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137317000 Tapping a pipe, keg, or apertured tank under pressure 28
137315110 Assembling, disassembling, or removing cartridge type valve (e.g., insertable and removable as a unit, etc.) 16
137315270 Assembling or disassembling reciprocating valve 5
20120192962Sluice Valve for Operations - An operation for securing and coupling a coupling flange and a fluid device mounted through the interior of a valve case of a sluice valve for operations can be performed with good efficiency from the exterior while sufficiently ensuring the external mounting depth of the coupling tube part on the coupling flange and while facilitating the attachment of pulling and securing means and ensuring the attachment strength. A valve element (08-02-2012
20080230125Compartmentalized electric/manual gate valve - The present invention provides a gate valve for controlling the flow of a medium through suitable plumbing, featuring a valve housing for coupling the gate valve to the suitable plumbing; a detachable drive unit having a movable blade arranged therein; detachable blade seals for slidably arranging in the valve housing in order to receive the movable blade to control the flow of the medium through the gate valve and to prevent the medium from entering the drive unit; and a latching mechanism for detachably coupling both the drive unit and blade seals to and from the valve housing so as to replace either the drive unit, the blade seals, or both, without having to remove the gate valve from the suitable plumbing.09-25-2008
20110209777LOW FRICTION LIVE-LOADED PACKING - A valve packing assembly for a control valve includes a seal assembly, a loading assembly, and a packing retainer. The seal assembly has a seal component to provide a fluid seal around a valve stem and an anti-extrusion component to substantially prevent extrusion of the seal component about the valve stem. The loading assembly is configured to advantageously provide a predetermined packing stress to the seal assembly that is in the same direction as a process stress applied to the seal assembly by a process fluid, thereby substantially reducing packing friction and packing wear in the control valve assembly.09-01-2011
20130025705INTEGRATED PNEUMATIC VALVE LOCK - A pneumatic lock assembly for securing a valve comprises a lock pin engaging a contact surface on a poppet assembly. The head of a poppet creates a sealing relationship with an end of the valve. A guide with a bore extends between the exterior and interior of the valve terminating at a sleeve. The sleeve slidably receives a stem extending from the poppet head. A spring biases a pin, slidably received within the pylon bore, into engagement with a contact surface on the valve stem for securing the valve head in a closed position. The pin may be pneumatically disengaged from the groove by forcing air from a pneumatic power source into a bore in the pin. A cap assembly at the exterior of the valve provides protection for the lock assembly and allows for manual disengagement of the pin from the groove.01-31-2013
20130092250Valve Assembly with Adjustable Spring Preload and Tool Kit for Adjusting the Spring Preload - A control valve assembly includes a valve body which is pre-stressed in a direction by a control spring assembly. The spring preload of the control spring assembly is adjustable by an adjusting device which is completely accommodated in the valve box or a fitted housing part.04-18-2013
137315170 Assembling or disassembling rotary valve 5
20090266424Manifold - The invention regards a manifold for fluids, comprising a housing (10-29-2009
20100229962Multi-component Metal Seat Design for Ball Valves - A floating ball valve has a metal multiple component seat installed in the seat pocket. The multiple component seat further includes a support ring and at least one seal element. The support ring and the seal element are juxtaposed and both are adjacent to the ball when the floating ball valve is in a closed position. The support ring is in a overlapping complimentary position with respect to the seal element, the seal element having greater elasticity than the support ring and the support ring having a greater load bearing strength than the seal element.09-16-2010
20100089464FLYING VALVE FOR FREE PISTON - The invention relates to oil and gas production and can be used for lifting a fluid from a well by using a gas power. The inventive flying valve for a free piston comprises a tubular body, a detachable element, which is insertable therein and is embodied in a form of a solid of rotation, and an arrester used for limiting the detachable element travel. The arrester is embodied in the form of a ring, the diameter of which is less than the internal diameter of the tubular body and is arranged coaxially therein. The thickness of the walls of the annular arrester gradually increases in the direction of the detachable element and the top and lower edges thereof are rounded. The arrester can be embodied in one piece with the tubular body and connected thereto by means of one or more connecting straps. Said arrester can be also embodied in the form of a separate part provided with at least two fixing projections. The tubular body is made of a flexible elastic material and the wall thereof is provided with holes matching the shape of the fixing projections of the arrester which are insertable therein.04-15-2010
20100288374SPLIT VALVE - Valve assembly including a first and second valve components in fluid connection with respective first and second ducts, each valve component having a housing and a closure member, a first closure member having a pivot axis extending transversely to the first duct, the first closure member being pivotable between closed and open positions. The first and second closure members each have a coupling element releasably interconnecting the closure members, so the second closure member can be moved with the first closure member upon pivoting of the first closure member around the pivot axis, the second closure member including connector element for engaging with a complementary connector element on the second housing in a closed position of the second closure member, which connector element maintains the second closure member in a non-pivotable sealed attachment with the second housing when the valve components are separated.11-18-2010
20090288714Valve Control Assembly - Valve control assemblies are disclosed which accommodate out of plumb conditions using a flexible set of rings linked to the temperature control, and a projection/axial slot arrangement linked to the volume control. Different wall thicknesses are accommodated using one or more adaptors/extensions between a temperature bonnet control and a portion of the valve cartridge which controls temperature. There is also a combined shroud/tool for protecting the valve during rough-in and permitting it to be tested.11-26-2009
137315040 Pressure regulating type valve 4
