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Reciprocating valves

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137 - Fluid handling


137511000 - Direct response valves (i.e., check valve type)

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137535000 Spring biased 95
137532000 Weight biased 9
137529000 Plural biasing means 4
20130160875PLUG VALVE WITH BOWING RIGID ARMS - A movable valve for a valve assembly is described. The present valve comprises a plug attached to an immovable mounting flange by at least two non-resilient spider-like legs comprising first and second rigid leg segments that meet at hinging apexes positioned higher than the plug. The plug resists vertical displacement by virtue of the stiff leg segments having appropriately configured curvature and length. Actuation of the valve is through vertical displacement of the plug against the biasing forces, wherein displacement of the plug causes bowing of the legs without any stretching or change in the length of the leg segments.06-27-2013
20120103441PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE - A pressure control valve includes a housing comprising a reference pressure connection, a reference pressure chamber, a preliminary pressure connection, a preliminary pressure chamber, a control pressure connection and a control pressure chamber which are configured to cooperate with a control member moveable in an axial direction within the housing so as to adjust a desired control pressure between a preliminary pressure at the preliminary pressure connection and a reference pressure at the reference pressure connection. A driving device is configured to act on the control member. At least one first sealing device is configured to seal the reference pressure chamber against the control member. At least one second sealing device comprising a second sealing element is configured to seal the preliminary pressure chamber against the reference pressure chamber. At least one third sealing device is configured to seal the control pressure chamber against the preliminary pressure chamber.05-03-2012
20090032121Check Valve - A check valve having two opposing springs to hold a ball or stopper a pre-determined distance from the valve seat so that the ball or stopper seats against the valve seat only under backflow pressure.02-05-2009
20110197979Flow Control Valve with Damping Chamber - A valve, preferably of the flow control construction type, has a valve piston or pressure regulator piston mounted in an axially displaceable manner in a valve housing. The valve piston and the valve housing form a damping chamber for the motional damping of the valve piston.08-18-2011
20100147403PRESSURE FEEDBACK SHUTTLE VALVE - A shuttle valve 06-17-2010
20130074957PRESSURE VALVE FOR ENERGY STORAGE DEVICE AND ENERGY STORAGE DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - Disclosed herein is a pressure valve for an energy storage device. The energy storage device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a valve body provided with a vent guide for communicating a gas vent of the energy storage device with the outside; and an elastic body interposed between the valve body and the gas vent to elastically support the valve body to an inner side of the gas vent to move the valve body to an outer side of the gas vent when a gas pressure in the gas vent rises, thereby communicating the vent guide with the outside and recover the valve body when the gas pressure in the gas vent falls, thereby blocking the vent guide from the outside.03-28-2013
20080264496VALVE - The present invention relates to a valve. The valve includes a valve element having a metering opening, a valve gate which is movable in translation for the opening and closing of the metering opening, an actuating actuator configured for the execution of a tilting movement, and a lever arm which is coupled to the actuating actuator and which converts the tilting movement of the actuating actuator for the opening and closing of the metering opening into a translatory stroke movement of the valve gate.10-30-2008
20130037136FLUID FLOW CONTROL DEVICE - A fluid control device includes a housing providing a fluid inlet and fluid outlet and a passage extending therebetween. The passage has a longitudinally extending tapered portion which narrows in the direction towards the inlet, and a fluid flow control member located in the passage and having a tapered end corresponding to the tapered portion of the passage. The fluid flow control member is movable longitudinally within the passage between a first position, in which the tapered end of the member engages the tapered portion of the passage and fluid flow along the passage towards the inlet is prevented, and a second position in which fluid flow along the passage is possible.02-14-2013
20100263745DRAIN PLUG - A drain plug for controlling the flow of a liquid through a drain hole. The drain plug has a drain plug body with a drain passage extending partly through the drain plug body. The drain passage has at least one outlet port. The drain plug has a check valve for allowing the flow of the liquid through the drain passage in a first direction and substantially inhibiting the flow of liquid through the drain passage in a second opposite direction. The drain plug is moveable relative to a drain hole between at least one open position in which the at least one outlet port is exposed or open and liquid may flow through the passage and at least one closed position in which the at least one outlet port is covered or closed by the drain hole housing to substantially inhibit liquid flowing through the passage.10-21-2010
