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20100089472Faucet with Integral Filter and Method of Installation - Embodiments of the disclosure provide a faucet with an integral filter for filtering fluid to be discharged from the faucet. A filter casing can house the filter cartridge and can be provided with an automatic shut-off valve actuable by the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge can include an integral check valve at its upstream end to prevent unwanted spillage of fluid from the filter cartridge when removed from the assembled position. A filter mount can selectively keep the faucet and the filter cartridge from being separated. A lock ring can be rotatable through an angle about a filter axis to selectively allow removal of the filter cartridge from the filter casing. The rotation of the lock ring can be through a small angle and the removal of the filter cartridge from the filter casing can be completed without rotation of the faucet, the filter cartridge, or the filter casing.04-15-2010
20130042932Air Supply Device for a Vehicle Having Pneumatic Devices - The invention relates to an air supply device (02-21-2013
20130074958Control Scheme For Enhanced Filtered Water Systems - An enhancement water system to produce a serving of enhanced filtered water is described. The present system describes a faucet mount water enhancement system that includes a housing with an inlet and an outlet, a source of water at the inlet, and a filter component within the housing. Source water is converted into treated water as it flows through the filter component under the influence of pressure. The housing further includes an outlet for outflow of treated water. A first enhancement module is disposed outside the housing adjacent the outlet and the first enhancement module is effective to dispense a desired amount of a first enhancement for use in combining with treated water dispensed from the outlet.03-28-2013
20120174996Manifold For A Device For Filtration With A Set Of Least One Filter Cassette - The invention concerns a manifold comprising: an auxiliary block (07-12-2012
20130032227HYDRAULIC FEED-RATE CONTROL APPARATUS - A hydraulic feed-rate control apparatus pushes out a fluid by a main piston to a reservoir chamber via feed-rate adjustment mechanisms and flow passages and adjusts a feed rate of a reciprocating body; the adjustment mechanisms comprises first and second throttle valves arranged at front ends of a cylinder and adjusting flow rates of the fluid flowing into the flow passages; the main piston comprises an auxiliary piston integrally moving, and opening and closing the second throttle valve; and the auxiliary piston comprises an outer peripheral portion fitted in the second throttle valve and closed, a concave portion formed between a front portion and rear portion of the outer peripheral portion, a circulation hole formed in an inner peripheral portion of the auxiliary piston, rear-portion escape holes communicating the rear portion and the circulation hole, and concave-portion escape holes communicating the concave portion with the circulation hole.02-07-2013
20130037137EXHAUST SENSOR ARRANGEMENT STRUCTURE - Air required for measurement of exhaust gas components is supplied to an exhaust sensor without using a device for generating positive pressure. In a structure for arrangement, in an engine (02-14-2013
20100024903DEVICE FOR THE CONTROLLED GUIDANCE OF A POLYMER MELT - The invention relates to a device for the controlled guidance of a polymer melt. Said device comprises a housing (02-04-2010
20130068324CHEMICAL SUPPLY SYSTEM, SUBSTRATE TREATMENT APPARATUS INCORPORATING THE SAME, AND COATING AND DEVELOPING SYSTEM INCORPORATING THE SAME APPARATUS - A chemical supply system comprises: a first container and a second container for storing a chemical solution; a first pump, located on a first pipe connecting the first and second containers, for directing the solution stored in the first container to the second container; and a first filter, located in the first pipe, for filtering the solution flowing through the first pipe from the first container toward the second container. The system further includes: a second pipe for connecting the first container and the second container; and a second pump, located on the second pipe, for directing the solution stored in the second container to the first container.03-21-2013
20130056099Removal of Sediment from a Container Holding Liquid - A sediment removal assembly is provided for removal of sediment in a container. The assembly has a container seal for sealing an opening to the container. The container seal is formed with a seal body with a flow through passageway between opposite ends of the seal body, and a valve arrangement with a valve member normally spring biassed to close said passageway. One end of said seal body is adapted to sealingly engage said container at an opening thereof to close the opening. The assembly also has a sediment reservoir adapted for removable sealing engagement with the opposite end of the seal body and in communication with the flow through passageway so that upon opening the valve member.03-07-2013
20130061959HYDRAULIC VALVE WITH AN ANNULAR FILTER ELEMENT SECURED BY A HELICAL SPRING - An hydraulic valve has a body with a longitudinal bore therein. An annular recess is formed within the longitudinal bore and has a circumferential surface through which a fluid port opens. A filter band, with a plurality of apertures there through, is located within the annular recess abutting the circumferential surface. A helical spring has spaced apart convolutions that engage the filter band and exert an outward radial force which holds the filter band against the circumferential surface of the bore recess. A valve element, such as a spool, is slideably received within the longitudinal bore to control flow of fluid through the fluid port.03-14-2013
20130061960FUEL PUMP MODULE FOR SUPPLYING DIESEL FUEL - Provided is a fuel pump module for supplying diesel fuel. The fuel pump module in accordance with exemplary embodiments of the present invention is configured to include a flange assembly fixed to an inlet of a fuel tank and a reservoir body assembly disposed in the fuel tank, wherein the reservoir body assembly includes: a filter that removes foreign objects included in the diesel fuel; a fuel pump that forcibly circulates the diesel fuel passing through the filter to a diesel engine; and a pump connection return passage that supplies fuel toward a diesel engine through a supply line of fuel but supplies the diesel fuel that is returned without being consumed by the diesel engine between the filter and the fuel pump to supply the fuel to the fuel pump without passing through the filter.03-14-2013
20130160876Flush-Enabled Controlled Flow Drain - A controlled flow drain having an upper flange coupled to a lower flange. The upper flange defines an inlet cavity and the lower flange defines a swirl chamber. The inlet cavity and swirl chamber are in fluid communication via a swirl nozzle defined within a swirl nozzle plate that separates the inlet cavity from the swirl chamber. After separating debris within the drain fluid, the drain fluid is accelerated through the swirl nozzle and discharged into the swirl chamber, and more debris is thereby separated and eventually settles into an annular groove. The drain fluid may then exit the lower flange via an exit control passage. The swirl chamber may be flushed with a series of flushing liquid injection ports symmetrically-arrayed about the annular groove. Flushing the swirl chamber removes fluidized debris and also remove any built up fouling present on the swirl nozzle and exit control passage.06-27-2013
