system includes a holding vessel configured to hold water. The holding vessel has at least one wall coupled to a lowermost portion. The at least one wall extends above the water level and the lowermost portion is configured to be submerged. At least one conduit extends from the lower side of the holding vessel. The at least one conduit has a length extending to a depth at which a property of water at the depth is substantially different from that of the water at the surface.07-09-2009
20120305113Water meter - A meter includes an inlet for receiving a fluid and a housing defining a cylindrical chamber receiving the fluid from the inlet, wherein a chamber axis passes through a center of the cylindrical chamber. The meter also includes an outlet coupled to the housing, wherein the outlet is axially aligned with the inlet along a flow axis, and the flow axis does not intersect the chamber axis.12-06-2012
20120097272PHASEGUIDE PATTERNS FOR LIQUID MANIPULATION - The present invention relates to phaseguide patterns for use in fluid systems such as channels, chambers, and flow through cells. In order to effectively control filling and/or emptying of fluidic chambers and channels, techniques for a controlled overflowing of phaseguides are proposed. In addition, techniques of confined liquid patterning in a larger fluidic structure, including approaches for patterning overflow structures and the specific shape of phaseguides, are provided. The invention also proposes techniques to effectively rotate the advancement of a liquid/air meniscus over a certain angle. In particular, a phaseguide pattern for guiding a flow of a liquid contained within a compartment is provided, wherein an overflow of the phaseguide by a moving liquid phase is controlled by a local change in capillary force along the phaseguide, wherein said overflow by the liquid over the phaseguide is provoked at the position of the local change in capillary force.04-26-2012
20110108142VAPOR CHAMBER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - This invention discloses a vapor chamber and a manufacturing method thereof. The vapor chamber includes a casing, a working fluid, a waterproof layer, and a wick structure layer. The working fluid is filled into the casing. The waterproof layer is formed on inner walls of the casing. The wick structure layer is formed on the waterproof layer.05-12-2011
20110315249DEVICE FOR PROVIDING A CONTROLLABLE PRESSURE REDUCTION - The present invention relates to a device for providing a controllable pressure reduction between a first fluid conducting pipe (12-29-2011
20110315248LOW DRAG ASYMMETRIC TETRAHEDRAL VORTEX GENERATORS - An asymmetric tetrahedral vortex generator that provides for control of three-dimensional flow separation over an underlying surface by bringing high momentum outer region flow to the wall of the structure using the generated vortex. The energized near-wall flow remains attached to the structure surface significantly further downstream. The device produces a swirling flow with one stream-wise rotation direction which migrates span-wise. When optimized, the device produces very low base drag on structures by keeping flow attached on the leeside surface thereof. This device can: on hydraulic structures, prevent local scour, deflect debris, and reduce drag; improve heat transfer between a flow and an adjacent surface, i.e., heat exchanger or an air conditioner; reduce drag, flow separation, and associated acoustic noise on airfoils, hydrofoils, cars, boats, submarines, rotors, etc. during subsonic or supersonic conditions; and, reduce radar signatures by using faceted edges with angles amenable to stealth technologies.12-29-2011
20110000560Manipulation of Microfluidic Droplets - The invention provides methods for assessing one or more predetermined characteristics or properties of a microfluidic droplet within a microfluidic channel, and regulating one or more fluid flow rates within that channel to selectively alter the predetermined microdroplet characteristic or property using a feedback control.01-06-2011
20120000554ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED VALVES - An electronically controlled valve for regulating the supply of fluid between a working chamber of a fluid working machine and a manifold, which valve includes a pilot valve and a pilot valve elastic member charged in use by the movement of the armature towards the electromagnet during closure of the valve to provide a return force urging the pilot valve sealing member away from the pilot valve seat. The valve is especially useful as the low pressure valve of a fluid working motor.01-05-2012
20120006430METHOD FOR MONITORING A BODY INSERTED IN A CONDUIT AND INSERT FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC RESONANCE MEASUREMENTS - Method for monitoring a body inserted in pipe conducting a fluid flow, the body being positioned in a distance from the pipe wall providing a gap between the body and the pipe wall, the gap constituting an electromagnetic, e.g. microwave, resonator, at least one coupling probe being positioned close to said gap, the method comprising the steps of applying an electro-magnetic signal monitoring the frequency response of the resonator through the probe, and analysing the frequency response to provide a measure of movements, e.g. vibrations induced by a turbulent flow, of the body. The invention also relates to an insert with support structure especially shaped to avoid influence on the resonance measurement.01-12-2012
20120012204GROOVE SLIT WATER CHANNEL - A drainage system is provided for draining liquid accidentally spilled on a casing having a plurality of pushbuttons on a surface of the casing. An electronic apparatus may comprise a casing and a drainage system. The drainage system may be connected with the casing. The drainage system may include a liquid collecting basin, a drainage exit, and a liquid passageway. The liquid passageway may have a capillary surface and may lead the liquid from the liquid collecting basin to the drainage exit.01-19-2012
20120012206PRESSURE BUFFER, LIQUID JETTING HEAD, LIQUID JETTING RECORDING DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR BUFFERING PRESSURE - Provided is a pressure damper, a liquid jet head, and a liquid jet recording apparatus capable of detecting and regulating the pressure of liquid with high accuracy, irrespectively of the kind of the liquid. The pressure damper includes: a main body portion (01-19-2012
20120012205ASSEMBLY COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE DUCT AND AT LEAST ONE DISTRIBUTION BOX, AND A METHOD OF MOUNTING A DISTRIBUTION BOX TO A DUCT - An assembly may include at least one duct and at least one distribution box, wherein the distribution box is mounted on the duct in fluid-tight engagement therewith for enclosing a distribution chamber therewith. Also, a method of mounting a distribution box to a duct, at a distribution point that is spaced-apart from duct ends, may include positioning a distribution point duct section in the distribution box, and hermetically sealing a distribution chamber, defined within the distribution box, from an environment of the distribution box.01-19-2012
20120204980FUEL TANK SYSTEM AND FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM - A fuel tank system comprises a fuel tank which stores a water soluble fuel in a liquid state, detection devices which detect a temperature and pressure inside of the fuel tank, and a moisture content estimation device for estimating the moisture content in the fuel inside of the fuel tank based on the temperature and pressure which were detected by the detection devices. Due to this, it is possible to detect the moisture content or the amount of moisture in the fuel even when using a water soluble fuel.08-16-2012
20100032030CONDENSER CLEANING AND PURIFICATION SYSTEM WITH COOLING TOWER PURIFICATION FOR OPEN LOOP CONDENSER AND CLOSED LOOP EVAPORATIVE CONDENSER COOLING TOWERS - A water treatment system for use in open loop and closed loop evaporative condenser cooling towers operable to reduce scale and biofilm deposits within the condenser.02-11-2010
20120152382BOILING WATER REACTOR FUEL SUPPORT CASTING FLOW LIMITER - A flow limiter may include a head and a fin extending from a bottom of the head. The head may include a side surface having at least one first hole and the side surface may be symmetric about a first axis. The fin may include at least one second hole and the at least one second hole may have an axis substantially perpendicular to the first axis. The flow limiter may be inserted into a support casting that may interface with a nuclear fuel bundle to reduce the flow of water to the nuclear fuel bundle thereby reducing a moisture carry over (MCO) level at an exit of a fuel bundle of a nuclear reactor.06-21-2012