20100089471VALVE - A valve comprising a housing and a pressure responsive sealing assembly. The housing comprises an inlet port, an outlet port and a control chamber extending therebetween. The control chamber having a first cross-sectional area at the inlet port, and a second cross-sectional area greater in magnitude than the first cross-sectional area and being disposed between the inlet port and the outlet port. The pressure responsive sealing assembly is normally biased into a first position in which the sealing assembly seals the inlet port. When a pressure differential about the inlet and outlet ports exceeds a predetermined threshold, the pressure responsive sealing assembly is configured to shift from the first position to a second position, in which the sealing assembly no longer seals the inlet port and a fluid flow path from the inlet port into the control chamber is opened. The fluid flow path is substantially obstructed in the second position at the second cross-sectional area of the chamber due to engagement thereat by the sealing assembly with the housing. The pressure responsive sealing assembly is configured to shift from the second position to a third position, in which the pressure responsive sealing assembly is disengaged from the housing at the second cross-sectional area allowing fluid to flow from the inlet port to the outlet port. The valve is formed with a bleed aperture configured to admit fluid flow therethrough in a direction from the inlet port to the outlet port.04-15-2010
20110297254FLOW CONTROL DEVICE - A flow control device typically for protecting a seal (12-08-2011
20110272046DRY-BREAK FUEL RECEIVER WITH INTEGRAL BACK-FLOW PREVENTION - The present invention relates broadly to a valve assembly (11-10-2011
20100170583Fluid Control Valve - A fluid control valve includes a valve housing having an inlet and an outlet. A metering plug is located within the valve housing, and is configured to move linearly within the valve housing along a valve axis between an open position to allow fluid flow between the inlet and the outlet, and a closed position to block fluid flow between the inlet and the outlet. A reference plane is oriented perpendicular to the valve axis. The metering plug includes a nose portion having a sensing port in fluid communication with fluid flow at the outlet. The sensing port is oriented perpendicular to the valve axis and generally parallel to the reference plane.07-08-2010
20120097268FILLING CONTROL DEVICE FOR A HYDRODYNAMIC MACHINE - The invention concerns a filling control device of a hydrodynamic machine having two inlets and two outlets as well as two valve bodies. The two valve bodies can be shifted by means of a piston rod, to control the flow of working medium in the inlets and outlets as an open or closed-loop. The invention is characterised in that that the first valve body is connected elastically on the piston rod and that a stationary stop is provided for the first valve body, against which the first valve body strikes when the second valve body is further shifted by means of the piston rod.04-26-2012
20100078085Relief valve structure - To provide a relief valve structure for an oil pump, which is capable of appropriately controlling/switching the discharge pressure and flow rate of oil to an optimum condition in low, middle and high speed regions of an engine. The relief valve structure has: a relief valve having formed therein a valve flow path for communicating between a valve head part and an outer circumferential side part; a valve housing in which a valve passage accommodating the relief valve is formed; a relief flow-in part formed on an axial direction one end side of the valve passage and communicating with the valve passage; a first discharge part formed in the valve housing and communicating with the valve flow path by the movement of the relief valve; and a second discharge part that is opened by allowing the valve head part to pass therethrough. The second discharge part is positioned nearer to the relief flow-in part than the first discharge part. The shortest gap between an outer circumferential side part opening of the valve flow path and the first discharge part is the same as or shorter than the shortest gap between the valve head part and the second discharge part during an initial state of the relief valve.04-01-2010
20100078084VALVE ASSEMBLY - A valve assembly includes a housing having a first chamber, a second chamber, and a valve seat disposed therebetween. A valve head disposed in the housing and is moveable between an open position and a closed position. The valve head defines a bore extending along an axis from the first chamber to the second chamber when the valve head is in the closed position. A valve stem is disposed in the bore and is coupled to the valve head in the bore for moving the valve head between the open and closed positions. The valve assembly allows for selective fluid communication between the first and second chambers to alleviate pressure differences between the first and second chambers. In one embodiment, the valve stem moves in the bore between a sealed position and an unsealed position. In another embodiment, a check valve is disposed in the bore.04-01-2010