20120111428STEEL-REINFORCED HDPE RAIN HARVESTING SYSTEM - The steel-reinforced HDPE rain harvesting system collects, stores, and pumps harvested rain water for a variety of non-portable uses. The rain harvesting system includes either a horizontally disposed or vertically disposed steel-reinforced plastic cylindrical wetwell connected to an inlet pipe. The inlet pipe discharges rain water into a rain filter made from a pervious concrete manhole lined with a replaceable 20-micron filter cloth. The rain filter allows rain water into the storage section of the wetwell. A high water alarm is disposed in the rain filter and alerts maintenance personnel to clean the filter when needed. A submersible pump is housed in an HDPE pump sleeve outside the wetwell and conveys effluent from a forcemain at the wetwell's bottom portion to a target area. A level monitoring system disposed inside the wetwell selectively activates the pumping system. Maintenance hatches atop the unit are included.05-10-2012
20090255593FILTER BAND FOR AN ELECTROHYDRAULIC VALVE - An electrohydraulic valve has a valve body with a longitudinal bore and a cylindrical exterior surface. An annular recess extends around the cylindrical exterior surface and the first port extends from the recess to the bore. A filter is formed by a plate that has a plurality of perforations and which is wrapped around valve body in the recess. The plate has a first end section at which a first tab is created and a second end section overlapping the first end section with a slot through which the first tab extends to secure the first and second end sections together. A spool is slideable into different positions within the bore of the valve body to selectively connect and disconnect the first port and a second. An actuator is operably coupled to move the spool into different positions within the bore.10-15-2009
20100269929SYSTEMS OF AND METHODS FOR FLUID INTAKES AND OUTLETS THAT MINIMIZE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - A hydropower system for a body of water that may comprise a fluid intake positioned below a bed of the water body and immersed in a filter below the bed, wherein fluid flows from the water body through the filter into the fluid intake. The hydropower system may further comprise a tunnel with a first end in fluid communication with the fluid intake and a second end in fluid communication with a hydropower generator, and a fluid outlet in fluid communication with the hydropower generator.10-28-2010
20110197980APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COLLECTION OF WET CONCRETE RESIDUE FROM DISPENSING ELEMENT OF CONCRETE DELIVERY VEHICLES - An apparatus for the collection of wet concrete residue that results from rinsing of a concrete dispensing element of a concrete delivery vehicle. The apparatus includes a container body having an internal volume with an open top and a back wall and side wall, a shield guard that extends above a back and at least portions of the side walls of the container body, a containment cover that is hingedly attached to the container body and which permits the containment cover to open between a full opened position where the open top of the container body is accessible, and a fully closed position wherein the container cover water tightly closes the open top of the container body, a drain valve connected to the container body to control flow of liquid out of the container body, a strainer associated with the drain valve which prevents aggregate from being drained through the drain valve, and suspension hooks for suspending the apparatus on a concrete dispensing element of a concrete delivery vehicle.08-18-2011
20110265894Apparatus for controlling internal pressure of hermetically sealed chamber - An apparatus for controlling an internal pressure of a hermetically sealed chamber (pass box 11-03-2011
20120291891CONTAINER MADE OF PLASTICS FOR DIALYSIS - A rigid container made of plastics for receiving a solid or liquid concentrate for the preparation of a dialysis fluid for use in a dialysis machine, the container consisting of a base part and a lid part and being equipped with a first connector for feeding and a second connector for draining a liquid and for connecting to a dialysis machine, and being otherwise closed or closable in an airtight manner, is characterized in that the second connector is connected to an outlet line (11-22-2012
20130118613BREATHER APPARATUS ON ELECTROMECHANICAL ACTUATORS FOR AIRCRAFT LANDING GEAR SYSTEMS - An actuator system and a method for assembling the same are provided. An actuator system includes a housing and a cap. The housing includes a cavity defined by the housing and an opening defined in a wall of the housing. The housing encases an actuator within the cavity. The cap is coupled to the housing to facilitate shielding the opening from a surrounding environment.05-16-2013
20120291890FLUID RESERVOIR FOR PAINT SPRAY GUN - A fluid reservoir for a paint spray gun comprises a container having an opening and a cover body that sleeves on the opening; the cover body is provided with a connecting port that connects with the paint spray gun; a side of the container has scale and the container is provided with a ventilation device; a filtering device is installed in the fluid reservoir; the cover body is provided with a groove corresponding to the periphery of the container opening; the periphery of container opening is inserted into the groove; a buckle mechanism connects the cover body with the container. Compared with the structure of screw thread connection, such connection manner improves the tightness between the cover body and the container, and makes the cover body and the container easier to be assembled and disassembled.11-22-2012
20090025803Valve - The invention refers to a valve with an inlet and an outlet as well as a return. In the inlet a first screen is provided. This screen is designed sharp or short.01-29-2009
20120031512COMBINED PUMP AND FILTER MODULE - A pump and filter module for wind power plants may include a module housing having a receptacle for a pump and a filter device, wherein a plurality of associated lines may be integrated in the module housing.02-09-2012
20100243085HYDRAULIC VALVE WITH A FILTER AND CHECK VALVE BAND - An hydraulic valve has a body with an exterior surface, a longitudinal bore, and first and second fluid ports in communication with the bore wherein the first fluid port opens through the exterior surface. A band is wrapped in first and second layers around the exterior surface which layers extend over the opening of the first fluid port. The first layer has a plurality of apertures there through and overlaying the opening to provide a filter. The second layer has a flap that flexes in response to pressure to open and close the plurality of apertures thereby acting as a check valve. An actuator slides a spool within the bore thereby selectively connecting and disconnecting the first and second fluid ports.09-30-2010
