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135 - Tent, canopy, umbrella, or cane

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135016000 Combined 81
135200300 Mechanically operated 33
135022000 Self-opening and closing 27
135200100 Nonsymmetrical, axially offset, or inclined canopy 22
135029000 Rib and stretcher joints 13
135330200 Cover or lining feature 12
135250100 Collapsible in length 9
135031000 Ribs and stretchers 7
135340200 Having storing case 5
20130061891UMBRELLA CASE - An umbrella case comprising a pouch having a bottom end and a top end, such that a collapsed umbrella can be inserted into the pouch through an aperture in the top end, an enclosure member configured to selectively close the aperture of the top end, and one or more connecting members configured to be selectively coupled with components of a stroller or other device. The pouch can have corresponding fasteners that can be selectively coupled with one another to adjust the length of the pouch.03-14-2013
20090266391SAFETY UMBRELLA WITH WATER COLLECTING AND DRAINAGE MECHANISM - A safety umbrella comprising fluorescent fabric panels, of which, at least one panel is transparent, a skeleton, a shaft assembly, and a cover assembly. Interconnecting the skeleton to the shaft assembly is a runner, which allows a user to open and close the umbrella and elongated sleeves upon stretchers to prevent pinching or trapping the fingers of the users thereof. A telescopic cover assembly collects water when the umbrella is closed, and the telescopic cylindrical are in the extended position engaged contiguously to each other's cooperating upper and lower flanges resulting in a substantially water-tight disposition. A removable cap mounted to a sleeve member that includes a thorough passage allows for the ready drainage of the water collected by the canopy, reducing the probability of water damage or accidents to the user or others, resulting from slippage upon water.10-29-2009
20100200029Umbrella pak - A holder for placing a wet umbrella in a purse, bag, or coat pocket that keeps the wet umbrella from getting anything else wet. The carrier is a two piece tube. The bottom piece has a closure device to close or lock the two pieces together. The top piece has the mating closure device. The umbrella is placed in the bottom tube, the top piece is placed over and the closure device engaged sealing the top and bottom tubes with a water tight seal.08-12-2010
20110030746Umbrella cover - The cover of the present invention is a holder for a foldable umbrella composed of a sheet of flexible material preferably having an outer and an inner layer and a fastener, preferably a zipper having an open and closed position, affixed to the outer perimeter of the flexible material such that when the zipper is in the closed position the flexible material is configured into an enclosure adapted to hold a foldable umbrella for storage and transportation and when the zipper is in the open position the flexible material is configured into a sheet adapted to be laid flat open on a level surface.02-10-2011
20080236641Water Retaining Case for Umbrella - The present invention is an apparatus for transporting a wet umbrella that limits the movement of water collected from an umbrella. A case is provided that contains an outer shell to form a barrier to water migration. Disposed within the shell is an absorbent material to control or limit migration of water from the surface of the canopy.10-02-2008
135028000 Runners and notches 4
20090205693Control device for umbrella - An umbrella includes a runner slidably engaged onto a central shaft for coupling to a whale bone device, a tubular member slidably engaged onto the central shaft and having an upper portion secured to the runner, a handle attached to the tubular member, and a controlling device for controlling the handle to move along the central shaft in order to fold the whale bone device either to the compact folding position or to the open working position and for allowing the umbrella to be effectively actuated or operated by the users. An anchor member is engaged into the central shaft and has a catch for anchoring the tubular member and the runner to the central shaft at different locations.08-20-2009
20130098411SAFETY UMBRELLA - A safety umbrella includes a top notch member fixed on an upper end of a central shaft and having a resilient tongue which extends downwardly to form a hook end with an actuated shoulder surface. A runner has a slot for retaining the hook end therein at an upper position. An operating sleeve surrounds and is axially movable relative to the runner and has an actuating friction block which is matingly engaged with the actuated shoulder surface at the upper position such that, when the operating sleeve is moved downwardly, the actuated shoulder surface is pressed to withdraw the hook end inwardly so as to disengage the hook end from the slot.04-25-2013
