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Spring biased

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137 - Fluid handling


137511000 - Direct response valves (i.e., check valve type)

137528000 - Reciprocating valves

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137540000 Spring coaxial with valve 19
137538000 Piston-type valves 16
137539000 Ball valves 12
137537000 Spring under tension 2
20090320940CONNECTOR CLAMP WITH PRESSURE VALVE - A connecting device for a hydraulic system is provided. In an embodiment, the device includes a valve provided in a passage channel that can be configured to switch flow based on a pressure differential between passage channel pressure and ambient pressure. In an embodiment, the connecting device may include a valve housing provided in the form of a bolt, and the valve housing may be configured for connection to an assembly unit.12-31-2009
20130213499NON-RETURN VALVE FOR A FLUID PUMP - A non-return valve for a fluid pump, in particular of a safety brake system of a motor vehicle, includes a through-flow opening configured to be closed by a valve element. The valve element is configured to be displaced against the spring force of a valve spring made of coiled round wire to expose the through-flow opening. The round wire is coiled in one plane and is arranged with respect to the valve element such that the plane extends at least substantially perpendicularly to the displacement direction of the valve element.08-22-2013
137536000 With means to protect spring from fluid 1
20120168005PRESSURE RETENTION VALVE - A pressure retention valve including a housing having an inlet passage and an outlet passage that can be connected together and a separating diaphragm subdividing the housing into two portions, wherein, in operation of the valve, a first portion conveys fluid and a second portion is fluid-free. The valve further includes a valve seat defining an end of the inlet passage, arranged in the fluid-conveying portion of the housing, and has a first sealing surface, a shut-off body which is arranged movably in the fluid-conveying portion of the housing and has a second sealing surface, and a spring element having a spring force, which is arranged in the fluid-free portion of the pressure retention valve. The spring element is so arranged that its spring force prestresses the second sealing surface in the direction towards the first sealing surface so that in a position of the shut-off body that closes the valve the sealing surfaces are in engagement with each other and the shut-off body separates the inlet passage from the outlet passage. The inlet passage is so arranged that a fluid flowing in through the inlet passage in operation of the valve is applied to the shut-off body in such a way that the fluid exerts on the shut-off body a force which acts in opposition to the spring force of the spring element. The shut-off body has a guide portion which extends into the inlet passage, and the inlet passage is portion-wise of such a design configuration that it forms a guide bush in which the guide portion of the shut-off body is guidedly received.07-05-2012
20090320937PRESSURIZING AND PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE AND FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM EMPLOYING THE SAME - A pressurizing and pressure regulating valve is provided. In one embodiment, the pressurizing and pressure regulating valve includes a sleeve, a first flow passage formed through the sleeve, a second flow passage formed through the sleeve, and a piston slidably disposed in the sleeve. The piston is configured to move between: (i) a pressurizing position wherein the piston impedes fluid flow through the first flow passage, and (ii) a pressure limiting position wherein the piston impedes fluid flow through the second flow passage. A sensing chamber is fluidly coupled to the first flow passage and configured to receive pressurized fluid therefrom. The piston is configured to move from the pressurizing position to the pressure limiting position when the pressure within the sensing chamber exceeds a predetermined minimum pressure.12-31-2009
20100012202GAS FLOW MONITOR - A gas flow monitor is provided, in which a defined range of the closing or nominal flow can be set without engaging functional elements. Furthermore, the original closing or nominal flow can be adjusted or amended, even outside the manufacturing plant. The gas flow monitor consists of a gas-tight housing (01-21-2010
20080257427Service Regulator with Improved Boost Performance - A regulator comprises a regulator valve and an actuator. The regulator valve comprises a valve body equipped with a customized valve port. That is, the valve seat is designed to have a customized seat height depending on a diameter of an orifice through the valve port, a longitudinal dimension of an orifice through the valve port, and/or a flow capacity of the valve port. Such a design advantageously maximizes the efficiency at which gas flows through the regulator. The actuator is coupled to the valve body and comprises a valve disc disposed within the valve body and adapted for displacement between a closed position engaging the valve seat and an open position spaced from the valve seat.10-23-2008