20110226347PRESSURE REGULATOR HOUSING ASSEMBLY - A pressure regulator housing assembly includes a lower housing and an upper housing; a plunger and diaphragm assembly supported within the lower and upper housings, the plunger movable toward and away from a valve seat. The diaphragm has a radially inner edge fixed to one end of the plunger and a radially outer edge clamped between an annular surface within said upper housing and a surface of a clamp ring locked against rotation relative to said upper housing thereby isolating said diaphragm from any contact with the lower housing. Upon assembly of the upper and lower housings requiring relative rotation therebetween, an upper edge of the lower housing is engaged by a lower surface of the clamp ring.09-22-2011
20110272040QUICK RELEASE GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR - A quick release gas pressure regulator having a primary pressure zone, a secondary pressure zone, and a gas bottle connection zone within the main body. A pressure-regulating device is positioned within the secondary pressure zone of the main body. A gas chamber sealing plug is disposed at the front portion of the first pressure chamber of the main body. An external axial pressure relief passage is formed at the gas chamber plug. A positioning ring seat includes an internal axial pressure relief passage communicating with the external axial pressure relief passage. A pressure relief O-ring is positioned at the joint between the internal axial pressure relief passage and the external axial pressure relief passage. A gas supply back-up post is divided by the pressure relief O-ring into a sealing portion and a pressure relief portion. A pushing member radially passes through the main body and the positioning ring seat, and having a pushing inclination facing the internal end of the gas supply back-up post. A return spring is positioned at the internal end portion of the pushing member. An operating lever is pivotally connected to the main body. The operating lever includes a cam portion facing the external end of the pushing member. In this way, an easy detachment and an improved use safety are achieved.11-10-2011
20090145487SANITARY VALVE ASSEMBLY - A reusable sanitary valve assembly with a releasable cap or cover that disengages from the valve indicating an over-pressure situation has occurred, the cap or cover is capable of being reset, and once it is known that gas, liquid or other contaminants have possibly entered the valve following an over-pressure situation, the interior of the valve can be inspected by removing a portion of the valve while the valve remains sealed on a pressurized substrate and, if the interior of the valve is contaminated, the interior of the valve can be cleaned and closed without unseating the valve.06-11-2009
20110186147REGULATION VALVE - The present invention concerns a regulating valve (08-04-2011
137315030 Solenoid or electromagnetically operated valve 4
20090038690SOLENOID MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT FOR LIQUID DISPENSING VALVE - A solenoid valve has a valve body with an inlet, an outlet and a valve chamber therebetween. A valve member is selectively engagable with the valve chamber for controlling the flow of fluid from the inlet to the outlet. A solenoid assembly is mounted upon the valve member for moving the valve member to control the flow of fluid from the inlet to the outlet. The solenoid assembly includes a solenoid and a frame for holding the solenoid. The solenoid assembly is connected to the valve body such that the frame is rotatable and slidable away from the valve body to permit access to and slidable removal of the solenoid from the valve member.02-12-2009
20100206396CONSTRUCTIONAL UNIT AND FRESH AIR SYSTEM - The invention relates to a pre-assembled constructional unit (08-19-2010
20080202597Explosion-proof diaphragm valve assembly - An explosion-proof diaphragm valve assembly includes a valve body, which comprises a lower casing, a diaphragm mounted in the lower casing, an upper casing that is affixed to the top side of the lower casing with screws and defines an upwardly protruding hollow chamber, and a top cover affixed to the upper casing with screws to close the hollow chamber, and a magnetic valve mounted in the valve body and protected by the top cover and controlled to move the diaphragm.08-28-2008
20130153053Latch device - A latch device (06-20-2013
137315060 Gas or water meter replacing 2
20110100482CONTINUOUS GAS SERVICE RESTORATION AND METER CHANGE-OUT SYSTEM - An assembly for maintaining flow between an inlet conduit and an outlet conduit. The assembly may include a first plate having an inlet notch sized to engage the inlet conduit and an outlet notch sized to engage the outlet conduit, and a second plate having an inlet notch sized to engage the inlet conduit and an outlet notch sized to engage the outlet conduit. The assembly may also include a first connecting member coupled to the first plate and the second plate, a bag having at least one glove port coupled to a second connecting member, and means for connecting the first connecting member to the second connecting member.05-05-2011
20090065068EMERGENCY GAS AND ELECTRICITY SHUTOFF APPARATUS AND CONTROL SYSTEM - A gas meter installation including gas supply plumbing and point of use plumbing will have a gas meter therebetween. A valve can be installed with the gas meter for shutting off the flow of gas to the point of use. This valve is preferably a gate valve mounted with the a gas meter, and can be retrofitted into existing installations, or installed with the new plumbing installation. The valve can be shut off by remote activation for example due to a seismic sensor causing a controller to send a signal to activate the valve. The control can also interact with electricity shut off apparatus, automatic meter reading apparatus and point of use security systems.03-12-2009
137329100 Removable valve with normally disabled supplemental check valve 2
20090205721Burst Disc Replacement Apparatus - A burst disc replacement apparatus (08-20-2009
20090205720Burst Disc Replacement Apparatus - A burst disc replacement apparatus (08-20-2009
137315090 Assembling or disassembling multi way valve 2
20110272041SYSTEM OF CONNECTING THERMOSTATIC MIXING VALVE WITH THE SINK AND MINI SHOWER - A system of providing a menus of connecting the thermostatic mixing valve specially designed in T-shape configuration with a mini shower as well as sink basin, is made to meet the requirement getting the comfortably blended water at stable temperature. The sole purpose is to make the user more comfortable and convenient to use in cleaning, washing after toilet or bathing purposes and at the same time always keep in good hygienic condition.11-10-2011
20090242040Valve arrangement - A valve arrangement has a valve unit (10-01-2009
137315350 With mechanical movement between actuator and valve 2
20090020167Rotary Actuator Lever with Locking Device - A fluid control device or a device for coupling a rotary valve actuator to a rotary valve shaft comprises a housing, a lever, a threaded collet, and first and second stops carried by the housing. The lever comprises a cylindrical member containing the threaded collet. During operation, the first and second stops limit the rotation of the lever between first and second positions, thereby limiting rotation of the valve shaft. During assembly, the device further comprises a third stop that is removably carried by the housing. The third stop engages the lever in the first position simultaneously with the first stop, for example, thereby locking the lever against rotation. With the lever locked, a technician may apply generally any amount of torque to a draw nut disposed on the collet to tighten and/or loosen the collet onto the rotary valve shaft without rotating the lever.01-22-2009
