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135 - Tent, canopy, umbrella, or cane

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135121000 Framework 207
135096000 Combined 100
135880010 Canopy supported by vehicle 36
135098000 Umbrella-type 19
135091000 With heating, lighting, or ventilating 19
135120100 Accessory or adjunct 15
135117000 Closure, viewing window, awning, or sunshade 13
135090000 Shelter suspended from diverse support means 11
135880130 Tent supported by vehicle 10
135115000 Cover for shelter 10
135116000 Floor or base structure 8
135097000 Plural shelters, shelter having plural compartments, or plural sectional covering 5
20090032078COLLAPSIBLE WALKWAY COVER SYSTEM - A walkway cover system for covering a walkway to prevent snow and ice from accumulating thereon. The walkway cover system includes a collapsible walkway cover unit comprising a frame including a series of relatively rigid frame members, a series of flexible battens operatively connecting the frame members, and a cover member of a flexible sheet material. Each of the frame members forms a continuous loop including an elongated, straight base portion provided to extend substantially transverse the walkway and a slanted top portion disposed opposite the base portion. The cover member is attached to the frame so as to cover the slanted top portions of the frame members and form an enclosed passage through the frame. The collapsible walkway cover unit is convertible between an expanded operative state provided to be placed over the walkway and a collapsible state provided for storing when not in use.02-05-2009
20110030750PORTABLE SHELTER HAVING RESILIENTLY SUPPORTED AWNING - A portable shelter has a canopy assembly that includes a main portion and an awning. The shelter also includes a frame assembly with a main frame and an awning support member. The main frame defines a main area and supports the main portion of the canopy assembly such that the main portion covers the main area. The awning support member includes a first portion operably coupled to the main frame and a second portion that extends away from the main area. The awning support member is resiliently flexible, and the awning support member supports the awning such that the awning covers an adjacent area that is adjacent the main area.02-10-2011
20090065037Shelter construction and method of erecting same - A shelter construction shelters users and vehicular or vehicular-sized gear. The shelter construction comprises a central canopy assembly and one or more laterally-situated collapsible/expandable enclosures. The central canopy assembly comprises a canopy and canopy-elevating structure. The canopy comprises an outer canopy surface, an inner canopy surface, longitudinally-opposed gates, and at least one set of laterally opposed portholes. The gates and portholes let users and gear therethrough. The enclosure(s) are attached to the outer canopy surface adjacent the portholes for enclosing users and gear as let through the portholes. The enclosures each comprise a roof section, a floor section, a wall section, and enclosure-elevating structure. The floor and wall sections are sized and shaped to as to enable a novel method of erecting the shelter construction and for maintaining the enclosures in a neat, compact assemblage when in a collapsed state.03-12-2009
20090217958Bow-Supported Tent Root - In a tent roof having arched support elements (09-03-2009
20080289673FOLDABLE EXPANDABLE SHELTER - A foldable shelter can have several wall sections joined to form a cylindrical lattice, and a roof section coupled to the wall sections. The wall sections each have a first member pivotally joined to a second member at near their respective midpoints. The shelter is foldable from an expanded state by inverting the roof segment into the interior of the shelter and pivoting the first and second members of the wall sections towards a parallel orientation. The shelter can have fixed length or extendable vertical and horizontal supports to enhance overall rigidity. The shelter can withstand wind loads without external bracing or cable support.11-27-2008
135114000 Shelter pole 5
20090301535Pole brace and ballasting device - A pole brace and ballasting device having at least one or more releaseably connecting weight containers adapted to retain and discharge a dry or fluid load bearing material therein of adequate length and sufficiently ridged to brace a pole. A hand activated clamp or clamps for attachment to a variety of pole dimensions both angular and round, while allowing for the closing of the tent's outer protective cover; with the capacity to selectively suspend the ballasting load to prevent it from coming at rest with the ground for an increase in its effectiveness.12-10-2009