20110192474HYDRAULIC CONTROL VALVE FOR CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY - It is addressed to provide a hydraulic control valve for preventing high-speed rotation of a valve body of a check valve incorporated in the hydraulic control valve of a type that pressure oil is supplied from a tandem path and a parallel path via the check valve. A check valve unit (CH) is constituted by a main unit (08-11-2011
20090090419SUCTION VALVE - A suction valve be placed in a pipe line and intended for flow material, by means of which the flow can be closed, regulated and back flow prevented, whereby the suction valve comprises a movable a locking means (04-09-2009
20080314460AIR ADMITTANCE VENT DIAPHRAGM ASSEMBLY - An air admittance vent diaphragm assembly is disclosed. The assembly comprises a base, an annular retainer ring, and an annular malleable washer. The base has an annular portion and a stem extending orthogonally from the center of the annular portion. The annular retainer ring includes a circumferential skirt engaged with an outer perimeter of the annular portion of the base, with the stem extending beyond the annular retainer ring. The annular malleable washer is disposed between the annular retainer ring and the annular portion of the base.12-25-2008
20090199913Valve Device With Pressure Regulator - The subject of this invention is a valve device with pressure regulator (08-13-2009
20120067440LUBRICATING GREASE RETURN VALVE - An apparatus for the relief of grease under pressure in the delivery line of grease guns and similar pressure delivery devices includes a 3-port valve in which the relief port is located between the delivery and inlet ports and includes a one way flow control valve mounted therein. The one way flow control valve is maintained in a closed position by the pressure of the grease and is activated to be opened to reduce the pressure in the valve body and allow the grease to return to the grease reservoir.03-22-2012
20100065135CONTROLLING DEVICE FOR HYDRAULIC CONSUMERS - The invention relates to a controlling device for hydraulic consumers (03-18-2010
20120103440FLOW DIRECTING APPARATUS FOR USE WITH FLUID REGULATORS - Flow directing apparatus for use with fluid regulators are described herein. An example fluid regulator includes a body having a passageway defining an orifice that fluidly couples an inlet and an outlet. A valve plug is disposed within the passageway that moves relative to a valve seat adjacent the orifice. An actuator operatively coupled to the valve plug and the actuator includes a sensing chamber fluidly coupled to the outlet of the passageway. The actuator moves the valve plug relative to the valve seat to control fluid flow through the orifice between the inlet and the outlet in response to the pressure of a process fluid at the outlet. A flow directing member is coupled to the valve plug. The flow directing member having a droop reducing portion to direct fluid flowing through the orifice toward the outlet of the passageway and away from the sensing chamber of the actuator at a first pressure differential across the orifice, and a boost reducing portion to direct fluid flowing toward the sensing chamber of the actuator at a second pressure differential, where the second pressure differential is greater than the first pressure differential.05-03-2012
20120227838PRESSURE REGULATOR WITH MANUAL SHUT-OFF VALVE - A pressure regulator includes a housing assembly defining a fluid flow path from an inlet end to an outlet end; a plunger having a tubular plunger body supported within the housing assembly for linear movement toward and away from a valve seat in response to fluid pressure at the outlet end. A sleeve is supported within the housing assembly and is engageable with the tubular plunger body, and an actuator collar is supported externally of the housing assembly and operatively attached to the sleeve such that rotation of the actuator collar in one direction from an open position to a closed position produces linear movement of the tubular plunger body, independent of the pressure at the outlet end, into engagement with the valve seat to thereby shut off the flow path within the regulator.09-13-2012
20090250123Check valve - A check valve (10-08-2009
20090071553Insert molded evacuation valve - An evacuation valve for a metering device for a liquid medium is disclosed. The valve includes a seal holder having a chamber formed therein and a seal. An elastomeric material fills the chamber to form the seal. The seal includes a smooth, flat sealing surface located above the seal holder. The inclusion of a lip in the chamber retains the seal; a non-circular lip prevents rotation of the seal.03-19-2009
20100294382CHECK DEVICE AND CHECK VALVE HAVING THE CHECK DEVICE THEREIN - The present invention provides a check device and a check valve equipped with the check device. The check device is made of a hard plastic with slight flexibility to be mounted in a check valve with an annular wall and an opening. The check device has a separating rib, an inner plate and an outer plate on opposite ends of the separating rib. The inner plate has several bores and a first contact face to touch a side of the wall, and the outer plate has a first contact face to touch an opposite side of the wall. A flow is cut off when the first contact face of the inner plate presses the first side of the wall, and a flow runs through the check device when a second contact of the outer plate presses a second side of the wall of the base.11-25-2010