20110114199ACTUATOR MOUNTING ASSEMBLY - A mounting bracket for locating an actuator in a predetermined position relative to a valve at least partially controlled by the actuator. The mounting bracket includes a body element and three or more arms attached to the body element. Each arm extends between an inner end attached to the body element and an outer end distal to the body element, the outer ends of said at least three arms being positioned to define a plane on which the actuator is locatable, to maintain the actuator in the predetermined position.05-19-2011
137315020 Blow out preventer or choke valve device (e.g., oil well flow controlling device, etc.) 2
20110005612GAS PIPE SYSTEM AND A PIPE COMPONENT PROVIDED WITH A BREAK PLATE FOR USE IN SUCH A GAS PIPE SYSTEM - A gas pipe system provided with a gas source and downstream of the gas source a gas pipe with a gas pipe end, which in use is connected to a processing module, wherein the gas pipe system is arranged for conducting a gas from the gas source to the processing module, wherein the gas pipe system comprises at least one gas pipe component with an outer jacket comprising an outer jacket inner space, which is at least partly of a material having a relatively low bursting pressure, wherein the at least one gas pipe component is provided with a protection against overpressure occurring in an outer jacket inner space in order to prevent breaking of the outer jacket at the overpressure. The invention further relates to a gas pipe component provided with such a protection for use in such a gas pipe system.01-13-2011
20120305102Internal Blow Out Preventer - An internal blow out preventer for use in a drill string, comprising a housing having an outer valve closure element and where the outer valve closure element is configured to be moved between an open and a closed position, wherein the outer valve closure element is provided with an inner valve closure element that is configured to be moved between an open and a closed position inside the outer valve closure element.12-06-2012
137315410 Tool for applying or removing valve or valve member 1
20090266425EXCESS FLOW VALVES - An excess flow valve (EFV) for installation in a service line of natural gas distribution system serving an existing structure. The EFV has a cylindrical housing having a first length and a second length and a through hole therethrough for passage of gas. The EFV 10-29-2009
137315330 Assembling or disassembling check valve 1
20080308159Top entry swing check valve - A top entry in-line repairable swing check valve having a valve body adapted for connection within a flow-line and having flow passages and a valve chamber and further defining a seat recess at the juncture of a flow passage and the valve chamber. A removable seat assembly within the seat recess establishes sealing with the valve body. A swing check member is pivotal within the valve chamber between an open position permitting flow through the flow passages and a closed position in sealing engagement with the seat assembly. The valve body has an access opening to the valve chamber of sufficient dimension for movement of the seat assembly and the swing check member therethrough. A bonnet closure for the access opening supports seat retainer pins positioned in seat retaining relation with the seat assembly. A bonnet orienting pin projects from the valve body and is received by an orienting hole of the bonnet to align the bonnet and seat retainer pins with respect to the valve body.12-18-2008
20130025704VALVE FOR THE SUBSTANTIALLY GAS-TIGHT INTERRUPTION OF A FLOW PATH - A valve for the gastight interruption of a flow path is disclosed. A valve housing includes a first opening and a valve seat. A valve disk includes an inner disk portion, which is linearly movable relative to an outer disk portion so that, in a closed setting, a pressure differential acts substantially upon the movable inner disk portion, which is supported on the valve housing. The valve seat has a radially inward pointing first inner face and the outer disk portion has a radially outward pointing first outer face, wherein in the closed setting there exists a radial sealing contact with the first inner face. The outer disk portion has a radially inward pointing second inner face and the inner disk portion has a radially outward pointing second outer face, having a radially sealing contact with the second inner face.01-31-2013
20130042925VALVE ASSEMBLY HAVING IMPROVED ROTATIONAL FEEL - A valve assembly is provided. The valve assembly includes a valve housing having an internal generally cup-shaped bore, a valve control cartridge inserted into the bore and having a rotatable control stem extending upwardly therefrom, and a bonnet nut threaded to an internal wall of the valve housing. The bonnet nut has a through channel that surrounds the control stem, and means are provided along the through channel to control a level of resistance to rotation of stem.02-21-2013
20130025703INCORRECT FILLING PREVENTION - An incorrect filling prevention assembly (01-31-2013
20130081711Dish washer hand saver - The Dish Washer Hand Saver is a fluid control device. This device is threaded on each end. The top of the device is attached via a swivel nut with the threads of the nut exposed. This end is to be attached to the water source. The device has a control knob on the side. This knob controls turns, thus allowing the flow or not of the fluid at the desired volume. The bottom end of the device has interior threads on its end to accept a standard kitchen sink aerator.04-04-2013
20100147398DEVICE FOR TRANSFERRING A FLUID TO A SHIP, SHIP, TRANSFER SYSTEM AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - The present disclosure comprises a platform and a manifold, the latter being intended to be connected to a fluid tank. The manifold comprises a length of rigid tube defining a pipe of approximately horizontal axis and a length of connecting tube for connection to a transfer line connected to the length of rigid tube. The length of connecting tube is permanently attached to the length of rigid tube and is hinged to the length of rigid tube to allow movement relative to the length of rigid tube between: —a retracted rest position in which the length of connecting tube extends entirely inside the inner edge; and —a first or filling position, in which the free end of the length of connecting tube projects out from the outer edge of the support platform.06-17-2010