20120312398FLUID PROCESSING APPARATUS AND PROCESSING METHOD - A fluid processing apparatus for processing a material to be processed between processing surfaces of processing members capable of approaching to and separating from each other, so as to rotate relative to each other, introduces a first fluid between the processing surfaces, introduces a second fluid between the processing surfaces from another flow path independent of the first fluid, and mixes and stirs the first and second fluids between the processing surfaces to undergo treatment. A processing member is composed by assembling a plurality of divided components of the processing member. An opening and a flow path are formed in the space between the plurality of components. This eliminates the need to create all ring-shaped disks which are the processing member as one block, and also eliminates the need to substantially process the flow path leading to the opening, thereby making it possible to easily undergo decomposition and cleaning.12-13-2012
20100096030Seamless fluid storage and transport module - A fluid storage and transport module includes complex plumbing features such as fluid reservoirs, filters, heat exchangers, three-dimensionally routed tubing, valves, mixing chambers, and exit apertures formed in and on a monolithic common bulk material using an additive rapid prototyping process of depositing multiple layers of rapid prototyping materials without welds, adhesives or compression fittings, being made by a method that minimizes leaks, maximizes packing density of the functional components, and increases the plumbing robustness to leaks.04-22-2010
20120118410MAGNETICALLY CONTROLLED VALVE FOR FLOW MANIPULATION IN POLYMER MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES - An external in-line valve for use in microfluidic devices constructed of elastomer such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is described. The valve is actuated by a permanent magnet and a metal bar that press together the polymer walls of a channel. The metal bar is pulled downward by a small NdFeB magnet below the channel, simultaneously pushing the thin layer of PDMS down, closing the channel, and stopping flow of fluid. Operation of the valve is dependent on thickness of the PDMS layer, height of the channel, the gap between chip and magnet, and magnet strength. The valve allows for fabrication of a “thin chip” that allows for detection of chromophoric species within the microchannel via an external fiber optics detection system. C18-Modified reverse phase silica particles are packed into the microchannel using a temporary taper created by the magnetic valve. Separations using both pressure and electrochromatographic driven methods are detailed.05-17-2012
20120160351Device and Method for Recovering Moisture in the Atmosphere - The invention relates to a device for recovering moisture present in the atmosphere. The device comprises a collection structure with a water recovery surface which during use at least partly makes an angle with respect to the orientation of gravity. Further, the collection structure is detachably couplable to a reservoir for storing the recovered moisture. In addition, the collection structure is nestable.06-28-2012
20100288379PASSIVE BOUNDARY LAYER CONTROL ELEMENTS - Sub-boundary-layer-scale ramp-like vortex generators that can be mounted on any surface such as the wing of an airplane, the inlet to a propulsion system, the hull of a ship, or any other surface over which a fluid moves, when the objective is to minimize drag, irreversibility losses, or other performance penalties that can occur for reasons such as boundary layer separation or other undesirable boundary layer properties. The disclosed devices acts to passively induce streamwise vortices in the boundary layer, thereby transferring high-momentum fluid toward the surface in such a way as to alter the shape of the velocity profile within the boundary layer and thereby avoid or delay separation or alter other properties of the boundary layer.11-18-2010
20120132301COMPRESSED GAS TANK SYSTEM WITH FAST FUELING ABILITY AT ANY VESSEL PRESSURE - A method of fueling with compressed gas is described. In one embodiment, the method includes providing a supply of compressed gas; providing a storage tank with a fueling line, and a nozzle in the fueling line, the nozzle movable between at least a flow reduction position and a full fuel flow position; initiating fueling from the supply of compressed gas with the nozzle in the flow reduction position for a predetermined time or until a minimum pressure is obtained; when the predetermined time or the minimum pressure is obtained, moving the nozzle to the full fuel flow position; and fueling the storage tank from the supply of compressed gas with the nozzle in the full fuel flow position until fueling is completed. A vehicle incorporating the nozzle is also disclosed.05-31-2012
20120132302SHAPE OPTIMIZED HEADERS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - Disclosed herein is a shape optimized header comprising a shell that is operative for collecting a fluid; wherein an internal diameter and/or a wall thickness of the shell vary with a change in pressure and/or a change in a fluid flow rate in the shell; and tubes; wherein the tubes are in communication with the shell and are operative to transfer fluid into the shell. Disclosed herein is a method comprising fixedly attaching tubes to a shell; wherein the shell is operative for collecting a fluid; wherein an internal diameter and/or a wall thickness of the shell vary with a change in pressure and/or a change in a fluid flow rate in the shell; and wherein the tubes are in communication with the shell and are operative to transfer fluid into the shell.05-31-2012
20120168010MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES - We describe a method of layer-by-layer deposition of a plurality of layers of material onto the wall or walls of a channel of a microfluidic device, the method comprising: loading a tube with a series of segments of solution, a said segment of solution bearing a material to be deposited; coupling said tube to said microfluidic device; and injecting said segments of solution into said microfluidic device such that said segments of solution pass, in turn, through said channel depositing successive layers of material to perform said layer-by-layer deposition onto said wall or walls of said channel. Embodiments of the methods are particularly useful for automated surface modification of plastic, for example PDMS (Poly(dimethylsiloxane)), microchannels. We also describe methods and apparatus for forming double-emulsions.07-05-2012
20120211101HYDRAULIC CONTROL VALVE FOR A ONE-SIDED OPERATING DIFFERENTIAL CYLINDER HAVING FIVE CONTROL EDGES - A hydraulic control valve to control a double-acting working cylinder having a piston with a piston rod on one side, whereby the control valve formed in the structure to move the piston has at least four external connections, P, A, B, T and a device to feed the fluid forced out of the small stroke space into the large stroke space back while the piston rod is moving out, and further, for independent switching of the working cylinder from the work stroke to slow movement with a subsequent holding state to release pressure from the small stroke space of the working cylinder, a connection of the small stroke space to the tank can be switched on, is characterized in that on the control valve (08-23-2012
20100012203APPARATUS FOR THE TRANSFER OF A FLUID TO A MOVING WEB MATERIAL - The present disclosure provides for an apparatus for transferring fluid. The apparatus has a fluid transfer component, a fluid receiving component, a fluid supply, and a fluid motivating component. The fluid transfer component has a first surface, a second surface, a non-random pattern of distinct pores each defining a pathway between the first and second surfaces, a single entry point at the first surface, and a single exit point at the second surface. The pores are disposed at preselected locations to provide a desired pattern of permeability. The fluid receiving component comprises a fluid receiving surface. The fluid supply is adapted to provide a fluid in contact with and at a constant fluid pressure with the first surface of the fluid transfer component. The fluid motivating component is adapted to facilitate transport of the fluid from the first surface through the pores to the second surface.01-21-2010
20120073682TOTAL SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTING ENERGY SUCH AS LIQUID HYDROGEN - According to the present disclosure, the system includes a plurality of liquid-hydrogen-producing balloon stations that form a total network for distributing liquid hydrogen, and said balloon stations in the network are positioned at the nearest of said target areas of use, substantially above the latter, such that the transfer of the liquid hydrogen between said production balloon stations and said target areas of use is minimal.03-29-2012
20120180883SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate processing apparatus, which is provided with a processing chamber configured to process a substrate and capable of being depressurized, includes a substrate placing table configured to place a substrate; a baffle plate disposed around the substrate placing table so as to divide an inside of the processing chamber into a processing space and an exhaust space; and an exhaust port configured to exhaust the inside of the processing chamber. A gap is formed between the substrate placing table and the baffle plate and a plurality of communication holes are formed in the baffle plate so that the processing space and the exhaust space communicate with each other.07-19-2012
