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137 - Fluid handling

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137171000 Fluid separating traps or vents 66
137206000 Gas pressure storage over or displacement of liquid 6
137170100 Foam control in gas charged liquids 2
20100282334A FLOW CONTROL DEVICE - A flow control device for use in a supply line between a pressurised liquid container and a dispenser for the liquid. The flow control device comprises a chamber having an inlet for receiving liquid from the container and a base section comprising a chamber outlet for supplying liquid to the dispenser. A vent valve is included for venting gas from the chamber. A float valve includes a float section and a seat section and is movable to and from an open position wherein the chamber outlet is open to liquid flow and a closed position wherein the chamber outlet is closed to liquid flow. A float valve opening mechanism is included wherein the float section of the float valve comprises a plurality of protrusions, at least some of which engage the inside of the chamber so as to locate the float valve substantially in line with the chamber outlet. In this way, the float valve can guide itself into the correct position without the need for additional guiding components.11-11-2010
20100065130TWO COMPONENT FOAM DISPENSING APPARATUS - A foam dispensing assembly comprises a dispensing head and a manifold assembly. The manifold assembly includes a purge portion for supplying a gas and a cleansing fluid to the dispensing head, a first supply portion for supplying a first fluid to the dispensing head and a second supply portion for supplying a second fluid to the dispensing head. Each of the purge portion, the first supply portion and the second supply portion include a plurality of check valves and flow control valves for controlling the flow of the first fluid, the second fluid, the gas and the cleansing fluid through the manifold assembly. Each of the first supply portion and the second supply portion include an integral flow control device for regulating a fluid flow rate to the dispensing head, and a thermometer for sensing the temperature of the first fluid and the second fluid respectively.03-18-2010
137205000 Liquid filling by evacuating container 2
20120199214BRAKE MODULATOR AND METHOD OF PROCESSING BRAKE MODULATOR DURING VEHICLE ASSEMBLY - A brake modulator is disclosed herein. The brake modulator includes, but is not limited to an electronic-brake-control-modulator portion including a processor and a hydraulic portion associated with the electronic-brake-control-modulator portion. The hydraulic portion includes a primary circuit extending through the hydraulic portion to receive hydraulic brake fluid. The hydraulic portion also includes a secondary circuit extending within the hydraulic portion to receive the hydraulic brake fluid. The secondary circuit is in fluid communication with the primary circuit. The hydraulic portion further includes a valve between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit. The valve is electronically actuatable and controls movement of fluid between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit. The processor is operatively coupled to the valve and configured to perform an automatic cycling of the valve in response to an actuating event during assembly of the vehicle to evacuate the secondary circuit.08-09-2012
20100065131Vacuum Sewage System with Wireless Alarm - A vacuum sewage system is provided having a sump pit (03-18-2010
137205500 Main line flow displaces additive from shunt reservoir 1
20100084025APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR VENTING AND DEPRESSURIZATION OF AN ODORANT INJECTION SYSTEM - The apparatus and method for venting and depressurization of an odorant injection system may be used on special LNG tankers that have onboard gasification equipment, on land or elsewhere. Odorant injection systems may operate at high pressures on an intermittent basis. On some occasions, the odorant is drained from a pressurized system and disposed of in inappropriate ways. The present invention depressurizes an odorant injection system and transfers the unwanted liquid odorant back into an odorant tank where it can be reused when the odorant injection system is restarted.04-08-2010
137155000 Gas lift valves for wells 1
20120186662GAS LIFT NOZZLE VALVE - The present invention relates to the design of a nozzle valve (GL) for gas lifting that can be used in place of conventional orifice valves (VO).07-26-2012
137156000 Gas pressure discharge of liquids feed traps (e.g., to boiler) 1
20100319787FUEL CUT-OFF VALVE - Provided is a fuel cut-off valve capable of preventing liquid fuel from flowing into a valve inside from an evaporation line side, and inhibiting the liquid fuel from flowing into a canister side. The fuel cut-off valve includes: a housing main body including a lower space and an upper space partitioned through a partition wall; a float valve coming into contact with/moving away from a first opening; a lid sealing the upper space; an evaporation line connection pipe communicated to the upper space; a canister connection pipe similarly communicated to the upper space; and a second opening formed in a portion coupled to the evaporation line connection pipe and a third opening formed in a portion coupled to the canister connection pipe, which are surrounded by walls formed in the housing main body and/or the lid, and communicated to each other only through the upper space beyond the walls.12-23-2010