20130074948Device for sealing a delivery fluid system and method - A method for permanently repairing a fluid delivery system which may be above ground, subterranean, in and under concrete, or within a wall structure. The method comprises disconnecting the source and the discharge portions of the fluid delivery system. A resilient moldable tubing is threaded through the fluid delivery system. The first end of the tube is secured to the first end of the portion of the fluid delivery system. The second end of the tube is next secured to the second end of the portion of the fluid delivery system. The resilient tubing is then filled with heated fluid and pressurized to mold the tubing to the inside diameter of the fluid delivery system. The fluid is cooled to set the tube to the inside diameter of the fluid delivery system, and then drained before reconnecting the the source and discharge portions of the fluid delivery system.03-28-2013
20130037128VALVE SUB-BASE - A valve sub-base (02-14-2013
20130068318VALVE STEM REPAIR KIT AND METHOD - A method for repairing damaged valve stem assemblies includes enlarging a bore within a body of a valve stem to form an enlarged bore portion and creating a conical hole in an end of the valve stem body around the enlarged bore portion. Internal threads are created within the enlarged bore portion, and a valve stem repair extension is installed in the enlarged bore portion. The valve stem repair extension has a beveled surface that facilitates formation of a hermetic seal between the valve stem body and the valve stem repair extension. The steps of enlarging the bore and creating the conical hole may both be performed using a countersinking drill bit having a beveled cutting portion.03-21-2013
20130068319CODED CARTRIDGE HOLDER AND FASTENER ENABLED BY CARTRIDGE SIZE - A coded cartridge holder for use with a drug delivery device is provided. The cartridge holder includes a fastener that becomes operative based in part on a length of a cartridge or a diameter of the cartridge. In one embodiment, the cartridge holder is coupled to the drug delivery device. The cartridge holder comprises a first blocking feature. The drug delivery device includes a cartridge detector comprising a second blocking feature. This feature may be a pin, for engagement with the first blocking feature of the cartridge holder when the cartridge acts on the cartridge detector. The cartridge holder may further include a fastening mechanism configured to fasten the cartridge holder to the drug delivery device only when the second blocking feature engages the first blocking feature.03-21-2013
20130087217METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HANDLING OIL AND GAS WELL DRILLING FLUIDS - A fluids management apparatus is disclosed herein that enables management of multiple volumes of different fluids when drilling and/or producing oil and/or gas with an oil and gas well drilling platform. The apparatus includes a structural, transportable frame that has upper and lower reservoir sections, each with a plurality of tanks for holding fluid. The upper reservoir section is easily lifted and transported, such as by crane. A docking station on the lower reservoir section is receptive of the upper reservoir section. A piping system enables a selected fluid volume contained in a tank of the upper reservoir section to be selectively transmitted to a selected tank of the lower reservoir section. The lower reservoir section has its own piping system that enables a user to withdraw fluid from any selected one of its tanks.04-11-2013
20120222756DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE PLUGGING OF SERVICES IN CONDUITS - A plug for a tubular service entrance of a conduit, wherein the plug includes a core body having a central hollow channel extending from a first end to second end of the core body; at least one flexible fin extending radially outwardly from the core body and having an outer diameter greater than the inner diameter of the tubular service entrance so that the plug is adapted to fit tightly into the tubular service entrance, and wherein the at least one flexible fin is deformable to adapt to the shape of the service entrance and apply a lateral force against the inner diameter of the service entrance. A plug dispensing magazine for storing and dispensing service entrance plugs to be service entrances of a conduit prior to installation of a liner in the conduit and a method of sealing the service entrances.09-06-2012
20110011467LIQUID DIVERGENT DEVICE - The present invention discloses a liquid divergent device, comprising a member and a fastener mechanism that couples the member above a structure for protecting the structure by diverging overflow liquid away from the structure.01-20-2011
20130061946DIGITAL HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - A digital hydraulic system including a fluid having three portions each at a pressure and a digital hydraulic transformer having a first and second element. The first element has a first end and a second end. The first and second elements operating along a common axis, and together defining at least four variable volume working chambers. The at least two of the at least four variable volume working chambers containing fluid directing force on the second element in a direction toward the first end. Another two of the at least four variable volume working chambers containing fluid directing force on the second element toward the second end. A control system individually selectively fluidically connects and disconnects each of the four variable volume working chambers to and from the three portions of the fluid at the three pressures.03-14-2013
20130061948VALVE ARRANGEMENT FOR METERING A FLUID MEDIUM IN AN EXHAUST LINE OF AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - The invention relates to a valve arrangement (03-14-2013
20130061947VEHICLE BRAKE HYDRAULIC PRESSURE CONTROL UNIT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A vehicle brake hydraulic pressure control unit includes a base body incorporating therein a brake fluid flow path and an electromagnetic valve which is an assembled part assembled into a mounting hole portion which is formed in the base body in such a manner as to communicate with the flow path. A hole wall of the mounting hole portion has a plastically deformed portion formed by pressing the hole wall in a downward direction of the mounting hole portion. A locking groove for the plastically deformed portion to enter is formed on an outer circumferential surface of the electromagnetic valve. An outside diameter of the electromagnetic valve at an upper side of the locking groove is made smaller than an outside diameter of the electromagnetic valve at a lower side of the locking groove.03-14-2013
20130160868CORROSION RESISTANT FAUCETS WITH COMPONENTS MADE OF DIFFERENT METALLIC MATERIALS - A faucet includes an outer housing having a surface formed of a first material. The outer housing has an entry and an outlet, and a valve cartridge is positioned at least partly in the outer housing and is configured to control flow of water to the outlet. An insulator sleeve is positioned at least partly in the outer housing between a wall of the outer housing and the valve cartridge. A collar having a surface made of a second material different from the first material is at least partly nested within the insulator sleeve outside of the valve cartridge. The insulator sleeve is made of a material that acts to galvanically insulate the outer housing from the collar.06-27-2013