20090107565Fuel Tank - A fuel tank is provided including an integrally formed body. The body includes a generally hollow portion defined by an outer wall and a fill neck extending around an aperture in the outer wall. The body further includes a mounting tab generally extending from the body and a snap-fit retainer configured to engage an accessory mounted to the fuel tank.04-30-2009
20110126926Sanitary component, namely a stream regulator or stream former for flowing fluid media, method of producing such a sanitary component, and use of such a sanitary component - A sanitary component, namely a stream regulator or stream former for flowing fluid media, including of property-defining constructional elements which are arranged in a sandwich-like manner in the direction of flow and have at least one wire-mesh screen attachment, a diffuser plate system and a shell body with stream-forming segments extending over the cross-sectional area thereof and provided with openings. The property-defining constructional elements are exchangeable and combinable. A locking means is arranged on the inner circumference of the shell body, and a corresponding counter-locking means is arranged on the outer circumference of the diffuser plate system. The diffuser plate system is provided with an optical coding specifying the flow rate class and the shell body with an optical coding defining the flow type. Moreover, the wire-mesh screen attachment is inserted in a surrounding internal recess of the circular diffuser plate system, wherein, if a flow regulator is provided between the wire-mesh screen attachment and the diffuser plate system, the wire-mesh screen attachment is formed to be translucent or transparent and the flow regulator has another optical coding. If there is no flow regulator, an optical coding of the wire-mesh screen attachment is formed to match with that of the diffuser plate system or is provided in a predefined combination.06-02-2011
20110126925FILTER ASSEMBLY FOR FRYING OIL OR OTHER LIQUIDS AND AN ASSOCIATED VALVE ASSEMBLY - A filter assembly is provided. Embodiments of the filter assembly allow for the continuous filtering of the frying oil, while the fryer is on-line. The filter assembly may include a dirty chamber, a clean chamber, a pump configured to suck the frying oil through the chambers, and a toggle clamp configured to move the filter assembly between a closed configuration and an opened configuration. In the closed configuration, the filter assembly is configured to seal a filter media portion between the two chambers. The pump is configured to suck oil into the dirty chamber and through the filter media and into the clean chamber in order to filter dirt from the oil. In the opened configuration, the filter assembly is configured to allow the removal of now dirty filter media portion from between the chambers and the insertion of a new clean filter media portion.06-02-2011
20110000558WASHING MACHINES - A pump for pumping water from a bowl of a washing machine is provided. The pump includes a housing coupled to the bowl and a cover with an aperture. The housing and the cover define an interior in fluid communication with the bowl interior via the aperture. A filter filters water entering the interior via the aperture. The filter has a profiled wall defining a volute around the aperture, and a hood disposed above the wall. The profile of the hood perimeter substantially corresponding to the profiled wall to define a profiled space between the perimeter and the profiled wall. The profiled space allows water to enter the volute but substantially prevents elongated objects entering the volute.01-06-2011
20110240149HYDRAULIC CONTROL DEVICE - A hydraulic control device includes a valve body having oil passages, a solenoid valve incorporated in the valve body, an oil pan that is disposed below the valve body and that accumulates hydraulic oil, and a strainer which, as well as being disposed between the valve body and the oil pan, has a filtering medium which filters the hydraulic oil suctioned from the oil pan. The strainer is fixed to the oil pan by a magnetic force of at least one magnet.10-06-2011
20100132817INTEGRATED FILTER SYSTEM FOR A COOLANT RESERVOIR AND METHOD - A simple, low cost, replaceable coolant filtering is integrated in a coolant reservoir bottle or reservoir tank of an internal engine liquid cooling system. The coolant filtering system intercepts coolant flowing between the engine cooling system and the coolant reservoir, removing particulates from the coolant by filtration, entrapping the removed particulates on the filter media as well as capturing larger particulates into a drainable cup-like depression provided within the coolant reservoir. Also a coolant bypass passage is operative to permit coolant to bypass the filter should the filter media become blocked with contaminants.06-03-2010
20110083757AIR TREATMENT DEVICE AND HOUSING FOR AN AIR TREATMENT DEVICE - Various embodiments of air treatment devices (and housings therefor) are provided. The housings are generally configured to provide air treatment devices that lessen the perceived size of the air treatment devices. Further, embodiments provide housings that are typically easier to clean and maintain and to provide ease in access to internal components of the air treatment devices. Embodiments may also position a control display associated with an air treatment device, such that the control display is visible from a position in front and above the air treatment device. Embodiments may also be configured to minimize and/or inhibit air exiting from the air outlet of the air treatment device from immediately reentering the air inlet and thus being recirculated.04-14-2011
20110079303Portable fuel transfer unit - A portable fuel transfer unit comprising a plurality of functional elements, such as an electric pump connected to the intake with a flexible hose provided at the end with an adapted filter with a one-way valve and to the delivery with a flexible hose provided with a dispensing nozzle at its end; the unit comprises a shell which is divided into two detachably connected sections and has the electric pump fixed to a first section and is adapted to contain all of the functional elements when the two sections are assembled.04-07-2011
20110146816DEVICE FOR DISINFECTING A MOTOR VEHICLE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a device (06-23-2011
20120241032LID OPENING AND CLOSING DEVICE - A lid opening and closing device includes a table configured to mount a carrier thereon with a front surface of a carrier lid configured to face toward a conveying gateway, a gas injecting hole provided in an opposing surface portion and configured to supply a purge gas used in removing particles adhering to the carrier lid, an advancing/retreating mechanism configured to move the carrier placed on the table toward and away from the opposing surface portion, and a control unit configured to output a control signal such that a purge gas is supplied from the gas injecting hole to the carrier lid, wherein the carrier is positioned such that the distance between the opposing surface portion and the carrier lid is 5 mm or less and the carrier lid and the opposing surface portion are spaced apart from each other, and the carrier lid is subsequently removed from the carrier.09-27-2012