20100300561MIXING DEVICE - A mixing device capable of mixing a variety of fluids and suitable for miniaturization and low cost operation. In one embodiment, a mixing device includes a housing having an inner space and at least one opening for allowing at least two kinds of fluids to flow into the inner space, at least one pair of nozzle holes passing through one side wall of the housing, and at least one pair of guide portions extending from an outer surface of the housing and protruding up to the respective nozzle holes so that mixed fluids respectively discharged through the at least one pair of nozzle holes collide with each other.12-02-2010
20120261008MANUAL VALVE CONTROL FOR MULTI-SPEED PLANETARY TRANSMISSION - A manual valve control for a multi-speed vehicle transmission is provided. Electronic and hydraulic components are provided, including trim valve systems that are multiplexed by a shift valve and a manual valve. The trim valves and shift valve are self-diagnosing via a plurality of multiplexed pressure switches. The control enables single and double range shifts among the multiple forward speed ratios, including shifts to and from sixth and higher forward ratios, reverse and neutral. The control also includes a reduced engine load at stop feature. In addition, a power off/limp home feature provides a plurality of failure modes, including a failure mode for sixth and higher forward speed ratios.10-18-2012
20100326548FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM - If determination is erroneous in appliance determination according to the instantaneous flow rate output from a flow rate measurement unit, a flow rate measurement apparatus registers it as an unknown appliance, rechecks the flow rate of the unknown appliance, and makes it possible to enhance the accuracy of the appliance determination. The apparatus has a flow rate measurement unit 12-30-2010
20120266985Microchip and Method of Manufacturing the Same - Provided are a microchip including a fluid circuit consisting of a space formed therein, a light-absorbing first substrate and a light-transmitting second substrate bonded onto the first substrate, and a groove, having a V-shaped section, extending parallelly to the fluid circuit on a surface of the second substrate opposite to the first substrate on a position immediately above at least part of the fluid circuit and a method of manufacturing the same.10-25-2012
20120266984CHEMICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM - Embodiments of chemical delivery systems disclosed herein may include an enclosure; a first compartment disposed within the enclosure and having a plurality of first conduits to carry a first set of chemical species, the first compartment further having a first draw opening and a first exhaust opening to facilitate flow of a purge gas through the first compartment; and a second compartment disposed within the enclosure and having a plurality of second conduits to carry a second set of chemical species, the second compartment further having a second draw opening and a second exhaust opening to facilitate flow of the purge gas through the second compartment, wherein the first set of chemical species is different than the second set of chemical species, and wherein a draw velocity of the purge gas through the second compartment is higher than the draw velocity of the purge gas through the first compartment.10-25-2012
20120125458COPPER AND ZINC ELUTION PREVENTING METHOD OF COPPER-ALLOY-MADE PLUMBING INSTRUMENT INCLUDING VALVE AND PIPE JOINT, COPPER-ALLOY-MADE PLUMBING INSTRUMENT USING THE METHOD, AND FILM-FORMING AGENT - A method is provided for preventing copper and zinc from being eluted from a copper-alloy-made plumbing instrument that includes valves and pipe joints and suppresses copper and zinc from being eluted from the copper-alloy-made plumbing instrument while using for the plumbing instrument copper alloy as-is that includes bronze and brass, to provide a copper-alloy-made plumbing instrument using the method and to provide a film-forming agent. The method forms on at least a liquid-contact portion of the copper-alloy-made plumbing instrument a film of an organic substance comprising unsaturated fatty acid and coating with the film both copper and zinc in the surface layer of the liquid-contact portion of the plumbing instrument, thereby suppressing the elution of copper and zinc.05-24-2012
20120080106RESERVOIR FOR RECEIVING A FLUID - The reservoir according to the invention for receiving a fluid, in particular under a pressure that is elevated relative to the surroundings, comprises a hollow body that is delimited by a wall having a multi-layered structure, and a device for feeding the fluid to and carrying the fluid away from the hollow body, and is characterized in that the inner layer of the wall contains cross-linked polyethylene.04-05-2012
20120298227CELL FLOW TECHNOLOGY THAT PROVIDES CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE, AND RENEWABLE, CONTINUANCE OF PRESSURE RESISTANCE - The cell flow technology is comprised of a family cell, which includes an active cell and passive cell (heterogeneous group family cell), or a primary passive cell and secondary passive cell (passive homogeneous group family cell) or a primary active cell and secondary active cell (active homogeneous group family cell), of which these pressure resistance continuance cells transfer a continuously variable, and renewable continuance of pressure resistance within themselves. The cell flow technology dynamically transfers air, gas, liquid, or other substance or media, or mixture thereof, within familiar cells, with the advantage of a properly calibrated, and variable, continuance valve(s), to perform the predetermined desired function, in a present device, that shall use the technology, for a wide array of uses and devices, and employ the technology.11-29-2012
20100229977COLLAR FOR LAYING CABLES IN PIPE SYSTEMS - A collar with a collar body for laying cables in pipe systems. A first section of a guide part, which is formed by a pipe and has a guide opening for a cable, adjoins a subregion of a circumferential edge of the collar body. The guide part is bent by way of a further section, which continues the first section, into the interior of the collar body, in particular towards the inner wall surface of the collar. The further section extends in the direction of the other circumferential edge of the collar body. A second guide part, which has a guide opening for the cable and is formed, in particular, by a curved pipe, is pivotally mounted on the first section of the adjoining first-mentioned guide part.09-16-2010
20120279589CONFIGURABLE ACTUATION-ORIENTATION VALVE - A configurable actuation-orientation valve (11-08-2012
20120285561PRESSURE REGULATOR SEAT ASSEMBLY - A pressure regulator seat assembly is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the assembly includes a chamber, a tapered flange projecting from an upstream edge of the chamber into a flow path of the assembly, where a proximate end of the flange attached to the chamber is tapered continuously to its distal end into the flow path. In addition, the assembly includes a throttling stem seat disposed on a lower surface of the flange and a plurality of support ribs adapted to support the flange, where the plurality of ribs is spaced about one half side of the chamber. The assembly may also include a complementary base adapted to mount to the chamber about a downstream edge of the chamber to form the assembly.11-15-2012
20120285563Device for Throughfeed of Greywater to a Water User, Greywater System Provided Therewith and Method for Applying Same - The invention relates to a device for throughfeed of greywater to a water user, including a housing for receiving therein greywater supplied via a greywater feed, a first flush pipe extending downward from the housing and connected directly to a sewer outlet, and a second flush pipe extending downward from the housing and connected to a water user. The invention further includes a greywater system provided with such a device and method for applying same.11-15-2012
20120285562CONTROL MECHANISM FOR A PRESSURIZED SYSTEM - A control mechanism including a stop element, an attractor element, and an actuation element disposed between the stop element and the attractor element. The actuation element is preferably magnetically attracted to the attractor element, and translates between a first position, proximal the attractor element, and a second position, defined by the stop element. The control mechanism is preferably utilized within a pressurized system, wherein the actuation element actuates a valve in the second position to prevent further pressurization of a pressurized reservoir.11-15-2012
20100132819FLUID CONTROL APPARATUS - There is provided a fluid control apparatus which enables reducing widths of lines for further reducing space occupied by the apparatus. Support flow-channel blocks 06-03-2010