20130074946CAST MANIFOLD FOR DRY LOW NOx GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A casting (03-28-2013
20130074945FUEL SYSTEM - A fuel system is provided and includes inert gas, fuel and air sources to provide a supply of inert gas, fuel and air, respectively, piping including valves delimiting cavities therein to which the inert gas, fuel and air are supplied such that the inert gas separates the respective cavities containing fuel and air, a pressure control valve disposed on the piping to modulate a pressure of the inert gas supplied to the piping and a controller coupled to the pressure control valve to control an operation thereof in accordance with at least variable pressures of the fuel and air in the respective cavities containing the fuel and the air.03-28-2013
20120037242APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING BENEFICIAL LIQUIDS AT STEADY RATE - An apparatus for delivering a beneficial agent is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including a water collection chamber. A water-transporting membrane is provided to communicate with the water collection chamber. An extraction chamber receives water through the water-transporting membrane, expanding the extraction chamber. A dispensing chamber, containing a beneficial agent, is configured to contract upon expanding the extraction chamber. This causes the dispensing chamber to expel the beneficial agent through a subterranean delivery channel, such as a rigid hollow spike. In certain embodiments, a rate adjustment mechanism may control the rate that water is received through the water-transporting membrane, thereby controlling the rate the beneficial agent is expelled. The water-transporting membrane has features that repel osmagent from passing through to the water collection chamber. The apparatus features steady rate performance without refreshing the water chamber and low temperature sensitivity.02-16-2012
20120291876PORTABLE PUMPING APPARATUS FOR CONCURRENTLY PUMPING LIQUID FROM A SOURCE CONTAINER TO A DESTINATION CONTAINER AND PUMPING VAPOR FROM THE DESTINATION CONTAINER TO THE SOURCE CONTAINER - A portable pumping apparatus for concurrently pumping liquid from a source container to a destination container and pumping vapor from the destination container to the source container comprises a liquid and vapor pump having a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet, a vapor inlet and a vapor outlet. There is a selectively controllable actuation mechanism for actuating the liquid and vapor pump to thereby concurrently pump liquid from the liquid and vapor pump through the liquid outlet and vapor into the liquid and vapor pump through the vapor inlet, and concurrently pump vapor from the liquid and vapor pump through the vapor outlet and liquid into the liquid and vapor pump through the liquid inlet.11-22-2012
20090025796CLOSE-COUPLED PURGEABLE VAPORIZER VALVE - A method and system are provided for an integrated fluid and vapor delivery system design that optimizes vapor delivery. The method and system utilize a purgeable valve assembly which is closely coupled to a vaporizer. The purgeable valve assembly includes a liquid control valve and a purge gas valve which are connected by an outlet to the vaporizer in a manner minimizing the dead volume of the liquid supplied to the vaporizer. The system does not require the liquid precursor to be subjected to vacuum prior to entry into the vaporizer.01-29-2009
20120138164SUBMERSIBLE INTAKE EQUIPMENT WITH AIR FILLED BLADDERS - An apparatus having flotation ballasts or tanks, a flotation platform having a frame, and on the frame and flotation platform, intake equipment, such as a screen, check valve and/or pump intake and a coupling for a discharge pipe. An embodiment comprises a plurality of substantially symmetrical flotation ballasts, each having a ballast tank forming a chamber with an internal bladder therein, or in lieu of the ballast chamber, at least one exposed bladder coupled to the frame and flotation platform. The method includes the steps of using an apparatus as herein described to ascend and descend intake equipment.06-07-2012
20080216898Cassette System Integrated Apparatus - A cassette integrated system. The cassette integrated system includes a mixing cassette, a balancing cassette, a middle cassette fluidly connected to the mixing cassette and the balancing cassette and at least one pod. The mixing cassette is fluidly connected to the middle cassette by at least one fluid line and the middle cassette is fluidly connected to the balancing cassette by at least one fluid line. The at least one pod is connected to at least two of the cassettes wherein the pod is located in an area between the cassettes.09-11-2008