20100116364BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICE - A backflow prevention device includes a check valve including a valve body and a valve seat, an enclosure member retained by a peripheral member and arranged at a downstream side of the valve body, the enclosure member including an entrance facing an upstream side and being formed into a cylindrical shape having a bottom wall, the enclosure member into which the valve body is inserted via the entrance, the enclosure member having an inner diameter for guiding an outer periphery of the valve body, the upstream side corresponding to a direction where the fluid flows into the check valve while the downstream side corresponding to a direction where the fluid flowing into the check valve flows out therefrom, and a bypass passage provided at an outer periphery of the enclosure member, the bypass passage through which the fluid passing through a valve portion of the check valve flows.05-13-2010
20120174995Low Pressure / High Flow Back Pressure Device and System - The present application discloses a device and an exemplary system utilizing the device for precise low pressure/high flow capability pumps. One non-limiting example of such a pump is used in the medical field and operates at approximately 0.5 cubic feet per minute at 1.5 Psi. The device of the present application regulates pressure from such a pressure pump to an output chamber by exhausting excess pressure to atmosphere once the pressure to the output chamber reaches a desired adjustable level.07-12-2012
20130087222FLOW CONTROL VALVES - A flow control valve may include a case and a valve body axially movably disposed within a fluid passage defined in the case. The valve body may have an outer circumferential surface with a flow control surface. The valve body may further include a flange portion positioned on an upstream side of the flow control surface. The flange portion may include a sliding surface and a reference surface. The sliding surface may slidably contact a passage wall surface of the fluid passage. The reference surface may serve as a reference when performing configuration measurement of the flow control surface. The reference surface may extend within a first circumferential range about the axis of the valve body, and the flow control surface may extend within a second circumferential range about the axis of the valve body. The first circumferential range and the second circumferential range may at least partly overlap with each other.04-11-2013
20120216885Spring Mounting Cradle and Valve Guide For Overpressure Relief Valve Assembly - A spring mounting cradle for an over-pressure valve assembly has integral valve-element camming surfaces provided adjacent the lower ends of a pair of the bent legs forming the cradle.08-30-2012
20130056098COMPACT FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR - A compact fuel pressure regulator (03-07-2013
20130061958PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE - A valve assembly includes a housing with a housing control bore, a supply port in selective fluid communication with the housing control bore for receiving working fluid from a working fluid source, a control port in fluid communication with the housing control bore for communicating the working fluid to and from a working device switchable from a first mode of operation to a second mode of operation at a predetermined pressure, and a vent port in fluid communication with the housing control bore for selectively returning the working fluid to the working fluid source. A supply valve member is selectively seated and unseat with a supply valve seat. A bleed orifice is provided for communicating the working fluid from the supply port to the control port at a second pressure that is less than the predetermined pressure when the supply valve member is seated with the supply valve seat.03-14-2013
20090235994COAXIAL PRESSURE RETENTION AND RELIEF MECHANISM - A pressure relief mechanism may utilize a casing that defines an internal cavity, a fluid inlet, and a fluid outlet. A first valve may reside within the internal cavity to permit fluid flow in one direction and further utilize a first valve carriage and a first valve spring that forces the first valve carriage against a first end of the casing internal cavity, over the fluid inlet. The first valve spring may reside against a second end of the casing cavity. A second valve may reside within the internal cavity and utilize a second valve carriage, a second valve body, and a second valve spring that biases the second valve body against the first valve body, the second valve permitting fluid flow opposite to the flow of the first valve.09-24-2009