20100132815Fuel Vapor Retention System and Methods - Embodiments of the present invention relate to fuel tanks including features for capturing vapors displaced during a filling process. In an embodiment, the invention includes a fuel tank including a housing defining an interior volume; an inflow conduit providing fluid communication between the outside of the housing and the interior volume; a check-valve coupled to the inflow conduit, the check-valve configured to allow fuel to flow through the check-valve into the interior volume but prevent the flow of gases from the interior volume to the outside of the housing; an expansion member configured to reversibly change in volume; and a vent conduit providing fluid communication between the expansion member and the interior volume of the housing. Other embodiments are also described herein.06-03-2010
20100132814TWO EDUCTOR / FOUR-WAY SELECTOR VALVE ASSEMBLY - A selector valve assembly for use in conjunction with an eductor dispensing system which reduces the incidence of product carry-over when the valve is moved from one position to another. The selector valve assembly also reduces the incidence of improper dispensing. In a preferred manner, the selector valve assembly has a single valve member and accommodates four product inlet lines for selectively passing chemical concentrate to two eductors. The selector valve assembly is composed of a minimum of ports, thereby reducing maintenance and cost.06-03-2010
20120241029Check Valve - A check valve, in particular for foodstuff, chemical, biological and pharmaceutical applications. Valve allows passage of a fluid with limited losses of load and with low energy consumption. Valve is particularly suitable for use with corrosive and/or foodstuff fluids.09-27-2012
20110073200GAS REGULATOR WITH VALVE ASSEMBLIES - Embodiments of a gas regulator with a body having an inlet, an outlet, and a gas regulating assembly adapted to regulate output pressure of gas delivered to the outlet reduced from inlet pressure of the gas at the inlet are provided. In some embodiments, the gas regulating assembly may include a ball check assembly adapted to substantially reduce flow from the outlet to the inlet when a gas source is coupled to the outlet. The gas regulator may also include a positive flow shutoff valve assembly having a valve member disposed within the body and an adjustment disposed external to the body.03-31-2011
20110048553PRESSURE REGULATOR - A pressure regulator includes a housing having an inlet port through which pressurized fluid at a primary pressure is supplied, and a discharge port through which pressurized fluid at a secondary pressure lower than the primary pressure is discharged, and at the same time having a flow passage formed therein to extend from the inlet port to the discharge port, and a pressure control mechanism which is disposed on the flow passage to reduce the primary pressure to the secondary pressure. The pressure control mechanism includes a movable body including a diaphragm which is displaced in response to change in the pressure of the fluid and the movable body is provided with an abutment portion which is brought into abutment against a part of the housing to prevent the movable body from being excessively displaced when the primary pressure becomes excessively high.03-03-2011
20110146814ELBOW PLUG EXTERNAL SLEEVE VALVE - An elbow fluid flow valve exhibiting reduced flow loss and including a body having a specified shape and size and defining a short radius associated with an elbow shaped fluid passageway characterized by a first fluid flow inlet and a second fluid flow outlet. A cover secures over the valve body, and such that a generally sleeve shaped annulus is defined therebetween. A light-weight and linearly translatable sleeve is mounted exteriorly of the valve body and within the intermediately defined annulus. The sleeve is operable to be displaced between a first location permitting fluid flow to the outlet and a second location interrupting fluid flow. A control element is operably connected to a pair of access ports, in turn communicated with one or a pair of interior regions in communication with locations of the displaceable sleeve and, upon experiencing at least one of a pressure and flow disparity between valve inlet and outlet, facilitates displacement of the sleeve to the second (flow interrupting) location06-23-2011
20080314459CHECK VALVE FOR A COMPRESSOR - A compressed gas is introduced from a compressor into a inlet of a check valve. In a cylindrical casing of the check valve, a valve seat is provided and has a plurality of paths through which compressed gas flows from the inlet to an outlet of the check valve. The paths are opened and closed by a valve disc. A deformation limiting member is provided on the valve disc to limit a gap between the valve disc and the valve seat.12-25-2008
20110108141CHECK BALL VALVE ASSEMBLY WITH CHECK BALL GUIDE - A check ball valve assembly is used to regulate fluid flow from two separate fluid sources to a single fluid outlet. The assembly utilizes a single check ball alternating between two check ball seats in two separate fluid passages. A check ball guide is installed at the intersection of the separate fluid passages and deflects the check ball from the pressurized passage to the non-pressurized passage to prevent backflow into the fluid source.05-12-2011
