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137341000 With electric heating element 21
137340000 Circulating fluid in heat exchange relationship 11
137337000 Hot and cold water system having a connection from the hot to the cold channel 9
137338000 Air heated or cooled (fan, fins, or channels) 4
20130087219METHOD OF HEATING GAS TURBINE INLET - An air inlet system delivers a flow of air. The system included a temperature controlling section configured to alter temperature of the air flow. The temperature controlling section imparts a temperature variation distribution across different portions of the air flow. The system also includes a transition section, one or more flow diverters, one or more screens and/or a flow splitter to cause mixing of the different, temperature variant portions of the air flow and reduce the temperature variation distribution.04-11-2013
20120031509FAN ASSEMBLY - A fan assembly includes a motor-driven impeller for creating an air flow, at least one heater for heating a first portion of the air flow, means for diverting a second portion of the air flow away from said at least one heater, and a casing comprising at least one first air outlet for emitting the first portion of the air flow and at least one second air outlet from emitting the second portion of the air flow. To cool an external surface of the casing, at least one second air outlet is arranged to direct at least part of the second portion of the air flow over the external surface.02-09-2012
20100200080SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TRANSFERRING HEAT AND/OR SOUND DURING FLUID EXTRACTION AND/OR CLEANING PROCESSES - Systems and methods for transferring heat and/or sound during liquid extraction and/or cleaning processes are disclosed. A fluid extraction system in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a fluid extractor having an outlet positioned to deliver extracted waste fluid, and a fluid tank operatively coupled to the extractor. A blower, having an air intake and an air outlet through which blower air passes, is operatively coupled to the extractor outlet to draw the extracted waste fluid from the extractor. A muffler is positioned at least partially within the liquid tank and has a flow path along which the blower air passes. In particular embodiments, the muffler can also provide a heat exchanger function, for example, to heat cleaning fluid provided to the extractor.08-12-2010
20100018588SHOWER SYSTEM HAVING A PURIFYING AND DRYING FUNCTION - The present invention relates to a shower system having a drying device and a water purifying device, which does not allow a towel to be used for removing moistures on a body after taking a bath or shower using the shower in a bathroom, and exhausts warm winds occurring from the drying device through the shower head, so that the moistures on the body or head may be dried for a short time, and impurities contained in the tap water may be removed by the purifying device to make the water smooth, clear, and good for skin care.01-28-2010
137339000 With diversion of part of fluid to heat or cool the device or its contents 2
20110272042Novel Thyristor Valve Module - This present invention provides a high power electronic device which is used for transforming the alternating current into the direct current, or transforming the direct current into the alternating current: a thyristor valve module, there are two same thyristor valve segments in the whole thyristor valve module; each segment includes saturated reactor, thyristor valve unit, direct current equalizing resistor unit, acquiring energy unit, damped resistor unit, damped capacitor unit, gate series unit and water cooling system. This device series connects the thyristor valves to meet different transmission powers and different voltage ranks. This device is the key element of the high voltage direct current transmission. It can be used for different voltage ranks AD transmission system and can also be used for different voltage ranks DC system, including the ultra-high voltage 800 kV and above system.11-10-2011
20110139269Water Retention and Recycling System - In one embodiment a method and apparatus is provided that prevents water waste that commonly occurs while one is are waiting for hot water to arrive at a shower head or other hot water source. The embodiment saves the water that would go down the drain while waiting for the hot water to arrive from the water heating unit by capturing the cold/warm water and adding it back to the shower water.06-16-2011
137335000 With burner 1
20120291879HANDLING HYDROCARBON CARGOES - The loading of crude oil into a storage tank (11-22-2012
20130042927VALVE CONFIGURED FOR REGULATING THE FLOW OF FLUID FROM A TRANSMISSION TO A FLUID COOLER - A transmission fluid circuit includes a transmission, a cooler, and a valve. The transmission receives and expels a fluid. The cooler receives and expels the fluid to the transmission. The valve directs the flow of fluid received from the transmission to one of the transmission and the fluid cooler. The valve includes a housing, a spool and an actuator. The housing defines a cavity. The spool is movable longitudinally in the cavity between a first position and a second position to direct the flow of the fluid from the cavity to the cooler or the transmission. The actuator is operatively connected to the spool and includes a smart material which is activated in response to the temperature of the fluid in the cavity having at least a first temperature and deactivated in response to the fluid in the cavity having a sufficient number of degrees less than the first temperature.02-21-2013