20110284105VALVE SET - A valve set includes a valve body which includes a central hole and multiple passages are located around the central hole. A tubular portion extends from the valve body a flexible plate has an insertion inserted into the central hole of the valve body and the flexible plate seals the passages from an underside of the valve body. A core member is securely engaged with the tubular portion has an inlet tube. Multiple releasing probes extend from an underside thereof. A spring is mounted to the inlet tube and biased between a shoulder on the inlet tube and an inner surface of the valve body. A bottom cap is connected to the underside of the valve body. Air is introduced into the valve set via the inlet tube and released by pushing the core member and the releasing probes push the flexible plate away from the passages.11-24-2011
20110297255HYDRAULIC TORRENT CONTROL VALVE - A hydraulic control valve actuated by a diaphragm's integral spring whose thicker part acts with greater force to close the diaphragm and plug unit of the valve and whose thinner part may complete the closing motion so that the integral spring may weaken faster than linearly in relation to displacement of the diaphragm and plug unit. A snap seat supporting the plug may include a seat portion and a grip skirt portion integrally joined at an acute angle. A bracket and sliding guide may guide a helical rotor touching an indicator. Movement of the diaphragm and plug unit may rotate the helical rotor and the indicator without the indicator rising out of the valve. The cover may have an internal control passage in communication with a base of the valve to allow the cover to be installed horizontally and vertically conveniently and without disconnecting the control tubing above the valve.12-08-2011
20110139273EXHAUST CHECK VALVE OF SWASH PLATE COMPRESSOR - An exhaust check valve installed in an exhaust opening of a swash plate compressor comprises: a valve body having a refrigerant inlet and at least one refrigerant outlet; a movable body installed in the valve body and configured to move such that the refrigerant inlet and the refrigerant outlet communicate with each other; and a spring configured to push the movable body with a certain pressure. At least one refrigerant vent hole for venting a leak gas generated during an operation below a preset pressure difference to the outside of the valve body is formed in the valve body.06-16-2011
20090250124PRESSURE REGULATOR - A variable device for regulating the outlet pressure of a fluid from a valve body, includes a pressure-sensing chamber having a wall formed by a resilient self-restoring diaphragm which is responsive to pressure in the chamber. A valve element connected to the diaphragm controls flow into the chamber. Increased pressure in the chamber decreases the flow into the chamber and decreasing pressure increases flow whereby fluid flow out from the chamber is maintained at a desired pressure. The outlet pressure is adjusted by deflecting the diaphragm in a direction to open the valve while permitting a section of the diaphragm connected to the valve member to remain responsive to the pressure in the chamber. An adjustment cover is provided to adjustably deflect the diaphragm and includes a catch mechanism to allow adjustment of the fluid outlet pressures and also retain the device at a desired value. An indicator arrangement may be provided to visually indicate the fluid outlet pressure.10-08-2009
20090044872Control Device and Hydraulic Pilot Control - A control device for controlling a hydraulic consumer, is equipped with a distributing valve having a control pressure chamber and a control slide that can be displaced against the force of a spring by the build-up of a control pressure in the control pressure chamber. A pilot control valve controls the supply and discharge of control fluid into and out of the control pressure chamber. A release device is used to drive the control fluid out of the control pressure chamber, bypassing the pilot control valve.02-19-2009
20110203683Regulator for Corrosive Gas Tapping in Under-Atmospheric Conditions - The invention relates to a device for regulating a pressurised gas, said device including: a stopper (08-25-2011
20130213498VEHICLE BRAKE FLUID PRESSURE CONTROL APPARATUS - One embodiment provides a vehicle brake fluid pressure control apparatus, including: a base body having a reservoir storing hole; a reservoir piston stored within the reservoir storing hole, the reservoir piston and the reservoir storing hole defining a reservoir chamber therebetween; a reservoir spring which urges the reservoir piston at one end thereof in a direction to reduce a capacity of the reservoir chamber; a first guide member disposed to contact with the one end of the reservoir spring; and a second guide member disposed to contact with the other end of the reservoir spring. The first guide member and the second guide member are disposed across the reservoir spring. The first guide member includes a first engaging portion. The second guide member includes a second engaging portion, the second engaging portion being engageable with the first engaging portion from inside or outside.08-22-2013