20110146817WASTEWATER VALVE ARRANGEMENT - The present invention relates to a wastewater valve arrangement. The valve arrangement includes a first receptacle for receiving a filter to filter wastewater. A second receptacle receives the filtered wastewater. A valve is provided for impeding the egress of filtered wastewater from the second receptacle. In one embodiment, the valve is configured to be normally open, and is configured to permit the release and ingress of air relative to the second receptacle. The valve may include a float that defines a recess.06-23-2011
20110100488STEAM TRAP ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A steam trap arrangement is provided. The steam trap includes an inlet header having an inner bore. A strainer having a plurality of perforations is positioned within the inner bore. A plurality of discharge ports couple the inlet header to a conduit, where each conduit includes a steam trap. The conduits are arranged to be offset from the discharge ports. The conduits fluidly couple the inlet header to an outlet header. The outlet header includes a discharge port for draining condensate from the system.05-05-2011
20120199219WATER DIVERSION SYSTEM - This invention relates to a system for diverting water to improve ground water supplies. The system involves collecting stormwater from hard surfaces, such as roads and pavements, and diverts the stormwater to the landscape underground, including below the road and pavement, where the water may be used for passive irrigation. More specifically, the invention relates to a water diversion system for utilizing stormwater runoff to passively irrigate plants. The system comprises a receptacle for receiving and containing a volume of stormwater runoff, and having an outlet for enabling contained stormwater to flow out of the receptacle. The system further comprises distribution means connected to the outlet of the receptacle for communicating stormwater from the receptacle to a soil profile below the level of the pavement for access by a plant, thereby irrigating the plant. The system also comprises a filter for removing solid particulates from the stormwater entering the distribution means.08-09-2012
20110041931Diesel Fuel Pump Module with Fuel Wax By-Pass - A by-pass fuel system configured so that in the event diesel fuel has waxed and/or ice crystals have formed such that the fuel cannot pass easily through the fuel pump fuel strainer, the diesel fuel is selectively able to pass through an auxiliary fuel port via a by-pass valve, thereby ensuring adequate fuel flow to the diesel engine. Return fuel heated by the engine is preferably directed directly onto the fuel pump fuel strainer to help dissolve the waxing and crystallization. An auxiliary coarse fuel strainer optionally provides coarse fuel straining of the by-passed fuel.02-24-2011
20110162734PRESSURE CONTROLLED THREE WAY VALVE DEVICE - A pressure-controlled three-way valve device for inflating, keeping inflated and deflating tires, the device having a plunger axially traversed by an inlet passage normally closed by a spring-urged inlet valve. The plunger's outer sidewall has a recess in which an O-ring extends to abut against the steps of the recess to limit the plunger stroke and keep an outlet circuit closed to a venting port formed in the sidewall of the body of the device. The plunger moving between a position to open air supply to the tire, a position to keep an outlet circuit to a tire closed and a position to open a venting port to deflate the tire. The plunger being mounted into the valve body by a diaphragm sealing an outer wall of the plunger against the valve body and permitting the moving of the plunger with minimal friction between the plunger and the valve body.07-07-2011
20110162733KITCHEN MACHINE COMPRISING MEANS FOR DISCHARGING IMPURITIES - A kitchen machine having a housing that includes a housing base; a channel molded in a periphery of the housing and running in a direction of the housing base; a housing recess connected to the channel; and a coupling arranged in the housing recess to couple working apparatuses to the kitchen machine, wherein the housing recess includes means to discharge impurities.07-07-2011
20100282342LIQUID SUPPLYING MEMBER, NEGATIVE PRESSURE UNIT, AND LIQUID DISCHARGING APPARATUS - A deposition of bubbles or foams to an inner wall of a liquid supplying member is prevented, thereby improving ejecting performance of the bubbles or foams. In the liquid supplying member which forms a flow path for supplying a liquid to a liquid discharging apparatus, the inner wall surface has a concave/convex shape in which a mountain portion and a valley portion are repeated at a predetermined spatial frequency. Assuming that an opening diameter of a filter provided for the liquid discharging apparatus is equal to R (μm), one period f (μm) of the spatial frequency lies within a range from R or more to √{square root over (2)}·R or less and a maximum height Ry (μm) of the mountain portion is equal to √{square root over (2)}·R/2 or more.11-11-2010
20120031511Transverse Mounted In-Line Shower Filter - A shower filter/diverter assembly is provided for selectively outputting filtered water to one of a plurality of output ports. The assembly comprises a shower filter/diverter body having an input port for receiving unfiltered water, a plurality of output ports for outputting filtered water, a first end for receiving a shower filter and a second end for communicating the filtered water to one of the plurality of body output ports. A diverter control assembly is engageable to the filter/diverter body second end and translatable to selectively direct filtered water to one of the plurality of body output ports.02-09-2012
20110259450TRANSMISSION FOR A WORK MACHINE WITH ATTACHED HYDRAULIC FLUID PUMP - A transmission assembly for a work machine (10-27-2011
20130220457CHARGE AIR COOLER DUCT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A cold charge duct, a system and method are provided for removing and controlling the reintroduction of a condensate in diesel or gasoline engine intake air. The duct may include an exterior wall which may define a passage configured to pass air from a turbocharger to an engine. The exterior wall may have one or more openings, and a separator formed to be substantially flush with an inner surface of the external wall. In this way, it is possible to utilize an edge-based separator to generate a sudden decrease in the flow rate thereby causing a water condensate to drop into the openings for later reintroduction into the engine.08-29-2013
20110315242FUEL PRESSURE CONTROLLER - Provided is a fuel pressure controller used in a fuel supply device of an automobile, and more particularly, is a fuel pressure controller in which an open-close ball insertion groove is formed to be protruded in one side direction within a valve pressing member formed to be opened by a predetermined area in a circumferential direction and in a radial direction to prevent separation of an open-close ball even at the time of an operation of a valve of the fuel pressure controller, such that pressure may be accurately controlled and noise may be reduced. The fuel pressure controller 12-29-2011