20100071781FUEL CELL VALVE AND FUEL CELL SYSTEM USING THE VALVE - A valve for a fluid passage in a vehicle fuel cell system. A housing includes an inflow passage connected to an upstream side of the fluid passage and an outflow passage connected to a downstream side of the fluid passage. A valve body is disposed in the housing and includes an intermediate fluid passage configured to provide fluid communication between the inflow passage and the outflow passage. A heating element is configured to apply heat directly to the valve body.03-25-2010
20130081712LIQUID CONTROL APPARATUS - A liquid control apparatus that controls a spread of a liquid has a main body that has a supply subject surface onto which the liquid is supplied. The apparatus also has a mesh form body that is woven into a mesh form and provided to contact the supply subject surface. A heater that heats the supply subject surface is provided in an interior of the main body. A supply port is provided in the main body to supply the liquid from the interior of the main body to a part of the supply subject surface contacted by the mesh form body. A groove is provided in the supply subject surface to suppress spreading of the liquid from the supply port to a side opposite to the heater in an expanse direction of the supply subject surface.04-04-2013
20080202598Diverter valve - A diverter valve is disclosed and may comprise an actively cooled valve actuation section, an actuator, and a valve section comprising a rotationally actuated valve plate that is structured to be rotationally actuated by the actuator to direct flow wherein the actuation section may be thermally insulated from the valve actuation section.08-28-2008
20090159138DOUBLE-DISK SLIDE VALVE - A double-disk slide valve, the shut-off plates of which are displaceable by means of an actuator rod and which is provided with a bridging pipe having two sealing rings that are in operative engagement with corresponding housing sealing seats of the slide valve housing when the slide valve is in the open position. At least one of the two housing sealing seats rests, by the action of a resilient element, under predetermined pressure against the sealing ring(s) associated with the bridging pipe when the slide valve is in the open position and against the peripheral edge of the shut-off plate(s) when the slide valve is in the closed position.06-25-2009
20130068320PROTECTIVE MATERIAL FOR GAS DELIVERY IN A PROCESSING SYSTEM - Apparatus and systems are disclosed for providing a protective material for a gas-delivery system of a processing system. In an embodiment, a processing system includes a processing chamber for processing substrates and a gas-delivery system for delivering processing gases to the processing chamber. The gas-delivery system includes a protective material to protect the gas-delivery system from processing gases including at least one processing gas heated to an elevated temperature. The protective material includes a tungsten plate or a tungsten plate coated with a tantalum alloy and tantalum03-21-2013
20130048101Lift Axle Valve Unit - The invention relates to a lift axle valve unit of any type for lifting or lowering a lift axle of a utility vehicle having an air suspension.02-28-2013
20130061949SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION SYSTEM - A selective catalytic reduction system that can defrost urea aqueous solution without interruption of warm air of an engine or heating of a vehicle cabin. The system includes a defrosting control unit to open a tank heater valve at the time of starting the engine and close the tank heater valve when the temperature of the urea aqueous solution detected by a temperature sensor reaches a predetermined defrosting completion determination value, and a warm air priority control unit to prohibit the opening of the valve by the defrosting control unit when the temperature of the cooling water is less than a predetermined defrosting permission value and permit the opening of the valve by the defrosting control unit when the temperature of the cooling water is equal to or more than the defrosting permission value.03-14-2013
20120266973Automatic basin temperature and level control - A system and method for controlling the temperature and volume of a liquid entering a basin includes a microprocessor, a comparator, and a database. The system may include a control panel having buttons for establishing temperature and volume levels for water entering a bath. In one embodiment, the user uses a keypad to enter the desired temperature which is sent to a comparator. The system includes a temperature sensor to detect real-time temperature of the water entering a basin. The sensed real-time water temperature may also be sent to a comparator for controlling water control values to cease the inflow of water into the basin. The system also permits the user to store favorite volume settings for later use in filling the basin. In another embodiment the user communicates with the system to remotely establish a desired temperature value and basin volume fill level. In alternate embodiments, the system may be activated when the user using a mobile device is within a predetermined distance relative to the system.10-25-2012