20080302403LIGHTWEIGHT TENT - The present invention is a lightweight tent having a sloping roof that overhangs the door and preferably the base of the tent as well at one or both ends. This latter slope allows the tent to be erected using a single supporting member, and provides good ventilation while simultaneously providing good protection from the elements. The lightweight tent is constructed from a waterproof canopy having generally trapezoidal sides joined to a floor that preferably tapers from the front to the rear. Its roof slopes downward from the front to the rear, with at least its front side edges tilting toward the ridgeline at an angle less than ninety degrees.12-11-2008
20090020146COLLAPSIBLE TENTPOLE - A collapsible tentpole includes a series of hollow shafts, connected by insertion into each other, and an elastic cord arranged in the shafts with both ends secured to the two endmost shafts, wherein at least one groove is arranged on at least one end of the shaft.01-22-2009
20090120480LOCKING DEVICE FOR A TENT - A locking device for a tent comprises a pole 05-14-2009
20110303255TENT POLE CONNECTION SYSTEM AND METHODS - A tent pole assembly that includes first and second pole sections, first and second inserts, and a projection member. Each of the pole sections includes an open end. The first and second inserts are positionable into the open ends of the first and second pole sections, respectively. The projection member is insertable into the first and second inserts to releasably connect the first and second pole sections together.12-15-2011
135095000 Convertible (i.e., from shelter to diverse object or from one type of shelter to another type of shelter) 4
20090314321Polygonal Tarp for Debris Removal - A polygonal tarp, preferably octagonal in shape, having strapping handles attached at opposite ends to facilitate the pulling of debris piled on the tarp, and a plurality of lifting handled attached to said tarp along the lengthwise sides. The tarp is also provided with hooks co-located with the lifting handles to facilitate the folding of the tarp into a cup-shape by attaching each corner having a hook to another corner of the tarp.12-24-2009
20090114259COVERED PLAY APPARATUS - A cover assembly for a play area, such as a sandbox, comprises a frame disposed over the play area and a covering material attached to the frame. The frame is constructed so as to be convertible between a first configuration in which children can enter and play in a fully enclosed play area and a second configuration in which the play area is shaded, but open to the outside.05-07-2009
20090065036MULTIPURPOSE CAMPING HAMMOCK - A covered hammock that acts as both a hammock and a ground tent is disclosed which has a plurality of curved support means for keeping the upper fabric off the user and also for supporting the device as a tent when used on the ground.03-12-2009
20130014792HOOP SHIFTER, PARACHUTE TENT AND FLOP CLIP - The present invention features a chalk bag, a parachute tent and a flop clip. The chalk bag features a handle located on the interior of the bag and attached to at least one interior wall, which contains chalk. Chalk is deposited into the handle through an opening in the side of the bag. The opening is outfitted with an integrated funnel to facilitate pouring chalk into the handle. The chalk bag also features a hoop shifter located in a rim portion of the chalk bag, which is a sliding opening and closing mechanism. The parachute tent provides a combination of a parachute and a tent, which is functional as both a parachute and a tent, and once dropped contains all necessary components for the tent with no additional components. The flop clip is a reusable connection mechanism, which utilizes magnets.01-17-2013
135119000 Cover fastening 3
20100095993Portable container covering system - A portable, light-weight, removable system for covering an open dumpster or refuse container mechanism. This instant system is designed for easy installation, removal and storage. Once installed, the system covers the open dumpster container, preventing accumulation of rain, snow, sleet, and any mix thereof inside the container and/or contents of the container.04-22-2010
20090056780Protective tarp with plural removable anchor tanks - A protective tarp for covering a mass includes: a flat, flexible sheet material having a top and bottom and having a peripheral edge; a plurality of unconnected anchor tank receiving pockets permanently attached to a the flat, flexible sheet material and being separate and apart from one another and the peripheral edge, and being arranged in a predetermined pattern, each of the plurality of anchor tank receiving pockets adapted to receive an independent, removable anchor tank, the independent, removable anchor tank having at least one fill orifice, closure means for the at least one fill orifice, and being adapted to be inserted into the anchor tank receiving pocket and removed therefrom, and, wherein the plurality of unconnected anchor tank receiving pockets and the sheet material are formed of the same material.03-05-2009