20080210313Pressure Limiting Valve With Reduced Differential Area - A pressure limiting valve comprises a valve closing body (09-04-2008
20090145497CHECK VALVE - To provide at low cost a check valve which is relatively lightweight and not limited in applicable range thereof, has a good sealing property, and exhibits excellent pressure resistance and durability, a valve chamber (06-11-2009
20100132816CHECK VALVE FOR A HYDRAULIC POWER-ASSISTED STEERING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a check valve for a hydraulic power-assisted steering system, with a valve housing, into which a movable valve member is inserted, wherein the valve member interacts with sealing effect with a valve seat, and has lateral guide elements for guiding the valve member in the valve housing, wherein the movable valve member is a shaped metal part with uniform wall thickness and at least three guide elements having a constant width in the circumferential direction.06-03-2010
20090320938SAFETY VALVE - The invention relates to a safety valve (12-31-2009
20090320939Check Valve - An improved check valve that can exhibit satisfactory sealing performance for hundreds of thousands of forward and reverse flow cycles under the severe conditions encountered in an application such as a carwash. The check valve may reduce the number of possible failure points found in conventional check valves and may reduce the risk of failure associated with other possible failure points that may not be eliminated.12-31-2009
20110023983GAS FLOW MONITOR - A gas flow monitor is to be created in which a defined value range of the closing or nominal flow rate can be set by changing the bias of the spring without changing the lift of the closing/valve body with a consequential concomitant reduction or enlargement of the flow gap. For this purpose, the gas flow monitor comprises a gas-tight housing (02-03-2011
20110240148VALVE WITH A DELTA P-FUNCTION AND FLOW LIMITING FUNCTION - A device for regulating the flow in a heating and cooling system. The flow is controlled by a complete valve realized as a combination of a difference pressure valve (10-06-2011
20110247706Valve device - A valve device includes a shell, a primary valve, a check valve, a stop, and a spring. The shell includes an inlet, an outlet, and at least one flange including a cavity in communication with the outlet. The check valve is movably located in the cavity. The check valve includes a stem formed on a side. The stop is located in the cavity so that a gap is defined between the stop and the wall of the cavity. The spring is compressed between the check valve and the stop. The spring includes an end located around the stem of the check valve.10-13-2011
20120241031NON-RETURN VALVE AND FILTER ARRANGEMENT - A motor vehicle non-return valve (09-27-2012
20110048554SPRAYER PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE - The pressure relief valve of the instant invention allows automatic operation when over pressurization occurs and also allows the user to operate manually when required. Passages within the valve are minimized in length and an expanding cross-section outlet geometry is used to ensure that operation of valve is not hindered by dried material after initial use. A shield is also incorporated to ensure safe discharge in case of over pressurization.03-03-2011
20090126807VALVE, IN PARTICULAR FOR COMPRESSORS - Valve, in particular for compressors, comprising a seat (05-21-2009
20110114204CONTROL VALVE - The present invention enlarges the working pressure flowing into the working chamber and improves the response ability of the valve controlling the fluid using a compact solenoid portion. In the control valve according to the present invention, the first effective pressure receiving area of the first pressure sensing spring apparatus, the first pressure receiving area of the first poppet valve and the second pressure receiving area of the second poppet valve are made substantially equal while the second effective pressure receiving area of the second pressure receiving spring apparatus are made larger than the first effective pressure receiving area of the first pressure receiving spring apparatus; and the valve seat body co-operates with the first valve body to close and open the first poppet valve and the second poppet valve in accordance with a pressure of the working fluid flowing into the communication chamber from the third poppet valve when the third poppet valve is opened and the fourth poppet valve is closed by moving the solenoid rod forward.05-19-2011