20100300556CHECK VALVE, IN PARTICULAR FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - A check valve in particular for medical applications has a first hose connecting casing and a second hose connecting casing and a membrane disk configured between the two hose connecting casings. The membrane disk is made of a resilient material and cooperates with an annular valve seat. The membrane disk is fitted radially outside the valves seat with apertures leading to a discharge space. The wall of the second hose connecting casing is opposite the apertures and fitted with a surface curved away from the membrane toward the discharge channel. The discharge channel is fitted with an intake mouth in the wall, and conically tapers within a transition segment toward the intake mouth. Recesses communicating with the discharge space are fitted into the transition segment and are dimensioned in a way to substantially compensate the different flow cross-sections between the intake mouth and the discharge channel.12-02-2010
20100200087SELF-SEALING CHECK VALVE - A check valve includes a valve body defining an internal chamber and a valve seat disposed within the internal chamber adjacent to one of the first and second ends of the valve body. A poppet is mounted for linear movement along a poppet axis within the internal chamber between the first and second ends of the valve body and has a predetermined cross-sectional shape in a direction transverse to the poppet axis, a peripheral rim defining a movement guiding surface, a frustoconical surface provided in one axial end of the poppet and oriented in a direction toward the one end of the valve body, a sealing bead disposed on the frustoconical surface, and a predetermined plurality of passages formed in a predetermined pattern through at least one of the peripheral rim and the frustoconical surface in open communication with an opposed axial end of the poppet.08-12-2010
20090173402SNUBBER VALVE - A snubber valve provides velocity- and/or position-dependent mechanical snubbing. The snubber comprises pressure sensing pins controlling the position of a float that changes the cross section of a fluid flow channel in the valve. In some embodiments, the pins sense their position in the valve, controlling the position of a float that changes the cross section of a fluid flow channel in the valve. Also provided are methods for snubbing, for example, an aircraft door.07-09-2009
20090173401VALVE ASSEMBLY - A valve comprising a body portion, a closure portion adapted to control the flow of fluid through the body portion, and a valve element being at least disposed between the closure portion and the body portion. The invention extends to other arrangements detailed herein.07-09-2009
20110067767SEQUENCE VALVE - Sequence valves 03-24-2011
20120305110BIDIRECTIONAL PRESSURE SELF-BALANCING STOP VALVE - The present invention discloses a bidirectional pressure self-balancing stop valve, comprising a valve body, a valve disc, a press ring, a valve bonnet, a valve rod and a balance hole, in which the valve disc is located inside the valve body chamber, the press ring is threadedly disposed on the upper side of the valve body chamber, the valve bonnet is fixedly connected with the valve body, the valve rod passes through the valve bonnet and the lower end of the valve rod is movably connected with the valve disc. The excircle of the valve disc, the press ring and the valve body form an annular groove, inside which is disposed with a composite seal ring that is high temperature resistant or corrosion resistant. The composite seal ring includes an upper washer, an upper seal ring, an upper distance ring, a blocking ring, a lower distance ring, a lower seal ring and a lower washer from top to bottom. The invention uses a bidirectional self-sealing structure. As the high temperature resistant composite seal ring is made of high temperature resistant sealing material with low density, the similar pressure self-sealing property of O or Y-shaped seal rings can also be obtained and then the sealing quality and sealing lifespan will be durable and reliable. In addition, the corrosion resistant composite seal ring made of corrosion resistant sealing material can be used in many corrosive environments.12-06-2012
20120211096CHECK VALVE AND VACUUM SYSTEM - A check valve includes a case body, a piston device, and a blocking plate. The case body includes a first case part and a second case part. The first case part has a first opening. The second case part has a second opening and a third opening. The second opening faces the first opening, and the third opening is located at one side of the second opening. The first case part and the second case part are combined to form the case body, and the case body has a fluid passage therein. The piston device is aligned to the second opening and mounted on the second case part. The blocking plate is disposed on the piston device. When the piston device operates, the piston device pushes the blocking plate to seal the first opening.08-23-2012
20120125454Flow-through pressure regulator device for irrigation plants - A pressure regulator for irrigation systems, comprising a main body (05-24-2012
20100229971BACK-PRESSURE RESPONSIVE VALVE - In a back-pressure responsive valve that receives large back pressure, the influence of the back pressure is minimized to limit or prevent an increase in size of an actuator and to maintain the valve function. A back-pressure responsive valve (09-16-2010