20130174925NEUTRAL SETTING DEVICE FOR AN ADJUSTABLE HYDRAULIC MACHINE - The invention relates to a neutral setting device of an adjustable hydraulic machine, in particular the adjustment of the neutral setting of a servo valve. The present invention relates in particular to servo adjustment devices with mechanically adjustable control pistons, wherein the necessary force can be applied mechanically, electromagnetically, pneumatically or hydraulically. The invention relates to a neutral setting device of an adjustable hydraulic machine with a housing in which a mounted input shaft is arranged, at which on one end a torque can be applied for turning the input shaft around an axis. On a second end a cylindrical extension is arranged eccentrically parallel to the axis. An adjustable control piston for opening and closing hydraulic fluid openings for application of pressure of a servo piston adjusts the hydraulic machine with respect to its delivery volume.07-11-2013
20130167955Vented Fan Duct - A duct may be disclosed. The duct may comprise a first wall and a second wall. The first wall and the second wall in combination may define a passage, an inlet, and an outlet. The inlet and the outlet may be in fluid communication with the passage. The second wall may define at least one opening in fluid communication with the passage.07-04-2013
20120247589WAVE ENERGY CONVERSION - An air and water intake (10-04-2012
20130139914FEEDER CHANNEL FOR MUD SHAKER - A feeder channel for use in a filter separator machine is used for separation of undesired particles from a well fluid used in petroleum industry which has a purpose of guiding fluid and particle flow to the area of the filter that provides the best utilization of available filtration area and includes: a feeder channel is arranged so that the upstream well fluid is guided via a guiding- and turning plate, which is installed in series in opposite repeated direction in which the outlet of each guiding- and the turning plate facing the center of the vertical line. The fluid will for this reason be independent on how the feeder channel is installed in the direction and angle, and will provide a homogeneous flow profile as it guided through the mouth guide plate and internal guide fin against the distribution plate. The fluid is then distributed to the filter's inner part and utilizes the entire filter surface area and the filter separator machines movement and function.06-06-2013
20110209785DISCONNECTABLE CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - Disconnectable connector assemblies, sets including the assemblies, and methods of using the assemblies, are disclosed.09-01-2011
20110209784VALVE ASSEMBLIES - An electronically actuatable valve assembly including a valve member comprising a ferromagnetic member, and a magnetic circuit adapted to direct magnetic flux through the ferromagnetic member when the valve member is spaced apart from its valve seat, to hold the primary valve open.09-01-2011
20130092266HYDRAULIC AIR BLEED VALVE SYSTEM - An air bleed valve having a housing with hydraulic fluid therein and a first acoustic wave sensor mounted within the housing so as to be covered in the hydraulic fluid and a second acoustic wave sensor mounted within the housing so that it can detect when air is present in the housing sufficient to be vented outside upon the opening of an air vent valve and where both the first acoustic wave sensor and the second acoustic wave sensor and the air vent valve are electrically connected to a air bleed controller. In a preferred embodiment, the first and second acoustic wave sensors are of the type known as a shear horizontal surface acoustic sensor.04-18-2013
20110232785OIL STORING DEVICE AND ENGINE HAVING THE SAME - An oil storing device includes a body portion. The body portion is formed at its one end with an engaging portion having an oil supply port for supplying engine oil and an oil return port for introducing the engine oil. The engaging portion is detachably connected to a connecting portion of a crankcase. Oil storing chambers for storing the engine oil are formed in the body portion so as to be connected to the oil supply port and the oil return port. When the engaging portion is engaged with the connecting portion of the crankcase, the oil supply port is connected to an inlet port leading to an oil pump, and the oil return port is connected to an outlet port to the crankcase.09-29-2011
20110232784FLUID INTERCONNECT MEMBER, FLUID INTERCONNECT SYSTEM, AND METHODS THEREOF - A method of assembling a fluid interconnect system includes inserting a septum into a septum receiving chamber of the fluid interconnect system, placing the septum in a radial-compressed state during the inserting the septum into the septum receiving chamber, and maintaining the septum in the radial-compressed state in the septum receiving chamber.09-29-2011
20130153063Hydraulic Fitting For Bulkhead Mounting With Key Shaped Cross Section - A hydraulic fitting is used to fluidly connect hydraulic hoses on opposite sides of a bulkhead of a machine. The bulkhead is clamped between a flange of the hydraulic fitting and a nut. One set of threads of the hydraulic fitting is split by a flat surface to create a cross section with a key shape that is received in only one orientation through a matched key shaped mounting bore in the bulkhead. The key shape interaction prevents the hydraulic fitting from rotating when installed in the bulkhead.06-20-2013
20130153064Brazed assembly and method of forming - An assembly includes a first plate member with a first generally planar abutting surface and a second plate member with a second generally planar abutting surface. The first abutting surface being generally planar and having a plurality of micro reservoirs for storing brazing material. The first abutting surface and the second abutting surface being positioned adjacent each other and being joined by brazing material from the plurality of micro reservoirs.06-20-2013
20130118616Apparatus and method for removing materials from a material collection container - An apparatus for removing material collected in a material collection container having a floor and at least one substantially vertically extending wall. The apparatus includes a material removal assembly for removing material collected in the material collection container. The material removal assembly includes a first conduit and a second conduit. The first conduit is in telescoping relationship with the second conduit to permit the first conduit to move relative to the second conduit. The first conduit and the second conduit each have a longitudinal axis. The material removal assembly further includes at least one material removal header configured to receive material accumulating on the floor of the material collection container. The material removal assembly is preferably configured to enhance numerous aspects of the sludge removal process.05-16-2013
20110308648Stormwater Management System - A stormwater management system including: a plurality of adjacent modules with each module comprising alternating domed cell units and interconnector units and wherein each domed cell unit of a module includes a pair of spaced apart vertical sidewalls that curve outwards with respect to a centerline extending lengthwise through the module; and each interconnector unit of a module includes a pair of spaced apart vertical sidewalls 12-22-2011
20110315251ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED VALVES - An electronically controlled valve includes a travelling member with a sealing member and operable between a closed position in which the sealing member forms a seal with a valve seat, and an open position. The valve further has a decelerating mechanism operable to slow the movement of the armature during closure of the valve. The sealing member and armature are decoupled and thereby moveable relative to each other such that the armature can continue to move and decelerate due to the action of the damping mechanism after the sealing member has impacted the valve seat. The peak deceleration force on the armature is thereby reduced, increasing the lifetime of the valve or the maximum rate at which it can be closed without damage.12-29-2011
20110315247GAS TRANSFER UNIT - A gas transfer unit includes a transfer path forming member; a gas transferring member; and a gas purifying member as defined herein, and in a case where exhaustion is performed through the first exhaust port, the transfer vanes are rotated at a first rotation number, and, in a case where exhaustion is performed through the second exhaust port, the transfer vanes are rotated at a second rotation number which is higher than the first rotation number.12-29-2011
20120018016BASIN FLUSHING SYSTEM - A flushing apparatus includes a nozzle block having a first interior channel, a first low angle nozzle group, a second medium angle nozzle group; an extension portion mountable through a basin wall, and including a second interior channel connectable to a flushing water source extending to the nozzle block interior channel and a sidewall penetration for receiving a tube into the second interior channel; and a tube extending from a water source, passing through the penetration into the second internal channel and said first internal channel, and extending through the nozzle head to a second end connectable to a fountain discharge head. The low angle nozzle discharges are in the range 0 to 10 degrees and the medium angle nozzle discharges are in the range 10 to 30 degrees. A basin water return may extend through the nozzle block and extension portion to a recirculation pump.01-26-2012