20120055567WATER FILTRATION MANIFOLD INTEGRATION DEVICE OF A WATER FILTER - A water filtration manifold integration device of a water filter has a body having multiple apertures and multiple water pathways respectively communicating with the corresponding apertures. By inserting in pins or inlet and outlet of each purification element in the corresponding apertures, all purification elements can be collectively mounted on the water filtration manifold integration device, thereby facilitating assembly and maintenance. Additionally, by arranging the apertures on a top of the body and the inlets and outlets of the corresponding purification elements on a side to replace multiple connection hoses of conventional water filters, the water filter can be organized to be neat inside and reduces human error during assembly of the water filter. The water filtration manifold integration device can serve as a standard part for a water filter.03-08-2012
20120152380Portable Water Container with Pump and Filter - A portable filter container for manually transporting large quantities of a liquid is described. The container includes an extendible handle that allows for easy transportation of the container on a set of wheels. The handle also actuates a pump to provide pressure to the inside of the container in order to force the liquid through a filter. The handle can actuate the pump either using a piston or a lever motion.06-21-2012
20120125456MANIFOLD PLATES AND FLUID TREATMENT ARRANGEMENTS INCLUDING MANIFOLD PLATES - A manifold plate and a filtration arrangement including a manifold plate which comprises a body having a mounting region on the exterior of the body and first and second fluid channels extending within the body. The mounting region has at least one first opening and at least one second opening. At least one first fluid passageway fluidly couples the first opening to the first fluid channel and at least one second passageway fluidly couples the second opening to the second fluid channel. One or more filtration units may be mounted to the mounting region in fluid communication with the first and second openings of the manifold plate.05-24-2012
20100206406VALVE ASSEMBLY - A valve assembly in which, even if a housing corrodes, application of a radially inward compression force to a heat-resistant filter can be suppressed. The valve assembly includes the housing having a gas path and a valve shaft hole, a valve having a valve shaft movably inserted in the valve shaft hole and also having a valve element connected to the valve shaft, and tubular heat-resistant filters installed between the inner peripheral surface of the valve shaft hole and the outer peripheral surface of the valve shaft and capturing dust in exhaust gas. The housing is made of cast iron. The valve assembly further has reinforcement collars installed between the inner peripheral surface of the valve shaft hole and the outer peripheral surfaces of the heat-resistant filters. The reinforcement collars have higher rigidity than the heat-resistant filters. At least the surfaces of the reinforcement collars are made of a high corrosion resistant material having higher corrosion resistance than the cast iron.08-19-2010
20120216886PRIMARY PISTON CORRECTION DURING TRANSFER - A method for controlling operation of a pump unit, where the pump unit includes a primary piston pump having a primary piston and a secondary piston pump having a secondary piston. The primary piston pump is fluidically connected with the secondary piston pump. The primary piston pump includes an inlet valve and an outlet valve, and the pump unit operates periodically according to a pump cycle. The method includes determining a fluid pressure of fluid dispensed by the pump unit, and performing a closed loop control of a position of the primary piston in dependence on the fluid pressure of the fluid dispensed by the pump unit during a first time interval of the pump cycle.08-30-2012
20120168006RESERVOIR FOR FUEL TANK - Provided is a reservoir for a fuel tank capable of being easily maintained by effectively preventing foreign materials in fuel from being introduced into a pump of a fuel transferring pipe.07-05-2012
20100282341FILTER DEVICE AND FILTER ELEMENT - A filter device comprising a filter element (11-11-2010
20120325343METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEHUMIDIFYING ATMOSPHERIC MOISTURE AND PURIFYING SAME - A method and apparatus for the extraction of atmospheric moisture and converting it into potable water that is entirely closed and sealed thereby reducing the possibility of bacterial contamination through the system. The water is collected through a compressor and a coil, then filtered through a series of filters and pumped thereafter into a sealed, pressurized bladder that keeps the filtered water unexposed to the atmosphere until it is dispensed for drinking.12-27-2012
20120266981HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR ASSEMBLY FOR A CROP SPRAYER - A crop sprayer includes a main frame. A product tank is supported by the main frame that is configured to contain a first quantity of fluid therein. A cab is supported by the main frame that includes a leading wall structure including a window, a trailing wall structure positioned in relation to the product tank so as to define a reservoir space therebetween, a left lateral wall structure including a first door, and a right lateral wall structure including a second door. The leading wall structure, trailing wall structure, left lateral wall structure, and right lateral wall structure collectively define an operator space. A first platform having a first generally horizontally oriented foot support is positioned adjacent to the first door. A second platform having a second generally horizontally oriented foot support is positioned adjacent to the second door. A hydraulic reservoir assembly contain a second quantity of fluid therein is positioned in the reservoir space.10-25-2012
20120266982DEVICE FOR USE WITH FLOOR DRAINS - A device configured for being received within a floor drain is provided. The device includes a basket assembly containing a liquid-soluble treatment material therein. A drain cover defines an opening that receives the basket assembly. A basket assembly lid defines at least one aperture for allowing flow of liquid into the basket assembly, the basket assembly includes a flange for cooperatively engaging a recess defined in the drain cover to thereby engage the lid with the drain cover.10-25-2012
20100051121FLUID TANK WITH CONTAMINATION CONTAINMENT SYSTEM - A hydraulic storage tank is provided. The hydraulic storage tank includes a storage tank, a return flow filtration chamber, a contaminant containment chamber (CCC) and a tube connecting the return flow filtration chamber with the CCC. The storage tank defines a reservoir for storing hydraulic fluid. The return flow filtration chamber is configured to house a return flow filter. The CCC includes a boundary wall bounding a cavity and a CCC outlet fluidly communicating the cavity with the reservoir. The CCC outlet is radially inward from the boundary wall. The tube defines a discharge passage fluidly connecting the filtration chamber with the cavity of the CCC and includes an inlet in fluid communication with the filtration chamber and an outlet in fluid communication with the CCC. The outlet of the tube directs fluid in angular direction about an axis defined by the contaminant containment chamber outlet.03-04-2010