20100170578SEPARABLE FAUCET - A separable faucet mainly provides two control bodies, an outlet assembly, and a three-way pipe assembly. A control valve is disposed in each control body, and connected to an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. One end of a plastic inner pipe of the outlet assembly is connected to a spout piece, and an outer edge is covered by a metal cover to counteract changes in water pressure by the metal cover to ensure a tight combination between the plastic inner pipe and the spout piece. Another end is connected to a connecting pipe, and an outer edge is covered by a metal cap secured to the connecting pipe to urge the plastic inner pipe against the connecting pipe tightly by a minor diameter part of the metal cap. The three-way pipe assembly is connected to the connecting pipe and outlet pipes of the two control bodies respectively.07-08-2010
20100170577SEPARABLE FAUCET USING PLASTIC CONTROL VALVE - The separable faucet using a plastic control valve mainly includes two control bodies, an outlet assembly and a three-way pipe assembly. The control valve disposed in each of the control bodies for connecting an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe has joint holes corresponding to the inlet and outlet pipes. A sealing piece is sleeved on each of the joint sections of the inlet and outlet pipes to keep sealing between the joint section and the joint hole. A stop sheet disposed at the control valve is stopped at a stop face of the joint, fixing the joint reliably in the joint hole. Two ends of a soft plastic inner pipe disposed in a metal shell body of the outlet assembly are connected to a spout piece and a connecting pipe respectively. The three-way pipe assembly is connected to the connecting pipe and outlet pipes of the two control bodies.07-08-2010
20120024399Electrospray Interface To A Microfluidic Substrate - A liquid-chromatography module includes a microfluidic cartridge housing a microfluidic substrate with a channel for transporting fluid. The microfluidic substrate has fluidic apertures through which fluid is supplied to the channel. One side of the cartridge has nozzle openings, each aligning with a fluidic aperture in the microfluidic substrate and receiving a fluidic nozzle. A clamping assembly has a plunger that is movable into a clamped position and an end housing that defines a chamber. One wall of the end housing has a fluidic block with fluidic nozzles extending into the chamber. A second wall has a slot through which the cartridge enters the chamber. When moved into the clamped position while the cartridge is in the chamber, the plunger urges the cartridge against the fluidic block such that each fluidic nozzle enters one nozzle opening and establishes fluidic communication with one fluidic aperture in the microfluidic substrate.02-02-2012
20090090417Sanitary replaceable fluid disbursement device for use in bioreactors - Methods and systems for easily replacing fluid disbursement devices used in a sanitary bioreactor are presented. The system includes a fluid disbursement device, a tube adapter, a wand adapter. The fluid disbursement device is fixed to the tube adapter. The tube adapter and wand adapter are essentially complementary and are releasably connected. The combined fluid disbursement device and tube adapter unit is easily replaceable during the cleaning and sterilization of the bioreactor. An O-ring, located in an O-ring grove, provides an impermeable boundary between the wand adapter and the tube adapter.04-09-2009
20130213493TAPPING DEVICE FOR AT LEAST ONE BAG-IN-BOX PACKAGING - A tapping device for at least one bag-in-box packaging equipped with a tap valve, comprising at least one accommodating area for the bag-in-box packaging, wherein the accommodating area has at least one loading opening, at least one device door that closes the loading opening of the accommodating area, wherein the device door has at least one trigger of an operating apparatus that corresponds to the tap valve, and at least one beverage outlet associated with the tap valve, the operating apparatus has at least one operating element that acts from above on certain parts of the tap valve in order to operate the tap valve and at least one valve accommodating bearing is provided in the area of the loading opening, the at least one valve accommodating bearing having bearing surfaces for wings of the tap valve protruding at least on both sides of the valve housing.08-22-2013
20120291878COMPOSITE TANK, AND ASSEMBLY INCLUDING SUCH A TANK AND MEMBER FOR RECEIVING AND/OR DISPENSING GAS - The invention relates to a composite pressurized gas tank including a sealed inner casing (11-22-2012
20100132808FLUID CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING THE SAME - There is provided a fluid control apparatus which can improve assembling operation efficiency. A screw insertion hole 06-03-2010
20110203679Bidet conversion kit - The present invention is a bidet conversion kit to convert a toilet into a bidet that includes a 4 way connector with a built-in stud to reduce water leakage and a washer that is set around the built-in stud, a cap with a built-in stud and a place holder to accommodate a washer to help prevent and block water leakage and an elongated handle with a T-shaped bracket that is removably integral to a pressure control valve of the toilet. There is also a primary water jet with a seamless tube and an angled flange that is integral to the flexible tube from the pressure control valve and an end jet that includes tubing, a strengthening support wedge, an aperture disposed on the distal end and a high pressure nozzle that disperses the water to wash a user.08-25-2011
20110139268Mounting System - A mounting system made up of a valve isolation assembly comprising first and second inlet ports and first and second outlet ports along with a pair of crossable pressure lines made up of first and second pipes. The first and second pipes respectively define first and second upper ends and first and second lower ends. The first and second pipes also define first and second middle portions. The upper ends of each first and second pipe are operably coupled to the first and second inlet ports of the valve isolation assembly. In one embodiment the first and second middle portions each define a quarter right-handed helix turn. In another embodiment the first and second middle portions each define a quarter left-handed helix turn.06-16-2011
20100170579QUICK RELEASE DEVICE FOR FAUCETS - A quick release device for faucets mainly includes a valve and a quick release unit. The valve is connected to at least two passages through which water flows, at least one passage is formed with a concave joint slot the inner circumference of which is formed with a shift limit slot. The quick release joint unit is oppositely arranged in the joint slot, and a shift limit unit is provided in the quick release joint and may be thereby fixed in the shift limit slot. A pipeline is provided that may be quickly installed on and removed from the quick release joint group. Thus, the installation time may be saved, the complicated installation steps may be reduced, and the area where flowing water contacts the metal may be decreased.07-08-2010