20080202570Hub assembly for an umbrella frame - An umbrella frame provides a stable and enduring support for an umbrella canopy while also allowing canopies of varying shapes and sizes to be mounted thereto. The umbrella frame includes a hub assembly, namely, a main hub member mounted about a central pole member of the umbrella frame which offers improved means for attaching brackets thereto which are structured to pivotally receive a plurality of strut members therein, which strut members are, in turn, pivotally secured to a plurality of rib members interconnected with an upper, secondary hub. The main hub member of the present invention preferably includes an upper portion, a lower portion, and a channel having at least one ledge formed therebetween, with a band formed from a flattened strip of metal secured within the channel about the hub member. The channel is formed to have the same general height dimension as the brackets, which are secured to the band and the hub member and are confined within the space defined by the channel so as to prevent rotation or twisting thereof. As such, the present invention provides for an umbrella frame which is more sturdy and durable and yet, which allows the size and shape of the attached canopy to be readily varied.08-28-2008
20100059094ADJUSTABLE RIB CONNECTORS - The present inventions relate generally to connectors for interconnecting members of shade structures (e.g. umbrellas and pavilions), such as support ribs and hubs. The connectors can be incorporated or attached to support ribs of shade structures to enable the support ribs to extend from the hubs at various angles to accommodate different shaped canopies. The connectors include an adjustable portion that enables the support ribs to extend to desired points on the periphery of the canopy at an angle that deviates from the angle of the hub channels, which are disposed around the periphery of the hubs.03-11-2010
135200200 Inflatable 4
20090301532Self-Inflating Screening Shield, in Particular Umbrella - A self-inflating screening shield, in particular umbrella, has an inflatable envelope (12-10-2009
20110203624Patio umbrella with air pump - It is an integrated pole unit that is connected to a patio umbrella canopy that allows it to be raised by a pump (foot, hand or low psi) and lowered by releasing air via an air pressure valve. The external umbrella pole is hollow with a slit at the top and contains an “internal pole mechanism” with a metal insert attached to the base of the canopy and moves up the slit with increased air pressure in the pole raising the umbrella canopy. There is an air pressure valve that, when closed, keeps the umbrella canopy in the full open position, when open, releases the air, resulting in the umbrella canopy closing automatically in a slow and controlled manner.08-25-2011
20130152985INFLATABLE UMBRELLA - An inflatable umbrella has an inflatable covering made from a flexible material. In an inflated state, said covering forms at least the following elements: a central holding element, at least three umbrella strut elements extending away from the central holding element, and at least one umbrella surface element stretched out by the umbrella strut elements. In this case, the central holding element and each umbrella strut element are supported against each other at the respective contact point thereof. In the inflated state, the umbrella has greater stability and resistance to external forces in comparison to previously known inflatable umbrellas.06-20-2013
20110041883REUSABLE SELF-INFLATING UMBRELLA - A reusable, self-inflating umbrella comprising an inflatable envelope (02-24-2011
135027000 Auxiliary frame brace 4
20130042897Anti-Wind Eccentric Umbrella - The invention provides an anti-wind eccentric umbrella, comprising a shaft, a framework, an upper ring, a lower ring and a canopy, in which the framework is composed of ribs, stretchers and a main frame. The two ends on one side of a main frame that is cross-hinged by a first main brace and a second main brace through a main frame hinge axis are respectively hinged with the upper ring and the lower ring. The anti-wind eccentric umbrella comprises a rib vacant position and the rib vacant position and the ribs are distributed in 360°. The main frame is on the rib vacant position, the top notch is hinged with an auxiliary rib, the runner is hinged with an auxiliary stretcher and the auxiliary stretcher is at the rib vacant position at the outer side of that occupied by the main frame.02-21-2013
20090025764UMBRELLA FRAME PART - An umbrella frame part includes: a slender support of a metal extrudate, the support being formed with at least one retaining groove extending along the length of the support and defined by a grove-defining wall, the groove-defining wall having two opposite end portions extending toward each other to define a constricted opening therebetween, the constricted opening in a normal direction relative to the length of the support; and at least one slender decorative bar inserted fittingly into the retaining groove, having an outer surface exposed from the constricted opening, and restricted by the end portions of the groove-defining wall.01-29-2009
20100243009Umbrella Having An Angle Adjustable Function - A umbrella includes an upright post, a swing mechanism pivotally mounted on the upright post, a frame mounted on the swing mechanism to pivot in concert with the swing mechanism relative to the upright post, and a driving mechanism mounted on the upright post and connected with the swing mechanism to drive the swing mechanism to pivot relative to the upright post. Thus, the frame is rolled relative to the upright post to tilt leftward or rightward to adjust the inclined angle of the skeleton of the frame so as to provide a better shading effect.09-30-2010