20110174397PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE - A pressure control valve including a valve housing having a first opening and second opening. The valve housing including a valve member configured to control gas flow between the first opening and the second opening. The valve member is supported by a first membrane and a second membrane, both of which are formed on a single-piece membrane body.07-21-2011
20110186153METERING SYSTEM FOR A LIQUID MEDIUM, PARTICULARLY A UREA-WATER SOLUTION - The invention relates to a dosing system for a liquid reduction medium enabling precise dosing of the reduction medium in the exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine. This is carried out particularly by using a quick and safe closing of a pressure-actuated dosing valve. Simultaneously, the dosing system according to the invention also enables the dissipation of the pressure impulses resulting due to the closing movement of the dosing valve.08-04-2011
20110186152Compact Flow-Through Fuel Pressure Regulator - A compact pressure regulator (08-04-2011
20100319792FLUSH CONTROL VALVE CORE ASSEMBLY - A flush control valve core assembly is provided including a valve core body, a back spring accommodated in the valve core body, a valve piece and a valve shaft. The valve piece includes a discharge hole. A portion of the back spring extends as a pin structure, which is able to slidably move in the discharge hole. The pin structure is formed by a free end of the back spring horizontally bending towards the center, and then bending downwards vertically. The back spring of the flush control valve core assembly has a smaller size, which is more reliable and more easily mounted.12-23-2010
20090217989Pressure Relief Device - Pressure relief device (09-03-2009
20120042969TIP-RESISTANT VALVE PLUGS - A tip-resistant valve plug includes a valve head, first and second retention legs, and an anti-tip fin. The valve head includes a continuous partition defining a fluid barrier between a sealing side and an external side of the valve head. Each of the first and second retention legs extend from a leg base positioned at the sealing side of the valve head to a distal end of the retention leg. Each of the first and second retention legs include a plug catch configured to interfere with an inside diameter of a fluid flow orifice or a pressure relief spring. The respective distal ends of the retention legs are spaced apart from one another, and the anti-tip fin extends from the sealing side of the valve head in a direction of the respective distal ends of the retention legs.02-23-2012
20120006429Safety valve - A safety valve includes a valve body comprising a central passage, internal threads at one end, and an externally threaded neck at the other end; a hollow spring operated poppet comprising an externally and internally threaded proximal portion secured to the internal threads, a smaller distal portion, and a central bore; a hollow sliding member in the passage urged by the poppet, the sliding member comprising a grooved rim at one end, a projection at the other end, and two opposite exhaust ports through the projection; and first and second seals for sealingly engaging the distal portion with the sliding member and engaging the sliding member with the passage respectively. In response to directing gas through the bore and the exhaust ports into the neck and pressure of the gas exceeds a preset limit, the gas pushes the sliding member toward the proximal portion.01-12-2012
20120255632Pressure Regulator with Slide-Mount Lobes - A pressure regulator for regulating the pressure of a fluid from an associated pressure reservoir includes a regulator body housing a shuttle assembly and supporting a multiplicity of radially-distributed service lobes. Each service lobe includes features in fluid communication with one or more chambers within the regular body, and performs a particular function relating to the pressure and contents within those chambers. Such lobes may include one or more of a bias lobe for regulating pressure within the shuttle bias chamber, a fill lobe through which the reservoir may be filled, a gauge lobe which displays the pressure within the reservoir, and a relief lobe including one or more burst disks to relieve over pressurization in the reservoir or output chamber of the regulator. Each service lobe may slideably engage a respective interface on the regulator body, and be releasably secured there by way of a threaded retainer.10-11-2012
20120125455GAS FLOW MONITOR - The invention relates to a gas flow monitor wherein the closing flow has the same value in a plurality of installation positions. According to the invention, the gas flow monitor is further intended to be suitable for small pressure loss values. Design and production are intended to be as simple as possible.05-24-2012
20110180164Pressure Relief Valve with a Poppet Valve Seal - A pressure relief valve 07-28-2011