20120012191LIQUID RECOVERY APPARATUS, EXPOSURE APPARATUS, LIQUID RECOVERING METHOD, DEVICE FABRICATING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A liquid recovery apparatus is used in an immersion exposure apparatus and is connected to a liquid immersion member, which is disposed at least partly around an optical path of exposure light that passes through an optical member and a liquid between the optical member and an object. The liquid recovery apparatus comprises: a first passageway, which is connected to a discharge part of the liquid immersion member that separately discharges the liquid and a gas from a recovery passageway of the liquid immersion member wherethrough the liquid recovered via a recovery port of the liquid immersion member flows, into which the liquid discharged via a first discharge port of the discharge part flows; a second passageway, into which the gas discharged via a second discharge port of the discharge part flows; and a first detection apparatus, which is disposed in at least part of the second passageway and detects the amount of the gas discharged via the second discharge port.01-19-2012
20120266972ROTATIONAL-FLOW SPRAY NOZZLE AND PROCESS OF USING SAME - A solder-flux composition is sprayed onto a substrate by rotating the solder-flux composition inside a spray cap, and before the solder-flux liquid exits the spray cap, perturbing the flow thereof with a fluid.10-25-2012
20120080098Cutting liquid supply device for machine tool - A cutting liquid supply device in a machine tool is configured to remove gas mixed in a cutting liquid supply line to improve the response of discharging a mist of cutting liquid. Cutting liquid is supplied from a pump (04-05-2012
20120080097AIR INTAKE MODULE OF WATER FEEDING APPARATUS - An air intake module of a water feeding apparatus is provided, which includes a body and a valve, and the body includes a water inlet channel and a water outlet channel. An air intake hole runs through the body outward from a joint between the water inlet channel and the water outlet channel, and the valve is disposed at the joint. With the change of a cross-sectional area of the joint, a phenomenon of a high flow rate and a low pressure occurs to force the valve plate open, and air is sucked in mixed with the water flow. When a back pressure of the water flow is larger than an atmospheric pressure outside, the valve plate is forced to close the air intake hole, so as to avoid leakage of the water flow and prevent the air intake hole from being clogged by impurities.04-05-2012
20120138163Exhaust Passage Component - An exhaust passage component includes: an inner space used as part of an exhaust passage of a hot water supply apparatus; a drainage passage configured such that if condensed water is produced in the inner space, the condensed water is caused to flow out of the inner space; a first sheet metal member, at least part of which includes a first recess formed by drawing and a plate-like portion formed around the first recess; and a second sheet metal member, at least part of which includes a second recess by drawing and a flange formed around the second recess.06-07-2012
20130139902LIQUID FILLING SYSTEM - A coupling has a housing which defines, at least in part, a nozzle chamber. The nozzle chamber forms, a valve chamber, an intake chamber, and an outlet chamber. The housing also forms a vacuum chamber. A main valve is in the valve chamber. The main valve is movable between an open and closed position. A poppet valve is in the outlet chamber. An air outlet opens from the vacuum chamber into the nozzle chamber. An opening of an air uptake conduit opens into the vacuum chamber. The air outlet opening is distinct from the opening of the uptake conduit.06-06-2013
20110048546GAS COMPRESSION SYSTEM - The invention relates to a wet gas compression system comprising a compact flow conditioner (03-03-2011
20130153050HIGH RECIRCULATION FUEL VAPOR REDUCTION SYSTEM - An apparatus for recirculating fuel vapors in a vehicle. The apparatus includes a filler head connected to a fuel vapor conduit and a tubular aspirator located within the filler head. The aspirator has at least one orifice in its side wall so that when fuel flows through the aspirator when the vehicle is refueled, a low pressure area that draws fuel vapors through the orifice and into the fuel flow within the aspirator is created.06-20-2013
20120085428EMULSION, APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMIC PREPARATION - The invention relates to a fluid composite, a device for producing the fluid composite, and a system for producing an aerated fluid composite therewith, and more specifically a fluid composite made of a fuel and its oxidant for burning as part of different systems such as fuel burners or combustion chambers and the like. The invention also relates to an emulsion, an apparatus for producing an emulsion, a system for producing an emulsion with the apparatus for producing the emulsion, a method for producing a dynamic preparation with the emulsion, and more specifically to a new type of a stable liquid/liquid emulsion in the field of colloidal chemistry, such as a water/fuel or fuel/fuel emulsion for all spheres of industry.04-12-2012


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