20130074949SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FOAM-BASED HEAT EXCHANGE DURING ENERGY STORAGE AND RECOVERY USING COMPRESSED GAS - In various embodiments, foam is compressed to store energy and/or expanded to recover energy.03-28-2013
20110290340VACUUM VALVE - A cartridge heater is accommodated in a heater bore in a shaft connected to a valve element, and a heating portion provided at an end portion of the cartridge heater is located at a joint portion of the shaft and the valve element. At the joint portion, a heat receiving groove and a pressurizing portion communicating with the heater bore are provided at a position between a surface of the valve element and that of the shaft located so as to oppose and to contact each other. The heat receiving groove includes an arcuate groove portion of the same radius as that of the heating portion of the cartridge heater, and the heating portion is pressed by the pressurizing portion to enter into plane-to-plane contact with an inner circumferential surface of the arcuate groove portion of the heat receiving groove, upon fastening the valve element and the shaft to each other with a bolt, with the heating portion located between the heat receiving groove and the pressurizing portion.12-01-2011
20100101662CONTROL BLOCK COMPRISING AN OIL CHANNEL FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The present invention relates to a control block provided with a plurality of control block elements in each of which a valve arrangement for controlling an associated hydraulic consumer is provided. Said control block also comprises an oil channel which runs through at least one control block element for controlling the temperature thereof independently of the control of the valve arrangement.04-29-2010
20090145490Water conservation / hot water recirculation system utilizing timer and demand method - In most homes today, when a person turns on a hot water faucet, he or she must wait for residual cold water to flow out of the hot water pipe as hot water travels from the water heater to the faucet. That residual cold water typically goes down the drain. In some buildings, recirculating hot water systems keep hot water flowing in a loop, thereby making hot water immediately available and eliminating the waste of residual hot water, but these systems waste energy from thermal radiation in the hot water pipes at times when no hot water is being utilized. The invention conserves both water and energy by controlling the recirculation of residual cold water by means of momentary activation of any hot water faucet, and also by programmed time-of-day intervals, whereupon the pump replaces the residual cold water with hot water and recirculates the residual cold water, and then turns off so as to avoid energy waste from running hot water through the loop at times it is not needed. The invention provides for fast installation of the pump, detector, and controller on the hot water outlet side of the water heater. It can be used in buildings that have separate hot water return pipes, and it can also be used in configurations where existing cold water pipes are used for the return of hot water.06-11-2009
20090145489TEMPERATURE REGULATION METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOW FLOW RATE LIQUID - ABSTRACT A method and a system for controlling temperature of a liquid in small flow amount, for supplying a liquid whose temperature is highly accurately controlled, as a flow of a small flow amount or an intermittent flow. A liquid supplied from a supply path is pressurized and introduced into a circulation path, and is temperature-controlled by a temperature control device in the circulation path, while being circulated in the circulation path by a pump in the pressurized condition. The liquid is supplied to an exterior device through a discharge path caused to branch from the circulation path, as a consecutive flow in a small amount or an intermittent flow in a small amount in a flow amount less than at least ½ times the flow amount in the circulation path, by adjusting a discharge valve provided in the discharge path.06-11-2009
20130098476COMPRESSED GAS DRYING SYSTEM - A system for compressing and drying a gas generally includes a compressor having multiple stages of compression and a dryer. The compressor includes a first heat exchanger and an after-cooler each of which utilizes a fan. A sensor is provided downstream of the after-cooler. The fan and sensor are in communication with the controller. A final stage compressed gas outlet of the compressor provides hot compressed gas to the regenerative portion of the dryer. Utilization of the final stage compressed gas for regeneration while also utilizing the compressor's after-cooler provides gas which is sufficiently hot to regenerate desiccant in the dryer and allows the communication between the sensor, the controller and compressors to remain intact.04-25-2013
20090277510Fluid control device - A fluid control device that does not require a replacement space worth the length even when a rod shaped cartridge heater is used, enables maintenance if the replacement space worth the width is formed, and suppresses increase in the installation area involved therewith is provided.11-12-2009