20110000513DUAL UMBRELLA - An umbrella in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a canopy that is extendable into an extra wide configuration to cover two users. In accordance with one embodiment the umbrella opens to a first open position to provide coverage for one person and expands to a second open position to provide coverage for a second person.01-06-2011
135037000 Retainers 3
20120180835UMBRELLA, AND A TIP ELEMENT FOR AN UMBRELLA FRAME - A tip element, for mounting on to a rib of an umbrella frame, comprises a pair of wings, and optionally a mounting portion for mounting onto the umbrella rib. The wings at least defining an outer edge for a canopy mounted on the umbrella frame, wherein one wing may be mounted for pivotal movement relative to the umbrella rib. The wings, or at least one of the wings, can be pivotally mounted to the mounting portion by living or other hinges. Alternatively, the wings can be pivot directly about the umbrella rib.07-19-2012
20110017249UMBRELLA HUB WITH CORD LOCK FEATURE - An umbrella hub is provided that is operative to engage an umbrella cord for maintaining an umbrella in an open position. The hub can comprise a cord retention mechanism. For example, the hub can comprise upper and lower hub portions that form a hub body and a cord retention mechanism comprising an aperture extending through the hub body, a recess disposed within the upper or lower hub portion, and a pair of engagement members disposed in the recess. The cord lock mechanism can be configured to allow the cord to pass freely in a first direction while preventing movement of the cord therethrough in a second direction that is opposite the first direction or to pass freely in both the first and second directions.01-27-2011
20110132418UMBRELLA HUB WITH CORD LOCK FEATURE - An umbrella hub is provided that is operative to engage an umbrella cord for maintaining an umbrella in an open position. The hub can comprise a cord retention means. The cord retention means can be located within a portion of and/or behind, abutting, and/or at the base of at least a portion of one connection cavity of the hub. The cord retention means can comprise a passage that is configured to receive a cord therethrough and extend along at least a portion of the hub. The cord retention means can be configured to allow the cord to pass freely in a first direction while preventing movement of the cord therethrough in a second direction that is opposite the first direction or to pass freely in both the first and second directions.06-09-2011
135190500 Having quick assembly feature (e.g., emergency umbrella) 2
20090260664QUICK CONNECTOR HUB FOR SHADE STRUCTURE - An umbrella hub is provided which can comprise a central portion, a body, and a retention mechanism. The central portion can be configured to receive to an umbrella pole. The body extends between the central portion and an outer periphery of the hub and can comprise an engagement section adjacent to the outer periphery. The engagement section can be configured to receive an end portion of an umbrella structural member. The retention mechanism can be disposed within the engagement section and can comprise an elongate channel having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion can be located between the second portion and the outer periphery of the body and have a width less than the width of the second portion.10-22-2009
20110209732QUICK CONNECTOR HUB FOR SHADE STRUCTURE - An umbrella hub is provided which can comprise a central portion, a body, and an engagement section. The central portion can be configured to receive to an umbrella pole. The body can extend between the central portion and an outer periphery of the hub with the engagement section being located adjacent to the outer periphery thereof. The engagement section can be configured to receive and constrained the movement of an end portion of an umbrella structural member.09-01-2011
135021000 Suspended 1
20080223422Suspension umbrella operated easily and quickly - A suspension umbrella includes an upright support post, a sliding seat, a control shaft, an umbrella frame, and a drive cord. The umbrella frame includes a shank, a plurality of ribs, a plurality of spreaders and a runner. Thus, the umbrella frame is expanded when the control shaft is movable toward the umbrella frame and is folded when the control shaft is movable outwardly relative to the umbrella frame, so that the umbrella frame is expanded and folded easily and conveniently. In addition, the user only needs to operate the control handle to move the control shaft so as to expand or fold the umbrella frame easily and quickly, thereby greatly facilitating the user operating the suspension umbrella.09-18-2008