20100163115Devices for mounting accessory components to canisters - One aspect according to the present disclosure includes a first coupling device and a second coupling device. The first coupling device can mechanically couple the canister and the accessory component to each other. The second coupling device can couple the canister and the accessory component to allow flow communication with each other. The second coupling device is operable in conjunction with the operation of the first coupling device.07-01-2010
20100206394APPARATUS FOR BLOCKING FLUID FLOW IN A PIPE LINE AND SYSTEM FOR FORMING BYPASS USING THE SAME - In a pipeline fluid flow blocking device, a hollow housing unit has a cylindrical shape whose one side is opened and is coupled to a pipeline to communicate with the pipeline. A transfer unit moves in a longitudinal direction of the housing unit inside the housing unit. A first driving unit moves the transfer unit in a gear method. A blocking unit is hinge-coupled to one side of the transfer unit, is disposed to move between the housing unit and the inside of the pipeline through the opened one side of the housing unit by the transfer unit, and is radially expanded or shrunk to shut off the inside of the pipeline. A second driving unit makes the blocking unit be expanded or shrunk. Therefore, as the blocking unit is expanded in a gear method, resistance force against a fluid of very high pressure inside the pipeline is greatly improved, thereby more stably shutting the inside the pipeline.08-19-2010
20100276010ATTACHMENT FOR USE IN FLEXIBLE EXTENSION DEVICE FOR FAUCET STEM - An attachment (A) for use with a flexible extension device (11-04-2010
20110100481SOCKET STRUCTURE - Provided is a socket structure capable of preventing or inhibiting defective attachment/detachment thereof and defective movement and defective sealing of a valve mechanism due to a solid deposit caused by a fluid. A socket used by connecting the socket to a plug of a connector includes a socket body in which a channel is formed and which has a valve mechanism; and a sleeve which is disposed so as to be slidable in an axial direction thereof and rotatable along an outer circumferential surface of the socket body. The socket is configured to be screwed and secured by inserting and connecting an entrance of the channel that opens at a lower end of the socket body to a plug exit that opens at an upper end of the plug and then a sleeve thread portion is screwed into a socket female thread portion by rotating the sleeve.05-05-2011
20110174391Repositioner - The repositioner described includes, in its preferred embodiment, 180-degree repositionable mounting plates with repositionable arms that move up and down, allowing for objects not exceeding 30,000 lbs and which can fit between the mounting plates. Included in the mounting plates are holes for connecting objects that require repositioning. Further included are lifting lugs for safely lifting and/or handling the repositioner as well as shipping ports for safely transporting the repositioner by a variety of methods. Another improvement is a provision for ridged, moisture barrier, non-corrosive cover that attaches to and seals against the repositioner frame. Another improvement involves a provision for repositioning that allows substantial improvement in the speed of repositioning and the safety in which the repositioning is applied to the object within the repositioner mounting plates.07-21-2011
20110259441Extendable Pressurized Fluid Coupler - An extendable pressurized fluid coupler is disclosed. The extendable pressurized fluid coupler has a guiding portion having a central fluid channel. The extendable pressurized fluid coupler further has a piston having a central fluid channel, the guiding portion and the piston having a common central axis. The extendable pressurized fluid coupler also has a drive circuit for driving the piston. The piston is extendable with respect to the guiding portion. The guiding portion is arranged for guiding the piston along the central axis. The piston is arranged for connecting the pressurized fluid coupler to a corresponding coupler having a second fluid channel, so that a fluid passage for a main pressurized fluid circuit is established.10-27-2011
20110186146Assemblable faucet - An assemblable faucet includes a body having a holder, at least one inlet, an outlet located at the holder, a channel communicating with the inlet and the outlet, and at least one valve seat communicating with the channel; the valve seat being used to receive and position a control valve set to control water from the inlet to flow toward the outlet; an outlet pipe including an inflow connector with an aperture, including a spray head with a spout, and including a tunnel communicating with the inflow connector and the spray head; the inflow connector being tightly connected to the holder of the body so that the aperture is in communication with the outlet of the holder, such that the water from the outlet of the body flows to the spout along the tunnel of the outlet pipe.08-04-2011
20120042963IN-WALL WATER SERVICE HOUSING - A retrofit or new installation kit or apparatus has a junction box, a supply pipe that attaches to a quick-connect fitting inside the junction box that attaches to a valve within the junction box. The valve within the junction box has a stub-out that connects to the quick-connect fitting.02-23-2012
20100206395FUEL SUPPLY APPARATUS - A fuel supply apparatus is for connecting a device including at least a part of a power generation section that has a fuel cell and having a fuel injection section with a fuel cartridge having a fuel supply section so as to send fuel in the fuel cartridge to the power generation section side. The fuel supply apparatus includes a holder having a first connector to be connected to the fuel injection section of the device, a second connector to be connected to the fuel supply section of the fuel cartridge, and a connecting pipe connecting the first connector with the second connector. A guide member for guiding connection between the first connector of the holder and the fuel injection section of the device is provided.08-19-2010
20120160341Coupling and decoupling apparatus and method - A coupling apparatus with a central housing with an outer surface and an inner surface that forms a central bore sized to receive an end of a first conduit length and an end of a second conduit length. The coupling apparatus further comprises a first and a second flexible support arm with respective first and second arm openings that have respective first and second arm spring elements. There are a plurality of first arm teeth and a plurality of second arm teeth that engage with and grip an end of a first conduit length and second conduit length. The bonding and/or grounding effectiveness increases when a tensile force placed on the coupling apparatus increases by separating the first conduit length from the second conduit length.06-28-2012
20120132293SHOWER ARM SECURING DEVICE - A shower arm-securing device for securing the placement of a shower arm comprising: an opening in the center of the device; an outer perimeter; an inner perimeter, where the inner perimeter is tapered from the opening and meets the outer perimeter; and a set screw, where the set screw secures the device to a shower arm. The shower arm-securing device may also include an adhesive surface on the backside that abuts the wall surrounding the shower arm.05-31-2012