20120298223PREMIUM MESH SCREEN - Systems and methods for preventing particles from flowing into a base pipe are provided. A base pipe can have a plurality of perforations formed radially therethrough. A filtering strip can be wrapped helically around an outer surface of the base pipe to cover at least a portion of the perforations. The filtering strip can include a drainage layer, a filter layer, and a shroud layer. The drainage layer can include a plurality of ribs in contact with the outer surface of the base pipe. The filter layer can be coupled to the drainage layer and include at least one mesh screen. The shroud layer can be coupled to the filter layer and include a perforated metal sheet.11-29-2012
20100224268Apparatus for Separation and Treatment of Solid Biomass - An apparatus to separate components of a solid feedstock is described. The apparatus may include a threaded shaft that has a plurality of reaction zone segments along the length of the shaft that are separated from each other by dynamic plug segments. The threads of the shaft have a first thread pitch in the reaction zone segments, and a second thread pitch in the dynamic plug segments. The apparatus may also include a motor to rotate the shaft, and an outlet coupled to a second end of the shaft, where one or more solid components of the solid feedstock exit the apparatus through the outlet. The apparatus may additionally include a feeder to supply the solid feedstock to the threaded shaft, and a pump to provide a rinse fluid to the threaded shaft, where the rinse fluid flows in the opposite direction of the solid feedstock along the shaft.09-09-2010
20110265893FILTER ASSEMBLY - A filter assembly for an additive manufacturing apparatus has a housing defining a gas inlet and a gas outlet. A filter element is located within the housing between the gas inlet and the gas outlet. The assembly includes valves that can be actuated to seal the gas inlet and the gas outlet. Additionally the assembly has a fluid inlet for allowing ingress of a fluid into the housing. The assembly allows a filter element, which may contain volatile particles, to be changed safely. By sealing the gas inlet and outlet and flooding the housing with a suitable fluid, volatile particles captured by the filter can be neutralised.11-03-2011
20120325342Water Filtration System - A water filtration system is provided that includes a filter section, a tank section, a pump section, a housing section and a dispensing section. The filter section includes a high-pressure water filter disconnected from a source of tap water. The tank section includes an outer tank member and an inner tank member fluidly connected to the filter section. The pump section is fluidly connected to the filter section via a first conduit for pumping water at a high pressure through the filter and is fluidly connected to the outer tank member via a second conduit for drawing unfiltered water from the outer tank member. The housing section houses at least one of the filter section, the tank section and the pump section. The dispensing section is fluidly connected to the inner tank member for dispensing filtered water.12-27-2012
20120285558PUMP REDUCING A FLUID FLOW BY A DETERMINED AMOUNT - A fluid pump for a fluid separation device for separating a fluid includes a fluid inlet being supplyable with fluid at an inlet pressure (pI), and a fluid conducting mechanism configured for conducting the fluid supplied to the fluid inlet towards a connected fluidic path, in which the fluid conducting mechanism is controllable so that, regardless of a value of the inlet pressure (pI), the fluid is continuously conducted away from the fluid inlet with a definable flow rate (FT).11-15-2012
20120285559FORMED SEAL RING FOR A LIQUID GAS SEPARATING ELEMENT - A gas compression system includes a compressor operable to discharge a mixed flow of gas and lubricant, a separator tank including an opening having a first face, and a separator element including a disk portion having a second face and a third face. The separator element is positioned at least partially within the opening and is operable to separate at least a portion of the lubricant from the mixed flow of gas and lubricant. A lid is coupled to the separator tank and includes a fourth face. A one-piece seal ring is coupled to the disk and is compressed between the lid, the disk, and the separator tank to define a first airtight seal between the first face and the second face and a second airtight seal between the third face and the fourth face.11-15-2012
20100043894VALVE ELEMENT, PARTICLE ENTRY PREVENTIVE MECHANISM, EXHAUST CONTROL APPARATUS, AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A valve element that can prevent particles rebounding from an exhausting pump from entering a chamber and also prevent a decrease in exhaust efficiency. The valve element has a through hole that penetrates the valve element along an exhaust flow in an exhaust flow passage between the chamber in which a substrate is subjected to predetermined processing and the exhausting pump having rotary blades rotating at high speed, and a particle trap that covers the through hole. The particle trap has a plurality of preventive members that are arranged such as to obstruct particles rebounding from the exhausting pump. The ratio of openings of the particle trap to the exhaust flow in the exhaust flow passage is not less than a predetermined value.02-25-2010
20130092263Fluid Filter With Polymeric Membrane And Metal Supports - The present invention provides a fluid filter utilizing a polymeric membrane supports by metallic screens contained in a housing. The supports have apertures through which fluid can pass. The metallic supports are created such that they have at least one surface substantially free from burrs, so as not to damage the membrane. This smooth surface is in communication with the polymeric membrane. One or more indexing protrusions can be added along the circumference to restrict the relative movement between the supports, and to align the apertures of the two supports.04-18-2013
20110226358FUEL PUMP APPARATUS - A fuel pump apparatus for supplying fuel to an engine includes a lid member is foamed divisionally from a first lid member having a fuel supply path, and a second lid member removably provided on the first lid member and having a fuel inflow path. A fuel filter is disposed between the first lid member and the second lid member. Since the fuel filter is built in the lid member, a protective case for protecting the fuel filter and a stay for attaching the fuel filter to a vehicle body are not required. The fuel pump apparatus so configured eliminates the requirement for a protective case for protecting a fuel filter and an attaching stay for attaching the fuel filter to a vehicle body and can achieve reduction of the cost.09-22-2011
20100307615FUEL SUPPLY DEVICE - On an inner circumference wall of a connecting pipe, a step is arranged at a lower portion of a through hole so that the inner diameter on the side of a suction port of a fuel pump is larger than that on the side of a nozzle section of a filter member. Thus, flow into the side of the nozzle section of the filter member is suppressed by making a subsidiary stream flowing from a sub channel into a confluence section not easily flow into the side having the smaller inner diameter.12-09-2010