20120168000SYSTEM AND VALVE UNIT FOR MIXING-DELIVERY SANITARY WATER AND/OR PURIFIED WATER - The system comprises a valve unit connected to a filtering unit for the selective delivery of cold, hot and mixed sanitary water, respectively either refrigerated or boiling purified water with optional carbonation. The valve unit comprises a base body for housing a first mixer tap, of the cartridge type, which is connected to a first delivery duct of the sanitary water, as well as a second control tap for the purified water, connected to a second delivery duct internal to the previous one. The outlet or each outlet of the purified water of the filtering unit is connected to an inlet of the second control tap, whereas the inlet of the cold water of the filtering unit is directly connected to the inlet of the cold water of the first mixer tap, by means of a branched channel that is provided inside the base body of the valve unit.07-05-2012
20130118605SIMULATED GAS SUPPLY DEVICE - The present invention is one that, while suppressing a temperature variation of simulated gas supplied to a test target, changes a flow rate of the simulated gas supplied to the test target, and provided with: a first gas supply path 05-16-2013
20130213494POT HEAT EXCHANGER - A raw gas collection system for collecting raw gas from a plurality of aluminium smelting pots is equipped with a plurality of branch ducts (08-22-2013
20090151794Compressor Arrangement With Bypass Means for Preventing Freezing of the Cooling Unit - Compressor arrangement for generating compressed air by means of a motor-operator compressor unit, down stream of which at least one cooler unit is connected for cooling the generated compressed air, which enters the cooler unit via at least one inlet, flows there through a cooling structure, around which cooling air flows, from a plurality of cooling passages connected in parallel and leaves the cooler unit via at least one outlet, wherein a permanently open bypass pipe is provided between the region of the inlet and the region of the outlet, the inner cross section of which bypass pipe is matched to the delivery capacity of the compressor unit and to the pressure difference between inlet and outlet in such a way that the bypass pipe, at normal ambient temperatures, causes a higher flow resistance than the cooling structure, whereas, as freezing of the cooling structure progresses, the compressed air flows increasingly via the bypass pipe in order to maintain the generation of compressed air with minimum loss of cooling of and delivery capacity.06-18-2009
20090255591ISOLATION VALVE WITH CORROSION PROTECTED AND HEAT TRANSFER ENHANCED VALVE ACTUATOR AND CLOSURE APPARATUS AND METHOD - An isolation valve includes a shield that surrounds and protects the valve closure actuator components from exposure to corrosive fluids that flow through the valve when the valve is open.10-15-2009
20100163116MICROFLUIDIC NOZZLE FORMATION AND PROCESS FLOW - A method that includes forming a chamber in a substrate, forming a silicon layer overlying the chamber, etching the silicon layer to remove selected regions and retain a selected portion overlying the chamber, the selected portion being at a location and having dimensions that correspond to a location and to dimensions of a nozzle, and forming a first metal layer adjacent to the selected portion. The method also includes forming a path in the substrate to expose the chamber concurrently with removing the selected portion of the silicon layer to expose the nozzle, the nozzle being in fluid communication with the path, the chamber, and a surrounding environment.07-01-2010
20100186830Hydraulic Control Module - Disclosed is a hydraulic control module that can be downsized. The hydraulic control module includes an upper control valve, a lower control valve, and a wiring plate. The upper and lower control valves each include an oil path having a groove portion. A sandwich structure is employed so that the wiring plate is sandwiched between the upper and lower control valves. The wiring plate has a groove portion or a through-hole that is in communication with the at least one of the groove portion of the upper control valve and the groove portion of the lower control valve.07-29-2010
20130126014COMPRESSED AIR ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM UTILIZING TWO-PHASE FLOW TO FACILITATE HEAT EXCHANGE - A compressed-air energy storage system according to embodiments of the present invention comprises a reversible mechanism to compress and expand air, one or more compressed air storage tanks, a control system, one or more heat exchangers, and, in certain embodiments of the invention, a motor-generator. The reversible air compressor-expander uses mechanical power to compress air (when it is acting as a compressor) and converts the energy stored in compressed air to mechanical power (when it is acting as an expander). In certain embodiments, the compressor-expander comprises one or more stages, each stage consisting of pressure vessel (the “pressure cell”) partially filled with water or other liquid. In some embodiments, the pressure vessel communicates with one or more cylinder devices to exchange air and liquid with the cylinder chamber(s) thereof. Suitable valving allows air to enter and leave the pressure cell and cylinder device, if present, under electronic control.05-23-2013
20110108135MAGNETIC HYGIENICAL WATER TAP - The present invention discloses a magnetic water tap including a watercourse main body and a water flow switch. The watercourse main body includes a water tank, a water inlet, and a water outlet. The water inlet, water tank and water outlet are sequentially connected with each another by pipelines. The water flow switch is arranged between the water inlet and the water tank. A magnetic heating device is arranged in the water tank. The magnetic heating device is connected to a control circuit. The magnetic water tap of the present invention can not only increase the water purifying rate, but also increase the solvency of water, and inhibit growth and breeding of bacillus, thereby dramatically improving the water quality.05-12-2011