20120085439FLOW RATE CONTROLLER FOR HIGH FLOW RATES AND HIGH PRESSURE DROPS - A flow rate controller is disclosed that maintains constant flow rate with changes in pressure drop across the valve by maintaining a constant pressure drop across a restrictor with the aid of a spring balanced piston that mates a cone to a seat to dissipate the majority of pressure drop across the valve.04-12-2012
20130032229ORIFICE PLATE FOR ENGINE MOUNT FILLED WITH MAGNETORHEOLOGICAL FLUID - An orifice plate apparatus for an engine mount filled with magnetorheological (MR) fluid may include a coil assembly having a coil wound thereon and being annular in shape, a core assembly unit housing the coil assembly, formed in a discoid shape, and defining a flow path of which an upper passage may be disposed in a top surface of the core assembly unit, and a lower passage may be disposed in a bottom surface of the core assembly unit, wherein the flow path may be formed annularly along a perimeter of the coil assembly, and a flow path separator installed between the upper passage and the lower passage, such that only a unidirectional circulation may be enabled for the MR fluid passing through the flow path.02-07-2013
20130032230FLOW DISTRIBUTOR - A flow distributor for distributing a flow of fluid through a cooling body, the flow distributor comprising: 02-07-2013
20130037139Micro-Fluidic System - A micro-fluidic system comprising a micro-fluidic channel, which has a wall provided with a hole; a closing element, which is partially housed within the hole and has a membrane portion adapted to deform and a side portion sealingly connected with the above mentioned wall; and a partition arranged within the micro-fluidic channel between a first and a second segment; the closing element is deformable between a locked configuration in contact with the partition and an open configuration spaced from the partition; the closing element may be deformed by suction or by a rod or a piston.02-14-2013
20130037140Storage Apparatus - Storage apparatus includes a supporting base (02-14-2013
20130087226FLOW CELL WITH CAVITY AND DIAPHRAGM - An arrangement composed of a flow cell and an apparatus for operating the flow cell, wherein the flow cell has at least two layers, between which the operator device can produce a cavity structure or alter an existing cavity structure with curvature of at least one of the two layers.04-11-2013
20130061961Method for Producing a Microfluidic Device - A method for producing a microfluidic device includes the following method steps: a) arranging a thermoplastic elastomeric film between a base substrate and a cover substrate, at least one of the substrates has at least one depression configured to form a microfluidic chamber with a depression opening on the side of the substrate facing the elastomeric film, b) applying pressing power to the arrangement to compress the elastomeric film between the base substrate and the cover substrate, in which process the thickness of the elastomeric film is reduced, c) forming, by laser beam welding, at least one weld joining the thermoplastic elastomeric film, the base substrate and the cover substrate, and d) removing the pressing power to prevent capillaries from forming between the base substrate and the cover substrate.03-14-2013
20090235996DISTRIBUTOR - A distributor 09-24-2009
20080295902WATER RETENTION/DETENTION SYSTEM - An underground water retention or detention system for collecting stormwater, rainwater, sewerage, effluent or other waters, and controlled release of the water is disclosed. Typically, the tanks are formed from a plastics or polymeric material such as high density polyethylene. The pipes may be polymer coated corrugated steel pipes. Tanks suitable for use in the water retention and detention systems are also described together with connection fittings for connection of pipes to the tanks. Generally, the connection fittings are adapted to provide structural support to perimeter walls of the tanks about respective openings formed in the tank for the connection of the pipes.12-04-2008
20130206259NONLINEAR AIR STOP VALVE STRUCTURE - A nonlinear air stop valve of an air sealing body includes an inner member having left arcs on one side and right arcs on the other side, and both left and right arcs are asymmetrically arranged sideway, and a breach is formed at the bottom of the left and right arcs and on a concave arc surface, and left and right arcs are arranged from top to bottom, such that air entering from an air inlet at the top of the inner membrane flows along an upper arc of the left and right arcs to a lower arc and is blocked by the concave arc surface to flow to the breach and pass through the right arc, breach, left arc and breach in turn from right to left or from left to right into an air outlet at the bottom of the inner membrane and enter into the sealing body.08-15-2013
20130098481MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE WITH INTERCONNECTS - A microfluidic device with interconnects. The device includes a first layer; a second layer, the first layer and the second layer assembled such as to face each other; a microchannel in said second layer; a tapered conduit having a tapered portion, wherein the tapered portion is inserted in a correspondingly shaped via formed in the first layer at the level of an end of the microchannel such that fluid communication is enabled between the microchannel and the conduit, and blocked in the via by way of the assembled first layer and second layer.04-25-2013
20100122743FLUID DISTRIBUTION APPARATUS - A fluid distribution apparatus for use in a cutting or shaping machine to facilitate chip breaking and cooling a variety of different diameter gear tools and workpieces when machining a workpiece is described. The fluid distribution apparatus includes a manifold block having a top face and a bottom face, with the top face including a seating surface adapted to be seated against an attachment surface of the machine. The apparatus also includes mounting holes in the top face for fastening engagement to the cutting machine, at least one inlet passage for connection to at least one fluid delivery nozzle, and a plurality of outlet flow passages.05-20-2010
20110005621REMOVABLE MANIFOLD FOR AN AIR COMPRESSOR - A removable manifold for use with an air compressor unit having a main feed hose for dispensing compressed air, the manifold including a body, a hub disposed on the body defining a hub chamber, an inlet disposed on the body, the inlet defining an inlet chamber in fluid communication with the hub chamber, and the inlet being configured to engage the main feed hose, thereby providing fluid communication between the air compressor unit and the hub chamber, and an outlet disposed on the body, and defining an outlet chamber in fluid communication with the hub.01-13-2011
20110220224MODULAR MANIFOLD WITH QUICK DISCONNECT VALVE FITTINGS - A manifold for accommodating at least one fluid is constructed of a plurality of modules that can be interconnected and configured to create a customized manifold. Couplers interconnecting a flow cavity of each module can be selected to determine fluid flow characteristics between module flow cavities. Each module has one or more valve ports. Valves or other flow accommodating apparatus are attached to the manifold via adapters. A first end of each adapter is sized and configured to engage a valve port, and a second end engages the attached apparatus.09-15-2011
20090242047Multi-jet manifold - Devices, systems and methods for improved multi-jet manifolds for spas, spa accessories and plumbing components are provided. A spa manifold with a first elongated pipe structure with a plurality of arms, a plurality of pipe segments sized to fit one or more of the first pipe arms, and a second elongated pipe structure with a plurality of arms is provided. A plurality of housing pipe segments attached to the remainder of the manifold is also provided, with the housing segments sized to house a jet and/or other spa accessories. A system for providing water and/or air to a grouping of jets and/or spa accessories through at least one manifold is also provided.10-01-2009
20100154904Manifold For Gas Enhanced Surgical Instruments - There is disclosed a fluid supply manifold for use with various surgical instruments, such as, electrosurgical instruments. The fluid supply manifold includes two or more connection ports for receipt of sources of fluid supply by either bulk sources or sources contained within canisters. The manifold may include a mixing chamber for mixing the various sources of fluids within the manifold or may include flow tubes for providing the sources of fluid directly to the surgical instrument to be mixed within the surgical instrument. Control valves are associated with each of the connection ports to control the flow of fluids through the manifold. The manifold may also include a gas inlet to facilitate drawing the fluids out of the various sources as well as mixing the fluids within the manifold.06-24-2010