20100307614APPARATUS FOR FEEDING A FUEL, IN PARTICULAR LPG, TO AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An apparatus for feeding a fuel, in particular in the form of LPG, to an internal combustion engine includes a tank (12-09-2010
20110232781HYDRAULIC DIRECTIONAL VALVE - A hydraulic directional valve which has a valve housing and a filter element. At least one groove encircles the valve housing and the filter element is arranged in the groove and has at least one frame element and a filter fabric which is firmly connected to the frame element. The groove has a groove base and two side walls which extend substantially in the radial direction and circumferential direction.09-29-2011
20130153059HOLDER FOR AT LEAST ONE ELECTRODE IN AN EXHAUST-GAS LINE AND APPARATUS HAVING AT LEAST ONE HOLDER - A holder for at least one electrode, in particular a discharge electrode which is suitable for producing a corona discharge, in an exhaust-gas line, includes a body through which an exhaust gas can flow and at least one electric contact for the at least one electrode. Preferably, the at least one electric contact is integrated into the body. An apparatus for fixing at least one electric electrode in an exhaust-gas line is also proposed. The apparatus has at least one such holder and the apparatus has a particle separator disposed downstream in exhaust gas flow direction.06-20-2013
20110303308Collapsible Underhood Container - A collapsible underhood container for mounting under a vehicle hood with a portion of the collapsible underhood container extending into an area between the hood and an underhood safety plane when in an extended position, the container comprising: a lower housing, an upper container portion and a locking feature. The lower housing is fixed relative to the vehicle and has a bottom and side walls. The upper container portion has walls adjacent to and telescopically slidable on the side walls of the lower housing and a top, with the top located in the area between the hood and the safety plane. The locking feature maintains the upper container relative to the lower housing when in the extended position and releases the upper container portion to slide downward relative to the lower housing to a collapsed position when the hood contacts the upper container.12-15-2011
20130240062DEVICE FOR THE MEDIA-TIGHT CONNECTION OF TWO HIGH-PRESSURE COMPONENTS - A device for the media-tight connection of two high-pressure components includes: a sealing cone having a central channel through which a medium under high pressure may flow, which sealing cone is pressed into a seal seat in order to seal against the medium which is under high pressure, and a high-pressure filter is accommodated in the channel in the sealing cone.09-19-2013
20130008532VALVE ASSEMBLY - A valve assembly for dispensing liquid from a container. A manifold includes a first channel extending downwardly from a first inlet to a first side outlet, and a second channel extending downwardly from a second inlet on the manifold to a second outlet. The first side outlet and the second inlet are located on the same horizontal plane in reference to the longitudinal axis of the manifold. An elastic membrane sheathed around the manifold extends over the first side outlet and the second inlet. External fluid pressure causes the membrane to expand under fluid flow to provide for fluid communication through the manifold. In alternate embodiments fluid pressure flowing through the first and second channels causes the elastic membrane to expand enabling fluid communication between the first side outlet and the second inlet. A sealing sleeve extends around the elastic membrane is movable from a first to a second position.01-10-2013
20130248022Suction Duct with Heat-Staked Screen - A suction duct for a compressor such as a scroll compressor may include a plastic ring body with a metal screen heat staked in a window of the ring body to filter refrigerant gas entering the motor cavity. the ring body may be in surrounding relation of the motor and resiliently compressed in the housing through intermittent contact with the inner housing surface to better seal around the inlet port. Oil drain channels and stabilizing ribs may be along the outside surface of the ring body.09-26-2013
20130263945LIQUID REMOVAL MODULE FOR REMOVING LIQUID FROM A LIQUID TANK, AND LIQUID TANK - The invention relates to a liquid removal module (10-10-2013
20130269797COMPACT AIRCRAFT GALLEY PLUMBING SYSTEM - An aircraft galley plumbing is disclosed comprising water distribution components and assemblies to allow installation in a wet/refrigerated reduced foot print galley. The system includes a single potable water distribution manifold with quick disconnect couplings for the GAINS and built in air bleed devices facilitate rapid drainage and easy installation. The system also includes a compact pressure check valve to control filling operation and drain down of the potable water system. The use of a compact air stop valve and integrated master distribution block (manifold) and water filter system further enhance the system.10-17-2013
20130269796COMPACT AIRCRAFT GALLEY PLUMBING SYSTEM - An aircraft galley plumbing is disclosed comprising water distribution components and assemblies to allow installation in a wet/refrigerated reduced foot print galley. The system includes a single potable water distribution manifold with quick disconnect couplings for the GAINS and built in air bleed devices facilitate rapid drainage and easy installation. The system also includes a compact pressure check valve to control filling operation and drain down of the potable water system. The use of a compact air stop valve and integrated master distribution block (manifold) and water filter system further enhance the system.10-17-2013
20080202605Filter and pressure control valve of electronically controllable power steering apparatus including the same - A filter includes top and bottom support frames, and one or more middle support frames, which are arranged in such a manner that a second stepped area recessed by a predetermined depth from the outer circumferential surfaces of the top and bottom support frames is formed by the top and bottom support frames and the middle support frames. A pressure control valve of an electronically controllable power steering apparatus includes: a hollow valve body having a first stepped area with a predetermined depth, the first stepped area being formed on the outer circumferential surface of the valve body, where a supply port is formed; and the above-mentioned filter, the filter being fitted in the first stepped area of the valve body. The filter can minimize change of pressure at the filter area while assuring smooth supply of the hydraulic fluid, and can reduce the number of parts, the number of fabricating steps, and the material costs of such a pressure control valve.08-28-2008