20110030811PREHEATING BACKWATER DEVICE - The utility model provides a preheating backwater device, comprising: a tank body, a pump, a control module, a Y-pipe, a first joint pipe, a second joint pipe, a third joint pipe and fourth joint pipe. The device is installed with a hot-water heater and existing hot water tubes and water supply tubes in a building. Users can press wire linked buttons or use wireless remote control first before the hot water is used to turn on the preheating backwater device and pump out the possibly cooled or low temperature water in the hot water tubes by the device so that the water re-circulates to the hot-water heater for heating. It lasts for a recirculation of about several tens of seconds to several minutes and till the time set-up in advance. Users only need to turn the faucet to the hot water mark and hot water will be available. At this moment, preheating of the water stops.02-10-2011
20120273062PLANT FOR MANUFACTURING HALF WARM MIX ASPHALTS - The invention relates a plant (11-01-2012
20110100483GAS SUPPLY APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH VAPORIZER - An energy-saving, downsized gas supply apparatus equipped with a vaporizer is provided, wherein the gas supply apparatus is capable of stably and easily performing highly accurate gas flow rate control without requiring rigorous temperature control on the vaporizer side. The present invention pertains to a gas supply apparatus equipped with a vaporizer that includes (a) a liquid receiving tank; (b) a vaporizer that vaporizes liquid; (c) a high-temperature type pressure type flow rate control device that adjusts a flow rate of a vaporized gas; and (d) heating devices that heat the vaporizer, the high-temperature type pressure type flow rate control device, and desired portions of pipe passages connected to the vaporizer and the high-temperature type pressure type flow rate control device.05-05-2011
20090308466DEVICE FOR SUPPLYING FLUID MEDIA AT LOW TEMPERATURES - The invention relates to a device for transporting a fluid medium, particularly for metering a liquid reducing agent into an exhaust gas system in order to reduce pollutants in an exhaust gas, comprising at least one heated transport line and at least one system component with a heated internal region. The transport line has a line connecting piece, and the system component has a module connecting piece that is directly or indirectly coupled, preferably detachably coupled, to the line connecting piece. The device includes at least one heat conducting sleeve that can be inserted in the line connecting piece and the module connecting piece. The heat conducting sleeve is thermally coupled to the heated transport line and/or the heated internal region in order to transmit heat.12-17-2009
20100319790USABLE WATER USAGE DEVICE - The invention relates to a method of using tap water intended for an outflow (12-23-2010
20110073195PREHEATING BACKWATER DEVICE - A preheating backwater device comprises a tank body fabricated with a pump, a control module, a Y-pipe and a plurality of pipes inside. The device is assembled with a general hot-water heater and existing hot water and water supply pipes in a building. Users can activate the device either by pressing wire-linked buttons or using a wireless remote control. Lower temperature water in the hot water pipes can be pumped out and recirculated to the hot-water heater of the backwater device for a preset amount of time. If the automatic control module fails and preheating is not stopped automatically, an overheat protection device activates to guide the hot water to a cold water pipe via a backwater gate. A pressure control device installed in one end of a three-port connector of the overheat protection device stabilizes the pressure in the pipes. The design can prevent dangerous overheating situations.03-31-2011
20100180959TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED PRESSURE REGULATORS - Temperature-controlled pressure regulators are described. An example temperature-controlled pressure regulator described herein includes a regulator body having an inlet fluidly coupled to an outlet via a first passageway. A heat block is disposed within the regulator body and receives at least a portion of the first passageway. The heat block is to provide heat to the process fluid as the process fluid flows through the heat block via the first passageway, which separates the process fluid from the heat block.07-22-2010
20110259442INCREASED POWER IN COMPRESSED-GAS ENERGY STORAGE AND RECOVERY - In various embodiments, energy is stored or recovered via super-atmospheric compression and/or expansion of gas in conjunction with substantially adiabatic compression and/or expansion from or to atmospheric pressure.10-27-2011