20120279587COMPRESSOR SYSTEM WITH RAPID ACCESS VALVE - A check valve is provided for use with a compressor system having a pump and a storage tank, the check valve including a housing including an inlet connected to the pump, a tank port in fluid communication with the storage tank, and a bypass port, all in fluid communication with each other, and with a chamber. A reciprocating piston is disposed in the chamber and has a heavy spring at one end, and a light spring at the other end. The check valve is constructed and arranged so that pressurized air is accessible from the bypass port prior to the storage tank being fully pressurized.11-08-2012
20120285557PRESSURE REGULATOR WITH REMOTELY CONTROLLED SHUT-OFF VALVE - A pressure regulator includes a housing assembly defining a main fluid flow path from an inlet end to an outlet end. A tubular plunger body is supported within the housing assembly for linear movement toward and away from a valve seat in response to fluid pressure at said outlet end. An actuator sleeve is supported within the housing assembly and engaged with the tubular plunger body, and a pressure chamber defined in part by a shut-off diaphragm extends between the housing assembly and the actuator sleeve. A fluid port is arranged to supply pressurized fluid to the pressure chamber to thereby produce linear movement of the actuator sleeve and the tubular plunger body independent of the pressure at said outlet end, moving the tubular plunger body into engagement with the valve seat to shut off the flow path.11-15-2012
20120241030Disc check valve construction - A check valve construction is provided having: a movable disc having a convex surface, a flat surface and a raised element on the convex surface, a cage for the disc, a first seat for the flat surface of the disc, and a second seat for the convex surface of the disc.09-27-2012
20080223459SPRINGLESS COMPRESSOR VALVE - A fluid-handling system that, in some embodiments, includes a poppet having a body, a magnet, and a mounting member configured to secure the magnet to the body is disclosed. Additionally, a method of forming a valve is disclosed. In some embodiments, the method includes providing a poppet body for a valve, providing a magnet, and providing a mounting member configured to attach the magnet to the poppet body09-18-2008
20080223458TANK VENT PALLET - A breather valve comprises a valve body having a valve fluid passageway terminating in a valve seat. The valve body includes a pressure pallet guide and the valve seat has double lips. A pressure pallet having a size commensurate with the valve seat is mounted on the pressure pallet guide for limited motion towards and away from the valve seat. The pressure pallet has a sealing side oriented to face the valve seat. A flexible diaphragm extending inside the valve seat is secured to the sealing side of the pressure pallet outside the valve seat. A gap lies between the double lips of the valve seat. A liquid source is in fluid communication with the gap lying between the double lips of the valve seat. A liquid seal provides protection against freezing, gumming and leaking of the seal.09-18-2008
20130133761OVER PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE - An over-pressure relief valve for use with a container housing a pressurized medium. The valve includes a hollow housing within which there is first and second valves. The first valve is operable to inject and release the pressurized medium into the container. The said valve is normally closed and is continuously exposed to the pressurized medium and in response to the pressure thereof reaching a predetermined level opens to exhaust the pressurized medium to the atmosphere to relieve the excess pressure.05-30-2013
20130146158DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE DEVICE - A first directional control valve for switching between a first supply position and a first discharge position and a second directional control valve for switching between a second discharge position and a second supply position. A first switching mechanism permits the first directional control valve to be switched to the first supply position in a state where a second switching mechanism has switched the second directional control valve to the second discharge position. In a state where the second switching mechanism has switched the second directional control valve to the second supply position, a pressure fluid supplied to the second directional control valve at the second supply position switches the first directional control valve to the first discharge position via the first switching mechanism.06-13-2013
20130192698LOW NOISE BACK PRESSURE REGULATOR FOR SUPERCRITICAL FLUID CHROMATOGRAPHY - A drive mechanism for back pressure regulator used in liquid chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography, or supercritical fluid extraction allows very fine automated control over a very wide range of pressures by combining a linear actuator compressing a spring, pushing a pin. The nozzle assembly of the regulator comprises a flow through chamber containing a diaphragm and a seat, in which the pin pushes the diaphragm against the seat, together with an upstream pressure sensor and electronic feedback control to the motor of the actuator. The BPR of the embodiments exhibits high pressure stability and extremely low pressure noise, even at moderate to high pressures. The exemplary BPR can be use at either constant pressure or to generate pressure programs where the pressure is varied versus time. Further, the nozzle assembly has a field-replaceable head, requiring no mechanical adjustment on replacement.08-01-2013

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