20100116303CONNECTION STRUCTURE FOR PARASOL - Provided is a connection structure for a parasol for connecting a parasol including a post and a sunshade to another parasol. The connection structure includes a set of first fixing units having fastening holes through which the posts are inserted to be fixed, a set of second fixing units opposite to the first fixing units and having fastening holes, a pair of connection units disposed between the first fixing units and the second fixing units, and a pair of connection parts having a pair of connection bars hinged to each other, the respective ends of the connection bars being hinged to the first fixing units, the second fixing units and the connection units such that the first fixing units, the second fixing units, and the connection units are connected to each other in a foldable manner, wherein the connection unit and the connection part are installed between the first fixing units and the second fixing units in plural. Therefore, it is possible to simply adjust an interval of a pair of posts installed at a parasol and connect parasols having single posts at predetermined intervals by connecting a plurality of connection members to a first fixing unit, a second fixing unit and a connection part to vary the length thereof.05-13-2010
20110011431UMBRELLA HANDLE QUICK-RELEASE STRUCTURE - An umbrella handle quick-release structure includes a positioning member, a spring, and an inner sleeve. The positioning member is fixed at a lower end of an umbrella rod. The inner sleeve is secured to a mounting hole of an umbrella handle. The inner sleeve has an axial insertion hole for insertion of the umbrella rod, an axial side groove at a side wall thereof for the positioning member to slide therein along with the insertion of the umbrella rod, a transverse groove for the positioning member to slide therein along with turning of the umbrella rod, and an axial positioning groove for positioning of the positioning member after being turned. The transverse groove has a first end interconnected with a lower end of the axial side groove and a second end interconnected with the axial positioning groove. An upper end of the axial positioning groove is higher than the transverse groove. The spring is located between a bottom of the mounting hole and a lower end of the umbrella rod. The present invention is convenient, easy and safe to be disassembled, can satisfy the consumer's demand for diversification, and is advantageous for recycle and environmental protection.01-20-2011
20130152984UMBRELLA STRUCTURE HAVING AT LEAST ONE MUSHROOM-SHAPED HUB FOR ENABLING RAPID ASSEMBLY OF MAIN ROD AND SUPPORTING MEMBERS - The present invention is to provide an umbrella structure including at least one mushroom-shaped hub, a plurality of supporting members, and a main rod. Each mushroom-shaped hub has a hollow tubular body, two openings at two opposite ends respectively, and a cap portion located near a first opening and formed with a plurality of evenly distributed grooves which extend in the radial direction of the first opening. The supporting member has one end whose diameter is less than the diameter of the first opening but greater than the width of each groove and which therefore can pass through the first opening and be received in the cap portion. Thus, when the main rod penetrates the two openings, the end of each supporting member can be limited in position in the cap portion, and the remaining portion thereof can extend out of the cap portion and move along the groove accordingly.06-20-2013
20100024854UMBRELLA - An umbrella includes a shaft, a notch, a runner, a plurality of ribs, a plurality of stretchers, a plurality of tips and an umbrella cloth. The notch is fixed with the shaft, the runner slides on the shaft, the ribs are connected with the notch pivotally, the stretchers are pivotally connected between the runner and the ribs, the tips are fixed to the ribs, two ribs are inserted into each tip, and there is a clearance between the two ribs inserted into the same tip, umbrella cloth is fixed with ribs, ribs are covered with umbrella cloth, and umbrella cloth has a plurality of folded parts passing through the clearances respectively. Accordingly, the umbrella cloth of the invention is different from a conventional umbrella cloth which is made by sewing together many small panels of waterproof cloth with each other, so that the umbrella cloth has higher waterproof ability.02-04-2010
20110297196HINGE JOINT ASSEMBLY - A hinge joint assembly including a first body having a first circular serrated edge located around a first central axis; a second body having a second circular serrated edge located around a second central axis, said second circular serrated edge corresponding with and adapted to engage with the first circular serrated edge; an axle rod, extending through the first central axis and the second central axis, adapted to enable the first and second bodies to rotate relative to one another; biasing means, positioned between the first body and the second body, for biasing said first and second bodies away from each other along the axle rod; movement limiting means for preventing the second body from being separated from the first body beyond a pre-determined distance; and a cam element, rotatable about the axle rod, adapted to move the second body relative to the first body, from a joint locked position to a joint unlocked position.12-08-2011
20090056774UMBRELLA HAVING A LOCKING MEMBER TO PREVENT RELEASE OF A TIP OF A RIB FROM A CANOPY - An umbrella includes a canopy having a rib-connecting end, a rib having a tip to connect with the rib-connecting end, a tip cap connected to the rib-connecting end of the canopy and defining a receiving space that receives therein the tip of the rib, and a locking member connected to the tip cap to prevent release of the tip of the rib from the receiving space.03-05-2009

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