20100229976FLOW RATE RATIO VARIABLE TYPE FLUID SUPPLY APPARATUS - A flow rate ratio variable type fluid supply apparatus includes a flow rate control system supplying gas of flow rate Q that is diverted to first flow diverting pipe passage and second flow diverting pipe passage with prescribed flow rates Q09-16-2010
20080276998Water Manifold System And Method - A system for distributing water within a building operates to distribute water from a pressurized water supply source to devices that receive water, such as faucets, toilets, showers, sprinklers, and hot water heating devices. The system includes at least one manifold which may be of unitary molded plastic construction and comprised of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). The manifold includes an entry port and a plurality of outlet ports which are also referred to as sockets. The sockets are configured to receive fitting inserts of various types that include water line connectors. The sockets are also configured to accept standard plastic water conduits therein in cemented relation. The water line connectors may include metallic connectors such as barbed fittings, which can be used to connect the manifold and crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) pipe in nonthreaded relation. Manifolds may be connected together to provide suitable distribution arrangements.11-13-2008
20100300559FLUIDICS SYSTEM FOR SEQUENTIAL DELIVERY OF REAGENTS - The invention provides a passive fluidics circuit for directing different fluids to a common volume, such as a reaction chamber or flow cell, without intermixing or cross contamination. The direction and rate of flow through junctions, nodes and passages of the fluidics circuit are controlled by the states of upstream valves (e.g. opened or closed), differential fluid pressures at circuit inlets or upstream reservoirs, flow path resistances, and the like. Free diffusion or leakage of fluids from unselected inlets into the common outlet or other inlets at junctions or nodes is prevented by the flow of the selected inlet fluid, a portion of which sweeps by the inlets of unselected fluids and exits the fluidics circuit by waste ports, thereby creating a barrier against undesired intermixing with the outlet flow through leakage or diffusion. The invention is particularly advantageous in apparatus for performing sensitive multistep reactions, such as pH-based DNA sequencing reactions.12-02-2010
20090320942SINGLE SUBSTRATE PROCESSING HEAD FOR PARTICLE REMOVAL USING LOW VISCOSITY FLUID - A head for dispensing a thin film over a substrate is disclosed. The head includes a body assembly that extends between a first and a second end that is at least a width of the substrate. The body includes a main bore that is defined between the first and the second ends, the main bore connected to an upper side of a reservoir through a plurality of feeds that are defined between the main bore and the reservoir. The body also includes a plurality of outlets connected to a lower side of the reservoir and extend to an output slot. The plurality of feeds have a larger cross-sectional area than the plurality of outlets and the plurality of feeds are fewer than the plurality of outlets. Wherein fluid is configured to flow through the main bore, through the plurality of feeds along the bore and fill the reservoir up to at least the threshold level before fluid is evenly output as a film out of the output slot onto the substrate.12-31-2009
20090320943Flowing water splitting apparatus, flowing water splitting method and sewage system - To provide a flowing water splitting apparatus, a flowing water splitting method, and a sewage system each capable of enhancing the flow quantity splitting function for flowing water by a simple structure to reduce the flow quantity of the flowing water flowing to a dirty water pipe.12-31-2009
20090217991Pipe - A pipe capable of eliminating the adverse influence of a cavity flow on a branch pipe is provided. In a pipe 09-03-2009
20110048557MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR FLUID DISCHARGE DEVICES - A fluid discharge device having a main body with first and second ends may be mounted to one or more components of a system. The first end may include an inlet for receiving a fluid flow. A mounting system may include a first mounting plate having an opening with a diameter that is greater than the inlet diameter. An insert may include an outside wall configured to be fitted to the opening of the first mounting plate and may include an inside wall that defines another opening through which the inlet of the fluid discharge device may be fitted. The opening defined by the inside wall of the insert may provide a radial clearance for the inlet that compensates for distortions and/or deviations from an expected inlet and/or main body shape, wherein such distortions may be caused at least partially by stresses experienced during manufacturing.03-03-2011
20110253233Fluid Transfer Device And System - Fluid transfer apparatus including a body having a bore formed through at least a portion of its interior. Contained within the bore is a movable plunger that moves without changing the axial dimensions of the body. A first end of the body contains a face designed to be attached to an upstream component. A second end of the body is connected to a downstream component such as a filter, pipeline, etc. A first end of the plunger, when it is in the closed position, is in alignment with the face of the body, which combined form a steamable surface and a sterile barrier against the environment to the remainder of the interior of the body, the plunger and downstream components. An outer annular collar is rotatable relative to the body and causes the plunger to move axially within the bore from an open to a closed position.10-20-2011
20120199221RAW MATERIAL LOADING APPARATUS - An apparatus includes a processing apparatus that processes raw material in an airtight state, an accommodation section that accommodates the raw material, a first feeding path that is provided outside the processing apparatus and receives the raw material from the accommodation section, and a second feeding path having upstream and downstream ends that are outside and inside the processing apparatus, respectively. The second feeding path receives the raw material from the first feeding path. The apparatus also includes a joint section that separates and joins the first path and the second path, and a closing section that is positioned in the second path closer to the processing apparatus than the joint section and maintains the processing apparatus, and the second path in an airtight state when the joint section separates the first path and the second path.08-09-2012
20110132477FLUID FLOW PLATE ASSEMBLY HAVING PARALLEL FLOW CHANNELS - A fluid flow plate assembly may include a first manifold, a second manifold, a first flow channel, and a second flow channel. The first manifold may have a fluid inlet for receiving an incoming fluid and may extend along a first direction to provide a channel for transporting the incoming fluid along the first direction. The first manifold may have at least two distribution outlets, each located in at least a portion of a sidewall region of the first manifold. The first manifold releases at least one portion of the incoming fluid as a released fluid through each distribution outlet. The second manifold may have a fluid outlet for discharging a discharged fluid, and the discharged fluid includes at least one portion of the incoming fluid. The second manifold may extend along a second direction to provide a channel for transporting the discharged fluid along the second direction. The second manifold receives the discharged fluid through at least two discharged fluid inlets on the second manifold. The first and second flow channels are coupled between the first manifold and the second manifold through distribution outlets and discharged fluid inlets. The second flow channel is parallel to the first flow channel with a dividing wall between the first and second flow channels.06-09-2011
20110079304FLOW DIVIDER - A filling flow divider for portioning a filling substance includes at least two divider elements operatively connected together, each including a stator having a main chamber, a rotor in the main chamber and rotatable about an axis of rotation, and at least two blade elements fitted into the rotor. The blade elements are independently displaceable relative to the rotor in the radial direction as the rotor rotates in the main chamber. The filling flow divider includes at least two connecting devices coupling the rotors of the at least two divider elements such that the rotor and blade elements of one divider element are disposed at a different rotary angle position as the rotor and blade elements of an adjacent divider element.04-07-2011