20120186620COMPOST COVER TIE-DOWN SYSTEM - Compost cover tie-down systems for securing a compost cover using a perimeter element, struts and lashes are disclosed, wherein the lashes apply force to the struts which thereby apply a force to the perimeter element to aid in securing a compost cover. Configurations of struts for use with compost cover tie-down systems are also disclosed, which include perimeter engagement portions and lash engagement portions. Multiple configurations of the systems, struts, and lashes as well as methods of using the same are also disclosed.07-26-2012
135118000 Stake 3
20100175731WIND AND SAND BARRIER - A wind and sand barrier for shielding beach-goers and the like. The barrier comprises an elongated panel of flexible material that is supported a plurality of stakes extending through sleeves on the panel and then into the ground. Each stake is topped by an inverted dish-shaped handle to facilitate pushing the stakes into the ground with the user's hand. A plurality of slits are cut into the panel to define flaps for relieving wind pressure against the panel.07-15-2010
20130192652STAKE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SOFT MATERIAL - A stake system and method configured to be used in substantially loose material to anchor an object are provided. In one embodiment, the stake system includes a flexible line and a stake member having an elongated portion and a distal portion. One end of the flexible line couples to the distal portion of the stake member. The distal portion of the stake member and the flexible line are driven into the loose material. The flexible line is moved to extend tautly from the distal portion and through the loose material at an angle such that an end of the flexible line above the loose material couples to the object.08-01-2013
20120017959STAKE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SOFT MATERIAL - Systems, devices and/or methods of a stake system configured to be used in substantially loose material to anchor a stake-down object are provided. In one embodiment, the stake system includes an elongate member and a flexible line. One end of the flexible line is configured to be coupled to a distal portion of the elongate member and is configured to be below an exposed surface of the loose material. The flexible line is sized and configured to cut through the loose material such that at least a portion of the intermediate portion extends tautly away from the elongate member and through the loose material below the exposed surface. With this arrangement, the other end of the flexible line is configured to extend above the loose material and configured to be coupled to the stake-down object.01-26-2012
20080295876Folding windscreen for ice fishing - A folding windscreen having two panels can be made entirely from a single sheet of corrugated plastic. The windscreen is used to prevent wind-blown snow from clogging an ice-fishing hole and to enhance the visibility of ice fishing traps against a background shoreline or expanse of open ice. The single sheet of corrugated plastic material is made into two panels by folding it in half. The fold produces a flexible hinge connecting the two panels. The top and bottom edges of the windscreen panels are reinforced by folding parts of the corrugated sheet to make double thickness, and bonding the two thicknesses together with heat welding or adhesives. Hand-holes are provided for convenient carrying and deploying. Fluorescent or retro-reflective tape can be applied to the folding windscreen to enhance its visibility.12-04-2008
20080264459Facility Used for the Production and/or Assembly of Goods - There is proposed a preferably transportable (mobile) and/or re-usable production facility, as is quick and easy to erect virtually at any location in this world. This production facility virtually comprises a tent structure, wherein the roof of the facility is held by at least one carrier (support) and at the same time at least one device for raising or lowering or moving goods or parts thereof, for example crane structures, is also provided on the carrier itself. Such a crane structure can be of a variable configuration and in particular the production of goods which are heavy and/or which for assembly can no longer be raised or moved by human strength.10-30-2008
20130199589SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR STORAGE - In accordance with one embodiment, a system for storing commodities is provided. The system may include a tarpaulin. The tarpaulin may further have an internal strapping. In accordance with one embodiment, a method for storing commodities is provided. The method may include providing a tarpaulin. In one embodiment, the method for storing commodities may include configuring the tarpaulin to provide internal strapping.08-08-2013

Patent applications in all subclasses PORTABLE SHELTER (I.E., TENT OR CANOPY)