20110180154ASSEMBLING STRUCTURE OF ACTUATOR PART OF FLUID CONTROL VALVE, AND FLUID CONTROL VALVE FORMED WITH THE STRUCTURE - In an assembling structure of an actuator part of a chemical liquid valve, a cover is formed with a protrusion extending in a radial direction of a valve element, and a cylinder is formed with an engagement part engageable with the protrusion. A cover is placed to hold a spring in a compressed state in the cylinder and make a cap part cover an opening of the cylinder. The protrusion and the engagement part are engaged with each other to integrally connect the cylinder and the cover without separating from each other.07-28-2011
20120073676Device and Process for Removing Screenings from Liquid Flowing in a Channel - The invention refers to a device for removing screenings from liquid flowing in a channel (03-29-2012
20120255624DRAINAGE BODY - A drainage body is disclosed which comprises at least two substantially identically shaped surface units, that is a base unit and a substantially identically shaped top unit, which are combinable with one another in an installation spacing by way of spacers. It is proposed to form the surface units to be substantially interlockingly stackable in such a manner that the installation spacing of the surface units is considerably larger than their spacing in the stacked condition, whereby the spacers essentially have, for example, a frusto-conical or frusto-pyramid shape with a circumscribed cross-sectional area which becomes smaller as its distance from the surface units increases. As an alternative to this, it may be provided that the spacers are disposed in such a manner on the surface units that the base units and the top units are layable so as to be overlapping one another in the manner of a masonry bond. As a result this creates high stability with simultaneous space-saving storability and transportability.10-11-2012
20120261003Toilet Valve Adapter - A toilet valve adapter, including: a hollow body having a lower end dimensioned to be received into an outlet and an upper end dimensioned to support a flush valve thereon; a flange extending radially outwards from the hollow circular body; a gasket on the underside of the flange; and prongs projecting radially outwards from the lower end of the hollow circular body.10-18-2012
20120325335COUPLING FOR THE RELEASABLE COUPLING OF PIPES - The invention relates to a coupling (12-27-2012
20120325334MANIFOLD FOR A FLUIDIC CARTRIDGE - A manifold system is provided that includes a manifold housing and a manifold core. The manifold housing is configured to receive the manifold core. The manifold housing includes an oblique inner surface and at least one fluidic channel. The fluidic channel ends with one of its ends at the oblique inner surface. The manifold housing together with the at least one fluidic channel has no undercut.12-27-2012
20120318377GAS REGULATOR WITH NON-METAL COMPONENTS (VARIANTS) - The gas regulator with non-metal components comprises a membrane (12-20-2012
20120125448ADJUSTABLE COOLANT QUICK COUPLER - An adjustable coolant quick coupler has a coolant supplier seat and a transmission seat that can be optionally connected or disconnected. The coolant supplier seat has a regulator assembly. The regulator assembly is able to adjust quantity of flow-in coolant and quantity of flow-out coolant. When the coolant supplier seat is connected to the transmission seat, the coolant can flow automatically from the coolant supplier seat to the transmission seat, so as to cool down electronic components inside a rack. When the coolant supplier seat is disconnected from the transmission seat, the coolant instantly stops flowing into the transmission seat. Because of the quick coupler, the rack installed inside a narrow space is convenient to set up or disassemble. Furthermore, by adjusting the quantity of flow-in coolant and the quantity of flow-out coolant, the electronic components can have a better effect of heat-dissipation.05-24-2012
20120298214COOLANT ADAPTER - The invention relates to an adapter for driven tools such as drilling or milling tools, for adapting an externally fed driven tool for use in a thru coolant system comprising: a) a cylindrical inner sleeve, b) an outer sleeve adapted to rotate relative to the inner sleeve, c) a delivery pipe to deliver coolant to the outer sleeve, and d) at least one coolant flow channel through the outer sleeve and through the inner sleeve to allow flow of coolant from the delivery pipe to the collet, and e) a seal at one end of the inner sleeve having an aperture to receive the cutting tool whereby to allow the blunt end of the tool to engage the collet, in use coolant can pass through the outer sleeve, through the inner sleeve into the collet, and to the cutting tool whilst said inner sleeve rotates with said machine output spindle and the outer sleeve remains static.11-29-2012
20120325336EXTENSION ASSEMBLY FOR FAUCETS - An extension assembly for effectively extending a faucet stem to facilitate the maintenance of a faucet assembly. The extension assembly includes a stem extender which connects to a faucet stem, an extension tube which fits over the stem extender and determines the length by which the faucet stem is extended, and an optional adapter for interfacing between the faucet stem and the stem extender.12-27-2012
20120247575CAR WASH FOAM BRUSH HANDLE - The present invention is a car wash foam brush handle that attaches to a foam brush hose that provides a foam solution to activate a hose fitting, a crimping hose, a single roll pin, a single piston head, a piston rod, a plurality of seal crimps that are a plurality of hydraulically compressed assembly and seal crimps, a stainless steel tube, a tubing cover, a cylindrical compression spring, a wire braided hose to channel foam and the stainless steel rod, a flexible protection tube, a compressed ferrule, a brush head connector that is disposed on the distal end of the car wash foam brush handle, a flexible joint assembly that allows the foam brush head to be unusable and a piston assembly.10-04-2012
20130167946PAINT SUPPLYING PAIL WITH WIND DIRECTION DEFLECTOR AND QUICK OPEN-CLOSE STRUCTURE - A paint supplying pail comprises a paint supplying pail body, a paint supplying pail cover, a quickly detachable rod, a fastening member and a deflecting block. The paint supplying pail body has at least one protruding pole and is covered by the paint supplying pail cover which is provided outwardly with a vertical pole. The quickly detachable rod is rotatably sleeved on the vertical pole, and the fastening member is overlapped on the quickly detachable rod. The fastening member comprises at least one transverse groove which moves transversely to sleeve on the protruding pole, and the quickly detachable rod rotates to lift the fastening member, thereby the transverse groove pressing against the protruding pole. The deflecting block is wedged into an air deflecting pipe of the pant supplying pail cover, and perforated to have a non-through venting passage and two air holes.07-04-2013