20100263746DISTRIBUTOR PLATES FOR COMPOSITE PRESSURE VESSEL ASSEMBLIES AND METHODS - The present invention provides: a distributor plate for a composite pressure vessel. The distributor plate includes a thermoplastic polymeric disk having a top side, a bottom side, a perimeter edge and a central opening. Radial slits are formed in the disk to define fluid flow passages through the disk between the central opening and the perimeter edge. The fluid flow passages through the disk are adapted to swirl fluid flowing through the disk from the bottom side to the top side around the central opening.10-21-2010
20090283158LAMINATED WALLS FOR UNIFORM FLUID FLOW - A chamber with a fluid distribution network for uniform fluid flow within the chamber is provided. The chamber includes a first chamber wall that has a first surface and an opposing interior surface. The first surface is formed with a first set of channels, and the interior surface is exposed to the interior of the chamber and includes a plurality of interior ports that are connected to a plurality of the first set of channels. The chamber also includes a second chamber wall that has a second surface and an opposing exterior surface. The second surface has a second set of channels that partially intersect the first set of channels when the first surface is mated with the second surface. The exterior surface also includes at least one exterior port that provides access to the second set of channels.11-19-2009
20100252128MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE - The present invention provides a microfluidic device comprising a plurality of wells, each of which may be substantially filled with a liquid without either the need for expensive individual sample loading or the requirement to isolate individual wells to prevent cross contamination and sample evaporation. A base member (10-07-2010
20090178720Tee Flow Splitter - A flow splitter that divides a two-phase (gas-liquid) inlet stream or a one-phase (liquid-liquid) inlet stream into equal and substantially balanced parts for distribution to an equal number of outlets horizontally oriented and connected to the flow splitter. Because of the design of the flow splitter, no control instrumentation or retention time is required during a split. Openings in each face of the flow splitter help to equalize pressure in the split and allow liquid to fill an end chamber that supports impact forces on a wedge-shaped spreader oriented with its leading edge toward an inlet stream.07-16-2009
20110315246Lid For A Manifold - A lid for a distribution manifold is described where the manifold has an inlet opening defining an axis, access opening opposite the inlet and a plurality of radially extending outlet ports. The lid for the access opening includes a mounting member adapted to couple the lid to the manifold to close the access opening, a cone coupled to the mounting member and extending axially toward the inlet opening of the manifold when the lid is coupled to the manifold, and a single piece retainer adapted to secure the cone to the mounting member without additional fasteners.12-29-2011
20120042970DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SUPPLYING A SORBENT - The present invention relates generally to a device and method for supplying a sorbent, at one or more various desired supply points in a flue gas stream, to boilers, heaters, kilns, or other flue gas-, or combustion gas-, generating devices (e.g., those located at power plants, processing plants, etc.). In one embodiment, the device of the present invention that is designed to supply a sorbent comprises a series of coaxial pipes. In another embodiment, the device of the present invention that is designed to supply a sorbent comprises a mixing section with a plurality of distribution vanes contained in at least one mixing section.02-23-2012
20090183789Optimisation of Flow in Transfer Line - The present system discloses a transfer system devised in order to produce optimal flow from the first to the second loop reactor, by connecting the transfer lines to a by-pass line and by separating the connecting points of the transfer lines into the by-pass line by at least 70 cm.07-23-2009
20120125457GAS DIVERSION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PIPE REPAIR THEREWITH - A gas diversion device includes a compression coupling having a gasket disposed therein, and a first straight pipe section coupled to the compression coupling. The device further includes a Y-pipe coupled to the first straight pipe section and an electrically conductive pipe. The device further includes a threaded cap having a hole therethrough. The compression coupling is placed over an open end of a broken gas pipe service riser and the first straight pipe section receives a portion of the gas pipe service riser therein. The threaded cap receives an expansion plug tool through the first hole, and the Y-pipe and the first straight pipe slideably receive a portion of the expansion plug tool therein. The expansion plug tool further includes an expansion plug coupled thereto to facilitate positioning of the expansion plug within the open end of the gas pipe service riser.05-24-2012
20120211100SLIDE LOCK GAS DELIVERY SYSTEM - A gas supply system that is easily assembled and/or installed and includes an initially flexible clamping system that allows for the gas supply system to adapt to the gas components. As the assembly of the gas components is complete, the clamping system becomes rigid thereby securing the gas components to a support rail. The slide lock gas delivery system allows a gas system component bottom surface to establish the sealing plane for the inlet and outlet seals independently. The lateral spacing for the gas component mounting holes float during assembly to reduce the opportunity for misalignment.08-23-2012
20120255635METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REFURBISHING GAS DISTRIBUTION PLATE SURFACES - Embodiments described herein generally relate to methods and apparatus for refurbishing a gas distribution plate assembly utilized in a deposition chamber or etch chamber. In one embodiment, a method for refurbishing a gas distribution plate assembly is provided. The method includes urging a faceplate of a gas distribution plate assembly against a polishing pad of a polishing device, the faceplate having a plurality of gas distribution holes disposed therein, providing relative motion between the faceplate and the polishing pad, and polishing the faceplate against the polishing pad.10-11-2012
20120255634FLUID END MANIFOLDS AND FLUID END MANIFOLD ASSEMBLIES - A fluid end manifold comprising a body having a front side and a back side, a first cylinder bore formed horizontally through the body, a second cylinder bore formed vertically through the body, a front mating face, and a back mating face, wherein the first and second cylinder bores intersect within the body to define an intersection region, wherein the front mating face is positioned on the front side of the body at a location corresponding to the intersection region, and wherein the back mating face is positioned on the back side of the body at a location corresponding to the intersection region.10-11-2012
20120227842Fuel System - A fuel system comprises a supply unit operable to deliver a metered supply of fuel to a supply manifold, a staging valve operable to control the supply of fuel from the supply manifold to a pilot outlet and a main outlet, and control means operable to control the operation of the staging valve to control whether fuel is delivered through the pilot and/or main outlet thereof.09-13-2012
20120325346FLOWING WATER SPLITTING APPARATUS, FLOWING WATER SPLITTING METHOD AND SEWAGE SYSTEM - A flowing water splitting apparatus includes a first flowing water channel including a weir defining a water quantity of the flowing water flowing in from a confluent pipe and leading the flowing water flowing in from the confluent pipe to a dirty water pipe; a second flowing water channel leading flowing water flowing over the weir to a rainwater pipe; a partition wall portion provided to block the flowing water flowing through the first flowing water channel to form a plurality of water diversion chambers partitioned in the first flowing water channel; and a flow throttle portion formed in the partition wall portion to throttle a flow quantity of the flowing water flowing from one water diversion chamber into another water diversion chamber.12-27-2012
20120325345DISTRIBUTED EXHAUST SYSTEM - An exhaust system includes a multiple of distribution risers which extend transverse to a plenum, each of the multiple of distribution risers includes at least one downstream directed aperture.12-27-2012
20110226360Corrugated Criss-Crossing Packing And Column Including Such A Packing - The present invention relates to a corrugated crisscross packing and to a column incorporating such a packing.09-22-2011
20120080105VANE INLET DEVICE - A vane inlet apparatus is provided for separating components of a feed stream. The apparatus includes a body having an axis, a proximal end, and a distal end. The body includes an inlet and a plurality of vanes disposed along the axis. Each vane includes an aperture such that the apertures in successive vanes decrease in size toward the distal end of the apparatus. The vanes may be flat or curved. The sizes, shaped, and orientation of the vanes along the apparatus may be determined according to the designed specifications of a particular project. The apparatus as well as the vanes and apertures are preferably cylindrically shaped to match the incoming feed stream cross-section. A method of constructing the vane inlet apparatus is also provided.04-05-2012