20130276920CONTROL VALVE FOR A VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT COMPRESSOR - A control valve according to an embodiment includes a body having a valve hole and a guiding passage formed coaxially with the valve hole, an actuating rod, slidably supported along the guiding passage, which is provided with a valve element, a solenoid for applying the solenoidal force in an opening or closing direction of a valve section to the valve element via the actuating rod, and a seal section, provided between the actuating rod and the guiding passage, which houses a sealing member for restricting the leakage of refrigerant from a high pressure side to a low pressure side. The actuating rod and the guiding passage are configured such that the clearance, between the actuating rod and the guiding passage, which is at a higher-pressure side of the seal section is larger than the clearance which is at a lower-pressure side of the seal section.10-24-2013
137545000 Plural separating elements 1
20100236645Disposable drain filter - The present invention provides a disposable drain filter comprising a central shaft having a first end region and second end region, and a plurality of snaring discs having a central opening to accommodate the shaft. The snaring discs having radially emanating fins that form a fin snaring disc, wherein each fin is defined by a flat upper wall and a pair of side wall surfaces that meet at a single point, the flat upper wall having a plurality of upwardly projecting protrusions placed at the junction of the upper wall and side walls, to further grip materials. The fin has a narrow first end region affixed to the hollow tube, and a wide second end region. The second end regions of adjacent fins are separated by a 0.25 inch gap. A barb snaring disc is placed sequentially after each fin snaring disc, thereby forming an alternating sequence of snaring discs, wherein the barb snaring discs have radially emanating bristle extensions with barbs to further grip materials. The filter is dimensioned to take a resting position above the trap region of a shower drain. The filter can also be applied to a kitchen and lavatory drain.09-23-2010
137546000 Sediment chamber 2
20130233414Quiescent Zone Fluid Filter - A quiescent zone fluid filter. A reservoir communicates via upstream and downstream communication ports with a fluid flow tube. At the upstream communication port, liquid flowing in the fluid flow tube enters a quiescent zone of the reservoir, whereupon particles therein descend. The liquid then rejoins the fluid flow tube at the downstream communication port free of particles therein. The quiescent zone fluid filter is advantageously implemented within a fluid flow control valve, as for example at the valve barrel of a barrel valve.09-12-2013
20130240063PARTICULATE-TOLERANT VALVE COMPRISING ONE OR MORE RECESSES CAPABLE OF CONTAINING THE PARTICULATE - According to an embodiment, a valve comprises: a valve member, wherein the valve member is made from a non-deformable material; a seat, wherein the seat: (A) is made from a non-deformable material; and (B) is positioned adjacent to the valve member; a seal, wherein the seal is created by the interaction between at least a portion of the seat and at least a portion of the valve member and a sealant; and at least one recess, wherein the at least one recess: (A) is located on the inside of the seat or the outside of the valve member; and (B) is capable of containing at least one particulate, wherein the valve is capable of being opened or closed via relative movement of the valve member and the seat.09-19-2013
137549000 Hollow strainer, fluid inlet and outlet perpendicular to each other 3
20110174398VALVE APPARATUS TO PREVENT CONTAMINATION OF FLUID IN A FLUID REGULATOR - Valve apparatus to prevent contamination of a fluid in a fluid regulator are described. An example valve apparatus described herein includes a housing disposed within a fluid flow passageway of the fluid regulator to define a low-pressure side of the fluid flow passageway and a high-pressure side of the fluid flow passageway. The housing has a bore that at least partially defines the fluid flow passageway when coupled to the fluid regulator. The housing has a movable valve assembly disposed within the bore via a non-threaded connection in fluid communication with the low-pressure side of the fluid flow passageway and external threads to threadably couple the housing to an opening of the fluid regulator. A seal system prevents impurities from flowing between the high-pressure side of the fluid flow passageway and the low-pressure side of the fluid flow passageway.07-21-2011
20090188573LOW NOISE VALVE ASSEMBLY - A low noise valve assembly (07-30-2009
20110162735FLOW GUIDED STEAM STRAINER FOR STEAM TURBINE VALVES - A steam turbine valve includes a casing and an inlet in the casing through which a flow of steam flows into the valve. The valve also includes a strainer located in the casing, and a flow guide connected with the strainer to protrude out from the strainer at a location in which the flow of steam strikes the flow guide, changes direction in its flow with respect to the strainer, and passes through a flow path of the strainer to an inside portion of the strainer.07-07-2011
137550000 Planar strainer normal to flow path 4
20090145498Strainer Housing Assembly And Stand For Pump - A pump for use with a fluid circulation system for a recreational water body is disclosed. The pump includes a strainer housing, an impeller housing integrally formed with respect to the strainer housing, and an impeller cover mounted with respect to the impeller housing. The strainer housing includes a top portion having an outer surface adapted to engage with a strainer housing cover for mounting the strainer housing cover with respect to the strainer housing. A plurality of cams are formed circumferentially with respect to the outer surface of the top portion of the strainer housing. The cams are configured and dimensioned to cooperate with corresponding cam members formed with respect to an inner surface of the strainer housing cover. A positioning tab is formed with respect to the top portion of the strainer housing for appropriate alignment of the strainer housing cover. A positioning notch is formed with respect to the inner surface of the strainer housing cover. The notch cooperates with the tab to ensure proper strainer housing cover alignment. A stand is provided that defines a receiving chamber for receiving a securing feature that is mounted with respect to downwardly extending base portions associated with an impeller housing and an impeller cover.06-11-2009
20090139586Flush Valve Diaphragm - A flush valve diaphragm that includes a body portion and a peripheral sealing portion. The body portion is flexible and has a central passageway. The peripheral portion includes an integral filter, an exit chamber, and a bypass arrangement, such that water flowing through the filter flows through the bypass arrangement. The integral filter prevents clogging of the bypass arrangement. The diaphragm is used in a flush valve diaphragm assembly and a flush valve.06-04-2009
20080283132GASKET WITH INTERNAL SCREEN AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A gasket for a hydraulic housing and a method of manufacturing the same. The gasket is made by taking a metal body having a first and second side and coating the first and second side with rubber. An area of the rubber is then burned off by a laser and then in that area the laser is used to create a plurality of openings that act to filter hydraulic fluid that flows through the gasket.11-20-2008
20100006161PLUG ASSEMBLY - A plug assembly (01-14-2010