20100012201LNG COLLECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - An LNG sampling system is provided which includes a sampling probe. The sampling probe includes a backflow prevention check valve positioned within the probe adjacent the inlet end. The probe is inserted into a source of LNG to extract samples of LNG by providing a pressure differential between the probe piping system and the pressure of the LNG within the source. In the event the pressure in the piping system increases above a predetermined amount, the check valve will close preventing backflow of LNG from the sampling system back into the source.01-21-2010
20120073681Heating And Release Valve Assembly For A Fluid Receptacle - The valve assembly includes a body having a communication passage with an inlet and an outlet and a combustion chamber having a propellant and one or more openings, an igniter in communication with the propellant, and a valve means movable within the body. The igniter is adapted to ignite the propellant to provide a force to move the valve means from a closed position to an open position. The valve means has a first restricting element to restrict and permit passage of a pressurized gas through the outlet and a second restricting element to restrict and permit passage of heat from the burned propellant through the openings of the body, wherein the heat/gases cause a pressurized gas within the receptacle to expand causing the gas to quickly expunge from the receptacle. A biasing means may be used with the valve means to retain the valve means in the closed position,03-29-2012
20100139789RELIEF VALVE WITH FLUID OUTLET - A relief valve comprises a housing having a supply line inlet, for allowing fluid to enter the housing and a fluid supply outlet configured for allowing fluid to exit the housing. The fluid exiting the housing flows proximate and against a valve seat, thereby, flushing the valve seat. The relief valve also includes a relief outlet having an inlet region and an outlet region and a valve mechanism. The valve mechanism includes a valve seat configured for operation between a first, closed position closing the inlet region of the relief outlet inlet region thereby preventing fluid from exiting the relief outlet, and a second, open position opening the inlet region of the relief outlet inlet region, thereby allowing fluid to exit from the housing through the relief outlet.06-10-2010
20120090705GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR SYSTEM - A gas pressure regulator system comprises a regulator body and a separate port collar. The regulator body has a high pressure chamber and a low pressure chamber, and generally houses a regulator valve system to control the pressure of the fluid moving from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber. The port collar has at least one high pressure port and one low pressure port, and is adapted to be mounted on the regulator body. When the port collar is in its mounted position, the high pressure ports are in fluid communication with the high pressure chamber, and the low pressure port is in fluid communication with the low pressure chamber. The port collar may be rotatable with respect to the regular body without disrupting the fluid communication between respective chambers and pressure ports. The high pressure ports may accommodate such fixtures as a high pressure burst disk assembly, a fill nipple or a pressure gauge. The low pressure port may accommodate a low pressure burst disk.04-19-2012
20130126020AUTOMATIC WATER SHUT-OFF VALVE FOR LOW PRESSURE - An automatic water shut-off valve for low pressure includes: a body having a nipple formed at a lower portion thereof; a rubber diaphragm inserted into a protruding threaded pipe formed at an outside portion of the body; and a pressure supporter pressurizing the rubber diaphragm, wherein the pressure supporter has a drain hole and the fixing cap has a cap drain hole, so that the fluid is drained through a fluid flow hole of the rubber diaphragm in the case of compressible air fluid or at pressure lower than set pressure and is stopped when the fluid switching face of the rubber diaphragm is grounded to a fluid stop protrusion of the pressure supporter in the case of incompressible fluid or at pressure higher than set pressure.05-23-2013
20130199635Pressure Release Valve - A pressure release valve including a holder element provided on the outside of the lid of a pressure cooker, a body packing disposed inside the holder element, a pressure release tube provided in the lower inside portion of the body packing, a valve plunger disposed in the body packing and comprising a shank portion and a beveled portion which is at the lower end of the shank portion and set on the upper end of the pressure release tube so as to allow the interior of the pressure release tube to be an empty space, a coil spring mounted on the valve plunger, a lock nut connected to the holder element, and a filtering cap provided fixedly or non-fixedly within the lock nut.08-08-2013

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