20120298226Modular Heating and/or Cooling System with a Vertical Manifold and Method of Making Same - A heating/cooling manifold is presented. The manifold includes a first segment configured to vertical mount to a surface. The first segment comprises a first end and a second end, each comprising a coupling configured to releasably attach to a second segment; and between 2 and 4 ports disposed along the length of the first segment. The spacing between adjacent ports is less than 4 times an interior diameter of the first segment. The manifold further includes a second segment releasably attached to the first segment.11-29-2012
20120285560FOLDABLE MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES USING DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE - A method and system for a folding microfluidic device comprises creating at least one folding line in a material, forming a plurality of layers of a microfluidic device in said material, and folding the material at the fold lines to create a self-aligned multilayered microfluidic device. The material can comprise a carrier material with an adhesive layer on the top and bottom surfaces.11-15-2012
20100170584METHOD OF MANUFACTURING Y-SHAPE REFRIGERANT DISTRIBUTOR FOR AIR CONDITIONING AND Y-SHAPE REFRIGERANT DISTRIBUTOR MANUFACTURED THEREBY - Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a refrigerant distributor for air conditioning and a refrigerant distributor manufactured thereby. The manufacturing method includes mixing copper powder with 30-60 vol % of a binder based on the volume of the copper powder, thus preparing a mixture for injection molding, subjecting the mixture to injection molding using a mold, thus producing an injection molded body having the shape of a distributor, removing the binder from the injection molded body, and sintering the binder-free molded body in a sintering furnace at 800-1150° C. in a reducible or inert atmosphere, the method being thereby favorable for mass production owing to omission of additional mechanical processing and enabling the manufacture of a distributor having a smaller size, as for adaptation for the miniaturization of an apparatus, reducing loss of material, and leading to low manufacturing costs.07-08-2010
20130008534STEAM INJECTION MECHANISM, PRODUCT PROCESSING APPARATUS HAVING THE STEAM INJECTION MECHANISM, AND METHOD OF MAKING THE STEAM INJECTION MECHANISM - The present invention provides a steam injection mechanism improved so that water accumulation on an object to be processed can be reliably restricted. A steam injection mechanism comprises a common channel through which steam supplied from a steam supply source flows and distribution channels branched from the common channel to distribute the steam from the common channel wherein the steam is injected from steam injection orifices formed in distal ends of the distribution channels to an object (a fibrous nonwoven fabric) to be processed. When the steam injection mechanism is located above the fibrous nonwoven fabric, the lowermost region of the common channel functions as a condensed water collecting region and, when the steam injection mechanism is located under the fibrous nonwoven fabric, the uppermost region of the common channel functions as the condensed water collecting region.01-10-2013
20130167954FUEL DISTRIBUTION MANIFOLD - A fuel distribution manifold comprises an outer shell having an inner surface. The outer shell defines an inlet for receiving fuel from a parent supply line, a base opposite the inlet, a central manifold axis that intersects the inlet, and a plurality of outlets for delivering fuel to offspring fuel lines, each outlet defining a respective outlet axis. In one exemplary embodiment, a fuel distribution manifold also comprises a center-body having an outer surface and being positioned within the outer shell wherein the outer surface of the center-body and the inner surface of the outer shell define a flow-path through which fluid flows from the inlet to the plurality of outlets. In another exemplary embodiment, at least one of the outlets is positioned adjacent to the base and oriented so that its respective outlet axis is rotated relatively to a radial direction that intersects the central manifold axis.07-04-2013
20130174924Fluid Circulation Module - The invention relates to a module for the circulation of fluids (A,B), comprising:—at least one fluid distribution plate (07-11-2013
20130098480GAS DISTRIBUTOR FOR GRANULAR MOVING-BED FILTER - A gas distributor for a granular moving-bed filter comprises a distribution module, arranged inside a granular moving-bed filter. The distribution module comprises at least one flow-distributing curtain to be used for allowing a turbulent gas flow with dust mixed therein to flow therethrough, resulting that before the turbulent gas flow enters the granular moving-bed filter, the turbulent gas flow is transformed into a more uniformly distributed gas flow and the dust contained therein are partially filtered out.04-25-2013
20130118615Apparatus for Diverting a Flow of Material - An apparatus comprises an input chamber being configured for accepting a flow of material. An output chamber is configured for flowing the material along a first pathway and a second pathway. A diverter member is disposed within the input chamber. The diverter member comprises a half wing shape pivotally joined at a juncture of the input chamber and the output chamber. The diverter member is operable to be positioned at a first position for diverting the flow to the first pathway and to be positioned at a second position for diverting the flow to the second pathway. A lever mechanism is configured to be operable for moving the diverter member between the first position and the second position in which the flow is uninterrupted.05-16-2013
20110265895GAS SUPPLY APPARATUS FOR SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - There is provided a gas supply apparatus 11-03-2011
20130126022COMPONENT OF A BIOSENSOR AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION - The invention relates to a component (05-23-2013
20110048558Device for Dividing a Flow of Lumpy Material into Two Sub-Flows - A device for dividing a flow of lumpy material into two sub-flows comprises a dividing mechanism which comprises a dividing edge for splitting the material flow into two sub-flows, an apparatus for directing the material to the dividing mechanism and an apparatus for diverting the two sub-flows away from the dividing mechanism. The dividing edge can be moved back and forth in its longitudinal direction following its own track. Embodiments of the device can permit the wear on the dividing edge to be more evenly distributed and the service life of the device may thereby be increased.03-03-2011
20110308647BARRIER STRUCTURE AND NOZZLE DEVICE FOR USE IN TOOLS USED TO PROCESS MICROELECTRONIC WORKPIECES WITH ONE OR MORE TREATMENT FLUIDS - Apparatuses, and related methods, for processing a workpiece that include a particular barrier structure that can overlie and cover a workpiece. Apparatuses, and related methods, for processing a workpiece that include a particular movable member that can be positioned over and moved relative to a workpiece. Apparatuses, and related methods, for processing a workpiece that include a particular ceiling structure that can overlie a processing chamber. Nozzle devices, and related methods, that include a particular annular body. Nozzle devices, and related methods, that include a particular first, second, and third nozzle structure.12-22-2011
20120018015EXHAUST PLENUM FLOW SPLITTER - An apparatus is provided and includes a plenum into which a fluid is exhausted, the plenum including a wall toward which the exhausted fluid is directed, the wall including first sections, second sections interposed between the first sections and a flow splitter interposed between the second sections, and a plane of the second sections being recessed from a plane of the first sections and the flow splitter protruding from the plane of the second sections.01-26-2012
20120018014Joint Cover with Manifold for Duct Leak Detection System - A leak detector for an insulated duct carrying pressurized hot air comprises a cover secured over a circumferential cut in the insulation of the duct, or over a joint connecting duct sections, thereby creating a reservoir of hot air which has leaked from the duct or joint, a manifold block defining a conduit therein in communication with the hot air reservoir and a cap for securing heat sensitive wires to manifold at the end of the conduit such that the hot air from the hot air reservoir impinges directly on the heat sensitive wires. The leak detector includes flow control mechanisms in the body of the manifold block, to prevent false alarms arising from nominal leakage resulting from ordinary operation of the duct system.01-26-2012

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