20120305104APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING HOT OR BOILING WATER - An apparatus for dispensing hot or boiling water which is provided with a thermally insulated reservoir which is resistant to an excess pressure prevailing in the interior, an electric heating element which is arranged in the reservoir, a discharge conduit and a valve which is included in a fluid communication between the reservoir and the discharge conduit and provided with a valve seat and a movably arranged valve member which in a closed position is pressed with a closing force against the valve seat and which can be brought with an operating element to an opened position, wherein the configuration of the valve and the connection thereof to the fluid communication are such that an excess pressure prevailing in the reservoir exerts a force on the valve body which is directed opposite to the closing force, wherein the closing force is such that the valve member is pressed from the closed position when an excess pressure prevailing in the reservoir reaches a threshold value.12-06-2012
20120204971SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMPRESSED GAS FUEL HANDLING - A system includes a cooler configured to cool a first gas portion of a compressed gas fuel and discharge a cooled fluid. The cooled fluid comprises a cooled gas portion and a cooled liquid portion. The system also includes a separator configured to separate the cooled fluid into the cooled gas portion and the cooled liquid portion and a mixing tank configured to mix a second gas portion of the compressed gas fuel with the cooled gas portion in direct contact with one another to produce a superheated gas fuel. The superheated gas fuel comprises a degree of superheat above a lower threshold for a combustion system.08-16-2012
20120312392PUMP SYSTEM WITH VACUUM SOURCE - A self priming pump system that includes a motor coupled to a centrifugal pump for driving the centrifugal pump. A separator having a reservoir is provided for storing a limited amount of pumped fluid in advance of the centrifugal pump. A vacuum source provides a vacuum suction to the reservoir to draw pumped fluid into the reservoir to prime the pump. To increase the reliability of the vacuum pump system, a deflector and/or extension may be provided in the reservoir to help prevent pumped fluid from entering the vacuum pump input. Also, the configuration of a tank used to store liquid for the vacuum pump system may be configured to separate and collect sediments near a drain port, which then can be easily drained. For positive head pressures, one or more valves may be used to prevent pumped fluid from escaping the reservoir, if desired.12-13-2012
20100206397Device for collecting and dispensing roof rain water - The container is mounted onto the structure and attached to the bottom of the rain gutter. It collects rain gutter water and pumps the water out across the lawn area using a battery/solar powered system, using a sump pump with hoses and nozzles. It also keeps leaves and debris from collecting in the unit and thus expelling them out of the unit using a debris disposal mechanism which is also powered by the battery/solar system. It is mounted on the structure using a T-channel bracket with siding shims. The solar panel is mounted onto the unit and is used to charge the battery which is inside the container.08-19-2010
20110180156Method for heating and/or cooling agricultural related feed additives - A hydronic system for heating and/or cooling fluid feed additives passing through a delivery line is disclosed. The system includes a hydronic heating system which will heat fluid passing through a closed loop radiant line which is closely positioned adjacent a portion of the delivery line extending between the fluid delivery system and the target destination. The system also includes a cooling system which will cool the fluid circulating through the radiant line to cool the delivery line and the fluid feed additive therein. The system of this invention prevents the fluid feed additive from freezing during the cold months and cools the same during warm months.07-28-2011
20120211093PUMP ASSEMBLIES WITH FREEZE-PREVENTIVE HEATING - Pumps are disclosed that include a pump housing and at least one movable pumping element situated in the housing. The pumping element(s) are magnetically driven by magnetically coupling an external magnet driver (e.g., a stator) to a driven magnet located in the housing. A control circuit selectively operates the stator and a heat-producing element, so as to energize the heat-producing element especially in a potential freezing condition when the pump is not being otherwise operated. Thus, the fluid in the pump is prevented from freezing, and freeze-related pump damage is avoided. The heat-producing element can be the stator itself energized differently from when the stator is used for driving the pump.08-23-2012
20120186664Water Uptake Measurement System - A water uptake measurement system for measuring uptake of a fluid by a sample includes a sample chamber, a suspension component and a supply interface. A suspension aperture is located at a first end of the sample chamber and extends from an outer surface of the sample chamber to an inner surface of the sample chamber. The suspension component passes through the suspension aperture and is configured to support the sample within the internal cavity such that the sample is spaced apart from the inner surface of the sample chamber. The supply interface is configured to deliver the fluid to the internal cavity of the sample chamber.07-26-2012
20120318378VEHICLE - A vehicle (12-20-2012