20130112287SANITARY FITTING - A sanitary fitting includes a socket part configured for fastening the sanitary fitting on a substructure. In axial extension, an accommodation component is connected to this socket part axially and in a rotation-fixed manner, with the accommodation component having an accommodation cavity for a connection base and a valve cartridge. These two components establish the supporting structure of the sanitary fitting. An outer housing is attached to this structure, and said housing can be made from any material, since it does not have a supporting function and does not have any contact with the water. By substituting the socket part, sanitary fittings differing with respect to their size and design may be produced, wherein the accommodation component including valve cartridge, connection base and fastening device for the valve cartridge in the accommodation component are unchanged.05-09-2013
20130126011SELF-LOCKING T-PIECE - A self-locking T-piece connects an attachment to a breathing gas line. The self-locking T-piece has a line section (05-23-2013
20130126010VALVE ARRANGEMENT - A valve arrangement includes at least two valves and a housing which is configured as an installation cartridge. One of the valves is configured as a pressure regulator and the other of the valves is configured as a delivery flow regulator. The valve arrangement is configured to be inserted or screwed into a variable-displacement pump, thereby minimizing the spatial requirement of the valve arrangement.05-23-2013
20130126012SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PUNCTURE CLOSURE - Systems, apparatuses and methods are provided for use in closing punctures in vessel walls. An apparatus may have various combinations of an anchoring device, a positioning device and a heating element for closing a puncture within a vessel wall. An anchoring device may be a balloon, an expansible cage, a wire operated T-anchor, and/or a floating anchor. A positioning device may be a balloon, a sponge, and/or an expansible cage. A heating element may be flexible or rigid and preferably provides heat to target tissue through conduction and convection. A heating element may be flat-ended or dome-shaped. The heating element and anchoring device may be positioned a fixed distance apart to sandwich tissue between the heating element and the anchoring device. The heating element may operate in multiple stages. An initial stage may non-permanently adhere the heating element to the tissue and the subsequent stage may close the puncture.05-23-2013
20130126009SYSTEM FOR CLEANING BEER LINES AND RECOVERING DRAFT BEER - A beer recovery system which uses CO05-23-2013
20130139905FLOW MODULE PORT FITTING - A flow module port fitting to be inserted in port hole in a flow module, which port hole is in communication with flow channel. The port fitting comprises a head, and a shaft with a centre axis, attached to the head, wherein the shaft has a first and a second end portion, the port fitting comprises further a fastening element at its first end portion for fastening the port fitting to the flow module or flow plate. The port fitting comprises further a seal arranged either externally on said shaft or seal is arranged at the second end portion facing away from the head, or seal is arranged in the short side of said second end portion, wherein seal is sealing port hole together with port fitting from the fluids flowing in flow channel.06-06-2013
20130139904AIR VALVE - An air valve includes: a valve body into which an air cut-off unit is inserted; and a valve cap preventing the air cut-off unit from being discharged outside of the valve body, wherein the valve body and the valve cap are coupled to each other by a snap-fit method.06-06-2013
20130146151FLUID CONTROL VALVE - A fluid control valve includes: a valve main body including an inlet port and an outlet port, each being formed on opposite side surfaces; and a mounting plate attached to a lower end of the valve main body; wherein the valve main body has side surfaces located perpendicular to the opposite side surfaces and formed with locking protrusions, the mounting plate is formed with locking arms each extending from an upper end of the mounting plate, the locking arms each having a locking pawl facing and engaging with the protrusion, the valve main body is formed with an annular rib about an central axis on the lower end of the valve main body, and the upper end of the mounting plate is formed with a press-fit rib including a press-fit portion press-fitted in a wall surface of the annular rib.06-13-2013
20130153052DISCHARGE APPARATUS FOR A PUMP - Discharge apparatus for use with a pump the pump including a pump casing (06-20-2013
20130180601Fixing Structure of a Pull-Out Faucet - A fixing structure of a pull-out faucet is mounted on a platform with a fixing hole and contains a pull-out faucet including a housing, a pull-out spray head, a mixing valve, and a pipe line set; the pipe line set including a plurality of fixedly static pipe lines and a movably dynamic pipe line; a positioning device including a seat and a clamping set; the seat being fixed under the platform by the clamping set and being fixed in the fixing hole to fit with the housing, the seat including a passage set for inserting the pipe line set; wherein the passage set has a first passage for inserting the static pipe lines and a second passage for inserting the dynamic pipe line, and the first passage is spaced apart from the second passage so that the dynamic pipe line is limited in the second passage to move smoothly.07-18-2013
20130180602IRRIGATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system includes a lateral and a socket. The lateral has a first end and a second end separated by a length of a lumen. At least one of the first end and second end is configured to couple with a fluid supply. The length has a plurality of apertures in a wall of the lumen. Each aperture is in fluid communication with the lumen and disposed along a line substantially parallel with a length axis. The length is configured to allow non-destructive coiling about a reel and non-destructive uncoiling. The length has a cross section sufficiently rigid to resist deformation associated with fluid in the lumen. The socket is coupled to the length at a site of at least one aperture. The socket has a bore in fluid communication with the aperture.07-18-2013
20130180603IRRIGATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system includes a lateral and a socket. The lateral has a first end and a second end separated by a length of a lumen. At least one of the first end and second end is configured to couple with a fluid supply. The length has a plurality of apertures in a wall of the lumen. Each aperture is in fluid communication with the lumen and disposed along a line substantially parallel with a length axis. The length is configured to allow non-destructive coiling about a reel and non-destructive uncoiling. The length has a cross section sufficiently rigid to resist deformation associated with fluid in the lumen. The socket is coupled to the length at a site of at least one aperture. The socket has a bore in fluid communication with the aperture.07-18-2013


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