20110265887APPARATUS FOR RADIAL DELIVERY OF GAS TO A CHAMBER AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - Apparatus for the delivery of a gas to a chamber and methods of use thereof are provided herein. In some embodiments, a gas distribution system for a process chamber may include a body having a first surface configured to couple the body to an interior surface of a process chamber, the body having a opening disposed through the body; a flange disposed proximate a first end of the opening opposite the first surface of the body, the flange extending inwardly into the opening and configured to support a window thereon; and a plurality of gas distribution channels disposed within the body and fluidly coupling a channel disposed within the body and around the opening to a plurality of holes disposed in the flange, wherein the plurality of holes are disposed radially about the flange.11-03-2011
20120298215WET COMPRESSION APPARATUS AND METHOD - This wet compression invention with a vaporizable fluid mist demonstrates major performance improvements over the relevant art in achieving a high degree of saturation, providing sensible cooling, strongly reducing the temperature increase due to compression work, reducing excess diluent air flow for downstream combustion, reducing compression noise, and increasing the achievable compressor pressure ratio. These improvements are obtained by one or more of: high mist or overspray from a) progressive axial injection of vaporizable fluid along the streamwise compression flow path, and b) transverse vaporizable fluid delivery from stators, rotors, perforated tubes, and/or duct walls, matching the gaseous fluid flow distribution across the compressor stream; c) reducing the compressor cross-sectional flow area of downstream compressor stages relative to up-stream stages, and d) increasing the rate of downstream vaporizable fluid injection relative to the rate of upstream injection, as a function of each compressor stage pressure ratio.11-29-2012
20120138166ANTI-COKING PROCESS AND EQUIPMENT FOR OILING WASTE RUBBER OR WASTE PLASTIC, AND COKING REMOVER - An anti-coking process is provided for oiling the rubber or plastic waste, and it involves the pyrolysis process that comes with the emission of hot air to be mixed with the high-temperature hot air that is ready to be sent into pyrolysis device. The equipment described includes a return air pipeline being connected to the hot air outlet. Meanwhile, a coking cleaning device is also introduced to remove the coke residual on the pyrolysis device wall in the cracking process. This device consists of a scraper, which, through the role of weights, is able to work with the inside surface of the cracking device.06-07-2012
20120138165Gas Vent Valve Assembly - A gas vent valve assembly may be attached or incorporated to a disposable fluid transfer set used with a fluid warmer to administer an infusate to a patient. The gas vent valve assembly has a housing having a fluid inlet, a gas outlet and a fluid outlet. The gas outlet is located at the top of the housing while the fluid outlet is located at the bottom of the housing. Inside the housing is an actuator float that has an upper seal and a lower seal. The dimension of the float relative to the chamber of the housing is such that the float is freely movable within the housing to an upper position whereby its upper seal closes the gas outlet while the fluid outlet is opened, and to a lower position whereby its lower seal closes the fluid outlet and the gas outlet is opened.06-07-2012
20130014832HEATER STRUCTUREAANM IDA; KazutakaAACI Hamamatsu-shiAACO JPAAGP IDA; Kazutaka Hamamatsu-shi JPAANM WATANABE; HironoriAACI Hamamatsu-shiAACO JPAAGP WATANABE; Hironori Hamamatsu-shi JPAANM IKUMA; MuneakiAACI Hamamatsu-shiAACO JPAAGP IKUMA; Muneaki Hamamatsu-shi JPAANM KAWAI; SatoshiAACI Chiryu-shiAACO JPAAGP KAWAI; Satoshi Chiryu-shi JPAANM OGAWA; YoshihideAACI Anjo-shiAACO JPAAGP OGAWA; Yoshihide Anjo-shi JP - The present invention discloses a heater structure that is composed of a heat generator and a mold. The heat generator is comprised of a PTC heating element having a pair of electrode layers, a first electrode terminal, a second electrode terminal, an insulation case that is a box shape with one side opened. An opening surface of the insulation case faces with the air pump, a protective sheet is placed, and a sum of a thickness of the mold with which the air pump is in contact and a thickness of the protective sheet is thinner than a thickness on an opposite side of the mold in the heater.01-17-2013
20130019960Reactant Delivery System For ALD/CVD Processes - Provided are apparatus and methods for generating a chemical precursor. The apparatus comprises an inlet line to be connected to an ampoule and an outlet line to be connected to an ampoule. The inlet line having an inlet valve to control the flow of a carrier gas into the ampoule and the outlet line has an outlet valve to control the flow exiting the ampoule. A bypass valve allows carrier gas to bypass the ampoule and purge the outlet valve without flowing gas into the ampoule.01-24-2013
20130019961CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Embodiments of controlled atmosphere systems, apparatus, and methods for the same can include systems and/or methods that can include provisions for adaptive control of compressor discharge pressure. In one embodiment, variable membrane temperature can regulate compressor discharge pressure.01-24-2013
20120247576Container For Fluid Operating Materials Of A Motor Vehicle - The invention relates to a container for fluid operating materials of a motor vehicle, comprising at least one container and a heat-exchanging device outside said container. The heat-exchanging device is formed by two half-shells sitting against the container wall outside said container, said half-shells having an inner wall and an outer wall which between at least one flow channel is formed for a heat-transferring medium.10-04-2012
20130092251Passive Fireproofing System for Pipelines - A procedure is described for extending the period of time during which a line leg (e.g., a pipeline) made of a material with a coefficient of thermal conductivity λ04-18-2013
20130112288SYSTEM AND METHOD PROVIDING A HEATER-ORIFICE AND HEATING ZONE CONTROLS FOR A VAPOR DEPOSITION SYSTEM - A system and method employing a heater-orifice may be used to heat a flow path and to control the supply of vapor from a vaporizable material to an object. Variable or constant diameter heating rods may be used to apply heat to a flow path in order to control the supply of vapor from a vaporizable material. A baffle plate may be used to control the vapor pressure and vapor flow from a vessel containing a vaporizable material. The heater-orifice, heating rods, and baffle plate may be used alone or in combination with one another to control the flow of vaporizable material.05-09-2013
20130126013FUEL SUPPLY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A high energy density fuel source that reduces hydride expansion during hydrogen release, including a rigid, thermally insulated container defining an internal volume, a heater mechanism disposed within the internal volume, and a metal hydride rod thermally connected to the heater mechanism, wherein the heater mechanism and metal hydride rod substantially occupying the entirety of the internal volume. The metal hydride rod preferably includes a malleable encapsulation compressed about, thermally coupled to, and substantially encapsulating a volume of compressed metal hydride powder, the malleable encapsulation defined by a first, thermally conductive, malleable cup inverted over a second, thermally conductive, malleable cup, the compressed malleable encapsulation defining a tortuous fluid flow path from the metal hydride to the internal volume of the container.05-23-2013
20130139906VALVE CONFIGURED FOR REGULATING THE FLOW OF FLUID FROM A TRANSMISSION TO A COOLER - A transmission fluid circuit includes a transmission, a cooler, and a valve. The valve includes a housing, a spool and an actuator. The spool is movable inside the housing between a first position and a second position. The actuator includes a smart material configured to be activated in response to the temperature of the fluid exhibiting at least a first temperature such that the actuator is in a first state. The smart material is configured to be deactivated in response to the fluid being a sufficient number of degrees less than the first temperature such that the actuator is in a second state. The fluid flows from the housing to the transmission and from the transmission the cavity when the spool is in the first position. The fluid flows from the housing to the cooler and from the cooler to the transmission when the spool is in the second position.06-06-2013
20120273061Piezoelectrically Driven Valve and Piezoelectrically Driven Flow Rate Control Device - A piezoelectrically driven valve and a piezoelectrically driven fluid control device are provided that may control a fluid even if the temperature of the fluid is higher than an operating temperature range of a piezoelectric actuator. The piezoelectrically driven valve includes a valve element for opening and closing a fluid passage, a piezoelectric actuator for driving the valve element by utilizing extension of a piezoelectric element, and a radiation spacer that lifts and supports the piezoelectric actuator away from the fluid passage, and radiates heat that is transferred from fluid flowing in the fluid passage to the piezoelectric actuator, and preferably further includes a support cylinder that houses and supports both of the piezoelectric actuator and the radiation spacer, wherein the support cylinder is made of a material with the same thermal expansion coefficient as that of the radiation spacer, at least at a portion for housing the radiation spacer.11-01-2012
20110303305FAUCET ASSEMBLY - A faucet assembly includes a faucet body, a pipe unit and a control unit. The pipe unit is disposed outside the faucet body. The pipe unit uses an inlet pipe, a junction pipe and an outlet pipe to complete the pipe configuration of the faucet body. It is easy to manufacture the faucet of the present invention. To assemble the faucet of the present invention, the user can connect the relative pipes with ease.12-15-2011
20130199627Fluid Flow Control System - A fluid flow control system has a heating device for heating a fluid and a first flow path for providing the heated fluid from the heating device to a use region. A heat exchanger has a supply path that received fluid from a fluid supply, and an outlet path that receives fluid from the use region, whereby the fluid in the supply path is pre-heated by the fluid in the outlet path. A second flow path provides pre-heated fluid from the supply path of the heat exchanger to the heating device. Modulating devices control fluid flow through the outlet path along the supply path. A flow control device controls the modulating devices such that the fluid flow rates in the fluid supply path and outlet path of the heat exchanger are balanced, so as to be substantially the same.08-08-2013

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